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    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #IC {Kia}#ask#answered#anon#anonymous #Of course someone wants to try and wake Lance immediantly #RUN #Kia is about to hurt
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  • lance-o-lot
    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    “...also, luckily Lance is out like a light right now. Please do not wake the old mechanic, he needs his sleep and I am getting good at aiming a wrench.”

    #IC {Kia} #At Work {Open Post} #Time for Naughty {Sinday} #Kind of a Sinday one XD #Lance is asleep and he is staying that way #Do not disturb the ol' mechanic with insomnia plz #Or wrench
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  • chaoticxgays
    14.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    @panickypaladin​ replied to X

    “Lance Lance Lance.” He cups Lance’s face gently in both hands to demand his whole attention. “Listen to me very carefully now. There is room… for two cakes.”


       “Okay fine, two cakes. It is your Birthday after all.” He said, smile creeping onto his face.

    #panickypaladin#[[lance mcclain||ic]] #[[comic relief and the support system||lance mcclain blue paladin verse]] #[[rp]] #//you're lucky he loves you Hunk\\
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  • chaoticxgays
    13.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #panickypaladin#[[ask]]#[[lance mcclain||ask]]#[[lance mcclain||ic]] #[[comic relief and the support system||lance mcclain blue paladin verse]] #[[DO NOT REBLOG]]
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  • heartbare
    12.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    "AFTER   EVERYTHING   WE'VE   BEEN   THROUGH?   I   think   you   deserve   the   ego."   It   was   hard   enough   being   the   one   left   behind,   but   having   five   years   of   your   life   STOLEN   from   you?   Coming   back   to   friends   and   family   changed   in   ways   you   never   could’ve   imagined?   (She’s   not   really   a   violent   person   but   if   given   a   proper   shot   at   Thanos?   She’d   make   him   regret   his   ancestors’   even   being   born.)   The   whole   Mysterio   Mess   ™   didn’t   exactly   help   either.   Nessa   still   feels   like   she’s   waiting   for   the   other   shoe   to   drop.

    “It’ll   take   time,   Di.   But   you   NEVER   have   to   do   it   alone.”   Dinah   and   Peter   deserve   BETTER   than   the   struggle   and   loneliness   that   comes   with   doing   it   alone.   (Nessa’s   the   oldest   now,   she’s   had   her   five   year   crucible,   and   she’d   rather   DIE   than   let   it   happen   to   them.)   “You’re   gonna   have   to   fight   Peter   off   with   a   stick.”

    How   did   she   do   it?   She’s   not   sure   the   stories   of   all   the   times   she   got   her   ass   kicked   are   what   Dinah’s   looking   for.   “Because   I   had   to.   The   city   needed   someone   to   stand   up,   give   them   hope,   and   the   Avengers   weren’t   exactly   doing   their   best   work.”

    Nessa   remembers   the   look   on   Tony   Stark’s   face   when   she   put   on   DIY   Spider-suit   and   Peter’s   spare   webshooter’s   for   the   first   time.   Sure,   he   was   finished   with   the   hero   business   and   trying   to   focus   on   the   impending   birth   of   his   daughter,   but   he   still   designed   her   a   suit   of   her   own,   reinforced   to   make   up   for   her   lack   of   Spider-strength.   (Guess   he   didn’t   want   to   see   ANOTHER   Parker   die   on   his   watch.)

    “My   mom   turned   to   dust   in   my   hands   while   we   worried   about   Peter   and   I-”   She   sighs,   hands   reaching   up   to   toy   with   the   charm   on   her   necklace,   her   dad’s   last   gift   to   her,   the   metal   warming   under   her   fingertips.   “I   couldn’t   let   everything   they’d   fought   for   die   with   them.”   (Couldn’t   let   herself   follow   either.)

    ➸   continued   from   here!   /   @acanarycry​
    #「NESSA PARKER / IC」 #& Dinah Lance // acanarycry #long post tw #suicide implication
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  • f1-disaster-bi
    12.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #figure skater lando and ice hockey player lance au #olympic au
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  • evisconti
    11.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    @tcthinecwnself​ said  :   “Oi!   Ercole!”   Giulia   bounds   up   to   him,   hair   aflame   not   only   with   excitement,   but   determination!   “I’ve   got   another   challenge   for   you,   primo.   And   /I’m/   gonna   win   this   time.   Winner   gets   the   losers   desserts   for   a   whole   week!   ¿Qué   dices?”   (Encanto!Giulia   :D)

       the   voice   was   UNMISTAKABLE   ,      and   as   he   SPUN   around   to   witness      NONE      OTHER      than   his   prima   dashing   towards   him   ——   perhaps   he’s   ANNOYED   with   the   approach   ,      but   not   surprised.      after   taking   a   quick      STEP   BACK      to   just   narrowly   avoid   being   LICKED   by   her   fiery   hair   ,      hands      PROP      at   his   hips   as   he   HOLDS   himself   high   ,      giving   her   a   less   -   than   -   IMPRESSED   look   as   she   excitedly   offers   up   yet      another      challenge.      something   ROUTINE   for   them   ,      frequent   RIVALRY   ..      everything   had   to   be   a      COMPETITION      ,         hadn’t   it   ?      but   with   how   competitive   ercole   could   ADMITTEDLY   be   ,      himself   ,         (      and   the   fact   he   found   JOY   in   beating   her   so   EFFORTLESSLY      )      who   was   HE   to   ever   say   no   ?      and   so   ,      at   her   PROPOSITION   ,      he   offered   an   unfazed   scoff   —   QUIRKING   a   brow   as   he   smirked.

          ❝      tch.      you   must      LOVE      to   lose   ,      eh   ?      ❞         ercole   TEASED   ,      leaning   forward   at   the   waist   to   be   SOMEWHAT   more   at   eye   -   level   with   her         [   .   .   .   ]            if   not   to      PURELY      belittle   her.         he   SQUINTS   with   a   glint   of   gaiety   in   carmel   hues.         ❝      what’s   the   CHALLENGE   ?      it   better   not   be   as   EASY   as   the      last      one   ,   cugnia.      i   have   BETTER   things   to   do   than   to      WASTE      my   time   with   GRUDGE   MATCHES.      ❞

    #lance don't look #tcthinecwnself #'grudge matches' is supposed 2 be a reference but that's not important i only made it to make ymself happy #HAWLEHGNG #anyways... hehee cuzins #* 🛵  xii.  `  . ☆ミ  LEANIN’ ON YOUR VESPA ‚ DIRTY LITTLE WHISPERS  ́ -  ヽ  asks . #* 🛵  xxxiv.  `  . ☆ミ  I THINK MY FATE IS LOSING ITS PATIENCE !  ́ -  ヽ  ercole madrigal v . #* 🛵  i.  `  . ☆ミ  CHAMPION COMING THROUGH !  ́ -  ヽ  ic .
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    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

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    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #panickypaladin#[[ask]]#[[lance mcclain||ask]]#[[lance mcclain||ic]] #[[comic relief and the support system||lance mcclain blue paladin verse]] #[[DO NOT REBLOG]]
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    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    //Lance Tag Dump
    #[[lance mcclain||ic]]#[[lance mcclain||ask]] #[[lance mcclain starter call]] #[[comic relief and the support system||lance mcclain blue paladin verse]] #[[you were chosen to lead. and i'll be there to support you||lance mcclain red paladin verse]] #[[the lions sleep tonight||lance mcclain post series verse]] #[[the ninja sharpshooter||lance mcclain visage]] #[[i'll stick YOU in a worm hole||lance mcclain musings]] #[[headcanon||lance mcclain]]#[[TAG DUMP]]
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    06.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #LANCE AJHDJDJD THIN ICE #asks #lance my beloved
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    05.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    ∟ lance sweets ; IC.

    ∟ lance sweets ; ANS.

    ∟ lance sweets ; HC.

    #∟ lance sweets ; IC. #∟ lance sweets ; ANS. #∟ lance sweets ; HC.
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  • lance-o-lot
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    “Do all short people look mad 24/7?”

    “Shove it Goliath and either find a stool or I’m starting to stack random shit to reach the top shelf.”

    #IC {Lance and Kia} #At Work {Open Post} #Kia is not afraid to start stacking random shit at this point #Screw help #Lance is just watching like '...this is going to end poorly'
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  • the-silver-peahen-residence
    01.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ||First time experience||

    You know what time it is? Drabble time. I know, it’s really really late. I been sick, tired, and well..so-so due to work and things. But I think I can write this and post now. For this one, Keith and Lance got invited to a special event to learn more about the Narutian orgy. They figure it was nothing too bad to experience. Well, they will learn for this first time.

    What do you think? Read to find out.

    Keith and Lance belong to the animated show Voltron and me since I rp as them as muses here.

    The Narutians were created by and belongs to @multi-ocs-hangout

    Hope you like. Grammar still is not perfect but writing for fun.

    “I can’t believe we got invited to this thing. Do you really think they were really doing such things here?” Keith heard Lance speak again after they showed up near the area this event was being held at.

    “You’ve asked me for the ninth time and YES! I’m told they do this sort of thing and it seems if your still going to keep asking about it, you’ll end up going crazy because of it.” he sighed to reach up and knock on the door but Lance stops him.

    “I know that! Besides, that guy Kiyoshi is dating the prince I heard Soren right? He’s been through this and he really enjoyed it from what he said.” he didn’t know about it but saw Keith sigh and knock on the door. Their was no answer for a few moments before the door open showing one of the Narutian people that stood there looking at them. The Narutian was seriously tall but cute at the same time seeing a wagging tail behind him.

    “Hello there. Are you here for our little special event? If so, please come on in~” he moves to open the door hearing some soft music inside. The two men look at one another and walks inside seeing the colors and different designs around. Seems they were really planning this to be a wonderful event. The other closes the door and goes ahead with following the Narutian inside the building.

    “Ummmm, could we ask something?” Lance asked this to keep up with Keith. “We heard you all have a prince but..he’s not here?” he sees the other look back at the two. “Ohhh, you mean prince Soren. He’s not here with us this evening. He’s spending time with his own special one. But he has been to our little event. Maybe one day they will join us and you’ll see just how they have fun with us.” he explains walking down the hall till he stops in front of two double doors and opens it.

    Keith and Lance looks but their eyes widen seeing more of his people but....they were sorta getting really close and personal. Some was snuggling against one or more of their kind. A few were kissing/making out with one another as another held some or watches. Some was even pleasuring the other while they were crying out in pleasure that leaves the two blushing red seeing this.

    The one male Narutian that leads them there closes the door but looks to them. “Now, if you wish to join us please don’t be nervous. You’ll have to get used to the event so we will be happy to show you the wonders of it.” He purrs speaking to the two. They walk into the area but sees so many being all calm and just having fun. When they get to a small area, the male Narutian lets them sit down when the others were looking at the new guests, their tails wagging.

    “Ladies..” He sees them blush to smile, closing their eyes with smiles on their faces. Lance noticed they were happy towards this but Keith sighed seeing them being flirted with by Lance.

    “This is crazy, they all are just...” Lance started to say but Keith nudged him to just stay calm before seeing some female Narutians giggling to Lance that saw and he winks to them with a smile. They look at him to giggle again finding the humans silly but cute. He gives a nudge back seeing the two waving to him and Lance keeps flirting with them before two male ones walk over (A dark galaxy one and a dark red one coos to Lance seeing him look up.

    “Ummm hello there.”

    “Hello dear friend. You seem to be new here with us but you seem a bit shy either way.” He sits beside Lance with the other sitting down beside Keith. He looks to the other male seeing him look at him kindly with a smile. They were happily seeing everyone just being themselves to have a few now looking towards Lance and Keith. They blushed seeing one male even touching Keith’s cheek.

    “You seriously cute up close. You seem really fascinating too.” he said this to see Keith blush worse while Lance was seeing the other male do the same thing. They find these two pretty interesting that they were smiling.

    “Since this is your first time..” one said holding Keith in his arms.

    “We’ll be sure you have fun and enjoy this experience.” the other said looking to Lance.

    “U..ummm....” Both Keith and Lance blushed worse seeing this that they feel the others hands resting on their waists now being held gently. They lean in to gently nuzzle their cheeks, purring deeply towards them. Some of the others looks to the main humans as more crawl over to start touching Lance and Keith gently. They gasped from the touches feeling each stroke and poke leaving them shivering.

    “Just relax....we’ll be sure you enjoy the sensation.” the two said before they purr to lean in and kiss Lance and Keith. Their hands still touched them but they were squirming in their hands that some was removing their clothing now. Now the two were dazed feeling the gentle touches and kisses to leave Keith and Lance naked in front of them. Now, these two were dazed before getting lost in the kisses of the gentle Narutians.

    #IC#Silver roses #Drabble/short or long stories #Peahen writer #Silver butterfly mun #Peahen mom #The mansion owner #First time experience #Lance#Keith#The Narutians
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    01.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    “WOOHOO!! Time to ring in the New Years!”

    #IC {Kia} #At Work {Open Post} #A New Millenium {Holiday; New Years} #Time to celebrate the new years ;3 #Kia gonna see if Lance can make her some of her fav drinks
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  • lance-o-lot
    30.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    “...who needs sleep?”

    #IC {Lance} #At Work {Open Post} #When the insomnia hits #Kia is in the background like 'I swear I will knock you the fuck out old man!' #Insomnia runs in this family hard sometimes #The curse of being a Kingsmen sometimes #You and sleep are not friends
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  • making-dough
    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Let it snow. (+Forsyth)

    To entice students to get outdoors and do something more active during the colder months, the Knights have offered to take students on a full-day trip, during which they’d learn how to survive in the cold if they ever got lost, with all the valuable skills being taught via repetition and exhausting quasi-“boot camp” drills. Weary from this terrifying experience, the students and Knights are equally annoyed to find they’ve become actually lost in the forest- and a snowstorm’s pulling in! Can the students put their newfound survival skills to the test and survive this harsh environment?

    ♠  ~  If there was one piece of ‘common’ knowledge about her homeland, it was that it was a place of ice and snow. Well, that was the stereotype anyway. That Ilia was nothing but snow and, as stereotypes went, there was always that kernel of truth. Ilia was a harsh land and a poor land. If you wanted to survive, you had to be able to hold your own against whatever life had to throw at you. Especially when it starts snowing out of nowhere. 

    Farina had been in the fire pits, intent on showing off demonstrating to the students how to properly start a fire, when the snows had started to fall. At first, it wasn't much. A light sprinkling of white along her hands and arms as she busied herself with the flint and iron. Honestly, tiny but it had been enough for her to notice. She'll, uh, deal with it. Later. After she'd gotten this fire lit. With a final spark and a shout of delight, a small blaze started to roar within this loose pile of twigs and branches, and giving her the space to glance up at the sky and see where all this white was coming from.

    It was snowing. A thin trickle of snow pouring downwards at first but she could tell they were picking up in speed and volume. These sorts of things have a way of just building up. And those clouds. They were looking decisively unfriendly. Thick and heavy blankets covering the sky. She held up a hand quickly to test the wind. Fast and with a decisively familiar chilly bite. Heavy snowfall. Heavy, thick clouds. Fast, chilly winds. Those were all the ingredients for a...

    "Oh, this ain't good.", She muttered to herself. A snowstorm while they were all lost out in the middle of the woods somewhere was just about the last thing they needed. They have to hurry up and-A light tug at her coat and a soft call of 'Professor?' quickly brought her out of her thoughts and towards the crowd she'd just been supervising. Right, yeah. They do have all these students to worry about too. "Oh, yeah.", came the hazy half-distracted response as she quickly stood up. "Uh, you kids just keep feeding that fire. I've, uh, I've got to take care of something."

    That something being to find another one of the Knights stationed here and quickly. As much as she'd love to raise the alarm herself, she was likely to get things through a bit too bluntly and likely start a panic somewhere. That'd be pretty unhelpful. No, no, she had better fetch someone who could actually diplomatise. And there was no way she was only Knight sent on this 'boot camp'.

    Sure enough, after not too long, she finally spotted someone. A certain green-haired fellow from, uh, what-was-it, Valentia? Never heard of it. Then again, she rather doubts he’s heard of Ilia either and never mind where they were all from, they’ve all got bigger fish to fry.

    A quick tug at his sleeve to catch his attention later, she hissed out a “Hey, can I get your attention? Don’t wanna raise a panic but we need to start finding everyone some proper shelter real quick.”, she cast her eyes upwards at the sky as she spoke. “There’s a storm comin’ and it's lookin' huge. We need to start getting everyone to some cave somewhere. Like now.” She had some serious doubts whether the tents they’d set up were going to stand up to a real snowstorm. Or, at least, an Ilian snowstorm. Snowstorms were Serious Business in Ilia. It stood to see whether anyone else was going to share in her urgency.

    #mission season: public relations #support: forsyth #the sound of sparkling coins: ic #viridescent-lance #thread: let it snow
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    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #ic#Vivi#lance-o-lot #((now I need Vivi in a denim jacket because she'd ROCK IT SO HARD!! #Bless Lance and Kia!!! #they've added ANOTHER BAT to her closet arsenal!!))
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    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    “Beautiful, ain’t they?” Sofi’s expression radiates pride as she stares out at the fields. Four horses stand in a semi-circle, politely ignoring her and her company in favor of the grass. On the porch behind her, a dog sits just as politely. Just waiting. “Or, at least, I think so. But I’m biased. Anyway.” She turns towards the ranch’s latest newcomer, rubbing calloused hands down the front of her shirt. “We should probably start with the basics, huh. Ever ridden before?” 

    It’s not what she wants to ask. What she wants to ask is: when was the last time you laughed? One that you felt in your core. In your bones. 

    But that’d be rude, and probably too telling, so she doesn’t. Instead she points a finger over her shoulder at the porch and the dog. He’s resting his muzzle on his paws and looking up with liquid brown eyes. “If you’re good with dogs, you should let out a whistle. He’s mindin’ his manners, but really he wants to say hi.”

    @pollvtedtime / unprompted
    #sofia/ic. #feel free to ignore this if unprompted threads aint ya thing :> #this is happily directed @either lance/abel #depending on the vibes ur feelin
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    26.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Holds up a mistletoe over his head.


    #🌊 — i’m not a goofball! ❪ ic. ❫ #hi #i was reminded how much i love lance so here's something festive and dumb
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