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  • telebow
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    out of all my followers, I'm sure a vast majority of you have no idea what the hypixel pit is, so I want to know:

    how would you describe it, solely based off of whatever you've seen me post about it?

    #talk tag#hypixel pit#hyblr #please i am genuinely so interested #send me an ask put it in the tags idc either way
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  • telebow
    25.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    got mega twice tonight (out of 3 attempts) hehe :]

    coulda gone longer on the 2nd one but tdm was abt to start and i thought someone was gonna kill me once it started (and make me lose lives), so i gave my bounty to a friend

    i'm just super happy bc i've been like.... cursed whenever i wear my arch chestplate SDKLHASDGF i just. Always died pre-mega

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  • emarezi
    24.07.2021 - 6 days ago
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  • telebow
    17.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Didn't have enough time to prestige before completing kings quest this time so I have to deal with being level 1

    #talk tag#prestige 16#hyblr#hypixel pit#hehe hoho #its still so weird to be red bracks
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  • telebow
    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #talk tag#hyblr#hypixel#hypixel pit #i think only like 3 people here understand enough abt pit to get this but i dont care <3
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  • telebow
    13.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I haven't properly drawn in forever but Pit armor go brrrr

    #draw tag#hyblr#hypixel#hypixel pit#digital art #i was gonna shade it but no <3 #oof ouch my eyes #also in this im just wearing a normal dia chestplate #i was gonna draw an arch but i dont actually have a design for that yet..... aha...
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  • adamdropp
    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    prettiest and most useless pres 3 non  ✌️

    [image description: a digital drawing of a medium skinned filipino teenager. they have medium length black hair framing their face with a braided bunch of hair on their left side. they have purple pupils and entirely black scleras. they are wearing a skull patterned mask on the bottom half of their face, gold cuff earrings, iron armor, leather armor dyed purple and teal, and a sword in a scabbard hanging at a belt at their side. their armor set also has gold accents. above them is text saying “[III 71 - adamdropp]”. beside them is a screenshot of a chainmail helmet, iron chestplate, aqua leather pants, and chainmail boots from minecraft. end description.]
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  • telebow
    10.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I talked about getting a punch sword last night, here it is in all its glory 😌

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  • peysi
    07.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I like fishing in Minecraft; Skyblock or otherwise :)

    Close-up (click for detail!)

    sorry, but reblogs > likes

    (original screenshot under the cut)

    #peysi talks#hypixel#hypixel skyblock#hyblr#minecraft#mineblr#peysi arts#ocs#sona #HOLY SHIT I’M FUCKIN DONE #THIS WAS SO WILD HOW LONG DID IT TAKE #omg it took three days to finish this ok #this is like so ridiculously high-quality by my standards #even I can’t believe I made this omg #I’m just. chillin in my enchanted hardened diamond armor #wow I rendered that with such precision #I specifically used wikwalker’s art tips I reblogged the other day #with the color palette and the shading tips #thank you wikwalker 👌
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  • telebow
    01.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Here's an updated version of the Hypixel-Sona template I made a while ago. It was super messy and it was bugging me so I just redid it lmao. (also I uh, couldn't find the original......aha)

    If you end up using this feel free to tag me in the post it would make my day

    #hyblr#hypixel#draw tag #? #I'm doin this rn actually ill prolly post it soon :flushed:
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  • peysi
    01.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Lmao why are there so many people fishing here on the Pit

    #peysi talks#hypixel pit#hyblr #that’s like 4 people #finally got back to making pit posts #check the full thread in the notes it’s really good
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  • datmoongamer
    29.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    hopping on the bandwagon(?)
@darkhopping and @telebow for original template

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  • peysi
    27.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    YOOO we got the whole squad here!

    This was really unexpected OMG I only expected to join a Pit lobby and see @telebow. NOPE I got to meet everyone else, they all had been playing in the same lobby o_O

    Man this group is so cool, I don’t know if I even deserve to share my screenshot of them. They’re like the leaders of everything Hypixel Pit-related on tumblr, or something like that

    Yo shoutout to @darkhopping and @pitblobs, this was the first time I got to play in a lobby with all three of you. Does anyone else have their POVs of the screenie?

    #peysi talks#hypixel pit#hyblr #after we left each other I sorta lost you guys #I went to the fishing spot and constantly got into fights and losing #and I was alone for most of it #but it was so comforting to know that you guys were somewhere in this giant lobby with me #also I hope the igns aren’t visible enough #I usually censor mc usernames in screenshots if I don’t get the permission to show them #and one final thing I guess pitblobs is known more for their ign than their tumblr I guess #I dunno I thought this whole group was big names in a niche community on tumblr
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  • peysi
    23.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    O Hypixel Pit. It’s great to be back. How I love/hate/mostly love you

    #peysi talks#hypixel#hypixel pit#hyblr #the maps have finally rotated back to the map I played when I first joined the Pit #now that I have a fishing rod I went to my fishing place #but someone killed me #I equipped the Mineman upgrade so I could fish without being attacked #but someone shot me until I was dead #can’t have shit in Detroit 😤
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  • peysi
    08.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Also I took some screenshots from when I was playing on the Hypixel Pit but wasn’t on tumblr. So here’s a picture of a player who has I think the best combination of name and skin

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  • peysi
    08.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Also in the time I’ve been playing on the Hypixel Pit I learned some new things about it. For example—

    There are multiple lobbies for the Pit. Although you can’t pick and choose exactly which lobby you want to visit, Hypixel splits up the Pit up into various different lobbies so that there aren’t, for example, hundreds of players cramped in a single server. So every time you’re in the main Hypixel lobby and select to go to “the Hypixel Pit”, you get sent to a different lobby with different players every time. (This I wish I knew sooner.)

    There is something you can do to piss off the higher-level players. Once you buy the “Mineman” upgrade you can technically use the diamond pickaxe you gain from it to mine the obsidian at the center ring. (The “efficiency” enchantment is high enough that it takes only a few seconds to mine obsidian.) You can do this to make a gap for low-level players to escape from the center of the pit.

    This action is called “ring mining”, and it is highly advised that you don’t do it. Because if you fail, then that most likely means there are high-level players dedicated enough to guard the ring and fill in any gaps you make in the obsidian. (Plus their day is getting ruined because some low-level jerk keeps mining the ring.) If you succeed, then all the players in the center will funnel out of the ring immediately, and the condition is pretty irreparable. It sorta takes the fun out of the whole idea of the Pit.

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  • telebow
    29.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Haven't done concept art for Pit items in a while, have the different kinds of pure!

    Explanation of the items uses are below the cut if anyone's interested. :]

    Chunk of Vile: An item needed to create Dark Pants, which can be enchanted to directly counter normal mystic enchants.

    Funky Feather: If kept in your hotbar on death, none of your items will lose lives (if they are enchanted and actually have lives, that is).

    Pants Bundle: A way to store a large amount of Fresh Pants, which can be enchanted. It's literally just. Bundle Of Pants.

    Totally Legit Gem: Can be used to upgrade the Tier of one enchant on a mystic item of your choice (excluding RARE! enchants) by 1 Tier. The gem is consumed on use.

    #draw tag#hypixel#hypixel pit#hyblr#minecraft#digital art #gem prices r skyrocketing recently #its wack #enough abt the pit economy tho #yall dont know what im saying
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  • peysi
    27.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    That was really fun :]

    I played some more Hypixel Pit yesterday! I didn’t see any of my friends for a long time ;3; but it ended up being really fun!

    Also, you might have noticed that in this screenshot I’m using a resource pack. That’s because while I was messing around with my version of the game in Minecraft Update 1.8.9, I stumbled upon a texture pack that my brother personally made six years ago!

    It’s a self-arranged mix of Faithful 32x32 (for the blocks), and Huahwi (for the tools & weapons). It was pre-downloaded in my texture pack folder from so long ago, and the design has held up surprisingly well.

    It only worked in 1.8. That’s what the resource pack was designed for. It wouldn’t work in any later version. I don’t think I would have expected using it again in 2021.

    Anyways, on with the fun things. At some point I got launched onto this palm tree from the slime launcher. I thought it was rare so I took a picture.

    (I also found two pieces of gold that spawned on top of the tree, which would have been inaccessible to anyone else had it not been for me.)

    I also fished a bit more! Did you notice that this map is different from the last one? Yeah, Hypixel changed the maps on one of the days between last time and this time!

    I don’t really know exactly what happened. But this map is cool, you can still find immediately visible places like these to fish. (You fish gold in the Hypixel Pit.)

    By the way, I saw them again yesterday!

    I was about one hour into my playing session, when all of a sudden I checked the tablist and saw @emarezi’s name had shown up! I went looking all around for them, and eventually found them at the top of the hub.

    Because I hadn’t seen any of my friends for an hour up to this point, I was starting to get worried. (I even wondered if it had something to do with the Hypixel servers, in case the friends were playing on some European alternative Hypixel server.)

    I had been planning on quitting my session an hour in when I first started, but when I saw that my friends were nowhere to be found, I realized I couldn’t do that and waited a bit longer for them. Luckily in the end that waiting paid off :)

    Aw look at them AFK :]

    Anyways I was playing for a long while, so I couldn’t resist getting some kills on them from time to time >:D

    Unfortunately for me they also repaid the favor :/

    Anyways I have one final story to tell before I hit image limit and have to end the post.

    At some point I realized that in the beach part of the map, there’s an entrance to a cave that doesn’t open out to another part of the map. Instead it opens to the inside of the mountain as its own large cave.

    At the center of the cave was a large lake. This was great for me, as I had been looking for a safe fishing spot that was less dangerous than standing behind the rocks at the beach. But this place was more than just safe. It was... serene. It was peaceful.

    I knew I could fish here because somebody else was already fishing here. They didn’t seem to immediately leap out at me the moment they saw me, so they didn’t seem hostile, or at least they weren’t interested in it. I had brought my own fishing rod, so I decided to fish with them.

    When I came over to his side, my fishing rod in hand, he threw something at me. It was a gift. A “small kloonfish”. It was a Hypixel-renamed clownfish. I didn’t know those even existed. I didn’t know what it could be used for. I guessed it wasn’t for anything, so it didn’t really matter.

    I thanked him in chat. He responded with a “np”. We fished together.

    (that second fishing line is mine)

    At one point something interesting happened, he fished up a gold ingot and I accidentally picked it up. Since it immediately goes to your gold count and increments it, I couldn’t throw it back. “Sorry,” I said.

    It didn’t matter, he replied. He was only fishing for the XP. That surprised me. I didn’t know you could get XP from fishing. I only thought you could get gold. That’s an okay thing for him to do, fishing for XP.

    At one point I fished up a diamond sword! (I knew you could get diamond items from fishing, but like, it didn’t occur that it could actually happen to me.) He did too, almost exactly around the same time.

    He threw it out of his inventory. He didn’t need it. I walked around where it was on the ground. I already had a diamond sword of my own, I just got one. I wouldn’t need another one.

    “See you,” I said. “Ok,” he responded. We left each other, and he continued fishing.

    I did end up using that diamond sword. I killed a couple of guys, and in that sense I think I got some good use out of it. But eventually I was killed myself. And I lost the diamond sword, since they’re a non-permanent item and you lose them upon death.

    I played the game for a long while after that. Eventually, I called it quits, and that ended my playing session for that day. I had played for 110 minutes, and accumulated over 3K gold in total (1K of which I spent on the “Trickle-down” permanent upgrade).

    #peysi talks #also through the chainmail I think I saw a little bisexual flag on the back of emarezi’s skin #that’s cute#minecraft#hypixel#hypixel pit#hyblr#long post
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  • peysi
    26.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    By the way if you want to play Hypixel Pit with me, I’ll be logging on at 8:30pm UTC — that’s in an hour — so look out for that

    #peysi talks#hyblr #change of plans check notes
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