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    A little background; this is set sometime in the eighties (it’s part of one of the million stories I’m always working on). I love that decade for its sloppy music, lack of phone culture, blah blah blah. I’m a lost soul born in the wrong century, haha.

    It isn’t written with a specific character in mind, I wrote it based on someone I know in real life, but so it’ll please you, I thought I’d chose someone specific, while still giving you the option to change that if you want to have some experimental fun. There’ll be a link below this so you can change this character’s name to whoever you want, your fave, whatever.

    To me, the closest to him in tone is Justin Foley, so that’s what we’re doing. Again, please change it if you want, and reblog/respond with who you chose! I’m curious to see where you’ll take this…

    Here’s the link to the InteractiveFics extension. It has most browsers covered, but unfortunately does not work on phones...yet. Fingers crossed, someday it will.


    So, on to the real fun. Justin Foley & Y/N L/N get arrested on the Sunset Strip.



    I still don’t know how it happened.

    One moment, I was walking down the Strip too late, on the way back from a play or a gig or some other thing, the days had blurring together, moving too quickly; I didn’t want to go home.

    And then I saw him, getting kicked over and over, and fuck, I should have thought better, but before I knew it, I’d thrown my backpack at the assholes, picked it up as I ran over, done it again and again, alternating before one of them managed to take it, cuff me, a fucking cop, pulling my shoulders harder than he had to…I aimed at his foot and stepped as hard as I could, glad I had boots on; knew they’d hurt.

    He didn’t let go, though, not that it would have made a difference; at least I made him flinch.

    I got thrown in the back of the car, just like a movie, straight against the guy they’d been kicking, also handcuffed. Just my luck to assault cops without realizing…I’m not about to take it back, though.

    He flinches when our shoulders hit, and I do too…he must be so fucked up.

    “Why did you do it?” His voice is a whisper, hair over his eyes; can’t reach to push it back.

    “I don’t know.” I really don’t, it’s the last thing I ever expect to do, despite always telling myself I would.

    He flips his head back, careful, probably trying not to mess himself up. “Thank you.”

    “They’re assholes.”

    “Yeah…but you didn’t have to.”


    They throw us in the same cell, undo my cuffs first, then his, though they push him in, the bastards.

    I want to yell at them, pick another fight, but I bite my lip and ignore it, help him up. “Assholes.”

    He finds it in himself to smirk. “I’m used to it.”

    “Still. Are you okay?”

    “Yeah…no worse than usual.”

    His face’s a mess though; covered in blood, one of his eyes turning black.

    “At least they left your backpack.” He nods at the floor; I hadn’t even noticed. “Got anything useful in there?”

    “No knives, if that’s what you mean. I wish, though.”

    “They’d have checked it and taken it if you had it, plus maybe charged you.”

    “How do you know they won’t?”

    “For being hit with a backpack? Nah. They’ll let us out in the morning.”

    I sigh, sit on the bench against the wall, where there’s the flimsiest cot I’ve ever had the misery of resting my ass on, start going through my bag, trying to be quiet so they don’t take it away, just in case it’s an accident…

    He sits next to me, wincing; I feel another flash of rage, reach further in, hoping my jacket and backup t-shirt are still here…they are, thank fuck.

    I pull the jacket out, take the t-shirt to the sink, realize how fun it’s gonna be to pee in front of him, hope I don’t need number two…at least we’re both in the same position as far as that goes.

    “Here.” I sit back down, hold the wet shirt out to him. “For the blood.”


    He takes it, eyes all strange; I look away, slip my jacket on, hope it doesn’t get cold, start to take stock of the rest of the stuff in my bag…maybe there’ll be something else that’s useful.

    He flinches so suddenly, I start, drop the bag; we’re both frozen, and of course there’s a shout…the unluckiest night.

    He moves quickly, hides it under the mattress, sits on top of it; something cracks, maybe my sunglasses, but that’s the last thing that matters…

    “What the fuck was that?”

    I can’t tell which of the guys from before it was, but I know his voice…I’m trying not to look scared, but I don’t want him to come in here.

    “Dropped my shades, officer.” He does have them, right there in his hand; I admire the tone, the way he doesn’t look scared, but fuck, I wish he wouldn’t taunt.

    The cop shakes his head, walks off, mutters under his breath.

    He sighs. “Fuck…that was close.”

    “Did you have to taunt him?” I wish I sounded angrier than I do; the truth is, I envy him his guts.

    “Maybe not, but he can’t do anything to us in here…it’s one thing for them to beat people up in the streets, where they can claim self-defense, but in here? They’ll never get away with it, even in this hell city.”

    “Wish I’d hit him harder.”

    “Me too.”

    We smile, a savage sort of connection, and then he goes back to wiping blood off his face, biting his lip at the pain.

    I take my bag into the “bathroom”, sit on the toilet, and sift through the rest.

    Broken sunglasses, ointment for when I rip my arms open, a second jacket, three books, a pack of wistful condoms, three crushed chocolate bars…not the worst haul.

    I take the ointment, the jacket and the chocolate back to the bench, hoping the jacket will fit him; I like everything big, but he’s at least a foot taller than me.

    “Found more stuff.” I hold the jacket out to him, keep the chocolate and the ointment between us.

    He slips it on while I peel open the first chocolate bar, split it in half, hand it over.

    He takes it, but doesn’t bite. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

    “It’s jail bonding…I’ve never been arrested before.”

    He laughs, too loudly; we freeze again, but no one comes.

    “You’ve really never been arrested?”

    “No. Boring, isn’t it?”

    He shrugs. “Maybe, but there’s time to remedy that. You did pretty well tonight, if nothing else.”

    I roll my eyes. “Thanks. Should have done more damage though.”

    “Bring another three books next time.”


    “What are they, anyway?”

    “Dorian Gray, On the Road, Lord of the Flies.”

    “Cool. Have you read all of them?”

    “Yeah. Have you?”

    “Yeah. What’s your favorite?”

    “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

    We exchange grins.

    “Okay. On the Road. Your turn.”

    “Dorian Gray.”

    “Hmmm. Looking to make a deal with the devil?”

    “I wouldn’t mind. Looking to go on a drug-fueled roadtrip?”

    He laughs. “Yeah, yeah. Maybe we could both make deals with the devil.”

    “What would you want?”

    “Answers. You?”

    “I don’t know yet.”



    “How come?”

    “You can’t make a deal if you don’t know what to ask for.”

    “That’s questionable.”

    “More questionable than getting arrested without considering that they might call mommy?”

    I wait to feel like I made a mistake, said too much, but it doesn’t happen.

    “If they do, we’ll break out of here…she won’t take you away.”

    “Doesn’t matter…she wouldn’t come anyway.” I don’t know why this hurts suddenly; I wouldn’t want to see her, even if she did come.

    He moves closer on the bench, so we’re shoulder to shoulder. “That sucks.”

    “I’m used to it.”

    “If it makes you feel better…mine wouldn’t come, either.”


    We share the rest of the chocolate, take turns using the bathroom, then decide to move the cot to the floor; there isn’t enough space on the bench for both of us…

    “What time do you think it is?” He yawns, lying on his back; the only way he can, ‘cause something’s wrong with his ribs…I try not to think of it.

    “1am? Can’t be earlier than midnight, I saw it somewhere before I saw you…”

    “Feels like two seconds and two hours at the same time.”

    I sigh. “It’ll go faster when we fall asleep.”


    I turn to look at him. “Aren’t you tired?”

    “Yeah…but I don’t want to go yet.”


    “You haven’t told me your name.”

    “You haven’t told me yours.”

    “Why is everything a competition?”

    “Give, take.”

    “I’m Justin, then.”


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    #and also to be happening to sit next to mads as he's watching the play awooga imagine imagine #going back in time to go to that cast party or die trying #i made thta image months and months ago but never did anything with it glad it can finally be used for the perfect purpose #also #beloved i am so sorry i havent started the venus in fur au yet it is sitting open on my lamptop i just have mush brain and cant focus 🧎 #i honestly think a lot of hannibal and wills relationship was inspired by that play ngl #monstermarcie#answered
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    i could never get over how pretty he looks

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    [3:27am] bang chan x gn reader

    your eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the lights in the room, when your gaze fell on chan. His eyes were occupied with looking at the screen in front of him, lips pressed tightly together as he was concentrating on rearranging a sing, his head bopping softly from time to time.

    when you finally felt awake enough to stand up, you walked up to chan and olaced yourself on his lap, your face pressed against his chest as you feel him shift a little so you can sit more comfortable.

    one of his hands found it’s way into your hair, softly stroking it while pressing light kisses on your scalp from time to time.

    „it’s late, we should go home…“ you whispered loud enough for him to hear „you really need to get some sleep chan“

    „i know“ he answered, intertwining his free hand with yours while playing with your hair. „just let me finish this real quick and then we can go home, i promise“

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    Y/n: I think I just figured something out. I got to go.

    Kaz: Aren't you forgetting something?

    Y/n: Uuh...*hesitantly kisses Kaz's forehead before running out.*

    Kaz: No, pay your bill! Damn, who raised you?

    #kaz x y/n #kaz incorrect quotes #kaz brekker #six of crows imagines #six of crows incorrect quotes #six of crows x you #six of crows
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    no but the way that this episode would have been so important to little me omg!

    #the owl house #the owl house spoilers #toh spoilers#spoilers #toh s2 ep8 #knock knock knocking on hooty's door #imagine #it’s incredible to me omg
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    Rude Awakening || open

    {This is an open starter for Ethan Cavender.}


    It hadn’t been Ethan’s intention to wake up the whole floor, but he couldn’t help himself. He’d woken up to a gray, twisted, misshapen, eyeless face not an inch away from his own, moaning from its elongated, black mouth. The creature of shadow and ash that had stalked him for a decade had played a cruel trick, entering the usually electrified cage he slept in that usually kept it at a distance. A storm had cut power to the building overnight, and as a result, the cage was no longer emitting EMF waves that repelled the creature. Whatever had caused the power to go out had also apparently fried the little backup generator he hooked the cage up to. The creature had decided to wake him up in the most terrifying way possible.

    Ethan yelled out at the top of his lungs and almost knocked down the entire cage as he ran from it, bursting from his apartment and practically sliding instead of running down the stairs in his terrified panic. Once outside on the street, without a flashlight or anything to ward the creature off, he paced angrily. “Asshole...” he muttered as he lit up a cigarette. He actually felt relatively safe for the time being. If it had wanted to kill him, it’d had the perfect opportunity just then.

    That was when he noticed that one of the other tenants in the building had followed him out, no doubt to chew him out over waking them up. “Sorry,” he said with an exhausted wave and a weak smile, running on only four hours of sleep in the past two days thus far. “Just uh... a little pest problem in my apartment, that’s all.” That was an understatement.

    #muse: ethan cavender #The Apparition rp #open starter #open to all #{open to any muses who might be living in a crappy apartment building haha} #{or temporary housing for some reason} #{i'm imagining a rundown building in a crappy part of town} #{ethan doesn't have a lotta money heh} #{run with it however you want} #{any muses welcome} #{marvel and resident evil muses are welcome}
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    Y/n: I’m in love with you.

    Kaz: We called off the prank war last night at midnight, genius

    Y/n: I know.

    Kaz: Ah. Okay. Um. Cool. Neat. Very cool. Cool. Cool. Coolcoolcool-

    #kaz incorrect quotes #kaz brekker imagine #kaz x y/n #six of crows incorrect quotes #six of crows imagines #six of crows #six of crows x reader
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    needy | j.p x reader

    summary: james makes you ride his thigh
    warnings: smut, degrading, thigh riding
    a/n: it’s not the best but i wanted to post something for you all since it’s been a bit

    “have you seen james?” you asked remus who was sitting down in a corner of the library

    “he left a couple of minutes ago to our dorm” he said before looking down at his watch “fuck, i’m late. sorry to cut this short but i really have to go” you smiled at him before he left

    you made your way to the guys’ dorm once entering seeing james on his desk working on his homework

    walking behind him you snake your arms around his neck leaving soft kisses down his neck. “hey baby” he said while still working on the papers in his desk

    “i’ve missed you today” you made small shapes with your fingers on his chest

    rolling his eyes he moved your hand off his chest “i really need to study right now i have a big test coming up”

    pouting you pled “james please i’ve been thinking about you all day. thinking about your hands, your lips,” you run your hand along his thigh “your cock”

    grabbing your wrist he makes you look at him. a mix of anger and lust swimming in his eyes

    “you’re such a brat you know that right? thinking that just because you’re a needy whore i’m gonna give in to you so easily” he lifts on of his eyebrows

    “if you’re so needy you’re making yourself come”

    you see him move his chair so his lap was more outwards, but more specifically one of his thighs

    was he implying what you thought he was

    he grabbed you by the waist and made you sit in his thigh. immediately he started to bounce his leg, the friction hitting your core and making you whimper at the pressure

    “be quiet i’m trying to study”

    as he kept revising his papers and bouncing the leg you were parched on you tried to stay as quiet as possible, letting a couple of whimpers and small moans here and there. grinding yourself against his thigh trying to reach your high

    and right when you were about to come undone he stopped bouncing his leg. you looked at him with a pained expression “i was so close” you said lowly

    and he laughed

    looking at him in the eyes he responded “you didn’t think i was gonna let you get off on my thigh and end it there, did you?”

    #james potter #james potter x y/n #james potter x reader #james potter smut #james potter imagine #james potter x you #james potter fic #james potter one shot #marauders#marauders smut#harry potter #harry potter fan fiction
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    promise me || 珊瑚宮心海

    @dreamiehrs​ ❝ hi again vera LMAO i was just wondering if i could req kokomi (aka best girl) where kokomi introduces you to all the resistance fleet/members. she’s the head of & one of them gets into an argument w/ you and she defends you (this is all my brain can come up with atm). ❞ ❝ hello hello kokomi brainrot is consuming me but can i req kokomi x reader where the reader gets very injured in a fight they had with an enemy/monster & kokomi nurses them back to health (& it’s all fluffy & cutesy). ❞

    @sleepyyangyang​ ❝ kokomi falls for reader who is gorou’s childhood best friend but thinks they’re a couple, but they are just platonic bffs. ❞

    pairing: kokomi x gn!reader

    format: drabble ; 0.8k

    genre: hurt/comfort, fluff

    warning(s): allusions to near-death experience, injuries

    vera: tried to include the requested information as exact as possible. i kind of went overboard with this because she’s so cute.

    Pink and blue blind your awakening sight.

    The tips of your fingers and ears give you the impression that wherever you’re at right now is not Fort Fujitou, the base of the Sangonomiya Resistance. The past several days took a toll on everyone, receiving constant casualties left and right from the Shogunate. Because of that result, you make a rash decision to challenge the Raiden Shogun that winds you up in an argument with Gorou.

    Though the general understands your impatience and anger, he believes there is nothing much to be done besides to withstand the attacks of the Shogunate a little while longer. You let your emotions get to the best of yourself, ignoring Gorou’s protests by heading off to Inazuma City alone.

    A force punches the side of your torso when you attempt to lift yourself up. It reminds you of what happened afterwards: being confronted by Shogunate soldiers while passing through Nazuchi Beach. There were so many of them, and the next thing you knew was a gradient blur of orange and teal before blacking out.

    You have to admit that it was very impulsive of you to act out on your own. Not knowing where you are is causing worry for yourself as well as Gorou. You want to apologize, but you are stopped by a hand pressing onto the location of your pain.

    “Ah, you’re awake.”

    You gasp upon recognizing the voice. It’s the leader of the Resistance who turns out to be healing your wounds. “Your Excellency? Ngh!”

    Kokomi shushes you gently as she rubs around the injured patches of skin. “It seems that you pushed past your limits back there. Please try not to move too much and just keep focusing on your breathing.”

    You exhale an agreement, which induces a sharp effect on your injury. “Where am I? Where’s Gorou?”

    “Watatsumi Island,” she says. That explains the pink and blue theme of your surroundings. “As for Gorou, he remains at Fort Fujitou to keep watch for Shogunate soldiers. He was the one who called me over to take care of you.”

    Despite the nasty curses you have thrown at him, he refuses to turn his back. He had lost you once when the both of you were children, so he doesn’t want history to repeat itself. “He went after me by himself, didn’t he? That idiot—”

    “Thankfully, he returned to our base unscathed,” she reports, relieving your concern for your friend’s well-being. “You, on the other hand… Your condition was severe, we thought you wouldn’t make it.”

    You hiss out in frustration, to which Kokomi sympathizes with. “Since the incident, Gorou cannot stop blaming himself for being unable to protect you. He cares about you a lot, doesn’t he?”

    “Hm, I guess he still does,” you say, tugging a corner of your lips to your cheek. “We’ve been best friends since childhood. Ever since I moved, I didn’t expect a reunion between us until recently. We would frequently argue over everything, and we still do. Hah, his frankness is one thing that hasn’t changed.”

    “Friends?” She clears her throat to hide the embarrassment spreading across her face. All along, she misinterpreted your relationship with the general as romantic. Hearing that the two of you are just friends makes her relieved. “Sorry, pardon me. Please, continue.”

    You pause for a moment to pray away the stab coming from your wound. “I… cannot thank you enough for saving me, Your Excellency. I am forever in your debt. Otherwise, my promise with Gorou would be broken: to not die on him.”

    Kokomi finds herself lost at your pinky that is held out. If she recalls correctly, promises are sworn with pinkies according to her book collection and Gorou. Its origin is dark, yet somehow she thinks the practice is fascinating.

    “I want to make a promise with you also, Your Excellency.” Kokomi is startled back to reality, glancing between you and your pinky. “You have done so much for me ever since you introduced me to the Resistance, one being defending me against the other members in the midst of our arguments.”

    “I did say that I’m forever indebted to you, did I?” Your pinky waves back and forth due to the nerves of forging your promise with your leader. “I will not die on you either; I refuse. I will keep fighting for the future of Inazuma with you until the end. I trust that you will promise me to do the same.”

    A smile spreads across her face. She’s glad to have someone as determined as you to join her ranks, being one of the reasons to solidify her utmost faith in the strength of her soldiers. “Then I promise you, my dear friend. Let us keep fighting together until the future of Inazuma is secure.”

    She curls her pinky with yours.

    #— rqs 📤 #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact drabbles #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact requests #genshin impact scenarios #genshin impact fluff #genshin impact kokomi #genshin impact sangonomiya kokomi #sangonomiya kokomi #kokomi x reader #kokomi drabbles#kokomi headcanons#kokomi imagines#kokomi requests#kokomi scenarios#kokomi fluff
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    #karl x reader #karl heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg imagines #resident evil 8 #resident evil x reader #resident evil 8 imagines #re8
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    You know that meme on tiktok where the best friend is taking a shower and the other best friend just… jumps in with all their clothes on? I think roommate!bucky would do that and I think that’s just neat

    #( beauregard speaks. ) #( bucky barnes. ) #bucky barnes x reader insert #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes imagine
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    that picture that sabrina finds in the first book of relda basil sr and canis is so funny. like why the fuck is canis there

    #sisters grimm #i cant imagine jake or henry taking a picture of their parents being mushy just for funsies so like?? #did relda set up a tripod amd then invite canis to third-wheel her and her husband?? #and even if it wasnt posed even if it was a candid photo its still hilarious #like did canis just. casually lurk while relda and basil sr were doing couple-y stuff #like 'you are Literally the only person in this town that doesnt want me dead so im just gonna stay within five ft of you at all times' #that or cat's hc that basil sr was in a poly relationship w/ both relda and canis is actually canon and we've all been fools #mine
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    Kaz: Valentine’s day is just a consumerist holiday that holds no real value other than drive people insane buying heart shaped chocolates for their significant others and pos-

    Y/n: I wrote you a poem.

    Kaz, already crying: You did?

    #kaz x y/n #kaz incorrect quotes #kaz brekker #six of crows incorrect quotes #six of crows x reader #six of crows imagines
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    I feel like .....people are so different about people who like black butler here like it’s the worse thing anyone could be into when there’s tons of bad media (most of the anime isn’t even canon and there’s plenty of sources on all the trigger stuff) a lot of the fan service well to me has calm down so much.....it really does show how the manga got fucked over.If you were to say you like black butler on twitter people wouldn’t call you names for it Etc it’s not even a big deal? Unless yeah you are one of those people into a certain ship but overall theres a lot of normal people who adore kuroshitsuji and have fun with it. I do not see the issue for people who are into it especially if they make proper tags,make a carrd for those who may or may not be interested. It’s someone interests and you can always block,filter and move on. It gets to me since there’s so much awful media people are into?yet it depends who has it hold on it. No one gives a fuck if you hate or love black butler on twitter so it’s just a bit interesting when people come for someone who is on here like it’s the biggest issue here?

    #I’ve done my fair share hate on aot but I have long let that anger go and just mute the damn manga #I cannot imagine hating on someone for the media they are into when most of tumblr into the garbage netflix shows with the worst gay rep #kuroshitsuji#black butler #I feel like i am everywhere with this but it’s tiring seeing that one user get shit for it #like countless times........idk understand the past wrongdoings but why that of all things
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  • ilovemarvelanne1
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    Jesper: Are we fighting or flirting?

    Y/n: I'm pinning you against a wall with my hand around your neck-

    Jesper: Your point?

    #six of crows x reader #six of crows imagines #jesper fahey x reader #jesper fahey #jesper my beloved #i love jesper
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    #hi thank you for the ask. unfortunately this is not a topic that ive given more than just passive thought so i don't have a lot to say sksks #would love to know what their dreams look like though. #i cant imagine that having something from the fade in you wouldn't affect that
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