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  • Dont get me wrong.

    I get why we are social distancing right now and I’m ok with it.

    I get the science behind it and honestly I’m terrified that I would get sick myself.

    But. Like.

    I just feel so alone right now.

    I dont have anyone to talk to.

    I dont see people at all during the day.

    I’m just sitting here alone with my thoughts and I hate it.

    I can feel myself getting more and more depressed each day.

    The thought of having to do this for several more months is slowly killing any hope I had of being happy.

    It’s really bad when you cant even get people to respond to your texts.

    I get that it’s for the good of the health of the country.

    But its killing my mental health.


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  • It’s so hard for me to open up

    And be vulnerable

    But when I do

    Every single time

    They just

    Ignore me and keep acting as if nothing happened

    Or just stare at me and go “that sounds like you’re depressed”

    Oh no shit Sherlock

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  • I don’t know anymore.

    I just dont feel ok right now.

    I just feel so alone and so hopeless.

    Nothing is ever going to be okay.

    I’m always going to be alone.

    I’m always going to be a fuck up.

    I’m always going to be this depressed freak.

    I’m never going to be good enough.

    I’m never going to be able to do anything right.

    I cant take this anymore.

    I’m sorry.

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  • Not listening



    my words

    and requests

    at every turn

    in every way

    is chipping



    my soul

    out of my

    very being

    so that soon

    I will be

    the nothing

    you already

    think I am.

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  • It took myself too long this second time round to realize I’ve let myself be fooled a lot more than before. As I rejoiced that he didn’t say the words outright, I know in my bones that no matter how far he went, all he sees me as is a little sister and he would never love me back, not that way.

    I don’t know why I always have to be the one to pay the price for the pain and lessons their ex-girlfriends taught them and it never matters that I’m not at all like those girls.

    He would tell me he will call me later but I know he won’t. He knows I care and that’s why he wouldn’t. And he is entertaining himself with other’s attention, I cannot compete. I will stay in the shadows and let them have him. Let him be happy.

    If Venus in her straight mode causes me so much grief, maybe the two months of retrograde will be my only respite, although temporary. I lost, Universe, do celebrate. But joke’s on you, I kind of always knew I was a loser.

    But shame on you to give me what looked like hope for someone like me would never be able to have any other fate and it was wrong for you to let me wish otherwise.

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  • Stone Skipping


    Summary: The Batfamily has always been so crazy that no one notices the silent sister. She’s made her way through college with no one else realizing, sometimes forgetting about her completely. How many times can she bounce back before sinking?

    Warnings: Angst?

    Request: No

    Pairing?: Family; Batfamily x Sister! Reader


    A smile dawned on the young women’s face as her friends cheerfully greeted her. (Y/n) Wayne was a popular girl at the University whether it be by her looks, brains, or money she was certainly no idiot. It was her college graduation, a huge day for so many people this year and even bigger for her as her family swore they’d attend. They hadn’t gone to anything related to her success since, well, ever! (Y/n) tried not to get bothered by it, brushing it off calmly. She knew her father and brothers were busy people, far to go to every little thing that revolved around her.

    This time however, they promised they’d come. No playing hero, no meetings, no dates, just be a supportive family like she had seen them be. It was the only thing she wished to have, her family there for her and to spend time with her. They had gone to Tim’s high school graduation but not hers due to Poison Ivy. They couldn’t got to an orchestra concert that she was part of because of a meeting. They didn’t even bother to wonder what school (Y/n) had chosen to attend.

    Yeah, she was ticked off by it but she understood. Their jobs were important, they saved people, she was part of that people. The world needed them both ways, civilian and hero. (Y/n) didn’t have a place in the hero department, she was just an average person that walked the streets and attended school. Her brothers chased villains at night and ran businesses and had jobs in the morning. The only thing (Y/n) had was her looks and her brains, mostly her brains. She would graduate to become better in the medical field, she was going somewhere in life and she was happy about it.

    That’s why the heartbroken feeling flowed through her as she got her diploma. No one but Alfred was there, she appreciated the fact that he came but the rest of the family had no excuse. She was updated on the news constantly, no attacks in Gotham or anywhere else in the world. The world was quiet and her heart shatttering was the only thing to be heard. A false but well practiced smile came along her face before she walked down the steps.

    Alfred watched her sadly, he couldn’t believe he was the only one that had arrived. He was the only one to truly have seen the amazing young woman that she was now. Seeing her walk down the steps toward the rest of her class with a false smile made his anger grow. She had never complained about one thing in her whole life except for once, that one time when she complained that Bruce spent to much time doing work with her brothers rather than them all spending time as a family. (Y/n) had been 12 when that happened and her brothers only scowled at her for her words.

    Dick was nicer about how he went about it, saying that the world needed them as both civilians and heroes so they didn’t have much free time. It was true but they weren’t the words that (Y/n) wanted to hear at that moment.

    Tim was blunt about it, Alfred tried to blame it on the lack of sleep but neither parties had believed that. He said that she should’ve joined the group and worked for it rather than whine about it. (Y/n) almost smacked him for that but she kept her control on the situation.

    Jason had been thought to be dead but when he heard about it he just gave her pitiful look and told her it was too dangerous and if Bruce wanted her in the tradition then he would have. (Y/n) frowned at him but she had known it was the truth, she told him to no longer pity her before she left the room.

    Bruce had just sighed and said they’d talk about it at another time, they never did.

    It was Damian that surprised him, he just nodded at her in understanding. Alfred had later heard two sounds of crying from (Y/n)’s room that night. He left it alone but he had at least hoped Damian would be there to congratulate her.

    “Congratulations Miss Wayne,” Alfred said as he wrapped her in a hug as soon as he reunited with her. “I’m so proud of you.”

    “Thank you, Alfred. I’m glad you could be here, do you know where the others are?”

    The butler saw hope in her eyes, just a small spark but it killed his to extinguish it. “I’m afraid not. Master Bruce hasn’t come home from work and neither has Master Tim. Master Dick is at his home. Master Jason is who knows where.”

    “And Damian?”

    “I believe he got caught up at school.”

    (Y/n) nodded, that made sense at the very least. Education was important and if Damian missed any of his own she’d never forgive herself. Yes, she was very aware that her little brother was a Senior and the best in his year who could probably afford to miss a few day but she’d never let him. It was her other brothers and father that disappointed her, she didn’t bother tell Steph about it, the girl was so forgetful at times. Cass was in China so there was no point in calling her from a case to see if she could come.

    Alfred watched sadly as the young woman hugged her friends goodbye before they left. She had a family here and now she was leaving it. (Y/n) climbed into the passenger side of the car and looked out of the window as they drove toward Gotham.

    When they got home Bruce stood there inside, waiting at the door. “Alfred! There you are! I was worried you might have been kidnapped.”

    “I was fine Master Bruce,” Alfred responded, sending a cold look toward the man. “However, I have work to do and Miss (Y/n) is here now. Why don’t you catch up with her? Lot’s to talk about I’m sure.”

    A small smile graced the female’s lips but was replaced by a frown as her father shook her head. “I can’t, I have work to do for the League.”

    “Why do you never want to spend time with me?” (Y/n) blurted out loud. She was tired of brushing it off all the time because she herself was brushed off.

    Bruce sighed, “It’s not like that. Besides we talk a lot don’t we? You know I’m a busy man, I can’t just drop everything because you wish to spend time with me.”

    “So where were you today?”

    “What? What happened today?”

    The (h/c) haired woman rolled her eyes, “You claim you be there for the people when they need you. Well guess what dad? I needed you today, at my college graduation, the one you promised you’d go to when the only one that had come was Alfred? Well I’m sorry that I complain about not getting to spend time with my own damned family!

    “I hoped that you wouldn’t forget or randomly come up as busy but I should’ve known to never get my hopes up when it comes to you and the rest of my brothers! The only reason why Damian is off the hook is because he had school, you have no excuse. You were never there. Never once. You know nothing but my name.”

    “I know lots about you sweetheart.”

    “Really? What’s my favorite color?”

    “(Most hated color).”

    (Y/n) shook her head, “It’s (Favorite color). Face it you know nothing about me. I made the mistake of coming back here. I’m leaving after all my stuff is packed and I say goodbye to Damian and Alfred. I’m done being brushed off to the side. And for the record, this is my second time complaining about this. Last time was ten years ago.”

    With that the woman brushed past her father, taking her packed things from college behind her and toward the bedrooms. She was tired of being brushed off, she was leaving Gotham behind, for good. Now, she just had to see if her little brother wanted to come with her.

    Notes: I may make a second part of requested. Tell me how you liked it. This is my first piece of work on tumblr for writing.

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  • I told someone I had a squish on them and was ignored, my confidence had been knock down real far

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  • I am disappearing from this world. The spark of hope fading slightly every day. This loneliness I feel deep down can no longer be pushed aside. It has started crawling up my throat, preventing me from talking. Now I feel this knot in my throat getting tighter and tighter as I call for help. This suffocation has me prisoner. I cannot eat or talk. It is as if I had two hands tightly wrapped around my neck. ——————————————————————————

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  • Sometimes it’s not taken toooooo seriously, but NEGLECT is truly a form of ABUSE.🙇🏽🙇‍♀️Full video at https://youtu.be/r-mI4ALDKZk #childhoodneglect #neglect #neglected #emotionalneglect #neglect #ignored #childabuse #abuse #emotionalabuse #abuserecovery #abuseawareness #mentalabuse #stopabuse #mentalhealth #psychology #askashrink #bradshore #bradpshore #childhoodtrauma #narcissisticmother #narcissisticfather #narcissisticabuse #dysfunctionalfamily

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  • Lol didn’t think that social distancing included constantly being left on read but k ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    #social distancing#ignored #left on read #hurt#lonely #fuck you too
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  • Like what is it even about you that makes me wanna talk to you… I don’t know but I just wish I could

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  • So like,

    I feel extremely ignored



    I don’t know why…?

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  • Today I tried to share something that brought me joy for the past few days, something that gives me hope despite the circumstances our world is in and i was ignored by everyone. I felt like a nobody, an invisible being. I felt like giving something close to me and nobody even noticed. Sometimes i wonder if it is even worth it to share myself to my friends.

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  • anyone else have people talk over them ALL THE FUCKING TIME??? don’t start a conversation with me then ignore what I say because I’m rambling or talking about how my day went or something I’m passionate about. It’s fucked up and makes people feel like shit. I feel like I can’t get into conversations anymore because I am constantly get talked over or ignored, literally mid sentence. Maybe this is why I’m so emotional because I feel like I can’t talk to anyone without getting talked over, ignored or even the person getting upset because I have things to say. This makes me feel like absolute garbage. I listen always.

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  • People really know how to fuck up my mood smh

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  • People always ask me why I never talk, but in reality, I try to talk all the time, just people always either talk over me, ignore me, or just don’t care enough to listen

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  • I’m not sure I’m real.

    #forgotten#ignored #no one knows or cares to know me #and what the fuck is family
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