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  • dawnthefox24
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    South park headcannons 2

    okay here’s part 2 but with Stan’s gang +Butters


    Butters he can barely see out of his left eye and understands that it was an accident from Kenny.

    He's very close to Kenny and he's has a small crush on his friend not evening know it.

    He uses his dad's shirts as capes as his professor chaos get up.

    He might be bisexual but he isn't too sure .

    He's the only one who remembers Kenny death but keeps it to himself. But he gives Kenny a hug saying he missed him.

    Has a hello kitty headphone set.

    He speaks / is learning spanish.(He's actually fluent and is Tweek tutor )

    His professor chaos persona is his comfort character,it also makes feel like he has more control over his life as Chaos.

    He listens to mashup songs on youtube

    He actually wears makeup in his spare time thanks to the girl's teaching him as Majorine.

    He knows how to write is cursive.

    He has mental/emotional trauma from his parents, uncle and grandmother.

    He doesn't regret leaking the video of Cartman dancing with a paper cut out of Justin Timberlake.

    He hates being allergic to almonds.

    He thinks that Tweek baking is amazing.

    He hates his parents but is too afraid that they'll do something to him.

    He see Tweek as brother since they both have shitty parents.

    He loves to spend time with Kenny 24/7 than the other guys.

    He makes sandwiches for Kenny and his sister.

    He enjoys watching old cartoons like the land before time.

    He's easily worried about Kennys well being that he constantly checks up on him.

    He enjoys playing dress up from time to time.

    He has dyslexia

    He has a tiktok but watches hello litty content.

    He wants to move out of his house and get away from his parents.

    He's neurodivergent.


    Has scars all over his body which are visible in reflects such as mirrors or windows.

    He hates the fact the he hurt butters,he also thinks that butters shouldn't have easily forgave him.

    He likes being around stan and Kyle but not with Cartman.

    He's get worried that everytime he dies he's afraid butters remembers his death whenever he hugs him even though his friends just say he was sick.

    Has a black belt in martial arts

    Wants to find away to get rid of his immortality

    He loves spending time with Butters once in awhile to hang out

    He has greasy hair (he only takes a shower like once a month )

    He's works part time as a cleaner.

    He has a small crush on butters and he sure butters has a crush on him as well.

    He hates when his sister cries it breaks his heart.

    He has Thanatophobia,it puts him edge that he hasn't died yet causing him to over think things.

    He easily get pissed that no one remembers his death.

    He sometimes helps his sister with her homework.

    He still dresses up as Mysterion for his little sister to portect her at all cost.

    He watches hello kitty with butters.

    He loves eatting the sandwiches that butters make.

    He calls butters bunny.

    He teases Stan and Kyle asking them when will they confess there for each other.

    He want to portect butters from his parents even though butters says he's fine.

    He knows Eric is a sociopath and a narcissist. He hates it how butters fallows cartman around.

    He wonders when his curse will end.

    He's color blind.

    He can sing opera.

    Takes Karen to school and picks her up.


    Is diabetic type 1.

    He speaks Latin,Aramaic and Yiddish.

    Is sickness prone.

    Easily gets headcold/headaches in the winter.

    Is allergic to Eel (stomach pains )

    Is double jointed.

    He's ambidextrous.

    Hates trying to maintain his curly hair.

    He's friends with Token and they sometimes study together.

    He gets cold easily. (During the winter time )

    He has a crush on Stan but hates the fact that Kenny knows about it.

    He loves his mom and brother more than his dad.

    He insults Eric in either Aramaic or Yiddish or maybe both when that asshole pissed him off.

    He has freckles.

    He enjoys teaching Stan Yiddish.

    He listens to little miss perfect.

    He loves musicals.

    He's under stress to be perfect.

    He has anxiety on being perfect.

    He's always happy seeing Stan dog Sparky come around comforting him.

    He has OCD

    He's a good singer but is quiet shy at singing.

    He wants to help Butters get out of his abusive house hold but knowing his dad it won't work.

    He's very over portective of Ike when it comes to his safety.

    He has scars around his mouth and wears makeup hiding it. (from the episode of Humancentipad)

    He has PTSD from all the horrible things that happened to him.

    He's a pacifist.

    He's pescatarian he just avoids eatting eel.

    He's a good cook.

    Helps Ike with his homework and stays up all night checkimg for monster under his brothers bed.

    He'll let Ike sleep in his room if his brother ever gets a nightmare.


    He has a crush on Kyle but he's in denial well kinda.

    He knows how to drive from a young age.

    He has asthma.

    He's 100% a vegan, maybe a pescataria.

    He uses Sparky as a therapy dog for him and Kyle.

    He's learning Yiddish from Kyle but he's struggling with it.

    He thinks he's bi-curious.

    He has dimples whenever he smiles.

    He thinks Kyle is adorable whenever he gets mad.

    He's a gamer boy

    He mostly play horror game/adventure games.

    He has a petty rivarly with Craig.

    He finally broke up with Wendy but is friends with her.

    Still drinks alcohol whenever shit hits the fan.

    He has a hate love relationship with his dad.

    He hates the fact that Kenny won't stop teasing him about his" friendship" feelings for Kyle.

    He's allergic too Hazelnuts.

    He wants to beat the shit out of Cartman for annoying Kyle.

    He has claustrophobia and agoraphobia.

    He trying to get along with his sister.

    He loves his mom with all of his heart and would often side with her.

    He has depression but is slowly getting better.

    He tends to get night terrors.

    He gives Sparky extra treats even though his mom says other wise.

    He worries about Kyle's health 24/7

    Has bags underneath his eyes from lack of sleep due to high stress.

    He fucking loves Hanukkah, he decided to come by and hang out with Kyle during Hanukkah and he loved every seconded of it.


    Kid is in the closet and it pretty clear.

    He enjoys fucking around with Kyle since it makes him feel better.

    He's gay for Kyle but doesn't want to admit it.

    He has weird night terror/dreams of dying but through Kennys eyes and they sorta of stopped.

    Master manipulator.

    He speaks spanish and somewhat german.

    He's a narcissist and psychopath/sociopath.

    He thinks kyle is putting a spell on him not realizing he's speaking in Yiddish or Aramaic.

    He has DID(Dissociative identity disorder)

    He's either bi-curious or gay but is in the closet.

    He very homophobic to himself.

    He's in a mental institution seeking therapy.

    He only goes in the mental hospital during the week days.

    He feeds stray cats from time to time.

    He still sleep with stuff animsls as a cooping mechanism.

    He wished he nevered founded out who his father was. (mostly because he is half ginger)

    His hand puppet was suppose to be a joke until it got possessed by a ghost named Mitch Conner.

    He thinks there is a lot of paranormal stuff happening around south park but he brushes it off.

    He wants to make admins with his half-brother but doesn't want to get infect from his gingerness.(even though he's half ginger)

    He has monophobia,it's the reason why he sticks around with Kenny,Kyle,and Stan sometimes Butters too.

    He has a pollen allergy.(sneezing and teary eyes)

    He's actually smart when he wants to be.

    He's 100% jealous of Kyle even though he wants him dead/gone he won't be able to live with out him.

    He takes medication for his DID.

    Mr.Kitty is his therapy animal.

    He needs to take his medication every 2 day with a meal.

    He's very sleep deprived from going to the medical institution.

    He left handed and knows to write in cursive.

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  • southparkmastermind
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    I want more stories where kyle has to look after his brother so Ike is constantly with Kyle and his asshole friends. Ike is like 8 and has to participate in whatever this group of the dumbest 14yo in town wanna do this time

    he returns home dirty, bruised and without two milk teeth that were still with him this morning. there is a poorly sewn hole on the elbow of his jacket. he is smiling and holding an ice cream. five dumbest assholes in this town behind him are trying to convince his mom that they were playing board games

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  • florbodoobo
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Some beautiful drawings i concocted in whiteboard

    The first one is of me tho lol

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  • mtntownshenagians
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Kyle x ike episodes

    season 1

    Cartman get an anal probe

    season 2

    ike wee wee

    season 7

    Christmas in canada

    season 10

    Miss teacher bangs a boy

    season 12

    Canada on strike

    about last night

    season 13


    season 13

    dead celebrities

    season 17 

    taming strange

    season 19

    happy hollograms two parter

    season 21

    splatty tomatoe

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  • almondmoon
    18.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Ike my beloved

    #Ike #ike South Park #South Park #south park art #south park fanart #south park ike #ike brovlofski#sketch#doodle#art
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  • ghostinginc
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    whoops forgot to post this. this is kinda like how i imagine them as teenagers + headcanons

    #south park#stan marsh#kyle brovlofski#kenny mccormick#eric cartman#butters stotch#headcanon #this is cringe deal with it #also ik it’s not canon but idc this is for fun #my art tag #since drawing this kennys design has already changed #he doesn’t wear the coat anymore karen does #maybe some day i’ll make my dumb little au
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  • southparkmastermind
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    favourite siblings

    #south park#kyle broflovski#ike brovlofski #I look at this picture and my heart fills with joy
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  • melonboywithmelondreams
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago


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  • melonboywithmelondreams
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    i would like to see the baby /ref

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  • thisuserisyou
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    things me and sister have said to each other.

    Plus a Kenny who doesn’t know what the L word is

    #fun fact: Jewish people can’t eat Oreos cause it isn’t kosher #So that joke doesn’t make sense which is the joke boom blew your minds #like to think that all sp characters are stupid like me so please let me live me fantasy #south park#kyle brovlofski#sp kyle#sp Ike#ike broflovski#kenny mccormick#stan marsh#eric cartman#sp stan#sp eric#sp #south park fanart #comic#stupid comic #ill probably make more lol
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  • laconchadetumadre
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    HC: the broflovskis watch encanto bc Ike's rlly hyped for it. Luisa's song comes up and Ike stares hard at Kyle who is bawling his eyes out in silence. Gerald falls asleep somewhere in the middle of the movie, Sheila misses the point of the movie so hard but she liked pepa so she's happy. Ike just wanted to see the we don't talk about Bruno song.

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  • hibizcus-tea
    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Redraw of this screenshot 💞🤙

    #ike brovlofski#ike broflovski#south park #south park fandom #south park fanart #south park ike #Ike South Park #broflovski family
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  • iwishiwasntakylekinnie
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    protect him at all costs

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  • guardianpark
    28.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    [7:00 AM]

    Kyle: Damn, it’s another day of doing the same thing.

    Kyle: maybe today I’ll finally get my Guardian! If fatass got his already. Wasn’t his guardian named Kenny or something? I don’t know but i’m sure I’ll get mine soon. Hopefully.

    Kyle: I honestly don’t even wanna get up to go to the bus stop.

    [from downstairs]


    #art #artists on tumblr #south park au #south park#kyle brovlofski#ike broflovski #new ask blog
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  • joke26
    23.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Adult Kyle and ike.

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