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  • crack-squirrels
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    FUTURE WRTING ANNOUNCEMENT! mha x single mom

    I have 3 fic ideas that you should keep an eye out for in the next month or so. they will be written in this order too.

    sero x single mom: mom and her son are walking through a park. kid is talking about all the pro heros they like and how they want to meet every hero. kid sees sero and recognizes he's a hero and wants to go meet him. then slowly kid and sero become buddies, and mom and kid get caught up in a villain attack sero saves them. sero confesses to mom.

    iida x single mom: iida is running the agency by now and has a lovely secretary (the mom) who he doesn't know has a kid. well mom gets call from kids school, and finds out her daughter got hurt at school so she is rushing to go pick her baby up yknow, she walks to work and has to bus. she goes to tell iida she is leaving he offers her a ride and meets the kid. becomes close with kid, kid makes mom hangout with iida bc the daughter likes him. mom confesses

    shoji x single mom: mom goes to ua festival with her twins, shoji is there bc he's an alumni and wanted to go, the kids and mom get separated, shoji helps find the kids and then the mom promises to pay him back for his help, they end up hanging out alot and kids snitch about moms feelings

    #mha shoji #tenya iida imagine #bnha sero #brainstorm with sky #skylee speaks#original content
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  • lyrical-panic
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Iida X Non-Binary (AFAB) Reader

    Welcome to Lyric isn’t going to work on their requests, but instead going to write self-insert Iida fan fiction because they need the serotonin.

    Summery: Iida thought he was confident in his sexual identity, but when he befriends a non-binary classmate and starts to catch feelings, he begins to question himself.

    Warnings: AFAB non-binary reader, female presenting, body dysphoria, misgendering, mentions of anxiety, swearing (like one “damn”)

    Note: this also includes my Iida sexuality headcanons. If you disagree with me, then that’s fine, but please don’t come at me. I don’t want to argue with anyone. 


    When the new student arrived, Aizawa pawned them off on Iida to show around

    He was a little confused when he was first meeting you

    You looked feminine, but you were wearing the pants with your uniform

    He didn’t say anything about it, but you could see the wheels turning in his head

    When you gave him your name, he noticed the tiny smile that flickered across your lips when you added “You can use me first name, though. I prefer it.”

    “It’s a nice name,” Iida admitted, extending a hand for you to shake

    “Thanks,” you grinned, grasping his hand “I chose it myself!”

    He blinked in surprise, but again, refrained from commenting

    He took you on a walk around the campus, pointing out the cafeteria, classrooms, teacher offices, and the dorms

    As he ended the tour, he asked you if you had any questions or concerns.

    “Not about the school, but....”

    “Yes? You can ask me anything.” Iida prompted.

    You smiled nervously. “I don’t have a question, but can I tell you something?”


    “I was gonna tell you earlier, but I got a little anxious.” You shrugged with a little laugh. “But I use they/them pronouns.”

    Iida’s brows furrowed. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I know what that means.”

    “Oh, that’s ok. It just means that I go by they instead of she. I’m non-binary.” You explained.

    “Oh, so you don’t identify as a girl or a boy?”


    “So when you said that you picked your name yourself, you weren’t just joking?”

    “Nah, I was totally serious.” You chuckled.

    “That makes a lot more sense,” Iida exhaled. “I see. Thank you for telling me. Would you like me to tell the rest of the class, as well?”

    “Could you, actually? I’d feel a lot better if you did. Or- at least, if you were there while I did it.”

    “I’d be happy to! Anything to make you feel more comfortable.” Iida gestured wildly with his arm while you watched in amusement. “I’d like to welcome you again to Class 1-A. I hope we can become great friends, (Y/N).”

    You bounced on your toes in excitement, grinning. “Thank you, Iida! I think I’d really like to be your friend, too.”

    After class that day, Iida gathered everyone in the common room, and stood by you as you introduced yourself with your pronouns

    Everyone was understanding, and you relived when you only had a few questions about your gender identity and pronoun usage

    Iida attached himself at the hip with you after that day

    He couldn’t quite explain it, but he liked being around you. You were funny and thoughtful, and he found he quite enjoyed talking to you

    You found that you appreciated Iida’s earnestness and sense of loyalty. It was refreshing to have someone so willing to stick up for you

    You weren’t misgendered very often, but sometimes on of your classmates would slip up

    When that happened, you didn’t say anything, but Iida could see the betrayal flash across your face

    That’s when Iida would step in and correct them

    His confidence helped to build your own, so you became better about correcting people yourself

    It took him a while, but Iida started to notice his feeling towards you shifting

    Iida checked his watch again. You were cutting it close. It was two minutes to the bell and you where still nowhere to be seen. Just as he was about to pull his phone out to text you, you stormed in.

    Iida stood to scold you for your near-lateness, but stopped short when he saw you were wearing a skirt, which he hadn’t ever seen you do before. Then he noticed that your eyes were red.

    “Are you alright? You’re almost late! What happened?”

    The questions came too fast. You shook your head frantically, reaching up to catch his flailing arms. “I forgot to wash my pants over the weekend, I’m stuck with the skirt today.” You sounded miserable.

    “Are you okay? Is there anything I can do?” Iida asked, more gently this time.

    “Unless you can magically conjure me up some pants, then no.”

    “I-I could go ask Yaoyorozu to make you some?”

    “No, I don’t wanna bother her.” You shrugged, whipping your nose on the sleeve of your blazer. “I’ll live.”

    He reluctantly let you go to your desk, watching solemnly as you shuffled away. He heard you sniffle, and he felt his heart explode into a million pieces.

    A few hours later when it was time for training, you couldn’t get into your gym uniform faster 

    Iida noticed how you seemed much happier once you’d changed into the gym pants

    He hadn’t missed your unhappiness all day long, you wore your heart on your sleeve

    Gym was the last thing you had that day, so when class was released, you ducked into the changing room to grab your uniform, but didn’t bother changing

    This also did not escape Iida’s notice

    Neither did your immediate disappearance into your room upon reaching the dorms

    Something painful tugged in his gut as he watched you speed-walk into the elevator

    He considered going to check on you, but figured it may be best to leave you alone for a while

    He tried to do homework, but his mind kept wandering back to you. After an hour of trying to school his thoughts back to his work with little success, he gave up and texted you

    Can I come up to your room? I can keep you company if you’d like it.

    He waited impatiently for your answer, staring daggers at his phone until you replied

    Sure. I think I’m done being alone rn

    Needing no further prompting, Iida was barely able to restrain himself from flying out of his room

    When he arrived, you didn’t talk about what had happened that day. You just hung out. You did homework together, and talked about mindless things

    Iida got the feeling you were very pointedly not talking about what had happened, so he didn’t push it, until......

    “Iida, do you think I looked too much like a girl this morning?”

    He startled, surprised by the question. “When you had the skirt on?”

    You nodded, fisting the material of your sweatpants between your fingers.

    Iida considered. There was clearly a right answer here, whether you intended there to be or not. “I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever perceived you as a girl. You wearing a skirt didn’t change anything, at least not for me.”

    You laughed incredulously, voice cracking. “I’m glad at least you thought that. I felt like I wanted to rip my damn skin off.”

    His face softened, and with only a moment of hesitation, he allowed himself to take your hand. “I’m sorry you felt uncomfortable all day. You really don’t deserve that. Your dysphoria does not define you, though. I can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to be trapped in a body you don’t belong in, but that doesn’t make your gender identity any less valid, (Y/N). It doesn’t make you any less non-binary.”

    You sniffed, nodding weakly. “Thank you Iida. Can I hug you?”

    “O-of course!”

    Iida forced his body to relax as you melted into him. It wasn’t difficult, just foreign. He wrapped his arms around you, placing a hand gently on the back of your neck. You sobbed quietly, burrowing further into him.

    “I’m sorry,” you choked out. “It’s just been a tough day.”

    “I know. And it’s okay.” He whispered back, rubbing your back reassuringly. “You don’t need to apologize. You’re more than okay.”

    As you sat crying quietly, Iida gently rocked you back and forth, continuing to whisper comforting things into your ear. He sat there, holding you, and it was then he realized that if he could spend the rest of his life holding you like this, he’d die a happy man.

    Once Iida realizes that he likes you romantically, he kinda panics a little

    Not just because he’s caught feelings (though that’s definitely a contributing factor)

    No, he’s nervous because all his life he thought he was straight, and now he’s fallen for you; a female presenting person

    So.... does that mean he’s inadvertently perceiving you as female???

    He’s not, but he doesn’t know that at first

    He’s so friggin ashamed of himself, bless his heart

    Poor boy wants to respect your identity, so he’s terrified that by having a crush on you, he’s doing the exact opposite

    While he’s having this crisis, he accidentally throws himself right into another one

    He thinks back to people he’s had crushes on or at least found attractive over the years, and makes a mental list

    The girl from his first year of middle school, the boy at the coffee shop, the boy who transferred into his class in the last year of middle school, that one androgynous kid from the entrance exam who’d sat a few seats away from him....

    How did he ever assume he was heterosexual??

    It was the hetero-normative society we live in, that’s how

    In any case, Iida is now having an identity crises, and is unsure of how to label himself

    On the plus side, he’s now confident that he likes you for who you are!

    So it is only with a minimal amount of nervousness that he brings his revelations about himself and his feelings to you

    “You can just slap on the label “queer” and call it a day,” You suggested, sipping your tea pensively. “if you’re getting too worked up about it.”

    “You’re so confident about who you are, though. I wish I had a definitive answer about myself like you do.” Iida lamented.

    “Not everyone is like that, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be unsure about your identity. Some people don’t even feel comfortable putting labels on it.”

    Iida mulled your words over, swirling the tea in his mug. “I guess I’m.... queer then.” He said, the words feeling like a weight off his shoulders.

    “I’m really proud of you, Iida.” You clapped him on the back, grinning. “It takes a lot of courage to accept yourself like this.”

    “Thank you. I’m certainly going to need courage to tell you this next thing.”

    “What, there’s more?” You chuckled, eyebrows thrown up. “How many confessions can you make in one night?”

    “Just one more,” He smiled tightly, trying in desperation to still his racing heart.

    “Out with it, then.”

    Iida squeezed his eyes shut. “I want you to know that this doesn’t have to change anything between us. I really like you a lot, more than I like my other friends. You were the reason I started to question myself, actually.”

    You blinked. “You mean... you have a crush on me?”


    “And I was you sexual awakening?”

    “Also yes.”

    You laughed suddenly, the noise startling Iida into opening his eyes. “I don’t know my own strength!” You gasped, clapping your hands.

    Iida felt himself relax infinitesimally. Your reaction seemed like a positive one, but he still wasn’t sure how to read it. “You don’t have to return my feelings, I apologize if I’ve made things awkward.”

    “Okay, but what if I do return your feelings?” 

    “You- what?”

    You took both of his hands in your own, squeezing them gently. “I really like you too, Iida.”

    His whole body practically deflated in relief. “Oh, thank god. That was stressful. Thank you, (Y/N).”

    You laughed again, prompting Iida to chuckled a little, too. “You are very welcome, Tenya.”

    #mha#bnha#iida#tenya#tenya iida #iida x reader #tenya x reader #tenya iida x reader #iida tenya #iida tenya x reader #mha x reader #bnha x reader #non binary reader #non binary #iida x enby reader #tenya x enby reader #tenya iida x enby reader #iida tenya x enby reader #iida x nonbinary reader #tenya x nonbinary reader #tenya iida x nonbinary reader #iida tenya x nonbinary reader
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  • rarepears
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    More Half-Sibling Iida Family Ideas

    Yeah, I still won't let go of the fact that there's a 15 year age gap between Tenya and Tensei.

    So here's another explanation.

    Half siblings.

    Or more exactly, for whatever reason, the Iida Patriarch is no longer married to Tensei's mom. (Divorce, they weren't married in the first place, Tensei's mom died, etc.)

    Father Iida marries a new woman. Or maybe he had an affair. Bigamy is also an option. Illegal but still an option.

    Anyways, Father Iida has a new baby. The baby is Tenya.

    At first, Tensei really didn't like his new baby brother. Loathed Tenya, even. Cause it's just another reminder that his parents aren't together anymore and there's a new woman trying to be his ma.

    But babies are cute and Tensei gets won over by the pouty lips and puppy dog eyes that Tenya had once upon a time.

    It was so effective that even Aizawa fell in love with the puppy eyes despite being an angsty teenage boy.

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  • kackzsuki
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Uraraka: Seriously, Midoriya, how many people would you have killed if we’d asked you to?

    Midoriya: That’s not important

    Iida: I DISAGREE.

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  • rights-for-redshirts
    17.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    What really frustrates me these days.

    There's a few "strong" female characters in BNHA, and in fiction in general. And don't get me wrong, I love Uraraka and Momo and Jirou and Mina with all my heart. Fanfiction about them? Love it. Fanart? Comics? Ships? You name it. They are my children and I would die for their happiness.

    But ... as characters, I ... can't bring myself to like their concepts. And that's because ... even while they have strong quirks. And usually aren't that bad at fighting. (Ochaco's knife stealing moves are so. Cool.) None of them have any meaningful agency, drive or ambition to change something (and therefore rarely any influence on the actual plot, but that's not even the point here).

    Look at the males: we've got

    Midoriya, the visionary, who wants to become no.1 to make for a better world as well as save everybody and keeps raising the philosophical question of what it means to be a hero. Meaningful motivation, as well as what drives the show.

    We've got Todoroki, who has Daddy IssuesTM and is struggling to find his own purpose away from that. Meaningful struggle.

    Bakugou, who is a bundle of complicated volatile emotions wrapped up in nitro and spiky gelled hair, who undergoes a shitton of character development and I don't think I even need to point out how complicated he is under all of that violent behaviour. Motivation: pretty sure those are inferiority complexes caused by your messed up society. Meaningful and terrifying.

    We've got Iida, who is more of a side character but stil has this whole responsibility: rules vs morals thing going on as well as his deep relationship with his brother

    Now for the females:

    Ochako, motivation: Money for her parents. Nice. Cute. Completely irrelevant. Or at least that's how it's treated in the show itself, since I'm pretty sure there are a lot more issues buried beneath that than what we're shown.

    Asui, motivation: idk? Saving people, I think? Which would be cool if they actually explored it and dedicated some time to, but ... sure let' just ignore that because it's NEVER FUCKING RELEVANT to the plot. Her internship was cool, I guess.

    Yaoyorozu, motivation: ... does that ever actually come up? The most character development I've seen from her was her confidence crisis in the finals, aside from that ... nothing comes to mind. She's really cool and I love her as a person. And she joins on adventures more easily, like the rescue attempt at Kamino. But she doesn't take the initiative either, at least as long as the guys are around (the tracker on the Nomou duringthe training camp was extremely cool, I admit it). In the end, she is more of a commodity for the "leaders" of 1A than an actual player.

    So ... all of that has probably been said already, and by someone better with words than me at 1am. But I needed to get this off my chest -

    It doesn't matter how strong a female character is. Or how weak, for that matter. What does matter is the impact they're having on the story, and what kind of impact that is. A female Gojo who never impacts the plot is a weak fucking female character. A quirkless female Midoriya throwing a book into the sludge villain's eye full well knowing she has no way to defend herself afterwards, but doing it anyways because it's the right thing to do and saving Bakugous life in the process as well as kickstarting three other events like receiving OFA, is an extremely strong female character; not because she's powerful, but because her actions drive the plot, because she has impact.

    And seeing how the girls in BNHA are always, always treated as an afterthought - not when it comes to their own personal little arcs, but how every single one of them ends up being an irrelevant filler in the grand scheme of things - quite honestly, that's ... pretty painful.

    #I'm tired and only half coherent #don't judge me #And you're welcome to discuss this; I'm expressing my feelings over some of my fav characters here #It's not like it's a literary analysis #But I needed to get this out sometime #That's all#Bnha#Mha #my hero academia #Momo#momo yaoyozoru#uraraka ochaco#iida tenya#todoroki shoto#midoriya izuku#bakugou katsuki#Tsuyu
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  • sarahundomiel
    17.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    One missing pro hero

    One badly injured pro-hero

    Fifteen students injured by gas

    Eleven students with other injuries - two of them severe

    One student missing...

    ...and the rest left trying to understand what had just happened.

    Following Class 1-A and their teacher through the tumultuous three days between the disastrous end of the Forest Training Camp and All Might's fight against All for One in Kamino Ward.


    Our newest work in the We Are More Than Heroes series. We've been looking forward to posting this one for quite a while!

    #fanfiction #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #mha#bnha#writing#Iida Tenya#Kendo Itsuka#Shoji Mezo#Tokoyami #We Are More Than Heroes #series update
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  • strawberrypeachmango
    17.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    🃒🂻🂡 serious 🂡🂻🃒 | tenya x black reader

    𝓈𝓎𝓃𝑜𝓅𝓈𝒾𝓈: general relationship things

    𝒸𝑜𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔: sprinkles of nsfw

    𝒶/𝓃: rich bigshot tenya rich bigshot tenya rich bigshot teny-


    - "I-I love you y/n, I -fuck- love you so much,"

    - he does, it's not a heat of the moment thing!

    - "y-you're the only one that takes me seriously,"

    - you are! well i mean not really

    - you WERE, and then he went and did the "imgonnaprovetoeveryonethatihavepotential" thing

    - and now everyone has to listen to him bcs he important!

    - anyway : generic relationship hcs

    - he's really like...repressed

    - ok not repressed but he certainly handles you looking good worse than everyone else

    - "....i need to go to the bathroom really quick" headass

    - i'm sorry but whatever you go out in he's gonna "spot-check"

    - "y/n, are you sure this isn't a little...suggestive for a dinner?"

    - "not any more "suggestive" than you say i'm being, iida."

    - the "suggestive" piece: a dress with a slit

    - he'll help out with hair bcs tenya's big on efficiency

    - there's never been a decision you've made hair-wise that he's hated

    - not like he'd really have the right to say anything if he did

    - "the green is a lovely colour on you."

    - his personal preference are the box braids

    - there's just something about you + long hair y'know?

    - another habit of tenya's is that he still tries to woo you like he's in the courting stages of the relationship

    - like bae we're not 12 we're married now ion know why roses keep on showing up at the door but ok

    - fancy dates

    - this man definitely takes you to the best hotels just because he can

    - when he can bcs remember! he bigshot hero now! he busy!

    - "i m-missed you so fucking much~"

    - real busy.

    - tenya loves you fr, he'd do anything for you

    - absolutely anything for his number one fan!

    #courtesyofstrawberrypeachmango#mha #mha x black reader #tenya iida #tenya x black reader #black girl reader #blackgirlwriter#blackgirl#black reader#mha headcanons #i know i said i wouldn't write for MHA but tenya is my exception
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  • hungrygayandtired2
    17.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Uraraka whenever she hangs out with Todoroki or Iida:

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  • suckmybigtoeoikawa
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    really random, but Iida, Shigaraki, Kenma, Aran, Todoroki and Tsukishima aren't the biggest lovers of PDA but they will link pinkies with you while you guys are in public, or even hold your hand. 

    Maybe if Kenma and Todoroki feel comfortable they will be a bit more playful, but these guys want to show you that they love you when it’s just you two around yk?

    it’s like being stuck in space, they only wanna be stuck with you and only you, and show that affection towards you in private because they don’t have to worry about what it may look like to others. And when he wants to show you affection he doesn’t want to think about others, he just wants to think about you.

    your his main priority <33

    i hope that made sense


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  • vaneeart
    16.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Day 16 of MHAlloween is Tenya as a mad scientist !

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  • class-1b-tomfoolery
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
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  • class-1b-tomfoolery
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Tokage and Rin are both cold blooded, a side effect to their quirks. sort of like Tsu, whenever it gets cold out, they just kind of shut down.

    So, Class B elected to always keep the dorms really really warm during the winter to help out their two reptilian classmates.

    Class A comes over for a movie night (or something) and immediately they're like "holy shit it's so warm in here why don't we keep our dorms this warm-"

    Iida's reasoning is that "I don't wish to raise UA's heating bill!"

    Which then causes anarchy in Class A while Class B just watches all that shit go down.

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  • thelazyhermits
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #boku no hero academia #bnha #my hero academia #mha#bnha fanfiction#bnha fanfic#bnha fic#mha fanfiction#mha fanfic#mha fic#my writing#class 1a#iida tenya#bakugou katsuki#asui tsuyu#aoyama yuuga #I hope y’all enjoy it! #let me know what you think! 💕
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  • frosted-starlight
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Comparing my Squid Game favs to my MHA favs !!!

    1. Sang Woo is an IRL Tenya Iida wbk

    (it’s perfect bc they’ve both attempted murder)

    2. Gihun radiate’s toshi’s tall, lanky, excitable golden retriever energy !!! they would be besties !!!

    (both carry so much trauma on their shoulders too)

    3. Sae Byeok, I mean look at them. The closed off “doesn’t give a shit” but actually gives 120% shits and would k!ll for their loves ones


    #squid game #my hero academia #cho sang woo #seong gi hun #kang sae byeok #ali abdul#iida tenya#yagi toshinori#aizawa shouta#deku#izuku midoriya #not going into too much detail bc this is for fun!! #feel free to add on if anyone wants to ???
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  • lenabee1008
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Notes: This is from the one-shot I made in my Quotev account, if you mind, please support me here:) I love writing Haikyuu, MHA blogs,one-shots, fanfics but I barely get any support:) Thank you for stopping by! (Artwork not mine!!)


    Ahhh a beautiful, pure, strong soul- SIKE, we could use a bit of chaotic energy to describe this person, let me fix that. Ahhh a chaotic, strong, humorous yet beautiful soul, Y/N L/N, a student in Hero course 1-A: hero name: H/N. You are known for your strong quirk and beauty, but they couldn't see how chaotic you are if they're not your friend. You're chaotic but friendly, your classmates adore you, even Bakugo lets you call him Kacchan! But little do people know this chaotic friend actually has a soft side around the guy with the Tape quirk called Sero?

    It's another day in class, special training today with the other class, you are informed that you will have battles against them. You walked out of your room in your uniform, and bag

    "Yo Y/N-chan!"-Sero greeted

    "Oi Asian face!"-You laughed, ran towards and tackled your buddy, playfully punching his shoulder-"How did my buddy sleep?"

    "I had a great sleep, how about you?"

    "Couldn't be better!"-You grinned and pulled him downstairs-"C'mon let's have breakfast or we won't catch up!"

    You had breakfast and raced to class without using your quirk. Finally, you made it with lots of panting and sweating

    "Hah! Take that, I won!"-Sero laughed

    "Oi that's only because I slowed down this time!"-You barked

    "Oh shut it I know you're lying!"

    "F/N-san, Sero-kun, you're wasting energy again! Save it for training class later oh my gosh!"-Momo facepalmed

    "Roger!"-You and Sero said at the same time, as the class giggled playfully at the chaotic atmosphere

    "Class! Put on your Hero outfit and head to Ground Beta!"-Iida with his robot pose again, ordering the class. The class finished changing as Aizawa sensei led us to Ground Beta, there lies class 1-B and All Might, Midnight

    "Good morning young students!"-All Might greeted as the classes bowed and greet them all

    --Skip to after class dismissed--

    You were talking and walking back to the dorms with your class, but Sero appeared out of nowhere, with his face burning with a heat hotter than Endeavor's flame. He was muttering nonsense

    "Y/N-chan!"-He finally said a word

    "Hm? What is it dumdum?"-You teased

    "C-c-can we- uh....t-talk for a-a...bit?"-He seems serious yet can't speak in a serious tone, he was a tomato dork.

    "Huh, strange, I never saw you muttering like this, okay?"-You grinned and approach him. You guys walked away

    "Ay, you're shaking."-You nudged Sero's arm

    "A-ah I am?"-Sero is shaking even more

    "Chill bro"-Your short posture raised an arm and patted him on the back. -"Seriously relax Sero-kun, you're making me worry, what is it do you want to tell me?"

    Sero lit his face up "My god! I'm sorry to worry you Y/N-chan!"-Sero laughed nervously, scratching his head, inhaling-"I just want to tell you that you'reverybeautifulandIlikeyoualotaaaaaaaaaaa!"

    Sero is redder than ever and speaking out faster than the speed of light that you couldn't listen to him. His temperature could reach 100 celsius, hotter than Endeavor's flame, redder than a tomato, he could be fainting- Oh maybe you're overreacting.

    "What was that? You're way too speedy!"-You curiously asked

    "You're very beautiful and I like you a lot!! I'm sorry if you don't feel the same at least we still can be friends?Or perhaps not??"-Sero is preparing to be heartbroken already. You stood still, lost in his words, still doubt about the fact that the guy you love the most loves you back. You blushed and made eye contact with him. You inhaled and said

    "I don't like you Sero-kun"

    "Oh god I knew it I'm so sorry don't get mad at me perhaps can we act like nothing has happen-"-The disappointed Asian face was cut off by you. You pulled him by the collar and kissed him before he could finish his sentence

    "I don't like you Sero-kun, I LOVE YOU!"-You playfully grinned, pulling his collar closer and hug his neck-"Sorry for worrying the heck outa you Sero-kun!"

    Sero felt like puking his heart out of his mouth, he was worried and happy at the same time

    "YOU SCARED ME OH MY GOD!"-Sero said as if he could cry right now, making the both of you laughed. Then he gripped your waist and gave you a passionate kiss that both of you shared.

    "I love you Y/N-chan"

    "I love you as well Asian face"-You smirked, your hands intertwined as you realized your class was following you and watching you all the time. The class screamed and laughed, congrats to you both, and also at the same time ran with the speed of God back to the dorms before Aizawa sensei gets mad.

    That Asian guy has stolen your heart away


    A/N: I'm sorry if you feel offended as an Asian, it's just that Bakugo also calls him Asian face? But however I meant no offense in this phrase Asian face, I myself am also Asian, worry not.

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  • miaicefyre
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    But wait, only one of them got past the gate 🤔 I guess that’s all they really needed

    Good on Iida for deciding to be the one to stay while also making sure Ojiro got through 😏

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  • quirkless-wannabe
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Deku: On the count of three, what's your favorite cake? One, two, three-

    Deku and Uraraka, in unison: Chocolate cake peanut butter frosting with chocolate chunks!

    Iida: Our turn, Todoroki! One, two, three- vanilla!

    Todoroki, deadpan: I've never had cake, what is cake…

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