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  • ernarts
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    nymph and prince of denmarke//sketch

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  • sou-minaduki
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • tomochisblog
    02.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I do .. I love this skin 💕

    Yes and you took those points away (T^T)

    Didn't have time to rank much ,, but I did my best getting those while solo ranking

    #luca balsa#ルカ・バルサー#第5人格#identity v #identity v edgar #identity v postman #cuteness #identity v grave keeper #identity v painter #idv embalmer
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  • tomochisblog
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Luca wants a sexy skin too ..

    #luca balsa#ルカ・バルサー#第5人格#identity v #identity v edgar #identity v postman #cuteness #identity v grave keeper #identity v painter #idv embalmer#idv norton#idv prospector#idv aesop#idv naib
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  • ask-idv-sleepycarl
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    (( hey this Mod Abbx here, I'm the process to update the info card to be in color instead to be in black & white also being pencil. So I'm going digital for the info card. Anyway here before and updated one. Again I will do it digital. Sea everyone soon!))

    #identity v#asksleepycarl #identity v aesop #idv embalmer #identity v embalmer #idv aesop #identity v ask blog #idv askblog#aesop carl
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  • idv-tricksterisopu
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    House-sop shenanigans #2

    I m b a c k w i t h m o r e -

    I have more on the way. And they may just get more chaotic-

    This is the best thing Ive drawn so far XD

    Honarable mentions:

    @theunconcernedembalmer @idvrorschachask @idv-ask-the-man-in-gray @ask-idv-sleepycarl @idvmusicmaster @ask-victor-grantzcampbell

    #identity v #identity v aesop #identity v embalmer #idv aesop#idv embalmer#aesop carl#aesop idv#embalmer idv #idv ask blog #idv trickster #identity v the embalmer #idv victor grantz #idv victor #identity v victor #victor grantz#idv postman#postman idv #identity v postman
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  • idvmusicmaster
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #identity v#aesop carl #identity v aesop #identity v embalmer #idv aesop #idv aesop carl #idv embalmer#aesop idv#anon ask
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  • antonio-kisser
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago


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  • theunconcernedembalmer
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #aesop carl#identity v#idv embalmer #identity v the embalmer #identity v ask blog #fenix birdsop event #i love the wings ok
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  • crying-doll-dot-com
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago


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  • tomochisblog
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Head Poses , Identity v characters drawing practice

    #luca balsa#ルカ・バルサー#第5人格#identity v #identity v edgar #identity v postman #cuteness #identity v grave keeper #identity v painter #idv embalmer#idv seer#idv eli#idv victor
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  • tomochisblog
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    I'm so hyped up to draw some IDENTITY V survivors play WHO'S THE KING game comic , but I guess I should practice drawing all their faces first

    #luca balsa#ルカ・バルサー#第5人格#identity v #identity v edgar #identity v postman #cuteness #identity v grave keeper #identity v painter #idv embalmer#idv norton#idv aesop#idv eli#idv prospector #idv lucky guy
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  • tomochisblog
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just made the scariest escape in my whole life ...

    Enchantress running with Joseph behind her and spamming help me TT WHAT?! A PUNY DECODER LIKE ME WHAT CAN I DO ? BODY BLOCK ? WE'LL BOTH DIE ! ITS MY 3rd try at PROMO MATCH spare me

    Glad Joseph is blind omg (´;ω;`) and deaf haha

    When luca maoned i bathed in cold sweat XD please sweetheart he'll find us be quiet

    Tbh I wasn't sure where the dangeon is so I went there searching in camera world before hand glad he took a photo , also all these connections are decoys to know where's the hunter when he breaks connection it's so useful

    And thus I got promoted ✌

    #luca balsa#ルカ・バルサー#第5人格#identity v #identity v edgar #identity v postman #cuteness #identity v grave keeper #identity v painter #idv embalmer#idv photographer#idv joseph #identity v joseph
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  • otakusparkle
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Identity V x Sweets Paradise : Butler's Cafe monthly event

    This end-of-the-year cafe's event theme is Christmas Party

    Line up Butlers (From left to right)

    - Gamekeeper (Bane Perez)

    - Acrobat (Mike Morton)

    - Hell Ember (Leo Beck)

    - Gardener (Emma Woods)

    - Sculptor (Galatea Claude)

    - Prospector (Norton Campbell)

    - Embalmer (Aesop Carl)

    - The Ripper (Jack)

    This is the 4th event for IDV x Suipara. Like always, the cafe's will be held for 2 months starts from December 10 2021 to February 6 2021. It will be held at 3 collaboration cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. For the goods/merchandise and menus, will be updated later when it's near the start of the event.

    For more information :

    Official website :

    Twitter :

    "We will looking forward for your visit"

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  • fadedraven122
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Christmas icons....

    f2u !

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  • theunconcernedembalmer
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #aesop carl#identity v#idv#idv embalmer #identity v the embalmer #fenix birdsop event #margaretha zelle#idv dancer #as much as i love moonblessed. her outfit doesnt make sense. i know im not doing it justice here #i just really like drawing her hair for some reason #also id like to thank tears of themis for the reference for the pose HAHAHAHAHAH #i spent so long figuring out the hand #n then i realized There must be some kind of pose like this in that game #this is lowkey a moonblessed appreciation post
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  • otakusparkle
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Team ANNE completed

    Aesop Carl - Hamlet

    Naib Subedar - Path of Glory

    Norton Campbell - La Tullipe Noire

    Eli Clark - Le Samourai

    #identity v#idv #identity v embalmer #idv embalmer #identity v mercenary #idv mercenary #identity v prospector #idv prospector #identity v seer #idv seer#aesop carl#naib subedar#norton campbell#eli clark #identity v skins #idv skins #identity v deduction stars #idv deduction stars #deduction stars
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  • idv-tricksterisopu
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Project: Risk

    Risk (Au) series is a story arc of Trickster!Aesop of what has happened or will happen (This whole blog rn-)

    The present day, or timeline his in right now is the events after COA 4 in a modern day setting.

    This is not a whole story explanation, these are characters intro only. With some insights of the au I planned.


    This is obviously my made up story for the idv cast and Trickster in the CoA story.

    I am aware of the many analysis and theories(wiki or google them if you're interested, its a l o n g story) surrounding the essence. But this au is mostly towards Trickster and my interpretation and ideas of the events that went down with him, therefore we are mostly seeing from his point of view. Though the rest of the main characs are available for their side of things if anyone interested. U just have to ask. Of course the COA tale is based of the analysis I read and or just theorize myself(like the SteamCity, the Art Gallery incident etc.). I am also using some of the other non COA related skins of the main characs thats in this au to fit the story I have in mind.

    Ngl Im pretty sure canonly(ig??) Aesop is suppose to be ded like the rest-

    Also since this au takes place 4 years after COA 4, characters here are a little older than their original selves because their official ages(mostly to the COA cast) are when they were still working/part off the COA incidents.

    Story elements:

    Bloodline story(The one with Embrace and vampires) [Patricia's/Specter's past]





    Idv 2020 Halloween event [small side story]

    Atropos Ropes [Few years before present date]

    "Take the risk or lose the chance."

    Norton Campbell (Ready for Asks)

    Age: 32

    - COA III/IV: Patchwork/Highway Chavalier

    - Atropos Ropes: Ronald of Ness

    - Present: Mr Mole

    - Was part of the COA3 incident and has seen Trickster then. But wasn't well accquainted.

    - He and Trickster met again before the race event as Trickster was giving him a warning not to go.

    - Trickstie seems to know who Norton is but he doesn't know him.

    - By the end of the race, he met Isopu again(×2) in a funeral home he works in.

    - Works along with Demi

    - He knows Tracy and Eli

    - Made a deal with Trickster, that he will act as a spy for him. To gain info of the Three Giants, or atleast what he knows from them, and work for him occasionally-

    - Was part of the Belladonna event

    - "You were given this life because your strong enough to live it."

    Demi Bourbon (Ready for Asks)

    Age: 24

    - COA IV: Fueling Agent

    - Present: True Proof

    - Along with Mike and Fiona remembers nothing of what happened in the race or working for the Three Giants, they all now work in different occupations.

    - Still remembers being friends with the COA4 cast but she doesn't remember how she met them.

    - Owner of a wine industry

    - A mafia leader

    - Tried to kill Trickster once but failed

    - God damn she can't stop him from coming in and out and using her wine cellar as a basement of corpses.

    - Accidentally took a sip of blood mistakening for wine once

    - She really dislike Trickster and wants nothing to do with him

    - She also specialize in chemistry

    - Her reason for starting a mafia is unknown

    - "The white blemish is like my sin-- unforgivable."

    Mike Morton (Ready for Asks)

    Age: 25

    - COA IV: Pumping Tires

    - Atropos Ropes: Sparrow

    - Present: Mr. Swifts

    - Halloween: Jamboree

    - Along with Demi and Fiona remembers nothing of what happened in the race or working for the Three Giants, they all now work in different occupations.

    - Out of the four casts, Mike has the closest relationship to Trickster, despite Norton

    - Ever since the Belladonna incident, he then became a lone actor

    - The 'comes and goes' member of True Proof's mafia

    - He has his own buisness to attend too

    - Was one of the assistance of Specter during one Halloween night

    - He made a deal with Specter and still owes him til this day

    - One of the sinister bois

    - Isopu oftens visits Swifts. Or vise versa

    - Rathers be called, Swifts

    - He just forgets his own name tbh-

    - his became a cannibal as a concequence to owing Specter

    - also owns a candy shop

    - "Yourself is what matters the most."

    Fiona Gilman (Ready for Asks)

    Age: 34

    - COA III/IV: Teleoperator/Reflective Mirror.

    - Present: Divine Light

    - Halloween: Guiding Spirit

    - Along with Mike and Demi remembers nothing of what happened in the race or working for the Three Giants, they all now work in different occupations.

    - But she got her situation explained when she confronted Norton and Trickster

    - She was more aware and even remembered some parts of her past.

    - Unwillingly became Reservist's assistant because of Trickster

    - Doesnt mind it though

    - Isnt as close with Trickster than with Mike but since she actually knows him personally since the COA3 incident ...

    - The type of person that is done with everyone's shit

    - Legitamently short sighted

    - No seriously, her glasses power is like 300+

    - The only reason she went with to Specter's 'party' for one night is to watch over Mike in case he does something stupid

    - Is trying to help Mike out of his debt and hates him for it

    - She is the only one who knows Trickster's real name (Aesop)

    - "For a brighter tommorrow, walk through the darkest of nights."

    {Secret/side characters}

    Patricia Dorval (Ready for Asks)

    Age: ???

    - Reservist, once a church member during the Bloodline

    - Now a recluse enchantress

    - played apart in helping Norton resurrect his friends.

    - For the price of Fiona becoming her assistant

    - also played apart in the COA 3 incident climax

    - Tracy was once her friend

    - Avoids Specter at any cost

    - Oh she also has glassed

    - Immortal

    - Not much is known about her really

    - "Only God knows..."

    Wu Chang (Ready for Asks)

    Fan Wujiu/Xie Bian

    Age: ???

    - COA II: Frost

    - Present: Requiem

    - A member of Demi's gang

    -  Is not stuck in a umbrella anymore

    - Besides Fiona, they knew Trickster a while back. Trickstie doesn't know him though

    - Isopu is their adopted child now.

    -Xie bian has longer hair tied up. While Wujiu has the normal short hair.

    - A survivor of the Steam City 'accident'

    - May or may not have something to do with the said accident

    - "A happy life builts on balance. Not prefection."


    Age: ???


    [More to be add soon...]

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  • tomochisblog
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Who broke galatea's statue?

    A nice comic I translated from Japanese

    I'm thankful for the artist who let me translate this and post it so please support her page by visiting the link at the bottom and following /liking the original tweet

    #luca balsa#ルカ・バルサー#identity v#第5人格 #identity v postman #identity v edgar #identity v grave keeper #cuteness#idv embalmer #identity v painter
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