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  • Yes, the Devil has the word “evil” in his name. But he also got that D-

    #idk #im procrastinating if you couldnt tell
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  • I am about to give myself a shorter-than-shoulder-length bob with my kitchen scissors someone please stop me-

    #impulse control #where are you #...do I even have impulse control? #idk#aNYWAY #I WANT MY SHORTER HAIR BACK SO BAD #RN ITS DOWN TO MID BACK AND SO SPLIT AND FRIZZY #UGH #AND I CANT GO TO ANY SALONS SO IM FED UP #IM BOUTTA DO IT MYSELF #eve's thoughts
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  • *sigh*

    #My parents are giving me anxiety omfh #I just feel like #Idk #I just wanna give up #lauren moments 😛
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  • image

    For no reason i enjoyed doing a pastel toned drawing.

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  • okay lads. This is well overdue but I think it’s time to call @toya​ the fuck out 

    First things first, they’re American…. Need I say more 

    Second, they bully me for being British. I can’t help that, stop laughing at the way people from the south say tuesday. I don’t say it like that, I’m too northern for this shit 

    Third, they like garlic 

    fourth… this… I can’t believe they would say that…. 


    Idk lads I think you should maybe block them. For clear skin and a clear mind x 

    #do I need to tw the daddy thing #tw daddy mention #idk
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    • 𝐅𝐎𝐑 : peter pan \  @spclljar
    • 𝐋𝐎𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 :  her home

    even in the good place, peter surprised her with new stories from time to time. now… most she’d heard before, but she humored him none the less, but sometimes he managed to dig something up never before heard. belle had quite the mind that they were simply made up, but she indulged him because he had such a skill for storytelling that she cared not whether they were true or not. she’d no idea if that’s why he was coming over today or not, but belle enjoyed remembering all the stories he’d told her. “peter!” she greeted, a smile on her lips as the brunette stepped to the side so he could come in. “i feel as if i haven’t seen you in quite a while.”

    #❛ — 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐄 ˒*. #❛ — 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐄 . interaction ˒*. #closed. #idk #i feel so uncreative today??
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    • 𝐅𝐎𝐑 : andy \  @rcdioactive
    • 𝐋𝐎𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 :  westside reading areas

    “this is such an odd book.” the bibliophile insisted, scrunching up her nose at the book and closing it. someone had recommended her a sci-fi book and it sadly was just not to her tastes. belle looked up, catching the eye of someone walking by. “would you enjoy a book about two lovers spread across the galaxy, among other odd science-ie things? because someone recommended this as being one of the most popular in the good place and i have no clue how.”

    #❛ — 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐄 ˒*. #❛ — 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐄 . interaction ˒*. #idk #if this doesn't work lmk
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  • Can I offer anyone a nice box of

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  • Me: ok so now that im done with the latest Kings+Their Queen update I can work on something else for the momemt.

    My brain: Hey what about the ******** AU

    Me: well I do want to write that eventually but I was thinking Clan of F—

    My brain: ******* AU.

    Me: B-

    My brain: Gar Saxon Sexy

    #blair.exe speaks #its censored bc its secret ;) #maybe ill post a dialogue hint? #idk #the kings and their queen #au#alternate universe#gar saxon #this story i have planned does not take place in the kings+their queen universe #which is why im not writing it out in full #its only an outline rn #but im thinking thots rn #i want to write clan of five next tho
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  • I’ve never really had full on body dysmorphia, which makes me feel like my ed isn’t that bad, like I’ve never really been sick…

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  • image

    via soulbriz on Twitter

    #WAAA #I had to post this bc I didn’t see it here yet #IS THIS REAL #I mean it is #but #when is it from? I saw someone saying it’s from that old video of Vivi at the aquarium #the vivi’s letter to Hong Kong one? #idk #well we were blessed with #NEW HASEUL PHOTO #Haseul#Loona #(really wanna know if she’s coming back or why they threw in her in the teaser? #if they just did it to remind us that they still acknowledge Haseul as a member of the group and the lore or? idk I can’t speak coherently I #I shouldn’t even be on here right now but.) #also soulbriz is one digipedi person
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  • #please don't leave me again #whittaker!master x reader #doctor who #whittaker!master #13th doctor #13th doctor x reader #yes it'll be done in around by tomorrow #maybe early#or late#idk #im a mess #my deepest apologies
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  • ok white allies really need to do better in every single way. we’ll really see a black woman in winged eyeliner, misread it as asian fishing, start dishing out the antiblack slurs and play the victim when we’re called out for it. shut up for once in your life.

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  • Mkay music people. (People who like music) I’m working on something, and I need lyrics. Or songs. Idc. 
    So long as it has something in it, that Missouri would say to maine to manipulate her or smth. 

    #idk#project #Probably a stupid project but- #Idc
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  • Dream SMP animatic/animation ideas

    That I can never do anytime soon but hey why not put in a post in Tumblr

    Because I Can.

    1. Boys will be Bugs - Cavetown (Tommy and Tubbo)

    I dunno how to put it in words on how it fits but

    “I’ll Fuck you up if you’re mean to bugs”

    Imagine it’s Tommy referring to Tubbo as bugs

    2. We’ll meet again - TheFatRat ft. Laura Brehm (L'manburg)

    The first verse is Tommy getting used to Wilbur being gone after dying

    The chorus are flashbacks to Tommy and Tubbo having moments in the Bench™ and when Wilbur first wrote the independence of L'manburg (I don’t know what it’s exactly called okay)

    uhhhh brain dead cannot explain other verses NEXT SONG

    3. Paper Alibis

    Like the first one I can’t explain it (tbh this is gonna happen alot)

    “And I’m crafting paper alibis

    ‘Cause I’m too weak for real goodbyes

    Waitin’ to be torn in two

    Cause i could not tell the truth”

    Somehow connect it to the fact Ranboo writes down his memories in his book

    4. Say it - Yorushika (If Tommy commit unalived™ AU)

    The song meaning is already about someone hiding their feelings from other people after a close one of theirs commited s*icid*

    So make it about Tubbo :’) angst


    I have more ideas but i currently can’t remember them. i also have ones that are too long to explain how it would fit djndisnsisj

    I just wanted to randomly make this idk

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  • miyeon of red velvet | aka times where (g)i-dle’s miyeon looked like she was about to perform with red velvet;

    (1/?) 20200414 miyeon & 20180201 red velvet

    #i need red velvet to come back like i'm crying #anyways #completely self indulgent gifs which is why i'm not tagging them fully #i mean besides my blog tags which are pretty standard so idk maybe someone out there uses those in the tumblr search #idk#myofrv#sure#cmy#idle#bjh#ksg#rv#red #the nightmare that was coloring miyeon's gif........it was blue. a bright blue. #jan21
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  • hey i might take a break im so sorry 

    #mental health is a piece of shit :/ #im sorry guys #i feel bad kinda doing this #i'll still be on to talk to people everynow and then i guess #honestly this probably won't even work and i should just stop here #idk#sorry #i feel disgusting and its just not great:/
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  • I spent two hours on indesign, working on a doc for my sister and.. i actually missed this. I miss doing my job. Give me a job. P l e a s e.

    #that's where i'm at rn #also no i don't only design doc on idd #there's more to my job #but i've always found that super relaxing #give me something to work on on idd whenever i'm stressed #that'd make thing a lot better #idk#anyway #here's me speaking into the void again #i should go to sleep
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