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  • I feel I wanna just pour my heart and talk about so many things I wish I could do but it’s all the same thing in the end: wishing I was not depressed. I think there was a time in my life I was a regular kid, but I can’t remember it.

    The first time I was on therapy as a kid I think it was more to learn how to cope with things that were happening.

    But I don’t remember how I was. I have small glimpses, moments, some hours sometimes, where I can just breath, but then the heaviness just takes over again.

    These days whenever I hug my boyfriend it feels like a heavy thing is leaving me, when I go to church I still feel the things but I also feel that God is soothing all my pains. Then I arrive home and I look in the mirror and when I see myself it all comes back. When I’m with my mom there are many good moments but all I wanna do mostly is hug her and cry, but I don’t wanna give her more to worry about.

    I just feel I’ve become a monster whos’s always vulnerable, afraid of everything and deeply sad.

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  • enough america for today

    #i can only take so much of it at once #good riddance#i guess
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  • mods are asleep post this photo of Pete Wentz being held by Joe Biden

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  • I have no muse to return to the durins for a bit. I’ll still do some of my longer replies or some with my main partners but I’m so stressed I can’t.

    I’ll try to add a cut but if it doesn’t work I’ll add a warning.

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    #tbd#ooc#hiatus #tw: eating problems #idk if it’s an eating disorder #but like#I guess #there’s more too #but this is all I’m putting up #I’ll be on my side blogs as they are more slow
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  • the problem with me is that if you came running up to me with a huge smile and said youre kidnapping me and then made us run away together i would absolutely go with you with no sense of stranger danger or the fact you said you’re kidnapping me because i like it when I make people smile

    #babygirl#text#fucking DUMBASS #no but for reals #LMAO#tw kidnapping#i guess #I JUST WANNA HOLD HANDS AND RUN AWAY WITH SOMEONE #and apparently i dont have to know them for me to just go with it!!! #god im dumb
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  • Gone with the Wind


    Originally posted by questcequecestqueca

    It was a dull morning between my warm covers

    Inch with sleeps still, I tossed around and over

    Silence wrapped up in the dark

    A call of my name, shrill like the lark

    A voice of fear, echoed in my skull

    The world tilted open

    My dad told me “sorry…”

    “It was my fault,” his fault, what fault?

    He has flown away with the wind

    The eldest of them all

    “I was placing in the food”

    I realised what would come next

    So I ran down the stairs

    And called out to the one who left

    The cold bit in my skin

    The fog wasn’t helping either

    On the floor, off the ground, or the trees up high

    We searched for a brown bundle of feather

    But the greens sang by

    The browns didn’t budge for my love of him

    The blue of the empty sky

    Mocked my own parenting skills

    I called, but the wind passed by

    He called, but the wind passed by

    The youngest of them all left behind

    Screamed for dear brother to come by his side

    But the bird so lost has now flown away

    Beyond the care of those who love him

    I hope he finds his way

    And never forgets that the one who raised him

    Stands here forever

    Singing to the wind

    Begging for the twin

    Sharing their dad’s pain

    That the one who raised him

    Only wants him to be safe

    - @wanderingmoon


    #poetry#short poem#moonchild #dead poets society #poem#pretty#dark aesthetic#libra#sad #i lost my bird #he flew away #now everyone is sad #and i dont like it #prompt #not responsible but makes me feel worse #it's okay#i guess #? #the second birds is lonely and depressed☹️ #i love them both still
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  • the days of not my president have passed…….welcome to the stage: no president

    #I SEE MITCH MCCONNELL DIE MOTHERFUCKER #sorry im watching the inauguration while typing this #anyways stop settling for less stop having a president #inauguration#politics#i guess#satan speaks
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  • started reading deranged detective and that’s just an 1827 buddy cop au??

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    #katekyo hitman reborn #khr#khr crack#hibari kyoya#sawada tsunayoshi#1827 #ron kamonohashi deranged detective #deranged detective spoilers #i guess #also i repeat this is CRACK #and NOT  an attack on amano in any way #i'm well aware she'd have a distinctive drawing style by now lol #i do genuinely see the similiraties tho #also ron has a bit of a mukuro vibe too #anyway i'm just on chapter three no spoilers please lol
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  • @the-dragon-lord-official replied : Reginald wants to sound professional, but Right doesn’t give a shit about formalities n stuff

    That’s pretty much what I thought too

    #henry stickmin #henry stickmim collection #Wish we could still reply to replies #Edit : I guess it's not like he doesn't ever follow formalities #it's more like he just goes straight to the point #I guess
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  • Would anyone be interested in watching me lazily paint hands for an hour or two on live stream?

    #wip wednesday#I guess #thank you to anyone who tagged me and I forgot about #my brain is mush lately
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  • Wouldn’t it be funny if in jail Brunt starts to teach the Countess and Dr Bellum in how to defend themselves better bcs they are just genius at picking fights with the other inmates. 

    Brunt is getting tired of being basically their bodyguard and the fact even when she got sent to solitary confinement for defending them in a fight Cleo still managed to get into a cat fight with someone bcs of who in the world knows what. 

    Tigress just watches laughing her ass off while Dr bellum is somewhere between hiding and helping her wife. 

    When Brunt is allowed back with the rest she finds a feral Cleo ready to smack a bitch, a terrified Bellum and Tigress that sticks around bcs the whole thing is just too much fun for her

    #carmen sandiego #carmen sandiego season 4 #cs season 4 #the faculty#countess cleo#dr bellum#coach brunt#tigress #Idek what this is #headcanon#i guess #It's dumb but hey #here it is
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  • X7 

    #Can't come up with a clever title #also I was struggling drawing them for no reason #Mega Man#MegaMan#Rockman #Mega Man X #MegaMan X#Rockman X #Mega Man X7 #MegaMan X7#Rockman X7#Zero#Zero Wily#Axl#X Light#xzero#zerox#I guess#nabasart
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  • “you love far too easily” she’s wine drunk, the neck of the bottle clasped in her hand, leaning back on our couch. no cups, only us and the bottle. walking to the kitchen for glasses felt too much like work, too much like waitressing. I lean against the coffee table, tracing nothings against the glass, it’s dusty. i should clean. there’s no response to give, the dust laying on my finger is gritty, she continues- “I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just, A Thing” her brow is lowered, expectant in response. oh how i love her, oh how i muse. i’m not sure Why i love so easily, or why I state it so quickly. my first Sorta Kinda Boyfriend was that within a week, pinky promised love over facetime calls from thousands of miles away. realistically it was fraud. to be proven within the next week when i was ghosted, yet, i loved. i stated, i declared adoration easily. i was infatuated with the normality, the messiness of a human that could coexist with me. “I’m just saying you should like, self examine or whatever” she hugs the bottle, pressing rosè to her check, she looks angelic. flushed and sprawled, how am i supposed to not love that? the intricacies of a human delicacy, there is so much to love? so much to adore.

    #oh oh ohh #i don’t actually love this easy i’m #poetry#spilled ink #i’m just talking yanno #writing #i this writing #i guess#google docs
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  • Today is the big day and I’m asking can we please put all disclosure about C!Tommy and C!Tubbo to the side- Just for the day? It might be the last time that we’ll see Tommy or even Tubbo for awhile and I just-

    I want to be able to mourn either character without having to read why their a bad person

    #tommyinnit#tubbo #dream smp discourse #i guess#just #let me have this please?
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  • just felt like giving a quick shout-out to all of us on this website who aren’t content creators but are just generally vibing and reblogging whatever the hell we like for the enjoyment of our 186 followers and 34 mutuals ♥

    #or occasionally post a dumb text post which will get seen by one person :) #we are valid #i guess #i don't really feel it but #i'm telling myself this today #tumblr#//rambles#//about
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  • the worst thing about current manga events is afo being called a dilf

    #i hate it thank u #☆゚* → { out. } #bnha spoilers // #I GUESS
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  • Here’s the new persone design I drew on my laptop trackpad

    I had a proper drawing on my pc but it’s in the workshop :((((

    #i was honestly bored and wanted to draw something #mspaint#pogchamp#persona design #i dont know how to tag #OC#i guess#my art#digital art #commissions are open #uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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  • what i needed ingrained in my brain is that. social media analytics are fake like totally made up so. i need to post more shitty things i’ve created & watch as inst*gr*m loses its shit on my actually correct & big brain way of posting

    #why the fuck did i tell myself it's a good thing to post my art every other day like. girl you have an actual job #and though art IS the closest thing i have to a semi-sane life it's just not useful to my wellbeing to think too much abt social media #you know? well. idk. im on my period & my moods are fluctuating jdkskdksl #personal#i guess
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  • i should’ve gone into work for a few hours today. i’m bored as shit at home waiting to leave for my chill away from home work on stuff time

    #rambles #check in is at 3 #it takes two hours to get there so #leave around noon ish #i guess #it's not even 10 #ugh
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    • Judge: How do you plead?
    • Eda: [Mouths 'not guilty']
    • Luz: Hot milky.
    • Eda:
    • Eda: Just send her to jail.
    #toh #the owl house #incorrect toh quotes #incorrect the owl house quotes #incorrect toh #incorrect the owl house #jail#eda#edalyn#eda clawthorne#edalyn clawthorne#luz#luz noceda#funny#i guess #idk if i should continue doing incorrect quotes #it's not really my thing #its fun tho #im bored #someone talk to me
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