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Swarm Master

First Glance: Tall, dark, and dangerous. Three words to describe the Hydracon commander, at least- if she was an enemy. Otherwise... Lanky, quiet, and chirpy. Most of her basic sounds turn into chirps later on.

Designation: Swarm Master

Nicknames/Pseudonyms: Queeny, Swarm, Breaker, Titanus Hydrus

Status of Use: Online

Function: Combiner Leader || Frontliner

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Demisexual Panromantic

Age: Between 17-18 million years

Height: Roughly between 20-25 ft, never having a proper measurement 

Weight: Roughly 13745lbs, a clean 15k when she has her swarm 

Faction: Former Decepticon/Neutral

Alt-Mode: Atlas Beetle Mutant || Hydra when with Combiner team

Holo Forms: N/A (She hasn't found a use for one)

Education: Mostly self-taught, cannot read any Cybertronian languages, anything that really the Decepticons could have shown her

Known Languages: Standard Neocybex, Primal Insecticon, English, Spanish, German

Most Known Weapons:

- Serrated Twin Maser blades

- preferable skills in hand-to-hand combat

- Extensive knowledge of acidic and lethal substances

- two sets of denta- one purposely acidic and able to rupture plating if in biting range

- Parasitic symbiotes (Mutual to her, able to be used through a psionic-neural bazed connection)

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