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  • kitaychan
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nerium Oleander

    Chapter 7: Questioning

    Rating: M

    Warnings: Blood, Violence, eventual smut, it's a Hannibal AU so yeah.

    Pairing: America/ Russia/ China

    Summary: Alfred is the new investigator in the small town of Adelfa, his days will turn into a spiral of sleepless nights and bloody murder scenes as he has to look for a serial killer whose work exceeds the years of training he's had. This is a sort of Hannibal AU so expect what is obviously problematic on Hannibal.

    Chapter Preview:

    Alfred shivered with anticipation as their gaze met, odd, out of place, this man couldn’t have possibly grown in this boring town. Kiku, Ludwig, Ivan, they all had a certain smell that Alfred had only sensed in Adelfa, perhaps it was the water, the food, the air, whatever it was, this man; Yao, didn’t have it. For once (or maybe twice) since he resided here, Alfred was amused with another man.
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  • askthese-unitednations
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ✨Hypothetical hetalia ship kids✨

    Requests: open✨


    Give me a hetalia ship or two characters and I’ll draw and come up with their imaginary child/children.
    The characters must be cannon characters
    No incest ships please
    Poly ships are allowed
    I’ll only do 1-3 kids, you might get one kid, you might get 2, you might get 3, depends on my mood and if I think these characters would want many kids or not.
    I’ll also give a little description of them and maybe them interacting with their parents.
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  • ask-ivan-arthur
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #this should be fun lmao #magic anon #m!a #body swap m!a #ivan with a russo-yorkshire accent is fucking everything #like he's russian now but also british LMAO #hetalia#hws#aph russia#ivan braginsky#arthur kirkland#aph england#ruseng#aph ruseng
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  • sunshineflorist
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    a rly quick Russia sketch I did bc I was bored and tried to get rid of art block✨I tried drawing him in my style but it ended up looking more like a combination between my style and the hetalia style lol

    also this is my first time drawing him and it was really fun!! I will definitely draw more of russia in the future🏃🏻‍♀️‼️

    #hetalia#aph russia#hetalia russia#hws russia#aph#my art#empscyart#sketch #FY FAEN Å OVERSETTE DETTE GA MEG HODEPINE #GIR ABSOLUTT 0 MENING PÅ NORSK LMAO
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  • hetalia-fanart-memes
    20.09.2021 - 6 hours ago


    England, popping out of his hiding spot: What are you doing?

    America: You wanted me to be the bait. I’m bait!

    England: That’s not how bait talks!

    America: How do you know how bait talks?

    England: Weel, I certainly know bait doesn’t talk back!

    France, Russia, and China, popping out of their hiding spots: OOOOoooooooo!

    Canada: Oh snap!

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  • blocknotick
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #hetalia#hetalia russia#aph russia#ivan braginsky#hws russia #dont have time for actual drawing so.... #only messy sketchy baby boy
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  • washimifu
    20.09.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Russia and US

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  • chessna2
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pottertalia: Ruspol

    I had already written this, and for some reason I want to post it now. I know Ruspol is not everyone’s cup of tea, but to be clear this is in my Pottertalia universe, where Ivan and Feliks are both trapped in the wizard underworld, as gay men whose value is tied to producing heirs. Also Toris’s kids grow up calling Feliks their ‘Uncle’ but he’s not related to the Braginsky’s at all, his family is Polish and he’s connected to them through the business. 

    Trigger warning for major character death (mention) 


    “I thought, ‘what am I here for?’”

    Feliks’s voice was empty and scratchy. He sat with his hands on his knees, staring past the wooden table filled with bottles of vodka and empty glasses. His eyes stung from hours of crying.

    Across from him sat Ivan, his unlikely companion for the night. Feliks felt this whole household was collapsing, and there was nobody to lean on, so comfort came from strange places. Natalia had been in hysterics when the investigators brought Toris – no, Toris’s body – back to the house. And being the only one composed enough to do it, Ivan held his little sister while she wept and screamed and shook Toris and begged for him to wake up. He even had to pull her away so they could take the body to the coroner…

    Ivan may not have been as close to Toris, but Natalia was his entire world, and it must have shaken him to see her in such a state. And so it was that Feliks and Ivan found themselves drinking together after the twins had been put to bed, although Feliks doubted anyone would be getting sleep tonight.

    “All my life, I thought my entire reason for being was to protect him – to prevent this from happening. But now that he’s gone…” Feliks shook his head and smeared a hand across his face.

    “But looking at those kids, I know he would be disappointed if I left. They can barely fucking read and they just lost their father. They need… they need me to – Liet needs me to look out for them.”

    The tears came again, and Feliks lifted a shaking hand to his mouth. Exhausted from emotion and hazy from the alcohol, he admitted something to Ivan he hadn’t breathed to a single soul:

    “I loved him, you know.”

    He didn’t care that Ivan knew. Nothing mattered anymore, anyway.

    “Like… really loved him.”

    “I know,” Ivan said softly.

    Feliks looked up in surprise. “You… do?”

    Ivan shifted uncomfortably and stared at the floor. “I… I know what it’s like.”

    Feliks let out a hollow laugh and reached for another glass. What a tragic pair they were, trapped in this business which somehow demanded heirs and death at the same time.

    But then Ivan stood up, and to Feliks’s great surprise came to sit on the couch next to him. He had a strange look in his face, sad and yet gentle. His form was huge, and he smelled like cologne, and Feliks sensed a distinct shift in the atmosphere that made his hands unsteady.

    Feliks set down the glass and turned nervously towards the huge man. Ivan was in his upper twenties now, he was impossibly broad and muscular and his presence felt overwhelming.

    Feliks stared up at him, observing Ivan’s face more closely than he ever had, and it shocked him cause he had never really paid much attention to the strange violet color of his eyes. Then something froze him in place as Ivan leaned close, too close, and a hand came to brush his cheekbone as a soft kiss was placed on his lips.

    Ivan pulled back, still staring at Feliks, whose heart was churning rapidly in his chest. He had never been kissed by another man before, that had been…

    By some miracle Feliks found his voice. “Wh…what was that for?” he croaked.

    “For Toris.”

    The answer was simple, but there was so much more behind it, and Ivan’s cheeks were tainted a light red. “I-I’m sorry, I’m drunk, I shouldn’t have —” 

    “Don’t apologize.”

    Feliks was confused by how he felt, what he wanted. Not knowing what else to do, he picked up another glass and downed more vodka. Ivan didn’t move from his spot on the couch, looking away awkwardly.

    Once Feliks felt he had enough alcohol in him, he dared to look back at Ivan, and Ivan looked at him again, and Feliks was never sure who leaned forward; maybe they both did, but they were kissing again. It was almost desperate. Feliks reached up with shaking hands and pulled Ivan’s face towards his, hot breath spilled over his skin as he let out a desperate, high-pitched sigh.

    It lasted a good long few seconds before they broke away, but they didn’t pull away completely, and Ivan’s nose and lips still brushed against his as they breathed hard in each other’s faces. And then Ivan kissed him, softly, two more times, before Feliks pulled back in a daze.

    Feliks felt like he had taken some kind of bewitching potion. His heart still roared, and he wanted more of whatever that was more than he had wanted anything before.

    But Ivan stood from the couch and swiped up a vodka bottle. “I’m… going to bed,” he said awkwardly. “Good night.” And Feliks could only nod in a stupor, aware that his face must be flushed red as he stared at the table and listened to the faded footsteps of Ivan disappearing down the halls.

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  • cotov
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    that alternative way. or the whole AU. and probably, the most dramatic, hurtful, dark option of their story, because I love angsty crack.

    Prussia doesn’t exist as a country anymore, so I imagine if Gilbert would be dead.

    Ivan doesn’t want to remember this. Sometimes he even wants to burn their memories, all of this out from his mind. Because Rus is the type of “people”, who can’t get rid of the past so quickly, as if nothing has happened. He can’t let everything go, thereby dragging himself to the emptiness.

    Firstly he wouldn’t really know, how to react to this, feeling the horrible mix of disappointment, hatred, grief, disbelief because all of that hard moments they had throughout the time. He’d even have a thought, as though he felt nothing. and then, that slow, tormenting pain would catch him with years.

    Ivan wouldn’t like to fall into the emptiness every time he argued with others. He wouldn’t like to talk about this with anyone, even with Francis, who understood how special was Ivan’s relationship with Gil and tried to start this topic to check if Rus was okay. But Rus didn’t say anything or said he was really okay.

    Sometimes Ivan believed he was. Sometimes he’d try to start doing something new. At least he remembered how to smile.

    But he’d find Gilbert’s old letter for Ivan, which the last one kept and forgot about for a while.

    And then he’d just like to forget all these faces, all the countries and go somewhere where Gil was, but he didn’t have any idea of where he could be now.

    Ivan didn’t notice he’d been falling into depression so slowly and hopelessly.

    (because angst forever)

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  • alfiefiefie-draws-stuff
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    why Austria plushie is something you need

    share your choccy with him

    bake him cake so that he can eat with his husband and wife (sorry I don't have a prussia plushie yet)

    Bring him to school with some buddies for history class

    And finally

    He is the ultimate king

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  • hetaliatxtpostz
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    RusAme themed present, lmao.

    #hetalia#rusame#hws russia#hws america #alfred f jones #why does this fandom have so much body horror what is wrong with us #ivan braginski
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  • lightpinkstuff
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    I went for the first time ever to an anime convention AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND THERE

    Unfortunately I couldn't find any other hetalia merch but I'm still so happy with these two (and the rest of the things that I bought sjfhshxah)

    #faye rambles#hetalia#hws russia#hws japan #THEY'RE SO CUTE AAA I LOVE THEM
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  • cannibalhetaliafancomic
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    [Transcript] Thailand: I close around 7 every day. So feel free to visit if you want. Russia: Of course we will! - - -

    [First Chapter Page] | 4 - 1

    [Next Page] | TBA

    [Previous Page] | 4 - 12

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  • froggi-mushroom
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever managed to decide who would be taller out of the Netherlands and Russia

    Because on one hand, Russia is a big and imposing country, so it’s safe to say that he’s fairly tall. But also, there’s just something funny about a country that’s a fraction of his size being taller than him

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  • cannibalhetaliafancomic
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    [Transcript] Latvia: Sorry. Thailand: Ha... Don't worry, it's okay. Russia: Anyways! Russia: That sounds like a wonderful idea! It'll be authentic Thai food, yes?

    Russia: Since I can't 'cook for shit', it'll be a great alternate solution! - - -

    [First Chapter Page] | 4 - 1

    [Next Page] | 4 - 13

    [Previous Page] | 4 - 11

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