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  •                       Challenging your God? You have made an ILLEGAL ARGUMENT.

    EIN (”1”, “de”);
    DOS (”2”, “es”);
    TRIOS (”3”, “fr”);
    NE (”4”, “kr”);
    FEM (”5”, “se”);
    LIU (”6”, “cn” );

                                                                                                                 → E X E C U T I O N

    #he doth lean #I'm so happy they not only gave us this emote #but animated it out so that you actually move back to visually collide with something behind you #chefkiss#I'm delighted#ffxiv#ff14#ffxiv balmung#ff14 balmung#balmung server#lordofcrowns#my gifs#my screenies #my sfw screenies #also this song got stuck in my head so suffer with me lads #song is world.execute(me); by Mili
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  • Fitzroy: *talks about his powers developing suddenly and ruining his life, being pushed into the magic track*

    Me: Nice he’s going with the “magic user that can’t fully control his powers” trope, probably a sorcerer or maybe even did a secret warlock pact or something.

    Fitzroy: I’m a barbarian. 


    #taz graduation spoilers #taz graduation#i'm delighted
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  • For the first time in two months, my feet are COLD!!!

    #personal#I'm delighted #my thick socks are coming back into play
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  • image

    YO HO HO~

    #pkmn#pokego#i'm DELIGHTED #don't give it give it up etc etc
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  • #i'm delighted#like #in an evil way #we support them in their fifth marriage and all the ones after
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  • #this is so nice #thank you for taking the time to send this! #i'm delighted
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  • everyone: monty is gone, we’ll never see him again, he can’t tell us what to do anymore


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  • SUBMITTED BY @stripedroseandsketchpads​: So here’s this, in which Will Scott does not know what the fuck he is doing, and Lymond suffers, so…GoK in a nutshell, but more

    Lymond had been missing for just over a day when Will Scott found himself in the thick of the woods near Threave. The company had split up searching for the outlaw, and Will had made the deliberate, desperate choice of heading off on his own, hoping to quell the public knowledge of his own failures with his search. For in the day before Lymond’s escape, he’d done insult to his superiors, spent time in the cellar that housed their prisoner himself, and finally been blamed (falsely, he could only hope) for allowing Lymond to get away through sheer negligence. That must all be set right, this couldn’t happen again. That the man must be brought to justice kept Will’s pace quick and his eye tireless in its search. The miracle was in his success. It was around midday, and a storm was gathering overhead, apt for the moment when a flash of something pale caught his eye and he saw a man, moving quickly though stumbling a little, through the trees—white shirt, what looked like golden hair. Will did not take a moment to consider that he would alert Lymond when he urged his horse forward, because quite simply, the man could not outrun him. At the pounding of hoofbeats, the nervous whinnies as the animal felt the storm’s wind and the beginnings of lighting crackling, Lymond turned, looked over his shoulder for a bare second, and ran.

    Had Will been on foot, his adversary would surely have escaped, even with the injury Will had dealt him at his capture (his first capture; he’d have him again, surely). But the young man was correct in this most simple of judgements. He caught up swiftly as the wind roared and the sky rumbled low, slowing only a little when he was near enough to see the blood on Lymond’s shirt, on the side where Will rode. He pulled even briefly, and realized with confusion that he didn’t know how to stop him, thinking that if he went in front Lymond would simply dodge away. On impulse, Will reached out, grabbed Lymond under the arm, and with the aid of his momentum, threw him down. He succeeded in sending him crashing to the ground, and heard him cry out, in unison with an almighty clap of thunder. Will meant to wheel his horse around to claim his prisoner, but he’d not considered the animal’s fear of the storm. The chestnut, in protest, neighed wildly and by resisting Will’s direction, threw him, the reins slipping from his hands at the sudden shift in gravity.

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    #lymond chronicles#fic rec#i'm delighted #LYMOND WHUMP FOR ME?? YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE #this makes me want to get back to my lymond fic #focus lise focus #sometimes i read things #submission
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  • @chasingastory

    “Jackie, I think you’re encroaching on “questions with answers you won’t like” territory.”

    #LOVE ME DANNIE #i love you made a jackie oKAY #i'm DELIGHTED#chasingastory
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  • ok Paul is perfect - the constant frowning and eyebrow raising and “nice one” it’s so good!!! so so good!

    #i'm genuinely so surprised I kept hearing how low budget this film was #and I assumed that that meant everyone hated it #but it's so good already like they're just really sensitive to their mannerisms #i'm delighted #Two of Us blogging
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  • It’s been two weeks since I started sending chapters of Metal of the Undying out to potential beta readers, and less than a week since I completed my team, but the whole experience has been excellent already.

    My team has such wonderful insight and, so far, the only things I’ll need to tweak are superficial–a few more details here, some more characterization for minor characters there, etc.–and I can’t wait to polish this book.

    #writeblr #!!!!!! #i'm delighted #and! #aand! #everyone loves akos so far #and sasha #i'm so thrilled #also #two people have already finished it? #like??? #that's the best feeling #ag progress#ag update #motu beta read #ag beta read
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  • .

    #Developing plot ideas is so FUN #when it all comes together ofc #i'm gonna hit a roadblock eventually but right now? #I'm delighted#writing adventures
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  • Snapchat has a filter today with Toothless where he mimics your facial expessions…

    …so of course I’ve taken more selfies today than I have in the last few months.

    #i'm delighted#httyd #how to train your dragon #toothless #not a spoiler #i'm so excited for httyd3 #pinestripes babbles
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  • #dickgrysvn #y'all are the best #i'm delighted #ask box games #gav gab
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  • #i'm delighted #yes it's the time for bad puns #but honestly it's such a nice thing to say and hear
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  • Bless Bryn for continuing to roleplay after straight facing L.O.L.O.M.G.

    #i'm delighted #he was on such a roll this ep
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  • [Image description: A waist-up sketch of Amaya from the Dragon Prince. She has an intense look with a small smile, a scar under her right eye, and her hair is cut in a bob. She’s wearing armour and is doing the American Sign Language sign for “cool”. End description.]

    I just met Amaya but she’s my mom now and I love her. I totally freaked out when she started signing and then it’s actual ASL and I can actually read it and !!!!!!! oh it’s so good!!! 

    #MY COOL DEAF MOM IS ALSO A DOPE WARRIOR HOW SWEET IS THAT #I LOVE HER #this show is so good yall #i'm delighted#tdp #the dragon prince #drawing#amaya #oh i'm just so happy #sketch#digital art#illustration#spoodles
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