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  • Shameless 10x05

    Ian’s line was such a bad move from Shameless. Honestly, I should have expected it since they haven’t done anything but depict Ian as an as*hole since… ever, but I wasn’t prepared at all. I don’t know whether Ian was lying or not, based on his weird expressions and smirk after saying “Fuck, no”, I hope so or maybe I am seeing more than what it actually is because of the spoiler of their probable marriage, I don’t really know. I have a feeling that Cameron knew that line would be awful for the Gallavich fandom and he tried to convey different emotions than what his words did. Maybe it was in the script, maybe not. I’m very confused right now. It makes me so angry to see that the writers make Ian look like he’s head over heels for Mickey and ready to kill for him one minute before, and make him look like an as*hole towards Mickey one minute after. And don’t even get me started on the scene where he comes back home and find no one is there to welcome him back. It’s obvious that this is my opinion and not the gospel, so don’t take it personally or see more behind it than what it’s written. You can always ask if something is not clear to you. And always be respectful.

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  • “Fuck no”, says Ian, after having brought up marriage two times already.


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    Couldn’t have said it better myself. When Ian said “fuck no” I knew it would need to be addressed. Mickey will say or do one thing, and they will praise him for it. But wait until Ian says and does the exact same thing. Suddenly he is a monster and must be killed. This is why I call them unreasonable Mickey stans. Because they’re gonna hate on Ian no matter what. Well, I’ll be here reminding them of just how unreasonable they are every step of the way 😁

    Ian brought up marriage like 2 episodes back and Mickey shut him down. That’s probably still fresh on his mind people.

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  • 10x05 speculation

    I’m about to engage in full clownery, but allow me to present an alternative reading of the heart to heart with Lip. I don’t think the “Fuck no” means what everyone is so quick to assume it means. I mean, sure it could just mean he doesn’t want to marry Mickey. That’s what it seems like right? But just because he said he wasn’t going to marry Mickey doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with him. Perhaps he thinks marriage isn’t even on the table with Mickey. Maybe he’s still unsure about how their future will play out because when he tried to talk about it, they got sidetracked and then they just forgot about it. Because they felt like the real, more pressing issue was resolved so they just never had that long term future conversation.

    Also…it’s Lip. One would hope that he’s grown up a little bit over the years, but Lip has always been the devil on Ian’s shoulder when it comes to Mickey. And that’s not to say that Lip has a problem with Mickey, I actually think they had a pretty civil relationship in season 5 because Lip knew Mickey was taking care of Ian. But he has always provided the counter point to Ian’s decisions. West Point and the Army, Mickey, relationships in general. I think maybe Ian has realized that at this point and is a little guarded now. He very well could be straight up lying - either to Lip or himself. But I don’t think he’s lying to himself, he’s lying to Lip. I think he knows exactly what he wants and that’s to be with Mickey. (And also, doesn’t Lip kinda look like he knows Ian’s lying? Idk JAW’s really good so that’s an interesting choice for a reaction face to that comment if he doesn’t think Ian’s full of shit.)

    Doesn’t this Ian seem completely different to Ian from 2 weeks ago? He was vulnerable and afraid of losing Mickey. He was willing to shiv someone to throw his parole to be with Mickey. Ian can be open and honest with Mickey and they can be themselves together. I think that’s the real Ian. The Ian he gets to be with Mickey. In this episode he was acting a little tough, sorta intentionally rough around the edges a bit. I’m positive he’s putting up a front, trying to stay strong just getting out of prison.

    He also talked about Mickey a few times - one of those times it was when Lip was talking about loving something so much you’d do anything for it and he begins to bring up almost throwing his parole for Mickey. And then Ian asks if it’s genetic for Gallaghers to fall in love with crazy and lists himself and Mickey as one of those examples. Ian loves Mickey. (Ian ❤️ Mickey, people!) I have no doubt he wants to be with Mickey. I think it’s jumping the gun to be mad about that comment. Especially with how the season ends. I know a lot of people won’t, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this one. Until I’m proven wrong, (and I totally could be, just trying present a counter argument to what I’m sure is the popular opinion about Ian during the episode) I don’t think this remark should be taken at face value.

    And the final detail in that conversation I noticed is the way Ian looks after he answers. He turns away from Lip, looks kinda wistful (that’s exactly how I’d described Ian’s look as he was leaving prison earlier too) and smiles a little bit. Bet he’s thinking he actually would marry Mickey if he really thought he could. They GET married at the end of the season. I hope we get to see how this all comes full circle and makes sense by the finale.

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    i cried wtff

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  • Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher in Shameless S10E05 “Sparky”

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  • Y'all, Ian’s “fuck, no” response was actually really sweet. This is going to be the moment where Ian really and truly starts thinking about marrying Mickey, and it makes perfect sense in the context of their life together.

    The “fuck, no” is a knee-jerk reaction to a question he’s never had an opportunity to think about seriously before because of their circumstances. First, Mickey wasn’t out. Then, Ian’s illness got in the way. Mickey’s questionable choices about Sammi and subsequent prison sentence. Mickey escaping to Mexico. And finally, prison. All these experiences have conspired against them for years. Ian’s never believed marriage could be on the table with Mickey. It doesn’t matter that Ian mentioned it when they had the talk a couple of episodes ago. Yes, he has been thinking about his future with Mickey, and yes, marriage has at least been at the back of his mind. But Mickey immediately brushed that comment off, and anyway, Ian thinks he and Mickey are going to be separated for an extended period of time right now. I do believe they agreed to wait for one another (that’s exactly what Mickey was saying when he insisted “I’ll get out soon"—Mickey was telling Ian he would be coming home to him; the implication there was absolutely that they were going to wait for each other in Mickey and Ian speak). But that doesn’t mean that Ian’s not still uneasy about how everything is going to actually play out in the time they spend apart because shit happens and life gets in the way.

    So, Ian’s just reacting here. He feels like his answer is supposed to be "no” because he and Mickey have never been on stable enough ground for marriage to be a possibility. But now, he’s going to have some time to rethink that—to realize that once Mickey’s out, they are both legitimately free. The previous barriers that stood in their way are long gone and it can just be the two of them, together, at home in the Southside, without all of the other crap hanging over their heads.

    This is going to be the moment that helps Ian realize he and Mickey are finally in a place where they can have a stable relationship, a marriage, maybe kids someday—that he and Mickey can finally truly have a life together.

    This moment was so important. It wasn’t bad writing. In fact, I think it was the exact opposite. This is what we call foreshadowing, and it absolutely makes sense in the context of Ian and Mickey’s story.

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  • Oh good, episode almost over but at least they’re paying attention to him now.

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  • God damn—the shit poor Ian has to deal with. Thank god Mickey will be out soon. At least then Ian’ll have someone on his side.

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  •  -bitchy red heads 


    -give each other stability 

    -a solid supportive relationship? 

    -short guys who dont feel 

    -agressive short men? ok 

    -bipolar disorder 

    -mental health

    -im sure there’s more 

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  • I can now die knowing ian’s pubes matches his hair color.

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  • “welcome home ian” STOP IM CRYING

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  • Ten seasons and the Gallaghers still have no idea that Ian even fuckin’ exists.

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  • ian and lip scenes 🥺

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