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  • Secret Santa [Spencer Reid]


    note - hey, guys! this was a request from @itsmyblogandillreblogifiwantto , enjoy! this imagine is filled with so much positivity lmao. i was in a mood when i wrote this.

    summary - its christmas time at the BAU and Spencer has a suprise for you! (hhaa im so good at rhymes)


    *pic isnt mine* (hes so cute ahaoahaihskahab)


    “Spencer!” You sang as you skipped to his desk.

    He looked up and smiled. “Hey, Y/n.”

    “Great enthusiasm,” you teased.

    Spencer stood up and rolled his eyes, pulling you into a kiss.

    “Gag,” Emily muttered while passing you two.

    You pulled away from the kiss and stuck your tongue at her in a childish manner. She did the same to you and then went to the break room.

    “I thought you got off at work later?” Spencer asked.

    “Yeah, well, I am the number one employee this year, so I got to leave,” You smirked. You worked at a bakery downtown and usually didn’t get off until two hours later, but you had an advantage this year.

    “Good job, babe!” Spencer smiled. “Thank you,” you smiled and pulled him in for another kiss.

    You ran your hands through his long hair and pulled away.

    “Hm, I love you,” you gushed.

    Spencer couldn’t help but smile. Christmas time was the time you were able to be hyper and happy without anyone complaining and you took full advantage of that.

    “Hey, Y/n!” JJ smiled.

    You pulled away from Spencer’s grasp and went to hug JJ.

    “Hey!” You exclaimed and pulled JJ in a tight embrace. “How’s my favorite mother?” You asked.

    “Busy,” JJ laughed. “Are you bringing in Henry?” You asked.

    “Yeah, Will’s supposed to soon.”

    “Awesome! I got a few gifts for him,” you giggled.

    JJ’s eyes widened, “A few? Why not one? Or none?”

    You scoffed. “I’m his number one fan and is favorite aunt! Of course I’m gonna give him more than one gifts.”

    “Um, no. I’m his favorite aunt,” Emily scoffed and walked over.

    “Oh, yeah? What’d you give him?” You smirked.

    “A toy truck, a stuffed hippo, and a pacifer cause I know how much he loves those. What did you get him?” Emily asked.

    “Well, I got him a ‘Star Wars’ blanket, some superhero action figures, chocolate kisses, and also some pacifiers,” You stated proudly.  

    JJ scoffed. “Henry is going to be the most spoiled kid ever.”

    “And that’s a great thing!” Emily smiled. You giggled with Emily as JJ sighed, obviously regretting telling anyone about her child. 

    Just then, Will came in with Henry.

    “Hi, guys,” Will smiled. You all turned to see him carrying an excited Henry. Your hearted swelled as you saw the baby holding out his arms for his mom. JJ took him and walked to us. 

    “Hey, babe,” you said. “You are going to get so many gifts this year! And the next, and the next, and the next.”

    “Can’t wait for that,” JJ sighed. 

    You smiled and then turned to your boyfriend, who looked uneasy. 

    “What’s wrong?” You asked, intertwining your hands with his. 

    He coughed and shrugged. “Nothing. Just tired.”

    “You can’t be tired just yet! After Secret Santa I have a gift for you at home,” you winked.

    Spencer’s face went red and the team snickered. 

    “And I am looking forward to that,” he smiled.

    You smiled and then Rossi came up to you all.

    “Ready for Secret Santa?” He asked.

    You nodded and all left for the break room. All the presents were gathered on the table. Spencer and you sat on the couch. He put his arm around you and you leaned into his chest.

    “Who’s going first?” Emily asked.

    “I will!” Penelope smiled.

    She grabbed her gift and handed it to Hotch.

    He took it and unwrapped it, smiling. He held up a mug that said ‘Best Dad Boss Ever’.

    “Thank you, Garcia,” he chuckled. “Of course,” she smiled.

    “Okay, uh, I got Derek,” Hotch said. Derek opened his present and smiled.

    He held up new. shoes.. Derek thanked Hotch.

    Derek then gave his present to Penelope. He gave her a new eyeshadow kit that had vibrant colors. Penelope gave Rossi his gift, which was an art peice that was being auctioned off. Rossi gave his present to Emily, which was Peace and War in Arabic. Emily then gave JJ her present, which was a self care kit with bubble bath soap, face masks, leg scrubs, and candles. JJ then gave her present to you, which was a the first addition DVDs of your favorite show and a book guide to all the characters. You thanked her then it was your turn to give your gift, which was to Spencer.

    “Okay, so, I know you have this book, but this is a first addition,” you smiled and handed him the wrapped present.

    Spencer opened it excitedly and gasped when he saw it. It was the first additon of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

    “Y/n! Thank you so much. I love it,” he smiled and kissed you sweetly.

    You giggled. “You’re welcome,” you said as he pulled away.

    “I… I have a present for you,” Spencer said.

    You brows raised. “Oh?”

    He nodded and smiled nervously. “C-close your eyes.”

    You obeyed and waited anxiously. You heard people shuffling past you and Spencer’s jagged breathing was loud.

    “Open,” he said.

    You opened your eyes slowly. Your jaw dropped as you saw Spencer down on one knee with a small, black box. Everyone was standing behind him, taking videos.

    “I know I’m not great with these things. I’m awkward and booksmart and have no idea about social cues. But I have noticed you mention marriage and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, Y/n L/n, will you marry me?” Spencer spoke.

    Your eyes filled with tears and threw yourself at him.

    “Yes,” you said loud enough so everyone could hear.

    Spencer cupped your face and crashed his lips onto yours. You started crying and laughing as he kissed you. Your arms wrapped around him tightly as everyone cheered. You pulled away, smiling widely.

    “I love you,” you said, putting your forehead against him.

    “I love you,” Spencer said, hugging you once more.

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  • Intimate [MGG]


    note - hey, guys! i got this idea after reading a tik tok comment lmao. enjoy!!

    summary - you have been matthew’s best friend since high school, but you’ve always had a crush on him. one night matthew calls you for a friend, and you decide to confess your love for him.

    warnings - smut, cursing, alcohol


    *gif isnt mine*


    Originally posted by grubler

    My eyes opened slowly as my phone rang beside me. I groaned and rolled over to see who it was. My stomach dropped when I saw it was my best friend, Matthew.

    “Matthew? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” I blurted out.

    I heard his soft laugh from the other line. “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

    I sighed in releif. “Okay, then what’s up? It’s 2 am.”

    I heard him sigh. “I need my best friend right now. Can you come over? I have snacks and beer.”

    I got up, turning on my lamp. “Yeah, of course. I’ll be there in ten.”

    He thanked me and then hung up. I threw my phone on my bed and changed out of my tank top and underwear to a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I brushed my teeth so my breath wouldn’t smell bad and I put my hair in a low pony. I grabbed my phone, keys, slipped on my slides, and then went out to my car.

    Matthew was an actor. He was just finishing up his show, ‘Criminal Minds’. He’s been calling me randomly throughout the day and night to talk. I was used to it and didn’t mind. We’ve been doing this since high school. The bullies and home life would get too difficult, so he would call me to talk and cheer him up. But now his sadess was because of his show ending.

    I felt bad. ‘Criminal Minds’ was basically his life. I knew how much he loved the whole show, the cast, the fans. And now it was ending. But I always told him only the show was ending. Not the connections, friends, and fans he made and had. It always made him smile and it made my heart happy.

    I’ve had a crush on him since junior year in high school. Basically 23 years. Yeah, that‘s a long time, I know. And of course, I dated other people. But Matthew has always been in my mind. From the day we met in Film Production, to when we graduated, when he moved away to pursue his career, our late night FaceTimes, crying with each other over breakups, and when I moved closer to him so we could hang out more often. He was the love of my life and I wished he felt the same.

    I arrived at his house and unlocked the door with my spare key.

    “Matthew!” I called out.

    “Over here!” I heard his voice in the living room.

    I walked in and saw him sitting on the couch. I smiled at the sight. His hair was messy and fell in curls. He was wearing an old band tee and dino pj pants. He had a bunch of chips and a bottle of beer next to him.

    But my smile faltered when I saw his eyes. He looked so heartbroken. I sighed and sat next to him, immediately pulling him into a hug.

    He broke down in my arms. I rubbed his back for support as he sobbed. I felt tears of my own surface. I sniffled and he hugged me tighter. He then pulled away and smiled softly.

    “Hey, don’t you cry, too. You’re supposed to make me feel better,” he said.

    I chuckled and wiped my face. “Sorry, I hate seeing you cry.”

    “I know,” he said and grabbed an unopened bottle of beer and handed it to me.

    “Thanks,” I said and popped the top off.

    “I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” he sighed.

    “You’re ending 15 years of your life. It’s okay to be sad,” I said.

    “I know. But it’s so stupid. I knew it was going to end, we all knew. We all prepared ourselves. But I guess I didn’t realize it was going to end so soon. I mean, I’m kind of relieved in a way. I can focus on my other passion, film making. But this show is my life. Was. I don’t know what I’ll do when I wake up in the morning and I’m not called in to film. It’ll just be so weird,” he poured out.

    I nodded listening to every word.

    “And my love life is complete shit. I mean I can’t keep a girlfriend for more than a year. And you know, I love to go all out because I’m dating to marry, but it just doesn’t work out. Then again, I don’t go out on dates much. Maybe that’s the problem,” he spoke again.

    My eyes widened. This was a surprise. He usually never talked about his dating life with me this deeply before. He’s never really complained about it like this. He always seemed so happy being single.

    Matthew looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I took a deep breath.

    “I don’t think not going on a lot of dates is the problem. I just think that maybe you haven’t found the right girl,” I said.

    “Yeah, maybe. I mean there’s this one girl,” Matthew sighed.

    My brows raised. “Who?”

    “Oh. You, uh, wouldn’t know her,” he laughed nervously.

    I felt my heart break. Not only because he wouldn’t tell me, but also because I just knew it wasn’t me.

    “She’s really pretty, though,” he smiled fondly off into the distance. “She has this laugh that I swear, is like a lullaby. And these eyes of her’s. They’re so beautiful and so kind, they never judge. This girl is just so amazing and always knows what to say. And her body, man, it’s the best thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

    Tears welled up in my eyes, but I painted on a smile. “Wow. She sounds like a keeper.”

    “Yeah she-” then Matthew looked at me and noticed me crying.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked.

    I love you! My mind screamed. But instead I said, “Nothing. You reminded me of this boy I like.”

    “Oh, really?” His voice went quiet.

    “Yeah,” I laughed sourly and took a sip of my beer. “But he doesn’t like me.”

    “Hey,” he said, putting his hand on mine. “If he doesn’t like you, then he doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

    I smiled, “Thanks, Gube.”

    “So, who is he?” He asked.

    My eyes locked with him. My heart rate esclated quickly as I tried to think of an excuse to tell him, but all my brain could think of was the beautiful man in front of me. Before I could settle on an excuse, my mouth spoke for me.


    His eyes widened and my mouth slapped over my mouth.

    “Fuck,” I muttered. I searched his face frantically to see what he was thinking, but I couldn’t read him. I then started crying and I stood up.

    “Sorry, Matthew. I… I gotta go. I can’t stay tonight,” I said and went to run to the door, but I felt his hand grab my wrist gently.

    “I like you, too,” he whispered.

    I slowly turned around, my mouth open. “What?”

    “I like you. No- I love you, Y/n,” he confessed again.

    “Really?” I asked. I hoped this wasn’t a joke.

    “Yes. Since I met you,” he blushed.

    I smiled, “I’ve loved you since then, too.”

    “Seriously?” He giggled.

    “Mhm,” I nodded. I walked closer to him.

    “Ever since I saw you in Film Production. I haven’t been able to take my mind off of you,” I said.

    I was so closed to him now that our forehead’s were touching and our hands were intertwined.

    “I’m so glad to hear,” he smiled.

    My smile grew wider. “Can I kiss you?”

    He nodded.

    My eyes left his and went down to his lips. I moved in and my eyes fluttered closed as our lips met. I sighed into the kiss and put my hands around his neck. Matthew put his hands on my waist.

    The feeling of his lips were so much better than I could ever imagine. They were soft, warm, and very well experienced. They kissed mine with such delicacy and sweetness, I had a hard time hiding my smile.

    Soon, though, the kiss got needy. Matthew had swiped his tongue across my bottom lip, asking me to open my mouth. I happily obliged and kissed him as his tongue explored my mouth. I moaned into the kiss as our tongues met, fighting to see who would win dominance.

    He then pulled away suddenly and I let out a whine.

    “Want to go upstairs?” He asked.

    I smile once again and we both raced to his bedroom. Once we got there, we started to make out again. We stumbled back and I fell onto the bed, giggling.

    Matthew climbed on top of me, pressing a soft kiss to my lips. He then trailed his lips down my cheek to my jawline. He licked down gently and once he got down to my neck, he bit down, causing my back to arch slightly. He sucked on different areas of my neck, kissing them softly as he moved onto a different spot.

    My hands went down to the hem of his shirt and I tugged on it, letting him know what I wanted. He pulled away from me and took off his shirt. I put my hands over his skin, tracing my fingers and admiring the view.

    “It’s not much,” Matthew said sheepishly.

    I looked up and shook my head. “You are gorgeous, Matthew.”

    He smiled and thanked me, then I decided to take off my sweatshirt, leaving me in just in my sweatpants.

    “No bra?” He questioned.

    “I didn’t have one on when you woke me up. I didn’t want to put one on,” I blushed.

    Matthew smiled and let his eyes wander around my top half. He then met my eyes again. His pulpils were dialated and his eyes dark.

    “You’re beautiful.”

    My face heated and I smiled. “Thank you.”

    He hummed and then dove his head down to my collar bone. His tongue trailed a hot path of desire to my chest. His hand cupped my left breast while his mouth latched onto the other. His lips sucked and his tongue ran over my nipple fast, making me whimper.

    “Hm, Matthew,” I moaned while he massaged my left breast and rubbed my nipple in between his middle finger and thumb. He soon then switched off, giving the same amount of care to the other.

    After he gave my breasts the attention they deserved, he trailed down my stomach and to the waistline of my sweats.

    “Mind if I…?”

    I shook my head and he took them off - painfully slow I might add. He chucked them on his floor and smirked when he saw my panties soaked.

    “All because of me?” He teased.

    “Best believe it,” I winked.

    He laughed and put his mouth back on my skin. He kissed along my panty line and ran his slender fingers up and down my clothed area. I pouted and decided to take them off. I needed him.

    He chuckled and sat up to look at my body. He had this big, silly grin as if he won the lottery. My body heated up under his gaze and I squirmed as more wetness pooled between my legs.

    He noticed my discomfort and stopped staring to take care of it. He planted a gentle kiss before slipped his tongue into my folds. My back arched and I let out a breathy moan, not expecting for it to feel so good. My hands found their way to his hair and I let my legs wrap around his face, the heels of my feet resting on his back.

    “Tastes so good,” he groaned as his tongue expertly swirled in me, tasting every inch of me. He then licked a long stripe up my pussy to attach his lips to my clit.

    “Oh, Matthew!” I gasped. He also inserted his two fingers into me. The suction on my clit and his fingers moving in me caused a ball of tension to grow in my stomach.

    He fingered me faster and faster as my moans got louder. His tongue lapped over my clit and I felt myself reaching the edge.

    “I’m so close,” I whimpered.

    He smirked against my skin and added a third finger. He pushed deeper into me gently and put great suction on my clit. I felt myself let loose. My legs writhed around his face, back arched, and I threw my head back. My eyes screwed shut and I let out a loud, groan.

    Matthew took his fingers out and put them in his mouth, his eyes rolling back at the taste. He cleaned me up with his mouth, leaving me to calm down.

    He then took off his pj pants, revealing blue boxers. He then took those off and his member sprang free. My eyes widened at his length, my mouth naturally salivating.

    “Can I?” I asked in almost a whisper.

    He nodded and I sat on my knees. My hands went over his length, pumping before taking him into my mouth.

    My tongue swirled around as I took him in. Then I rested my tongue on the bottom of his shaft and started to move my head back and forth slowly, gradually getting faster and faster. Matthew’s hand found his way into my hair and pulled slightly, letting me know I was doing well. My tongue swirled around from time to time, making him curse.

    “Fuck, Y/n,” he groaned and pulled on my hair.

    I let myself take as much as I could, hollowing my cheeks as he hit the back of my throat. He groaned again and then stopped me.

    “I want to come inside of you,” he said.

    I nodded and slid my mouth off of his cock, kissing the tip before laying back down on my back.

    “You are amazing at that,” he said, taking a deep breath.

    “Why thank you,” I winked.

    He pulled out a condom and put it on. I spread my legs and he positioned himself right at my entrance.

    “Ready?” He asked.

    I smiled and nodded. He slowly slipped in, earning moans from both of us.

    He stopped so I could adjust for a few seconds. I nodded my head for him to start moving.

    He moved slowly in me at first, then got faster with each second. He bottomed out in me, hitting the perfect spot each time. My nails dragged down his back as he held my hips. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me.

    I looked up into his eyes and saw he was already looking at me. I smiled widely and my hands left his back to run through his hair. After 23 years, I didn’t think any of this would happen. He looked so beautiful with sweat glistening on his forhead, his tongue sticking out slightly, and him moving in and against me. I didn’t think I could ever get more intimate with him than right now.

    His hand left my hip and gently rubbed my clit. I threw my head back and practically shouted his name.

    “Ugh, Matthew!”

    I felt myself building up for release. I whimpered and Matthew noticed I was close. He rubbed my clit faster and I felt myself release.

    I rode out my high and scraped my nails against his back one last time. My back arched higher than ever and my mouth opened, unable to make any sound. His thrusts got sloppy and he followed after me. He groaned my name before coming.

    He slide out of me, taking the condom off and tying it before throwing in the trash.

    Matthew then collasped next to me, panting. I waited until my heart rate went back to normal before turning to him. He turned to face me and put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I giggled and nestled my face into his neck.

    “I can’t believe we waited 23 years for that. We should’ve done this sooner,” Matthew spoke first.

    I chuckled and reached up to kiss his lips. “I’m glad it happened either way. I can’t wait to do that again… maybe… or not,” I laughed awkwardly. I then remembered we were just friends and hadn’t decided otherwise.

    Matthew cupped my cheek, rubbing his thumb up and down.

    “Why don’t I take you out tomorrow,” he said.

    My eyes lit up. “Really?”

    “Well, of course! I love fucking you and all, but I want you to be my girlfriend and I want to be your boyfriend. I want to buy you things, cuddle, have you move in,” he smiled.

    “Well, yes. You can take me out tomorrow,” I said.

    “Great,” he said, kissing me.

    My arm wrapped around him and I rolled into him. I smirked into the kiss as I knew we would probably be doing this the whole night.

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  • Imagine showing Draco video games, and at first he thinks it’s a stupid muggle way of having fun… But once you introduce him to some of your faves, he spends most time trying to beat the games. You occasionally hear him yell “I pressed JUMP!? I PRESSED THE BLOODY BUTTON!!!”

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  • Robert Chase #1


    Originally posted by tony-soprano

    “Allison” Y/N greeted warmly as if she hadn’t just been rushed into the ER medical staff fusing over her. Confused Cameron mumbled a greeting back before joining the y/h/c woman in her cubicle. “Are you okay?!” The brunette panicked her eyes frantically running over the 6 month pregnant female. “I’m fine. Really.” Y/N reassured despite the occasional winces in pain as she attempted to readjust herself to continue holding the conversation. Rushing forward Allison helped the girl still trying to figure out what had happened. Y/N never wanted to bother anyone, so getting information out of her was often quite a job maybe it was just in her nature or her father’s personality was just that infectious. “Please don’t tell him I don’t want him to worry.” Y/N whispered guiltily to her boyfriend’s colleague knowing his job was already stressful enough without knowing she was in the hospital and not as a social visit. Frowning Cameron read the charts she’d managed to steal off a passing nurse “Which one?” Smiling Y/N shrugged “whichever one you see first.” A second later the girl added “it’s not like secrets are well kept in this place.” Waving to Cuddy who’s heard of the girl’s presence in her ER and was now briskly storming over concerned.

    #gothicwidow#au imagines#imagines#gif imagines #au gif imagines #x reader#house md #house md imagines #house md x reader #gregory house x daughter reader #robert chase #robert chase imagines #robert chase x reader #tv show imagines #jesse spencer #jesse spencer imagines #jesse spencer x reader #hugh laurie#dr chase #dr chase imagines #dr chase x reader
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  • The Little Moments That Bring Us Joy (Faramir X Reader)

    (Author’s Notes: things I wrote here about ashes and eggshells are what my Dad does for his plants. My Mom also likes succulents. We keep all the yougurt cups, disposable cups, plastic bottles, old tires and wheelbarrows and old sinks and pails and eggtrays. They plant their succulents or vegetable seedlings there. We have a lot of spinach just outside our house and even though I really don’t like gardening, I’m happy whenever other people from other farms come over to us and see the spinach my father planted and they’d ask if they could have some 💕

    I thought it would be nice to incorporate some of the little things I find joy in. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the bad stuff that’s happening in the world, we forget to appreciate the little moments that make us smile. I hope this reminds you of them.)

    Previous: The Little Moments That Bring Us Joy (Aragorn X Reader)


    “What makes you happy?”

    “Watching a little seed grow into a seedling and knowing that it was you who helped bring it to life. And when your plants grow and when you are finally able to harvest what you have planted, you are reminded of the effort you’ve done and a sense of satisfaction fills you.”

    Faramir smiled as the owner of the house opened the door and greeted him with a bow. He was visiting the baker and he did this every week on Sundays before he returned home. His visits have become a routine that Faramir doesn’t even need to knock for the baker to know he’s there.

    The baker doesn’t even ask why he’s there because the moment the door opens, the baker gives him quite a large paper bag.

    And this paper bag contains a lot of eggshells.

    Because Faramir visits often, the baker insisted that he should bring a basket with him everytime he comes so that the baker could fill the basket with bread and pastries. At first Faramir declined, for it felt wrong to take or receive something for free, especially that the baker needs money to survive and he makes money because of his baked goods.

    But the baker insisted that what Faramir and his wife was doing for their people and for Gondor was more than enough. And so Faramir accepted the gifts.

    Because of Faramir’s numerous visits, the people who lived near the bakery would also come out of their house and give Faramir more bags of eggshells and even ashes. They would also bring old mugs and jars they have not used. Others would also offer old and extra bowls. Sometimes they would also bring out their old wheelbarrows and sacks. Faramir took all of these graciously and the people would look after him with fond smiles on their faces as he left happily, carrying the things they had given.

    When Faramir arrived home, he went inside first to drop off the basket of goods. He would then run outside and take the things the people had given to him. Faramir continued past his house and towards a place a few blocks away that was surrounded by hedges.

    He passed the entrance that had an archway where bougainvillea crept. Faramir walked towards the pergola placed in the middle of the garden and put down the things he had brought before looking around.

    It was a still a work in progress but Faramir was happy on how it was turning out. There was still a need to make a path out of the spare stones and bricks they had and he also took note of where to put the lamps so that the place would be illuminated during the evening. But other than that, the place was starting to come together. He admired the flowers arranged beautifully in one side and the succulents that were also planted.

    This is why Faramir had been collecting and why the people were giving their old things.

    You were making a garden for everyone to enjoy.

    And you had the idea of making this garden out of things that you and the others already had. You refused to make things more difficult by having to buy other stuff when there are more important things that the money should be going to. Making a garden out of recycled materials also meant something more because you made use of the things that people once owned.

    You couldn’t explain but whenever you used wheelbarrows as a place to transplant your seedlings, you couldn’t help but feel happy thinking of how the wheelbarrow had served its purpose and is serving another purpose.

    You were too focused on your work, too focused on planting more seeds in little cups you had acquired while squatting down(they were your seed trays) that you didn’t notice Faramir approach you.

    “My love, I have returned,” he said and you nearly jumped when you heard his voice. Faramir laughed at your reaction and you rolled your eyes in response. “Some had given more mugs that they thought you might find a use for. I also brought the eggshells and ashes.”

    “Oh, they are all too kind,” you said, standing up and dusting off dirt from your pants, tunic, and hands. “Where are the ashes and eggshells? More slugs have come and they are eating my vegetables!”

    Faramir walked back to the pergola and took the bag of ashes and the bag of eggshells then followed you to the corner where you grew your vegetables. It was a lovely sight to see. Spinach and lettuce and tomatoes and onion grew in their areas—you had put up a sign specifying what vegetable or fruit, because yes technically a tomato is a fruit, was growing there.

    You kneeled down and took the bag from Faramir. You then put the ashes in a circle, surrounding the plants that were usually attacked by snails and slugs. You also crushed the eggshells into fine pieces and put them on top of the soil or mixed them with the soil to act as an organic pesticide and fertilizer.

    Faramir helped you in your task and the two of you worked throughout the afternoon. Your work was also filled with laughter and stories and so you didn’t realize that it was already 4 in the afternoon and it would be best to go home.

    After cleaning up, Faramir took the bags of eggshells and ashes in his arm and wrapped his other arm around your waist. You did the same and the both of you walked back to your house.

    “Remind me to bring over vegetables to the bakery,” you told Faramir when you saw the basket filled with goods on the table.

    Faramir laughed and placed a kiss on your temple before pulling you with him so that the both of you could clean up before dinner.

    “Well noted, darling.”

    This little moment happened often but it did not make you less happier. Days and weeks, months and years had passed and before your eyes you saw how your garden grew. It brought you joy to know that the green leaves and the bright colors of the flowers made the others happy as well. It also brought hope to everyone. That indeed the world was healing, that there are brighter days to come. In that garden you and Faramir and your people would gather and celebrate important occasions. These moments left beautiful memories and they made you all look forward to the days to come.

    It made you all look forward to a happier future.

    It made life worth living.

    #faramir #faramir x reader #faramir imagines #lord of the rings #lord of the rings imagines #lord of the rings x reader #the hobbit imagines #the hobbit x reader #lotr#lotr imagines #lotr x reader #the hobbit#tolkien#oneshot#reader insert#x reader#imagines
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  • the moon and the sun - zuko x reader


    Originally posted by kataara

    summary: as it turns out sokka wasn’t the only one who had girlfriend who ended up transforming into a giant orb in the sky. after talking about yue with zuko it would be made known that Zuko’s been through a similar oh at experience

    • pairing: zuko x reader (feat. sokka!)
    • warnings: a lil angsty but also really fluffy and sweet
    • fandom: avatar the last airbender

    Keep reading

    #one shot#imagine#imagines#drabble#x reader#zuko #zuko x reader #zuko one shot #zuko drabble#prince zuko #prince zuko x reader #prince zuko imagine #prince zuko one shot #prince zuko drabble #sokka #sokka x reader #sokka one shot #sokka drabble#avatar#avatar imagine #avatar one shot #avatar drabble#atla#atla imagine #atla one shot #atla drabble #avatar the last airbender #avatar the last airbender imagine #avatar the last airbender one shot #avatar the last airbender drabble
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  • So imagine if MC had a tattoo that didn’t have any color in it so they just let Luke color it in whenever he’s upset or bored

    #obey me #obey me luke #basically im a random addition to the fandom that no one asked for #headcanons#imagines
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  • False Bluff

    1   A rope was wrapped around her throat, her wrists, her waist, and her legs. she felt like an unknowing opponent in poker, thinking she knew her enemy’s subterfuge, not backing out only to find that her rival was being truthful, and seeing a straight royal flush before her

    2    “People come, people go, and sometimes they never come back.” a sweet facade hiding a jokers mask honey laced with venom a sweet and sickening sensation tugging and tugging at her heart until she didn’t want to use it anymore

     3   All she wanted was to fall and crash, to meet him, and yet, her grip on the tight ropes tied all over her body was excruciating, not ever giving her freedom or tranquility 

     4   Everyone recognized the sly expression and fell for her act, she knew they all believed that she was incapable of anything extreme and that was how she preferred it to stay, they all grinned and put their faith in the hierarchy, she despised how she could conceal her secrets so well, that she could hide the fact that her audience was watching a play, a disgusting act 

    5   It made her livid that they were falling for her false bluff

    #todoroki shoto x reader #anime#bnha #books & libraries #writers on tumblr #imagines#todoroki shouto#writing#my thoughts#my post#poetry#poem #poets on tumblr
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  • A Whole Lot of Nothing

    (Based on my life)

    ·In which I tell you about my life like it’s a fictional character’s and my subconscious’s

    [10:40 AM-10:53 AM]

    “You woke up earlier.”

    “You proud of me?” the girl smiled.

    “Wake up at eight next time.”

    “I’ll try. Tomorrow, right?”

    “I only say that cause you’re lazy.”

    “Heh, i guess.”

    “You know you can say what you’re thinking?”

    “Well you already know right?”

    “I like talking though.”

    “Oh. Well that"s fine! We can talk.”


    “Okay, so today i’m going to go to sleep early, take a walk, watch Naruto, and search ways to clear my head.”

    “Good. Try okay, and if you don’t you can try you can tomorrow. And your forgetting something, and you know it.”

    “Yeah,yeah I’ll try, and you seem like you really like that phrase.”

    “I do, you told me i’m here. And i haven’t died so, to me there’s always going to be a tomorrow…if i hold your hand.”

    Ther intertwined hands.

    “Love ya.”

    “Love you too.”

    #todoroki shoto x reader #anime #books & libraries #bnha#imagines #writers on tumblr #writing#helpothers #why are you here #homemade#history #home improvement ideas #all lives are precious #a starting point #my post#my life
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  • image

    Originally posted by benson-shelby

    “Hey, it’s… it’s Y/N, you might not remember-” you started shakily as the man on the other end of the line interrupted you.

    “I remember Y/N, it’s good to hear from you,” he said sincerely and you sobbed silently, grateful.

    “Listen, I’m really sorry about calling, I know it’s late,” you fumbled, taking a breath to calm yourself.

    “I was awake. Are you okay?” He asked, calm yet concerned as he listened to your uneven breathing on the other end of the line.

    “No,” you shook your head to your self, wiping your cheek as a tear slipped down, “I need your help,” you got out.

    There was a pause on the other end of the line, and you held your breath in anticipation. It had been years since Hank Voight had given you his card, and you weren’t even sure this would still be his number, let alone that he would still help you, but you had no one else to turn to, no where else to go.

    “Tell me what you need,” he said with conviction. So you did.

    #hank voight#chicago pd#one chicago #hank voight imagine #hank voight x reader #chicago pd imagine #hank voight imagines #chicago pd imagines #one chicago imagine #one chicago imagines #imagine#imagines
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  • Person A: “Aw, Person B is truly a Prince/Princess.”

    Other Person: “What, no they aren’t-”

    Person A: “They are! The Prince/Princess of my heart!”

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  • One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

    @naminalati​ asked : 

    Ooh, since our boy Dojoon enlisted the other day, could you do “Did you get my letter?” with him? Preferably fluff, but if you feel like making it angst it’s fine too ❤️

    Also I hope you’ve been hanging in there ❤️

    Hi darling!! Thank you for requesting. I think this scenario falls in the catagory fluff, but you could also see it as angst I supose. This just popped in my head the moment I got your ask! I’ve been doing alright, thank you for asking! I’m ending my therapy soon, and I’m gonna ask my doctor if I can start taking my anti depressants again, so all in all I’m doing alright!! I hope you’re doing wonderful  ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    47: Did you get my letter?”


    The house felt empty without him. It had been a year since Dojoon left for the war, and that was already way too long.

    You were anxiously waiting near the phone, for he could call any moment and you weren’t going to miss it. You hadn’t spoken to him in weeks, and you wanted to be sure he was alright.

    It seemed unfair, you sitting safely in your house while he was fighting a vicious fight. You wish he was here. You wish you could be with him, help him, make sure he was fine. But instead you had to do with a phone call every few weeks, getting more and more anxious over time. All you wanted was to know he was doing well, know he wasn’t hurt… Know he was still… alive. 

    You shook that thought off. Of course he was, he was strong.

    You thought about the last time you actually saw him, sending him off on that cold looking train. He was weirdly excited, but you had been terrified.

    “It’s going to be okay, I’ll be fine.” he kept telling you, looking into your eyes to make sure that point came across. But the more he said it, the more unfamiliar the words sounded. Like he made them up.

    He lifted you up, kissing you deeply, passionately, knowing it would be the last time for a while.

    “I’ll write you all the time, as much as I can.” he promised, a promise you hoped he would keep, but didn’t. 

    “I’ll press them to my chest whenever I get them.” you promised him, tears streaming down your face.

    He gently wiped a tear from your cheek, “You’ll soon get to press me to your chest again, instead of some cold letters…” 

    You kissed one last time before the conductor blew his whistle. Your hands lingering in one anothers, he finally got on that damned train, away for as long as he was needed.

    The sound of the phone ringing shocked you out of the memory. You grabbed the phone and held it up to your ear.

    “Hi.” Your heart was beating uncontrollably, a lump in your throat, tears in your eyes. 

    “Oh, am I glad to hear your beautiful voice again…” Dojoon sounded exhausted.

    You sighed, relieved to hear of him after such a long time, “Are you okay? You sound tired…” was, for some reason, the first sentence you decided to say.

    He chuckled, a painful grunt following it, “I’m glad you still worry for me.”

    “Of course I do.” 

    “I’m fine.” he assured you, “Just had a little accident yesterday, that’s all.”

    You tried to calm yourself down so your voice wouldn’t sound shaky, “A little accident? What exactly does that entail?” 

    He sighed, as if he didn’t want to worry you “It’s nothing, really. Did you get my letter?”

    You knew he was lying, but decided to leave it. If he didn’t want to tell you, you weren’t going to press him. For now.

    “I didn’t? Not yet at least.” you responded, sitting down a little less tense knowing he didn’t forget you.

    “Hmm. Well, I do hope it arrives soon.” 

    You heard someone else at his side of the line, they sounded worried, but you couldn’t hear what they were saying.

    “My time’s almost up darling…” he said, referring to the phone call.

    You sighed. Already? You barely had time to say anything.

    “You get a lot less time in the hospital wing.” he tried to make that sound light.

    You frowned, worried “Are you sure you’re okay..?”

    “Positive.” you heard him smile in that word, “I promised I’d come home to you, didn’t I?”

    You nodded, the lump in your throat preventing you to speak properly.

    “Anyway.. I really have to go now. But I’ll see you soon. I promise.” 

    The phone beeped as he hung up. You couldn’t hold your tears in anymore, “I love you…” you whispered into the horn, knowing he wouldn’t be able to hear you anymore.

    Right in that moment you heard someone put something through your mailbox. You hurried up, bumping your leg against the table, cussing at the pain. You ran to the mailbox, filled with a single letter addressed to you. 

    You couldn’t wait to open it, tearing into the blue colored envelope. A piece of paper was tucked inside it neatly. 

    As you opened it, a gorgeous flower fell out. You had never seen it before, but you were positive it was the most beautiful flower you had ever seen. 

    “This is the local flower around here. It reminded me of you, so beautiful, it filled my heart with longing for you. Put it in a vase, so it will forever remind you of me.

    See you soon.

    I love you,


    As you promised, you pressed the letter to your chest.


    Masterlist | 100 ways masterlist | Prompt list

    #100 ways to say i love you #one hundred ways to say i love you #the rose#park dojoon #the rose dojoon #kpop#fanfictions#scenarios#imagines#fluff#angst #millitary!AU #the rose fanfictions #the rose imagines #the rose scenarios #the rose fluff #the rose angst #park dojoon fanfictions #dojoon fanfictions #park dojoon scenarios #park dojoon imagines #park dojoon fluff #park dojoon angst #kpop fanfictions#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop fluff#kpop angst#requests#asks
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  • The idea of an NRC boy courting MC/YN by giving them an ornate knife is very very sexy.

    Which boy do you think would do it?

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    ….I don’t even want to admit where this went or where my head was when i was typing.

    Disclaimers- Creepy Dudes, Violence…yeaaah


    Ever since Yoongi had changed you into one of his kind, your love for mischief had grown a lot. You were always getting into trouble at the craziest times. Most of this trouble wasn’t even your fault, however the outcome…one could argue that you may have played a hand in. With your human friends trying to keep you grounded, you found it easier to hold back. Sometimes, however…it didn’t really work. 

    “Babe, do you really have to go tonight?” Yoongi stood behind you whilst you finished styling your hair. 

    “I’m the maid of honor! Of course I have to go!” you scoffed in reply. 

    “I know babe. it’s just-….human clubs are just so-”

    “It’ll be fine.” you waved him off. “Why are you so worried about?”

    “It’s not you I’m worried about.” he wrapped his arms around your waist, leaning his head to rest on your shoulder. “It’s just…what if some asshole tries anything with you.”

    “Yoongi.” you said in a warning voice.

    “I’m just saying…what if I’m not there to watch?” you could feel him smile into your skin. “Watch you tear them limb from limb.” he chuckled deviously. “It gets me going y’know.” His fingers traveled under your blouse. “Baby…” he whispered in your ear.

    “Yoongi.” you warned again, feeling his fingers fumble with the hem of your skirt. “We don’t have t-time.”

    “Please?” he cooed. You felt the pads of his fingers against your little nub. “Just a little bit?” he completely pressed himself up against you. 

    “You got 30 seconds.” you grunted.

    Just as you said that, Yoongi completely turned you around, crashing his mouth over your. His tongue wasting no time in exploring your mouth. His fingers were replaced by his clothed groin, basically humping you. He had raised your skirt up in the process. 


    Yoongi stopped himself right on the 90-second mark, leaving you both in a heaving mess. You had regretting not giving him 5 minutes.

    “How about you come tonight? The girls are always asking where you are anyways.” you said breathlessly.

    “Hm…Maybe I will.” he began kissing up your neck. “How long has it been since we went dancing together.”

    “…Since we first met.” you replied sheepishly.

    “Hm, when you were my little human.” he hummed. “Remember when we first met?”

    “How could I not.” you replied dreamily. “We have time to reminisce later.”

    “Alright alright. Come on then.” Yoongi kissed your temple and led you back in the bedroom to get ready

    “This one’s for the future bride to be.” you lifted another shot in the air. A round of cheers went around you as you kicked back the alcohol.

    “Damn Y/N, you’re still not drunk yet?” One of your friends said. “How do you and Yoongi do it.”

    Well being undead helps…you used to have to have a normal sleep schedule too. Now all you ever did was…have sex with Yoongi, kill worthless people, make out with Yoongi, drink blood…have more sex, have- Okay you get it, you barely slept unless it was a nap or something.

    You were about to respond when you saw something out of the corner of your eye. A girl and a guy who you assumed to be her date for the night was being pestered by some random man. Obviously drunk. The guy looked irritated and the girl looked scared. Yet they didn’t do anything to stop it.

    “Y/N…” Yoongi looked in the direction of where you were glaring. “What are you thinking?”

    “You guys!” you got the attention the the table! “I have to go to the bathroom!”

    “You want us to come with you?”

    “Pfft, nah. I just need to call my boss.” you lied. You gave a knowing smile to Yoongi as you stood up. 

    “…Y/N.” you heard him chuckle under his breath. Once you were out of sight from the table, you walked over the commotion. 

    “Why are you with this clown?” the drunk slurred. “I could give it to you better than this asshole.”

    “You wanna leave us alone dick-face?”

    You saw the glare of something in his hands. He had snuck a weapon into the club. 

    “Let’s try this again, why doesn’t the lady come with me and I won’t cut your face.”

    Before the boy could get up to defend himself, you made your presence known.

    “Hey handsome.” you got the attention of the man. “Wanna go somewhere?”

    “Damn girl…” he bit his lips, completely forgetting about the other two. “You like it rough, babe?”

    “You’ll find out” you looked over at the couple When they saw you, they just knew. With a wink, you grabbed the asshole by the shoulder and dragged him along.

    You led the man to the back room where you looked at the bouncer.

    “All I need is 30 minutes.” you had a death grip on the unknowing man.

    “For you, it’s on the house.” he nodded. “Have fun.”

    “Oh trust me…I will.”

    You pinned the man down by the neck, straddling him in the process.

    “I don’t like low-life punk ass bitches like you.” you giggled with delight despite the anger very evident in your eyes. “Do you like it rough, babe?” you spat the creeps earlier words back in his face. 

    The attacker must have noticed the shift in your eyes to a deep red because he looked scared. “What the fuck are you, man?!”


     You turned your head for a bit to look up at Yoongi who wore a smirk on his face. How he got into the VIP section, you’ll never know. He probably bribed the bouncer. Or maybe he knew the guy.

    “I’d look away if I were you.” you said in a slight baby-ish voice. “I’ve been a bad girl.”

    “Nah babe…I want to enjoy this show.” He bit his lip, leaning against the door. “Come on babe. Don’t stop at my expense.”

    You gave an innocent shrug and looked back down at your victim. 

    “Y-you’re not gonna kill me, stupid bitch!”

    “Hm..how rude.” you bore your fangs. You let out another laugh before you dug your head in the crook his the man’s neck. Your fangs pierced his flesh. You could feel the delicious blood touch your tongue and send off all sorts of alarms in each and every nerve. It made you bite down even harder.


    “Only a little!” you pulled away so he could witness his own life being ended. With another primal growl, you drove your fangs right back into his chest, wanting to put him out of his misery faster. He thrashed for a moment, only a moment before going completely still. You slowly stood to your feet as Yoongi walked up behind you. You turned around to find him smiling knowingly.

    “You’re always getting into trouble, babe.”

    “I can’t help it. Trouble always follows me.”

    “I have a mind to fuck the red right out of those eyes of yours.” he said sweetly, trailing his fingers under your chin. “Fuck you look so hot.”

    Without another word, Yoongi crashed his mouth over yours. He could taste the blood on your lips, and it sent him absolutely wild. He didn’t care that your entire front was covered in the red, sticky liquid. He began searching your body for a zipper, or even buttons in an attempt not completely tear your clothes to shreds.

    His resolve as well as his patience instantly wore thin in an instant and you were soon met by the sound of fabric tearing. Yoongi hand torn your shirt from collar to bottom hem. Before you could protect, Yoongi had sunk his teeth right into your right shoulder. You let out a delighted gasp, feeling his hands grab your ass. 

    “I had a feeling this was gonna happen.” you grunted under the feelings of his sharp teeth suckling your skin. “F-fuck.” you moaned. When you were human, it probably would have been more painful, but now that you were just like him…it was almost as pleasurable as ‘the real thing’.

    “What can I say, watching you tear that man to shreds got me off.” he licked up the fresh blood he drew. “You wanna get out of here? We never got to finish earlier.”

    “And leave a dead body behind?” you raised an eyebrow. 

    “We’ll clean it up before they even know.” he rolled his eyes. “Plus you’re already half dressed so…”

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  • Very fond if the idea of Silver going to a date and the date picks him up in front of the Diasomnia dorm all nervous and excited.

    Then the door opens to a very blushy Silver while looming behind him are his two very intimidating father-figures.

    Like Silver has this flowery princessy aura and the people behind him has this “If you hurt my son I’ll show you unfathomable pain” aura.

    Very cute. Very soft.

    UwU 🌸

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