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  • throwing-roses-into-the-abyss
    18.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago


    #yes yes this makes me trash or whatever #but I'm reading people's theories on which kpop idols might be queer #and NONE of them even mention seungkwan??? like ??????????????????? #I've seen scoups mentioned multiple times #I've seen woozi and joshua mentioned #and no one mentions the most blatant gay of the group?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! hello people wtf are you doing #also hoshi literally kissed dokyeom on the mouth on camera #like idk man #smh losing my faith in humanity here
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  • unpredicablehappenings
    18.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    well i have filled the empty spots in my den for art projects...

    #why? idk man
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  • sirenese
    18.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    The only thing I watch now are those YouTube nature documentaries that are like early 2000s and then also those nature videos where it's just 4k Ultra Mega Mostest HD and there's no voiceover it's just hours of nature footage

    #its very nice #and apparently i now have high blood pressure #i went to the emergency room bc i thought i was having a heart attacj and they were like ...mam your heart is ok but... #your BP is 170/94 are you fucking ok #i mean they didn't say the are you fucking ok part but the look on their faces was confusion #they actually took it three separate times because they thought it was an error #they were like...so concerned #im not at all overwheight and im not that old so i am also confused #it was also high when they took my BP before the colonoscopy and the nurse was like 'u okay??' and i was perfectly calm #anyway i have to go to the doctor so they can find out why my BP is that of an unhealthy 50 year old #man who eats red meat everyday lol #🤷‍♀️ #anyway....my point was i need to be calm or idk what the fuck i guess ill damage my heart????
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  • matrioshkka
    18.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    I'm not like, a super great fan of Lord of the Rings, but I did rewatch the trilogy a few days ago and I think about Faramir's last charge and the soundtrack that plays in that scene at least once a day. The layers I put on this scene. Sighs.

    #matritalks #its the way youd think it was avoidable #a tragedy caused by a man lost to grief #forcing his nihilism onto his man and making them to ride the very last time #but even if they could have stayed at the castle those men would probably die either way #so maybe its about dying on your own terms? telling yourself in such miserable hour that you have at least tried #to give the death an ounce of meaning. especially in faramirs case #but then i also think about how frustrated some of the riders had to be. i dont buy the grim acceptance fully #i think some of them had to grit their teeth and cry and curse yet still press their horses to gallop #idk man that scene isnt that exceptional on its own those movies are quite goofy. and yet my brain
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  • divinexsmite
    18.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    I got a nostril piercing yesterday and I can’t stop trying to mess with it

    #I’m not touching the actual piercing just my nose around it #which still probably isn’t great buuuutttttt #I’m so happyyyyyyy I’ve wanted one for so looooooooong #kinda feels like there’s a weird booger in my nose though and it’s starting to get itchy but honestly it doesn’t ambiently hurt that much #I never realized I have a weird habit of rubbing my nose until now though #I keep going to rub my nose and forgetting it’s there and ouchie #also it did hurt. I’m not gonna be one of those people who’re like ‘idk man it just didn’t hurt I guess I’m super tough or something’ #nah it hurt. not like unbearably but yeah it hurt #honestly not as bad as a covid test though #covid tests hurt less but they’re way more uncomfortable
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  • seasideframedinglass
    18.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    are there any fics where Mary wasn't killed (and/or John was killed instead?) some kind of canon divergence or dimension travel?

    #spn #and/or where Dean and Sam started hunting on their own later and/or had man of letters as their first spn contact #idk I watched in the beginning and feeling butterfly effect-y
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  • mrsulus-plants
    18.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    These three have the best gossip on the entire enterprise i can feel it in my blood

    #tos#star trek #star trek the original series #nyota uhura#pavel chekov#hikaru sulu#my beloved#my art#fanart #star trek fanart #idk man i'm so bad at tagging #also dont ask where they r i dunno somewhere on shore leave #and dont look at the details too closely i'm embarassed
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  • lizardmoor
    18.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    kexp performance of possum by night. literally peace on earth

    #just watched the ilwd kexp performance for the first time since the end of 2020 #aka when i was *just* getting into the goats #i love the kexp sets so much just in general. like not even for the goats. the room is so pretty #like i've seen thumbails for 2 other musicians i know and god. it just looks so good #that was the only song i remembered them playing #that was the only song i remembered them playing (partially why i wanted to rewatch it) #but it started halfway through your belgian things bc of how youtube work and. ouch ! #but ohhhh man. possum by night. possum by night LIVE no less... #i can't remember if it's a mannerism i've picked up from john but that thing he does where he puts his hand to his chest? #love when he does that during possum by night bc. i do that too!!!! yeah!!!! #like he also does it during lakeside view at jordan lake and you can hear it in the recording lol #anyway also the lighting in there works so well for possum by night #i can't remember what part it was during but i accidentally punched my wall as i was flailing my hands and it still hurts a lil hdhdh whoops #OH speaking of. also the. interview section i guess #it was very nice that the person hosting it actually asked the rest of the band about things #given that it usually just seems to be john lol #idk i haven't watched a lot of live stuff yet #ohhhhhhh worms in my brain worms in my brain #i want to go to a goats concert so bad you have no idea #rambling
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  • black-rook-white
    18.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Kinda sucks that Dream can’t even jokingly make a negative comment about something in MCC, without his twt stans taking that as an excuse to white-knight and harass people on his behalf

    #like #I have criticisms abt how Dream interacts #w his twt stans #but like #anytime he jokes abt something #the amount of people #who will just put #ALL #the repsonsibility on Dream #for other's actions #idk #just feels like Dream can't say alot #without people condemning him #incredibly harshly #or viciously defending him #just sucks man :( #Rook Rambles#mcyt#dreamwastaken#discourse#mcc
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  • jolgan
    18.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Side eyeing suuper hard

    #got a post card from the school addressed to Annie when I’m almost positive I only used my legal name #sir? #idk man#seems sus #in reality I must have used it somewhere but WHERE
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  • spiralstain
    18.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    #miles edgeworth #shi long lang #miles edgeworth investigations #ace attorney investigations #aai#aai2 #ace attorney memes #ace attorney fanart #my art #idk man I thought this was funny #langworth#wrightworth#idk man #tagging the ships/implied ships in this
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  • hyperionshipping
    18.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Had an not so lovely shopping experience today and I just know my parental f/os would have done better

    #hannibal would have talked for me and been able to better describe what i was saying n he wouldn't bw going 'welcome to being an adult' and #wouldn't have been like kinda idk juust. mean/uncaring or go 'well i can't buy this for you' he would have actually helped me get the word #s I wanted #man. if only my parents knew lmao. i view the cannibal therapist as a parent then you guys are. WAY better dad and he fucking kills ppl goo #d god #(about hannibal) oh this guy can help me cope SO much
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  • osddifficult
    18.09.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    tw alcohol / alcoholism ??? tw mother tw whatever i gotta dumb this somewhere

    but consider this a warning I guess. I probably shouldn't even post this here but I'm gonna because my head is exploding and just writing this down in a word file is not enough right now.

    This person said that she sometimes worried about my parent's alcohol use. To clarify, this person is my parent's age and was close enough to us when I was about age 14-20.

    We were talking about my mom, mostly, and then about alcohol, but then she said "well, but I worried about your dad just as much, he had some accidents" and it's like I suddenly remembered - right, he fell down a stool once? had an accident with boiling water? All those things happened after my bed time so I was never there to actually know what happened. Silly accidents.

    It took me years after moving out to even realize that maybe the amount my parents drank wasn't really normal.

    But then I remembered (or actually re-remembered, because there's this image that's been in my brain for a couple weeks now, since the week A was sick and I was a triggered mess) (but it's also not like I didn't know it at all before that, it's just like I remember this situation in a new light?) - anyway. Then I remembered having to bring my mom wine in bed.

    Or as some parts experience(d) it: "if I had too many emotions mom got sick and she went to bed and then we had to be very quiet and bring her wine".

    The image is me, age 7-12?, very carefully walking up the stairs to be As Fucking Quiet As Possible with a glass of wine in my hands. I'd walk into my parents bedroom, very quietly put the glass on my mom's bedside table, and maybe (if I dared) say something like "here is your wine mom" and then maybe if I was lucky she'd reply something like "thank you" and then I'd be relieved??? All of this is SO fucking weird.

    Anyway. I wanna go to bed because it's late (almost 1am) but there's a fair (?) near my house that closed at midnight and there's loud drunk people cycling past my house.

    Also now my brain is telling me not to post this because I'm just begging for validation and I totally dramatized all of this for empathy points and I'm just a whiny pathetic bitch making shit worse than it was to further cement the fake story about how I supposedly have trauma and all that. But fuck that brain. I have a headache.

    (Okay I will give into anti-posting brain and clarify that my parents were never actually drunk, they didn't get into drunk arguments or throw things or put me or my sister in any danger whatsoever. They just enjoyed maybe a couple glasses wine too much. I don't even know. I still struggle to know and understand what a 'normal' amount of drinking is. But there was no hard liquor or anything. And my parents never seemed hungover or anything. No neglect etc. Yes I'm over explaining and making things small but I just need everyone reading this to know that it really was no big deal, my brain is just... processing.)

    I suddenly feel small and alone and so ashamed. Awakened some feelings I guess. Not having it. Will take a PRN and go to bed now.

    Edit im adding this like an hour l after posting this and I'm all high from my prn now but I just remembered that sometimes when mom was in bed I would ask my dad if I could please bring g her wine????? Hmmmmm idk what to make of this I don't even trust my brain or "memories" tbh I hope I can sleep soon

    #d0 N0T REBL00GGG #personal#alcohol tw#mother tw#alcoholism tw #????? idk im sorry #i'm having a Moment here and not really in a good way #my brain has just been processing a lot of mother-related stuff this week I guess #fucking hell therapy man #one conversation with A and for a whole week my brain goes bzzzzzz #now watch tuesdays session be a massive fail and i wont even manage to discuss any of this
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  • disgruntleddemon
    18.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago
    #i don't even know that song i don't think hhkgkfj #Also i don't do requests besides mayyyybe from a mutual or a friend #I hope I'm not being too rude rn #But also this is p random #Idk man
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  • thedevilliers
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    everyone look at emis outfit for a next week post


    #just showing off my daughter what about it 🚶‍♀️ #idk who that random man in the bg is!! stranger danger or somethin #thats chris' hoodie btw #txt
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  • frosttrix
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    NO, YOU DIDN'T @nyxsmp Art from last stream- alternate versions are up on the Discord!

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  • cance1medaddy
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I use lol and lmao as a coping mechanism at this point

    #i have a problem #I’m always anxious #i definitely have a problem #relatable #i gotta stop #gotta break up the awkwardness #idk man
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  • katsucandy
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I'm gonna be rambling about a dream cause its still hella fresh in my head lmao

    Ight so in this dream I met a guy at my new university and I guess we were dating (?) And his first language was spanish with very very limited english.. And for some reason his ex gf liked me? Like she acted like she was my best friend fjfmd

    Anyways she was still like friends with him and in my head I was like, why aren't they still together, they have a lot of chemistry and they both are fluent in spanish AND THEY HAVE A FUCKING BABY together

    But nope, after my last exam (which I guess was the last one to graduate??) She told me in spanish what vows to tell him and I was like huh, I'm gonna butcher this what do you mean

    And I guess I had kinda resolved to the fact that I was gonna MARRY him once school was done, and she kinda waved us goodbye and he walked me back to a limo where I suddenly had like a really elaborate dress on-- It looked sexe ngl-- And like half of each of our family was there, and we were gonna be driven to the venue and it was turning nighttime, and I was oddly excited (but lowkey nervous)

    And just man what the fuck fjdkdks

    #personal#dream talk #it felt so long too like school days were so boring lmao #but man it felt like i barely knew this guy but marrying him was also supposed to be like a huge honor or w/e #idk man dreams are weird
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  • causalityparadoxes
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Amazing Spider-Man is so painful to watch, because there are pockets of good story! Like some scenes are legitimately really good! And some actors do a really good job! But oh my god they are between the most painfully boring stuff. I can't tell if its because they felt they couldn't re-do anything the original trilogy did, but god there were so many bad choices made in making that movie.

    #i really REALLY wanted to like it too!! #and i thought andrew garfield was a really fucking good spider man! if a bit eh as peter parker #idk i think he fit an older peter better #but godd i just couldnt #like why did the lizard look like killer crock. where is his lizard snoot #and more importantly why were there so many damn awkward shot reverse shot dialog scenes??? #like as a specific dynamic between two characters sure! (ala peter & mj in the trilogy) but every character was doing it!! #spiderman#spider man #the amazing spiderman #negativity
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  • insiidious
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    updates  !!

    *  /        :    reorganized  muse  roster.  (  dw  threads  aren’t  being  dropped  if  a  muse  isn’t  here  !!  )

    *  /        :    created  a  list  of  muses  i  can’t  interact  with.  this  is  absolutely  nothing  against  anyone’s  writing  or  muse  !!  i  might  be  exclusives  with  another  writer.  or  it’s  duplicate  i  can’t  write  against,  since  i’ve  been  developing  my  own  portrayal  extensively.  i’ll  copy  /  paste  the  list  here  for  quick  viewing  :  

    *  /    aomine  daiki *  /    dazai  osamu *  /    eren  yeager *  /    fushiguro  megumi *  /    tomioka  giyuu *  /    jason  todd *  /    kageyama  tobio *  /    miyuki  kazuya *  /    nakahara  chuuya *  /    oikawa  tooru *  /    peter  parker

    note  :  

    *  /        :    i’ve  been  even  busier  lately  (  &&  i  won’t  have  computer  access  in  2  wks  ??  )  ,  so  activity  is  slow  &&  sporadic ; w;  thank  you  for  being  patient  !!

    #(( needed to do some long overdue housekeeping ✌️ #(( also been feeling unusually stressed + anxious on the blogs o _ o #(( which is rare 'cause i'm normally good about keeping my blogs a safe && comfy space but idk man lol #(( took some muses off the list 'cause i write 'em w/ like 1-2 ppl && i think i'd rather keep it that way for now #(( so i can give those interactions the full development they deserve #(( thanks everyone for being so chill && patient ! !! !!! 💕💖💓✨💗✨ #✶ ── ooc .
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