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  • If you lie, withhold or, misrepresent anything on your immigration application, it can land you in deportation proceedings.

    You have to understand that anytime you apply for any immigration benefit, your entire immigration history comes under review: from your first entry on that non-immigrant student visa all the way up to and including your citizenship application. “How will they know?” You ask? Oh they will. It’s not just form filling or application preparation. EVERY QUESTION is designed to elicit a specific piece of information that will be used to reference and cross reference your immigration history. 

#ArvandLaw is a full service immigration law firm located in the financial district of Manhattan and just minutes from the Immigration Courts at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City. Call us today for an evaluation of your immigration matter 212-323-7435 or 646-660-2658.

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  • Sitting here watching the news about the Louisiana Movie Theatre Shooting and I wonder as I read the caption “Alleged Shooter is a Lone White Male”…do White ppl feel what I feel as a Brown Woman everytime one of MY ppl is responsible for committing a crime? Whether it’s a news report about undocumented immigrants or just a “Latino” in general doing something “bad”, oftentimes I feel responsible. The thought of “damn! Here comes the shit storm!” never falters. The guilt and remorse of it being one of my people who is now giving all of US a bad light. Because that’s what happens as POC. All it takes is “one bad apple” to make us all bad as well, simply because we are “their” kind. So now, as I hear about yet another shooting at a movie theater, I ask myself if the White community feels all eyes on them? Do they all feel a sense of guilt and remorse for the actions of this “lone gunman”? Or does it not phase them as much as it phases us as POC? If so, why? Why not?!

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