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  • dewi205
    18.10.2021 - 1 minute ago

    So I’ve been thinking...

    The anime is based on Izuku’s perspective of the world so it’s easily seen that he loves his mother.

    But what if…

    Inko is emotionally manipulative and Izuku cannot tell because he doesn’t have healthy relationships to use as a basis. (His “friendship” with Katsuki is NOT HEALTHY.) Because there is absolutely no way a loving parent would not notice Izuku being bullied. So instead of seeing her as emotionally abusive the perspective both the audience and Izuku has of Inko is a loving mother.


    Izuku is portrayed to be a lot like his mother rather than his absent father. And seeing as his father is said to be in America and Inko and her husband still haven’t divorced after their decade separation it could be seen as Inko living a delusion where her husband still loves her. (Which also may mean she is deluding herself into thinking what she is doing shows her love for her son.) And going on the theory of Izuku’s biological father being abusive this may be somewhat like Rei Todoroki’s mental break just in the long term.

    Not to mention…

    An abusive heat quirk and a victimized Midoriya reminds me of the Izuku and Katsuki relationship. Since Izuku is so similar to his mother he may still see his relationship with Katsuki as friendship. Evidence of this is the use of “Kacchan” instead of “Bakugou” especially after being suicide baited by him.

    Riding of this train of thought…

    It can put the “Izuku is a villain magnet” joke into a whole new perspective. If Inko was actually abusive then she would want Izuku to be safe as a “weak quirkless” individual she may have put a tracker somewhere in his body which he is unaware of. And this knowledge which ends up getting to the villains who now constantly attack him.

    Or I may be projecting and have horrifying shower thoughts.

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  • bbdaydreams
    18.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Ran’s Fear: Wasps

    TikTok inspro (warning: close up of a wasp)

    a/n: @pinoyrella and I came up with this like 3 months ago. I’m just very lazy

    Pairing: Ran Haitani x Reader

    Summary: Things go south for Ran when he finds a wasp and has to wait for you to come back home

    Warning: very ooc and poorly edited, I’ll change the title and other stuff later when I’m not sleepy

    Having both of yours and Ran’s days off is always a blessing, but it’s unfortunate when one of you have already made plans. Your schedule was more regular whereas Ran’s was more spontaneous so you and Ran either made last minute plans or didn’t hang out at all. Today was one of those days. You both had off but Ran had gotten his schedule late and you had made plans in advance to hang out with a friend at a theme park.

    “I’m gonna get going now, call me if you need me. If I don’t answer I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

    “Why don’t you just ditch them and stay home with me?”

    “I’ve had this planned for a while, Ran. It’d be rude if I just bailed on them. Plus I haven’t seen them in a while,” you explained, checking yourself out in the mirror one last time. You turned around only to be greeted by him sitting on the edge of your bed with a fake pout on his face. “Don’t give me that. I’ll be back before you know it.”

    “Whatever you say, doll,” he smirked before getting up and leaning towards you to give you a quick kiss. “Have fun, don’t miss me too much.”

    “Says the one that was just pouting.” Your phone buzzed, signaling you had received a text. “Ah that’s them, gotta go.” You gave him one last kiss before saying your goodbye.

    After you left, Ran decided to go back to sleep to get a couple extra hours of rest. Waking up to the sun seeping through the blinds, he lifted his head up off your pillow and started stretching. Letting out a yawn, he got up and pulled the curtains and opened the doors that lead to the attached balcony. The sight from the top floor was something he would never get tired of. Stepping out, he crossed his arms and leaned over the railing before taking in a couple deep breaths to enjoy the fresh air. “Ahh, this is the life,” he spoke to himself, only wishing that you were by his side to accompany him.

    Feeling hungry, he turned around to walk back inside but made his way over to your side of the bed to pick up the glass of water you placed there the night before. Noticing it still had a bit left, he drank it only to spit it back out the instant he heard a violent buzzing sound. “What was that?”

    He set the glass down and started looking around the room in a panic as he slowly made his way back over to the balcony and closed the doors, hoping that whatever made the sound was gone. Going back to your side of the bed to retrieve the glass, he picked it up only to hear the buzzing again. “Where the fuck is it!”

    Ran is a calm guy. He knows how to keep his composure in every situation and to do it all with a smirk on his face. The only exception being when he fears he’s near a wasp. He’s fine with flies, just knows they’re gross. He’s good with bees, because he knows they don’t mean to hurt him. But wasps? Absolutely not, they are vicious and attack just because you made eye contact with them. They also hurt like a bitch.

    Holding onto the cup, he closed his eyes to try and focus on the sound. Unfortunately he didn’t hear the sound but he did feel 6 tiny feet slowly crawling up his arm. Jumping about a foot into the air, he ran around the room to get the insect off of him, which he succeeded in, and saw it fly off to the wall on the opposite side of the room. Feeling a rush of adrenaline he quickly made his way over to where the wasp was and put the cup around it, encasing it. “I win. I don’t even know how the hell you made it up here. Now I just have to get you outside…. Dammit.”

    It didn’t take long for him to realize the situation he was in. He trapped the wasp but at what cost? He has nothing to slide under the cup to move it outside. There’s nothing within arms reach for him to grab to slide under. And he’s nowhere near his phone. “Shit, I can’t even call Y/n.”

    “Calling Dollface.”

    “Hmmm? Oh Alexa, I knew you were a great investment!” Standing hopeful with his hand firmly pressed against the cup, he waited to hear your voice. Luckily on the first ring you answered.


    “Y/n! I’m so glad to hear your voice. I hope you’re having fun with your friend.”

    “I’m glad to hear yours too and I am! It’s nice catching up with them. We just got to the park so I’ll have to leave soon to head over to check in.”

    “I think you should come home,” he proposed only to hear your end go silent. “Doll? Are you still there?”

    “… you want me to what now?”

    “I said you should come home?“ he suggested again, this time his voice small.

    “Not happening.”

    “Hear me out! A nice and lovely relaxing day, just you and I. We could go to your favorite café. Shop at your favorite store. I’ll buy you anything you want and more.”

    “Ran, what’s going on? Are you okay?” While he may be good at getting what he wants, you know there’s more to it when he’s willingly trying to give you anything you want instead of teasing.

    He should know better than to try to hide anything from you. “I’m not on speaker right?” Hearing you say no, he took a deep breath. “There’s a wasp and I caught it with a cup but I have no way of taking it out. I’m not near anything that could cover the bottom half to I can throw it out so I’m kinda just stuck standing next to a wall.”

    “Oh I see.” He felt a little guilty asking you to come back home on a day you already had plans. And while he may be calm now, his heart is still rapidly beating from the fact that the only thing that separates him and his worst fear is a glass cup. “Want me to call Rin?”

    “No! Please don’t, I mean.”

    “What? Why not?”

    “Please, don’t make me say it.”

    “Say what, Ran? You asked genuinely confused with his behavior. He decided to stay quiet on the line which led to you to thinking and remembering a story his brother once told you when you guys were on an outing together.

    “I’m gonna go to the bathroom. Don’t say anything about me while I’m gone.”

    “I would never gossip about you.” You told your lover.

    “I might.” Rindou answered, giving him a small smile while looking at him with lazy eyes.

    “Rin,” the oldest warned while giving his brother a glare reserved only for him.

    “Fine, I won’t.”

    “Good. I’ll be right back.” He finished and kissed your cheek before walking away.

    Looking at Rindou while sipping your drink, you waited for him to give you the signal to say that his brother was out of earshot. “He’s gone.”

    “You got any embarrassing stories of him? What’s his worst fear?”

    “I’m not sure exactly what his worst fear is, but I can for sure say he’s terrified of wasps.” You took a sip of your drink and looked around before locking eyes with the younger Haitani to encourage him to keep going. “When we were kids we would play outside a lot visited our grandparents often and they lived near the woods so we’d always venture out. One day I was playing near a creek when all of a sudden I just hear Ran screaming for help and running past me to go back to the house. I look up and there’s a whole swarm chasing after him, I assume he must’ve stepped on their nest because damn were they angry.”

    “And how long ago was this?”

    “Hmmm, probably over 15 years ago but I know he’s still scared of them. If we’re walking and he hears a buzz he’ll walk a little faster while looking around trying to find them so he can avoid them.”

    “Awww, he’s such a big baby,” you cooed.

    “Who’s a big baby?” Ran asked, slipping into the seat next to you.

    “Your brother ,” you snickered while Rindou rolled his eyes and leaned back to go along with your white lie.

    Realizing he was probably embarrassed by the situation going on at home, you decided not to make things worse for him. You gave a sad look to your friends, hoping they don’t hold this against you. “It’s okay, baby. I’ll come back home. It’s gonna be a couple hours though. Can you wait that long?”

    “I’ll wait for you.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait right here for you.”

    “You say it like you have another option. We’re almost at the place. I’ll get there and figure out how to get home. Sound alright?”

    He hummed in response before speaking. “I’m sorry for doing this to you doll. I’m thankful for all that you do for me.”

    “I didn’t know this is what it took for you to stop teasing me. A wasp? Really?”

    “Shhhh! At least say I love you back before you hang up.”

    “You didn’t even say it yet for me to say it back.”

    “I love you, Y/n.”

    “I love you, too, my big baby.”

    He was about to bark back at you but you had hung up before it was too late. Looking at the cup in his hand, he realized he was gonna be standing there for a while. “Might as well get comfy.”

    Stepping into the penthouse, you set your things down before picking up a magazine and making your way to your bedroom. When you came in you saw Ran sitting on the floor with his right hand on a cup and his body leaned forward so he could rest his head on the wall, peacefully asleep. Trying to be as quiet as possible to not disturb him, you knelt down next to him and tried to get a look at the creature you were dealing with, thing is you didn’t. Moving your head around the room in search of the wasp, you found nothing. “Ran-Ran,” you started lightly tapping his shoulder, “hey, I’m home.”

    Letting out a yawn he opened his eyes and closed them again, still groggy. “Hey. Thanks for coming back,” he spoke, giving you a lazy smile.

    “Yeah about that, I don’t see the wasp in your cup.”

    “What?” He asked, immediately picking up his head and looking at you with wide eyes. “What do you mean it’s not in the cup? I’ve been here all morning.” Watching him frantically look around his hand into the cup was an unusual sight so you couldn’t help but laugh a little at his antics. “Stop laughing this is a serious matter!”

    “I’m telling you it’s not there!”

    “Where else would it be!”

    Out of frustration he removed the cup from the wall and turned it towards himself so he could get a better look. It was at that moment that the wasp revealed itself and flew up to land on Ran’s nose.

    “Ran don’t move. Just stay still,” you instructed, rolling up the magazine as quick as you could without startling the insect.

    Ran was so shocked with fear all he could do was freeze. He was so terrified of the six tiny feet he could feel on his nose and the thought of the stinger that he didn’t even notice you raise your arm to swat him in the face.

    “Ow-“ Ran whimpered, throwing his torso back to land on the ground so he could hold his nose.

    “Mother fucker, get off him!” You yelled at the bug, shooting up once it started flying away. Running to the balcony doors, you opened them and ushered the wasp outside, immediately closing them as soon as it left but not without giving it a few last words. “And stay out!”

    All Ran could do was look up at you with admiration while you crossed your arms and huffed about the situation. Making eye contact with him, you gave him a small smile before apologizing for hitting him and not killing the wasp in the process. “It’s okay, love. You got rid of him and that’s all that matters. Sorry for ruining your plans.”

    “It’s okay,” you started, sitting down on the bed and tapping the spot next to you so he could join you. When he did he wrapped his arm over your shoulder and gave it a squeeze to encourage you to keep going. “After you and I hung up, my friend’s sibling called them saying there was an emergency so we would’ve had to come back regardless. It’s okay though. I now get to be with you, my big baby,” you teased, wrapping your arms around his waist and leaning into his body.

    “Thank you, what would I do without my hero. This means you’ll take care of all the spiders on your own now right?”

    “Oh fuck no. They have eight arms, and I only have two, that is not a fair fight.”

    “Big baby-“

    “Shut it.”

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    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

     dark academia thinspo

    #dark academia thinspo #thinspo pics#thinspii pics #imagine thinspo pics #male thinspo#dark academia
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  • frozennautical
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Die in a Fire (the FNAF song by The Living Tombstone) is surprisingly fitting for 3rd/Last Life

    #just imagine an animation or fanfic chapter titles #frost speaks#mcyt#3rdLife#last life
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    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago
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  • kinoandthesun
    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    [ 12:00 ] yunho

    october - alessia cara

    the wind carries away your worries as you comb your hand through it. outside, sceneries blur into paintings of multiple colours as yunho drives, zooming forwards thanks to the nearly isolated road ahead of you.

    your playlist blares through the speakers, bold, loud and wild, with you singing along on the top of your lungs. yunho eyes you, snickering, before directing his attention back to the road.

    during the chorus of the song, you turn abruptly, inching closer to yunho and giving him a sly smirk. you continue to sing along, having the time of your life, pretending the hairbrush in your hand was a microphone.

    you move closer, up until you plant a kiss on his cheek, pulling away with a cheeky smile. he gasps, with his eyes still focused on the road. all of a sudden, he pulls over to the side of the road. you suddenly grow concerned.

    "is everything okay?" you ask, placing a hand on his knee.

    "i just wanted to kiss you, that's all." he says, pressing his lips to yours, smiling through the kiss.

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  • spamtonloversanonymous
    18.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #spamton x reader #spamton g spamton #deltarune imagines#imagines #juicebox saturn anon #mine
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  • the-daydream-queen
    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Spencer Reid Drabble: A Pretty Good Chance

    *Summary: Your boyfriend unexpectedly leaves you and Spencer comforts you. Fluff with some sad feels but there’s a happy ending. 

    *I don’t own the characters mentioned. *Please don’t take my writing as your own; reblogs, likes, and comments are very appreciated!

    *Happy Reading!

    Being new to the BAU was nerve wracking, but you soon fit in with them. You were enjoying yourself with your new friends from work.

    “Y/n, try this,” Garcia hands you a drink.

    You give her a questionable look but take a sip of the drink.

    “That’s so good!” you exclaim.

    After a few more hours of fun, you return home. To an empty house.

    “Hello?” you call out looking for your boyfriend.

    There was no answer. You check all the doors and windows but everything seems normal and safe. You open your bedroom last. And gasp.

    The closet door was ajar with all his clothes missing, you looked around for an explanation and found none. 

    Your phone chimed with a notification. Someone had mentioned you in a comment. Opening it to Instagram you see your boyfriend with another girl. The caption read, ‘Reclaiming freedom never felt so good’, #upgradefrommylast. 

    Comments weren’t much better. 

    ‘Finally got rid of Y/n?’

    ‘You dumped the workaholic, congrats!’

    You scrolled and scrolled and finally had enough.

    He left; he was gone.

    The next morning you arrive to work looking rough, to say the least.

    “What happened to you?” 

    Spencer is next to you in the elevator, his question brought you out of your thoughts.

    “Hmm, what?” You asked.

    “I just wondered if something happened, you don’t seem your normal self,” he answered.

    “Oh, I’m fine. Just a bit tired,” you reply, forcing a smile.

    This goes on for the rest of the week, the team being profilers pick up that somethings wrong, but you won’t tell what it is. Which leads to Garcia digging into your life to figure it out.  

    Best friends have to look out for each other, right?

    “Well have you found anything, yet?” Spencer asks. 

    “Hasn’t received any weird calls or texts, seems to be okay financially, digging though her social medias now. And oh-” she gasps. “That’s terrible.”

    “What is!?” Emily inquires.

    “How sad,” Garcia continues.

    “What!?” Spencer questions.

    “Sorry, you remember the night we went for drinks about a week ago? Well that same night, Y/n was tagged in Instagram comments about her boyfriend leaving. That’s got to be it, they were together for 3 years,” Garcia explains.

    “Who did he leave Y/n for, Beyonce?” Spencer asks. “How does someone do that to someone like her?”

    The team looks at Spencer.

    “Does boy genius have a crush?” Derek teases.

    Spencer blushes. “No, I-she’s just really sweet.” He stares at his shoes.

    “Oh my gosh, he does!!” Garcia exclaims.

    Emily whistles which make Spencer turn even redder.

    “Please don’t make it awkward,” he pleads.

    It’s been two weeks since he left and you’ve not been sleeping well or eating too much either. You’re getting back to normal life but it’s been hard.

    The team is heading home from a case and you're getting bombarded with the feels. You think everyone is asleep so you let a few tears fall.

    “Y/n, is there anything I can do?” 

    You jump at Spencer’s voice. And quickly wipe the tears from your face.

    “Nah, I’m fi-”

    “You’re not fine. And that’s okay. I know you’re trying to be strong and put on this illusion for us that you’re not hurting...but it’s okay, really. We won’t think any less of you,” he explains.

    And that’s when the dam breaks, you let out all the emotion you’ve bottled up for the past two weeks. You reach toward Spencer and he lets you sob on his shoulder. 

    “He left,” you choke out. “He left me without a word, Spencer. And I’ve been trying to figure out why? Was it because of work or was it me or was it both?”

    “He’s an idiot, Y/n,” Spencer answers. “You’re not to blame.”

    “Then why?” You’re crying subdues.

    He takes a minute to gather his thoughts before continuing, “Because you’re a keeper, the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie, the girl who’s always there for everyone else but no one is ever there for her, you’re the type of girl who deserves to be loved and cherished by someone who’s going to reciprocate that, you’re the girl who deserves to be kissed thousands of times, you’re the girl that I want but I can never have because you’re just so damn special I think I don’t have a chance.” 

    And now you’re crying harder thanks to his beautiful monologue. “If it counts, I think you have a pretty good chance.”

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  • pellelavellan
    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Apparently it’s time to debate if most animals don’t attack Pelle and don’t feel threatened by him enough that he can walk up to bears and just pet them does this also work on dragons?

    #ooc #out of quizzy #imagine the offense bull would take lowkey if Pelle really just #pet a dragon out of pocket
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    18.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago
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  • toomanyfandoms02
    18.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Give It Back --JJ Maybank

    This is just a little blurb based on the linked tiktok
    Word Count - 400
    Summary - Reader is a little thief and JJ wants his shit back

    I was friends with JJ before most of the pogues, excluding John B. So it wasn't rare for us to hang out on our own. Though I think that anyone who was around us often could tell there was a palpable tension there. And it wasn't aggressive.

    We were currently sitting in my room, smoking a joint. We sat in comfortable silence, sitting lazily on my bed. JJ held the joint between his fingers, taking a long drag. I looked over at him, pinching my hands together and gesturing that I wanted it. He blew the smoke in my face with a smirk. He put it back to his lips and continued. I grabbed it straight from his mouth, holding it away from him.

    I used my foot to lightly kick him off of my bed. He landed on the other side with a thud.

    "Y/n, give me that back you little brat." He laughed, standing up from the floor. He jumped back up and I scooched back until I no longer could.

    "You don't need it." I laughed. His legs straddled me, reaching for it. JJ's hands pinned my wrists down, the joint still in between my fingers. His face came close to mine, our noses nearly touching.

    He was breathing my air, staring into my eyes intensely. I stared back with the same intensity, shifting slightly under him. I tried to yank at my wrists to no avail. His eyes glance down for a moment before meeting mine again.

    "Y/n, give it back, or I'm gonna send you back to your shitty little boyfriend with fresh hickey's." My jaw clenched at this, out of anxiety. He was referring to some guy I went on a date with a few nights ago.

    "I'm sure he won't mind." I said with little to no thought. He took the joint from my hand, putting it between his lips and sitting up from his previous position. He brought my arm up, kissing down from my wrist. Smoke was slowly leaking from his mouth as he did so.

    "Oh, you don't think so, huh?" He asked, grabbing my jaw lightly. A smile played at his lips. I just shook my head, leaning into his hand. "Then maybe I should get to work?" He asked, making me giggle. As he started kissing down my neck, knowing I'm ticklish.


    If you guys for some reason want a part 2 then I'll consider it. I left it kinda open ended :)

    #jj maybank #jj maybank fic #jj maybank fluff #jj maybank imagine #jj obx#obx#outer banks #jj outer banks #rudy pankow #jj maybank fanfiction #jj imagine#jj fluff#jj fanfiction #jj maybank x y/n #jj maybank x reader
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    #nats-dreamland 300 follower event #natasha romanov#natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha x reader #natasha romanoff imagine #reader insert #natasha romanoff x you #natasharomanoffxreader#blurbs#blurb#follower event
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  • paprikaspice
    18.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #paprikaverse #dr. crane is a dirty coward who has to be sneaky to have the upperhand #everything is about power dynamics to that asshole #they stopped letting inmates carve pumpkins almost immediately #you can imagine why #tw suicide mention
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  • jl-micasea-fics
    18.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐓𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐑 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏: 𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝟏𝟖

    𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊: Cockwarming

    𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Self-insert, female reader x Stray Kids Hyunjin

    𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, explicit sexual content, the briefest hint of exhibitionism, cockwarming, dirty talk

    𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Kinktober contents list | Kinktober prompt list

    𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © October 2021 by jl-micasea ​

    Sleepovers were fairly innocent things, you supposed.

    A gathering of friends, each of them giddy with excitement at the prospect of staying up late and spending time together.

    Maybe they'd watch a movie or two, tell scary stories under a fort of blankets or simply waste the time away doing nothing in particular, but still having fun all the same.

    These were the kinds of things you used to associate with sleepovers. The kinds of things that would spring to mind whenever you thought of them, no matter the circumstances or people involved.

    Indeed, your idea of sleepovers had been perfectly untainted and rose coloured...

    Until about an hour ago.

    Your best friends, Jisung and Seungmin, had invited you to stay with them for the weekend.

    Elated at the opportunity, you took it in kind, more than excited at the thought of spending time with two people you'd admittedly neglected lately, what with life and work taking precedence before you'd known it.

    They'd told you to pack an overnight bag, and nothing else. Whatever you needed was on them, for it was sure to be a weekend of indulgence and overdue pampering.

    What they hadn't told you however - was of the addition to the weekend.

    Their friend, a man by the name of Hwang Hyunjin.

    Not someone you'd met before, but you supposed it was fair to say that the instant you set eyes on one another from across Jisung's living room, something between you was born.

    Call it an inherent attraction. An electric pull. A meeting of two minds that were always destined to run into one another this way, when all was said and done.

    Really, you supposed you could label it whatever the fuck you wanted.

    The upshot of it was, that you found him painfully good-looking.

    Disgustingly beautiful.

    Mouth-wateringly fit.

    And he seemed to return the sentiment.

    A passing touch here and there when you passed one another, a stare that would last just that second long enough to raise a hot rash across the back of your neck. An absent glance that to your friends, probably seemed like nothing...

    But to the two of you?

    You'd already mentally fucked ten times over.

    "You two sure you're okay in there?" Jisung asks, glancing up at you from his position cross-legged on the floor.

    "Yeah, it's a little cramped. I can get the airbed, it's no problem-"

    "Seungmin, there's no need. We're fine," Hyunjin cuts him off. "Right?"

    You swallow thickly and nod on his question to you, because quite frankly, if you speak now, you're not sure what's going to come out of your mouth.

    It was Jisung's idea for everyone to sleep in the same room.

    First night of the weekend, he'd said. We should start as we mean to go on!

    Seungmin and Jisung had pulled mattresses from the other room, setting them up on the floor with blankets and pillows enough to make for more than a comfortable resting place.

    The single bed, however, had been offered to you.

    Hyunjin just happened to have invited himself in too.

    ... You weren't of a mind to argue it too much.

    So now, you're resting on your side, your hand tucked beneath the pillow at your head as you stare at the television.

    Hyunjin lies behind you, an effective big spoon that's propped up on his elbow, also staring at the television.

    "Fine," Jisung shrugs. "As long as you're sure. Now, pray silence, please! This evening's feature film is about to begin."

    With that, he picks up the remote beside him, extravagantly flicking the switch and playing the movie that had been static until now.

    Seungmin reaches up behind him, turning off the lights, and just like that...

    You're plunged into darkness.

    Lit only by the dull glow of the television screen.

    And it takes everything in you not to moan wantonly.

    Because what Jisung and Seungmin can't see...

    ... Is Hyunjin's cock, buried so deeply and snugly inside you, so thick and long, it's like you've died and been sent to the seventh circle of hell.

    He is torturing you, in the best fucking way imaginable.

    And you're letting him.


    Hyunjin brings himself closer, rearranging the duvet around the two of you for more cover. His free arm winds around you, but his movement proceeds to drive his cock even deeper than before, and you stifle the whimper you want to release.

    He looms behind you, dipping his head down just enough to make it seem like he's not actively kissing your neck... rather than that, he's just breathing on your skin, in your ear. Grazing his plump lips across the very surface.

    Slow and gentle, he flexes his hips as his rigid length swells inside you, and you tense up with the sensation of being so full, yet being unable to act on it.

    His free hand drops down from your waist, dipping inside your loose pyjama shorts, inside your panties. A single, long middle finger finds the hood of your clitoris, he offers the tenderest of touches as he begins to circle you, stimulate you while his cock remains still.

    Your body temperature soars, you're burning up from your head down to your toes, the impossible fullness of your sex adding to the taut knot of tension in your core and the white hot waves of sheer pleasure he sends through you when he touches your clit so gently, yet so expertly.

    All you want is to ride him.

    To fuck his goddamn brains out and neglect the aftercare, because quite frankly, you're approaching the point of desperation that makes people do crazy things.

    He acts as though he's fidgeting in the bed, yet every slight motion of his hips drives him deeper into your utterly slick sex - the only reason the room isn't filled with the sounds of your soaking moisture squelching around his length is because he's holding so still.

    So rigidly, perfectly fucking still inside you.

    You tighten and tense your sex as best you can, greedy for the even the slightest bit of friction against your g-spot - the one the tip of his cock is currently nestled against like he's simply reclining to a wall.

    It's frustrating enough to drive the holiest of people to their wits end.

    "You okay there, Y/N?" Seungmin asks over his shoulder. "You're sweating."

    "A- Am I?" You laughed nervously. "Just warm in here, I guess. I'm good."

    Seungmin shrugs, turning his attention back to the movie.

    "With how tight your pussy is around me, baby, I'd say you're more than good."

    Hyunjin's barely audible whisper of a mumble in your ear is enough to make you die on the spot, yet that would mean losing the sensation of him inside you...

    And you're not sure you can ever do without that again.

    "Just eighty minutes to go," he breathes against your skin. "Let's see how many times I can make you cum without the others noticing. Be still for me, baby."

    Oh god.


    𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: The only thing better than cockwarming is SECRET cockwarming and that’s a solid truth. 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐚





    #hyunjin smut#skz smut #stray kids smut #hyunjin x y/n #hyunjin x reader #hyunjin x you #stray kids x you #stray kids x reader #stray kids x y/n #stray kids x stay #stray kids imagines #skz imagines#hyunjin imagines#hyunjin scenarios#kpop smut#kpop imagines#kinktober 2021
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    #ask#answered#platinummice#fair lol #tho i cant imagine thats the most cursed thing ive subjected yall to
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  • fadedncity
    18.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    my only angel

    wc: 2.2k
    fwb!au, mentions of alcohol consumption, drug use (they eat edibles), pet names, fingering, oral (f receiving), sex while under the influence, multiple orgasms, cum play, fingering sucking (i really couldn’t resist lmao i’m sorry), unprotected sex

    The floor beneath you shook along to the bass of the music blasting from the speakers. There's barely room to breathe, so you weren't surprised that the party has now spilled out onto the front lawn. Your friends have long abandoned you, either dancing in the living room or off somewhere with someone. You weren't going to ruin Halloween for them and decided to just stick around in hopes of something—anything happening to make the night better.

    If it's going to happen, it needs to hurry up because these shoes are beginning to get uncomfortable.

    Pushing your way out of the crowd, you make it into the kitchen. The supply of alcohol sits there waiting for you to take your pick.

    You thought you were the only one in the kitchen before you heard someone shuffling around behind you. not paying them any mind until you felt their presence beside you.

    "Nice wings." your ears perk up at his voice.

    Standing next to you, in the most half-assed attempt of a costume, was Jaemin.

    "Thanks. Nice...ears."

    The bunny ears being the only thing festive on him, sitting on top of his head. Jaemin seemed to have forgotten he was wearing them from the way he looked up.

    "Ah," Jaemin takes the ears off his head, "Hyuck would've kicked me out if I didn't have a costume."

    "Don't you live here?" you laugh.

    "You think that matters?" he asks, "I'm surprised you're here, though. I thought parties weren't your thing."

    "They're not. But Jisu insisted on putting me in this ridiculous costume and bringing me so, here I am." you give him a tight lip smile.

    "I don't think you look ridiculous," he pauses, his eyes scanning your face, "Prettiest angel I've ever seen."

    Your heart jumps up into your throat at his compliment, trying to control the heat rushing to your face. If Jaemin notices you turning away, so he doesn't see, he doesn't say anything.

    He moves away from you and to the refrigerator to grab the red bull he came downstairs for. 

    "Come with me," he says in your ear, startling you.

    You don't know what he really means by that, but you follow him into the living room. 

    The room reeked of sweat and weed, everyone packed together like sardines. You felt Jaemin's hand on your lower back, guiding you through the sea of bodies. When you manage to get to the stairs, Jaemin's hand slid down your arm, taking your hand and leading you the rest of the way to his room. Once you're in his room and get the door closed, you feel relieved not having the overwhelming bass of the music ringing out in your ears.

    "You know, someone's gonna start getting suspicious if we keep doing this."

    "Doing what, we aren't doing anything," His face was close enough to yours; you could feel his breath fanning across your face and noticed his eyes flickering down to your lips.

    "What'd you bring me up here for then, Jaem?"

    "It is Halloween, isn't it?" he pulls something out of his pocket, "I've got goodies," he widely grins. 

    The bag of edibles in Jaemin's hand makes it hard for a smile not to break out on your face. Before you started sleeping together, you and Jaemin were still the duo that would randomly go missing in the middle of something because you went to smoke together. He's always buying new carts and testing different strains, and you were always the person he smoked it with. So doing this together was no different. 

    "80mg" he answers the question you're about to ask.

    "80???" you raise your brows, and he nods. 

    You patiently hold out your hand and wait for jaemin to give you one. 

    "Oh, now you wanna be nice to me," he says sarcastically. 

    "Jaemin." he should know not to test your patience when it comes to things like this.  

    He popped one gummy into his mouth, making you wait until he was finished chewing. He held up a second one, and just as you were about to take it from him, he puts it in his mouth. 

    Oh, he's trying to see god tonight. 

    But then he holds it between his teeth, and you realize what he wants. You pulled him by his shirt and crashed your lips into his and Jaemin's tongue pushed the edible into your mouth. The bitter aftertaste of weed is left in your mouth when you're done chewing. 

    "Now we wait."


    You were supposed to be watching the movie, but you should've known better than to think Jaemin would go too long without touching you.

    Jaemin's already handsy but, throw a little thc into the mix, and he can't keep his hands off you.

    He had you seated in his lap while your fingers were tangled in his hair. You tugged on Jaemin's bottom lip when his hands moved from your thighs to grab your ass underneath your dress. You whimpered into his mouth when his hands squeezed your ass, pressing your core into his clothed bulge. 

    It seemed as if things were going in slow motion. Or maybe that edible is finally hitting. Whatever it was, you didn't want it to stop because you love the way Jaemin's touching you.

    Without pulling away from each other, Jaemin laid you down on his bed before his lips began trailing down your jaw. Jaemin slightly tugs on your hair to give him more access to your neck. You let out a shaky moan when his teeth find the sensitive spot below your ear. 

    "You sound so pretty for me, angel," he says in your ear, "I can't wait until you're screaming my name," his sweet smile had a shiver running down your spine, shooting straight to your core.

    His hands pushed your dress up past your hips allowing Jaemin to leave kisses down your stomach. 

    The tip of Jaemin's nose traces the wet spot on your panties, and you're more sensitive to his touch, but Jaemin loves the way your body reacts to him. 

    He hooks his fingers in the band of your underwear and pulls them down your legs, tossing them over his shoulder.

    "Such a naughty angel," he tsked, "Look at how wet you already are for me," he watched as you clenched around nothing, more arousal seeping out of you. 

    The both of you moan when Jaemin's tongue dips into your heat. He has a good hold of your thighs, making sure you stay in place as he sucks your clit. Jaemin's eyes flicker up towards you to see the way you grope your tits in your hands. You were lost in the pleasure, not even knowing how good you look right now. Jaemin's tongue languidly moves in and out of your, slowly building up the knot in your stomach. Your hands reach down for his hair, and he moans into your pussy when you tug on it. Jaemin doesn't mind the way you pull at his hair. He loves it almost as much as he loves the feeling of your thighs around his head. 

    "Jaemin, don't stop-" your moans fill up the room. 

    Jaemin can't get enough of the taste of you on his tongue, and the way he's eating you out had you feeling like you're on cloud nine. 

    He brings his attention back to your clit, slowly rubbing circles with his thumb before he slips two fingers inside of you. 

    Jaemin softly kissed your thigh, waiting for you to adjust to the stretch without hurting you. He began scissoring his fingers inside of you once he felt you relax. 

    "fuck right there," you pant when he curls his fingers in just the right spot. 

    The only thing coming out of your mouth were Jaemin's name and whiny moans. 

    "You're gonna make me cum-" your eyes rolled back into your head, and your thighs tensed around jaemin's head.

    Jaemin held onto you as he lapped up your cum, trying to prevent your legs from crushing his head. Even though he really wouldn't mind.

    Jaemin's pink glossy eyes were hooded when he came up from between your legs. Half of his face was wet from your juices. He licked his lips and fingers, savoring the taste of you.

    Your eyes wandered down from his face, falling to the tent you spot growing in his sweatpants. You pressed your foot against his bulge before he grabbed your ankle.

    "Angel-" you cut off Jaemin's warning by pulling your dress over your head, revealing your bare body.

    "Jaemin, please hurry up and fuck me." you batted your lashes

    You saw him staring at your boobs before processing the words you had just said to him. He grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled it over his head, tossing it to the floor just like had with your underwear.

    He was practically giving you a striptease with how slow he was taking his clothes off. And it was started to annoy you as the ache between your thighs grew stronger.

    Once his sweatpants joined the pile of clothes on his bedroom floor, you pushed him down onto the bed, not having any patience anymore.

    Jaemin's hands immediately rested on your thighs when you straddled him.

    With his boxers being the only thing departing you two from fucking, you slowly began grinding your pussy against his clothed cock.

    "Fuck- baby, don't tease me like that." Jaemin could feel your wetness seeping through his boxers

    You were the one to take off the last piece of clothing he was wearing. Before lining his cock up with your entrance, you rub him between your folds, slicking his cock up.

    As you sink down on him, you moan, and you feel Jaemin's nails dig into your thighs.

    Your face was scrunched up in discomfort as your hand fell onto his chest to steady yourself.

    "Are you okay, baby?" he softly rubbed your thighs, comforting you.

    "Y-Yeah, just give me a second," you whimper

    "I'm sorry."

    "Are you seriously apologizing to me for having a big dick?"

    He starts to laugh, which makes you laugh, and the both of you can't seem to catch your breath for a minute.

    "Okay, I'm okay now," you say, wiping away a tear from the corner of your eye.

    "Take as much time as you need, angel. I could stay like this all night," he attached his lips to your neck.

    You begin to move your hips as Jaemin's tongue glides across your collarbone. He moves his hands from under your thighs, back to your ass to direct your movements.

    "You feel so good around me, angel," Jaemin groans.

    If you didn't have cottonmouth, you'd be drooling, drunk off the feeling of Jaemin's cock stretching you out.

    Your mouth was open, but all that was coming out were jaemin's name mixed with your moans. Jaemin brings his hands to your chest and cups your breasts, groping the soft flesh in his palms.

    "it feel s'good, jaem-" you slurred your words, loving the way his cock dragged against your walls.

    His fingers dug into your waist when your pussy fluttered around his cock, sucking him right in.

    "my god, angel, you're so fucking tight."

    Your moans reach a higher octave when Jaemin hits your sweet spot, and you sink your nails into his back.

    "jaemin! I'm gonna-" you screwed your eyes shut, "cum. fuck-I'm gonna cum!"

    "That's it, pretty girl, cum for me," he never took his eyes off your face as you came, loving the way you lose yourself in ecstasy. 

    Jaemin's hips met yours, lifting off the bed, fucking you through your orgasm while chasing after his own.

    Warm spurts of his cum painted your walls. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your face in his neck as Jaemin fucked the last of his cum into you. 

    You got out of his lap and fell onto the bed next to him. You felt his cum begin to spill out of you and onto your inner thighs. But before you could've grabbed something to clean the mess, Jaemin slipped his hand between your legs and used his fingers to pump his cum back inside of you.

    When he brought his glistening fingers to your lips, you were more than happy to let Jaemin slide his cum covered fingers into your mouth. 

    "my dirty little angel," he calls you, and you moan around his digits. 

    He pulls his fingers out of your mouth, a string of salvia connecting from his hand to your lips. 

    "Are you okay?" he asks between kisses 

    "Fan-fucking-tastic." you tiredly sigh

    He pecks your nose before grabbing something to clean you up with. You can't help but stare at him as he rummaged through his clothes for something. 

    "Here," Jaemin hands you one of his shirts 

    "What's this for?"

    "I didn't think you'd wanna sleep in that dress. But if you wanna sleep naked, I'm not opposed to that-"

    "You actually want me to stay?"

    "Yeah? We still have to finish the movie," he begins, "And, it's late. I don't want you going home yourself."

    "It's fine. I'd just get an uber, you know I don't live far-"

    "Y/n," Jaemin interrupts you, "I want you to stay." 

    #jaemin#nct jaemin#na jaemin #nct dream jaemin #nct#nct fluff#nct imagines#nct dream#nct u #jaemin x reader #jaemin smut#nct smut #nct dream smut #jaemin fluff#jaemin scenarios#jaemin imagines #jaemin x you #nct scenarios #nct dream scenarios #nct dream imagines #00 line smut #00 line scenarios #kpop smut#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#nct au #nct x you #nct x reader
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  • devildomsgod
    18.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Obey Me!: you throw a surprise party for them

    The bros reacting to you throwing them a surprise party for a special occasion; gn!reader


    I think he's not too big of a fan of surprise parties

    especially if he's the one it's thrown for xd

    dw he'll make an exception for his precious mc

    probably figured out that you were planning something but it didn't occur to him that it's a whole ass party lol

    Luci sticks with you throughout it all, sorta waiting for the party to be over and you two to be alone

    he prefers celebrating in private :)


    no way

    no friggin way mc!!!

    omg he's so hyped

    he loves parties!!! and he can't believe you'd do this for him :'D

    had absolutely no idea you planned this tbh

    he's enjoying the hell out of the party and the attention he's getting :3

    definitely plans a surprise party for you too some time


    uhhhhh what

    a s-s-surprise party for him?????

    hell no

    he appreciates the gesture and effort you put into this but :||||| people scari

    ((it's a different story if you planned some anime event or something like that))

    he will absolutely not leave your side

    you need to protecc this Boi from social contact lol


    oooo how cool, mc!

    lowkey figured out that you were planning something like this lol

    he still tries to act surprised to not hurt your feelings

    really really appreciates the effort you put into this and absolutely returns a surprise party some time

    enjoys the event fully, though he also can't wait to celebrate in private with you <3


    you hit the nail on the head with this one

    Asmo is SO delighted :333

    mc, you're seriously the best

    like THE best

    he's enjoying the heck out of this

    and all the attention just for him...

    definitely catches the smallest details of your preparation and praises each one of them

    throws a surprise thank-you party for you the next day lol


    whoa, mc!

    how cool, he had no idea you were planning this!!!! You're amazing

    he's so.... chill but excited it's kinda hard to read his reaction

    he does appreciate it a whole lot though

    especially if you made sure enough food is present

    he's a happy boy

    you're the best, mc :)


    huh a surprise party? for him?? now!?!? no thanks.

    he's sleeping, sorry

    he'll give the guests some forced smiles and thank yous but the second he's through with that he's latched onto you and deep in his dreams

    don't get him wrong, he understands the effort and time you sacrificed for him but.... A nicely made bed would have done the trick too

    if you promise to sleep in with him the next day, he might consider joining some of the party fun

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  • coffeerecords
    18.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    FAVOUR (m) | lucifer.

    ➾ in which you find yourself missing him

    wordcount: 5.2k | genre: fluff, slight angst, eventual smut, established relationship au | pairing: lucifer x fem!reader ft. other brothers (platonic) | rating: 18+ | tw: drinking, insecurities, suggestive remarks, swear words | others: domestic moments with satan and belphie, the anti-lucifer league strikes, satan and belphie insists mc can do better so they suggest [redacted], brief mention of devildom politics


    The sudden ring of your D.D.D rouses you awake from your dreamless sleep. Groaning, you reach out blindly to find the chirping device. Looking at the screen, you squint at the brightness and press the green button.


    “Hello to you too,” Satan’s voice greets you, amusement lacing his tone. “You’re still asleep?”

    “No shit, Sherlock,” you grumble. “It’s freakin’ seven in the morning—”

    “It’s ten,” Satan cuts you off.

    Your eyes snap open, sleep gone instantly as you check the time. “Shit!”

    “Yeah,” the blond demon laughs. “See you in thirty.”

    More curses spill from your lips while you throw your covers and rush out of bed to shower. Twenty minutes later, you barely can catch your breath as you reach the living room where Satan told you he’d be. However, the blond demon is nowhere to be found. Instead, you find Belphegor sleeping on the couch.

    Taking another five minutes to regain your breathing, you approach Belphie, nudging his shoulder until he peers his eyes open. “Hmm?”

    “Where’s Satan?”

    The indigo-haired demon merely yawns, throwing his hands overhead to stretch before sitting up. “He should be in the kitchen.”

    “What? What for?”

    “He said something about—”

    Satan bursts into the room with a bag in hand, smiling ear-to-ear. “Good. You’re both here. Now, let’s get going!”

    Almost an hour later, you arrive in a newly-opened café, following Satan through a sliding glass door alongside Belphie. Satan lets out an excited gasp at the sight of cats—running, playing, sleeping—all over the place. It’s basically cat heaven which also aligns with what Satan calls ‘paradise’.

    “How the hell did they keep this place intact?” Belphie mutters, glancing around the place with curiosity. “I don’t think I can take a nap here.”

    You chuckle, pointing at a sleeping cat on the sofa. “You can take a nap with that one.”

    “And risk letting them sit on my face? No thanks,” Belphie sighs, recalling the past cat videos Satan has shown him.

    “Oh, you won’t be troubled with that,” Satan interrupts you both. “Cats would only do so if they trust the person and you, Belphegor, still have a long way to go.”

    Belphie sighs. “Then why did you invite me in the first place?”

    “The café allows one person an hour to play with the cats. But, with us three, they let us play for three hours. And I’d rather be around those I know than strangers. You and ____ are the least troublesome among the others.”

    “Care to explain?”

    “Mammon would definitely attempt to steal one of the cats and sell them, Levi would refuse to leave his mancave, Asmo would hog the cats’ attention, and Beel….” Satan sighs heavily before zips open his bag, taking out some containers. “Do I really have to explain?

    “Nope,” you and Belphie mutter in unison. Beel would definitely ditch the café to find food or, in a worst-case scenario, an attempt to eat the cat.

    “Or, he will try to eat these nutritious meals I’ve prepared for the cats,” Satan adds, handing the both of you a container. “...Just like that one time—”

    “Then why don’t you wait for Luci to come back?” You question him.

    “I can barely stand spending an hour with him. What makes you think I’d go for three?”

    “He’s got a good point,” Belphie muses, turning to you. “But I have to admit Lucifer has been a bit more tolerable when you’re around.”

    You blink a few times. “He—Really? He doesn’t seem to act differently.”

    Satan shakes his head. “____, we’ve lived together for centuries and never once have I seen Lucifer willingly take the day off just to nurse someone back to health.”

    “I wasn’t exactly sick...” Your cheeks grow hot at the memory. “It’s just my period, and I didn’t know it’d be that painful!”

    “Well, now Lucifer has scheduled a monthly outing—”

    “...More like kicking us out if you ask me….” Belphie comments.

    “—for the six of us to spend in Purgatory Hall whenever you’re on your—”

    “Okay, okay!” You shoot a playful glare at the blond demon, preventing him from continuing. “I get it! Now, can we please go feed the cats? Wait, are we even allowed to feed them?” You eye the food inside the container Satan handed you.

    “Right,” Satan nods excitedly, turning to the awaiting caretakers. “And yes, we’re allowed. I’ve done a lot of research and talked with the manager and the caretaker.”

    Afterwards, Satan approaches a group of cats in the middle of the room, crouching down slowly to place the container. Meanwhile, Belphie then asks beside you, “You know, speaking of Lucifer, when is he coming back?”

    The question causes you to falter slightly because the only answer you can give him is— “I don’t know, Belphie….”

    Belphie tilts his head slightly. “You don’t know?

    You sigh, debating internally on whether you should let the youngest demon know what’s been bothering you the past few days. “Look, I don’t exactly know what’s happening, but he hasn’t replied to any of my texts...”

    Belphie’s brows furrowing in confusion. “Didn’t he mention he’d keep in touch with you before he went to the human world?”

    You nod slowly.

    That was two weeks ago, the beginning of your one-month break. You had looked forward to spending time with your boyfriend, but alas, duty calls. He said it was about maintaining the alliance with the witches for the sake of Diavolo’s future plans.

    Taking out your D.D.D., you check if there’s any message from him. But you find none. The last message you sent last night is still unread… and the other two are from the previous days and a week ago. He must have been so busy. You know that you had accepted the fact that his work will always come first ever since the both of you had become a couple.

    “What a prick,” Belphie scoffs, snapping you out of your thoughts. “You know what, you should forget about him in the meantime. Don’t let his ignorance get to you, ____. You deserve a good time with these cats. Look—!” He crouches down, luring a passing cat with the food. The cat comes closer to where both of you are standing.

    You smile at Belphie’s attempt to cheer you up and follow suit, crouching down and placing the opened container beside his. More cats come near the both of you, eyeing the meal in the container cautiously before giving a taste. And soon, those cats surround the two of you, chomping down on the food until their stomachs are filled.

    The cats then lay on your and Belphie’s lap, napping quietly. One has also settled on Belphie’s head, causing him to sigh in annoyance but with a smile on his face. Then your D.D.D. vibrates in your pocket, snapping you out of the quiet moment. You fish out your phone to see an unknown number pop up on your screen. Furrowing your brows, you press answer. “Hello...?”


    “Luci?” You didn’t expect your boyfriend’s voice to greet you with an unknown number.

    “Yes, it’s me.”

    “What... Wait, what’s going on? Who’s phone are you using?”

    The other end of the line grows silent for a moment. “... It’s a long story.”

    “Where are you? Are you still in the human world?”

    “I am. I should be back within this week.” Lucifer sighs, voice clearly distressed. “Things have gotten complicated here.”

    “What’s wrong? Are you alright? Can I do anything to help?”

    He chuckles at the franticness in your voice. “No, no. Everything’s fine, my love. But I need you and my brothers to head to the palace right now.”

    “Ah...” You can’t help but feel a tad disappointed that he’d find the effort to call you when it involves Diavolo. But, nonetheless, you still agreed. “Okay, I’ll tell them.”

    “Thank you.” He lets out a relieved sigh. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

    The silence is deadly as the three of you arrive at the palace’s door. Satan’s current demeanour is like a ticking bomb while you and Belphie tread carefully around him to not trigger his wrath.

    “It’s a bad idea to cut the playtime short, you know,” Belphie whispers in your ear.

    “I know,” you sigh, recalling to wait another hour before telling Satan that playing with the cats must be cut short. “I really didn’t want to. But I had no choice.”

    “What’s so urgent for Lucifer to call you to go to Diavolo’s place?”

    “We’re about to find out,” you respond, glancing back and forth between Satan and the heavy doors. However, before you can knock, the door bursts open as a chicken flies out and lands on Satan’s face, causing the blond demon to fall on his butt at the impact.


    “Don’t let the chicken escape!” A familiar shout follows behind. Mammon runs to the three of you, aggravated. “Yo! Thanks, man!” He plucks the chicken out of Satan’s arms. “What took ya guys so long? Barbatos is on the brink of having a fit and—”

    “Umm, Mammon?”

    “What’s up, ____?”

    “You might want to apologise to—”

    “Mammon...” Satan seethes. “You’re gonna pay for this.”

    “Eh?! Wait, what—” Mammon shrieks, barely dodging Satan’s incoming punch. “Hold on a sec— What did I do?! Hey!”

    You and Belphie stand still, utterly speechless, as Mammon rushes back into the palace lobby with Satan hot on his trail. Leviathan appears out from the kitchen, exhaustion weighing on his expression. “You guys... What took you so long?! You called Beel to round us all up here like an hour ago!”

    “S-Sorry, Levi...” You scratch the back of your head, heading inside towards the kitchen. “We were in a cat café, and Satan was having so much fun there. I felt bad cutting his hours short...”

    Levi sighs heavily. “You should have seen how terrifying Barbatos was...”

    “Why? What happened?”

    “A group of witches is coming tonight from the human world. It’s about some alliance of some sorts with Diavolo. So, we’re ordered to make them feel welcome at tonight’s party.”

    “That sounds like a lot of work,” Belphie sighs.

    “No wonder Luci sounds so stressed,” you add, earning a confused look from the two brothers.

    “Lucifer is stressed?” Levi questions, eyes widening. “He’s usually the one doing the stressing.”

    Belphie chuckles at his brother’s comment. “So, Mr Loyal-and-Obedient does have his limits as well. But not surprised that he’d do anything for Diavolo.”

    Hearing those words causes your eye to twitch. As if it hits a bullseye in your growing insecurity. After all, he hasn’t messaged you back since last week and only called you earlier per Diavolo’s request.

    Your steps falter momentarily as a thought occurs in your mind. What does this mean... But that’s not fair! Of course, you can never compare to the future king of Devildom! Who in their right mind would choose a measly human over a powerful demon?!

    However, your wretched mind continues to hound you as it starts recalling how much effort Lucifer puts into his companionship with Diavolo. And... How long will it take before Lucifer breaks up with you? The day he arrives? A week after? A month—

    “Uh, ____?” Belphie calls you from the kitchen’s doorway. “Why are you standing there in the corner?”

    You blink, realising what you should be doing. Letting out a heavy sigh, you rush towards the kitchen. “Right, sorry!”

    “What’s wrong?” Belphie hands you an apron once you stand beside him.

    “Nothing... Just have a lot in my mind.”

    “Do you want to talk about it?”

    You shake your head. “It’s fine. I’m just overthinking things.”

    “Why do I get the feeling that it’s about Lucifer?”

    “Well... You’re not wrong.”

    “I knew it,” Belphie sighs, putting on plastic gloves before handing in another pair to you. You take it and help prepare the vegetables on the counter. “But, you know, it’s never too late to ditch him and go for someone else.”

    The onion you’re peeling slips from your hold, rolling on the surface towards the edge of the counter. Belphie catches it with ease, handing it back to you.

    “What do you mean—”

    “I agree with Belphie.”

    You jolt and turn towards the figure. Satan stands on your other side—seemingly regained his composure from earlier—and you shoot him a slight glare. “Were you eavesdropping?!”

    “Well, I can’t help it when it involves the possibility of Lucifer fucking up. But judging from your tone, I’m almost hundred per cent sure he did. Which sounds like a valid reason for you to ditch his ass and find another,” Satan muses, not bothering to hide the satisfied smile on his face.

    “Hell no!” You cross your arms across your chest. “Everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t plan on leaving Lucifer—”

    “I knew it. Lucifer did fucked up,” Belphie exhales. “But what if there’s someone else better than Lucifer? Someone like… Diavolo?”

    Satan lets out a hum of approval with a scheming expression. “Oh, just imagine Lucifer’s face when Diavolo sweeps you off your feet.”

    “Hold on,” You stop them from speaking. “I don’t see Diavolo that way, and you both don’t even like Diavolo.”

    “Well…” Belphie trails.

    “He’s definitely the better choice than my disappointment of a brother,” Satan remarks. “I mean Diavolo is the future king of Devildom, no?”

    “But, I lo—”

    “Good afternoon, everyone!” Diavolo greets the entire room with a smile. “I apologise for the sudden request of your presence to help out with tonight’s party preparation.”

    Speaking of the Devil…

    “My Lord,” Barbatos greets him with a bow. “The preparation is almost complete. Tonight’s party is going to be a success.”

    “That’s wonderful news!” Diavolo claps his hands in excitement. “Now, is ____ here?”

    Wait, what—

    “She’s there.” Barbatos points to the back row of the kitchen. The young Lord’s eyes brighten as it lands on you.

    “This is your chance, ____!” Belphie nudges you. “Go seduce him—”

    “I am not doing that!” You hiss in annoyance.

    “I think he likes you, ____,” Satan comments in amusement as Diavolo walks over to where you’re standing. “Good luck!”

    “You two—” You watch Satan and Belphie move to another station in the kitchen with teasing smirks on their faces.

    “____,” Diavolo greets you. “Care to join me?”

    You blink, registering his words. “Uh, I’m not finished with these—” You point at the half-cut vegetables. “—and I’m supposed to help—”

    “Barbatos mentioned he’s almost done with the preparation,” the prince assures you. “Now, come with me.”

    And he whisks you away out of the kitchen. Within minutes, you find yourself in a dressing room.

    “I don’t understand,” you blurt out, breaking the awkward silence.

    The prince merely laughs as he hands you a few documents. “I’d like you to help the dressmakers pick dresses for these witches.”

    You skim through it, reading the profile of the witches before looking back at him. “Isn’t Asmo more capable of helping you with this?”

    Diavolo sighs, shaking his head. “If I were to pick him, we would not get anywhere. He’d pick outfits for himself instead. Also, I know you have quite the eye in fashion.”

    “I see…” you mumble. “Alright then.”

    “Excellent!” Diavolo exclaims, clapping his hands as the dressmakers begin to scurry here and there. “I trust you can handle this, ____. Lucifer said you’re very responsible, and he’d trust you with his life, even.”

    The mention of your boyfriend from Diavolo’s lips grabs your attention. Slowly, you ask, “He did?”

    “Yes, he did. He seems very fond of you, but not as much as I am.” He shoots you a million-dollar smile and wink.

    “Oh…” You mutter, unsure of what to say. “Well, I’ll go and help the dressmakers and pick the gifts for the witches. You can count on me.”

    “I certainly can. You look beautiful, by the way.” With that, Diavolo leaves you to your own devices, leaving you in a state of confusion and slight, no, full panic. You did not expect Diavolo to compliment you so casually. Is he perhaps flirting with you?

    Diavolo does not know that you had made it official with Lucifer. And Lucifer would have told his own best friend unless there is something that... Satan’s previous words ring in your mind, ‘I think he likes you, ____.’

    Shaking your head, you stop your trail of thoughts and pick up a paper from the stack. You bring it to the head dressmaker to discuss which dress is most suitable. By the time you’ve managed to pick dresses for all thirty witches, it was six in the evening. You are helping one of the dressmakers arrange the last of the dresses on the mannequin when Diavolo returns.

    He lets out a hum of approval at the prepared gifts before he beams at you. “You truly exceeded my expectations, ____!”

    Your cheeks grow gradually hot at the attention as you nod.

    “Well, I think it’s time for you to return home to get changed,” he continues. “I owe you a favour.”

    Shaking your head, you chuckle nervously. “It’s an honour, Your Highness.”

    “I insist, ____,” Diavolo takes your hand in his, placing a kiss on your knuckle. “Until we meet again tonight.”

    “So, anything happened between you and Diavolo?” Belphie asks as you head back to House of Lamentation with the brothers.

    “____ and Diavolo?” Asmodeus questions, overhearing the conversation. “What is this? Are you having an affair with the future king of Devildom?”

    “No!” You exclaim. “He just wanted me to help the dressmakers pick something for the invited witches.”

    Asmo gasps, “Why wasn’t I invited?”

    “You’d hog all the dresses for yourself, Asmo,” Belphie states bluntly.

    “That is nonsense!” The Avatar of Lust denies dramatically. “But let’s go back to the more interesting topic. Is Diavolo hitting on you, ____? What would our dear brother think of it?”

    “It’s not like that,” you sigh exasperatedly. “He just needs some help to prepare some gifts for the witches who are attending the party tonight.”

    “Hm, is that all?” Belphie does not bother hiding his disappointment. “I thought there was some spark between the both of you.”


    Satan barges into the conversation suddenly. “Even when Diavolo compliments you and kisses your knuckle like a gentleman. Are you sure there’s no spark?”

    “Where the hell did you even get that information?” You stare at him in bewilderment as Belphie and Asmo’s faces light up in delight.

    “A little bird told me,” Satan muses, all smug. “I have to say, Diavolo knows what he’s doing.”

    “If you’re not careful, you might get snatched up by the prince without knowing,” Asmo giggles.

    Your eye twitches in annoyance. “You guys better stop this Diavolo nonsense. I have no interest in the prince at all.”

    Asmo wraps his arm around your shoulder, shaking his head. “And that is what makes you simply more desirable, ____.”

    The event starts at midnight, leaving you enough time to freshen up. Asmo insists on helping you to pick an outfit. The party won’t be like the usual fancy ball. Instead, Diavolo planned on a nightclub-themed party. Excited about the change of theme, Asmo had made sure you are ‘dressed-to-kill and maybe lure in some other potential suitors to keep your mind away from the thoughts of your boyfriend.

    “If you’re sad, I’m sad too, ____,” Asmo clutches your shoulders. “So, let’s enjoy tonight to the fullest. Forget about my brother just this one night. He won’t attend the party, am I right?”

    You shake your head. “He’ll be back in a few days.”

    “That’s good news!” Asmo clasps your hands in his. “I’m planning to go all out tonight and maybe have an orgy if I’m lucky. Would you like to join—”

    “That is an absolute no.”

    “Is Lucifer enough to keep you satisfied?”

    “Asmo… You know I don’t kiss and tell,” you answer with a smirk curling up on the corner of your lips.

    “You’re no fun, ____….” The Avatar of Lust pouts playfully before he exits your bedroom to get changed himself.

    You are in the middle of finishing your makeup when there’s a set of knocks on your door. “Come in,” you call out. The door swings open with Satan and Belphie standing there.

    “Wow, aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes?” You comment at the rare sight of the two brothers all dressed up.

    “Speak for yourself, ____,” Belphie chuckles.

    “I’m nothing compared to the two of you,” you shrug. “Those witches will literally be vying for your attention!”

    “Please, don’t.” Satan shudders noticeably. “Reminds me of a bad experience.”

    Right. You stifle your laughter.

    Two witches had fought over him once, and it did not end well for the rest of the party. Or so, they said. It happened during a festival held by Diavolo to maintain the peace between Devildom and the human realm. Asmo—as always—had taken the role to be in charge of the brothers’ outfit, including yours.

    Let’s just say his suggestion did not disappoint. You can still remember how handsome the eldest brother looked and how he couldn’t keep his eyes (and hands) off you throughout the whole night. You both had sneaked out in the middle of the party to indulge in each others’ presence privately. Hence, you did not stay long enough to see how chaotic the party became when the witches fought over Satan, casting spells and curses here and there.

    “Anyways,” Satan clears his throat. “We should come up with a prank on Lucifer.”

    ...Ah, of course. It’s not Satan if he does not hold a grudge after getting his bonding-with-cats time is cut short.

    “I’m sitting this one out,” You reply while checking your appearance before spraying your face with a setting spray.

    “____, we talked about this,” Belphie sighs dramatically. “He did something that upsets you. This can help release your pent-up disappointment.” Before you can say anything else, he turns to Satan. “What do you have in mind?”

    Satan crosses his arms in deep thought. “As much as it pains me to say it, we did fail the last time we tried to spike his Demonus. So, that’s out of the question. Not to mention we still don’t know the phrase for his secret door. So…” There’s a delighted glint in his gaze as you catch his eye. “...Why don’t we continue Operation Flirt with Diavolo in the party?”

    Belphie agrees almost immediately.

    “Good luck flirting with Diavolo yourselves,” you hum, closing your makeup kit.

    “Who says we’ll be the ones flirting?”

    “Again, I won’t partake in this—”

    “Oh, you won’t have to do a single thing, ____,” Satan grins. “Nothing at all.”

    Demons and witches dance across the scarlet floor in the dim-lighted room while some sit and chat amongst themselves in the booths by the time you arrive at The Fall. You squint at the colourful lights that hit your face while you make your way through with the brothers. Asmo and Mammon had found themselves joining the crowd, thriving on this kind of atmosphere. Reaching one of the empty booths, you plop down on the cushioned seat with Belphie and Beel—

    Nevermind. Beel has also gone missing. Probably in search of the delicacies Barbatos prepared earlier on the grazing table. Satan and Levi sit across from you and Belphie. Not a moment later, Satan clears his throat. “So, we’re still on with the plan.”

    You sigh defeatedly, hoping that he’d forgotten or something. Honestly, there’s no stopping the blond demon once he puts his mind on pranking Lucifer. Whatever this prank entails must have been foolproof, considering the devious grin growing on his face.

    “Plan? What plan?” Levi tilts his head questioningly.

    “We’re pranking Lucifer,” Belphie answers. “Do you want to join?”

    “Why am I not surprised?” The otaku sighs, shaking his head. “But count me in. It’s not like I have anything better to do in this crowd.”

    Satan nods, pleased with his older brother’s answer. “We’re going to sit in a different booth from ____.”

    Your eyes widen. “What?”

    “You want to leave the normie—alone—when this place is packed with demons and witches?” Levi gapes at his brother, who’s nodding at every word.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll still keep an eye on her in case things go south. But I can assure you that she will be safe. In fact, no one would dare to approach her.” Satan casts a glance around the room before he looks you in the eye. “So, ____, just stay here.”

    “I swear if anything happens to me—”

    “Nothing bad will happen,” Satan assures you. “In fact, you might enjoy a pleasant company. So, let loose for a while.”

    You want to laugh and throw your drink on Satan’s face when your ‘pleasant company’ arrives. The brothers have left you alone, and they are two booths away from where you’re currently sitting.

    “____,” Diavolo greets you with his handsome smile, sitting beside you. “Glad you can make it. Why are you sitting alone? Where are the brothers?”

    “Your Highness,” you greet him back. “Yeah, I wonder where they are...”

    “Have you danced yet? The witches seem to enjoy this kind of atmosphere.”

    You shake your head. “It’s not really my thing. The music can get too loud, and it’s hard to have a proper conversation in the middle of the dancefloor.”

    Diavolo nods in understanding. “I see... But I do hope this would strengthen the alliance with the witches. I plan to open more opportunities for exchange students from the human realm.”

    “It’s a good start,” you respond, taking a sip of your drink. “But I think it would take more convincing for the witches to truly be open to the idea of an alliance.”

    The prince stares at you with a widened gaze momentarily. “Will you elaborate more on that?”

    “You’ve given them gifts and welcomed them with an amazing party. However, I personally think there should be a guarantee that shows the witches what they can gain from this alliance besides the education in RAD.”

    Diavolo stays silent, urging you to continue.

    “I don’t doubt your capabilities as a leader, Your Highness. But you’ve tasted what the human realm has to offer. It’s also one of the reasons why you wanted this alliance, right? What about giving the witches a chance as well? A chance to taste what Devildom has to offer by granting a longer time for them to stay and security? You’d win their hearts in no time.”

    By the time you finish your statement, Diavolo stares at you in awe. “You’d make a good queen yourself, ____.”

    You freeze at his words, blinking a few times as his words sink into your mind. “Um, thank you? But I’d rather not involve myself in political stuff. I saw how much paperwork Lucifer has to deal with daily.”

    Diavolo chuckles. “I guess you have a point. He’s still dealing with things in the human realm.”

    You sigh at that. “Indeed. Maybe you need to give him a break once he returns. His brothers are already a handful. He could be turning into a walking corpse without even knowing, considering how stubborn he is in not prioritising his own wellbeing—” You blink, realising how casually you just talk to the future king of Devildom. “I-I mean, Your Highness—”

    A hearty laugh escapes his lips as he clutches his stomach. “He is stubborn, even I have to agree with that. No one dared to mention this to me, let alone telling me to give Lucifer a break. Look, I assure you, I didn’t mean for him to finish those paperwork so quickly. He had always submitted those papers weeks before the deadlines.”

    “Right... He likes to keep himself busy.”

    “Absolutely!” Diavolo claps his hands. “For centuries, I’ve tried to get him to relax! I had to drag him once from his office to go to the beach!”

    “You dragged Lucifer out of his office?”

    Diavolo nods repeatedly. “With the help of Barbatos, of course. Lucifer has a will of steel when it comes to his work.” And he continues to tell you stories of him having a hard time convincing his best friend to take days off.

    “You are really fond of Lucifer, aren’t you?” Diavolo questions with a gentle smile when he finishes his story. The involuntary smile on your face disappears as you look away for the prince, flustered.

    Diavolo laughs at your reaction. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s not every day that someone would bluntly point out his not-so-strong qualities.”

    “Well, you’re not wrong…” you mumble, tucking your hair to the back of your ear. A strand of hair still falls on your face as Diavolo instinctively lifts his hand and tuck it behind your ear. For a moment, his hand lingers on your face, and you stiffen at the action.

    “____, I’ve been wanting to tell you—“However, the sudden loud cough interrupts you both.

    “What did we miss?” Satan asks casually, plopping beside Diavolo—who had already pulled his hand away from you—while Belphie takes the other side of the booth along with Levi and Beel.

    “Nothing.” You don’t know whether to feel relieved or angry at the brothers. So, you merely shoot the blond demon a warning glare when he purposefully cramps the space to have Diavolo sit closer to you.

    “Took you long enough,” Diavolo muses, unaware of the devious plans the brothers (except for innocent Beel, of course) had cooked up.

    “Did you manage to bore ____ to death with your stories, Diavolo?” Belphie asks in a teasing manner.

    “Nonsense! We’re both connected,” Diavolo replies happily.

    You can sense the surprised and teasing glances the brothers are giving you. Delighted at Diavolo’s accidental confession about enjoying your time together. Sighing, you stand up. “I’m going to get a drink in the bar… Alone.”

    Before any brothers can argue, you head to the bar, taking an empty seat before ordering a drink. You let out another deep sigh.

    The long chat with Diavolo has made you do nothing but miss your boyfriend more. Sure, you love the stories Diavolo told you, but you wanted the said person here with you. But unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want. Your boyfriend is somewhere dealing with whatever needs to be done in the human world, leaving you back here in Devildom. Now, his brothers are trying to set you up with his best friend.

    Speaking of which, you need to have a friendly long chat with Belphie and Satan. At first, you merely play along with their usual antics. But as it progresses, you realise how this could end badly with misunderstandings if Lucifer is here, judging from the way the prince openly flirts with you earlier and risking Diavolo getting the wrong idea.

    You let out a dry chuckle to yourself, shaking your head before sipping on your drink when someone sits on the empty stool on your side. You weren’t in the mood for social interaction or the possibility of it. That’s why you chose the deserted area. Can’t this guy take a hint? There are other empty seats—

    “May I buy a beautiful lady another drink?”

    That voice. Your head snaps towards the deep voice, eyes meeting his bright ruby ones.

    “Hello, my love.”

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