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  • Taxing Bruce Wayne would do more for Gotham city than Batman (source)

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  • I got two bad ideas at once for mario fanfiction so now ima blurt em out here

    1. One day Mario wakes up and the world is completely still. After exploring and looking around, there is nobody around. Literally, everyone is gone. Not dead, just gone. Now he is trying to find out what happened and see if there is a way to undo what happened before the loneliness and voices in his head get to him
    2. Mario & Luigi RPG styled story about a villain planning on drowning the world in order to feel safe and happy, as he believes if there is nobody alive to judge him or force expectations on him, he will feel happy and be releaved from all stress. Mario, Luigi, and Starlow have to travel around the world to form the OmniBeam in order to get to their base and destroy the barrier surrounding it, all the while a group of minions called the Perics are trying to stop them.

    I may try writing stories with these if anyone is interested, or at the very least draw some things for it so i guess theres that.

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  • SO if you having ANY writing suggestions or ideas that you want me to write ( FANFIC, HEADCANON anything) you can DM me or send an ask…i really want to write something.

    PS. Though I’m not great at it but , if you want me to sketch any character from any fandom… again DM or send an ask. 

    please i’m really bored.

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  • The whumpee only registers something is wrong when they’re addressed differently. 

    (Extract from Hologram Draft) 

    “Oh-Five, I’m gonna need you to calm down.” Xanders order hit the nail on the head of Mitchell’s wavering assumptions.

    “Wait, y’never call me that!” Mitchell yelled though his voice was horse and his body uncooperative as he flailed uselessly. “Who are you? Where am I!”

    Potentially-not-Xander cast a desperate glance towards possibly-Robbie, who cut an even more desperate gaze at maybe-Jess who had recently arrived. The latter of the three tore through files on her tablet until she stumbled across the correct one.

    ‘Mitchell’ she mouthed carefully across the bed.

    “Sorry, Mee-jall-.” Xander uttered and earned several confused looks while Jess turned and smacked her head with her tablet.

    “Who are you- am I still- is Dearil behind this?!” Mitchell, now overcome with rampant frustration, threw his body upwards…

    … and threw up over the edge of the now stationary gurney and over Xanders boots.

    “I probably deserved that.” The captain uttered.

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  • It is worth learning another language just to double the amount of humor in your life. (source)

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  • Fleshing out a few things with regards to the ZINE.
    We decided that instead of heaving it as a one off thing that you leave the event with, it become a seasonal thing where at the start of each season you receive a zine that includes recipes, a list of cheap seasonal items available in supermarkets and tips and tricks that correspond with that specific season. e.g Winter Warmers that include casseroles, soups, risottos, etc.

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  • You know what I’ve been thinking about in-universe though? Uta essentially being the creator of the UTAU program in the universe of Sora-Shiro. She records the voices of people close to herself as sample voices that can be used, (including her own voice, Taya’s, and all the other Vocaloid and UTAU characters in my fic,) and she fixes the program as well so a user could be able to create a virtual singing synth with their own voice.

    But yeah. I like thinking that in-universe, Uta will be the creator of a widely-produced singing synthesis, and that she is also computer-savvy as well as being a music major.

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  • Inspired by a random conversation I guess.

    Uta works part time at a hat shop. This is because Uta loves hats. In fact, she is usually never seen without her favorite hat, a black beret. Even when she is wearing a different hat, such as a beanie, she still usually is carrying her beret with her somewhere.

    Uta’s hat shop is at the mall, in the dimly-lit corner where nobody really goes to. It is a small shop and she is the manager of it. The sales at the shop are poor. The place is named “Defoko’s Hats,” after the nickname Miki gave Uta.

    The nickname Defoko came from now Miki thought Uta was such a “default” type of person the first time she met her, whatever that was supposed to mean. (The word default written in Japanese katakana is pronounced “deforuto.” The first part of “deforuto” was combined with “ko,” a common ending in Japanese girls’ names, to make the nickname Defoko.)

    Taya works part-time at Denny’s as a waiter. He started working there to pay back the funds it took to fix a window that he broke by crashing through said window like the Kool-Aid man while he was drunk after having only one drink on his 21st birthday. (Because he cannot hold his alcohol.)

    Taya over-achieves at his job at Denny’s and acts as if he is a waiter in a five-star restaurant. Along with always wearing his posh, elegant clothing to the job, he is very overly-polite and tactful when taking orders, even bowing at times… people have commented that he feels more like a butler than a waiter.

    Taya also tends to pour the drinks at the table. In fancy teacups. He pours from a fancy kettle into the cup from a high angle. In fact, he pours them from so high, he has to get a ladder. Everyone in the restaurant stares at him.

    Taya is quite odd, but he does get a lot of tips. And more people have been coming to the restaurant since he had started working there. He isn’t even going for a gimmick however. He is literally just being Taya.

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  • Was first thinking of doing some form of sculpting but leaning more toward lino or some epic painting. Maybe make a dress or something.

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  • If someone looks at the earth from 400 light-years away with a big enough telescope, they would see humans from 400 years ago. (source)

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  • 1. a stolen diamond, a town legend, a social recluse 

    2. a candle, a vase of flowers, shattered glass 

    3. a painter, a fire, a box 

    4. a set of magic pens with no ink, a thief that gets in over their head, a little kid 

    5. a dream that comes to life, an accident, a mysterious letter 

    6. a breakup, a car, a postcard 

    7. a family secret, an old maze-like house, a family reunion 

    8. a visitor with no face, a hazy memory of a tragic night, a cemetery 

    9. the heir to the throne, a prophecy that’s made up, a forbidden friendship 

    10. a flying ship, a smuggler, an unusual creature 

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    Hay personas que sobrellevan la infelicidad exitosamente.

    Hay personas que se acostumbran fácilmente, se adaptan, se acomodan, encajan en diferentes situaciones aunque lo hagan “incómodamente”, resulta más fácil qué incomodar a otros.

    Pero mientras tanto se olvidan de VIVIR.

    Es más fácil encajar que ser auténticos, pero duele.

    Es todo un desafío dejar caer las máscaras y los personajes que construimos para “protegernos” para “aparentar”, así nos enseñaron, así repetimos, así somos “buenos” exitosos, pero profundamente infelices.

    La buena noticia es que todo puede cambiar al darnos cuenta, podemos resignificar historias que cargamos con dolor, derribar estructuras y mover emociones muy profundas, para empezar a recordar quiénes SOMOS, encontrar motivos reales que le den sentido a nuestra VIDA.

    Fuente: Valeria Swoboda

    Publicado por:

    Vi Bo

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  • A Plot in Romeo and Juliet that should have a thing:

    Tybalt (A Capulet, Juliet’s cousin and very angey)

    Tybalt has hidden romantic feelings for Romeo but doesn’t know how to handle then in a healthy way. So he uses fighting as a way to combat those emotions.

    Rom: “I do protest I never injured thee, But love thee better than thou canst devise, Till thou shalt know the reason of my love; And so so good Capulet, which a name I tender, As I dearly as mine own, be satisfied.

    (He basically just said "I love you and I will never hurt you”)

    Tyb: “ You’re a coward.” * internal flustered screaming*

    #romeo and juliet #ideas#please read
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  • 2:00 AM Thought

    It’s high time now when some tech genius should come up with an app which records the monologues, debates and speeches you deliver in your head.

    It will be a blessing as well as the award winning speeches, if you could use them in real life situations. Isn’t it?

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