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  • Imagine you and your f/o stumbling across an enchanted mirror that shows whoever looks into it their wildest dream come true. When your f/o looks into it, you watch from the side to observe what their perfect reality would be, and no matter what kind of fantasy it is, it includes you.

    Perhaps their fantasy is conquering the world with you to rule with them, or winning their final battle with you fighting by their side, or even just a quiet Sunday morning with the two of you gazing out the window as you hold each other close. No matter what kind of dream world they have, they fully know and believe that a perfect world can’t exist for them without you in it.

    As their fantasy comes to a close, they look to you with so much love in their eyes, and they pass you the mirror, eager to see your perfect world and desperately hoping that they’ll be a part of it.

    #imagines#self shipping#self ship#self inserts #oc x canon #fictional other#fictional crush#f/o imagines #idk if this even makes sense but I've been thinking about it a lot #i was gonna make a comic showing what jamie's fantasy would be but trust me its w i l d #i have it all exactly planned out too #please don't ask about it hsnxhf
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  • #dandelion wishes brought to you imagines #jisoo#jiwoo#jiyeon#imagines #THEY DONT DESERVE YOU
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  • #semi eita #semi eita x reader #haikyuu#haikyuu imagines #haikyuu x reader #imagines #i was bored and didn't want to do work so here i am
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  • #chicago med#chicago pd#chicago fire#jay halstead #jay halstead x reader #jay halstead imagine #adam ruzek#antonio dawson#imagines#imagine#x reader #chicago pd imagine #chicago pd imagines
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  •  HELLO! HI!  I’m sorry this took so long!


    Buckle Up Folks! This is a long one! There isn’t a whole lot Yandere stuff here, but I did promise smut soooo that’s coming, I promise! Just bear with me, fam.

    Also PSA…Karma Akabane….that is all.


    “So you’d rather be with Jeon Jungkook than me?” 

    You shut your locker, yanking out the little key just as Jino stormed up. Of course, his posse was behind him. 

    “Hello to you too.” you huffed. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

    “Why am I hearing that you and Jeon Jungkook a thing now?!” he sounded pissed. “I didn’t expect your standards to be so low!”

    “Well, why are you listening to rumors anyways. If you had asked either one of us yourself, we would tell you no.” you said casually. “Can I go now?” 

    “Hm, well what’s this I hear about you going on a date with him!” he crossed his arms.

    “I’m not saying that’s the truth, but I’m also not going to tell you that you’re wrong.” you replied. 

    “Y/N, he’s a damn creep! He’s always staring at you like he’s waiting to pounce or something.”

    “Rich coming from you.” you walked past him. “Jungkook’s a gentlemen, unlike you.” you looked him up and down before walking off. You didn’t like how people loved to walk all over Jungkook. He was a sweet guy who just needed a friend, and idiots like Jino weren’t helping.

    You walked around the corner to see someone walking out of a classroom. It was Jungkook who was in the middle of shoving a book into his backpack. 

    “Hey!” you ran to catch up. 

    Jungkook whipped around to find you jogging up to him. “Y/N. I was just looking for you.” he smiled shyly. “I thought you weren’t going to show up.”

    “You know you’re lack of faith in me is kind of insulting.” you crossed your arms. 

    “Sorry.” he mumbled. “Force of habit.”

    “I can see that.” you brushed it off with an outward laugh. “So where did you have in mind!”

    “Well…the art museum was having an exhibit, it’s a discount for two.”

    “Awesome! Let’s go!” You grabbed his hand and began dragging him towards the school entrance. “We’re wasting daylight!”

    “Woah! Okay!” Jungkook attempted to keep up with you as you two ran out the school. You couldn’t see it, but his cheeks had turned a bright shade of red as soon as you grabbed his hand. He could feel his face heat up violently.

     “Do you want to get some food afterwards? I’ll pay for it.” You asked as you two got onto the sidewalk. “I know the best place!”

    “I couldn’t ask you to do that” Jungkook shook his head. “I mean-″

    “Then I guess it’s a good thing you weren’t the one, asking. I offered! Therefor, you have no say!” you poked his shoulder. 

    “Oh.” he stammered. “Okay.” he shyly smiled. “As long as you let me repay you sometime.”

    “Is that your way of asking me on another date?” you looked up, tilting your head to the side.

    “If you want…”

    “Possibly.” you giggled. “Maybe…”

    The museum was nice, you got the perfect opportunity to get close to Jungkook and actually hear him talk about the things he liked. It was like seeing a totally different person outside of school. You felt bad you hadn’t talk to Jungkook before. 

    You were currently walking to that restaurant you were raving about.

    “And then-” you stopped talking to laugh. “Lisa literally took her ex’s gym clothes and he had to chase her across campus!” you broke down laughing as Jungkook tried to keep his own composure. 

    “And you got it all on film?!” he managed to get through his fit of giggles.

    “I had to! It was too great to pass up to film.” you tried to breathe through your laughter. “Ah you should’ve seen it.” you shook your head.

    “Y/N, could I ask you a question?” Jungkook asked, causing your face to soften. 

    “Um yeah? Everything okay?” you looked up at the sky as you listened to him.

    “I guess.” he trailed off. “I overheard you talking with Jino.” he said. “That’s why I thought you weren’t gonna show him, because I was afraid you let him get to you.”

    “Jungkook.” you shook your head. “I’m pretty sure I made it clear my opinion on Jino.” you rolled your eyes. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

    “Really?” you could see his face brighten up second by second. “Would it be too forward to say I’m glad about that?”

    “No.” you smiled lightly. “Would it be too forward for me to say that I’m starting to like you more and more each passing minute?” 

    “Um…no.” he returned your smile. “I like that, a lot. Does this mean I get another date?”

    “…Yeah, but this time I’m gonna show you my favorite spots.” you nudged him.

    “I look forward to it.” Jungkook slowly laced his hands in yours. “I like spending time with you.”

    “Oh? Do you liiikkee me?” you teased. You had giggled at your own joke only to have Jungkook stop you on the sidewalk, slip his fingertips under your chin, tilt your head up and gently peck your lips with his own. 

    “Yes.” he answered honestly, just as he pulled away. He saw your surprised face and instantly stiffened. “I’m sorry, am I not allowed to do th-”

    “No! I mean! Yes! I mean, it’s perfectly fine.” You could feel your face grow hot. “I liked that…a lot.” you admitted sheepishly. This time it was Jungkook’s turn to blush.

    “O-oh, really?”

    “Um…come on! The restaurant is just up there!” You held onto Jungkook’s hand even tighter and began walking again, trying to ignore the sound of your heart preparing to jump out of your chest.

    … (Fast Forward)

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  • issues (2/2) ryan sitkowski x reader


    Part 1


    Still body issue warning? I guess? It’s cute though so enjoy.

    Song: back to me by of mice and men


    Ryan looked up at me from his place on the floor and rested both his elbows against the seat on either side of my legs.

    “Come on, don’t be like that?”

    “Like what?”

    He reached up and pushed my hair behind my ear.

    “Stop doing that thing that you do where you say you hate everything and then refuse to go outside.”

    I slid further down into the bus couch and crossed my arms over my chest.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    He sent me a look.


    I frowned.

    “What do you want me to do?”

    He pulled my hands away from my body and held them in his.

    “I want you to let me take you out. We established S.O. status like two weeks ago and we still haven’t been on an actual first date.”

    I looked down at him knelt between my legs.


    He gave me the best puppy dog look.

    “Fine, but where will we go? It’s cold and dark already.”

    He smirked at me.

    “I have the perfect thing.”


    “Snow cones?”

    I asked as he drove the rental car into the parking lot of the small lit up shack.

    “Or ice cream if that sounds better.”

    He clicked his seatbelt, letting it slide freely up his chest. I just looked at him before he clicked mine too.

    “Come on, the sooner we order the sooner we can get back in the nice warm car.”

    He opened his door and got out, walking ahead and waving for me to follow him. I sighed before doing as told, getting out of the car and wrapping my arms around my hoodie covered torso.

    “Why was this a good idea?”

    I asked as I joined him to look at the menu board.

    “Cause it sounded good, now don’t be a grump.”

    He wrapped his arm around my waist.

    “What sounds good?”

    I looked up at him and bounced a little bit in hopes to get warm.

    “The car heater.”

    He looked down at me with a frown.

    “I meant what do you want to eat?”

    I scanned the board for a second.

    “Baby Joey concrete doesn’t sound half bad.”

    He looked at it and nodded.

    “Brownies and cookie dough, good choice.”

    He grabbed my hand in his and pulled me to the order window. A small girl in a brightly colored t-shirt slid the window open and smiled at us.

    “What can I get for you two this evening?”

    “Uh yeah can we get two medium baby Joey’s?”

    She wrote it down and called back to the other person in the shack our order.

    “Will that be all?”

    He nodded and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. He let go of my hand and I took the opportunity to look around, noticing in the street light that it had started to drizzle. A second later he nudged me away from my thoughts and handed me the cup of ice cream.

    “Come on, let’s get back into he car.”

    He took my hand and we quickly walked to the car, him letting my hand go and us both going to our own sides.


    He said as he started the car and cranked the heat again. I watched him for a second before he turned to me and shoved his concrete covered spoon in his mouth. He smiled at me as he pulled it back out now clean.

    “Have you tried it yet?”

    I looked down at the cup and shook my head no. I looked up at him and he sighed.

    “What? Our first date and you’re gonna refuse to eat?”

    I cracked a smiled and looked back down at it.

    “I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

    “That’s the spirit.”

    I took a bite and hummed. It really was good.

    “See, told you. Definitely worth the cold.”

    I laughed at him.

    “Was it?”

    There was now the sound of rain pattering against the window.

    “Yes, yes it was.”

    I took another bite as he continued to eat his ice cream as well.

    “You look really cute in this low light you know that? Kinda romantic.”

    I blushed deeply at his comment.

    “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

    He smiled at me before leaning over the console and kissing me gently.

    “You really are beautiful.”

    I pecked his lips again.

    “Thank you Ryan.”

    “I love you.”

    He shoved his spoon in his mouth. I looked down at my lap for a second.

    “Ya know, you don’t have to say it back.”

    I looked up at him as he took another bite.

    “I really want to though but I don’t know if it’ll come out the way I want it to.”

    “That’s okay, we can work on it. There’s no rush.”

    “That means a lot to me Ryan, really.”

    He nodded once.

    “I just want you to know that I do love you. I want you to always know that, and you never have to say it back. You show me you care about me every day just by hanging around and that’s enough.”

    I leaned forward and kissed him gently, scratching at his beard.

    “You mean so much to me Ryan.”

    He smiled widely at me.

    “And you mean so much to me.”

    He kissed my cheek.

    “Now, how do you like that ice cream? Cause you don’t seem as into as I am.”

    I laughed at him. He pointed at me with his spoon.

    “Hey, don’t make me shove that spoon in your mouth myself.”

    I shook my head.

    “No, you don’t have to do that Ryan, I like it it’s great.”

    I popped the spoon in my mouth and took another bite.

    “I’m glad, you should put things in that amazing body of yours that you actually like.”

    I blushed again at his words.

    “Does that include you?”

    I teased and his face went straight. I pecked him on the cheek to take him out of his daze.

    “Ryan I’m kidding. Well get there.”

    He just sent me a look.

    “Don’t say stuff like that if you don’t mean them.”

    I leaned in and kissed him again.

    “Of course I mean it, just not now.”

    I booped his nose.

    “But eventually?”

    I smiled at him and took another bite.

    “All in due time ry.”

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  • Kalbine ağır geleni başkasına yapma.. ✨

    #poets on tumblr #imagines#drabbles#writing#sevgi #s?zler
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  • Canımı yakanlardan intikam almayı düşünmedim hiç hayat benden daha yaratıcı ..🍁

    #journal#diary #poets on tumblr #edebiyat #writers on tumblr #postlar?m #imagines
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  • “Anlatamayacağın şeylerin ağırlığıyla gözlerinin dolduğu, başını öne eğip ellerinle oynadığın o derdi hiçbir yere koyamıyorsun.”

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  • Bugüne kadar inandığım her şeyin peşinden gittim. Düştüysem savaşarak düştüm. Güçlendiysem de yenilerek güçlendim ama ayağa kalkması nasıl güzel bir bilseniz.

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  • imagine #001

    you post a meme of yourself which goes viral and your favourite idol ends up posting it on their story

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  • Not Ready

    Concept: request where Ruel is a horny lil shit but you’re not quite ready for sex, but feel embarrassed because all your guys’ friends are and you think you’re holding him back. Like usual dm me and whatnot for requests and ideas and I’ll be happy to comply! (Sorry if this is long and just remember it’s OKAY to say no, your body so it’s your choice!)**warning: sexual content ahead, but no literal smut, but some things are insinuated** I hope you enjoy :)

    Ruel and I are laying across his hotel bed, just cuddling as we watch a movie, on one of the rare days he has off during tour. He’s lazily running a hand up and down my back, slowly inching lower and lower. I press a light kiss to the base of his neck, right next to his shoulder, listening to the shaky breath he takes.

    “You’re so beautiful baby” he mumbles while he pulls me to straddle his waist, completely disregarding the movie we were watching, putting his full focus and attention on me. I let out a laugh, grinning at the cheesy boy I call my boyfriend.

    He pulls my face down and gives me a light kiss, before putting a hand on the back of my neck and deepening it. He runs his tongue along my bottom lip asking for entrance, I keep my mouth shut to tease him, causing him to let a hand slip down to my ass to give it a light squeeze. I let out a gasp at the surprising action, letting his tongue dance around with mine, exploring every part of my mouth.

    Ruel brings both hands down to my hips, slightly pulling down so that I grind against him, feeling him underneath me. I start to get nervous on where I know this is heading, since I’m not quite ready for that level of intimacy yet. I pull away with a slight gasp for air, leading to him sitting up with me straddling him, and his lips instantly connecting to my neck.

    He kisses and sucks all along my neck and collarbones, since I’m only wearing a tank top and sleep shorts. I let him kiss along my neck for a little bit, before I feel his hands start to creep up under my top, making it to right beneath my bra. When I feel his hand slowly creep over my bra, I pull away from him with a hand lightly pressing on his chest to stop.

    “What’s wrong baby? Do you want me to stop?” He says instantly with a slight look of concern, not wanting to push me too far, even in his lust filled state. I look down and start playing with my fingers, flushed with embarrassment that I’m not giving him what he wants. He lets out a light sigh before putting a finger under my chin to make me look him in the eyes, giving me a look to tell him what’s going on.

    “I’m sorry. I’m just I don’t know like I’m not ready for that yet. I love you and you know that, but I’m not ready.” I mumble, my face turning completely red with extreme embarrassment. Ruel lets out a disapproving noise and gives me a look of incredulousness.

    “Baby, I love you, it’s okay. I want what you want, so I might be a little turned on, but you being comfortable is what’s important to me. You already know that, but what’s bothering you besides that, because I know it’s more than you’re saying.” He says with a knowing look, being able to read me and tell it’s deeper than I’m letting on. I let my head rest in the crook of his neck, too embarrassed to let him know what’s got me even more bothered about the situation.

    “I don’t know Ruel, I just feel like I’m letting you down. We’ve been together for over a year now and I’m still not ready. All of our friends are doing it and talking about it, but like I just know I’m not comfortable yet.” I say looking up at him with teary eyes, scared that he might leave me for not wanting to have sex, even though he’s shown nothing but love and respect to me. I can’t help but feel insecure and so childish compared to everyone else.

    “Love, you know I could care less about that. So they’re all having sex, is any of it even meaningful? They’re fucking at parties with people they don’t even know the names of. I want your first time to be meaningful and special, because you deserve the world. I can wait a little longer for you, fuck I could wait the next 50 years for you if that’s what it takes. I’m with you because I love you, not to get in your pants.” He says, holding my face with both hands, looking deeply into my eyes with more love than I can process.

    I look into his eyes in awe at the fact that I really got the most amazing and beautiful human to love me for me. I lean in and lightly place my lips onto his, feeling him give a small smile against my lips before returning the kiss. He turns us over and lightly hovers over me on the bed, placing small kisses all over my face, before pulling away and lightly tracing my bottom lip with his thumb.

    “Can I ask you something? Well more like try something, you can tell me no if you’re not comfortable with it, I’ll be okay and I won’t be mad.” He says, staring straight into my eyes with his green ones. I let out a light breath and nod my head, not able to take my eyes away from the captivating gaze he’s holding me in.

    “I know you’re not ready for sex yet, which is more than okay with me, but how would you feel about something else?” He mumbles with his green orbs darkening to the point where I’m rendered speechless. My breathing becomes labored, unsure of what he’s insinuating, but also not opposed to trying something just a little more than making out, but not quite full intimacy yet.

    “W-what do you have in mind?” I whisper out of breath from the position we’re in, feeling so nervous yet intrigued by the boy over the top of me. He gives me a slight smirk, before trailing one of the hands next to my head down my body, lightly playing with the waistband of my shorts. I let out a gasp as I feel one of his fingers dip below it, touching the bare skin of my hips.

    “I know you’re not ready to go all the way and I’m okay with that. Though I still want to make you feel good, only if you’ll let me though, you can say no at anytime.” He says looking me in the eyes as he slightly lowers his body down, his face resting above my hips, waiting to see my reaction at what he’s trying to do. I stare at him blankly, feeling my face heat up at the mere prospect of his face being somewhere no one else has been.

    “Okay, I trust you” I whisper out, causing his eyes to widen in shock that I said yes, instantly causing his pupils to dilate and turning them so dark that I can barely see the green. He leaves a light kiss on my inner thigh before looking up at me with a smirk, pushing my legs into a position where they’re on either side of his head.

    “Don’t worry babygirl, I’ll take care of you. I’ll take real good care of you, this is all about you and only you.” He states clearly leaving me flustered with his simple yet sexually fired words. I feel my hands shaking, nervous about what’s to come, but also ready to experience something new with the love of my life, even if it’s not the full experience yet.

    “What’re you going to do exactly?” I mumble shakily, threading my fingers through his hair, watching as he turns his head to leave a kiss on my open palm. He then turns back to me and puts his hands on the waistband of my shorts and underwear, slowly pulling them down my legs causing me to blush immensely. He truly looks at me and gives me a look of pure and utter infatuation.

    “I’m just gonna love on my girl, trust me when I say you’re really gonna start to see just how much I love you.” He says with a smirk before leaving me in a state of euphoria and utter love for the boy who treats me like a queen.

    ** remember that no means NO!! Your body is your body, so you get to make the choices on what you do and don’t do. If you want to sleep with your whole school, go for it!! If you want to wait till marriage, go for it!! If you never want to have sex, then cool!! Just be safe and protected with whatever you choose to do, and no that not answer is the wrong answer. If you want to, then that’s cool, and if you don’t, then that’s cool too. Sex can be fun but also really ducking scary, so make sure whatever you do is consensual and mutually satisfying and comfortable. Y’all deserve the best. Okay that’s all, thanks for coming to my ted talk xx **

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  • Imagine you’re Arthur’s gf and worry about how much he smokes cuz he’s your precious bb and he tries to do it for you but like he’ll get back to his apartment like….




    You’re on the phone with him and asking him how he’s handling quitting smoking and he’s like….“It’s going…great”

    #i love arthur fleck #joker arthur fleck #arthur fleck#joker film #joaquin phoenix joker #joker movie#joker 2019#joaquin phoenix#imagines#musings#but imagine #he's so baby #he's so cute #he's so pure #baby
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  • image

    these cursed imagines are the single greatest things i will ever create

    #irene makes things #irene thinks shes funny #aragorn x reader #sam gamgee x reader #samwise gamgee x reader #aragorn#samwise#samwise gamgee#viggo mortensen#sean astin#lotr #lord of the rings #imagines#cursed
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  • Mine - Colson Baker x Reader


    Request: (So sorry if my grammar is bad; my first language isn’t English 😋) But in rook hazing, Colson was extremely dominant so maybe add that in it? handcuffs and him teasing y/n? If you want like a backstory… Y/N and colson were at the mall and y/n disobey him (could be anything) and that leafs the events to going home and the smut? Please add aftercare tho? Make the ending fluffy (if that’s the word they use😂) I hope that help

    Ashleigh had rang early this morning to tell Colson that ‘Hotel Diablo’ had been nominated for ‘Best Rap Album’ at the 2019 BET awards. His face had lit up at the news. His beautiful smile spreading from ear to ear and taking your breath away. Your heart swelled with pride as you congratulated him, kissing him all over his face as he pretended to fight you off. He had been working hard for well over a decade and he was finally getting the recognition he deserved.

    Of course, this meant you both had to go shopping for a new outfit to wear on the red carpet. Award shows always made you nervous. You hated being asked personal questions by the journalists and you knew that no matter what you wore, your outfit would be torn apart by the fashion magazines. But you were determined to be there to support Colson just as he had always been there to support you. If he was by your side, you knew that everything would be ok.

    Colson usually enjoyed shopping. You were both passionate about fashion and he got a thrill out of spending his hard earned cash. But he wasn’t himself today. From the moment you had stepped out of the Uber, he had been in a bad mood. He was glaring at you and grunting whenever you asked him a question. You were going to ask him what his problem was when you got home. The mall was not the place for such a conversation.

    Colson dropped a few thousand at Gucci and Balmain. You were so excited to wear the pretty new dress he had bought you. You had decided on an olive green satin number to compliment your green eyes. Colson had decided on black leather pants and a satin shirt to match your dress. He planned to leave it unbuttoned to show off his new chest piece.

    Colson ordered an Uber while you stood beside him awkwardly, pretending to scroll through your phone. Thankfully, it didn’t take the Uber long to arrive. His childish behaviour was starting to piss you off. Sometimes you thought Colson had the emotional maturity of a 17 year old boy. He struggled to talk about his feelings, often preferring to burying them deep down until he exploded. And when he did explode, you always got caught in the shrapnel. It was something you had tried to help him with over the last 2 years but today you just weren’t in the mood. He certainly owed you an apology when you got home.

    Colson unlocked the front door of the home you shared and tossed the shopping bags carelessly on the sofa. He was heading straight for the bar.

    “Colson, what’s your problem?”

    He turned on his heels and stormed across the room towards you, nostrils flaring. He grabbed your ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly, making you jump in surprise.

    Well, that was unexpected.

    “You’re my fuckin’ problem!” he snarled.

    “What do you mean?” your eyes widened with confusion. You had hardly spoken to him all day so what could you have possibly said to anger him so much?

    “You’re a fuckin’ cock tease! You’ve been walkin’ around all day in those tight ass jeans,” he squeezed your ass cheeks again, making you moan. “Do you know how hard it is to shop with a hard on? I just wanted to take you into the change rooms and pound the shit outta you.”

    His hands were firmly massaging your ass cheeks now. He pulled you towards him so you could feel how hard he was.

    “I’m sorry, Colson. I didn’t know,” you closed your eyes as you enjoyed the sensation of him rubbing himself against you. It had been a while since the two of you had been intimate. Colson had been touring non-stop and you were gagging for it. After all, your hand could only do so much.

    “Of course you fuckin’ knew.”

    He turned you around and gave you a sharp smack on the ass, making you squeal and your cunt leak.

    “Get your sexy ass upstairs. You’re gonna get it.”

    You stumbled up the stairs, ripping off your clothes as you went. Colson was right behind you, enjoying the view of your thick ass bouncing as you ran up the stairs. You heard him unbuckle his belt and your cheeks flushed.

    So it’s gonna be like that, huh?

    By the time you made it to the bedroom, you were completely naked - except for the XX chain you wore around your neck at all times. You fell back onto your bed, sitting up on your elbows, as you anxiously awaited further instructions. Colson leaned against the door frame wearing nothing but his Ethika boxer-briefs. His chest rising and falling rapidly with both anger and arousal. His jaw clenching as he looked down at you laying on the bed obediently.

    “Finally decided to behave yourself, huh?”

    You didn’t trust yourself to speak. You clenched your thighs tightly, trying to relieve the ache that was steadily building in-between them. You loved it when Colson was rough with you.

    He walked over to you and slapped your tit with an open palm. The sharp sting made your nipple swell immediately. His handprint already forming on your fair skin. You had a feeling that when you woke up tomorrow, you would be marked all over.

    “Fuckin’ answer me when I’m talking to you.” He snarled.

    “Y-yes, Colson. I’ll behave myself.”

    “Good girl.”

    His hand returned to your breast and he rubbed it gently, attempting to soothe the skin. He rolled your nipple between his fingertips, your pussy swelling in response. You were so distracted that you didn’t notice that he had secured your arms to the headboard using his belt.

    “Colson…” you pouted at him, tugging on the restraints.

    “Uh-uh,” he cooed. “This is what you get for being such a goddamn cock tease.”

    “I wasn’t… fuck… I didn’t mean to…”

    You struggled to form a coherent sentence as he swirled his tongue around your nipple. You wanted so badly to wrap your arms around him and hold him tight against you but you couldn’t. And that was the worst punishment of all. You arched your back, pushing your chest towards him and he bit down in response.


    He used his knee to spread your legs apart as his tongue continued to lap at your nipples. He settled himself in-between your thighs and you immediately wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him against your core. He looked down at you, smirking as he slowly started to roll his hips, grinding his bulge against you.

    Now who’s being a tease.

    You were already warm and ready for him. His words alone had you dripping.

    “Colson…” your eyelids started to droop.

    “You want this dick? Huh?”


    He started bucking against you, dry humping you to within an inch of your life. Only a thin piece of material, soaked in your arousal, separating the two of you. It was enough to drive you crazy. You wanted so badly for him to be inside of you and he knew it too. But he was going to make you work for it.

    “Colson, please. I need it.”

    “Suck my dick first.”

    “How?” you tugged again against the restraints, groaning in frustration when you couldn’t free yourself.

    He rolled his beautiful blue eyes at you.

    “You don’t need your hands to suck dick, babe,”

    To your surprise, Colson sat on your chest, his long, lanky legs either side of your neck. He grabbed his dick, pumping it a few times, spreading the pre-cum all over his thick shaft. Your lush lips parted with a breathy moan. You loved the way Colson tasted and you couldn’t wait to have his salty-sweet in your mouth again.

    “Say ah” he mocked.

    “Colson. What the?”

    Before you had a chance to finish your sentence, he had forced himself into your mouth.

    “Don’t fight it, babe.” Colson chuckled as you tried not to gag. You weren’t used to taking dick from this position.

    He held onto the headboard as he fucked your throat hard and fast. His swollen balls slapping your chin. Tears prickled at your eyes as you struggled to breathe, your legs thrashing around. He eventually took pity on you and pulled himself out, a long string of saliva still connecting you both.

    He reached behind himself and found your slit. He raised his eyebrow in surprise when he found you soaked. His calloused fingertips circled your swollen clit as you writhed underneath him.

    “Such a good girl for me. You want this dick now?”

    “Fuck yes. Please, Cols.”

    He leaned down to give you a kiss as he unbuckled the belt. The moment you were freed, you rolled the two of you over. You were fed up with all this foreplay. You had been waiting too long for this.

    He laid back on the bed, his hands behind his head.

    “Get your nut, baby,” he licked his lips.

    You sank down on him, biting your bottom lip as his fat cock stretched you out.

    “Fuck, Cols,” your head dropped forward onto your chest. He put his hand under your chin and lifted your head.

    “Nu-uh. I wanna see that pretty face while you ride this dick.”

    You grinded against him slowly, getting reacquainted with the feeling of having him inside of you. He grabbed your hips with his large hands and pulled you down on him, immediately finding your g-spot. You started to bounce on top of him, your fingernails raking up and down his toned abdomen.

    “That’s it, baby. Ride this dick.”

    “Cols… feels so fuckin’ good.”

    You placed your hands on his tattooed chest to stable yourself as you increased your pace. Your tits bouncing as you rode him hard and fast, fucking his frustrations out of him. The bed rocked as your bodies crashed against each other again and again. The pressure in your stomach began to build, like a kettle coming to the boil. Colson’s brow furrowed as he tried to contain himself – he never came before you did. With another harsh smack on your ass, you came undone, your cunt pulsing around him as you screamed his name.

    Colson sped up, fucking up into you as he chased his own high. He spilled his seed into you with a long grunt.

    You collapsed on top of him a sweaty mess, the tension from the day immediately falling away. He held you tightly as you both tried to control your breathing. You pressed your ear against his chest and listened as his racing heart return to normal. You felt him begin to soften inside of you as your contractions slowed. Your pussy leaking both of your cum. He played with your hair, wrapping the soft tendrils around his fingers.

    “Are you ok, babe?” his voice, so condescending only moments before, was now filled with concern.


    You were exhausted and his hair stroking was making you sleepy.

    “I’m sorry for being a dick.”

    You let out a big yawn. His behaviour this morning had been long forgotten.

    “I forgive you.”

    “Thanks, babe. I’m just really anxious about this BET shit.”

    “I know. We both hate these things. But I’m gonna be right there beside you and we will get through it together. We can get through anything together.”

    Colson’s heart melted at your words. He could see the sincerity in your eyes and again thanked the universe for bringing the two of you together.


    He bopped you playfully on the tip of your nose. You giggled and returned the sweet gesture.




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    • Request: Can I send in a request with Tate and prompt 35 please?
    • Requested by: @tamaki-isbaby
    • Prompt: “You keep staring at me.”
    • Pairing: Tate Langdon x Reader
    • Word Count: 502
    • Notes: I just started Apocalypse tonight, so I will finally be able to write the Michael (and soon to be Xavier) requests ya’ll have sent it. But for now, let’s it take back to our season one baby.

    Please don’t plagiarize my work!


    Originally posted by lord-bat-jesus



    You keep staring at me.”

    Blinking, the boy across from you seems to snap out of whatever revere he’d been stuck in upon your words. With his hands comfortably in his lap, crossed-legged across from you on your bed, Tate had been staring at you just blatantly for the better part of twenty minutes.

    You’re surprised it took you that long to say anything at all.

    Tate doesn’t respond. He’s still staring, a little less intently albeit, his lips parted as if to say something but unsure of what or how.

    Letting the book in your lap fall shut, you raise your right hand, holding it out towards the boy. “Come here,” you call softly, your lips curving into a warm smile as you beckon him towards you. Tate does so easily, all too giddy as if he’d been waiting for the invitation to do so this entire time.

    Actually, now that you think about it – that’s probably exactly what he’d been waiting for.

    Tate slides an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest as the other arm comes to rest comfortably upon your stomach. You nestle your head happily into the crook of his neck, resting your hands over his own as you tilt your head back enough to glance up at Tate. You do so with a bright smile, more mischievous then your last as Tate glances down at you curiously.

    Though, there’s a very clear and wide grin plastered on his lips now.

    “You know, you don’t have to wait for me to want to cuddle. Or ask,” you clarify, quirking a brow up at him. “I’m happy to cuddle with you any time.”

    “I just didn’t want to bother you,” Tate mumbles, playing with the hem of your shirt absentmindedly. Every so often, the tips of his fingers with ever-so-slightly trace across your stomach, causing a flutter of shivers to run across your body as thread your fingers through his own. “You seemed really into your book,” he explains further.

    Moving one of your hands to his cheek, you lightly cup it. “I was but that doesn’t mean I don’t mind a little cuddling.” You laugh, shaking your head at his silly (but quite honestly, cute) ways. “Besides, you’re comfortable to lay on.”

    Tate rolls his eyes, chuckling; “so, is that all I am to you? Your personal pillow?”

    Shrugging, you smirk. “Maybe.”

    Your smirk soon fades, however, the minute you feel Tate shift, his fingers pressing into your side at a rapid rate. A giggle leaves your lips in response, your body jerking suddenly at the sudden intrusion, instantly trying to break yourself free of Tate’s grip. His name leaves your lips in a shrill laugh, swatting his hands away desperately. 

    “Okay! Okay! You’re not just my personal pillow.”

    Laughing, Tate relents, leaning against your bed-frame with a satisfied smile.

    Though, you’re not quite done.

    “You’re also pretty great at getting me food when I want.”

    “Oh, you’re in for it now.”


    Let me know what you thought? This is just pure fluff.

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