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  • Jesus H

    My upstairs neighbor got a fucking drum kit delivered today. Or that’s what it sounds like right now.

    Kill me, I can’t take anymore of this year

    #whatever i did #im sorry #i mean seriously
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    I know I haven’t been on tumblr lately and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been trying to help myself, but lately my mental health hasn’t been in the right place. I feel consumed by stress even though I’m done with school so far and I don’t have anything to do. I’m just so tired because I have to practically raise my baby sister and I’ve been trying to improve myself and do more, but at this point I feel like I still haven’t done enough yet I have no energy anymore. I want a break and i see people getting a break to the point that it makes me feel conflicted with myself and break down. I don’t have a job yet I wake up every morning to care for a human being that isn’t even my own child. I’m sorry for venting, but this is my few ways of being able to calm down.

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  • So, I’m going to post this just as personal because I need to get it off my chest and I don’t know where else to do it since I don’t wanna bother my friends anymore.

    Today is my birthday and, for the first time in ages, I’ve been looking forward to it. I usually don’t like celebrating my birthday since it makes me kinda anxious that nobody will say ‘happy birthday’ or nobody will care. Yeah, I know, it’s dumb, but that’s how I’ve felt for most of my life.

    Some friends of mine made some really funny videos and I got greet even by people that I wasn’t expecting! But I’ve been in quarentine for 80 days now and my family and I have been struggling to get along for sooo long, and I think today we got a lit bit tired of it. I’m having online classes at night and I only have a 1 hour break, so I understood that at that break we would call my grandma and we would eat all together and get some pictures, the thing is that I got dressed up, put on some make up and when I saw my family they were in pajamas and a lit bit grumpy, and I was like… so? what is going on? and they were like, why are u so dressed up? 

    And it was awful, bc they got mad, and they were like oh you understand what you want to. And ugh, awful, even my grandma was calling and they kept on cutting her call and being mad.

    Then I got to talk to my grandma and my mother got a lit bit mad bc first she didn’t want to be seen and THEN SHE WAS MAD BC I WASN’T SHOWING HER IN THE VIDEOCALL???? Oh God, I was holding back my tears, after that I had to run to the bathroom so I could cry. I’m writing this while I’m on my online lesson and I’m still crying bc I feel sad. I KNOW THAT I’M OVERREACTING and that there are way more serious things to cry about, but I can’t stop feeling like this. I’m sorry if this bothers someone in any way. I’m really sorry.

    But, nvm, I don’t think nobody will fully read this, but at least I got it off my chest.

    Now let’s go back to our favorite villains posts

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  • Hmm time to join the dead night at the museum fandom

    #im sorry #but i like history and im gay
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  • Just want to make it even more clear. I don’t have a back up. You’re the only one. Since fall last year. Why would I leave u when my soul intention was forever?

    I know it’s hard to believe my words but it’s also hard for me to 💯 believe u as well due to our situation. I already have trust issues w letting people in. This hasn’t helped.

    Regardless you’re not replaceable. I wasn’t planning on ever replacing u. It would be a downgrade anyways cuz no one is like u. Mind, body and soul. u have no idea, if u looked at my personal writings starting from late last year. They’re mostly about u. You can believe it or not. I don’t know what I would be getting from lying about any of this. I guess heartbreak.

    #pt.2 #im sorry #i really am #😔#💔 #u can punch me in the face #i wouldnt mind #that sounds bad...
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  • Roman: I think I may be depressed

    Patton: same

    Logan: same

    Virgil: same

    Janus: same

    Remus: same

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  • Look, i know its subs > dubs but even you have to admit that sometimes the original voice actors sound sooOOooo annoying

    #this is about deku's VA #im sorry #xan talks a lot #its the main reason i went for the dub and now for s4 im worried abt switching back to the sub
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  • Someone who is caught up on the Flash:

    Hey I kinda stopped watching at the beginning of last season (5?) but I have some questions

    • Has Barry created Gideon yet? (Idk IF he will bc Thawne brought her to the past/present but 👀)
    • Has Gideon been in the show much?
    • Has Cisco found true love yet or are they still being mean to his character?
    • Is Sue Dibny a like able character? I think she’s gorgeous so I hope so
    • Is Iris pregnant or want to be? Dawn and Don?
    • HOW are they treating my girl Caitlin Snow??
    #im sorry #i just dont have the motivation to watch it but im still curious #the flash#caitlin snow#barry allen
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  • okay im gonna feel weird if i don’t say this so you can ignore me or whatever, but im gonna say something real quick. i understand that with all the actual life and death protests going on, les mis stuff might seem rude or disrespectful. and i get that. im being very careful to do my best to make sure any les mis content i put out isn’t taking real tragedy and making it a joke or a love story or anything like that. and i realize i might mess up. i don’t claim to know everything. if it helps, i have been signing as many petitions as i can to help the blm movement. im doing my best, i really am, but i know there’s a risk of me stepping on some toes. if i accidentally post something insensitive, PLEASE tell me. i want to fix my mistakes. but also, i will still post stuff tomorrow. i know it might not seem timely, but les mis has been one of my major coping mechanisms for years now. when i get insanely overwhelmed, les mis is one of the most familiar things i can fall into and it makes me feel a hell of a lot better. if you want to block some tags so that you don’t see fandom stuff tomorrow, thats okay, if you want to unfollow me, thats okay. but please let me have my musical in peace. like i said, i’ll do anything you ask to be as respectful as i can be. so please just be nice to me, im fragile

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  • oh fuck i just fucked my friend who has a gf im sorry im so sorry im sorry i didnt mean to im sorry im so sorry i hate myself and im sorry

    #it was just supposed to be a little smoke break #but then we took some e #im so sorry #i should be dead and im sorry #idk why im like this #im sorry. #im sorry#x
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  • I’m gonna be whiny again. Apart from the protests and corona and the world literally devolving into mindless chaos, my last few weeks have been insanely tough and stressful. I can’t even bring myself to do my dailies in the arcana. I’m just so fucking sad and listless no matter what I do. I just wanted to say it somewhere. I’m tired and the world is an ugly place right now. I’m scared for my friends. I’m scared for me. I’m scared for all of us.

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  • i apologise for not making og content for months but in my defense i accidentally got sucked into a dnd hellhole and have been obsessively making art for dumb fantasy teens. but happy birthday roman i swear i did not forget about you

    #im SORRY #i swear one day i will return #probably when my queue finally runs out #glitter.txt
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    #if my english is shit #im sorry #its not my first language and im drunk hahahahah
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  • #Mother 3#m3#mother series#earthbound #mother 3 spoilers #i mean not really #its the first chapter #mother 3 claus #mother 3 masked man #mother three#mother claus#m3 claus#shitpost#sophi screeches#haha#im sorry
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  •         @learnednothingasked “don’t do that. don’t shut me out.” 


        “why shouldn’t i?” words spoke without the former spy looking at the other. “isn’t that what i’m supposed to do”?

    #learnednothing #;; its so short #im sorry
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