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  • This new Joss rewrite really sings, huh?

    THE BOYS (2019—) | 2.05 - “We Gotta Go Now”

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  • What I try to tell myself: I would rather have dead friends than no friends. At least I have memories to think about.

    What I really tell myself: Dear god please stop killing my friends

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    #Inoni Sighting #RTX at Home #Achievement Hunter#Jeremy Dooley#Matt Bragg#Rooster Teeth#Twitter#I'm DEAD #I'm full of vodka and dead #anyway despite my anxiety this was FUN #also I promised them fanart so expect to see some more AH stuff soon
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  • excUSE ME


    this is all

    #i'm DEAD #why does she look like your friend's older hot sister #i have a CRUSH #like EASTING A POPSICLE WHAT #I stutter nervously and approach to say hi and then leave
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    OH. MY. GOSH.

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  • My 10 year old son looking at a party size bag of chips while wiggling his eyebrows: “Ya know, I’m something of a party myself.”
    Me and his 16 year old sister: -death by laughter-

    #children#parenting#i'm dead #he spends too much time with me #i think i corrupted him for life
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  • For those who don’t use Grammarly, I’ll explain. Here’s some facts to take in as well.

    1. Straight to the point. I don’t use Grammarly Premium because I just don’t want to pay for it.
    2. Since I don’t have Grammarly Premium, the Grammarly I have now only corrects certain mistakes, such as capitalization, missing ending punctuation, misplaced and some important, missing commas,  (and what I mean by that is they don’t tell you to put commas in the really long sentences I write) and so on and so forth.
    3. So when you make a mistake that you have to buy Grammarly Premium for you to fix, it just comes up as a problem that is shown in a golden circle that has a number in it. That number lessens and grows depending on if you fix that problem or you have another of that problem. If you have two different problems, it’s just the same thing, but there’s going to be another circle with a number. Then the largest circle shows the total number of mistakes that can be fixed with Premium. 
    4. The more errors you get, the harder it is to understand your writing; and your overall score of your writing decreases.
    5. And if you want to fix it, you either buy Premium or you erase part of what you’re writing and see if the error goes away. Then, in that segment, (if you found the mistake) you narrow it down by repeating that process until you find it.

    Now, we can get to the real stuff.

     Okay, so I’m writing a fanfiction about Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, (because I love them like they’re my children :3) and it’s not my first time writing a fanfiction with Grammarly. It’s my longest fanfiction, with currently (I don’t know, maybe this is shocking to you) almost 8,000 words, that’s taken almost 1/ 2 of a year so far. I have encountered many errors that I’ve had to fix. And just saying, I like to have all my stats at its best and the overall score 100. It just makes me feel bad when it’s not 100. 

    And let’s take in a short story that explains it all.

    Okay, so one day, I go onto Grammarly, everything just fine. I open up my latest fanfiction that I feel like working on today. I scroll to the end, which takes a dying 5 to 10 seconds, and during that time, the Grammarly system is running through my story to check for mistakes. And at that time, my score was 100, no mistakes, delivery of the story is perfect, along with the engagement and the clarity. Everything is fine. Everything was fine, until…

    I see 8 mistakes pop up in front of my eyes. I almost scream-

    And then I think, Okay, eight mistakes isn’t that bad. So, irritated and a bit disappointed, I fix the fanfiction, which actually takes a really long time, (over the course of a day or two, because I’m fixing a story with almost 8,000 words) and I decide, that’s enough writing.

    And a few days after. I head back to the Grammarly Hompage, in high spirits, ready to work on my story. I open up the document. I scroll to the end. Grammarly and its checking process. 


    I see…

    28 mistakes flash in front of my eyes.
    And I think, suddenly, how could this happen to me (sorry, I couldn’t resist :p)? At that moment, I feel… so drained because I don’t want to fix 28 mistakes in a 8,000 word fanfiction! 8 has already taken enough time- but 28?!?! And I know, you’re thinking, “it’s only 20 more,” or “shouldn’t take thaaaat long to fix,” but, NO! Me, searching through a long fanfiction, erasing words, pasting them, paragraph by paragraph, searching word for word… it’s a tiring process. 

    I mean… I did fix some of them and still have 22 more to find…

    And for you Royai Fanfiction readers, no, I am most, most, most, most, definitely not posting my fanfictions on fanfiction.net on AO3 until I am satisfied with one of my fanfics! (hehe)

    I haven’t touched the fanfiction I’m working on in… I think… half a month?

    In the end, I think I’m just lazy. 

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    #the quality#rant#i'm dead#super dead #a whole hoe anthem mini album
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  • Man sagt mir, ich soll fröhliche Lieder hören, dann bleiben die Melodien im Kopf.

    Ich: a little bit of selfharm in the night

    A little bit of razorblades that is fine

    A little bit of blood is all I see

    A little bit of pain i have to feel

    Wer die Melodie erkannt hat, darfs gerne teilen

    #borderline personality disorder #borderline blog#borderline pd#borderline thoughts#dead inside#i'm dead#im dead #living with borderline
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    17 sept DK + Joshua collab for 17 with Pink Sweat$ plus Youngjae’s birthday

    ALSO Bambam new photoshoot!

    #gosh my ahgacarat heart is happy #got7#seventeeen#i'm dead #k.txt
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  • https://www.instagram.com/p/CE4UQuWBvi4/?igshid=1myyi82cf0sfu

    So i know that this is edited…but holy sh*t can you imagine getting a pic like this from Henry after a long day of shooting?! Him telling you that he misses you and can’t wait to finally see you again!? To hold you again?! Falling asleep to the thought that this come to life Greek statue of a demigod is thinking about you? Longing for you?!

    #henry cavill#ramblings #this is the only thing I will be thinking about #in conclusion#I'm dead #Henry cavill ramblings
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    Kiss Meme // accepting

    @sunsetdelusion​​​ said:

    ❛ a dying kiss. Emil and Syo


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    #☆♬○ ic . . . full throttle prince ○♬☆ #♭・゚:*ask . . . answered ✉︎ #‘ ✧・゚ meme . . . reply #i'm dead #i cried so much #why do you hate me?
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  • the two scenes directly following them meeting okame are so funny i laugh every time i get to yumeko asking tatsumi if he’s going to string sweet potatoes around okame’s ears so squirrels crawl all over him and tatsumi literally goes “…no.” after he considers it.

    then when tatsumi’s first response to okame getting them lost is to literally try to behead him like,,, we love one antisocial boy

    #i'm dead #every time i get to the '...no.' part i laugh so hard #then #'it will rectify the mistake i made earlier' #yumeko be like 'but we'll still be lost' #pls i love tatsumi #sotf#cindy talks #yes i rereading sotf dont @ me #why arent you reading it hMMMMM?
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  • At this point I’m not alive

    F3 has killed me

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