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  • Y/N: what do you want, ferret boy?

    Draco, sliding a bottle of sirewhisky across the table: I’ll take the usual

    Y/N: (hugs him)

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  • Stiles: you know what I hate most about this pandemic?

    Stiles: there’s no way you can steal while shopping online

    Y/N: I know, right?

    Y/N: 90% of my wardrobe consists of stolen goods

    Sheriff Stilinski:

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  • Oliver: I’m begging you, please go to the hospital wing

    Y/N: oh, is this YOUR stab wound?

    Y/N: stay out of it

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  • Ron: hey, Y/N, I need to talk to you

    Y/N, reading: not now, Ron. I’m busy

    Hermione: hey, Y/N, do you have a moment?

    Y/N, closing the book: yeah, ‘Mione, what’s up?


    Ron: COME ON

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  • Harry: I need some advice

    Y/N, opening a bottle of firewhisky at the breakfast table: you’ve come to the right person

    #hogwarts x reader #hogwarts#incorrect quotes #hogwarts incorrect quotes #imagine#incorrect reader#harry potter
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  • Y/N: I adopted a dog but Draco’s allergic so I’m giving him away

    Hermione: maybe Ron and I can take him? we’ve been looking for a pet

    Ron: can you describe him?

    Y/N: blond, pureblood, annoying as fuck


    Ron: we don’t want him

    #hogwarts x reader #hogwarts incorrect quotes #hogwarts#incorrect quotes#imagine#incorrect reader #draco malfoy x reader #draco malfoy#ron weasley#hermione granger
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  • Y/N: our second mission for today is to find oatmeal milk for Lydia

    Stiles: okay

    Stiles: wait-

    Stiles: what is the first mission?

    Y/N: getting there in one piece


    Y/N: we’re letting Malia drive

    Stiles: oh

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  • Y/N: (practicing spells)

    wand breaks

    Y/N: (sighs)

    Y/N: (pulls another wand from their robes)

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  • Harry: do you ever feel like you’re being watched?

    Y/N: all the time. when you look this good, you get used to it

    Sirius, tearing up: I’ve taught them well

    #hogwarts x reader #hogwarts incorrect quotes #hogwarts#incorrect quotes#imagine#incorrect reader #sirius black x reader #sirius black#harry potter
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  • Imagine Don Griffin bringing you home to meet his family.

    • You had been dating Don for a while now, but you’re beyond nervous to meet his family
    • You’re a lot younger than him, maybe even younger than some of his own kids
    • But you met while on vacation and Don is an excellent lover, both in the streets and between the sheets
    • Needless to say, you fell in love, and his family is important to him since he had become more transparent with them and started being a better dad
    • Upon meeting you, everyone is clearly shocked at how young you are and maybe even a little defensive, worried that you might be taking advantage of Don
    • Don being himself, blatantly explains that he finds you sexy, so then everyone thinks your relationship is just a fantasy for Don 🤦
    • Lyla, Don’s oldest daughter, gets upset and leaves
    • The other kids do their best to get to know you, and let you know that Lyla will take a bit more time to come around
    • Don makes sure to find some time alone with you that night to comfort you and let you know how much he loves you and that he’ll fix everything
    • Cuddling in his bed on his silky sheets while he holds you in his arms, places kisses on the top of your head and your cheeks
    • Maybe things turn a little sexy, because everything turns sexy with Don. To be an older guy, his libido is still really high.
    • After a long conversation and a lot of cradle robber jokes, everyone comes around and decides to give you a chance
    #robert de niro #imagine #robert de niro x reader #robert de niro imagine #don griffin #the big wedding #sorry i just love old man Robert De Niro 😖😖😖
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  • Imagine being with your s/o, you’ve know one another for some time they underestimate you because you seem petite/small and cute. Picture the shock when you lay down a smack down on someone who threatened you. Afterwards they offer up training together with you

    [Character insert]: I…what…y/n? How did you?

    Y/n: (dusting yourself off while sporting a busted lip) oh sweetheart…just because i look fragile doesn’t mean i am~

    [Character insert]: (remains silent for a moment) think we can train together?

    #character x reader #any fandom really #its always the person you least exspect to have some fight #it wasnt the first time you had to defend yourself #imagine
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    👼 The Smallest Gift 👼

    •Part Three•


    Alec has discovered that Jane is bonded to little Evie, and has decided to help. However, the rest of the Volturi Guard and Coven may not be so forgiving. But that’s the least of your worries, right now. After your ugly confrontation with Lucifer, it’s been realized that he won’t stop searching for Evie, not now. Will you be able to stop him before he starts something infernal…?

    angst; mention of blood/violence; language; AGED-UP Jane (BD Pt. 2 movie version)

    🌟This chapter will have a section from Demetri’s POV!! 🌟

    ♡ Taglist: @alecvolturiswifeforever @wallwriterstuff @raindancer2004 @maxnificent @primswan @like-rain-or-confetti @ssa-holmes @captain-yeet


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    #jane volturi imagine #jane volturi/fallen angel/child imagine #jane volturi#felix volturi#demetri volturi#alec volturi#volturi guard#volturi#volturi coven#twilight#twilight saga#twilight renaissance #the smallest gift #part three#imagine#tw blood#angst #ooh that plot twist though! #also soft pep-talk Demetri is a favorite of mine #i just want Jane (or Felix) to kick ol' Lucifer's teeth in #saveEvie2k21 #hopefully you guys liked this one
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  • No, y/n, no

    Sirius x Reader

    Requested - yes! sure was. The ask can be found here by @tay-mariee. They said either Sirius or Remus and I feel like I don’t write for Sirius enough so I had to do him. It’s kinda short and I’m sorry!

    Summary - You, Lily, and Sirius attempt to infiltrate a death eater meeting, but are caught in the fire.

    Trigger Warnings - Angst, death, sadness, I’m sorry!

    You were walking down the road with Sirius and Lily, disguised as three death eaters you had successfully knocked out. The pollyjuice potion was a success, the three of you attempting to find where this meeting was being held.

    “How could we not think to get that out of them before we knocked them all out?” You were frustrated with yourself, irritated that you three had been wandering about to be caught.

    “It was the heat of the moment, love, it’s okay.” Sirius sounded weird with his voice changed to that of the death eater, but his sincerity was still there in full, wanting to comfort you.

    “It’s not okay! If anyone else sees us just walking around like this, they’ll be suspicious. I hate this.” Sirius placed a hand on your back, looking down on you. The height different a little different now that you two were completely different people - literally.

    “Hey, were gonna figure it out. We’ll recognize a few people and we’re gonna get where we need to be.” You nodded, calming down at his words.

    You and Sirius had been together for three years now, having met through the Order and his confidence fading at the sight of you. He suddenly understood why James had been so caught up on Lily, being so caught up in you.

    When he finally asked you out, it had been a year, making you think that he definitely didn’t like you the way you did him. But, as soon as his request to take you out was slipped from his lips, you jumped at the opportunity. Now, you guys were as cute as James and Lily, stuck at each other’s hips.

    “Look, there’s Malfoy.” Lily’s voice was higher than usual, slightly surprising you before you all followed the blonde, not afraid to catch up to him in your disguise. “There you three are! Where is the book you went to get?” He looked at Sirius, his look angered. “Oh, uh, we couldn’t find it.” Lucius growled, his anger growing. “That stupid order probably got their hands on it. Snape will enjoy attacking them even more now.” Your eyes grew slightly, apparently walking right into a meeting about an attack on well, you guys.

    “Come on, we’ll make do without it.” You three followed the man, walking back through an alley before coming to a door that formed at the sense of you.

    “Pure blood.” He spoke, letting the latch pop open and swing to allow you all to enter. “Really? That simple?” Sirius mumbled, walking behind you. Your hand reached behind you to smack his chest discreetly, laughing softly.

    You four walked into a room with 6 more death eaters, Snape sitting at the head of a table. “Those stupid order people got to the book first.” Snape sunk further into his seat, shaking his head. “Well find it when we raid them tomorrow. From my information, they will be at Diagon Alley tomorrow.”

    Their information had been correct, Molly and a few of the other Order members had plans to go into Diagon to restock on things needed for the house.

    “We’ll corner them there.” Lucius spoke over, causing everyone to nod in agreement. “Now, let’s go over the plans.”

    As you three took as much notes in your head about their plans, you lost track of time, forgetting about the dissolvement of your disguises. That was, until you glanced back at Lily to see the black hair she was shown in for the past hour changing into the vibrant red you knew. Then, Sirius’ chubby face was shaping back into his sculpted one. “Guys, guys, were changing back.” The voice you carried cracked, attempting to form yours once more.

    “Shit.” Sirius grabbed yours and Lily’s hands, attempting to shuffle back and out of the room. But, it didn’t help that the three you knocked out to get your disguises now bust the door down and searched the room. “They’re here.”

    The room turned to find the three of you running through a back hallway, attempting to find a different way out of the building.

    You grasped your wand, shooting a spell behind you as you quickly ran through the halls and out a random door with Sirius and Lily. Once the three of you were out of the confinement of the hallways, you turned to face the death eaters quickly approaching.

    The three of you shot off defensive spells, attempting to get far enough away from them to apparate safely, not wanting to miss a spell as you flew away.

    The three of you turned a corner, quickly preparing to apparate before you heard Sirius shout, “Y/n, watch out!” He sent off a spell behind you, but your back was hit with a deep green light, your breath leaving your body as your eyes met the love of your lives.

    You blinked quickly, your body giving out as you fell face forward, your body being caught by Sirius and Lily screamed. She grabbed onto Sirius’ arm before he apparated the three of you back to the safe house, landing firmly on the hard wood flooring.

    “What’s going on, what happened?” Molly was quick to approach the bodies, Lily falling into James’ hold as she cried.

    “Molly, Molly you’ve gotta save her.” Sirius kept a strong hold on your body, his own shaking in fear. “You’ve - you have to do something. This can’t be happening.”

    Molly approached your body, but took a shakey breath as she glanced back at Sirius, shaking her head. The blonde slowly moved to Sirius, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Sirius, they’re gone.” He shook his head, clutching your body to his own tighter, feeling the warmth slowly leaving you.

    “No, no, they’re fine. They are. They’re just asleep. They’re just exhausted. They’re okay.” His tears fell from his eyes, his head falling to rest on your own, praying he’d feel your breath fanning on his face.

    But as tears fell, soaking your pale cheeks, he felt nothing coming from your frame. No movement.

    His sobs fell louder, his grip tightening somehow on your empty body, falling to the floor.

    “No, y/n, no.” Remus held onto his friend, listening to his sobs as tears filled his own eyes, having lost you himself.

    As you opened your eyes to find a white room, you almost heard the echoing of his voice surrounding you once more, “no, y/n, no.”

    #sirius black imagines #sirus black #sirius black x reader #sirius #sirius x y/n #sirius orion black #sirius imagine #sirius black imagine #sirius black angst #harry potter angst #sirius black #sirius black x y/n #i killed sirius black #sirius and remus #sirius and regulus #harry potter imagines #harry potter imagine #imagines#imagine#angsty #sirius black angsty #hufflepuff#slytherin#ravenclaw#gryffindor#harry potter #the maurauders and lily #maurauders imagine #harry padfoot and prongs #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs
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  • Imagine a gassy B fucking A, and with every thrust, a tiny fart slips out.

    B apologises a couple times, but in reality doesn’t really care and continues fart-thrusting in to A, who is secretely enjoying this way more than they thought they would.

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  • only the head doctors truly understand why one would start a career at 14, i mean i met a guy on a plane once. he was already a doctor but he hadn’t gone to school yet. god works.

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  • MONSTA X’s HyungWong - The night we met.

    I noticed the man looking at me a few minutes before, he have some kind of sweet face, I could have stare at him too but I was too shy to cross looks. Finished to pack my things and made my way out of the coffee shop.

    Excuse me” Turn to find that same man holding the door open behind me “Chae Hyung Wong

    “Oh” I laugh nervously and gave him my name, not knowing exactly what else to say.

    I’m sorry if I creep you out” His smile was so warm

    It’s ok. How can I help you?” He stepped outside of the coffee shop, not before looking inside to catch a positive sign from his friends.

    It’s ridiculous but I was looking at you, reading your Jane Austen’s book, and that flowers on your bag, I thought I have to know you.

    Wow” I couldn´t help but laugh, I was flattered and also ashamed, my face must be totally red at this point. “Well… I don’t know what to say

    Can I…?” He pointed at a instax camera in his left hand.

    I nod with hesitation and he shot at me smiling, he put out a marker out of his t-shirts pocket and wrote something in the bottom.

    Here, you can call me any day.” He went back inside right after saying goodbye, leaving me just enough time to take the picture and look at his number wrote on it.

    #moodboard#imagine#oneshot#monsta_x#monsta x #monsta x imagines #monsta x oneshot #monsta x moodboard #hyungwon #monsta x hyunwoo #chae hyungwon#hyungwoo#hyungwon moodboard #hyungwon monsta x #hyungwon imagines
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  • Who Killed Markiplier was really out here like:

    #who killed markiplier #wkm#markiplier#mark fischbach #a heist with markiplier #markiplier meme#youtube #markiplier x reader #mark fischbach x reader #imagine#x reader#reader insert
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    I spent too much time making this 🤣🤣 @flickst

    #this is our new ships #hahah #tales through times #imagine#hrithik roshan#robert pattinson #making meme needs effort it seems #berlin #the crackiest ship to ever crack #Hrithik x Robpat #🤣🤣🤣
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  • #imagine#harry styles #imagine harry styles
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  • A/N: Basically, Y/N is pregnant but the rest of the team does not know yet. She is put in danger and Hotch has to reveal the secret.

    “Okay, everyone ready?” Aaron asks us and we all nod. “Prentiss and I will go in from the front. Morgan and Rossi, go in from the left. JJ and Y/L/N go in from back, okay?” 

    We all nod and right before we break, Aaron flashes me his typically ‘I love you’ look. I give him my normal look back then go with JJ to creep around the back of the house. JJ and I make eye contact, count to three and then I kick in the door. I go to the left and JJ goes to the right. On the left, there is door with steps to the basement. I creep down the stairs, shining my flashlight and pointing my gun. I think that JJ is right behind me, but she’s not. And by the time I realize it, it’s too late.

    When I reach the bottom of the steps, I turn to look back up at the top. But as I turn, something is slammed into the side of my head. I let out a scream and fall to the ground. The person who hits me drags me deeper into the basement. Things get very blurry all of a sudden. I can’t see straight. I hear footsteps flying down the stairs. I can only see about four, maybe five pairs of shoes. 

    The person who hit me pulls me up by my vest then presses a gun to my forehead.  Things are still blurry, and sticky from the blood dripping from my forehead. But I can see Aaron leading the group who all have guns pointed at me. Actually, the person holding me. “Let her go,” Aaron says slowly.

    “No,” he says then shakes me. “I can add one more to my list with this death.”

    “You don’t want to do that,” Morgan says. 

    “Oh, I think I do,” he says. I get a look at Aaron’s face and see that he is panicking. To anyone else he looks focused and calm, but I know the real him.

    “You shoot her and I shoot you,” Morgan says.

    “Fine,” he says then clicks the gun. I squeeze my eyes shut, preparing for the blast, but instead, I hear my husbands voice.

    “I don’t think you want to do that,” he says and lowers his gun. He raises his hands slowly and looks the man dead in the eyes. “You wouldn’t shoot a pregnant woman, would you?” Aaron asks and I freeze up. No one else knows that, but us. I try to get a look at the team’s faces, but they all remain the same. 

    The man holding me lowers his gun slightly at Aaron’s words. “You wouldn’t want to kill an unborn child, would you?” he asks.

    I can tell the man is struggling with all the movement he is doing. “No!” he yells.

    “Okay, then put down the gun and let her go,” Aaron says, taking a step closer.

    Suddenly, the man holds me tighter and holds up his gun. “How do I know you’re not lying?” he asks.

    Aaron takes one of his hands and reaches into his back pocket. He pulls out a picture which just looks like a blob at first. But then I realize it is our sonogram photo. “This is the baby that you would be killing,” he says. The man leans closer to look at the photo, lets out a sigh, then lets me fall to the ground. 

    I hit the floor hard, but Aaron immediately rushes to my side while the rest of my team gets the man who held me. “Are you okay?” he asks frantically, then turns his head to face everyone else. “We need a medic!” he yells.

    I clutch his arms tightly, trying to focus on my breathing. “Yeah,” I finally get out. “I’ll be okay.”


    I slowly open my eyes and try to adjust to my surroundings. It looks like I’m in a hospital room which makes sense because I can’t really remember what happened before now. 

    To my left I see my husband sleeping in a small chair. “Aaron,” I croak. His head quickly shoots up and he scoots his chair closer to me.

    “How are you feeling?” he asks.

    “Confused,” I murmur. “What happened?”

    “Well, the assailant hit you in the head which is probably why you’re so confused. Then I had to talk him down so he wouldn’t shoot you.”

    It’s coming back, but slowly. Quickly, my hands go to my stomach. “The baby,” I whisper.

    “The baby is fine,” Aaron reassures me and I relax. “Although everyone knows you’re pregnant now.”

    Now I remember the rest of it. Aaron told the unsub I was pregnant so he wouldn’t shoot me. “Did you really have to do that?” I whine.

    Aaron chuckles. “Well I wasn’t going to let him shoot you,” he says.

    A nurse pokes her head in the door. “A few people are here to see you if you’re up for it,” she says and I nod. 

    “You need to be more careful,” Aaron warns me.

    “I thought JJ was right behind me.”

    “Be sure next time,” he says then kisses my hand. 

    “Hey,” I hear softly from the door and see JJ, Emily and Penelope. 

    “Hey,” I say back as they all gather at the end of my bed.

    “How are you feeling?” Emily asks.

    “I’m okay,” I say which causes Emily to frown.

    “Good, then it’s okay for me to be mad at you,” she says.

    “What?” I ask.

    “You didn’t tell us you were pregnant,” JJ says. I smile sheepishly at Aaron then look back at my friends. 

    “We just wanted to keep it a secret for a while,” I say.

    “Well, now I need to get started on buying things for this baby,” Penelope says.

    “Please don’t go crazy,” I say with a chuckle. 

    “Oh, that’s exactly what I’ll do,” Penelope says. 

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