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    OC-tober day 16: Vulpe

    Vulpe is Gypae's second-in-command, and the most annoying one she's ever had, at that. When this fox-cobra isn't being a suck-up to Gypae or bullying Lapi, he likes to sulk in the caves the clan lives in.

    P.S. about that 'double upload' i said i'd do in order to catch up... yeah that's not happening. At least, not until i get my schedule together. Sorry!

    [Image Description: a digital sketch of a fox-snake hybrid character. He has tawny fur with a black muzzle, eye patches, and outer ears. The insides of his ears are a muted purple. Vulpe's eyes are yellow, with two black rings circling the pupil. A long canine juts from Vulpe's upper jaw. Attatched to the back of his head is a cobra hood. Vulpe is smiling at the viewer smugly. A pale purple X is behind Vulpe on a solid violet background. End description.]

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    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    New 2023 Honda CR-V Release Date, Redesign, Colors

    New 2023 Honda CR-V Release Date, Redesign, Colors

    New 2023 Honda CR-V Release Date, Redesign, Colors – The existing era has existed for around 36 months along with the newest studies are advising changes for that 2023 product calendar year. This variation ought to have numerous changes, equally regarding style boasting. We have been going to visit a new top deal with, and also far more regular products. All of this shows that anaconda CR-V will…

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    #2023 Honda CR-V #2023 Honda CR-V Colors #2023 Honda CR-V Configurations #2023 Honda CR-V Dimensions #2023 Honda CR-V Electric #2023 Honda CR-V Ex #2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid #2023 Honda CR-V Price #2023 Honda CR-V Redesign #2023 Honda CR-V Release Date #2023 Honda CR-V Review #2023 Honda CR-V Spy Photos #2023 Honda CR-V Spy Shots #2023 Honda CR-V Touring #new 2023 Honda CR-V
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    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Cat Bailey *v*


    Purrs when you give them their money. It's the only time they purr. It's very deep, right from the chest.

    Has a notch in one of their ears from a fight from their youth.

    Sometimes will doze off in their office chair when the sunlight hits them just right.

    Will end you if you touch their tail. No hesitation. Sends you off to the farm or Brothel afterwards.

    They take suppressants to stop from going into heat/rut. Takes a week off once a year to stay home and take care of their needs.

    Pissed as hell if their suppressants fail. Locks themself in their room at the orphanage if it's the closest place. Has an emergency kit in case something like that happens.

    Not affected by catnip like an actual cat, but their eyes dilate.

    Terror in the night. Very quiet and needs very little light to see by.

    In a relationship (cause of course 👉👈)

    If they have a penis, they're way to into pulling you down on their barbed cock.

    Marking and blood kink intensify. You will not get out of even the most gentle of situations with Bailey without a new bite or scratch. It's not always intentional on their part, but it usually is.

    Will end you if you mention how they'll sometimes start to purr after sex or when you sit in their lap.

    When they're feeling particularly content, they might start to groom you without thinking about it.

    Lets their tail brush up against you. Still gets pissed if you touch their tail, though.

    Still taking suppressants for their heat/rut, but takes breaks from them more frequently. Uses you to relive their symptoms.

    [Edit: occasionally slow blinks at you. Hopes you don't know what it means]

    #bailey the caretaker #tw hybrids
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    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Week 36 on the blog today👍 Feels like I've found my mojo again😍💕 ⬆️link in bio⬆️ #scrap #scrapbooking #diy #pl #projectlife #pocketscrap #pocketpage #everydaylife #myeverydaylife #papercraft #hybrid #hybridscrapper #paperlove #photooftheday #documenting #documentingeverydaylife #Silhouette #Silhouettecameo4 #creativelifehappylife #getcreative #creativeminds #calledtobecreative #bloggerlife #bloggersofinstagram #creativemess #digiteedesign #kimbdesigns https://www.instagram.com/p/CVJECVVohKB/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #bts fanfic #hunting a hybrid asks #hunting a hybrid fic #anon asks#anon answered
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    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hunt Season (2/2)

    This is the second part of the Hybrid Hunter AU!! I worked on this almost non stop and god I love it! @kiuda, @elliotl and @rglozwriter who’s tags in the first part made me very very happy and inspired! Thank you for the kind words!! I hope that you all like this one too!!

    Warning!! Deshumanization, vague torture descriptions, vague wound description, mention of amputation, this is dark.

    It's been almost a year since Pandora has been occupied by a single prisoner, the marvel of obsidian and red-stone was haunted by the lingering echoes of pain and terror, the main cell was an awful place that was painted in red and marron from the blood of a human. The torturer was just finishing another session of torment while the warden operated the mechanisms to enclose the server’s terror back into the box. 

    “Este pendejo, one of these days I will make him talk” Quackity’s voice sounded tired and frustrated, no matter what he had done Dream still refused to say anything about the Revival Book.

    “It’s been almost a year, how much longer do you think that it will take you? People are starting to get suspicious” said Sam, guiding the other hybrid to the portal.

    “Not much longer, I know that he is about to crack, I can feel it” responded the duck with confidence and determination. 

    The next few sessions were brutal; broken bones, bleeding wounds that couldn’t even close correctly, the prisoner’s body developed a resistance to potions at some point during the year, Dream could almost feel his last life corrupting under the stress of being so close to death but never enough to actually rest. He was just so tired, he wanted everything to end.

    “We could finish this Dream, I can see it in you face, you are tired, if you give me the book I promise to let you rest” Quackity’s words were so tempting for his tired and tortured mind, he really, really, wanted to finish all up, even if it was just to end the torture, his escape be damned he just wanted to sleep without waking up by a kick in the face. 

    “O-ok… fine, I will- you won” said Dream with the most defeated of voices, his arm trembling while he concentrated into his code, searching for the book of necromancy. 

    “See! It shouldn’t had to be this difficult mi querido Dreamie~” excitement flooding the duck's eyes “But it was inevitable, you humans always thinking so grand of yourselves until someone better shows you your place as the weak and pathetic creatures that you are” the poison in his voice did something to Dream, the words that the hybrid had just spewed from his mouth made the human freeze as he was about to get the book from its hiding.

    Something broke inside the admin’s mind, something dark and cruel and that had been waiting for this moment for a long long time. 

    “You… you really think that don’t you?” Dream’s voice was cold and low, almost a whisper but echoed in the cell as a thunder “Dumb little duck, you should have closed your beak” a malicious laughter came from the human while the hybrid felt dread, there was something wrong, his instincts went heywire. He needed to RUN.

    “SA---ck!” Quackity tried to scream but the grip in the base of his wings was too precise to be an accident, the hybrid went limp while Dream kept his hands one movement from making the appendages useless.

    “You know? I used to be something worse than what you all hybrids had called me recently. I made this server as an apology, as a step in the right direction for a better future, one where kids like Tommy or Tubbo would never have to fear for their little… features, to be hanged in the wall of some rich bastard” said Dream, almost bored “But looks like my mentors were right, there is not such thing as a good hybrid” 

    The next movement made Quackity yell and plead in pain, not a single drop of blood was spilled but he felt like a part of his very soul had just been ripped away from him. The duck curled in the dirty floor, tears falling from his face pathetically.

    “Quackity? Quackity, what was that?!” asked Sam from the other side of the lava. 

    “Right, the creeper is here too” said Dream while taking a few of the duck’s feathers in a painful yank and reciting something that made no sense to the fallen hybrid but he could see the results of it with horror. 

    A pearl fell inside the cell just in time for the Warden to look at the human fully recovered, bones settled and stronger, all of the wounds scarred and faint, he looked healthy and dangerous.

    “Sammy~! Sorry but I don’t have time for you right now” said Dream, taking Quackity’s axe and attacking in a pattern that stunned the bigger hybrid by instinct “You see, I have to act quickly before the rest of them get an idea of what is going on.” 

    Dream had always been good at fighting, eerily good specially against hybrids, but that had never clicked as something more than any reason beyond being competitive. The duck and the creeper looked at the Hunter in horror while he took their weapons and items, burning everything but a few pieces of bread that he threw in one of the pools of blood. 

    “You both better behave once your bodies go back into function, I might not be as bad as the other hunters, but I’m not as dumb as before to think that I can trust you all anymore. Honestly, you hybrids are worse than your beastly relatives, at least those can be trained---” Something dark went across Dream’s face before an unsettling grin made its way into his mouth “Oh that is a good idea! Don’t worry guys I will come back soon enough, you will not die of hunger I should know!!”

    With that the human crossed to the other side of the lava and closed the main cell from view, there was a little hop in his step while he started to modify a few things from this Admin Screen, a silent command sealed the world completely.

    “Well look at that” said Dream with a little giggle “It’s Hunting Season”

    #Hybrid hunter au #Eira's writing #this is dark #c!dream #c!Dream being a menace #c!quackity #c!awesamdude #yeah c!Dream lost his mind #prison will not convince anyone to change for better #specially with torture #I'm a menace? #:3c sorry not sorry #tw torture mention
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    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    wofsona.. perhaps

    (btw i dont financially support wof bc i despise tui but i still make ocs for fun)

    #night/rain hybrid with big frills #gonna make them look more spooky later #wof #wings of fire #my art
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    भारत में बन रही है उड़ने वाली कार, जानिए कब होगी लॉन्च

    भारत में बन रही है उड़ने वाली कार, जानिए कब होगी लॉन्च

    दुनिया भर में उड़ने वाली कारें बनाने के प्रयास जारी हाइब्रिड कार बनेगी भविष्य की मोबिलिटी का अहम जरिया आपातकालीन, कार्गो के साथ-साथ यातायात में आसानी नई दिल्ली। भारत में उड़ने वाली कारें लॉन्च की संभावित तारीख की कीमत: भारत समेत दुनिया के देशों में कारों की संख्या बढ़ने से ट्रैफिक की बड़ी समस्या खड़ी हो गई है. दिल्ली-मुंबई सहित कई बड़े शहरों के साथ-साथ विदेशी शहरों की ट्रैफिक तस्वीरें देखने के…

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    #asia first hybrid flying car launch #Car Bikes Headlines #Car Bikes News #Car Bikes News in Hindi #Car/Bike #cm uddhav thackeray #flying cars in india launch expected price #flying cars price features mileage #flying taxi and cars in india #Flynt Taxi and Car Launch India #is flying car possible in india #ncb bank #uddhav thackeray cm #uddhav thackeray nehru gandhi #uddhav thackeray on lockdown #uddhav thackeray twitter
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    #Ask#anonymous asks#oc roleplay #goo jit zu #heros of the goo jit zu #heros of goo jit zu #heroes of goo jit zu #Buck the Jackalope #Cryo the Hybrid Ice Dragon #scooby doo
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    little techno sketches i made, both human and pig! without crown cause i forgot it but i'll probably add it later.

    #technoblade #c!techno #human technoblade#pig technoblade#hybrid technoblade#dream smp#fanart#mcyt#art #me not knowing how to draw ears #i also don't know how to draw clothes #i like my pig techno more
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    kid: mom can we have sonadow?

    mom: we have sonadow at home

    sonadow at home:

    #sonic the hedgehog #sonic oc#metal sonic #rossum the hybrid #oc x canon #the idiot has became attached to the ship that was supposed to be a joke ! #scart #metals still a robot this is just like... two years in the future. he got a new more mobian body and is mostly chill #thats why rossums quills are slightly different too.. time jump babey !
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    live among wolves (live like wolves) [pt. 2]

    Summary: "Another of your Hybrids has finally arrived! His name is Taehyung.“

    “What kind of Hybrid are you, Taehyung?” Mavis cleared her throat. She thought her question was a basic one and an easy place to start.

    “I’m a Red Wolf.”

    Mavis saw Taehyung grin again, those fangs flashing with new meaning now, and tamped down on the shiver that threatened to run through her.

    Contents: Hybrid!BTS, WolfHybrid!Taehyung, KangarooHybrid!Jungkook, Mavis is a little intimidated by Tae, domestic!Taehyung

    Part One

    Mavis quietly scrubbed at a particularly stubborn bit of grime on her frying pan, keeping an ear out for any issues with the boys.

    She had expected more… conflict between the two of them, considering the circumstances. Neither wanted to be there and they couldn’t be happy having to share their home with not only a strange human, but a strange Hybrid as well. And those two were just the precursor to the entire group of seven that Mavis was expecting.

    Her new cabin home was grand and large enough for now, but when she thought of how small it was going to seem with eight people living together, Mavis began to worry.

    The boys were quiet at the moment, and though they both seemed to be the quiet and reserved type so far, Mavis had seen a great deal of enthusiasm from them earlier at dinner. Seeing them go for seconds of her traditional Southern recipes, a set from her grandmother that Mavis was careful to adhere to, gave her a greater sense of accomplishment than seeing her new hotel being well-run. She had a rather removed presence from her family’s corporation and from the workings of the hotel, and relished watching people enjoy something she made from her own efforts.

    She understood, now, why her grandmother spent so much time cooking for her family, often spending hours preparing meals and baking for her children and her even more numerous collection of grandchildren. Why the woman was so insistent that they have seconds and make plates to take home with them.

    Antoni Porowski was right: sharing a meal really could be something so intimate.

    Mavis often found herself at a loss when it came to connecting with Jeongguk. She and the Kangaroo Hybrid hardly knew anything about each other, but now she knew he looked angry when the food was good, his brow furrowed like he’d been personally slighted by the pork chop he was eating. Mavis had worried about him not liking the food when she saw his expression darken with the first bite, but she had to hold back her laughter when she realized Jeongguk was enjoying the meal. He even added three more pork chops to his plate!

    Even her side dishes had gone over well with the pair. Much to her surprise, Taehyung had eaten about half of her Pyrex dish full of baked mac n’ cheese, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘wolfing down his food’. She’d expected him to be more like Jeongguk and go for the meat rather than the grain. Normally, Mavis liked to have a generous portion of mac n’ cheese on her plate, the dish being a favorite of hers, but she had forgone her usual amount so the boys could have all they liked.

    Taehyung had offered her a smile, lips closed over bulging cheeks, and it was the first sincere smile she’d gotten from him yet.

    He looked much softer than she thought an Apex Predator Hybrid could be, more like a puppy than a frightening wolf.

    Mavis would have to re-examine her preconceptions about Hybrids before the rest of the Predator types arrived.

    She realized now that most of what she thought about Hybrids was just mainstream concepts presented in pretty boxes with bows or cold files full of bad reputations and misunderstandings.

    Mavis wondered about the social media influencers her friends used to talk about, and how they always seemed to have entertaining stories about their Hybrids’ homecomings. Oftentimes, it seemed as if the new owners were Prince Charming to their Cinderella Hybrids, being amused and endeared with the latter’s eager affections and marvel at how an owned Hybrid lived.

    Mavis wondered how many people went out to buy or adopt a Hybrid, only to have a slow start, or a cold and indifferent start like she and Jeongguk had. She wondered about the fate of those Hybrids, if their owners had returned or abandoned them after bringing them home, only to realise that not every story ended like what they saw online or on television.

    Maybe influencers did some good in giving a few Hybrids a chance for a loving home by sparking an interest in their followers, but Mavis thought they ought to also remind people that not everything was hearts and rainbows too.

    Jeongguk certainly wasn’t, but Mavis hoped that things would ease if given the time.

    Taehyung, despite Mavis’ inability to get a good read on him, seemed to settle into the cabin better than Jeongguk had.

    The Wolf Hybrid had disappeared into the woods after unpacking his things in a spare bedroom, and Mavis had the misfortune of listening to Dobbs worry and moan about him not coming back and putting the guests in danger if he went feral.

    Mavis had expressed her annoyance with his lack of faith in Taehyung, but had been secretly worried, too.

    She didn’t think the guests would be in danger from Taehyung. She barely knew the man, but she was typically able to read people well enough and had never felt threatened during their short time together.

    But she worried for his safety. She wasn’t entirely familiar with the terrain yet and doubted that Taehyung would want to stick to the marked trails for the guests that liked to hike and bike. She worried about him getting lost on the mountain, worried about him meeting a predator bigger and meaner than himself, about him meeting a hunter and their gun.

    For once, Mavis had lingered at the bar that served as the boundary between the kitchen and the living room. She had pretended to work on some contracts for Attmore Inc. then, but her mind had wandered, half-focused on Jeongguk and the video game he was playing (he was very good; even a novice like Mavis could see that much) and half-listening for the front door to open. Mavis had left it unlocked for Taehyung, not really worrying about the safety of the cabin. She’d like to see anyone look at Jeongguk and still want to try anything.

    He was big, intimidating and very surly.

    They would be fine.

    But Taehyung had returned in due time, dirty and pleased. He smelled of pinewood and smiled like the sun, his expression only dimming when he entered the kitchen and met Mavis again.

    She was a bit disappointed by the sudden change. It was like a moment of sunlight in the dead of winter, a brief spot of warmth before it was overtaken again by the clouds.

    Mavis missed seeing the joy on his face at once and longed to see it again, like the earth longed for the first day of spring after the harshness of winter’s chill.

    Getting a genuine smile from Taehyung at dinner had been the highlight of Mavis’ week, and she wished that she could come home early every day and make dinner for the boys instead of being cooped up all day and night in her office in the hotel.

    Maybe that was why people had children and adopted pets or Hybrids into their homes.

    Mavis smiled to herself, feeling foolish, and set her dish on the rinsing side of the sink.

    “Need some help?” a deep voice asked from behind her.

    Mavis jumped and hurried to catch the plate she had fumbled. She heard Taehyung chuckle at her and felt her ears go red.

    “Ah, Taehyung.” she cleared her throat and turned to look at him. He was grinning at her and had adorned a pair of rubber gloves. “You don’t have to if there’s something else you’d rather be doing instead.”

    “I want to help.” Taehyung said simply. He moved forward to take up the task of rinsing the dishes.

    “Thank you.” Mavis’ shoulders tensed a bit as she felt Taehyung brush against her. She cleared her throat again and tried to focus on her task. Taehyung smelled good, having donned a cologne she was unfamiliar with, but was surely an expensive one picked out by Cooper.

    Her personal assistant was bound and determined to give the boys a welcoming gift basket, filled with things he felt were important for a man to have.

    Mavis would have to compliment him on his excellent tastes.

    Her smile returned, a small but genuine one, and she kept her eyes on the sink, missing the considering stare Taehyung was giving her.

    Maybe, they thought together, they could get used to this new life.

    Related Works: if it looks like a rabbit (it probably isn’t), Trust: Priceless, live among wolves (live like wolves) [pt. 1]

    #bts x original character #bts hybrid au #taehyung x oc #taehyung x original character #jungkook x oc #jungkook x original character #bts#bangtan#hybrid fanfiction #dangerous hybrid au #Mountain View AU #my writing
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    Suite de la série Géométrie ! Des ronds, des cercles,...

    - Douai, expo “Hybride" - Charlotte Beaufort - ''Photosphère'' - 2015

    - Berck-sur-Mer

    - Aragon, Sierra de Guara - Vadiello

    - Marseille, Cité Radieuse -  Felice Varini

    - Lille, Tri Postal - Lille Fantastik - Nick Cave

    -  Lille, Gare Saint-Sauveur - Lille Fantastik

    - Marseille, cimetière anglais de Mazargues

    - Paris, Sainte-Chapelle 

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    #Ask#anonymous asks#oc roleplay #goo jit zu #heros of the goo jit zu #heros of goo jit zu #heroes of goo jit zu #Thanatos the Fenigriffs #Kamuheb the Androsphinx #Cryo the Hybrid Ice Dragon
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    Day 91: Sand/Leafwing | Nopales

    This dragon belongs to @qtippywastaken!

    #wings of fire #wof #wings of fire adopts #wof adopts#sandwing#leafwing#hybrid
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    macroraptorial sperm-person

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    #Ask#anonymous asks#oc roleplay #goo jit zu #heros of the goo jit zu #heros of goo jit zu #heroes of goo jit zu #emily the hybrid wolf #thrash #Buck the Jackalope
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