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  • meh-beans
    15.06.2021 - 1 minute ago

    I saw people talking about like a c!beeduo wedding ceremony, and I keep thinking about like if c!Techno was invited?

    I can't see him being mad at them? But I could see him misunderstanding it, like he thinks c!Ranboo's forcing himself to marry c!Tubbo to spy on Snowchester for the Syndicate. So throughout the wedding c!Techno's just every now and then pulling c!Ranboo aside like-

    "You don't have to do this, it's a very admirable and great sacrifice to make for the group, but you don't have to."

    -In complete seriousness, and c!Ranboo who just wants to go and eat wedding cake or something is just like-

    "No, um, no I'm good. Thank you though."

    c!Techno just solemnly nods.

    #idk #many wedding thoughts tho #i hope its a lighthearted catastrophe if it does happen #/hj#dsmp#dsmpblr#dreamsmp#dream smp#ranboo#tubbo#beeduo#technoblade#beeduo wedding
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  • bisexual-azula
    15.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    made up my mind i’m no longer el gee bee tee i’ve had enough of all of you, i’m giving away my card

    #i don't mean this but #god straight ppl never redefine their shit but in lgbt we have to get into new definitions every five seconds #labels have their meanings ties history #idk why some of u feel the need to constantly redefine what certain things mean so bad to the point #of u making it the exact fucking opposite #mei speaks
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  • beanswritesstuff
    15.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #then they lived happily ever after #or not idk #bean writes stuff #asks#rin-bellatrix#karl heisenberg#heisenberg #karl heisenberg x reader #heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg imagines #karl heisenberg hc #re8 #resident evil village
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  • jezzyj
    15.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    I’m thinking of making an Instagram account but every time I have an Instagram account it makes me sad

    #idk if the 2 are related #but I’m just thinking for promoting content #idk idk
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  • aaahkey
    15.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    #— vent!! #waking up and falling asleep should not be this difficult yk? #i don’t know if maybe it’s just the strange feeling of going to sleep early but it isn’t comforting #i’m waking up Later than i used to and i’m going to sleep Earlier and it’s just too much #too much Sleep too much tiredness after i wake up too much overall #i tried staying up like i used to and that was such a stupid task to complete #i get tired around 11:30 now #it’s ridiculous i used to b fine until 1-1:30 #i know that’s probably not healthy????? but i would get five to six hours of sleep and i really didn’t need more than that #idk and then like i’ll fall asleep without knowing i did so it’s terrifying #like genuinely and i dunno what to do #like i’ll be awake and then suddenly my alarm is ringing but i’m still tired and then mom is trying to wake me up va #it’s so uncomfortable #i hate this
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  • captmelbourne
    15.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #mgs#mgs rambling#mgs spoilers #while looking for the list of codenames on ign it turns out that the entire story of metal gear has its own section in the mgsv walkthrough #like all of it. idk why i bothered with the wiki #also where did this meme come from it just came out of nowhere
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  • eternaltrinity
    15.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    everyone in the matrix when the connection drops:

    #haha#idk man #lol rip imagine marrying someone and the connection dips
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  • city-of-airplane-parts
    15.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    mysterious force AYA au

    ive mentioned aspects of this to mutuals before but never really elaborated on main bc i was hoping to have art to go with it. maybe i still will draw for it someday but since it hasnt happened yet im gonna just go ham here and now

    tl;dr: the penultimate day of the gang’s last summer vacation is spent directly combatting the mysterious force’s impact

    alright so things start out mostly the same as AYA setting wise. they’re teens/young adults, all getting ready to go their separate ways & with candace already away at school

    phineas and isabella aren’t together at this point, again just like AYA

    the guys are discussing how they’re surprised phineas and isabella never made it work while they wait for her to show up

    (unlike AYA, gonna say the gang didn’t drift apart in high school the way it’s implied in canon)

    phineas KNOWS isabella was/is into him. explains that its mutual. but confusedly details that somehow it just hasn’t happened as much as they’d like it to. they’re good friends, each others crushes, and very much interested but the pieces of the puzzle won’t fit together for reasons beyond them

    the others don’t drop it because something feels....off. they start speaking less out of a sense of “we want you to to be happy, together if thats what it means for you” and more a sense of “wait no actually: by all accounts, how have you not gotten together? the math doesn’t add up”

    everyone starts pitching in things that just don’t track. baljeet distinctly remembers the two of them being one another’s prom dates, despite phineas clearly saying he’s 100% certain he wasn’t even AT prom—the best proof baljeet can find is a blurry, bigfoot sighting-like picture of the two of them together by the punch bowl. ferb has files upon files of blueprints for extravagant confessions and such that he has memories & scars from completing

    buford delivers the final blow: he notes the distinct change in phineas & isabella’s dynamic from “phineas doesn’t realize isabella is into him. isabella hasn’t figured out that he’s started returning those feelings” to “phineas and isabella are distinctly & acutely aware of one anothers feelings, yet are stuck trying to set a date”

    the thing is, no one can remember when or WHY the change happened. or, more importantly, why nothing came of it. something in their memories is fuzzy, and not quite right

    enter isabella, who is immediately met with the question “why AREN’T we together yet??” from phineas. the other boys probably also make muttered comments about how even his forwardness about it/casual air discussing their relationship is a good indicator that something’s amiss

    she doesn’t know either. the fireside girl alums have likely made similar points (or proceed to do so in a group chat or something) yet somehow, for some reason, the pair always falls short of coming out of the day a couple

    just like their inventions, nothing seems to last more than 24 hours

    she makes some flippant joke how its almost like some mysterious force or something is trying to keep them apart

    phineas & ferb shoot each other a look of sudden realization—they need to call candace

    they bring her up to speed and ask for her help because nobody has more experience with battling the mysterious force than candace gertrude flynn

    consensus?? they have until the day is up to figure out a way to not only get phineas and isabella together (the easy part, comparatively speaking) but also to find out how to keep the memories once they do

    if they fail, the clock resets. everyone will forget, and as the next day is their last day of summer vacation ever they’ll essentially have run out of chances

    (at least for a good long while)

    so the pressure is on. they recognize they at least have a head start: phineas & isabella already know of, reciprocate, and are comfortable with one another’s feelings. its as if a switch flipped, and they go from being best friends to a couple. easy as pie

    but then the brainstorming begins. they grill candace for everything she knows about how the mysterious force operates. where it comes from (she has no clue. the universe in general, probably), who it targets (she’d believed it just to be her for quite some time really), and what to do to stop it (if she knew, she would’ve considered combatting it AGES ago)

    eventually it boils down to the few consistent principles: it cleans things up for the boys, linda can never know anything (cue phineas and ferb’s confusion. “what do you MEAN mom doesn’t know about the rollercoaster??”), and it is largely unpredictable outside of its basic schedule

    in trying to study it more, the gang inadvertently end up with one cool, enjoyable-despite-the-pressure, penultimate day of summer. they keep building whatever they can think up, lucky that years of experience and such have made them more efficient. they build, it disappears, they repeat and repeat and repeat

    the solution?? linda HAS to see whats happening. after they’ve ruled everything out, they realize the only option is to help candace carry out the bust of her (old) dreams

    its a race against the clock. candace has been selected as the best choice to get linda into place, considering how she used to run around trying to bring her home ages ago. the boys have thrown it back to that first great summer ages ago, deciding the rollercoaster to be their best best—if they play things right, they should time it so that linda is in the backyard before the rollercoaster car has made it back to the yard, meaning the force can’t have taken it

    .....it works

    it works.

    linda finally actually sees the things the boys have been doing. granted, she may not fully believe candace that they’d done it when they were younger, and she may not be QUITE as harsh or panicked since they’re older and (in her eyes) more capable. but she finally actually sees. things fall into place. candace probably does a victory dance, she’s earned it

    but things still aren’t right

    just as they’re celebrating beating the force, they turn their backs and BAM. the rollercoaster is gone again. it doesn’t matter that linda’s seen it, and perhaps, they realize, this means she won’t remember

    if the force is still in play, though....they have no guarantee phineas and isabella (or anyone who could clue them in) will remember things come morning

    its too late to try anything else. it becomes a countdown to midnight

    under the trusty tree, beneath the stars and sharing memories of good times (at least, any they can remember), the gang awaits the new day. eager to see if this last day of summer will be the one that changes everything

    they count down the last seconds. phineas and isabella huddle in close, eyes squinted shut as if anticipating pain and hoping that maybe, just maybe, if they don’t let go then the memories can’t fade away


    its the last day of the gangs’ last summer vacation ever...

    ...and phineas and isabella are still in love

    #phineas and ferb #phinbella #if i could draw and or write smth more cohesive i would but its been ages so here #djfjajd i found this in my drafts n im in an aya au mood so. finally releasing this into the wild ig #idk i just think it wouldve been neat if the mysterious force things were tied up in the older ep #[smacks top of head] this bad boy can fit so many aya aus in it #not properly tagging this bc. i forgot all my tags
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  • chantlight
    15.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    We don’t know just how similar Anointed are to saints, whether they have areas of patronage and such, but if they do . . . Cassandra is perhaps the patron of warriors (specifically templars + Seekers) and dragon hunters.

    #⊰ holly ⋄ a wild hobgoblin ⊱ #mobile #perhaps one more but idk what #I need tea or smth
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  • quependeja
    15.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago


    #tell me how my mom woke me and called me #to make a doctors appt for my grandpa which i don't mind obviously #BUT 1) she's not home so i cant ve asking her all these questions they're asking me and idk the answers to #and 2) she got mad when i said his bday HIS ACTUAL BDAY bc they have a different one on file that she never told me about????? and she #got mad i didn't know??? why y'all using a different bday????? #and 3) she said tell them ur GRANDPA needs to go today so i said my GRANDPA needs to go today she got mad at me and said why u tell them #he's ur grandpa they shouldn't know like maybe if u told me he fucking fore!!!!!! #and so i made the appt and the earliest rhey have is today at 2 and she got MAD!!!!! at MEEE!!!! bc it's not early enough for her! #like i'm sorry i don't control their appt times should i apply there so i can delete everyone for ur highness #did u really think u we're going to call at 8:30 and get an 8:40 appt girl #and not a single thank u #anyways #fucking anybody else but my grandpa i would've let that shit ring
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  • marcoscopic
    15.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I’m so glad I’m back at the point where art is so fun and therapeutic again. I see soooo many posts about art being stressful and not enjoyable and it makes me sad how many people relate to them. ☹️ like damn was it mostly social media that fucked us all up? cause I don’t think that was ever rly the attitude on deviantart back in the day... or maybe most of us relating to those posts are current/previous art students? idk. the only not fun part of art for me these days is the back pain and staring at a screen all day lol. I wish all artists a very art being fun again.

    #oh wait now that I think about it more #I wonder if it has something to do with like... the learning stages that people are at? #like I remember the first few years of art being a blast for me bc my expectations were low and I was improving just by having fun #but then there was a long point where I was frustrated bc I wanted to draw bigger concepts but didn’t know how #but now I feel like I could honestly draw anything if I just took the time to plan properly #I’m not saying I’m a great artist or anything but I have the tools and educational resources to know how to tackle most things #so I don’t feel trapped or frustrated rly anymore #idk just thoughts!!
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  • xcxcharliebrownxcx
    15.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    this convo was so dumb kinda because hanseoks like "people care about their family???wow didn't know that" when he saw chayoung mourn her father and probably some other situations like that... 😭 ig it was to show "that look hanseok doesn't care about his family" or that he doesn't know people care about their families which is super dumb.... bc chayoung and his mother i guess

    #but in general hanseok in second part of the show (1st part for me is when hes junwoo #2nd part for me is when he comes out as babels real ceo) #idk but in general he in the second part is just.... 🙁🙁😕 #suddenly became so dumb
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  • sip-of-depresso
    15.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    everyone shut up i am having a girlboss moment

    #idk how to tag this but it’s not serious at all
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  • changed-hearts-duelists
    15.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago


    // Like or re-blog if you want a  ygo GX muse in your ask box?

    #might be adding new muses too..idk yet
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  • rogue-storm
    15.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Wait put some unpopular opinions in the tags I want to know.

    #I feel like Chloe and Marinette could be like besties after #some things happen #idk but after that episode of them working together it has plagued my thoughts
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  • xiewen
    15.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    this manhwa i've been reading.... the art style really really looks similar to my favorite kr wangxian artist's lol

    #idk maybe it might be them who knows #just the chins are a little bit off #the others ... eyes/hairstyles/mouths really look the same 🧐🤔🤣
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  • dualgraced
    15.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    @truecrosspaladin didn’t ask for it, but brainrot lbr

    “Father Fujimoto? There’s been an incident… if it’s not too much trouble, can you come back to the church tonight?”

    After hours was never so eventful as this night. Who the hell robs a church anyway? Someone who doesn’t believe in karma, she supposes.

    Ivy takes a slow drag from the smoke she’d taken from Shiro’s stash, watching the man on the floor as if he were about to get up. No one just stood up from a head wound like that — as if fear wasn’t keeping her in place regardless.

    The assailants blood paints her face and button up blouse, the thought not yet occurring to her how she’d get it clean. Bloodied hand pulls the cigarette away from her lips once more as her personal Jesus appears in the doorway, letting him take it all in before she even begins to explain.

    “Two guys tried to rob us.” She motions to the body lying cold on the floor, “He attacked me and... I-I stabbed him...” Her hand covers her mouth, sucking in a sharp breath, the action finally sinking in and making it real, her eyes now glued to her victim, “Oh god... fuck, sorry...”

    #truecrosspaladin #verse; (Modern) I got a lot of problems / I ain't looking for more #blood tw // #//uh idk what else #ask to tag! #//also sorry to kinda drop this on you but #//i figured you'd tell me to 'do it coward' so
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  • pianoperson
    15.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    #>_> yeahh don’t read tags if you don’t want to see me rant #... you still here? alright then #right now I’m just dhhrhrbrheh #I’m kinda scared that I made a friend uncomfortable or idk #kinda peeved with me? #like dhshhdhdj ever since I was told that I did make someone uncomfortable the fear of turning people off just grew #and hhhhh I just get so scared that one day. one fucking day. everyone will think that I’m not good to be with anymore and just block me #or remain civil with me or something #I’m just hfdhdbbd I’m so scared #I don’t know how to vent this on Discord so here I am haha :’) this is so pathetic huh? knowing that you could lose your friends #because one wrong move and you probably broke that months-long friendship you had #I’m so so so so so scared of one day just doing an oopsie and criticizing someone for no reason and idk why it’s just an irrational scenario #but ughhhh man I’m just... I don’t want to accidentally lose my friends especially those I’ve been close to for a year now #why... why am I so sad like this... I try damn it I try to be nice and responsible and kind and competent but I’m just selfish & lazy hahaha #damn it damn it damn it everything hurts I’m so fucking scared so so fucking scared so mad at myself so sick and tired of feeling like this
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  • spewpurr
    15.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    peasley, but with freckles and buck teeth

    #I wanted to make this lineless #but I’ve lost all motivation to do that and I just wanna go to bed already #but also... the direct is only like... two ‘n’ a half hours away #so maybe I just chug some white gummy bear reign and clean this up a bit more #idk#spewpurr posts#spewpurr doodles #tentative smb tag #tentative mlss tag #tentative peasley tag
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  • stuck-in-arcadia
    15.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    also in sad news: no skrael in the trailer? ;-;

    mini- theory time:

    we can assume that the order managed to get nari because she’s not featured in this group shot of the arcadia gang. so this is maybe them figuring out where the titans are located in the world/where the order has taken nari. she’s too important not to be featured here.

    but what interests me is that the trailer doesn’t show skrael. like. at all.

    we get clips of the ice titan. but no skrael.

    my guess is that skrael (and maybe nari?) die early on in the movie during the battle in the city, and this motivates bellroc to go on a full rampage.

    a small note on the titans’ design: that we can see the titans have a sort of sigil in front of them, and while my first guess what they’re just giant elemental mechs that the order members can control, i’m thinking now that they’re sentient beings who can enhance the order’s powers with pure magic. so they don’t *need* the order members to be able to walk and move. it’s just that if the order connects with them, their powers will be enhanced (and maybe they’ll be forced under the order’s control?)

    #please don't tell me they died early in the movie #i'll be very said if he did #probably to mottivate bellroc #idk #tales of arcadia #rise of the titans
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