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    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Three Rabbits (Part 2)

    Word Count: 1,065

    Wangxian x Reader

    Summary: After moving in, you have a bonding moment with your two roommates that soon back fires. 

    Part 1, Part 2

    You moved from your car into the shared apartment of Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian. A key was made. You were given a room that had an actual bed in it. Actually, you were surprised that the apartment wasn’t as small as you thought. Three bedrooms, a bathroom and a very nice living space and kitchen. It was a step up from the last place you lived in. Before you’d let them realize how desperate you were for a place to live, you paid up front for your first month of rent. No going back now. 

    The first few days, the two men barely saw you. You slept, went to work or school, then holed up in your room. You had this feeling that you were intruding on their space, since the two seemed to be close. You learned soon enough that your feelings of intrusion were one-sided. 

    You were sitting on your floor, taking notes down on a piece of paper as your lecture video played on your laptop. You didn’t even look up when someone knocked on your door. By the second knock, you looked up. 

    “Come in.” You said, pleasantly. Wei Wuxian opened your door and stood against the doorframe. 

    “Wangji and I are going out to eat. You should join us.” He said with that welcoming smile on his face. 

    “Um, well it’s ok. You guys can go ahead. I don’t want to intrude.” You scratched the back of your neck. 

    “Oh, please, you’re not intruding. You’ve been here for almost a week and you never come out. C’mon, (Y/n).” Wuxian whined childishly. His antics did bring a small smile to your face and you agreed to go out with them for dinner. 

    Being in a city like this, there were lots of restaurants around campus. After a quick bickering disagreement on what to eat between the two boys, it was decided to go to a nice little Thai food place. It was small, one step above a hole in the wall, but the woman who was both the server and the cook was delightful. She greeted you three jovially and offered a nice seat by the only window. 

    “So, who’s the third wheel tonight?” She teased, looking at the two boys. Wangji was silent and Wuxian laughed at the comment. 

    “We’re a tricycle.” Wuxian teased in return. The women was a bit taken back by the comment, leaving the menus on the table and leaving to go back to the front counter. 

    “You shouldn’t tease her like that.” Wangji nudged Wuxian, who was trying hard not to laugh. “She could kick us out.” It wasn’t until Wangji chastised him that it hit you. Oh. OH. 

    “A tricycle.” Wangji scoffed. “Where do you come up with this stuff?”

    “I thought it was very quick of me.” Wuxian said proudly. You were quiet the entire time until the woman came back to take your orders, seeming to have forgotten what Wuxian had said. 

    “Did you ever have pets growing up?” Wuxian asked you out of the blue, catching your attention. 

    “Pets? Well, my mom and I had a rabbit or two. They were really fun to take care of. A lot more work than most people think.” You told him. 

    “Rabbits have a very complicated personality. They can bring out the best or worst in people.” Wangji said matter of factly. 

    “I’ve always wanted rabbits.” Wuxian said, dreamily. “In high school, Wangji and I got to go to a farm for one of our class field trips and saw the rabbit hutches. That was so great. Do you still have that picture of us holding the rabbits?” He leaned towards his friend. Wangji pulled out his phone and started scrolling through. 

    “Yeah. It’s in here somewhere.” He said and after a quick search, he pulled up a picture to show you. The two were standing side by side with green pastures in the background. Wangji was holding an almost completely black baby rabbit, cradling it close to his chest. Wuxian had a cute smile on his face as he held a completely white rabbit with pink eyes. Upon closer inspection you realized that even Wangji was smiling. It was faint, but it was there. Like a little gremlin smile. 

    “That’s cute.” You smiled. “I miss having rabbits.” You sighed. Food came out soon after that conversation and you were quiet as you ate. The two boys sniped back and forth at each other, sitting across from you. Once dinner was over, you all split the bill and headed back to the apartment. Halfway there, Wuxian grabbed Wangji by the arm and stopped. 

    “Hey, we should go to a bar.” He suggested, making Wangji roll his eyes. 

    “You guys can go ahead. I’m going to head back.” You said, breaking apart from them to head to the apartment. They argued for a bit before heading off to a bar close by for a “few” drinks. 

    You were tired from the day and decided to rest your eyes for a bit. Time moves fast, though, and before you knew it, the clock read one in the morning. 

    Why did you wake up at one in the morning? Funny story. 

    You heard scraping on the other side of the apartment door and woke up. Paranoia setting in, you grabbed the nearest heavy object for a weapon. The scraping continued until the latch seemed to unlock. You stood, poised, with a large book in your hands. Once the door opened, dropped the book in surprise. 

    “(Y/n), you’re awake!” Someone sang out loudly. 

    “Shhh, don’t be so loud. Our neighbors are sleeping.” Another person complained. Of course. Wuxian and Wangji were back. You breathed a sigh of relief, collecting the fallen book. 

    “I’m sorry, but you guys really spooked me. I thought someone was trying to break in with all the noise you were making.” You huffed. 

    “I’ll make it up to you.” Wuxian grinned. His cheeks were flushed and you guessed he had more than a few drinks. Wangji didn’t look too worse for wear, but his cheeks were pink too. 

    “How are planning on making it up to me?” You crossed your arms, sleep still heavy on your brain. 

    “With these.” Wuxian said, excitedly. He turned to face you fully now and your jaw dropped. Cradled in his arms were three young bunnies.


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    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    it's lock back with more bad opinions and right now it's:

    found footage is the best type of horror medium.

    #I'm rewatching lost tapes from YEARS ago and it's so campy but it's still!!!!! so fun. #Next It Movie I want it done found footage style #The losers have tiktok and the story is told thru tiktok videos #IMAGINE THAT
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    15.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Three Rabbits (Part 1)

    Word Count: 736

    Summary: You are in desperate need of a place to live after being kicked out of your apartment. Luckily, two men are in desperate need of a third roommate. Modern AU. 

    A/N: The story is eventually going to be Wuxian x Reader x Wangji, since I love poly relationships. Also, this is my first time writing for The Untamed, so be patient and kind to me.

    Part 1, Part 2

    You were struggling terribly as you finished your degree. You had just been kicked out of your shared apartment when your friend “forgot” to tell you that her boyfriend was moving in, thus kicking you out. At the moment, you were sleeping in your car with your few possessions. Luckily, no one you worked with had caught on to the fact that your car was your home right now. They just assumed your vehicle was tremendously messy. You needed to find a place to live. ASAP. 

    It was your day off from work and you spent it in one of the few places that was open 24/7, the school library that was right next to a cafe. You decided to visit the cafe during a break, getting yourself a cup of tea and a muffin to tie yourself over. 

    “We need to find a roommate. Are you sure Wen Ning wouldn’t want to move in?” Your ears perked as you started to eavesdrop on a conversation between two other college students. 

    “No.” The other one said lazily. “He’s living with his sister right now.”

    “Well, that’s the last person on our list.” The first one sighed. You looked out of the corner of your eye to the two men sitting across from each other. They both had long black hair, but one of them had it pulled back in a high ponytail and the other had it in a messy bun. 

    “Um, excuse me.” You interjected in their conversation. They both looked up and you suddenly felt very nervous. 

    “I couldn’t help but overhear you. Um, if you’re looking for a roommate, I’m looking for a place to stay. I know you don’t know me, but-”

    “I know you.” The one with the ponytail said. “We have Language and Literature with each other.” You blushed, totally not recognizing him. 

    “I’m sorry. If you can’t find anyone, here’s my number.” You wrote down the digits on a napkin. The other man picked it up and had a casual smile on his face. He had a warmth about him that you liked. 

    “What’s your name?” He asked, waving the napkin. 


    “I’m Wei Wuxian. This is Lan Wangji. Thanks for this. We’re at our wits end trying to find a third roommate. How soon can you move in?” He asked. 

    “Hold up, Wuxian. Don’t go so fast.” Wangji said quickly. 

    “Well, you have class with them. Don’t you think they’re a good person?” Wuxian asked. Wangji was quiet, but scowled. 

    “I’ll text you.” Wuxian nodded to you. Nodding your head, you exited the cafe, going back to the college library to finish up some studying and wasting some time before sleeping in your car. 

    “I can’t believe you put me on the spot like that.” Wangji complained once you had left. 

    “Can’t you?” Wuxian smirked. “We need to find a roommate soon. And it’s not like people are banging down our door to live with us. So, you’re in class with them. What are they like?” He leaned forward. 

    “Quiet.” Wangji said simply.

    “Well, I guess you two have that in common.” Wuxian laughed a little. 

    “I don’t know much about them. Their writing is good, though. We did a peer review one day and I got to look at their short story. Very well done.” Wangji nodded. 

    “Maybe we should make them write a short story for an application to live with us.” Wuxian joked. “Anyway, I think it’s a good idea. If you don’t have anything negative to say, then I say (Y/n) should move in.” 

    “This is just like you to make such a brash decision.” Wangji rubbed the bridge of his nose. 

    “We’re not going to be able to make rent by the beginning of next month if we don’t do this. Also, I’m not asking Jiang Cheng OR Yanli for money. Unless you want to ask Xichen to lend us some.” Wuxian said pointedly, knowing that Wangji hated the idea of borrowing money just as much as him. 

    “Alright. Why don’t you text them, then.” Wangji folded his arms and leaned back in his chair. Wuxian had a look like he won some game and started to put the napkin number into his phone. 

    “I’m putting us in a group chat.” Wuxian muttered, tapping his phone with a smile on his face.

    “I wonder how fast they can move in?”


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    13.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    happy birthday to john and jane!!!!! homestuck is about friendship. their friends love them :DD

    #homestuck#413#john egbert#jane crocker#my art #happy 413 you guys!!! #4 years of homestuck for me.... insane #TWELVE YEARS OF HOMESTUCK!!!!!! #there are kids younger than hs #imagine that#god#fuck#anyways #they are frenrship #homestuck! is! about! FRIENDSHIP!!!!! #YEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!
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    13.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    the show can’t go wrong if the crows steal Alina and make her a crow as well.

    still a better ending than what we got in Ruin and Rising

    #tgt#the grishaverse #the grisha trilogy #grisha#alina starkov #ruin and rising #shadow and bone #six of crows #crows#soc#soc duology #the sun summoner #sankta alina#Imagine That #alina as a crow #free of mal and the darkling #an independant woman
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    13.04.2021 - 6 days ago
    #my post#asks #I actually replied to this in a reasonable amount of time of it being sent #imagine that
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    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    What if Bucky is a DILF/MILF

    #bucky barnes#imagine#imagine that#buck #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws
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    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I would love to smoke weed with Ian Vashti

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    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    my dream is to have the courage to delete whatsapp

    #imagine that #truly severing the connections i have w everyone who knows me #wrow
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    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    It still kills me that my 'boy band' experience started with Mindless Behavior, then Big Time Rush, and is now stranded in Kpop

    #kpop multifandom#btr #big time rush #mindless behavior#boy band#imagine that #started from the bottom now we here
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    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Imagine That  -  NBC  -  January 8, 2002 - January 15, 2002

    Sitcom (6 episodes - 2 unaired)

    Running Time:  30 minutes


    Hank Azaria as Josh Miller

    Jayne Brook as Wendy Miller

    Joshua Malina as Kenny Fleck

    Katey Sagal as Barb Thompson

    Suzy Nakamura as Rina Oh

    Julia Schultz as Tabitha Applethorpe

    David Schwimmer as Seth

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    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #h-how big do bunnies get tho #r-r-radioactive bunny... #size of my house #which is not that big tbh but #big boye bunny... #huH#imagine that#akemi toyoma
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    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    IMAGINE: [Marvel]

    Dating Yondu

    #marvel #marvel x reader #marvel imagines #marvel x reader imagines #yondu#yondu udonta #yondu x reader #yondu x reader imagines #yondu imagines #yondu udonta x reader #yondu udonta imagines #yondu udonta x reader imagines #romance#romance imagines#dating#imagine#imagine if#imagine that#imaginerosewrites
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    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    IMAGINE: [Marvel]

    Dating Mysterio/Quentin Beck

    #marvel #marvel x reader #marvel imagines #marvel x reader imagines #mysterio#mysterio imagines#quentin beck #quentin beck imagines #quentin beck x reader #mysterio x reader #mysterio x reader imagines #quentin beck x reader imagines #romance imagines#romance#dating#imagine#imagines#imagine if#imagine that#imaginerosewrites
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    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago
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    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dating the Grandmaster

    #marvel #marvel x reader #marvel imagines #marvel x reader imagines #the grandmaster #the grandmaster imagines #the grandmaster x reader #the grandmaster x reader imagines #x reader #x reader imagines #x reader imagine #romance#romance imagine#romance imagines#imagine#imagine if#imagine that#imaginerosewrites
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    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    just now finally got the update where the app icon changes to that multicolored thing lmao

    #bc now i have a phone that is actually capable of running the latest android #imagine that#bri babbles
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    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?"

    "I'll tell the stars about you."

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    04.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Niragi’s Big Mouth (Takatora Samura | Last Boss x Reader)

    Word Count: 810

    Summary: Just a little drabble where Niragi outs you for having a crush on Last Boss. 

    You were seething. If Niragi hadn’t opened up his big mouth, then you wouldn’t have been in this situation. You and some of the other militants had been grabbing drinks and Niragi made some stupid joke and you had made an even stupider retort. 

    “Geez, when was the last time you had a decent fuck?” He laughed. 

    “Over twenty years and counting.” You said, dryly. 

    “Wait, are you a virgin?” He laughed. You almost dropped your drink, caught off guard. Of course you had to say that and be all witty. 

    “No way.” Niragi continued to laugh. “You’ve never fucked someone! I can’t believe it. You’re a virgin.” He teased. 

    “Yeah? And so fuckin what if I am?!” You yelled at him, which only made people stare and your cheeks heat up. 

    “You should’ve said something. I could’ve changed that in two minutes.” Niragi kept going. 

    “I bet it does only take you two minutes to finish off.” You sneered. “You’re not my type. I prefer them taller.” 

    “Oh, what, like Last Boss?” Niragi’s smirk widened when he saw a surprised look on your face. “I bet he’s your type.”

    “Shut the.  .  . shut the fuck up!” You left your drink behind and stormed off, well aware that as soon as Niragi said that Last Boss stared directly at you as if he was teasing you, too. He probably wasn’t, but that’s how you felt. 

    You left the club in a huff, shoving people out of your way. Niragi knew how to push your buttons, but this was the worst yet. He knew about your small attraction towards his friend, but he never said anything until now. He completely left you out on the edge and that made you upset. You decided to go to the pool instead, taking one of the chairs and laying back. You stared up at the sky with your arms crossed, trying to calm yourself down. It was stupid. This was the borderlands. So what if you had a crush and he knew about it? What was he going to do about it anyway?

    Well, the worst thing possible. He avoided you. Last Boss wasn’t much of a talker as is, but when you went on patrols together he didn’t say a word and barely looked at you. It’s not like you were close, but you thought you could at least put some trust in him. It continued for a few weeks and you felt worse and worse the more it went on. At first you were sad, but then you became angry and you wanted to confront him. 

    It was the end of a shift around the perimeter when Last Boss and you were about to part ways. You stopped him, though. 

    “Hey.” You said it a bit more aggressive than you meant to. “Look, can you stop with the cold shoulder. What Niragi was saying probably freaked you out or whatever about me liking you, but we’re supposed to be working together. I can’t work with you if you keep ignoring me like this. So what, huh? I have a crush on you. Whatever. Get over yourself.” Yup. It kept getting worse. 

    Last Boss stared at you with big eyes, confused. 

    “I thought you didn’t like me.” He said, his voice low. 

    “What? Why would you think that when Niragi practically outed me in front of you?” You asked, crossing your arms. 

    “You ran off so I assumed you didn’t like me.” Last Boss said. It started to click together now and you felt like the biggest asshole around. He gave you the cold shoulder because he thought you didn’t like him. He couldn’t meet your eyes because.  .  .

    “I didn’t mean that.  .  . I was just getting so tired of Niragi teasing me that I ran off. I actually like you.  .  . like a lot.” You rubbed the back of your neck and looked off to the side. 

    “Well, I like you like a lot, too.” Last Boss tilted his head and looked at you. 

    “Even though I’m a virgin?” You blurted out. He blinked and looked around, seeing if anyone was near. You felt your resolve start to crumble, but he leaned forward, lips close to yours. 

    “I am, too.” He said, quietly. A wave of relief went over you. The whole time you had been scared that he would rather be with someone “more experienced” than you. 

    “Does that freak you out?” He asked when you didn’t say anything.

    “No. But I will tell you this.” You looked around, then smirked. “I can tie a cherry stem with just my tongue.” 

    “I’d like to see that.” Last Boss said quickly. 

    “I can show you sometime.” You grinned. Instead of going your separate ways, you stayed by each other. You did your normal thing, but together. You almost wanted to thank Niragi for outing you.


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    At least I’m mentally stable enough to not be hate-following people. Some just can’t relate.

    #imagine that #waiting for someone to post anything with their notifs on #so you can send hate about it #weird af#t*
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