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  • de4dgirlie
    05.05.2021 - 19 hours ago


    you can find the icons here! part 1 is here!

    again, requested by @g0thyongs 🤸

    this is the second tutorial on how i edit my icons <3 part 1 covered the lia and chaeryeong icons

    this part will be covering the lia + ryujin icon (top right), yeji icon and ryujin icon.

    these were also done on picsart, it's best to start out with a transparant image (you can find these by scrolling all the way down and clicking the grey checkered block). 🕳️🚶‍♀️

    STEP 1. PICK N CUT  ( ˙º̬˙ )و

    Pick out the pictures you want to use and add them, like the yeji and ryujin icons i picked a picture where you can fully see the person’s silhouette. however, if you’re making an icon like the lia + ryujin one it doesn’t matter. as you can see in the three images above, i first added a white (faded) background, you don’t have to do this. the main reason i did that was so you’d see less of the original background and it would look more cohesive and brighter. (also, yes im aware i missed a spot in the left upper corner leave me alone 😭)

    the third image shows how i added a pink glowy border. this is a sticker you can find on picsart, 👉 here is a link to helpful stickers 👈 to help you achieve this effect. they’re the exact stickers i used with these icons! 

    STEP 2. ADD STICKERS  (ꆤ ﻌ ꆤ) !

    Here i copied the yeji icon (i didn't feel like coming up with something new 🧍), i basically just added chains in both corners. you can achieve this ‘white’ effect by going to 'blend' (after clicking on the sticker) and scrolling all the way to the right, then clicking on ‘add’. i did the same with the hearts in her hair and the hearts on the side (it’s the same sticker i used on the ryujin icon). i then added some other stickers around it (look at image three).

    if you want the hearts to look brighter you should go to ‘adjust’ (after clicking on the sticker) and raise ‘brightness’ and ‘clarity’ all the way. i did this with the hearts on the ryujin and lia icon, i then lowered the opacity and put them on their faces (it looks cute in my opinion 🙃).

    if you look at the ryujin icon you’ll see the heart with her face in it. i basically just added the original image of her and cropped it into a heart (i believe it’s called ‘shape crop’ or smthn idk) and then added the burning heart like a border around it.

    the yeji icon is pretty simple, if you want the exact stickers i used you can go to my picsart, @/4ngelspit , and go through my saved stickers.

    STEP 2. FX, SPARKLES AND COLOURS  (๑മܫമ) <44

    First i added sparkles, they’re quite minimal in this edit so it’s not a separate step. i answered which sparkles i use the most here, you can find them in brushes. i did the same as the lia + ryujin icon, two extra sparkles under luda’s eye and two on her eyelid. i almost always do this cuz it looks cool. 🧐

    Click on FX and pick the effects you want to use. on all the previous icons i either used ‘smart blur’ or just ‘blur’. i specifically used ‘motion blur’ for the yeji and ryujin ones. 

    on this icon i used ‘smart blur’, ‘halftone dots’ (just a liiitle bit because it kind of messes up the contrast and saturation) and ‘pixelize’. you can see the little pixelized bits, like on the top of luda’s hair. i also used ‘pixelize’ on the ryujin icon.

    the left image is after i changed the colours in polarr (thanks, @hmcute ( ˈ ∘̬ ˈ ) ). as you can see the icon looks way cooler (as in cold lmao) and less orange than b4. i prefer them this way but i’ll still be posting both versions on my pinterest because im extra. 🌚

    i basically went to adjust, lowered the exposure, raised the brightness. i lowered the temperature. then hsl, i lowered the red and orange hue. then i dehazed it a bit. (i also used fringing but i regret that now). 

    N E WAYZ tutorial over (i spent way too much time doing this 😒)

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  • de4dgirlie
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    I go reeeaally in depth in this one but it's very well described!!

    you can find the icons here! part 2 is here!

    requested by @g0thyongs

    hi! this is the first part of how i usually edit my icons :) im doing this in multiple parts because you can only attach ten images to a post so i can't fit them all in one 😓

    this part is about the lia and chaeryeong icons, they're edited similarly!

    I used picsart for the entire thing, it's best to start out with a transparant image (you can find it by scrolling down all the way and clicking the checkered-grey block), this isn't necessary.. it just makes it easier.


    Pick out the pictures you want to use and add them, it's best to pick a picture of a headshot with a clear outline of the person you're editing. do what you want though im not your mom

    you then either erase the background of the pic of the person you're editing or erase the background around the person you're editing. If it looks weird, you can try lowering the opacity of the top image just a little bit. It just looks a bit better that way.

    Don't worry too much about it being perfect, it's not gonna be noticeable when you add the effects trust me.


    Just add the stickers you like (and fit with the image of course, unless you're going for the messy look, then go wild). I already picked a pretty busy background so i didn't add too much. If you want cool stickers you can go to my account on picsart (@/4ngelspit) and go through my saved ones (they’re nicely sorted  ( •̀ ̫•́ ))

    Here are also some good keywords : drain, draincore, softcore, angelcore, sanriocore, hello kitty, ...

    STEP. 3 KIRA!

    Here you just add some sparkles, I usually use the same two, answered here. I also use the third more spiky sparkle to accentuate the eye highlight. When I’m feeling extra i’ll add some under the eyes becuz it looks cute  ₍ˆ‧  ̫‧ˆ₎ 

    You can be very extra during this step, i was a bit minimal here but do what you like. again, im not your mom.


    This is my fav step because you can see everything come together. The left picture is still in picsart. Click on fx and start playing around.

    Here are my most used effects : motion blur, pixelize, brightness, blur (i used to use smart blur but i’ve become more of a normal blur person), halftone dots (i use this EVERY TIME IDK WHY IT DOESN’T EVEN DO THAT MUCH)

    The right image is after I changed the colours in the SNOW app (🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 Im sorry i don’t have another app like dis okay???) You can see how it’s a little more vibrant and glowy, i think it looks better. I basically just lowered the saturation, made the image cooler, made the image brighter, raised the contrast and voila ~~


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  • salihkunnukara
    01.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Get New Half Filter Tiktok Real Me Effect Instagram

    Get New Half Filter Tiktok Real Me Effect Instagram

    Hey yo! Wanna know how to Get New Half Filter Tiktok Real Me Effect Instagram or snapchat / Half side filter that is now the trending filter used by many tiktok users, instagram reels and stories or snapchat? Wait you are now at the right place! Here we will show you how you can simply get or do the tiktok half filter effect tutorial and for instagram as well. we found lot of users sharing this…

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    #half effect tiktok #half filter #half filter instagram #half filter tiktok #half filter tutorial tiktok #half side effect #half side effect instagram #half side filter #half side filter tiktok icon #how to get half side filter on tikotok #instagram half filter #real me filter tiktok #tiktok filters #tiktok half filter #tiktok real me tutorial
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  • sonniewingdesignlab
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • stratorshop
    15.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #logo Icon design graphic tutorial Illustrator
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  • sanjusasal
    15.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #photoshop icon tutorial #photoshop pen tutorial
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  • clubgif
    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Remove Background for Icons Tutorial

    As requested by Anonymous, this post will explain how to remove the background for your icons, so you can add a solid, gradient, etc background.

    You will learn how to remove the background in three ways and which method works best for the photo you want as your icon:

    [NEW] Remove Background

    [NEW] Subject (link only)

    [A CLASSIC] Pen + Brush Tool


    Each method will be explained first so pick whichever is most appropriate to your photo and then you will find what to do after removing the background at the last part of this post.

    [1] Remove Background

    If this feature isn't available in your version of Photoshop, just skip to the ones that you can do :)

    TIP: For this method, it's best to use photos with clean, solid backgrounds and "clean" or sharp-edged subjects, such as this:

    NOTE: This first method is the quickest way to remove a background but it doesn't work for every photo.

    1.1 Open your photo in Photoshop.

    1.2 Unlock the layer (if it's locked) by clicking the lock icon.

    1.3 Click Remove Background which you will find under the Quick Actions tab in the Properties panel (Window > ✓Properties). That's it!

    [2] Subject

    If this feature isn't available in your version of Photoshop, just skip to the ones that you can do :)

    If your photo has a background that's not too busy and a subject with:

    Hair that is either curly, messy, or has visible stray hairs

    Clothes that are fluffy or fuzzy

    This is the step for you.

    These are examples of photos you can use:

    For this method, I have decided to just link this video tutorial [Patrick_Star_BOO.gif] because it will take me too long to explain it (and there would be more text for you guys to read and nobody wants that).

    [3] Pen + Brush Tool

    For this method, you can use any type of photo, like one with a busy background. But I'll be using this photo as an example to keep the explanations simple:

    3.1 Open your photo in Photoshop.

    3.2 Unlock the layer (if it's locked) by clicking the lock icon.

    3.3 Select the Pen tool (shortcut: P)

    NOTE: Make sure it's set Path, not Shape, which you can find at the top menu.

    3.4 Trace around your subject.

    To do this:
    3.4.1 Create a starting point by simply clicking anywhere on the edges your subject.
    TIP: Turn on caps lock to change your cursor from the pen to a point (like what you see in the gif example below).
    3.4.2 Make another point not too close to the first point.
    NOTE: To create a curve line, click and drag to arc the line and follow the curve like this:


    If you'd like to stop the curves and start drawing straight lines again, hold down option (Mac) / Alt (Windows) + click the on the point you created:

    If you'd like to change the curve direction, hold down option (Mac) / Alt (Windows) + click and drag the white point (which now turned blue) as shown below:

    3.4.3 Continue this process until you reach the first point you made. Click on it to close the path. It should now look like this:

    3.5 Mask the Pen tool path. You will find the Mask button at the top menu, it's between Selection... and Shape.

    If it's not there, another way to do this is to:

    Right click on your photo (with Pen tool still selected)

    Click Make Selection...

    Make Feather Radius: 0.1 pixels then click OK.

    Add layer mask to your photo's layer. This can be found at the bottom of the Layers window, at the right side of the "fx" button.

    3.6 Brush tool (optional)

    If there are any parts you accidentally left out, you can just brush them back in and vice versa.

    NOTE: Click the layer mask once to select it since we’ll be brushing over the layer mask, not the layer.


    You can also brush parts in [1] and [2], just make sure you're brushing over the layer mask.

    To switch between adding back and removing the parts you’ve brushed over, press the keyboard shortcut X to swap the foreground and background colors (should be black & white).

    Black foreground color: erases
    White foreground color: brings back what’s been erased

    Making the icon

    4.1 Create a New Document by going to File > New... > then make both width and height 128 px, the standard Tumblr icon size.

    4.2 Transfer your photo to your new document by using the Move tool (V) to drag the photo onto the new document.

    You can also save your photo as a png file then place that file onto the new document.

    4.3 Transform and position your photo in the new document (let's call it icon document from now on).

    TIP: I personally think it best to convert your photo into a Smart Object (right click the photo layer > Convert to Smart Object) before transforming the photo. This way, if you want to make the photo bigger after making it smaller, it won't become pixelated.

    4.4 Color grade your photo.

    TIP: If you don't want your coloring to affect your new background, create a clipping mask on your coloring layers to the photo layer. To do this, right click on the coloring layer (i.e. Brightness/Contrast) > Create Clipping Mask. It should all have an arrow pointing down to the photo look like this:

    4.5 Change your Background

    4.5.1 Unlock the Background layer first (if it's locked) by clicking the lock icon.
    4.5.2 Click the "fx" button at the bottom of the Layers window
    4.5.3 Select Color Overlay if you want a solid background color or Gradient Overlay if you want a gradient background. Change the colors to whatever you want :)

    Once you're okay with your icon, save it as jpeg. If your background is transparent, save it as png.


    Please like/reblog if this has helped you and feel free to send a message for any questions and concerns! ♥︎

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  • phantom-thief-robin
    13.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I imprint on the first party member of an rpg I love like a baby duck

    #like.... #I love Ryuji persona 5 #look at my icon I love Yosuke persona 4 #I’ve been infected by dragon quest xi again and GUESS WHO I’M IN LOVE WITH #pokemon n pokemon mystery dungeon is cheating BUT #ffxv...well you get everyone at once but PROMPTO IS YOUR FIRST IN THE TUTORIAL AND GUESS WHO’S MY FAVE BOY IN THAT ONE #there’s almost certainly more examples but there ya go
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  • charmedslayer
    11.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    love my new icon and theme colors ❤

    fucking hate making icons but i usually love the result

    #personal #every time i go to make an icon i'm like right how do i do this already #so i've gotta check an icon tutorial EVERY time and it's really annoying #and then i never like what i'm doing as i'm doing it i'm like ugh this is so ugly #but then every time the end result i'm like *shocked face* 'i fucking love it'
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  • cygnetix
    11.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #this man is a genius #and so funny #FOR WHAT #he's doing the most #and I'm here for it #like a dance tutorial?? #sir ur so cool #this tutorial gave me so much serotonin #PLEASE WATCH IT #as if Europe couldn't love him any more #he is so smart #an icon if you will #Daði Freyr#10 Years#Eurovision #10 Years dance tutorial #Dadi Freyr#Eurovision Iceland#Iceland#ESC#ESC 2021 #Eurovision Song Contest #quotes
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  • lunalovecroft
    08.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Icon Tutorial Using Apps

    A non-photoshop method. I use 3 apps to make this: either meitu or polarr, the remove.bg website, and finally pocket procreate.

    How I went from this picture to an icon :

    I’ve just checked, and pocket procreate costs $4.99 / £4.99 for a one time purchase. However, I believe that all the procreate steps can either be replicated using the free PicsArt app or the free photoshop app to some extent. PicsArt tutorial here.

    First, find a picture that you want to use. Either find screencaps (e.g. from the movie-screencaps website) from the film/tv show, or you can use promotional pictures/stills from the show/film. Search character name + filter your google search to HD pictures, and most of them will come up.

    Optional step: If the quality is bad, use the app Remini to fix the quality. But also, when it’s your icon, the picture is tiny, so it doesn’t really matter (but these same tips can be used for graphics and edits, so I thought to mention)

    Use the polarr or meitu app to edit the contrast and brightness of the photo. You can do this later on procreate, but personally, I only use the curves tool for final adjustments. You can use any free photo editor. All we want to do here is brighten the photo and potentially fix any tones.

    This is all up to personal preference. If you want it to have a warmer, cooler tone, it’s up to you. Meitu app: here are the settings I used for the photo + 100 contrast, +43 brightness, + 10 shadow, +9 temperature -4 tone, +50 sharpen

    Go on remove.bg and upload this now edited picture, and it will automatically remove the background. (It lowers quality- so for graphics on procreate, use the soft airbrush as an eraser to remove the background manually.)

    Procreate basics:

    Open procreate > click + button > make dimensions 500 px x 500 px (basically a square)

    Here are the basic features you need to know for the tutorial. I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible but I’m sure a YouTube tutorial can fill in gaps wherever it’s not clear.

    On the side the two circle buttons: the top one is to adjust the size of your brush. The bottom is to adjust the opacity.

    To get up the actions, adjustment etc bar click modify.

    Now to make the icon itself:

    Click: [1] paintbrush button> select hard airbrush brush> done. [2] Then click colour wheel button> select a bright colour (I used pink)> then done. [3] Now adjust the size of the brush and fill the whole square with that base colour.

    Repeat step 2 but select a lighter colour (e.g. light pink). Now draw a stripe across the square. It should like the example above.

    Then click: modify > adjustments > blur > Gaussian blur. This will make a gradient for your icon. Mine is up 63% it will vary based on preference.

    Alternatively: use one of my gradient textures

    Click layers button > press + to add a new layer

    Click modify> actions > insert photo and insert the image that saved previously without a background.

    Once that’s added. Click modify> arrow button > now adjust the sizing (MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE UNIFORM BUTTON OTHERWISE IT WILL MESS UP DIMENSIONS)

    You can basically be done here if you want but if you want to change the colours continue onwards (at this point I don’t know how much can be done on those other apps this is procreate specific)

    How to colour on Procreate:

    Click paintbrush> select soft airbrush tool> adjust sizing of the brush as we are about to start drawing over the part of the photo we went to colour.

    I use the same colour as the darker background colour (press and hold to get the the same colour again)

    Create a new layer. Always create new layers in my opinion makes things easier if you mess up.

    With that new layer. Click on it and change it from normal to colour. (Do this by clicking the N button)

    Now basically draw over any parts you want to change the colour to. Here I wanted to make all the red outfit pink. Then use the eraser brush (soft airbrush) to fix where you messed up.

    Suddenly decide you want to change your mind about the pink and want green instead? No problem.

    Duplicate the layer by going into: layers> swipe left> duplicate. Now you have two layers of the pink colouring in case you want to change your mind. Make one of them invisible by clicking the square ticked box.

    Now click done to return to the icon. Click modify> adjustments> colour adjustments > hue, saturation, brightness> then basically on the rainbow adjustment thing move it side to side until it’s the colour you want.

    Repeat these steps if you want to colour the hair, eyes etc. It’s all the same principle: colour layer, select colour you want to change it to,use soft airbrush to paint over and erase any mistakes.

    At this point you can be done. Or to make your icon more fancy here is where you can add textures.

    Here are two textures packs I’ve made. One and two. Search on tumblr and you’ll find more!

    Add the image on a new layer (make sure it’s the layer on top of the gradient but beneath the character) and basically play around with it. I usually use the overlay feature on layers section when adding these textures.

    The first picture is all my layers (I flattened the colour section into one image) and the second picture is my final product.

    Now you’re done. Click modify> action> save image!

    I know this tutorial is very wordy and long however the process itself really isn’t too bad once you’ve done it once. My current Natasha Romanoff icon was made exactly the same as this and it took me less than five minutes from when I saved the screen cap to finishing the icon! Once you get around learning the buttons it’s a lot of fun and you can make a lot of fun icons.

    I hope this was useful, let me know if there’s any questions and I will try my best to help 💖

    Here are some icons I’ve made

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  • pastell-swans
    21.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    im trying to make a transparent of the Komaeda from the set the Chiaki in my icon is from. and UGHTHJREHJGRUGHHH i forgot how annoying it is to remove the sample text

    #i COULD look up a tutorial from someone who actually knows what they are doing but. i dont want to. so ill continue to fuck around on my- #art program and hopes it turns out decent enough to be used for an icon #pastell speaks
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  • sleepyeditz
    15.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Someone asked me how I make my pride icons!! Sooo..

    Add your default icon size.

    grab the pride flag you want and fill it in the square until you’re satisfied

    Add your sprite and put it however you want until you’re satisfied.

    Put in any color you want on top of the flag and sprite and change the blending mode to screen, then knock the opacity down to your satisfaction.

    Want a gradient?

    look up ‘gradient *two or more colors*’


    #tutorial#mikan tsumiki #mikan tsumiki kin #mikan kin#danganronpa#danganronpa kin#dangan kin #danganronpa goodbye despair #pride icon tutorial
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  • chrishansenfromdatelinenbc
    22.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    would it be funny if i made steroids at home

    #HEAR ME OUT #T is controlled bc its a steroid i literallyforgot bc my brain was like androgenic sex hormone. is hormone. hormone no steroid #hormone no steroid sounds like a really weird anime id be super fucking into #also yes when im takin tests my brain swings wildlybetween 'pretentious genius iq rich boy' and 'beleaguered gorilla' #anyway would it be funny if i made them from scratch (yams) and made a youtube style tutorial #also would it be funny if i just did this to take wildly uncontrolled steroids for like 2 weeks so i can get jacked for a vallewida cosplay #im just leaning into kinning him now. thats me in my icon. thats me in the spotlight. deciding to become religious #i still cant get over that one plot summary that was like 'hes not THAT religious' like ok...then whats stopping him from #breaking durer like a party popper #i had to make clair just so i could have someone be traumatized but also not afraid to party popperize the villains #i made her to do to guildias what my parents laundry machine does to my socks
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  • daenerys-targaryen
    14.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    @tscreators Valentine’s Day creation event: My favorites of Taylor’s most romantic songs (Enchanted, You Belong With Me, Love Story, Sparks Fly, Lover, Invisible String, Mine, New Year’s Day)

    (insp.) (tutorials used: x, x) (cardigan psd) (fonts used: x, x)

    #tswiftedit#taylor swift#nessa007#userelena#useralessia#tscreators#usergorgeous#<3#*#ts* #the fact that the videos aren't in 1080 is a hate crime against me specifically #shoutout to thatwasthenightthingschanged for providing love story hd! #and ts6track8 for teaching me how to use clipping mask #and helping me color some of these scenes #shout out to ava for being an icon and providing a tutorial on how to do this #i think i linked everything #:) #i hope that some of these scenes and the lyrics match lkasjdf #also yes a good portion of these are from speak now what about it <3 #i know it's hard to read some of these but..... yolo #yes each gif has two watermarks i spend like 10 straight hours on this oop
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  • gayness-and-mayhem
    14.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Seriously though, Cam got a lovely wife (which I can't fucking get over but now I need Cam's story either in book form or more on TV. Idk, maybe Jacqueline Wilson could do one of those little World Book Day books about her or something), my favourite music documentary was on TV last night (which literally never happens and it's the reason I realised I'm bisexual which sounds weird but it's true) and Frank the Tortoise was once again on TV. My weekend is complete and it's only Saturday. Fuck Valentine's Day!

    #Except for Cam bc duh #/j #Obviously I have nothing against Valentine's Day #But this is a personal post so personally I say fuck Valentine's Day #Tracy Beaker #My Mum Tracy Beaker #Cam Lawson#Lisa Coleman#Mary Oliver#Danielle Henry #More Dangerous Songs: and the Banned Played On #Tom Robinson #Frank the Tortoise #Aardman#Creature Comforts #Aardman's Creature Comforts #Tbh I'm thinking about this so I don't have to think about the shitty group tutorial I'm being forced to attend on Monday #And also bc none of my friends have seen My Mum Tracy Beaker and have no idea what the fuck I'm going on about with everything else #I just love that the BBC didn't screw her over that's all #Childhood icon and all that #Just wish I could have seen that 15 years ago #Oh also please watch that documentary on iPlayer if you get a chance #It's literally just 17 or so songs/music videos with text over the top telling you why they were banned by the BBC #But damn it's good #Paul Sinha's TV Showdown #Night y'all #And happy Valentine's Day #:)#Text post
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