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  • goooodmorningjapan
    05.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Drama Track #1-"Ego sum qui sum" - part 2

    {Location: Shibuya}

    [It's completely dark outside and the moon shines beautifully on everyone's faces. The sound of the three men running away gets lower and lower, until there's complete silence. The misterious woman watches them with an amused look on her face. She takes something from her long black coat that turns out to be a flask. Right in front of the girls, she gulps the drink and then turns the flask upside-down. A single drop falls out and the woman catches it on her finger and then she puts it on the tip of her tongue.]

    Mochizuki and Nikita: (ʘロʘ)

    ???: I hope he pays me for this...(turning to the two): Don't tell anyone about this encounter, will you?

    Nikita: I don't think anyone will believe me either way....


    ???:Hm, you're the girl that works at the newspaper, right?

    Nikita: Uhh,yeah...(panicked) How did you know?

    ???: Just a coincidence~

    Mochizuki(beaming): WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?ヽ(°〇°)ノ

    ???: Ah,this?(she raises her sword) Oh, it's just a family heirloom.

    Mochizuki: Damn, that's neat...

    Nikita: No, dude! That's not the question.(turning to the woman) How did you find us?

    ???: Oh, it just happened. I got a job from someone who kinda hates drugs and I was promised some nice bucks, sooo... here I am!

    [ She slowly starts walking away in the opposite direction and looks back at the two girls.]

    ???: Well.... I have a feeling that we're gonna meet again. Untill then... Goodbye!

    [ Nikita and Mochizuki part ways and head to their homes, still amazed by today's events. The next day, Nikita gets ready for work. Once she gets in the building she is told that she has to go see the director. She opens the office doors and is welcomed with a big smile.]

    Boss: Goood morning, Niki! How are you today?

    Nikita: I-I'm fine, thank you. What happened Yachi-san?

    Yachi: Ah, no big deal... I just wanted to ask you if you edited the article about the Division Rap Battle. It's such an important topic lately, everybody is sooo excited!

    Nikita: Yeah, I edited it myself. It's finished.

    Yachi: Wonderful!

    Nikita: But the thing everybody wants to know is who are the two new divisions...

    Yachi: Don't worry, Niki! As always, I'm ahead of everyone!

    Nikita(shocked, eyes wide open): B-before the results of the preliminary stages? H-how?

    Yachi(ignoring her question): Tomorrow, on the first page, with big letters: Dotsuitare Honpo and Badass Temple join the Division Rap Battle!

    [Yachi gets up from the chair and stands in front of the glass wall that's behind her. She admires the city view. After a few moments of silence, she talks.]

    Yachi: This is gonna be our next big move, Nikita. That's why I want to take care of it myself.

    Nikita: ?!?

    Nikita: And what am I gonna do now?

    Yachi: What students do. Focus on their studies.

    [Yachi keeps the same wide smile on her face, but her tone is slightly more serious.]

    Yachi: You have an upcoming exam, don't you?

    Nikita: Yeah...

    [Yachi's tone changes again, this time being more cheerful. She turns to the girl.]

    Yachi: Let's make a deal, Niki!

    Nikita(tense): I'm listening...

    [Yachi pauses, amused by Nikita's tense expression.]

    Yachi: If you get the highest grade on the exam, I'll help you get your hands on a hypnosis microphone.

    Nikita(shocked): W-what?!?

    Yachi(nodding): Mhm!

    Nikita: I-I don't know, Yachi-san... This is so sudden and I don't know what to say...

    Yachi: Are you refusing such an offer?

    Nikita: ...

    [Nikita takes a few moments to think.]

    Nikita: I also... have a friend that might be interested...

    Yachi: Do you want two microphones?

    Nikita: Only if it's possible...

    Yachi: Hmmm...

    [Yachi puts her hand on her cheek, thinking about the offer. She clearly knows this will advantage her in the future.]

    Yachi: I might be able to do this...

    Nikita: Thank you very much, Yachi-san!

    Yachi(with a mischievous look on her face): Oh, don't worry! You're my favorite employee, after all.

    [Nikita turns to leave to do her work. Yachi listens to her footsteps so she can know that she's alone. After the footsteps stop, she dials a number.]

    Yachi(cheerfully): Hellooooo, Ichijiku! How are you?

    Ichijiku:Quit that, Tsushima. Are you making progress?

    Yachi: It's going better than you would expect.

    Ichijuku: Perfect. What do you plan to do if they refuse your offer?

    Yachi: They won't. The Kohtosarai Special Unit will have two new members soon enough.

    Ichijiku: I hope you are right. We can't afford to lose more clones.

    Yachi: Trust me. We won't need to brainwash them.

    Ichijiku(interrupting her): Come to the Chuohku ward when you've got more important infomation. I don't have time for chit-chat.

    [Ichijiku hangs up. Yachi approaches the glass wall and admires the view once more.]

    Yachi: I have a good feeling about this~


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  • takatsuki-division
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Drama track 1:part 1

    Fragments of moonlight

    [Location:Club Nova-After hours]

    -Aiko is currently cleaning up his set after the club had closed, Ryoko can be seen helping him-

    Ryoko:By the way I forgot to mention I got a package yesterday


    Ryoko:Mhm, you remember I have a hypnosis mic right?

    Aiko:How could I forget? You got one when- *Aiko pauses* what does that have to do with the package?

    Ryoko:Well…I kinda got a letter from those ladies in Tokyo. *Ryoko rummages around in her bag* APPARENTLY they want me to form my own team and participate in the divison rap battles.

    Aiko:Are you gonna do it?

    Ryoko:Why wouldnt I? Gives me a chance to see her again!

    Aiko:Well you gotta have a team!

    *Ryoko pulls out a microphone from her bag and holds it out towards Aiko*

    Ryoko:Honestly…that’s one of the reasons I agreed to come here tonight. I wanted to ask you to join me!

    *Aiko gives a knowing smile*

    Aiko:How could I say no? *the mic was handed off to Aiko*

    Ryoko:Damn Aiko that was easier than I thought it would be!

    Ryoko:Now we just gotta get our hands on another member and we’ll be all set!

    Aiko:Well I know someone

    Ryoko:Oh it better not be Yuki, she would fucking die!

    Aiko:Why the hell would I ask her?! No no I’m talking about Kirumi clearly!

    Ryoko:Im not even sure about Kirumi to be honest

    Aiko:Well just give it some thought!

    Ryoko:How about you do it instead…you are her brother after all

    Aiko:that could work!

    *Aiko steps over to Ryoko and gently ruffles her hair*


    *the DJ let’s out a lighthearted chuckle*

    Aiko:I’ll let you know her answer tomorrow alright?

    Ryoko:Yeah…goodnight Aiko


    [they both leave once Aiko finished cleaning up]

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  • harajukudivision
    05.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ARB Birthday Special ♥️

    ~ June 30th ~

    Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out but it’s not going away.

    (I know I’m a month late but I hope you all enjoy! - HD)

    Login Lines:

    “Hey hey hey! Guess what today is! ~ ☆ You. . don’t know? Oh. . .

    Hey! I see you smiling, you tricked me! No fair!”

    Voice Lines:

    “People always say that as you get older, gifts get more expensive. So you don’t have to buy me a thing! I don’t mind!”

    “These clothes are so cuuuuute! They’re too pretty to try on, I don’t wanna ruin them! But guess it couldn’t hurt, just for today.”

    “Hopefully Ms. Tsubaki takes it easy on me today. It’s not nice to pick on the birthday girl right? ~ ♡”

    “Wooooow. . . such a beautiful necklace. ✨ I’m not sure if I’m even worthy to wear this. . . Aaaaaand it’s from Hiroshi. T_T *sighs* I thought I told him not to get me anything expensive. He already overdid it last year.”

    “Seiichi is so mean to me!! When I opened his present I thought it was some kind of arcade prize or a console because it was so big. But there was a wooden step stool inside! Not cool!”

    Hiroshi Lines:

    “Ah Emiko, Happy Birthday! As your gift for I shall be at your service, my fair lady ~ . . . *chuckles* Now why the red face? You should already be accustomed to my habits, no?

    “Hmm? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh the gift? While I admit that trinket held a fair price, I believe it suits you perfectly. But if you don’t like it m’lady I can always get you another one”.

    Seiichi Lines:

    “Yo Emiko, Happy Birthday! Can’t believe you’re another year older than me, kinda hard to imagine. Eh? Hehehe, c’mon I’m just kidding. Not my fault you look like a middle schooler.”

    “Pfffffft ahahahaha! Did you like the gift! That look on your face was priceless! . . Eh? . . . Aw shit w-wait a sec! Please don’t cry it was just a prank, honest! I— . . . Hey, I see you smiling! Enough with the crocodile tears!”

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  • talesofanimes
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Here is my three favorite speaker: Sasara’s, Samatoki’s or Doppo’s speakers!

    First, Sasara’s speaker : I love cats, orange colors and his eyes !

    Secondly, Samatoki’s speaker: The skeleton skull reminds me Undertale video game~ and I love the opening coffin’s scene in anime !

    Thirdly, Doppo’s speaker: I love the appearance scene of his screens~ and Doppo. x)

    I have other favorites speakers: Jiro, Saburo, Ramuda, Jyushi, Kuko... (It’s too much ! I promise, I stop. xD)

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  • ghostietoasty
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Rei in ACNH. What will he do?😈

    #hypnosis mic#hypmic#rei amayado#acnh#helpp #im actually trying to #design all 6 rooms into the 6 divisions rn #this is hell #but i look cute🧡🌹
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  • akkivee
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    kuukou month day 14: check how flexible i am!!!!!!

    #kuko harai#jyushi aimono#hitoya amaguni #bad ass temple #hypnosis mic#hypmic #kuukou bent himself backwards and slid in between his legs to get in this position #just like inosuke from kny lmao #anyway after scaring his team he basically like #slingshots into a standing position by doing the process reversed #jyushi faints lmao when he does and the only reason hitoya doesn't is because jyushi did lol #other kuukou fans share flexible kuukou hc and felt very validated by the ddb mv for glory or dust #when that dancer just slung his leg over his shoulder during kuukou's verse #i too felt validated lol #vee is arting
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  • hypnomicimagines
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #Rio Mason Busujima #Hypnosis Mic#Hypnosis Microphone #Hypnosis Mic Imagines #Hypnosis Microphone Imagines #Hypnosis Mic x Reader #Hypnosis Microphone x Reader #Rio Mason Busujima x Reader #Smut
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  • ssubby
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Hypmic cast as FRIENDS Characters

    Rachel: Ichiro, Samatoki, Hifumi,

    Monica: Saburo, Hitoya, Rosho

    Phoebe: Rio, Ramuda, Gentaro, Jyushi, Kuko,

    Ross: Jyuto, Jakurai, Rei,

    Chandler: Doppo, Sasara,

    Joey: Jiro, Dice,

    #so I think I mean feel free to disagree #hypmic#hypnosis mic#buster bros #mad trigger crew #bad ass temple #matenro#dotsuitare hompo
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  • takatsuki-division
    05.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Welcome to the dark side of the moon


    other divison blog:@kyoto-division

    Shattered moon is Takatsuki’s resident rap group. It’s members consist of a computer programmer named Ryoko Minamoto, a DJ named Aiko Mayeda and a voice actress named Kirumi Mayeda. Their symbol is a crescent moon that gives the appearance of being cracked in various places hence the name “Shattered moon”. Each member wears this symbol somewhere on their person.

    Ryoko has one on her bracelet

    Aiko has one pinned to his jacket collar

    and Kirumi has one on her necklace

    Shattered moon seems to have a strong rivalry with Kyoto divisions Starlight Specters. It seems Ryoko can never get along with Lana Alarie despite the fact they were once very close friends.

    (Master lists to come soon)

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  • practicalcolorcoordinatesystem
    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    hypmic characters who would love stanky leg:

    - sasara nurude

    - jiro yamada

    - dice arisugawa

    - ramuda amemura

    - hifumi (hifumin mode)

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  • nanbaka-82
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago


    ”Until I was 25, I thought the response to ”I love you” was ”Oh, crap!”“

    #Someone rewatched friends #And someone loves Sasara too much #sasara nurude#hypnosis mic
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  • uenodivision
    05.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Kisouna's Thoughts on Harajuku Division

    Emiko Akaibara

    "Emiko Akaibara, a.k.a. Valentine. Leader of the Alley Catz.

    "As Shisuta-san stated, Emiko-chan has a very positive and optimistic outlook, despite the fact that life dealt her a bad blow earlier. As stated, she's a very optimistic young woman, it's hard to believe that she's only 19. Aranai-chan could learn a lot from her..."

    Hiroshi Sakura

    "Hiroshi Sakura, a.k.a. Royal Scandal.

    "At first glance, this man reminds me a lot of Hifumi-san of Shinjuku. Both men seem like shameless flirts, despite the fact that one is completely afraid of women. If that were it, I wouldn't have too much of a problem with Hiroshi-san. However, I can't fully trust him due to the fact that he is acquainted with the traitor, Jyuto Iruma. I know that may seem minuscule, but until I find out more, I'm afraid I have to be very cautious around him."

    Seiichi Asagao

    "Seiichi Asagao, a.k.a. Killjoy.

    "Like Shisuta-san, I also have respect for artists. Unfortunately, this young man does not fit that category. I dislike graffiti, street art, or whatever you want to call it. Drawing or painting your name or symbol in some sort of unique way on government buildings or walls still counts as vandalism, and it will not exempt you from any sort of punishment. Aranai-chan has stated that she had to clean up some of the walls of the city after this young man had vandalized them.

    "I've not caught wind of him here in Ueno City. But if I do, I promise you that he won't give off with just a slap on the wrist if I catch him messing up our city walls again."

    Alley Catz

    "Battle-wise, the Harajuku Division has some very strong and capable people on their team. Their abilities fit the city's lifestyle of fun and enjoyment. If we face them in battle, then I think eliminating Emiko-chan first would be the best course of action, as her ability seems to be the most dangerous.

    "Other than, the team of Alley Catz seems like a capable enough team, and good people. If fortune allows it, maybe we'll be able to communicate with them after the D.R.B."

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  • uenodivision
    05.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Shisuta's Thoughts on Harajuku Division

    Emiko Akaibara

    "Emiko-chan seems to be a very bright and cheerful young lady. Despite the amount of turmoil that was present in her life early on, she still maintains a positive attitude and perspective. I hope to meet and talk with her the next chance we meet."

    Hiroshi Sakura

    "Hiroshi-san is a charming young man. I've never met him personally, but many of the customers (mainly the females) have nothing but positive things to say about him. As stated, he seems like a nice and friendly young man, though he really should be careful of who he flirts with, as some women do not take kindly to such gestures."

    Seiichi Asagao

    "From what I've read about him, Seiichi-kun seems to be a very gifted artist. It's just a shame he chooses to use those skills of his to vandalize. I won't claim to understand street art. Maybe there is something deeper going on inside of Seiichi-kun's mind when he draws on streets and walls. I just wish he'd put those thoughts on paper instead of buildings."

    Alley Catz

    "Harajuku seems like a very cheerful and unique place. I'll admit I've not been there for a long while. But maybe I'll visit when the D.R.B. is over. I don't know if I'd fit in there, but I'd still like to see the city for myself."

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  • uenodivision
    05.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Aranai's Thoughts on Harajuku Division

    Emiko Akaibara

    "Emiko?" *Shrugs* "Meh, I won't say I know her personally, but we are acquainted. Really and truly, I knew her brother more than her cause I was interested in his rap skills. He was kind of in the background compared to the rest of the rappers back then, but you couldn't deny the guy could spit some lyrics. I was sad to hear he passed. But kudos to the kid for taking up her brother's mic."

    Hiroshi Sakura

    "Ugh, I remember seeing this guy. I saw him while I was visiting Harajuku. The guy was flirting with a bunch of girls to get them to come into his salon. If I wanted some guy to give me endless compliments, I'd just head over to one of the bars here in Ueno City and kick it with the drunks. I saw the end result of his work, and I'll admit, it was surprisingly good. But I'll take a hard pass on getting my hair done from him."

    Seiichi Asagao

    *Growls* "I know this guy. Kaba spotted him tagging the walls here in Ueno once with some weird-ass garbage. She ran him off, but the guy had the audacity to come back a week later, and pull the same shit again! He got away before I could give him a pounding though.

    "But what pisses me off is after the second time he did it, the cops conveniently showed up and thought that I had done it. I lost an entire weekend cleaning up the walls of the city cause of him! Next time I see him, I'm painting the walls of Ueno with his face!"

    Alley Catz

    "Overall, the Harajuku gang seems okay. They seem like a relatively fun bunch to be around, which is what Harajuku is all about. Maybe we can all get together once this is over. But I'm still kickin' that Seiichi guy's butt next time I see him!

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  • twilitponpon
    05.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Party of Words AU with Fling Posse ✨

    #fling posse#ramuda fanart#ramuda amemura#hypnosis mic #hypnosis mic ramuda #hypnosis mic gentaro #hypmic #hypnosis mic dice #dice arisugawa#gentaro yumeno
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  • goooodmorningjapan
    05.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Nikita: I prevented a murder today.

    Mochizuki: Really? How’d you do that?

    Nikita: self control

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