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  • i am so disappointed in myself, i didn’t realize it was mah boi ryuji sakamoto’s birthday until the very next day. tsk tsk

    anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYUJI! My b-day gift to you is a gift card that will allow you to say “fuck” 5 times

    #ryuji sakamoto#persona 5#p5 #yeah i might be cringe but who tf cares #i don't#cursing#tw cursing#cw cursing#cursing cw#cursing tw #i dunno how to tag
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  • Horikoshi really thinks he can put all the importance of characters into extra volume content and character books and think it’s good enough. 

    It’s fucking not. Are you fucking kidding me. All this time Tokoyami fans have been questioning whether he’s grown to control that berserk Dark Shadow and turns out Ragnarok IS that berserk Dark Shadow.

    We. Got. To. See. NONE. Of. That. Growth. In. The. Manga.

    Okay I get it, he’s a C level character, so now he’s just not important at all. Everything cool about Tokoyami (and everyone else for that matter) has been off screened in service of sucking off the main 3 and I’m frankly fucking over it. 

    This is the straw that breaks this camels back. This is what I was waiting for and it comes out in the fucking EXTRAS of a volume, well thanks, I’m not going to waste my time anymore caring about a character the author doesn’t give any fucks about. 

    I’m over it, good fucking riddance.

    #Sab's random shit #I'm done with MHA I can't stand this anymore #you won't see any more of it on my dash I'm over this series #I really thought we were heading somewhere with him but no #apparently he'd already accomplished the thing he struggled with #it's not an issue anymore #so why the fuck should I care anymore???? #I don't #it'll all be off screened anyway
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  • image

    Pics of me that make me look like I drink Coors light

    #i don't #i only bought the hat to keep the deer flies off my head
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  • Little vent you can ignore:

    This is the first time I am saying this online or writing this down, but I really had to (it’s easier this way since no one knows who I am). It’s kind of a vent. I just need to say it, as a way to look back to when I figure everything out. Anyway… I don’t think I am straight. Feel free to ignore this post or whatever. Also, if you’re homophobic/transphobic/… feel free to leave my blog and never come back. Thank you!

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  • we are NOT gonna talk about my habits of starting and not finishing series-

    we have:

    bwb; htmil; sfily and now psg. (passeggiata)

    4 ongoing things…- (WHY?)

    anyways we also don’t talk about how i didn’t write anything for sfily chapter 4 yet-

    and we can talk about these: (now inevitably some of these ideas will be cancelled and nixed but…we can HOPE-)

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    #banner poll#whoops #did it again #I should stop #does anyone even remember sfily #yeah#I don't#WHOOP #(no it's still happening aaaah I just want the angst to start already) #aurum's banners
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  • This is called “The Gigantic Finger.” It has nothing to do with clarity. 


    A horse girl is going to come over and perform surgery on you. You have the cancer of reason. She has a long scalpel and very nice hair. It happens every night—a deep congestive failure to feel. We always deal with what needs dealing with by dealing with the thing that doesn’t need any dealing with. A meadow of untamed ponies shivers on a rainy afternoon. Love has many metaphors but the truest one is…Ouch! I’ve just been half-smushed under the gigantic finger of a god bigger than me. Thus, I will not be able to narrate the ending of your tryst!      

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  • Why did Jacksepticeye call Wheatley wheatus in his portal playthrough

    #i don't get it #the internet doesn't help #is it a fecses joke #i don't#jacksepticeye#portal#portal 2
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  • andrew: gets off meds


    #andreil#andrew minyard#neil josten#aftg#tfc#incorrect tfc#incorrect aftg #all for the game #the foxhole court #this isn't even funny but #do i look like i care anymore #i don't
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  • My friendships don’t work out

    My family despise me

    Do I have any reason to keep going?

    #I don't #i really don't #I just wish I had one more ounce of courage to end it all
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  • #lay it on me papa bob #not to say that i hate ttg #i don't #it's super funny and i love all the easter eggs #but i'm mad on behalf of the original #i would kill ttg in a heartbeat if it meant we got the season six we've always wanted
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    Big LOL.

    Look, I’m super angry and upset that masks became politicized in the USA in the first place but the joke that the people who pushed its politicization and/or let it happen complacently/complicitly want to now pivot because it’s the right and commonsensical thing to do–AND ALWAYS WAS–and act like they aren’t part of the problem????

    I can’t.

    #I'm angry and increasingly upset that 'look out for each other' isn't a compelling reason #i don't want to get sick but i don't want to get you sick either if that's a possibility #i don't get #i honestly can't grasp it #i would never describe myself as someone who has any especial esteem for/toward humanity #i don't #and so the fact that i can grasp this even if my fault is like despair about us as a species #i don't get why this is difficult
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  • I have decided that I despise physics more than anything else

    #Raf's rambles #first of all #my professor's gotta chill on the assignments #like damn#and secondly#I don't #I dont UNDERSTAND #so total velocity = displacement/time #but whenever an object changes acceleration and direction there /should/ be velocity #but if the total displacement is zero #then that equals zero?? #so?? #average velocity = zero?????? #And then he's like calculate the maximum speed #and I'm like fine and use the average speed equation #and then the next question is to grind the average speed #like #what the fUCK DO YOU W A N T #hhhh#I suffer
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  • Enjoy another meme y’all 😩

    #pewdiepie#pewdiepie memes#anxiety#anxiety memes#mental health #mental health memes #memes#me #can't wait for it end #and turns out maybe i was just attention seeking #who knows#i don't
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  • So, you Off to a Great Start readers know Trevor, right? Yeah the guy who got his dick shot off. 

    Fun Fact…

    I never created him. Not in the traditional sense. 

    I didn’t set out to create him. I had no “concept” stage for Trevor. He just… appeared in one of my personal writings. His Cheshire Cat/Jack Sparrow personality was already in place. He literally just showed up in my stories about two years ago. 

    Most of my characters, I know where they come from. I know where their beginnings were/why they were created. Where it begin. 

    Trevor… I don’t. I still don’t understand that man. 

    He’s literally a random spark from a neuron that is full on vibin as a over powered trickster type entity. Both in story… and out. 



    @mangoberry43, @a-lil-perspective, @the-silentium, @thegoodbatch, @peacefulwizardfox, @passionofthesith, @apathetic-catastrophie ​@leonidas-banana-phone @honeyray

    #shadow_speaks#original characters#rageryan #i literally dont know where this man came from #i don't#kinda scary #but he means well #sorta#trevor #call this man cotton eye joe
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  • Shades of Blue - Blueberry, Kohlrabi, Jay, and Sapphire

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    Look…. I just loved Sabine Devieilhe as the Queen of the Night and Mika Kares as Sarastro. They gave the characters so much personality

    Also where can I find whatever Mozart was smoking when he wrote the Magic Flute? I am a fan

    #opera problems#Die Zauberflöte #The Magic Flute #Queen of the Night #Sarastro#Sonja's art #Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart #Cult stuff #Now it looks like I have a tag for cult stuff #I don't #Anyway how about that height difference
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  • does anyone remember that “hot shot business” game where you owned a pet grooming or landscaping business?? that game was my shit, and i wish it was still around, fuck.

    #and this is icarly!! #stoner talk #i'm also a lil tipsy uh oh #eh but who cares #i don't #oh shit i forgot my boiling pasta brb
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