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  • I just want to feel you in my bed

    On my chest I want to feel you rest your head

    I want to hold your hand

    I want to kiss your lips

    I wasn’t prepared for a love like this

    I miss you

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    I miss you but I’ll never tell you. 🖤✨

    #youfirst#heartbreaker#heartbreak#imissyou #life was so much simpler then #never
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  • Es tan reconfortante siempre hablar contigo,
    saber que puedes escucharme y que aunque este triste o enojada, siempre encuentras una forma para hacerme sonreír…
    Me conoces tan bien y creo conocerte también que ambos nos sentimos tan en paz juntos que asusta.
    Por las noches cuando miro la luna, pienso que también la estás mirando desde otro ángulo, entonces mis fantasmas y yo saben que por ratos queremos estar contigo.

    En situaciones muy complicadas para mi, quiero correr contigo y no debería ser así; necesito no necesitarte, porque también es complicado para ti y aunque quiera aparentar que solo es porque somos los mejores amigos, el hecho de que me conozcas demasiado y que aún te necesite me sigue dando miedo, porque no quiero que mi corazón vaya equivocarse de nuevo.
    Es imposible no querer cortar esos momentos en que no decimos cosas bonitas o demasiado bobas, porque me da escalofríos el solo pensar que puedo apegarme de nuevo a un sentimiento que no puedo tener.

    Así que he decidido que en tiempos como esta pandemia u otras en las que yo me sienta demasiado agobiada y sola conmigo misma, apretare ese botón que pensé nunca tocarlo, que en algún momento dije no era necesario y que ahora creo que sí… Por ti y por mi… Porque quiero evitar cualquier sufrimiento de ambos y porque así como estamos, estamos muy bien.

    Cuidate y volveré cuando todo esto mejore cariño. *Mx*
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  • i hope you mean it when you say i am yours and you are mine.

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  • I stay up late wondering how you are..

    #its been years #its been a while #old friends#i'm sad#imissyou#insecure#sadmemories#sad thoughts#sad #do you miss me #do you remember #do you know #depression #do you think of me
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  • #IMissyou #pretty @chelseasolennsibayan 💖🌈💖🌈💖

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  • 4 years 4 months and 14 days

    I love my life with you. This new journey that we’re on is hard, but doable. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

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  • I’m sitting here crying because I watched a movie I know you’d love. And I just wanna tell you to watch it and snuggle and listen to you complain about the empathy of the main character, because I know you would. I wonder if you have moments like this. Where you remember me, and it feels like someone is ripping a hole in your chest. Probably not. I shouldn’t feel this way. It’s been almost a year. The longest I’ve gone in 10 years without talking to you or seeing you. I’m not over you. I don’t know if I ever will be. I miss you. Train to Busan; you would have liked it.

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    Lamentos de una catlover :

    Mi pepe , mi gato de 8 años , mi amigo mi otra mitad , una vez volví a mi casa te vi y me tuve que volver a la universidad… y fue la última vez que te vi y pude sentirte.

    Te busqué y te busqué por internet , por todos los terrenos en el campo en el pueblo… te borraste de la tierra ni tu cadáver encontré el cual quería plantar un árbol en tu honor, te recuerdo y lloro.

    Te sueño y te lloro , te imagino y me duele… duele escribir esto… 8 años se deshacen en lamentos , no es solo un gato era mi otra mitad… era mi amigo y mi bb .

    Se perdió en la sexta región , zuñiga , chile , octubre 2019 .

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  • my whole body hurts

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  • I miss you @regalmovies - come back soon. #movies #regal #movietheater #tiktok #quarantine #coronavirus #imissmovies #imissyou

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    yesterday, I stopped by at our usual place to exchange playlists. It is about a minute from my place where I walk faster than I usually do when I go to school. The excitement was different and unique that people could not tell what emotions I am showing. Whenever I go there, it is cozy that makes me want to stay for a while and get my energy back.

    Growing up with him was one of the highlights I could say, because of all the times we have been together, we were like siblings in a different way. By being on his side made me feel a little different and important.

    I wondered what songs he’s always up to every single day.

    I can always hear his angelic voice whenever he opens his window to show himself. We always had our phones and come along with different music on to listen while we sit on our all-time favorite place. We can tell that it is not the prettiest yet it is functional for us. “Home is where the heart is”  as quoted on a yellow tint wood that hangs on the side of the bench near on their treehouse that his father had made.

    years went by, I have always asked him what songs he listened the other day, without any exception he had this vibe where he consistently responds immediately and vibing on the music already.  He’s someone I am able to relate to his mood, character, or any situation. He has been a better friend to me because of how relatable he is and to be able to connect more of like him than others.

    A question I’ve been wondering a lot lately is


    If you’re reading this I miss you!

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  • When can i go to normal to say your name with my heart in normal state of beating and without getting flashbacks.

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  • This is one of the first book series I read when I was young and had the patience and ability to read and to understand words already. So, when I was in elementary, around grade 2 or 3, the 2 books in this series were my favorite books because it combined fantasy with modern setting where children were transported to another world when they found the charms. These books are what got me to fantasy; these books are what made me read Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and Tolkien books. If only you knew how heartbroken I was when I found out there was no book 3; It has been almost 20 years since then and there is still no book 3 and I’m so… :’( 

    Erica Farber, I love you and I really hope you continue this. If anyone knows anything about this book series, let’s talk! :)

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  • It’s been nearly 2 months since Russell broke up with me in early June.  We fought over politics and my anxiety over US China relations just keep pushing him away.  I knew I am not affected,  I just kept unleashing my anger at the US government at him…He finally had enough and walked away.

    I feel terrible.

    I wrote him a letter on 7/5, one month since we broke up to apologize to him about my mistakes and outlined what I would instead do.  I miss him every day.  At this point I don’t even want children or marriage any more.  I just want to spend time with him.  I just want to be happy for us two, with no rushing into the future.

    The future was unexpected.  I never thought we would break up.  He has been hands-down the most attentive and loyal guy I’ve ever met and I kick myself every day for losing him.

    I set up a Tinder account and I straight up wrote that I am seeking advice on how to get back with my ex.  I have found the one I love and I do not care if other men are good or bad.  I am done.  This is the man.

    The turnout was much more interesting than I thought. Of course there were people who ignored my bio nonetheless and tried to talk me into dating them.  The ones that stood out were a Real Estate Lawyer(excuse me, do I have a magnet for these folks) and a gasoline futures trader.  

    The lawyer broke up with his 3-year-long girlfriend over the fact that he was not able to move to China due to the virus.  He was also a socialism fanatic (not gonna jive well with my personality anyway).  So he kept trying to talk to me on the first day we met and pretended to be very interested.  Oddly enough he maintains a social media presence on Wechat.  It was very weird for me and reminded me of some foreigners I’ve met in Shanghai in the past.  Not the best crowd I would usually hang out. So I stopped talking to him the next day.

    The gasoline futures trader tried to use economics to convince me that it’s better off for me to meet new men than pinning over Russell.  I debated with him and eventually he gave in.  He agreed that I seem to be very set on Russell.  We didn’t talk much either because I found out he was Jewish and usually they marry within their ethnic group. I am not eager to become someone else’s stepping stone if i know this guy is not going to be my husband.  I have Russell, I am lucky enough already.

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