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    Request: Well how about everyone finding out that Newt was actually married and he just doesn’t mention having a wife because it might endanger her life? You know Newt will have this adorable wife that he is protective of and heres the thing, the wife is more scarier, like I could imagine (y/n) that is a muggle that looks innocent but would kill you.

    ☆ it's not so long, but i hope you like it.

    Loved your request btw...

    A good surprise

    Newt Scamander x Fem!reader

    Warnings ⚠️


    Story 📚

    You and newt have been married for a few years and his friends don't know about it.



    After everything that had happened to Newt in New York, The Hufflepuff was definitely ecstatic to see Jacob and both the Goldstein sisters on his front door. Except for the fact that you were in the kitchen right now making dinner and none of them knew about your existence.

     You knew about the magical world since you were a little girl, because your big sister was a witch. You did had a phase where you really wanted to be a witch like your sister, but being from a family with parents and three more brothers that were muggles just like you made you realize that you liked being one of them. And since you married a wizard you definitely had your fair share of magic in life so that didn’t really bothered you anymore.

    You met Newt on the 9 3/4 platform while waiting for your sister to show up. After you met you asked your sister who he was, and she told you everything about the boy. And since your sister is definitely one hell of a cupid, you started writing letters to one another. And then soon enough you were dating.  

    After he graduated Hogwarts you both planned on travelling around the world together, of course that came all together with a marriage proposal coming from the boy. And since you loved both him and his creatures, traveling around the word to save the animals was definitely something you were looking forward to. Now he just needed your fathers blessing…

    Newt meeting your family was probably the funniest moment of your life. He was so nervous, and your three brothers staring him down every five minutes definitely did not help the trembling boy feel any better. He was stuttering all the time while he was talking to your father, and even though you thought it was adorable, Newt was definitely shitting his pants. Your father surely saw how he cared for you and how much you loved the lanky boy in front of him so he gave him his blessing.

     However, Newt only gained your brothers respect when you and your family went to meet his family and they got to see the Hippogriffs. And when Newt let them ride the creatures, they were definitely crazy for him afterwards.

    The wedding was small and very private; your sister was your bridesmaid and you opted for having a muggle ceremony. You wore your mother’s old wedding dress and the day after the wedding you and Newt started your journey.

    Now, you and Newt had been married for a few years and because of everything that had been going on in the wizarding world; you and newt had decided that it would be best if he travelled alone, cause he was often involved with wizards and as far away from that you were the safer it was. You were a muggle and as much as you could defend yourself from other people, against magic you were completely in danger. And being far away from magic also meant that most of the magical people Newt knew did not knew about you.

    So what the hell was he supposed to do now?

    Should he hide you? Or just present you to his friends? I mean, they were his friends right? They wouldn’t tell anyone about you. Would they?

    Newt never had many friends before, so he just didn’t knew what to do. You were always the one he would ran up to ask those things. Wait…, yes! That’s what he would do.

    “Hey, Newt! Surprise! We wanted…” Jacob started just to be interrupted by the loud bang of the door being closed rapidly on his face.

    “What the fu-“ Newt could hear Jacob’s startled voice before running up to you. What could he say, he panicked.

    “(y/n)! it’s an emergency!” He said in a hurry.

    “What, why did you slam the door so loudly? Newt… What did you do?” You asked still stirring the tomato sauce with a dead stare that usually made him terrified but that now he was just too panicky to notice.

    “So… there’s people at the door…” he started

    “Open it then…” you said while hearing the doorbell ring loudly.

    “But it’s the people I met in New York and they wanted to surprise me but they don’t know you exist, and I don’t know what to do…” Newt rambled

    “Well… they’re your friends of course they can now about us” You answered “Now go get them! it’s raining!”

    “Oh bugger” Newt instantly spun on his feet and went to the door opening it, only to find his now very confused friends looking at him.

    “What the hell was that for?” Said Jacob

    “Oh, I just wasn’t expecting you guys. Please come in.” He said now retreating to the side allowing them to move to the inside of the small flat.

    “I had forgot how weird you were buddie” Jacob said with a smiled while walking into the place being followed by the two sisters”

    “Yeah we missed you in New York honey. Tina is so bored without your creatures to chase throughout Manhattan.” Said Queenie

    “She is kidding” interrupted Tina

    “Now who is this?” Asked Jacob now looking at you standing in front of the oven.

    “Oh, hello. I’m (y/n).” you said

    “Oh that’s a beautiful name” Said Queenie

    “And how do you kn…” started Tina but was interrupted by a very hungry Jacob yelling ‘is that pasta?’ to which you invited him to help you prepare it. So you all started talking about how they had met Newt and their lives but the subject of who you were had been dropped. After dinner was ready Newt and the sisters made the table while you and jacob put all the food in it.

    “This is delicious (y/n), how did you learnt to cook like this?” Jacob asked

    “Oh, my mom taught me.”

    “That’s nice” said Queenie

    “And how do you know Newt?” Asked Tina

    “Well… we… I…” Newt tried to say it but since you knew how he would stumble on his words, so you just said it for him.

    “We’re married...” you smile and Jacob chokes on his drink.

    “What...? Do you-u I mean-n, how-w... he’s your-r...” Tina stutters

    “Congratulations” Queenie smiled widely

    “MARRIED? Like married married?” Jacob says while coughing.

    “Yes Jacob, Married” Newt looked at Jacob while offering him a cup of water.

    “How?! When?!” Jacob drank the entire cup in a hurry trying to stop his coughing.

    “Well, we met when we were kids, and we’ve been married for… eleven years if my math is correct” Newt answered

    “ELEVEN YEARS?” Jacob yelled “Eleven years and you didn’t thought of mentioning it even once?”

    “Well is was a choice, (y/n) is a muggle and I didn’t want her to be involved in the mess that was happening within the magical world”

    “Wait you’re a no-maj?” Asked Tina

    “I am” You answered quickly

    “And how did you met as kids?” She insisted

    “Well my sister is a witch, and she attended Hogwarts, and then I met him while waiting for her… it’s a whole story.” You stand up “So do you guys want cake? We can talk more over desert” You offered

    “I’ll take that actually” Jacob accepted and Queenie simply nodded along. Tina was still a bit shocked but you brought her apiece as well.

    You and Newt spend all afternoon telling them about how you guys met and everything, it was a good night full of laughing stories, the girls told you all about New York and you made Newt promise to take you there someday. They went home after it got late since Queenie and Jacob had to get home, and Tina had to work the next day. You went to sleep happy that night.

    It was definitely a good surprise…

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    to the boy who stayed up and watched the stars with me when i couldn’t sleep, park jongseong / park jay ♡

    WARNING : profanity!

    summer 2020

    summer camp sucks. you hated summer camp with a passion that no one could understand.

    your father constantly put you and your little sister in camps during the summer to prevent you guys from wasting away and getting into trouble.

    as much as you appreciated your father’s good intentions, you hated the thought of sleeping with a bunch of people and having to wake up at a set time and following, what feels like, a million and one rules.

    “so everyone, please welcome our new camp member who will be joining us this summer: jeon y/n!”, the camp head introduced you to the rest of the people who were sat in groups on the ground.

    before you could even speak up to introduce yourself, a boy storms in and screams. “yo! jaebeom hyung sorry i’m late!”

    how rude, you thought to yourself— shooting a glare at the boy who took a seat at the far back.

    the camp head sighed.

    “yah, jay— first day of camp and your late again! this is your third year in a row”, the camp head playfully scolded, the boy rubbing his nape in response.

    you proceeded to introduce yourself before joining the crowd.

    after that, everyone was instructed what to do and not do and the activities for the day commenced.

    you honestly didn’t expect the day to be fun. it was honestly nothing new but you enjoyed meeting new people.

    it was night time and all your cabin mates had dozed off into a deep sleep.

    you were the only one tossing and turning around, unable to rest as well as the rest of the people in your cabin.

    your cabin was located a few minutes from the lake, which you personally thought had the most peaceful and beautiful view.

    with that information, you took it upon yourself to go there. you slipped on your slippers, threw on a jacket and sneakily made your way out of the cabin.

    you knew it would get you in to trouble but you really couldn’t find anything in yourself to sleep. it didn’t help that phones were confiscated past 9 p.m.

    you successfully got out of the cabin and took in a huge breath of relief, the familiar scent of oak trees and the night breeze making you feel less suffocated.

    you snuck off as cleverly as you could, trying to be as discreet as possible.

    you felt an instant jolt of happiness when you reached the familiar lake, basically making a beeline to the wooden deck that rested on the water.

    you took in the breath-taking view before you. the view looked exactly like a painting— so unreal but so detailed.

    you almost fell off the railing when you heard a voice greet you from behind.

    “looks like someone is breaking the rules”

    you turned to the back and saw the rude boy from earlier that day, smirking at you while leaning against a tree.

    scoffing, you retaliated to his statement.

    “at least i didn’t break two”, you spat, reverting your attention back to the view before you.

    he walked up next to you, also observing the view.

    for a moment, there was a brief air of tension as the both of you went on, not saying a single word to each other.

    “why are you here?”, you mustered up the courage to ask— eyes planted anywhere but on the person you were talking to.

    “can’t sleep”, he bluntly replies, suddenly humming a random tune.

    you looked at him in confusion, he came here for the exact same reason that i did?

    “odd, cause— i can’t sleep either”, you pointed out the funny coincidence.

    “wow— we both can’t sleep— i guess we’re soulmates”, he sarcastically remarked earning another one of your glares.

    “you know, you should really smile more”, he threw his hands up, suggesting the idea.

    before you could retort, a figure was seen from afar, probably one of the guards who kept vigil during the night.

    “oh shit—”, he muttered, making sure to grab your wrist and dragging you to who knows where.

    “what the hell are you doing?!”, you whisper shouted only for him to ignore and drag you to a distant place from the camping site.

    “shhh and just trust me”, he assured you as the both of you ran through the trees before stopping at a place guarded with a gate.

    the place was far from the camping site. the gate was locked so you were confused as to why he brought you there.

    he unlocked the gate with a necklace he wore and beckoned you to come in. you were hesitant at first but something in his eyes told you that he wouldn’t do anything bad to you.

    you entered the gate and you didn’t regret it at all.

    it was a secret park area that sat under the constellations— it was as if it came straight out of a movie.

    “what is this place?”, you asked, bewildered and nothing short of amazed by your surroundings.

    “my secret park”, he winked before taking a seat at one of the slumps.

    “when you can’t sleep, just find me, i’ll be right here”, he smiled and handed you a spare key.

    you felt your heart skip one million beats at a time.

    “why would you even trust me though?”, you questioned— eager to know his reasoning.

    “cause, jeon y/n, you trusted me when i dragged you all the way here— when i could’ve dragged you literally anywhere”, he honestly replied.

    you were about to speak up before he hushes you.

    “can you stay and watch the stars with me?”

    from there, your friendship with him blossomed, and so did your feelings.

    you spent, if not, every night watching stars with him and finding out new things about him that make you like him even more. both of you just instantly clicked.

    you found out that he went to an international school and that he had many friends. you found out that he loves fashion and dreamt to release his own line of clothes one day.

    he even told you that he’d want you to be his muse and that got you into an instant blushing puddle.

    he didn’t even have to do much to get you into a blushing mess— he had the most killer smile and the moment he flashes it, you’re butterflies all over again.

    you found yourself looking forward to meet him more and more every single night.

    soon enough, you realized: you fell for the boy who stayed up with you when you couldn’t sleep.

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    A/N ♡ heyya! slightly longer chapter teehee!! sorry if none of this makes sense guys~ it will eventually, i promise ☹️ anyway, i hope you guys enjoy this one! mwah! thank you for the support!

    TAGLIST ♡ @lanadreamie @kingkaithekiwi @hwasooyoungie @abdiitcryy @msxflower @hobistigma

    (couldn’t tag: @studio_reader , @mintbgyu )

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    This video but it’s vamp!Nate as a bat

    #imagining a bat hanging from a moving ceiling fan made my sides hurt from trying not to laugh loudly
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    The Ties that Bind: Lauren Part 2

    AN: Here is the continuation of last week’s cliff hanger. I really hope you guys love this as much as I do! 

    AN: This episode is an AU of the season 6 episode 18 episode Lauren. I hope you enjoy it!!

    AN2 : Huge SHOUT OUT to the following people who helped brainstorm and edit this chapter @hotforhotchner11 @originalsoulduck @hotchinkevlar

    Warnings: None that I can think of

    Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x fem!reader

    Master List and Part 1 

    You’re lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. The fan is making a soothing noise, just loud enough to drown out Aaron’s soft snores, but not nearly loud enough to drown out the intrusive thoughts in your head. You had said yes. You were engaged. You are going to marry Aaron Hotchner; the man you love. And yet . . . ? 

    It’s not the first time you’ve heard those four words. In fact you’ve heard them twice before. Once from your high school boyfriend at his graduation party where you had said no, grabbed Spencer and promptly went home and locked the door. And then from Joel; after the woman had left, there had been a hasty love declaration followed by an impromptu marriage proposal all while he pulled on his boxers. You had stared at him in shock. You’d been appalled but Joel had seemed to think it was excitement. He’d been dangling that carrot in front of you for years. You’d thrown a book at his head and yelled no at him. 

    And now? Now the man you love, and there’s no doubt that you love him, is standing in front of you, in an unimaginable pain after just losing his friend, and is asking you to marry him. And you want to spend the rest of your life with Aaron. You really do. Hell, the two of you had discussed marriage and kids and houses more than once while laying in bed at night. 

     now that he’s actually asking,  you can’t help but think that he’s doing it for the wrong reasons. You wonder if this engagement, marrying you now, is just something to ease the hurt. You’re terrified that he’s going to wake up one day and decide he rushed into things and want to take a step back; you’re fairly sure that would be the thing to break you. You’d find a way to put the pieces back together again, you always did, but the thought terrifies you. You’ve never loved anyone the way you love Aaron. And 99% of the time that’s an amazing feeling, but right now, it has you near tears. 

    The next few days leave you truly exhausted. Between Emily’s funeral, Spencer’s grief, Aaron’s grief, and even Jack’s grief there’s not a ton of time to dwell on your intrusive thoughts. They usually come at night when you’re trying to sleep. Aaron asks you more than once if you’re okay, and you know it's bugging him that he can’t figure out what’s wrong, but you don’t want to seem silly with your fears. While he’s normally excellent at breaking down your barriers this one seems to be a stronghold. 

    Eventually, you need a break. You need to work things out. You need space. So you kiss Aaron as he walks out the door to work. You take Jack to school, and kiss him goodbye, and then you head to your favorite bookstore. It’s the same one you and Aaron had gone to in the early days of your friendship. Now the two of you liked to bring Jack here on the weekends. 

    It’s empty, which is to be expected for a weekday, and head to the back where the sofas and reading tables are. You settle at a table, take out your notepad and start writing all of your insecurities, questions, and thoughts down. Your hand is starting to cramp when you finally finish. You set it down and start twisting your wrist. Then you look up and let out a startled yelp. 

    Spencer gives you a funny look, “I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes. If I was a serial killer I could have kidnapped you or killed you or a variety of things by now.” 

    You don’t have the strength for this. “What are you doing here Spencer? How did you find me?” 

    “Somethings going on with you. I noticed. Garcia noticed. Will noticed. Jess noticed. Hotch hasn’t said anything, but I’m sure he’s noticed. JACK has noticed.” 

    You wince, “Jack noticed?” 

    “He asked why you’re not smiling as much. The rest of us are wondering the same thing. I’m also wondering why you haven’t been sleeping.” 

    “Who says I haven’t been sleeping.” 

    “The gallon of concealer under your eyes.” You scowl and gently kick his leg as he takes a sip of his coffee.

    “I need to get friends who aren’t so observant.” 

     “I’m a profiler. I’m trained to observe. What’s going on?” You give him a look. “What?”

    “Don’t sit there and act like you haven't been reading my notes.” 

    He smiles and nudges your leg, “You’re getting married.” You hesitate. “Maybe not? Did Hotch. . .” 

    “He proposed the same day Emily died.” 

    And your brother, your genius brother- who knows you just as well as you know him- catches on, “Now the notes make so much more sense. You’re worried he’s rushing something to make him feel better. You’re worried he’ll look back and have regrets.” 

    “I’m worried about a lot of things.” 

    Spencer takes another sip of his coffee, 

    “You need to talk to him. Tell him this stuff. From what I hear, that’s how relationships work.” 

    You bite your lip, “Not once, since we became friends, have I ever felt like I couldn’t tell him how I felt. Not once. And then he proposed and I was so happy. I was so excited. And then I was trying to fall asleep and all of these . . . . worst case scenarios kept popping up. Memories, horrible memories, kept resurfacing. Diana and William never had any real communication from what I can remember and that led to ruin. 

    “With Bryan I was so young. I just . . . I knew marrying him wasn’t right. With Joel, I just wanted to be normal and he offered me that.” 

    “Joel?” It’s like a record scratch. “When the hell did Joel propose?” 

    “About thirty seconds after his mistress left. He did it right after declaring his love for me, and all while pulling on his boxers. I stared at him with my jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe the audacity. He thought I was excited. I threw a book at him, and then he turned it on me. Said I was lucky a doctor of his stature was even looking my way. After all, I was only a teacher and I came with SO much baggage.” 

    Spencer curses, “You know . . . I didn’t think it was possible to hate Joel even more than I do, but you just proved me wrong. If Hotch ever finds out about that, he’ll kill him. Hell, I’m close.” 

    You nudge him again, “Focus.” 

    He shakes his head, “Right. There are big differences between Hotch and both of those idiots. We’re not even going to touch Bryan. He didn’t do any major damage. Mom and Dad? They did tons. We both know that. And Joel? Well, if I saw him running down the street on fire I wouldn’t offer him a glass of water, but Hotch? 

    “I’ve worked with him for years. He doesn’t rush into things without thinking. And he’s made mistakes in the past, and he’s worked hard to fix them. And he loves you. There’s not a doubt in my mind that he loves you and he’d do anything for you. I wouldn’t let you marry him if I didn’t think that, because you deserve the best. 

    “Let me?” 

    He rolls his eyes, “You know what I mean, and stop trying to redirect the conversation. What this boils down to is. . . you’re scared. You’re getting your, lack for better words, ‘Happily Ever After,’ and you’re waiting for something horrible to happen because that’s the way your life has gone. You’re waiting for him to leave because that’s happened to you so many times. Hotch isn’t going anywhere. I know that for a fact. The same way E=MC². The question is, do you know it?” 

    You look at your little brother, who isn’t little at all anymore. Your brother who will never leave you and who loves you and has supported you. In thirty minutes he’s managed to talk you off the cliff and help you make sense out of something that would have taken hours on your own.

    Aaron Hotchner loves you. He’s never once called your fears or concerns silly. He’s never belittled you or made you feel small. He’s never left you on your own to deal with something without offering help. Hell, he’d been offering help for days now while trusting you to deal with it at the same time. You love Aaron Hotchner, and yeah that’s scary as hell, but it is so worth the risk. You look down at your pad with your scribbled notes and slowly rip it out of the book and crumple it up. 

    Spencer smiles, “Good choice.” 

    You lean back in your chair and smile. You feel unburdened for the first time in days. With a smile you ask, “Are you going to  make fun of me if I have a big traditional wedding?” 

    “Nope. I’ll even help you plan it.” 


    “Oh Yeah. Now. Let’s get you some coffee, and we can talk about colors.” 

    You laugh and gather your things as he swings an arm around your shoulders, “You never said how you found me.” 

    “You’re my sister and I’m a trained FBI profiler. It was easy.” 

    “You had Penny track my phone, didn’t you?” 

    “Like I said: easy.” 

    “Ahh, and you’ll tell Aaron I’m okay and I’ll talk with him tonight?” 

    He startles at that, “How’d you know he sent me?” 

    You smile, “Because he never leaves me to face my demons on my own. He knows me. And I know the two of you. We’re not even married yet, and the two of you are already in kahoots.” 

    Your brother just laughs. 


    When he gets back to the bullpen, Spencer bypasses everyone in favor of Hotch’s office. His boss, and soon to be brother-in-law is pacing in front of his desk and talking to someone on the other line. He knows this can take a while so he makes himself comfy on the couch. 

    Hotch stays on the phone for a good ten minutes before hanging up and turning to him, “Is she okay?” 

    Spencer smiles, “Yeah. She just got in her own head. To put it simply she thought you’d think you were making a mistake and break things off.” 

    “Why would she think that?” 

    “I’ll just say we can blame it on Joel and leave it at that.” 

    Spencer would be the first to admit he gets satisfaction out of the automatic way Hotch scowls anytime he hears the bastard’s name. “It could also have something to do with the fact that YOU PROPOSED TO MY SISTER WITHOUT A RING!” 

    He finds himself standing and closer to Hotch. It feels good to get that off his chest. Of course the way Hotch raises an eyebrow has him taking a step back, but he doesn’t sit back down! “My sister wants the big traditional wedding, and I’m going to make sure she gets it. She should have had a nice traditional proposal too, but you got impulsive!” 

    Hotch’s head tilts to the side, “That’s true. But no one said it was too late to fix that.” 

    “How do you plan to fix it?” 

    “Grab your bag.” 

    “Where are we going?” 

    He stops short when Hotch shoots him a look and repeats himself, “Grab your bag, Spencer.” 

    He blinks a few times. That’s the first time Hotch has ever called him Spencer. Maybe it won’t be so bad having him as a brother?


    You’re on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book, enjoying what little time remains of your day off, when Aaron comes in. He’s home rather early, it’s only three o’clock. He looks remarkably causal for a work day. And you know for a fact that he had been in a full suit when he left this morning. Now, he’s without his jacket and tie. He leans against the door and stares at you for a few minutes, a small smile on his face. He’s waiting for something, and you know what it is. 

    You set your tea and book to the side and open your arms to him. He crosses the room in a few long strides, his body cages yours as his weight settles on top of you. You immediately dig your fingers into his hair and scratch you nails lightly against his scalp while he places kisses on your collar bone. It’s the most comfortable you’ve been in days. 

    But you know you need to talk. You also know that your brother has already reported back to him. “You talked with Spencer.” 

    “Mhmhmm.” He  murmurs it against your skin, his breath is warm. He lifts his mouth just enough to say, “He has Jack with him. They’re doing some uncle-nephew bonding thing. I told them we’d meet up with them in a little while.” 

    “I’m sorry I shut you out.” 

    Aaron sighs. His arms slip under you and then he maneuvers you so that you’re laying on top of him. “You got scared. You needed to process. I get it. I get it better than most people. You’re not the only one who has been left behind before.” 

    It's a gentle reminder that you’re not alone. He understands what it means to lose people. He knows where you’re coming from. Your fingers grip his shirt, “I can’t lose you, Aaron.” 

    His fingers slide through your hair to cradle the base of your skull and leans forward to kiss your forehead. “You’re not going to lose me. You’re it for me. We’re going to grow old together. We’ll be that stereotypical couple who watches their grandkids play from their front porch. We don’t leave.” 

    You echo the words, “We don’t leave.” 

    “. . . .except when we have to go meet your brother and pick up our son. In the meantime I thought we could maybe start talking about the wedding.” 

    “Hmmm. I want big and traditional. I’ve never really had that before I thought a wedding would be the perfect time to try it out.” 

    He laughs, “Of course, because weddings aren’t  stressful at all.” 

    The two of you lie there for a little while, and ever so slowly, as Aaron rubs a hand up and down your back, you can feel your eyes start to droop. It shouldn’t be a surprise, not when you’ve barely been sleeping. But as you drift off you know in your heart that you’re making the right choice. 

    You wake up a while later, to someone placing light kisses on your head. You pout a little, as Aaron rubs at your back, “If you don’t wake up now you won’t sleep tonight and then your sleep schedule will be even more thrown off.” 

    “Whatimeisit.” The words run together. 

    “Time to pick up Jack. Spencer took him to the bookstore. I told him we’d meet him there.” 


    “Nope. We need to get going.” You groan, as Aaron lifts the both of you into a sitting position. You stand and head towards the bedroom so you change out of your lounge clothes and back into real clothes. “I also told them we’d take them to dinner.” 


    You manage to get into an outfit that’s halfway nice and layered. DC in May means a fairly rapid temperature change between day and night. You lean against Aaron as the two of you walk. You’re still not quite awake, and bless him, he stops at a coffee shop to get you some caffeine. Feeling more alert, the two of you take your time getting to the bookstore. You know Spencer and Jack can entertain themselves for quite a while there. 

    It’s strangely empty when you step inside. Another World Books is a popular local store and it’s usually packed in the evenings. There’s also no sign of Jack or Spencer anywhere. You’re so focused on looking down the stacks that you don’t notice Aaron flip the sign on the door to closed. 

    He gently touches your hip, “Why don’t you check the lounge section and I’ll check the children's section.” 

    You smile and kiss his cheek, “Sounds good.” 

    You take off with a slight jog and weave in and out of the stacks to get to the back of the store, and then you pause. You suck your bottom lip in and gently bite down at what’s waiting for you there. All over that area, the same area you and Aaron had laid around and read in your first time hanging out has been decorated. There are flowers everywhere, battery operated votives, and pictures; so many pictures. Pictures of you through the years with Spencer, on your own, your friends, at work, with Aaron, with Jack, and with the little family you get to call yours. 

    And there, at the center of the coffee table is your favorite book. You look down at the beautifully decorated copy of Pride and Prejudice. You first read it in college. It had been assigned reading and you had been certain you would hate it. Instead you had fallen in love with it. Jack and Aaron and Spencer had sat through the movie as well as the BBC version more than a few times and you tended to come back to it when you needed comfort. You’d been reading your own well worn copy when Aaron had come home tonight. 

    You gently pick up the book, and flip through it more than a few verses have been highlighted; one’s you’ve pointed out to Aaron over the years and each one means something to your relationship. 

    “What is distance when one has motive.” You remember quoting it to Aaron when he had come home apologizing for missing date night. He had told you his fears of being away too much, and you had quoted these words to him. In the book Elizabeth had said them to her sister to excuse the walking she’d had to do. You had said them to Aaron to let him know you understood his job, and had accepted it a long time ago. 

    “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” You remember quoting this one to Aaron when Spencer and Emily had been trapped with the cult in Colorado. You had watched in awe as he had scared away the state’s Attorney General. It was then that you knew he’d do anything he could to protect those he cared about. 

    “They walked on, without knowing in what direction. There was too much to be thought, and felt, and said, for attention to any other objects.” Aaron had quoted this one to you. It had been shortly after you and he had started dating. He and Jack had come to your place, and the two of you had been reading while Jack played with legos. He had surprised you with the quote, and quietly admitted that he had read the book because you loved it so dearly and that it had reminded him of the two of you not realizing you were in love with each other. But just like Darcy and Elizabeth the two of you had found your way. 

    “There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense.” It’s another quote Aaron had said to you. After a particularly difficult case he had come home, kissed the stuffing out of you and said these words, followed by, “I love you so much, and there is no one I think better of.” It had made your heart sore. 

    There are many others, but the last one highlighted isn’t one you’ve said out loud before. You’ve never had a reason to. It comes from Mr. Darcy’s second proposal, and unlike the movie there is no grand declaration. It’s much more subdued but still powerful, “You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged; but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.” You find it odd. 

    “Mr. Darcy and I both screwed up the first proposal.” You whip around to find Aaron standing there, watching you. “And I know we talked, but if you’re not ready, that’s okay. I just figured he knew how to say it better.” 

    You swallow and gently close the book. You clutch it to your chest, “I have never wanted anything more than you and the life we can have together.” 

    He smiles, and your heart nearly stops as he glides to one knee and pulls out a box. You smile, and you feel the first tear fall and then another. You swipe at them. You barely hear Aaron say your name, but when he asks the words, “Will you marry me?” you hear those loud and clear. 

    And your answer leaves no doubt, “Yes!” 

    He surges forward and slips the ring on your finger. It’s gorgeous  (description goes here), and then you kiss him. The tears, happy tears, are still falling and Aaron gently wipes them away with his thumbs before kissing you again. 

    When he pulls back you’re a little breathless, he wraps you in a hug, and whispers, “There might be a few people who want to congratulate us.” 

    You look at him funny, and he turns the two of you around to find Spencer and Jack standing there. Jack is nearly vibrating with excitement and your baby brother has a huge smile on his face. 

    You open your arms and Jack makes a bee-line to you. He hugs you and Aaron at the same time while Spencer wraps his arms around you and whispers, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” 

    #aaron hotch x reader #aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner x reader #aaron hotchner x you #aaron hotchner reader insert #hotch x reader #jack hotchner #aaron hotchner fanfic #aaron hotchner x fem!reader #aaron hotch#criminal minds #criminal minds reader insert #criminal minds fanfic #criminal minds fanfiction #cm fanfic #cm reader insert #cm imagine#cm fanfiction #spencer reid x sister!reader
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    28.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #gin x reader #gin ichimaru #gin ichimaru x reader #bleach x reader #bleach imagines#my stuff #also thank you so much !!
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  • mead0w
    28.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Who’s Your Man?

    Tom Hiddleston x actress!reader

    A/N: Hello everyone! I’m sick this week so I have a couple drafts but they aren’t any good. Asks are open! I need inspiration. Please anything you wanna ask me to write, do it!

    Summary: another day, another red carpet. When a reporter delves into your love life, will you leave the premier with a new appreciation for the press?

    Walking the red carpet wasn’t abnormal for you. A premier, an awards show, a launch party—they were all things you’ve done countless times.

    All of them started to the feel the same. The same faces you’d see, the same people you’d interact with, it all became a constant.

    Of course there was always someone who left you starstruck, but you would never be the one to start a conversation with them.

    Tonight started like any other. You were walking the carpet for the premier of the new Jurassic World film.

    Your friend, Nick Robinson, held a titular role in the film and there were other actors you have previously worked with. The director was also one you had met and worked closely with before.

    The town car pulled up to the event, your publicist—Georgia—holding the mirror up as you touched up your gloss.

    “Don’t trip, don’t embarrass yourself, and no spoiling your upcoming projects” Georgia lists, putting the mirror down on the seat of the car.

    “Thanks, that’s so supportive” you sass, playfully rolling your eyes.

    “You got this. Good luck!” She smiles, you give her a quick hug, the driver opening up your door.

    You carefully step out as to not rip the delicate gown. It was floor length, with a deep v and straps that clipped around your neck. A deep crimson red adorned with sparkles that was sure to grab anyone’s attention. A slit along your leg allowed for your long legs to show as the guided you along the carpet.

    Maybe you’d even get a date out of the night.

    “Y/n! Smile here!” Reporters shouted. It was an endless swarm of cameras, lights, and shouting. You did what you always did at these, smiled, laughed, posed, and had a good time.

    Though you wish you had a Ryan to your Blake to enjoy these events with.

    It always felt so lonely walking onto the carpet alone.

    “I love the wizard of oz look we have going here” a reporter said as you moved to the interview portion of the evening.

    You spoke to each interviewer for a few minutes, arriving at one infamous for wanting to know about your love life.

    “There she is, the Jessica rabbit of today’s carpet” the reporter announced, ushering you over.

    “You’re too much” you joke, stepping beside her.

    She asks you some basic questions and you answer them.

    You’re excited to be at the premier, you love the Jurassic park franchise and you’re excited to see where this new era takes it, you can’t wait to see Nick’s performance in the film.

    “And you and Nick Robinson are…?” The interviewer starts.

    “Just friends” you remark, “like a brother to me.”

    The interview nods, her lips curling as she thinks of another question.

    “There’s lots of good looking people here tonight. Who’s your celebrity crush, y/n?” She asks you.

    You can practically feel your face become warmer and your palms begin to clam up.

    “Well, I have more than one answer to that” you begin, hoping she’ll let the topic go to prevent you from embarrassment.

    “Oooh, our viewers would love the inside scoop from their favorite actress” she adds, giving you a sweet smile.

    “Tom Hiddleston is definitely one of my biggest crushes. He seems like such a gentlemen and a great guy” you speak, happy to get the sentiment out and done with.

    “Excuse me” you head a British accent speak.

    “Oh my god. No! Hide me this is so embarrassing.”

    No, no, no. You strictly were told not to embarrass yourself.

    “Apologies, I thought I heard my name?” Someone says, you turn your head to see none other than the British actor himself standing behind you.

    “Holy shit” you curse, immediately turning back forward to hide yourself face from him.

    “Yes! Tom I’m sure you’ve heard of Y/f/n” the interviewer sets up, allowing Tom between the two of you.

    “Of course. How could I possibly miss such an enchanting and beautiful person” Tom responds, smiling at you.

    Oh he definitely heard what you said.

    Such a flirt. 

    “Well, I-um…I” you begin, shutting your mouth instantly with regret.

    He chuckles a little.

    “I think we should head inside for the premier soon. May I escort you?” Tom asks, holding his arm out to you.

    You accept, saying goodbye to the interviewer as you allow Tom to escort you into the large theater.

    “So, rumor has it I have competition” he jests.

    Your eyes meet his and everything feels electric.

    “Not if you keep flirting with me, Mr. Hiddleston” you respond, batting your lashes at the actor.

    Now he is the one at a loss for words.

    “I should properly introduce myself. Y/f/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can get to know one another more intimately” you speak, a smile tugging at the corner of your lips.

    “Trust me, I intend to get to know you quite intimately” he responds, nearly making your knees weak.

    “I’m typically not the lady to skip dinner first” you remark, smiling up at him.

    “May I take you out to dinner after the premier?”

    You smile, nodding before inviting Tom to sit with you during the premier, sneaking out through the back early laughing like teenagers to begin your date early.

    #tom hiddleston mcu #tom hiddleston x reader #tom hiddleston x you #tom hiddleston fluff #tom hiddleston x reader #tom hiddleston fic #tom hiddleston fanfiction #tom hiddleston #tom hiddelston imagine #tom hiddelston loki
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    Being in a Polyamorous relationship with Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr would include...

    Initially, Charles would have been the one to determine yours and Erik's feelings for each other but wouldn't realise that the same feelings extended for him.

    (He also held the same feelings but wouldn't admit that in fear of rejection from the two of you)

    it was only when he sat the two of you down to talk about your feelings did the truth come out.

    "So, Erik, you are interested in (Y/N) but won't pursue her because of your feelings for me?"


    "And, (Y/N), you are in the same predicament?"


    "This makes my next question rather easy to ask then."

    After that, Charles proposed the idea that the three of you date simultaneously.

    At first, things were rocky, trying to establish a nice flow between the three of you

    it was new territory so it was to be expected

    but this lasted a while, so much so that Erik had started to think that ending the relationship might be a good idea, until you proposed that you all watch a film together

    that was the night the relationship clicked, everything came easily after that.

    You three would try to have a night once every fortnight, knowing how important it is to make sure you all spend time actually together

    But when it can’t happen, Charles usually plays images of your previous date in yours and Erik’s minds to ease your shared disappointment.

    As the relationship progresses, the three of you would have to invest in a bigger bed because Charles' one seemed too small for three people.

    So many cuddles

    Sometimes it would be the three of you, but if someone was busy, it wouldn’t stop the other two.

    Cuddles quickly became the foundation of your relationship.

    Morning cuddles were Erik’s favourite as he thought as them almost as if they were an escape from the upcoming day

    Charles preferred evening cuddles as a way to unwind from the day

    Although the best type was the small hugs you would steal from the both of them during the day

    Charles would show his love with gifts. Usually something small you or Erik had thought about

    (He won’t admit to using his mutation though)

    Erik’s love language is touch;

    After losing his mother at such a young age, he didn’t experience many loving touches in his childhood so you and Charles compensate to let him know how much he is loved.

    he doesn't know how to ask for these touches, so Charles is normally the one to figure it out.

    Erik would like to train with you, working with you to strengthen your mutation, especially if it could be used in a defensive manner

    If you were to get married, you'd all be painfully aware that it wouldn't be a legal document but that doesn't stop the there of you planning a wedding anyway

    you had all agreed that a contract doesn't define your love anyway

    so after a few months of planning, the three of you found yourselves under a tree which Xavier's grandfather had planted in the school grounds

    You and Charles had done most of the organising as Erik had no opinion as long as he could say he was married to his partners

    The only contribution Erik had made was the rings

    he had used his mutation to make three rings each one unique and represent the bearer.

    (The tree you were married under quickly became Charles favourite, so, although he wouldn't let it show, when Scott Summers accidentally destroyed it he was quite annoyed).

    Masterlist | Buy me a coffee?


    #charles xavier x reader #charles xavier x reader x erik lensherr #erik lensherr x charles xavier #cherik #erik lehnsherr x reader #charles xavier imagine #cherik imagine #erik lehnsherr imagine #charles xavier headcanons #marvel headcanons #erik lehnsherr headcanons #xmen#xmen imagine#xmen headcanon#chiefdirector#marvel
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    ◂ a new moment has arrived . . @.@

    recently, you've been noticing how late roommate!hendery has been waking up during the day and how puffy and fluffy his hair is when he wakes up, you find in endearingly cute when you walk in the dorm to see a sleepy hendery slumping on the couch trying his hardest not to fall asleep again.

    "you look like a dandelion.” you comment, closing the front door behind you— the door with no resistance slams shut. startling poor hendery awake, wincing quietly at his reaction you mumble a ‘sorry’ whilst taking off your shoes before entering the living space. your roommate yawns loudly stretching his arms up before moving his hands under his glasses, wiping the sleepiness away from his eyes but still gives a small twinge of red to them. “what did you say?” he murmurs turning his body to face the back to the couch, his head resting comfortably on the plush cushion, watching you pour yourself a cup of water before downing it in a few gulps. you let out a refreshing ‘ahh’ making hendery smile before placing the cup onto the kitchen counter. “i said you look like a little dandelion.” approaching the boy before patting his head gently, watching the stuck up parts bounce against your palm. henderys face turns crimson akin to the redness of his eyes, shy smile raises on his lips making him turn his head down into the cushion. smiling at his antics, you ruffle his hair before announcing you were going into your room. instantly hendery lifts from the couch and follows you into your room joining you when you fall into the plush cushion of your bed, hendery following flopping into your bed almost crushing you in the process.

    something regular roommates wouldn’t do.

    "hendery, you just woke up" you complain, trying to push the boy away from you. he whines snuggling closer almost laying on top of you.

    "yeah but we haven't napped together in so long! i miss it." you can practically feel the pout in his voice and against your neck when you crams his face into the side of your neck. as much as he annoys you, you can't deny that you don't miss taking naps with him either.

    "you do realize you have class in an hour."

    "class can wait." he signs in content, getting comfortable against you. as you feel him fall asleep you play with his hair, combing you hands through his tresses.

    your little dandelion.

    wc: 0.412

    timestamp masterlist.

    © beiyang, 2021. please don’t copy, translate or repost.

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    #carmen sandiego #carmen sandiego 2019 #carmen sandiego netflix #x reader#y/n#mime bomb #mime bomb x reader #crushing headcanons#imagines#headcanons#y/n headcanons#y/n imagines #carmen sandiego x reader #vee's imagines#vee's headcanons
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    Karl x F!Reader

    Pronouns: She/Her Type: SMUT Warnings:None. REQUESTS ARE OPEN <333

    You and Karl had been dating for a bit, today you thought you would show fundy your new thigh highs. However you walked in on his jerking off to you.. it was a bit weird. You just looked at him in shock, he looked at you and just blushed harder.. You Say "is There anything i can do to help?" he just stared, he finally said "yeah..". you started walking over to him and get on your knees, just staring at him.. he was blushing. You started to play with his balls and finally pulled his dick out of his hand and slid it into your mouth. He started moaning a bit as you went faster.. after a bit of you taking him deep, he started twitching and moaning loudly saying "i-im so close~" and finally he came in your mouth.. you slowly pulled it out and said "was that good? it was my first time.." him just looking at you nodding. He Picked you up and Placed you on his lap. he slowly pulled your skirt down along with your underwear.. he started touching your cunt a bit which made you moan.. he finally pushed you down on his dick, you let out a small cry and moan at the sametime. He Just looked and asked if you were ok? you said yeah and he started thrusting a bit. after a bit you both we're about to cum.. when you to finally came you just sat their for a min out of breath.

    #karl jacobs smut #mcyt imagine#punz smut#punz requests#mcyt smut #punz x reader #karl jacobs x reader smut #karl jacobs x reader #karl x reader smut #karl jacobs #sapnap x you #sapnap smut
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    picture this. you have a theology class that starts at the crack of dawn. everyone settles in and your prof immediately launches into a graphic and deeply uncomfortable exposition of roman sexual ethics. then he claps his hands and is like “RIGHT. so what do you guys think happens after you die?”

    sir it’s 9am. on a tuesday

    #my posts #class was fun though #revelation ….. is so imaginative
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    #pokemon #pokemon sword and shield #pokemon headcanons#headcanons#ask#pokemon imagines #pokemon x reader #shielbert #shielbert x reader #sordward #sordward x reader
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  • forzafinale
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    no cuz i rlly believe there r ppl out there who think taiwain and hongkong r cities in china ... bestie ... i have news for u .... there's a reason we say mainland china, hongkong and taiwan 😭

    #this is abt a fake ass card captor sakura stan i saw #imagine watching the whole fucking movie where they go to hongkong and u r like oHHHHH china #anyways they dont even speak the same language its like saying danish and german is the same ☠️
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  • pechebeche
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    if you ever read anything in your life please god read king's maker

    #kings maker #WHAT A FUCKING SET OF LINES. GOD #WOLFGANG MY LOVE #imagine having protagonists who u genuinely care so much abt........ #sidenote its p dark check the trigger warnings #but my god. if u ever read any manhua
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  • hyuooz
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    bf!hyunjin x reader oneshot


    a lot of the time you were a late sleeper. staying up until early hours of the morning - whether it was because you couldn't sleep, you were working, you were simply bored or not tired - you normally could stay up late. so why had sleep overtaken you so easily? to be honest you'd had a pretty busy day around the house and doing some other bits so it made sense why you were asleep by 11pm. it was still odd, considering hyunjin wasn't home yet and you normally waited up late for him to come home just to drill him with questions.

    have you eaten?

    do you want a drink?

    how was it at the studio?

    are you ok?

    it never annoyed hyunjin, he knew why you were doing it because when it's you he does the exact same thing. your boyfriend was a very caring and open person as were you, making it easy for the both of to communicate openly with each other. you never had to worry about possibly over-dumping emotions or information onto him because if he was having a bad day he would make it clear and so would you.

    you stirred slightly in your sleep, wrinkling your nose as the soft duvet tickled it. the boy watched you from the doorway, stifling a giggle at how adorable you looked. he tilted his head slightly at the time, finding it strange that you were asleep so early but didn't dare wake you.

    the world around you started to become more noticable as you slowly woke from your sleep, what was meant to be quiet moving around turned into swears and shouts. the final blow to waking you up fully.

    "fucking fucker! shiiiiitt! " your boyfriend winced at how loud he had become, his head slowly turning towards your body, watching as you stretched your arms out. a groan of delight escaped your mouth, your muscles and bones sighing in ecstasy at the stretch. hyunjin smiled slightly at your tired eyes, adjusting to your surroundings and flickering your eyes over him before smiling as brightly as you could after just waking up from your sleep.

    "hi baby," the dark haired boy cooed at you softly. his voice was quiet and soothing, a slight rasp to it from - what you could only assume - recording at the studio all day. you yawned and moved onto your side to face hyunjin, the covers moving off of your body slightly and you simply fell limp again whilst your boyfriend rubbed his knee with a scowl on his face, silently cursing himself for not watching where he was going.

    "you hurt yourself babe?" your voice was quiet, like you were trying to not wake up the night that fell comfortably over the world, like you were scared for the night to run off. the night held comfort and gentleness, its darkness hid many things, hiding things that should be left unknown for good. for you and hyunjin; the night hid your stressful days, your overflowing feelings and only left room for the love between the two of you. it radiated the room in waves that crashed and rolled into the room, filling it to the brim. hyunjin carefully slipped off his shoes and soon his clothes before he was settling into the warm covers with you.

    hyunjin stared at you, appreciating all of you. every aspect of you. he cherished it all, every inch of you - as far as he was concerned - was gods gift to him.

    "smacked my knee on the bedside table," a soft pout coated his already full lips as he grumbled a response, making you giggle at the sight before faking a pout of your own as you reached over to squish his cheek into his face gently. "awe poor baby, want me to kiss it better for you?" the mockingly caring tone in your voice made the boy scoff and roll his eyes pushing your hand away to turn towards the ceiling.

    "shut up." his hand came over to cover your mouth and you gasped dramatically as he did, pulling it away and throwing it back over his chest.

    "what do you mean? I was just trying to help my precious little ba-"

    your cut off by your own yells of protest as your boyfriend rolled over completely and on top of you, crushing you in the process as he leaned his whole weight on you. he laughed a little as you heaved and made poor attempts to push his body off of you. your whining only made him laugh harder before he let up and shuffled your bodies around until you were in a more comfortable position. his head rested on your stomach, your body propped up slightly because of the fluffed pillows underneath you. hyunjin's arms wrapped around your waist tightly with his hands splayed out across the middle of your back, fingers nipping at the loose fabric that covered your upper body mindlessly.

    "can't believe you cut your hair." the words broke the silence carefully, making hyunjin sigh with a smile as he gazed out the window, eyes drooping within seconds because of your caring hands slowly running through his hair.

    "mmm, don't like it?" your boyfriend knew the answer either way, no matter what hyunjin did with his hair you loved it. didn't matter whether it was long or short, you absolutely adored his hair and it also helped that no matter what, he always looked good. "well it's long enough to pull on so-"

    you trailed off as you buried your hand in his hair gripping softly before giving it a playful tug, earning a deep groan in return.

    "I guess I don't mind." the raven haired boy laughed and twisting his head so he could look up at you, eyes drooping drastically more as you fingers started to massage his head.

    the both of you wanted to ask each other about your days, what you had done, how it had been but the blanket of sleep that was being placed over you both was becoming harder and harder to ignore. hyunjin could already feel himself slipping into sleep as he watched you closely, your eyes somehow fully opened and following the movements of his hair as you brushed through it.

    and so when you eventually asked your boyfriend about his day, he replied sleepily but with enough detail so you could figure out that overall, it was good but tiring. a small smile gracing your face whilst you observed the way hyunjin's eyes fluttered open and closed in the quietness of your room, the only sounds settling in the air was yours and hyunjin's paced breathing. he listened closely to your breathing, focusing purely on that as he allowed it to slowly lull him into sleep.

    soon enough you were being pulled in by the allure of sleep too, hyunjin's light breathing filling in the for the white noise that settled in the silence of your shared bedroom. but your heart and mind forced you to stay awake to watch over your boyfriend for a while as he slept, to watch him relax and become peaceful.

    the only other thing that filled the air with vibrations was the love that continued to wash over the room, that continued to radiate from your intertwined bodies. that same love keeping these quiet nights at peace, letting it flow all around.

    you were still awake by the time hyunjin had finally decided in his knocked out state that the position you guys were in was no longer satisfactory for him, pushing his body up with a groan as he squinted his eyes at your figure. the small amount of light provided by your phone lit up the room enough for hyunjin to maneuver his was off of your stomach and next to you. your eyes followed him as he did so, wondering if he was awake or not.

    your thoughts were answered as he rubbed his eyes ridding them from their sleepiness before they landed on your own. lips turning up into a smile, you kept your gaze on him as he frowned and groaned at you, his hand reaching out to snatch the phone from your hand. he made quick work to turn it off and aimlessly - and not so gracefully - placing it on the bedside table next to him. the next thing you knew, you were tugged into hyunjin's side whilst he shifted the duvet so it wrapped around you both perfectly.

    "you shouldn't be up," your boyfriends voice spoke out into the room and you shrugged slightly at his statement as you claimed you weren't tired.

    "you've only been asleep for two hours why are you getting up?" your question made him sigh harshly, his hand coming up from it's place on your hip to your shoulder, pulling your body into his side more.

    "wasn't comfortable anymore." his simple answer made you nod before an abrupt laugh fell from your lips as his large hand reached over your shoulder and over your eyes, in the process shushing you in a very forceful and poor attempt of getting you to sleep. your voice pleaded for him to stop and he teasingly continued to shush you every time you tried to talk and push his hand away, telling you he'll only stop once you promise to go to sleep.

    like any other person you promised in hopes hyunjin would stop and he did - thankfully - calming down now as you completely relaxed your body into his, and he welcomed it with open arms. just like your boyfriend had hours before, you zoned into his breathing, letting it control your body and mind. the sounds slowly pushing you to sleep as the boy besides you did the same. you both fell deep into a calming and well deserved sleep, embracing every aspect sleep has to offer.

    moments like these, moments filled with only calm and peace, moments between lovers; were ones the quietest nights adored.


    #hyunjin#hyunjin headcanons#hyunjin oneshot #hyunjin x reader #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #hwang hyunjin #stray kids imagines #hyunjin scenarios #hyunjin stray kids
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  • moonlit-imagines
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    Act 1

    Darcy Lewis/Wanda Maximoff x reader


    a/n: thinking of splitting this into 2 parts…..we’ll see. let me know…..

    prompt: anonymous: “hello!! can i please get a wandavision one shot where both darcy and wanda have feelings for reader? darcy and reader have worked together for awhile and reader is good friends with wanda, and once wanda knows reader is working on wandavision, she tries to take reader into the show so reader will fall for her instead? maybe darcy tries to save reader as well? (i dont know if thats too much, anyways please and thank you!)”

    You’d always been a friend to the Avengers, a friend to Wanda. SHIELD had introduced you to so many different, talented people who knew what it was like to live a less-than-normal life. And when SHIELD was gone, you’d even become apart of their work. From the Tower to the Compound, you’d be found on their grounds working to make the world a safer place while building special friendships like those with Natasha, Wanda, Sam, and the others. You weren’t exactly an Avenger, more of a consultant, an agent, a spy who collected much needed intel without raising suspicion. It was the perfect job.

    You and Wanda grew close as you both realized that you were displaced by events out of your control. She was always eager to speak to you about issues she experience, whether they be from long ago or more recent. After all, gaining powers, becoming an Avenger, and moving to America were all very big steps that you were more than willing to aid with.

    It started with little things, like going out for walks when she was feeling uncomfortable in HQ, then went to going shopping together for dinners or clothes or home furnishings. Soon you’d be going out for any meal together and talking for hours, completely unaware of the feelings that she was developing for you. After all, you were a professional, your job always seemed to come first.

    But after the Avengers fell apart, you were out of options—nearly. There was another government branch happy to have you in their ranks: SWORD. An ally to SHIELD that mainly specialized in sentient weapons and extraterrestrial missions. They were very interested in an agent who was tied to the Avengers. Maria Rambeau, the director of this place was such a welcoming spirit, you loved working for her and making a difference whether the people of the world knew it or not.

    The only problem was that you were so far from your best friend. Her trouble with the law was something she didn’t want you to be apart of, and for good reason, too. She was trying to protect you, and in the process she’d been arrested and you had absolutely no access to her. The day she got out and called you from an unknown number, you were elated, but not for long.

    “I’m going to miss you, y/n, but I’ll keep in contact as best as I can.” Wanda said to you with sorrow in her voice. You could only imagine how the RAFT had affected her. “I’m moving to Scotland…with Vision. I got a good deal and for now I just…I need to be alone.”

    “I understand, Wanda, but I would visit you anytime you’d like. You’re my best friend.” You tried to reason with her, but it seemed that she’d been contemplating this decision for a long while.

    “I think you could use some distance from me. I heard about your new job, I’m so proud of you.” She admitted and brought a smile to your face. “I don’t think they’d like it if you were in contact with a delinquent ex-Avenger like myself. We’ll give it some time.”

    “I miss you a ton, Wanda.” You sighed into the mic of your phone and nodded to yourself teary-eyed. “And you know I’m proud of you, too, right? You took a side knowing that the world was against you, you took the right one. Why do you think I quit my Avengers gig?”

    “I’m glad you think so, y/n. And I’m glad you found a place that’s so familiar. I know that you missed SHIELD despite its wicked ties.” She paused for a long moment and the call suddenly cut off, you assumed she’d had enough of the conversation. You’d been at work during this call and just needed a moment to cool off before getting back into the job. It was a shame that Maria found you at a bad time, but little did you know that this situation wasn’t foreign to her.

    “L/N? Is everything okay?” Maria entered the room of solitude you’d been occupying while you recovered from that conversation. It almost felt like a breakup to you for some reason.

    “Yes, ma’am.” You nodded with glossy eyes and Maria cocked an eyebrow. “I’ll be okay.”

    “This job takes a lot of focus, agent. If you hold all of your issues in it’s gonna take focus away from your tasks. Would you mind talking about it?” She joined you, taking a seat and giving you a space that seemed to be safe. And you understood where she was coming from.

    “Remember how I used to work for the Avengers?” You looked at her and watched her softly nod. “Well, I was good friends with the lot of them. Mostly Wanda Maximoff. Apparently she just got her sentencing, a ‘good deal,’ and called me one last time to say goodbye. She said that it’d look bad for me here if I were still in contact with a ‘delinquent ex-Avenger’ and hung up on me.” You explained your situation and a smile was brought to Maria’s face, one that confused you quite a bit.

    “Oh, I know how you feel,” Maria admitted and leaned forward, patting your shoulder as she went on, “my best friend, she had special ties, too. She had to leave me to carry on her own work, which hurt. I understood it, but I loved her a lot, so watching her go was a struggle.” She explained as she looked into your eyes, trying to express her honesty.

    “Did you ever see her again?” You asked, empathizing with her story.

    “Oh, she’s a busy woman.” Maria frowned and thought on her own missing person. “I’m afraid it’s been a long, long time. But never say never, sweetheart. Your girl is still on Earth.” That last sentence raised some flags as you tried to understand it. Did she mean that her friend had passed? Or was it that she wasn’t on the planet, which would make sense since this division was in space frequently. Before you could come to a conclusion or even ask, Maria pat you on the leg and began to exit the room. “Take five, y/n. No one’s judging you here.” The door behind her closed and you took the time alone to reflect on this situation. Surely you’ll see Wanda again. She couldn’t stay away from you.


    It took five years to bring everyone back, and in that time, the world changed enough so that when they came back, it was unrecognizable. It was so hard to make sure that everyone was okay, that they were adjusting right, or that they had the chance to come back to anything at all. You were focused primarily on Monica Rambeau, Maria’s daughter. When she disappeared, you’d sit with Maria in the hospital up until the day she died. Monica wanted—needed to be around you, hear everything that she missed with her mom. She found comfort in the fact her mother didn’t pass alone, but I should have been there, Monica kept telling herself knowing there was nothing she could do.

    “Thank you, y/n. Thank you for being there.” Monica told you over and over again as you had breakfast together. “I wish I could have been there.”

    “She never lost hope that you’d come back. Or that you were watching over her.” You tried to comfort her, to no avail. You stirred your drink mindlessly as you thought about your time with Maria.

    “I definitely wasn’t watching. After I disappeared, everything went to black. There was nothing.” She started to get into it, something you knew was hard for anyone that disappeared. But before she went any more into detail, she stopped herself. “Oh, look at the time. I don’t wanna hold you up. Hayward’s gonna give you a hard time if you’re late.”

    “No, that’s okay. He’d understand, I’m sure of it.” You tried to get her to keep going, but it was no use.

    “We can talk again tomorrow, it’s okay.” Monica assured you as she cleaned up her spot. “Who knows, maybe I’ll even show up for work soon.”

    “A little early, don’t you think?” You suggested to her but she shook her head.

    “I belong there. It’s my mother’s legacy, I’m connected to it.” Monica reasoned and you understood right away.

    “Well, I’ll be there if you do.” You gulped down the rest of your drink and quickly grabbed all of your things. “Now I gotta get out of here before Hayward bites my head off.”

    “Told you.” She laughed and hugged you goodbye before you left for your car and made your way to SWORD, surprised to see none other than Wanda Maximoff in the lobby. It’d been nearly seven years since you’d seen or heard from her, you has simply froze from shock until you saw that she wasn’t very happy with the front desk. You rushed to her side.

    “Wanda!” You said her name out loud and it felt like a breath of fresh air. “Everything okay?” She looked over at you quickly as she recognized your voice and didn’t know what to do. It was hard to tell if a hug was appropriate, or even a smile considering why she was there.

    “They won’t let me in.” She said bluntly. “They have Vision’s body.” You knew deep down that was what she was here for, but you kind of wished she was here to see you.

    “Okay, that’s no problem.” You held up your badge, revealing that you had high enough clearance to access that site and bring her in with you. “Miss Maximoff will be accompanying me, thank you.” You told the front desk and she smiled at you just a bit. Enough for you to catch it. You entered the secure area behind the doors and led her to her partner’s remains. “Listen, Wanda. I haven’t really been apart of this project at all, not since he was brought in. He was my friend, and as soon as he got here I said my goodbyes and was dismissed. I don’t know what condition he’s in.”

    “I understand, y/n.” Wanda said as her footsteps echoed in the hallway. “How have you been? I heard that you didn’t disappear.”

    “That’s true, and it’s been hard, but I’ve managed.” You admitted as you stopped at the correct door. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you, though. It was hard that I never got to say goodbye.” You looked Wanda in the eye and she felt both happy you still missed her and sad that she didn’t handle the situation better. You opened to door to let her inside and were greeted by Director Hayward. “Sir, this is Wanda Maximoff. She’s here to see the Vision.” You told him.

    “Miss Maximoff, I’ve been expecting you.” Hayward approached and gave her a handshake. “L/N, I hate to do this, but would you mind checking Depot 12 for a missing container? The new guy says he can’t find it and I sincerely doubt he tried.” You glanced over at Wanda and answered him.

    “All due respect, sir, but would there be anyone else that could attend to that?” You requested and he gave you an odd look. “Or I could after our guest leaves. I would feel more comfortable sticking with her while she visits Vision.” You locked eye contact with him until he decided to reply.

    “That’s an order, l/n.” He sternly replied and you nodded to your boss. It was unfortunate he’d become the new director of SWORD, but you couldn’t leave without feeling guilty for abandoning the Rambeaus. You patted Wanda on the back just before leaving, letting her know you’re still there for her.

    Depot 12 was on the other side of the base, a long trek that you weren’t looking forward to. You got the delivery logs and sighed, knowing that this was well under your pay grade and you were just doing busy work. Walking into the enormous warehouse, you began accounting for all of the crates and shipments that were on the original log, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing at all. It took about an hour to account for everything before you deemed this a waste of time and headed back to Hayward.

    “Nothing out of the ordinary in 12, sir. Maybe the new guy miscounted.” You said as you entered the office, looking to the side to see a shattered window. “Is Wanda still here?” You tried to walk closer to the glass, but Hayward stopped before the lab was in your sights.

    “Let’s step outside for a moment.” Hayward requested and you followed his orders. “Your friend, Wanda Maximoff, is now a hostile and a fugitive. I don’t know what her next move is, but you need to watch out for her. Maximoff is dangerous and since she cares for you, you may be her next target and she may say or do anything to get you on her side.” You stared at him, outraged and puzzled by what he meant and what she could have done to be deemed as a threat. Before you could ask any further questions, he’d instructed you to stay far away from the Vision project and focus on other matters until something else came up.

    Not long after, you were sent to a base in New Jersey for an unknown threat. The only intel you’d gotten was that there was a town with no available communication and no way to enter it. You had your suspicions, but couldn’t throw out any accusations just yet. Upon reaching the base, you’d met a decent amount of outsiders, including Doctor Darcy Lewis.

    “Hey, I know you!” You greeted her with a handshake.

    “You do?” She asked, completely shocked.

    “Yeah, Thor used to talk about you and Doctor Foster all the time! Selvig, too!” You explained your connection and her face lit up.

    “You know Thor?!” Darcy gasped.

    “I used to work with the Avengers, yeah! Thor and I talked about our adventures and missions tons.” You revealed and Darcy’s face got a bit red, she felt warm inside, she’d made a connection with you and she almost seemed…infatuated with you.

    “My workstation better be close to yours, I swear.” She laughed and you did with her, feeling this deep dread for the job lift from you. It was a wonderful feeling having your stomach untwist and your head start to clear.

    “Don’t worry, I have some pull here.” You assured her and she smiled even wider, red lips curling at the ends. “I look forward to working with you.”

    Research into this anomaly was quickly passing you by as you worked with Darcy day and night. You were impressed by how clever she was, figuring out the most obscure, unconventional way to get a peak inside this protected town.

    “Dr. Lewis, you are a genius.” You told her and she froze in place. “Alright, let’s get this thing calibrated.” You began while she thought about what you just said, getting red cheeks once again until you snapped her out of it. “You alright, Darcy?”

    “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine! Thank you for the compliment.” She chuckled and assisted in getting the retro television to the right channel. “You aren’t too bad yourself.” Darcy complimented back and you chuckled up until the moment an image turned on the screen. You stared closely, drowning out the rest of the loud chatter and machinery of the base and focusing on the woman on the screen.

    “Oh, no.” You mumbled. “I was really hoping it wasn’t her. Darcy noticed that twinkle in your eyes and knew that this Avenger was special to you. “But why?” Your answer was answered moments later when Vision appeared on screen. Alive and well. “Shit…”

    “Isn’t Vision dead?” Darcy gulped and you looked over to her, nodding a confirmation that explained absolutely nothing to her. “And Wanda, she’s your..?”

    “My best friend.” You replied to Darcy and she frowned.

    “Right. She’d your best friend.” Her heart broke a little, but the fact that this hazy situation wasn’t looking too good for Wanda, she decided she still had a chance. “You seem upset, do you want me to get you a coffee or something and talk about it?” You stared at the screen and slowly say down.

    “Yeah…that’d be great.” You tried piecing this together while you waited and Darcy got back to you as fast as she could.

    “Alright, love, spill. What’s on your mind? Do you know something? If I knew what was going on, I might be able to help.” Darcy handed you your drink and a few extras and napkins, trying to cover all the bases. You smiled at her kindness.

    “Thank you, Doc.” You looked back up to her and she saw that twinkle in your eye again. She was back in the game. “Wanda visited SWORD HQ not too long ago trying to see Vision’s body since she was…intimate with him. She wanted him to have a proper burial and not be another lab experiment. I was there with her just before she saw him and she was fine, but Hayward sent me to do something just before and when I got back, the lab had been breached. I didn’t get close enough to see the damage.” You sounded a bit upset and upon observation, you weren’t doing too well as you violently stirred your coffee. Darcy laid a hand on your forearm and leaned in.

    “I’m here for you, y/n. I know this can’t be easy.” Darcy assured you. “Do you think she’s capable of…reanimating an android’s body?” You stared at the screen to contemplate an answer.

    “Well, the picture isn’t good enough for me to see what’s powering him. His forehead housed an Infinity Stone, it’s apart of what wiped out half the population, but as far as I know, it was destroyed. But Wanda gained her powers from the Mind Stone, as well.” You groaned and leaned your head back quickly. “This job is such a pain in the ass. I’m sorry, Darcy. You’re probably gonna get involved in some drama.”

    “Oh, that’s okay.” The thoughtful doctor waved her hand as if waving all your worries away. “Anything for my newest friend.” She continued providing comfort for you in your time of need after informing your superior of the threat at hand. Hayward was pleased with your work and glad that you were complying with the investigation so far, but something was just…off.

    Days went by and the sitcom that Wanda created progressed, revealing that she was truly the one in control and apparently beyond saving. You felt so bad, like you were at fault for not reaching out sooner after she returned to reality. You were so caught up with Monica, who was now inside the show as well, that you forgot to go to Wanda. You’d just assumed that her teammates would help her adjust back and she’d come to you when she was ready.

    “This really is all my fault, you know?” You vented to Darcy while sharing a bag of chips and watching Wanda give birth, living a happy, fictional life. And there was Monica, the daughter of the woman who you took care of you in your time of need, and you did the same in return, stuck in the madness of this town. “Monica was my priority when the world returned, but Wanda needed me, too. Now she’s in this downward spiral, and who even knows if these other people are okay?” Darcy knew she wouldn’t have all the answers, especially in this delicate situation, but she knew how to make you feel better.

    “You told me that she had cut you off two years before she even disappeared.” She pointed out and scooted her chair closer to you, letting you lay your head on her shoulder. “This isn’t your doing, you didn’t even know if she wanted contact with you. I know she’s going through a really hard time right now, but that has nothing to do with you.” She gave you a little pep talk and offered you some more chips. “Don’t blame yourself, y/n. It’s only gonna make your job harder.”

    “You know, you’re a really good friend?” You took a handful of chips and took notes while using her shoulder as support, or something to cry on.

    “I try.” She smiled at you and grabbed your hand without even thinking.

    “Even then, I’m a professional. I shouldn’t let my feelings get in the way of this job. People’s lives are on the line…” You were about to continue, but something on the TV caught your eye. Wanda and Monica having a standoff, and then Monica was launched through the walls of Wanda’s home. “Oh, shit.” You quickly jumped out of your seat, ruining the moment and rushing outside to see if your other friend would reappear. And she did, very suddenly. The rest of the surrounding soldiers of the base gathered around, but you pushed through them to get to her, and Darcy was right behind you. “Give her some room! And get me a stretcher!” You shouted.

    “Is she okay? Is she alive.” Darcy said just before laying eyes on her.

    “Talk to me, Mon. Do you remember anything?” You grabbed her hand and shook her shoulder gently.

    “It’s all Wanda…” Monica answered you, confirming you suspicions and greatest fears. You fell back into the grass and Darcy grabbed your shoulders, letting you rest your back on her shins. When everyone was ready, you got up with the help of your newest best friend and followed Monica to the infirmary.

    “Could you keep an eye on the broadcast for me, Darc? I just need to check up on Monica.” You let her know, which she understood considering you told her all about Maria and such. She got you a cup of water and a snack for you to return to and when she’d returned to her station, Agent Jimmy Woo appeared behind her.

    “You two lovebirds are busy.” He teased Darcy and she scoffed. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. How’s it going with l/n?”

    “What do you know?” She tried to brush him off but couldn’t hide her smile just thinking of you.

    “See?” Jimmy pointed it at her and smiled. “You like them! It’s obvious, just admit it.”

    “Keep it down, Woo. I kind of have a job to do.” She pointed to the screen and when she looked back at him, you were approaching. “Now go, get out of here, they’re coming back.” Darcy shooed him off and he winked at her.

    “Good luck, tiger.” She rolled her eyes at his comment and lifted up the water she prepared for you.

    “Hey, how’s Monica?” Darcy handed you the cup and you chugged it down in one go. You honestly forgot to drink any water recently, you were so stressed with this assignment.

    “She’s doing okay, just a little shaken up. Anything new on the ‘WandaVision’ show?” You asked and she shook her head. “Great, everything’s totally back to normal.” You said sarcastically.

    “I’m sorry that you have to deal with all of this.” She frowned and handed you a little bag of chocolates she got someone to pick up from the store. “Would any of these help?” You looked down and fished out your favorite type of chocolate.

    “My favorite. How did you know?” You asked as you unwrapped the candy.

    “I asked around.” She shrugged and noticed you staring and smiling at her from the corner of your eye. The two of you continued your little watch party as the rest of the group continued their useless solutions. It wasn’t long before they decided the best plan was to attack.

    “The 80’s, huh?” You took some enjoyment out of the sets Wanda had created and peered over at Darcy. “If you were to live in any sitcom, which would it be?” You playfully asked her.

    “Probably the Office.” She answered with a giggle. “I think I’d fit right in there.” You laughed at the thought of her in an episode.

    “I could see that!” You replied.

    “What about you?” She asked, curious as to what you might say.

    “I guess I’d choose the Office, too. I’d be nice to stick with you.” It almost sounding as if you were flirting with her, but unfortunate timing struck again when the broadcast went static. “Oh, no, what is it this time?” You rushed outside to see the lot of them controlling a weapon they’d sent inside. “Hayward! What are you doing?!” You asked while running towards him.

    “Wait for it…” He stood there and you waited with him until something emerged from what Darcy so lovingly called the “Hex.” Wanda began a speech about how she’d just like to be left alone, to which Hayward told her that wasn’t an option. And you agreed with him. It wasn’t long before you caught Wanda’s eye, and she wanted you with her.

    “You’re really on his side, y/n?” Wanda asked you with a spark of anger in her voice.

    “There are innocent people in there, Wanda. I’m sorry, but I can’t just let you keep them.” You reasoned with her, but she had noticed Darcy right behind you with her hand on your arm and assumed your relationship immediately. And Wanda didn’t like that a bit, she was still harboring feelings for you.

    “I have no choice, then.” Wanda raised her hand, knocking the weapons aimed at her away before telekinetically grabbing you up and pulling you towards the Hex with her.

    “Y/N!” Darcy tried to chase after with no chance of winning before you’d been engulfed by the strange walls, completely invisible to her. Darcy quickly rushed back inside to the TV to see you with Wanda in her 80’s fantasy, now terrified that she may never see you in person again. Wanda was seen grabbing your hands and intently looking into your eyes just before saying:

    “I’ve missed you, y/n. I’m glad you came home to me.” Wanda then gave a mischievous look towards the camera for Darcy to witness and haunt her for the days to come.

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