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  • I finally wrote it!! It was a ride and I’ve been working on several other stories as well as this one but I figured it was time to finish it! Enjoy! 

    read on ao3

    Words: 24k 

    Description: Three years later/flashbacks to that Florida trip where they first met.
    Everything isn’t always perfect in a relationship, but Dan and Phil are trying to learn how to be okay with that.

    Warnings: Swearing, smut (two separate scenes), light angst (who do you take me for), talk of family planning, mental illness

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  • To the phandom:

    If tomorrow isn’t fucking magical and amazing and we don’t get any content: I will flip my shit. It’s your fault that you built it up and got my hopes up and I’m gonna cry.

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  • i am shitting my pants

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  • tomorrow is going to be extremely anti climatic 

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  • I don’t think they’re gonna do anything tomorrow but I am REAL EXCITED for all the fic we’re gonna see.

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  • Phil goes to the dog show. He comes back with more than just fun stories and instagram selfies. Dan is pretending not to be pleased, but honestly, he can’t say no to those cute puppy eyes.

    But then, strange things start to happen…

    2638 words/ Prompts: dog, nightmare, suspense/thriller

    Written for the @phandomficfests Bingo 2019. Prompts: dog, nightmare, suspense/thriller

    Thanks as always to @obsessivelymoody for betaing!

    Read on AO3

    #fic#phanfic#phan #phandom fic fest #pff bingo#halloween fic#horror phan #so anyway I wrote this whole thing in one go last night #I don't know how or why that happened #I didn't have any sugar or drugs or alcohol #I just sat down with a cup of tea and boom there was a whole fic #shrug emoji and all that #so uh I hope y'all enjoy #I put trigger warnings on it just to be on the safe side #so if you don't like demonic stuff don't read! #I'm not gonna be responsible for you if you ignore the warnings and the tags #also anyway this is my last fic for the bingo #I'm making a masterpost next week :) #6 fics aint bad!
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  • October 18, 2009: Not sure what video this is from (my guess is Hello Internet or Butterfingers) but fuck this is too cute 🥺🥺🥺

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  • It was around 3 Am in London, the cool fall breeze could be heard as it softly sang against the windows of the building, the soft sound of voices coming from a turned on television, a random commercial about astrology and the zodiac signs while food laid on the floor unfinished, the pizza losing its warmth and the soda losing its gas, yet the soft embrace of love and warmth was felt as soft giggles harmonies all around the small apartment

    “OK babe, i think we should get some sleep, it’s almost 4” he said as he had his arms wrapped around the person he loved, his soul mate “Do we have to? I would rather us be like this, listening to this soft music, just laying still as we talk about life in general” his lover said to him, the warmth of their naked torso comforting him in the most spectacular way “I would love to honey, but remember, tomorrow we have so many things to do, I’ll be leaving to France in the evening and I haven’t even packed my bags” he said with a soft giggle as he planted a soft kiss on his lovers forehead “I hate the fact you’re leaving me here all alone, but I truly think you deserve this love, you work so hard and a break is due for you” they said looking up at him with a soft gaze, the same soft gaze that made him fall in love when they first met “I wish you could come, but know that I’ll be thinking of you every single minute of the day” he said as his raspy and sleepy voice melted his partner into a puddle of love “You promise?” they said “Love, you know you’re always in my mind and heart, remember?” he said as he pulled the heart shaped locket from around his neck and showed them the special little name engraved into it “Ok, truth or dare?” they said as a rosy blush appeared on their cheeks “Truth” he said as he traced soft patterns on their back “Do you think we might have met in another life?” he let a soft and warm laugh as he tighten his arms around their waist “I bet we were living in a cosy cabin in a forest, you would have tons of houseplants, I would have a typewriter, we would sit close to the chimney as we drank warm chocolate and we listened to how the wood crackles with the fire, and love would fill the air” he softly narrated to his lover in their ear, a soft warmth embraced both as they let out a soft yawn “Get some rest love, I promise I’ll be here when you wake up” they looked up to their lover “You promise Dan?” he smiled down as he played with their hair “I promise Phil, now sleep, I love you”

    (Disclaimer: please don’t be offended, I love DnP so much and i just had this cheesy idea, i know some people might see this as offensive and i mean no evil)

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  • Time for some Dan and Phil and Dogs!

    I love this photo so much, but now whenever I look at it I’m reminded of the agony of tring to fit full bodies onto A5 paper…thank god I bought an A4 sketchbook yesterday.

    Only a few more hours until the clock strikes 12 here in England and it’s October 19th!!! I’m not ready!

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  • Anyway my parents anniversary is on the same day Doot and Phoot met so yippee kay yay it’ll be an evEnTfUL day

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  • w-what do you mean tomorrow will be 10 years since dan and phil met?! IT FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY IT WAS JUST NINE YEARS BRO,,,

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  • #10YearsOfDanAndPhil 😸 10 years ago today Dan and Phil met for the first time, Wow that amazing I can’t believe how long it’s been. I decided to put a little tribute together in video form, I did some of theArt work you see in the video. #10yearsofdanandphil #Phandom

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  • October 18, 2009: Hmmm, someone’s excited!!

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  • tomorrow’s the 10th anniversary of dnp meeting and my dash is full of destiel posts? seems like my teenage years are assembling

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  • can you imagine what dan and phil were thinking ten years ago? can you imagine how tomorrow would be the beginning of their shared YouTube empire? can you imagine how they had no idea what they were doing but they were young and in love and somehow that love is still going today? can you imagine? can you?

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  • 1 day left huh? how we feeling? what about energy? it’s ok, go ahead and scream.

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  • In honour of the 10 year phanniversary, we are hosting a special watch fest!! 

    This Saturday, October 19th at 1 PM, 7 PM, and midnight UTC we will be watching some classic, cute, domestic phan videos to celebrate 10 years of Dan and Phil! 😸🥰💖

    We will post the link to the room closer to the time. Come join us as we watch some of the sweetest Dan and Phil moments to date! We hope to see you there! 

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