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  • In my head there is just a loop of the mii theme and honestly it shows

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  • Heroes Rising Spoilers !! Manga Spoilers

    Okay so I was reading a summary of Heroes Rising, ‘cause i’m too impatient to wait to see the movie, and noticed a small detail that was pointed out.

    “One of the silhouettes looks basically like Bakugou with burning red eyes, surrounded by a red aura. The other silhouette is drawn surrounded by a purple aura with their hair blowing in the wind.”

    Okay, so in the anime sometimes they’ll have that whole thing where, before All Might or Izuku delivers a punch, it will show a sires of flashing lights that represent each user, the colors go like this:

    • White: The First User, All For One’s younger brother
    • Blue: Second Holder, One of the Shadows
    • Red: Third Holder, One of the Shadows
    • Green: Fourth Holder, Guy with the scars
    • Orange: Fifth Holder, Lariat (Black whip guy)
    • Purple: Sixth Holder, Short Jeanist-looking guy with black hair
    • Pink: Seventh Holder, Shimura Nana
    • Yellow: Eight Holder, All Might
    • Neon Teal: Ninth Holder, Deku

    Anyways, a lot of people seem to assume that the Bakugou-looking vestige is the second holder (mainly to support the Bak-u-go theory), but looking at the order of the colors makes it seem like they were the third user,,

    Then again, this could just be the animators choosing whatever color they think would work best, and I don’t know if Hori even had a say in the whole color thing, so maybe its non-canon and I’m just looking into it too much, lol.

    #heroes rising spoilers #bnha heroes rising #bnha heroes rising spoilers #bnha manga spoilers #bnha spoilers #past ofa users #first ofa user #all might#deku#bnha#im dumb #one for all #bnha one for all #bak u go theory
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  • i got complimented today and i honestly didn’t know how to act

    #im dumb #i felt loved #i could’ve married him right there
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  • “Twenty twelve”

    Random-chocolate 24/02, past midnight like a fucking ididot…

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  • Sure would love to have a boy that grabs my ass while I’m reading about how the Circle of Vienna incorrectly appropriated the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus in ways that Wittgenstein himself criticized

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  • neokantian gang when we dunking on the circle of vienna

    #this is dumb #im dumb
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  • I’m going on a two day trip for a doctor appointment because where I’m going, it in a different state. I brought everything I need and I forgot to bring a stim pack.

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  • I got a black boi cat

    Should I name it

    • Archie
    • Mr. Meow Meow P.I.
    • Mr. Mayo Mayo P.I.
    #hunter speaks#im dumb #the kittens name was munch
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  • image

    I’m really stoned and my mom just texted me this and I have no control 😭

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  • im dumb and i accidentally outed myself about liking bts to someone i know irl and now i dont know what do about it like its fine cause they like bts too but like i dont really want people i know to know i like kpop ya know

    #personal#im dumb#bts #please dont respond #i dont want to talk about it
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  • why can I remember the names of rlly obscure hq characters like hyakuzawa but i dont even think about figuring out the names of the other 2 second years on karasuno (7+8)

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  • #my doctors (as always) hit me w a: yea bro idk whats wrong w u but thats fucked up #i had an allergic reaction two weeks ago that def couldve killed me tho luv anaphalaxia #anaphylaxis ???????? #im dumb#asks#anon#answered
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  • sleep well, my angel 

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  • I am 4 years old

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  • i forgot to check what hours i’m working next saturday i’m going to cry

    #ill hace to pop in and ask if i can check #im pretty sure theyre the same but if i turn up two and a hakf hours late i think ill get fired #im dumb #i dont deserve these adult responsibilities
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  • I was Agonizing over whether I should go with Kaldur or Jackson in s&c before I realized… most of the people I know go by more than one name… I go by more than one name… Kaldur'ahm is exactly the type of name that makes whoever has it go okay, yeah, fuck it, I’m tired of people butchering my name whenever I go to Starbucks and order a coffee and I don’t want to spell it out every single GODDAMN time, just call me Jackson

    #im dumb #also one of the names i go by is jade so now i feel obligated to cosplay cheshire
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  • #asks #i dont really think of anyone outside of milk and yam SLKJDAKLDJS #im dumb
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  • NCIS: *Theme song starts*

    Me: NErWOwAwoOoOo

    #12 years ago #im dumb#but like #i cant be the only one #who does this #ncis #ncis season 5 #i only like the old ones #they remind me of my dad #nostalgia#weird shit#omg humor #I'm at the part where Jenny's being investigated #just binged season 4 #Misha is so PRECIOUS #like he's a BABY #when they say 1995 they say #i love this show
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  • I had cramps today and I told my friend about it and was promptly informed that I’m a fucking idiot because periods are not supposed to make you vomit, almost faint or render you immobile

    #oopsie? #I will get it checked #call the hospital next week #im dumb #i dont remember how i usually tag these #text post#me
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