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  • lovenights
    07.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    hxh enjoying mutuals, i present to you:

    #wynnie doesn’t communicate #i dnt go to hxh but based what i’ve seen elise post they have the same vibes
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  • mususubi
    07.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago
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  • mghx
    07.05.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    #my little brother is watching hxh and how we are talking about it suddenly I felt nostalgic #killua would be my son for sure
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  • janalovehisoka
    07.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Ohhh! Don't Cry Gon Its Just Hisoka🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏

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  • mlk2p
    07.05.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    I never really realized how much I don’t have a life until earlier this week when I finished hxh in it’s entirety in under a month

    #I really enjoyed it though #100% worth it #but like looking back #holy crap I’m a professional binger at this point #hxh #hunter x hunter
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  • introgreenvertit
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hxh boys in a relationship with pictures

    So I always see headcanons with female reader but I would do with a male reader because I can and I want


    The only affection he will give to you in public is holding hands, the others kinds of affection which you will get will be just in private ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Y/n after meeting Illumi family be like:

    Illumi will not move a finger if you fall asleep on his abdomen because he doesn't want to wake up you but if phone is calling he will get up and will wake up you


    This bitch guy love to show affection in public no matter if you like it or no.He will kiss you, hold you, slap your ass etc.


    This man give me mysterious vibe. You will almost not know nothing about him.He would love to take you out on a travel, just two of you, holding hands in the woods, he is looking at nature, studying almost everything around him, it's like he doesn't notice you, when he suddenly look at you and get to hug you and whisper in your ear "I love you" without any reason and if you ask him why he did it, he will turn around and will not respond, that's why is so mysterious sometimes, because he will not tell you why he does some things.

    I can't put more than 10 pics so I will come tomorrow with a part 2 for Feitan, Shalnark and someone else (I still don't know who will be)
    #hxh headcanons#anime#chrollo #hunter x hunter #hunter x hunter headcanon #hxh 2011#chrollo headcanons#hisoka#hisoka headcanons #hisoka x reader #hisoka hxh#hisoka morow#hisoka marrow #hisoka morrow x reader #chrollo x y/n #chrollo x reader #chrollo lucilfer #chrollo lucilfer x y/n #chrollo lucilfer x reader #illumi headcanons#hxh illumi#illumi hxh#illumi zoldyck#illumi #illumi x y/n #illumi x you #illumi zoldyck x reader #hunter x hunter headcanons
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  • futuredaysbycan
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    love how a part of hxh fandom sees any dark haired character from meteor city/somewhere poor and automatically connects the made up dots and yells FAMILY

    #it's always reach #unless it's the chrollo oito theory which is 100% true just for the sheer drama it would cause #hxh
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  • tialeopika
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Third part of my #HunterxHunter (happy ending) headcanon:

    Kurapika starts teaching Kurta to Leorio and he ends up tattooing his favorite word:


    Pika is happy ❤️

    Sorry for the wrong baby anatomy they have.

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  • mushybanana
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i was sketchin a little kurapika and I kinda liked how it turned out 👍 and I hate hair so you only get a silhouett hehe 😈

    #kurapika kurta#kurapika#hxh#2011 hxh#sketch#procreate#my art #gimme them anatomy tips plz I’m desperate
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  • mothmansaysso
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #artists on tumblr #illustration#digital art #illustrators on tumblr #hisoka #hunter x hunter #hxh
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  • absolute-flaming-trash
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Wrote this drabble at 2am because the angst goblin said so.

    Thank you @forcefulkitten for this brainchild.

    Pairing: Illumi x Fem!Reader


    Word Count: 1′953

    Warnings: Domestic abuse, Implied abuse, Emotional abuse, Cheating if you squint. Not edited.


    You looked awful.

    Every time Hisoka brought you with him you seemed to look a little bit worse every visit, and every time it would strike a deeper cord inside of him.

    Internally he would be cursing Hisoka for what he’s doing to you - snuffing out your light a little bit more each day.

    He didn’t know if it made it better or worse that you would still greet him with the same smile. The same kind greeting that you always did.

    “Hey Illumi, you been doing okay?”

    He wished he could tell you that every time you asked, his chest ached a little bit more.

    “I’m adequate.” He’d say, keeping his stony mask in place to contain the anger he felt at the poorly covered bruises on your neck. No amount of colour corrector or concealer would be able to properly hide the dark purple handprints that wrapped around your throat like a morbid necklace.

    “I have a job to do, do keep an eye on her for me will you~♢”

    Illumi’s eye twitched slightly at Hisoka’s words as he looked over at the smug Magician. “It appears that I would not have a choice regardless of my answer.” 

    Hisoka’s syrupy chuckle would be his only response before he turned his body to face you, leaning forward so his face was level with yours.

    “Do be good for me darling, we’d hate for things to wrong wouldn’t we?~♤”

    “Yes, Hiso.” 

    Illumi hated how empty your reply was as he watched the grin split across Hisoka’s face before he tapped your cheek lightly with his clawed hand before straightening back up and turning on his heel; tossing a hand over his shoulder.

    “I won’t be long~♧”

    The two of you watched him walk away in silence, his extravagant form growing smaller and smaller before disappearing into the treeline of the estate.

    The silence lingered for a bit longer than Illumi was used to.

    “How bad this time?”

    Your continued silence only served to worry him further.


    “I saw a rare bird the other day.” Your soft voice cut him off, body still facing the treeline, but your face tilted up towards the sky. “I don’t remember what it was called, but I remember reading about it when Hiso still let me attend school. I tried to take a picture for you, since I wasn’t sure if you’d ever seen it before, but by the time I got my phone out, it had flown away.” - you inclined your head lightly in his direction- “I’m sorry.”

    Illumi could only stare at you with hollow eyes, the emptiness of your own echoing back at him before his gaze returned to the ridge. “It’s quite alright. I’m sure I’ve seen it before anyways.”

    You hummed quietly at his words, the two of you continuing to stare at the treeline for a few more moments.

    “Would you like to sit?” Illumi asked, offering his arm to you instinctively. You accepted it graciously.

    “Please, if it’s not too much trouble.”

    Nothing is too much trouble for you.

    “I would not have offered if it were.”

    His heart nearly skipped a beat when he heard you giggle at his words.

    “You always have a way with words, Illu.”

    The weight in his chest lifted just the slightest bit as he guided you to a bench in the gardens. He noted the way you wince when you sat.

    “How much pain are you in?”

    “The usual” You replied, the smile on your face is a poor one to mask the pain you’re feeling.

    Illumi nodded before taking a seat beside you, his elbow brushing against your ribs accidentally causing you to suck in a sharp gasp of pain.

    He wanted to shake you.

    “You said only the usual.” He frowned, his hands coming up and placing gingerly over your sides.

    “It is.” You lied, unable to contain the strangled gasp when Illumi presses down experimentally. “Illu please, I-”

    “I’m summoning the doctor.” Illumi stood abruptly, pulling out his phone and hitting a series of numbers; placing the device to his ear. Your hands reach out to grasp his free one, your eyes becoming misty as they fill with new tears.

    “Please Illumi, he can’t find out again.” You plead, hoping that the desperation of your voice strikes whatever empathy still remains in Illumi’s soul.

    You’re proven successful when the assassin lowers the phone away from his ear.

    “Only if you let me look.”

    It’s a compromise you’re willing to make, your deal being sealed by the audible sound of Illumi’s phone snapping shut. You comply with his gesture to lift your shirt, wincing considerably while you left your arms to expose your ribs.

    The sound of Illumi’s phone crunching in his hand is your only indication of how the assassin truly feels.

    Inside he’s bristling with rage.

    The entire span of your ribcage is littered in purple and green bruises, darkening especially as they creep towards your bra line.

    “It’s not as bad as it seems,” you insist, doing what you can to control the way your voice strains from the awkward and uncomfortable position to keep your shirt raised. “I bruise easily.”

    “I’m aware.” His tone comes out flat and cold, the remains of his cellphone crumbling further in his fingers as his mind runs rampant with the scenarios that could have led to this.

    You lower your shirt silently, staring down at your hands in your lap. Illumi resumes his seat beside you, much more mindful of the placement of his arms; bringing out his pins and rolling them between his fingers.

    A new habit of his whenever you come by.


    There's no point in keeping it secret at this point. "Two days ago, I think."

    "You think?"

    "I blacked out."

    It's all Illumi can do to not snap his pins in half.

    "I see."

    "It's my fault really though." You sigh, wrapping your arms around your torso, leaning heavily against the backrest on the bench. "I keep doing things he doesn't like."

    What could you possibly be doing that would warrant that kind of treatment?

    "Go on."

    "I made a friend."

    Illumi can't help the bit of jealousy that forms in his stomach at your simple words and the small smile that ghosts your lips when you say them.

    He focused harder on his needles.

    “Is that so?”

    You hummed in affirmation, the smile on your lips spreading further to show your teeth. It’s rare to see you smile like this anymore. “I’m just hoping he considers me a friend as well.”

    Illumi paused at your words, owl-like eyes shifting up to your face, meeting yours. They seem less empty this time.

    It takes a moment before your words click in his mind.

    Oh. You meant him.

    “Assassins don’t need friends.” Is his automatic reply. It’s robotic, drilled into him since the cradle. His dull, cold reply is still met with your warm smile.

    “Everyone needs friends.”

    “I do not.”

    “You may think that, but it’s always nice to have at least one.” You murmur, knowing that debating with Illumi will only end up running in circles. “You do not need to consider me a friend, however I feel like you should know I consider you one.”

    “I was under the impression that for two people to be considered friends the feelings needed to be mutual.”

    The feeling in his chest flutters slightly when all you give him is a small, knowing smile.

    The comfortable silence between the two of you is interrupted by the shrill buzzing of your phone.against the wood of the bench. You whisper your apologies to Illumi as you check the caller ID.

    “It’s Hisoka. Forgive me, I have to answer.”

    Illumi’s eye twitches as he stands, moving away to give you some privacy. “Your apology is unnecessary.”

    Your breath hitches in anticipation before you flip open your phone, bringing it up to your ear. "Hey Hiso."

    Illumi doesn't need to strain his ears to listen in on your conversation - years of training already allowing him to have a much more acute sense of hearing compared to the average person.

    It made it easy to eavesdrop as he began throwing his pins at one of the many decorative walls.

    "Yeah Illu is still here."

    "No, he broke it."

    You were silent for a long while before the tentative look on your face began to shift. "Okay. How long?"

    The pause didn't last long before you gave your reply, slowly lowering the phone and hitting the "end call" button. Illumi took that as his cue to return, pocketing his remaining pins.

    The expression on your face is one Illumi has never seen before when you quietly click your phone shut. It’s full of trepidation, yet your eyes remain empty - like you’re looking through what’s in front of you rather than at it.

    “Hiso is going to be back sooner than expected.” You inform him, fiddling with the phone in your hands. “Probably in the next hour or so.”

    The heaviness in Illumi’s chest returns with a vengeance.

    “I think I messed up again too.”

    Illumi couldn’t stop himself from his head tilting in curiosity. "But you have been here the entirety of his mission and I have no misbehaviour to report."

    A light, empty chuckle is all you can manage as you look back down at your lap, desperate to stop the tears from forming back in your eyes. "He said to 'give dear Illu my regards'."

    The emotion that gripped his throat was one he was terribly unfamiliar with, and the overwhelming need to protect flooded his system. It was an odd, foreign feeling.

    He didn't know what to make of it, which bothered him all the more.

    "Do you believe you'll be punished?"

    His blunt words made you cringe slightly while you sat quietly, mulling over your thoughts.

    "I might be." You admitted.

    You will be.

    "I have an odd request, and I will not be offended if you refuse it."

    His curiosity was certainly piqued at your words.


    "Go on."

    You grit your teeth as you stood, wobbling slightly as you moved towards where Illumi stood. He looked down at the nervous expression on your face, your voice barely a whisper as you spoke.

    "May I hug you?"

    That was certainly not what he was expecting.


    "Can I give you a hug?" You hated the way your voice cracked at the end. "I truly don't know if I'll see you again after this."

    The possible implications of your words made the foreign feeling in his throat grip him tighter, making his posture go rigid.

    "You will."

    You let out your nervous laugh again, your shoulders beginning to shake as your resolve began to dwindle. "Please, Illu?"

    The assassin stood awkwardly for a moment, mentally weighing the pros and cons before eventually nodding.

    He wasn't sure what to expect when he felt your arms wrap around his midsection. Your arms weren't tight like he expected them to be, rather your hands clung to him with a level of desperation the two of you seemed unwilling to acknowledge.

    He slowly brought his arms up to wrap around your back, his chin resting on top of your head.

    It was oddly comfortable.

    "Thank you, Illu." Your words muffled by the fabric of Illumi's top. "For listening to me."

    He couldn't help the way his arms tightened around you, silently making a decision as he stood there with you in his arms.

    Assassins might not need friends, but you did.

    So he will be one for you, despite the yearning in his chest.

    For it was the least he could do.


    Tag List: @prettycutebunny, @my-child-gaara, @yep-seeyalaterbranflakes, @shorkbrian, @trash-writings, @mynameseri, @biby-24k, @ao-writes-filth

    #riri writes #Illumi x Reader #Illumi#Illumi Zoldyck #Illumi Zoldyck x Reader #tw: abuse #tw: emotional abuse #tw: domestic abuse #tw: cheating#Illumi HxH #Hunter x Hunter #HxH #I'm not sorry #Brain said make it worse #and I said 'sure thing bud' #This might be a little ooc but I do not care rn #Here's a snack until I put out the main content I'm trying to write
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  • gayrados
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    get you a man who makes you sit down and watch an episode of miffy with him bc he suddenly got nostalgic for it

    #it's bc he saw someone's reblog of miffy on my dash 🥺🥺 #also he's getting into hxh heh hehh #journal
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  • daisukedarling
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hiii everyone, I setup a discord server for anyone who wants to join. The main focus is anime/making friends, and we just want it to be a fun place to talk to others and hang out 💜 you can share your figures/merch, cosplays and cosplay tips, artwork and anything else 😊


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  • galaxythixf
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    ❛❛ Fly away with me tonight Let me take you for a ride!❜❜ Independent Multifandom Multimuse ft muses from Hades, Fire Emblem, Persona, YTTD, HxH, BNHA, and more! Penned by Nova
    #✰ — Promo ✶ Shine Your Brightest Northern Star #✰ — Self Promo ✶ Self Exploration And Conquest #yttd rp#kgs rp#fe rp#fe3h rp#fe13 rp#fe14 rp#fe16 rp#hades rp #sgg hades rp #hxh rp#persona rp #persona 3 rp #persona 4 rp #persona 5 rp #bnha rp#mha rp #soul eater rp #ohshc rp #spirit hunter rp #deathmark rp#sds rp #demon slayer rp #jjk rp#yyh rp#dq rp #dragon quest rp
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    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hisoka doodle uwu

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  • katvanzv
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Bad Taste in men

    #tyki mikk#fushiguro toji#dgm#jjk#hxh #don’t mind me #doodle#myart #I wanted to paint this but my hand hurts #hisoka morou
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  • vados-supremacy
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Throw back to that time I cosplayed Hisoka

    #I just realized most of you guys don’t know im a cosplayer! #well I’m a cosplayer lol #hisokacosplay#hisoka#hxh cosplay #hunter x hunter cosplay
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  • manglednatalia
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Even more Kite edits. I wanted to know how would he look like with black hair. Also changed his clothes to red cuz why not. Top left one is new, two other are actually one of my first edits.

    #my edits#hxh #hunter x hunter #hunter x 2011 #kite hxh#hxh kaito#hxh edit #he ended up as one of my alternative versions of kite #ACVs? Alternative Character Versions? #defo not canon and defo not an OC #black hair
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  • tiucoz
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Welcome to the club.

    #double trouble spider-bros! #hxh#illumi zoldyck#kalluto zoldyck#tiuco draws #out of control warm ups
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