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  • Don’t forget tomorrow I’m closing all requests for I don’t know how long! I only received like three. Common you guys, we need more!

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    another edit! ☺️ was thinking of maybe writing an imagine, if anyone has any requests or ideas please comment them below !! thanks ✨

    #draco malfoy#slytherin#harry potter #draco malfoy edit #imagines #Harry potter imagines #Draco malfoy imagines #slytherin aesthetic
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    Request: Sam calls reader to help with a case and Dean has never met them. When they go to work on the case, Dean asks reader if there are any rock songs they like and reader says they have never listened to rock. Dean then goes crazy trying to find a song they like.

    Your phone buzzed in your pocket, disturbing the perfectly uneventful day you were having. You recognised the number immediately. Sam, one of your old friends. If he was ringing, something had to be up.

    You’d met Sam on a lone hunt you were doing. A witch coven that was causing problems. Your paths had crossed and something clicked which led to you exchanging numbers. You’d promised to call each other if ever you needed help with a hunt. Which is why you answered the call quickly.

    “Sam Winchester.” You said as you answered. “How nice to hear from you.”

    “Hey, Y/N.” You heard him grin down the phone. “It’s good to hear your voice. Listen, we could really use your help on something.”

    “You know what you’re dealing with yet?”

    “That’s why we could use your help.”

    “Alright, give me the address and I’ll be there.”


    An hour later, you were standing outside the run-down motel, knocking on the room Sam had told you they were in. You heard some commotion inside before the door slowly opened and Sam peered out at you.

    “I’ll be damned. You look just the same as when I saw you last.” You smiled at him.

    “Well, you possibly look better.” He replied as you moved forward to give him a hug. As you pulled away, he stepped aside to let you in and it was then you noticed the other guy sitting on one of the beds.

    “Hi.” You waved awkwardly.

    “You must be Y/N.” He pointed as he said it. “My brother didn’t tell me you were so attractive.”

    You connected the dots in your brain and smiled. “You must be Dean.”

    “That’s right.”

    “OK,” Sam came over to the two of you. “Now that introductions are out of the way, we need your help on this case. Cause neither of us can figure out what creature we’re dealing with.”

    You clapped your hands together. “OK, well, I’ve often found the best way to figure these things out is to check out the scene of the crime. I assume it’s still in tact?”

    “It is.” Sam nodded.

    “You guys got your fake badges?”

    “Have you got yours?” Dean queried.

    You laughed sarcastically. “Look who you’re talking to.” You replied. “Lead the way.” You said to Sam.

    “I like this one, Sammy.” You heard Dean say as you exited the room.


    “Alright,” Dean said as you buckled yourself into the back seat of the Impala. “Don’t do anything to screw up Baby and everything will be just fine.”

    “You call your car Baby?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow. Sam met your gaze in the mirror and shook his head as if to tell you not to question it. You chuckled to yourself.

    “Let’s go catch whatever this sucker is,” Dean said, pulling off. You leaned forward and rested your arms on the back of the front seats.

    “Can we listen to some music?” You asked.

    “Uh, yeah, sure. What kind of rock are you into?” Dean asked.

    “Oh, I’m not really into rock.” You told him.

    Dean took his eyes off the road for a moment to twist around and fix you with a stare. “You’re kidding, right?”

    “No.” You shrugged. “It’s just not my thing.”

    “Dean, eyes forward.” Sam told him.

    “Sammy, how could you not tell me that Y/N doesn’t listen to classic rock? This is something that needs to be fixed.” He began messing with the radio.

    “Honestly, you don’t have to-”

    “What about some Metallica?” He asked, blasting out one of the songs. You grimaced.

    “It’s a little loud.”

    Dean sighed. “Alright. Zeppelin.” He changed the song and you rolled your eyes, falling back against the seat.

    “Still not doing anything for me.”

    “OK, how about this? Deep Purple.”

    The music drifted out of the stereo and you tilted your head as you listened to it. “Hm. Actually, this one’s not so bad.”

    “Ha!” Dean exclaimed in glee. “I consider that an absolute win.”

    “You two are idiots.” You declared as you continued to drive along.

    *Not my gif

    #not my gif #dean winchester x reader #dean winchester imagine #supernatural imagine#supernatural#fandom imagine#imagine#imagines
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    Requested by anonymous

    If there was an award for worst eyesight in the BAU it would surely go to you. Your glasses were thicker than Garcia’s for goodness sake. Still, you were a good agent despite this disadvantage so Hotch kept you on the team.

    Unfortunately you weren’t cleared to have a weapon. FBI policy and all. So you could imagine Reid and Morgan’s surprise when you walked into the firing range while they were in there practicing. “Who’s bright idea was it to give [Y/N] a gun” Derek whispered to Spencer, as you aimed the gun at the target in front of you.

    Spencer shrugged in return. Out of morbid curiosity both men stopped what they were doing to watch you. They quite honestly assumed that you’d miss horribly but that wasn’t the case. With a great amount of disbelief the pair watched as you hit the target perfectly. Straight bullseye.

    “Woah [Y/N], since when were you such a good shot?” Derek asked, blinking a few times to determine if he was seeing things correctly.

    At this you laughed. “I don’t know I guess I just have good instinct is all”.


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  • #hope mikaelson#legacies #the vampire diaries #the originals #hope mikaelson x reader #hope mikaelson imagine #legacies imagine #the vampire diaries imagine #the originals imagine #hope mikaelson imagines #legacies imagines #the vampire diaries imagines #the originals imagines #imagine#imagines
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  • I made a little tutorial for Ko-fi because some people told me that they didn’t really know how to use it!

    I can’t post it in here cause it says it’s long (it’s 3 min) but I posted it in my IG! (◕ ワ ◕✿)

    Here is the link if you want to watch it! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFkmZxUHxHS/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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  • My reqs are open, for anyone who wants to send in any xxx I’ve got a free weekend :) 

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  • IMAGINE Castiel slowly not being able to comprehend the fact that you have to sacrifice yourself for the rest of team free will


    Originally posted by subcas

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  • birthday post for @myriadimagines



    a/n: happy birthday sam! i saw that you got the new horizons game a few weeks ago and i thought this would be a fun little crossover-type idea for your birthday!! i hope you have an awesome day. you’re a talented writer and a super sweet mutual, thank you for being YOU!


    You were concentrated on the screen, running around the island while Klaus provided commentary. 

    “Are you seriously giving her that?” Klaus exclaimed as you traded with the frog in a sweater, passing along a rare beetle for bells.

    “Yup,” you said, looking over at Vanya, sitting next to you on the couch, who offered a grin. “It’s my last one.”

    “It’s practically highway robbery,” Klaus said. “The point is, frogs are bitches, and we do not negotiate with terrorists.”

    “Hey, don’t say that about her!” Allison said, mock-reprimanding him and punching him in the arm. “You’re just mad that y/n didn’t want Klaus.”

    “No, I’m mad that they name a bear after me and made him super lame.”

    “Don’t think that’s how it works,” Luther said from across the room. He was sitting away from you guys, staring out the window, waiting for Five’s return, so that you all could actually start putting your plan in motion. For some reason, after Diego had pointed out that the character Klaus also looked like Luther, Number One had decided that he’d take watch for Five. “That’s probably why y/n doesn’t want them as a villager,” Diego had said. “If I had an island, none of you dicks would be invited.”

    “All right,” you said, returning to your lot. “Decorating time. And no input from the peanut gallery.”

    “Don’t look at me!” Vanya said. “That was all Allison.”

    “All I said was that you can’t mix aesthetics like that,” Allison said.

    “Sure you can,” Klaus responded.

    “Look, I’m not taking style designs from you.”

    Klaus gasped, pretending to be offended, while Luther stood up, his chair scraping against the floor as he peered out the window. “Guys! Can you focus for just one minute? I think Fives is back.”

    Just as he said that, Five teleported back into the living room, nearly causing you to drop the controller as you jumped. You cursed under your breath as he began talking at a breakneck speed. “Okay,” Five said, picking up on your last conversation as if he had never left. “Diego, I need you and Luther to go find Dad—“ (Diego interrupted with a groan) “—I’ll get a briefcase, Y/N, I need you and Vanya to—“

    “Woah, hold on hold on,” you said, saving the game as quickly as possible. “Where were you?”

    “I was trying to fix this mess while the rest of you were sitting here playing… whatever this is.”

    “It’s Animal Crossing,” Klaus explained. “The little animals are villagers and you moved to an island—“

    “I don’t need you to explain it to me!” Fives said. “The world’s going to end if we don’t—“

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Klaus said, waving his hand. “We know the drill.”

    “Where do I need to be?” you asked.

    “You and Vanya need to get to the theater now,” Fives said. “Like right now.”

    You sighed and jumped up, pulling Vanya up with you. “And then?”

    “Make sure nobody tries to go in until we get there.”

    You and Vanya left, running down the front stairs of the Academy and out to the street, where you tried to find the fastest route to the theater in your phone. “I can’t believe the made Olaf from Animal Crossing a real thing,” you said as you typed, referencing her brother still manically delegating the plan inside. 

    “Stop!” she said, though she was close to laughing. “Would suck to die though, dressed like a fictional anteater.”

    “Let’s hope not,” you said laughing, pointing down the street at the route you had to take. “Not if we succeed.”

    #for friends #the umbrella academy #imagines #the umbrella academy imagine #the umbrella academy reader insert #luther hargreeves #luther hargreeves x reader #vanya hargreeves #vanya hargreeves x reader #allison hargreeves #allison hargreeves x reader #five hargreeves #five hargreeves x reader #diego hargreeves #diego hargreeves x reader #klaus hargreeves #klaus hargreeves x reader #tua#tua imagine #tua reader insert
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  • Y’all im curious: what can I do to improve in my writings? Im curious bc i know i can do better

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  • i’ve had this “concept” stuck in my head, and apparently it’s not going away. so enjoy 😁

    in which grayson asks you to sit on his face.

    short but sweet <3 smut!!!!! feedback is welcome as always 🙈

    you were laying in bed one hand on your on your thigh and another on your book - we were liars by e.lockhart. you had been reading way more during quarantine, and it was starting to really annoy grayson. of course, he picked up his building and hikes etc, but he felt like all of your attention was on reading. like the book was your child. and he decided when your started your tenth book, that he had to do something about it.

    grayson walked into the room, just a towel on. usually that would have you throbbing already, but you didn’t even realise he was there. too interested in your book.

    that made grayson very mad, pouting like a little baby. he was tempted to just throw a tantrum. maybe if he stomped his foot a little you would realised how deprived he was - and you were.

    “why are you staring at me?” you asked not even looking up from the book. his stare was so intense it almost made you squirm. you heard a stomp, that immediately brought you out of your head looking up at the absolute man child you live with. he was in a blue towel, no shirt on, his arms crossed against his chest - and let’s forget the pout and furrowed eyebrows. “now, tell me why there’s a two year old at the end of my bed?” you tease putting your book on the bedside table gray had recently made.

    “i’m mad” he mumbled and you nodded grinning. “tell me why your mad, baby” you asked excited for what was to happen next. “because you won’t suck my cock, or sit on my face, you won’t even let me touch your tits!” he nearly yelled his hands flapping all over the place - he definitely resembled a toddler not getting his own way. you nodded again biting your lip, your crawled your way down to sit on the end of the bed pulling him to stand inside your legs.

    “that must of been so hard” you pout rubbing you hands down the side of his thighs causing him to shiver. your pout alone made him hard. “how could grayson dolan survive. no one loving on this poor big cock” you say your index finger going down the middle of the towel. you could feel his huge cock, already embarrassingly hard.

    “well, i’m all yours now, gray”

    “what should we start with?”

    #just a little blurb :D #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan fic #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan insta #grayson#dolan#grayson dolan#fic#fics#fanfic#fiction#fanfiction#asks#ask#requests#imagine#imagines#angst#smut#fluff #grayson dolan smut #grayson dolan angst #grayson dolan fluff #concepts #grayson dolan concepts #grayson dolan x y/n #grayson x reader #ethan dolan blurb #ethan dolan fanfic
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    Requested by anonymous

    You were starving. Ever since you joined Scott’s pack you’ve been holding yourself back, ignoring your cravings. The Alpha inspired you and made you want to be good. Unfortunately as a vampire you had your needs and you had to find a way to feed.

    There were alternatives of course like animal blood but making the transition was hard. Deep down you knew you’d need something human until you got used to your new diet. That’s where Liam came in. You confided in him that you were struggling and quite unexpectedly he offered his assistance.

    “You’re sure about this?” You asked as you held Liam’s arm. It was hard not to lick your lips as you glanced down at his veins but you somehow managed to keep it together. Liam nodded, assuring you that he was a willing participant. “Okay… if it becomes too much let me know. Don’t let me suck you dry”.


    #liam dunbar #liam dunbar imagine #teen wolf #teen wolf imagine #imagine#imagines #send me requests
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  • Bugün bu odada beni Azrail tek başına satırlar

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  • okay guys! ^-^ lets imagine together about our sweethearts :’’) <3


    Originally posted by romanticwolf131

    • okay so its been a long fucking day
    • for you :((
    • nothing or no one in particular set your mood off, just the stir of today wasn’t your cup of tea 
    • so you come home after taking 2 buses ;_; the second one having the most terrible service 
    • and youre so tired, you dont even feel like walking all the way to the door and instead would love to just lie down and forever sleep to eternity
    • so when you do get inside your apartment, your feet were about to take the same tired steps to your room butt
    • your girlfriend was there
    • right in the front of the door, fucking waiting for you ^-^
    • and her face has the biggest, cutest smile ever ( just like mabel’s) 
    • but youre so done with today so all you can manage is a small smile and a hand held out to her
    • c/n takes your cute hand, holds itt and gives you a small cute kiss 
    • she doesnt say anything bc she fucking knows no words are needed :3
    • all she does is lead you to the couch and cover you up in blankets 
    • u were expecting her to stay with u but she gets up!!
    • “come back here” :((
    • “never..”
    • -_-
    • “im kidding silly, im just lighting the incense sticks”
    • and yes your honeyboop and her warmth and lavender smelling self comes back and snuggles you up
    • her arms are around you and yes you’re the big spoon even now but its the best thing ever because shes holding so tightly onto you and you feel so fucking comfy and safe
    • uwu
    • so youre just lying there like that for the longest time, legs tangled, hands held and chests calmly thumping T_Y 
    • …. “ wanna hear a joke baby”
    • “hmm?”
    • “knock knock”
    • “youre supposed to say who’s there” :<
    • “who is there baby?”
    • “radio”
    • “radio who?”
    • ..
    • c/n is giggling already and youre just like not this again
    • “ha ha”
    • “babyyyyyy”
    • but yeah that did cheer u up even if it was lame so yeah u give her a cute kiss on those pretty lips of hers 
    • :))))))))))))))))
    • and ure both just swooning at each other the rest of the time and cuddling
    • yep. she makes ur bad days better <3

    Oh my gosh guys!! its been long ass since ive written. and thats bc i only write when im in the mood ;))) this imagine makes me seem like im a yearning sapphic… yE thats exactly who i am. whoops. i mean im not crazy yearning but i do imagine :P anyways. i hope my readers have been well. 

    i was thinking what fandom should i write for.. and then i was like fuck it. let me just do a crush imagine but make it wlw <3 the gays r winning 0-o also, mabel is so cute omggg

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  • Y/N was on her period and was NOT in the mood for any of her sexy boyfriend Henry Cavill’s grumpiness.  He had just read a story on the internet that his ex-girlfrend Gina Carino was found by some computer to be a better choice for James Bond than he was.

    “She’s not even bloody British!” he explained!


    You sit down with him and run your hand through his luscious girls just like he had in Enola Holmes, which was so cute Y/N loved hanging out on the set of that movie.  Y/N felt like Millie Bobbie Brown was her niece or something.

    “Well I feel like crud too Henry but you don’t see me cursing about it! Besides I think this more about what some stupid computer thinks.  Have you ever met a casting director that is a computer come on?”

    Henry smiled at Y/N, that dreamy smile that always made you melt and today was no exception.


    But Y/N’s smile faded quickly when Henry put a hand on your stomach. “Maybe next month, my love.” You felt your eyes sting.  Being around the sweet child Millie Bobbie Brown on the set of Enola Holmes and watching Henry around a kid only made her long for a baby with Henry more!  All of the press was always asking when Henry and Y/N was having a baby and he always having to be so cagey in his answers, discreet.  But what if there was something wrong with one of them?  She didn’t want some other man’s baby, some other man’s seed inside of her!  And she didn’t want Henry having a baby with someone else’s egg!  She wanted a beautiful baby that wasa perfect mix of Y/N and Henry!


    When Y/N was lost in you thoughts, it was as if he could read her mind.  It’s okay, my love.  It’s going to be alright.  You are all I need.

    Kal jumped on the couch, licking Y/N’s face with his big slobbery tongue, making you both laugh.  “Well, you said, “me and Kal!”

    #henry cavill #henry cavill x reader #henry cavill imagine #imagine#imagines#babies#tw infertility #tw intense stuff
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  • writing to the void 🌾 chapter nine

    a peter parker x oc story

    SUMMARY: A series or letters written to Peter Parker, from his girlfriend while he was stuck in the soul stone.

    A-N: not sure what else to put here except, enjoy.

    [chapter nine]

    [main masterlist]

    [series masterlist]

    [prologue, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight]

    Dear Peter

    Honestly, I’m not sure how to start off with this letter. To be honest, I don’t think I was planning to write at least three of these letters when I first found about your disappearance. But, i am and it still hurts. The grief that is. It still feels like my heart has been ripped from my chest at the mere thought of you. I don’t think I’ll ever escape the pain of losing you.

    Anyways, I smiled last night. The first real smile I have ever shown since you disappeared. I wasn’t expecting too at all, as all my smiles have been false to hide my grief and pain. But, yes I smiled. It felt…great. It happened at a party I had attended last night, one that Eleanor had practically begged and dragged me to. Of course I wasn’t planning to go at first, I originally wanted to remain locked in my bedroom and either watching TV or reading a book. But I did, and i do not regret going. It felt great to be out of the house, and out of my bedroom to just enjoy the party for at least a night.

    I made a new friend there, ever since Eleanor decided to ditch me in the hall as soon as we had entered, just so she could do who knows what. I had been seated in the living room at the time, when a new presence showed beside me. It was a guy, he was quite tall and hot if I were to be honest. I wasn’t sure why he came to talk to me then, but he did. He introduced himself as Brayden, and we soon got into a conversation regarding ourselves. He was kind, and he was such a great guy too!

    I remember later that night, as i comfortably sat under the covers of my bed, I felt like texting him. I felt like ranting to him over text. I felt like ranting to him about everything going on in my life, my feelings, this grief and most importantly. You, Peter Parker. I didn’t though. I didn’t want to scare him off. Even though he seemed like such a good listener when I met him earlier.

    I guess, by meeting him and gaining Brayden as a new friend. It gave me a little bit of hope that I can move on. Move on with my life. No matter how hard it will hurt me doing so.

    I love you.

    Sierra Kenzie


    the girl who hopes to move on.

    [next chapter]

    #fanfiction#imagines#series#avengers #post infinity war #avengers infinity war #letters#sad#peter parker #peter parker x oc #spiderman #spiderman x oc #tom holland #tom holland x oc #peter parker imagines #spiderman imagines #peter parker x reader
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    Request: Reader x Diego where reader gets badly injured but downplays it as they have bigger things to worry about and end up passing out, scaring Diego.

    Warnings: Mentions of blood, death and passing out.

    You and Diego were often teaming up to help out those in trouble, you two were like partners in crime. Be it hostages, people being chased, anything. You two were a team.

    This particular day, you found yourself alongside Diego chasing down some guys who’d stolen from a liquor store. You were on the tail of one guy who was running down the street when, out of nowhere, he pulled out a gun and began raining bullets.

    You were usually pretty agile so you managed to dodge most of them. However, the last one came too fast and grazed your shoulder. You cried out in pain and stopped running as you held a hand to your arm and pulled it away. It was coated in blood. Apparently it was worse than you thought.

    “Y/N!” You heard a shout from behind you and Diego appeared next to you, face full of concern. “Are you OK?”

    “I’m fine, I’m fine.” You lied, gritting your teeth. “Just…go after him.” You motioned in the direction the guy had run off in.

    Diego gave you one last check-over before dashing off. You tried to apply pressure to the wound as you stumbled forward, attempting to follow after him. You were certain you’d made it far but after checking around you, you found you’d only moved a few steps. Your head was getting fuzzy.

    Your vision began to cloud and your ears started ringing as your legs gave out underneath you and you collapsed to the ground.


    You woke up some time later to a strange beeping noise and a clinical smell. Upon opening your eyes, you found yourself in a hospital bed wired up. Your neck was stiff but you slowly turned it to the left to see Diego in a chair next to the bed, eyes closed.

    “Diego?” You spoke softly.

    His eyes snapped open and he sat forward, placing a hand on your forehead. “Hey.” He said. “Take it easy, doctors said you lost a lot of blood. How are you feeling?”

    “Fantastic.” You replied sarcastically. He sighed.

    “Why didn’t you tell me you’d taken a bullet?” He questioned you. “Seriously, Y/N, you could have died if I hadn’t come back and found you on that street.”

    “I didn’t want to worry you. Besides, you had more important things to do. You had to catch those guys.”

    Diego shook his head. “They weren’t more important than you.”

    You smiled at his comment. “Thanks, Diego.” You said. “Did you catch the guy?”

    “He’s banged up as we speak.”

    “Thank God for that.”

    “Just promise me, if something like this happens again, you’ll tell me. It’d kill me if anything happened to you.”

    You reached out and laced your hand with his. “I promise.”

    *Not my gif

    #not my gif #diego hargreeves x reader #diego hargreeves imagine #diego hargreeves #the umbrella academy imagine #tua imagine#fandom imagine#imagine#imagines
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    Originally posted by xofeno

    “But I don’t want to leave,” your daughter told you again, crossing her arms defiantly as she looked between where you stood at the door, and where her dad, Jay, lay in his hospital bed.

    “Come on monkey, it’s time to get you home to bed, give your dad space to rest,” you told her sympathetically, knowing how difficult this was for her, and that her young mind didn’t fully understand what was going on.

    “But daddy’s scared of hospitals,” she countered, earning a tired grin from Jay, “and when I’m scared, I need you or daddy with me to sleep, if I go home, who’ll keep him safe?”

    Okay, that was so sweet your heart was breaking, how could you respond to that? Jay reached out with his good arm and patted his daughter on the shoulder, causing her to turn towards him.

    “I’ll be alright, promise,” he reassured her the best he could, taking his hand away and holding out his pinky.

    She smiled weakly, “you pinky promise?” She double checked, putting her little finger into his.

    “Pinky promise,” he winked, squeezing her hand before letting it go. 

    “I don’t believe you,” you replied tiredly, pouting as she looked back to you.

    You sighed, “okay, but only until daddy falls asleep, okay?” You compromised, watching her eyes light up a little as she nodded her agreement, climbing off of her chair and onto Jay’s bed, curling up into his side.

    “I’ll keep you safe daddy,” you said sleepily, you and your husband locking eyes as you tried to stop a tear from rolling down your cheek. 

    “I know you will monkey,” he kissed her on the head and took wrapped his arm around her, taking your hand as you came towards the bed. 

    You both knew she’d fall asleep first and you’d have to carry her out, but for now, you crouch down, still holding Jay’s hand as you ran your free hand through your daughter’s hair.

    She was just as scared of hospitals as Jay was, you both knew, but she was being brave for her dad.

    #jay halstead#chicago pd#one chicago #jay halstead x reader #jay halstead imagine #chicago pd imagine #jay halstead imagines #chicago pd imagines #one chicago imagine #one chicago imagines #imagine#imagines
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