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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    28.07.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    *early days*

    Quynh: We're not dating!

    Andy: Not with that attitude we're not.

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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    27.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Nicky: You and Andy are the ones who made Joe and I the people we are today.

    Quynh: You can’t blame me for that.

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  • vngrberg
    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    after quynh returns:

    quynh: andromache is no longer mortal. <3

    the power of sapphic love = the return of immortality

    andromaquynh live happily ever after

    #andromaquynh#immortal wives #andy x quynh #the old guard #andromache the scythian #quynh#text#mine
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  • andromaquynh-ficrecs
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    hold me tight, fear me not by @rupzydaisy (ao3 rupzydaisy)

    Summary: The sea-witch stares so deep into her eyes that Andromache feels a tightness squeezing against her from the air around her.

    "You’ll have your chance to take your beloved from me. If you can hold her through the night, in every form that she passes through. If you can manage that, then your claim on her will break mine. You will have her back.”

    “Deal.” Andromache agrees between thumping heartbeats. “Tomorrow night?”

    “Agreed. Tomorrow night it is.”

    There's not enough air in her lungs to sigh in relief, but there's also no reason to linger in the sea-witch's presence when she had what she came for. Backing off, she mounts her horse in one swift move.

    The witch appraises her slowly, taking in the white knuckles wrapped around both the reins and the axe handle. Her pearly-toothed smile widens, even as another ribbon of seaweed falls away and hits the ground.

    “And know that when you lose, I’ll put you in the water too. Deep where there’s no light. And seven years’ hence, I’ll be able to walk inland so much further with your fiery heart.”

    Rated: General Audiences | Words: 12077 - Chapters: 5 | Another Universe: Folk tale

    What i loved: such an original story. The folk tale in it is great and i like how the story develop through it, making connections with the original story. The parallels of Quynh with the ocean. The flashback of how Andy and Quynh met and fall in love. Lot of angst and feelings, but a very important happy ending!! How all the characters appear in some way and kind of help Andy. Lykon and Andy frienship. Andromaquynh love being the strongest and overcoming all the obstacles.

    #andromaquynh ficrec#andromaquynh #andy x quynh #immortal wives#ao3#rated G #another universe: folk tale #AU #angst with happy ending #reunion#longfic#mod pau
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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Booker: I'd like to remind you all how dull your lives would be without me.






    Andy *sighing*: What did you do this time?

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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    24.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Andy: *is baking a cake*

    Quynh, walking into the kitchen: You really have a thing for sweets, huh?

    Andy: Well, I married you, didn’t I?

    Quynh *blushing furiously*: Shut up.

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  • awickedfangirl
    22.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Immortal husbands/immortal wives using/taking care of eachother's weapons as an act of love

    #immortal husbands#immortal wives #the old guard #2 old 2 guard #2o2g
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  • linaxart
    21.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    TOG +18 server for artists: The Art Guard

    Hi! Do you ever find yourself drawing our favourite immortals and hoping that you could ask someone if you got Nicky's eye colour just right? Or if you made Booker's legs just a tad too long? Or simply want someone to hype your latest concept? Then this server is for you! The Art Guard server is open to all artists interested in drawing TOG and its attached fan-made multiverse. All levels of expertise welcome :) Hopefully this will be a nice environment to encourage each other and help spread works beyond the like/reblog ratio and shitty algorithms. Even if you're not creating yourself at the moment, consider joining to help out others! Who knows, maybe it'll even bring that creative spark back ;) JOIN HERE (7-day link, if dead send me an ask or message!)

    #the old guard #the old guard fanart #tog#tog fanart#togedit #the old guard server #tog server#immortal family#immortal husbands#immortal wives #immortal wives fanart #immortal husbands fanart #kaysanova#joenicky#Andromaquynh #book of Nile #nile freeman #andromache of scythia #sebastien le livre #yusuf al kaysani #nicolo di genova #quynh#yusufnicolo #nile freeman fanart #yusuf x nicolo #nicolo di genova fanart #booker fanart #andromache x quynh #andromache the scythian #the art guard server
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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Quynh: They're moving crates marked G6:5. Anyone know what that means?

    Nile: Maybe they're playing bingo?

    Andy: Let's assume it's not that.

    Nile: Deadly bingo.

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  • lilolilyr
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ancient TOG Headcanons:

    We had another lovely headcanon elimination game on discord, this time with historical headcanons from past to future - these are the headcanons about ancient history:

    Andy's first instruments were drumsticks out of the bones of her enemies - @lilolilyr

    Andy and Quỳnh invented love - @thirst-teenth

    Andy hated written languages at first because all her life she knew oral traditions - @salzundhonig

    Quỳnh became so proficient with a bow that she's at the origin of many hunters’ myths in many cultures she visited - @salzundhonig

    Andy and Quỳnh served as a chariot pair (with Quỳnh as the archer and Andy driving) - @waxwingsfail

    Andy and Quỳnh started ‘we were here’ graffiti trend in ancient Rome so they’d know whether they visited a place before - @lilolilyr

    Andy and Quỳnh inspired some of Sappho's work - @salzundhonig - 2nd place in the game!

    Andy and Quỳnh were in Atlantis and Pompeii when those cities were destroyed - @cryhardanddanceharder

    Quỳnh was the first ninja - @cryhardanddanceharder

    More historical The Old Guard headcanons can be found here.

    A masterpost of all past games is here!

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  • thirst-teenth
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Quỳnh: I have written a small list of reasons why I love Andromache


    Booker: It's 15 pages long

    Quỳnh: Yes, I wanted to keep it brief

    #the way this can go both ways..... but we already got andys big sappy declaration so. #quynh #andromache the scythian #andromaquynh#immortal wives #andy x quynh #the old guard #andromache of scythia #tog #Queue and me. Until the end. #m#q
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  • linaxart
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago


    They probably wouldn't last a week without bloodstains but let me dream.

    don't repost. click to enlarge. reblogs appreciated 💕

    [ID: the characters of the old guard sketched digitally with various coats on a white background. They're all visible from head to toe Andy is wearing a trenchcoat and leaning on something as he eats a snack. Quýnh is wearing a long red ombre tull coat that fades from dark red to a brighter shade. Joe is mid step, wearing a white frack-inspired coat with dark blue scribbles all over. Nicky is wearing a tailored dark coat with a hoodie attached. Booker is wearing a dark gray heavy wool coat with a turtle neck blue sweater. Finally, Nile is with her back to the viewer wearing a long green jacket with various stamps in black and white. End ID.]
    #no writing brain this month but heres the fam looking fly af #ohanathon #the old guard #tog#tog fanart #the old guard fanart #andromache of scythia #quynh #yusuf al kaysani #nicolò di genova #sebastien le livre #nile freeman#immortal family#joenicky#Andromaquynh #book of nile #kaysanova#immortal husbands#immortal wives#fanart#sketches#doodles#sketchbook #this fucked up my arm so please enjoy 💜
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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Andy: What’s your greatest strength?

    Quynh: I’m a great flirt.

    Andy: What’s your greatest weakness?

    Quynh: Those beautiful eyes of yours.

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  • ifeelsickening
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #answers #ppl in the comments clearly have no scope of the mort lore and only know abt him from memes #he hasnt killed any of his wives. they died from old age. hes immortal #fools and posers
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  • coffeebeannate
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I want..to write..more andromaquynh..

    #i know i still have 30 days immortal pride going #but i want to give them totally shameless things too #andromaquynh#possiblysomensfwthingstheydeservetohavefun#immortal wives#andyxquynh #quynh and andy #the old guard #so uh if anyone has anything specific they wish for #hit me up #nate does writing
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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Quynh: *cuddling Andy, sighing* I wanna start reading again, any recommendations?

    Andy: Books.

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  • bewires
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #joe x nicky #kaysanova#immortal husbands #andromache the scythian #yusuf al kaysani #nicolo di genova #nile freeman#andromaquynh#immortal wives#tog #the old guard
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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Andy: Joe's going to hit someone.

    Quynh: No, he’s not.

    Andy: Yeah? Then why’d he take his rings off?

    Quynh: ..oh my soul, he’s gonna hit someone.

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  • veirtyel
    13.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Things I’d love to see in 2Old2Guard because Miss Bythewood owns my soul

    Fight scenes where the boys and Nile are constantly taking hits for Andy and Andy being pissed about it because one) she hates that she needs to be protected like this now and two) she doesn’t like seeing them killed like that for her

    Domesticity shit. Remember the food scenes in the script? The mini fight? Stuff where Nicky’s cooking for them or Joe is teaching Nile how to use a old weapon.

    👏🏼 More 👏🏼 artist 👏🏼 Joe 👏🏼

    Because I’m a basic bitch I wanna see Joe and Nicky’s first deaths, but also Andy, Bookers and even Quyhn’s. It would be cool if they were also done back to back in a montage of sorts over a really sick score.

    More fight scenes where Nile is fully integrated in the team, maybe she even takes lead at some point because Andy is too hurt to.

    More Immortal Husband content. I require another kiss, one where they’re not chained up and do it because why tf not yah know.

    Andy and Quyhn dramatic reunion. I need Andy to be completely off guard when she sees her for the first time and they need to kiss too

    No they actually do need to kiss

    I want a Nile and Quyhn fight. Idk why but I really want this to happen imagine how cool that would be.

    Flashbacks of Nicky, Joe, Andy and Quyhn being a team. That’s such an iconic team that traveled the world for centuries we don’t talk about it enough.

    Very specific but I want a scene where Joe and Booker fight, but not physically. Like, Joe just yells at Booker about WHY he was so hurt by his betrayal. He was his brother and his betrayal also could have separated him from the love of his life forever. I want him to yell this at Booker, more sadly then angrily, and bonus points if the others are there and don’t interfere.

    #the old guard #nile freeman #I have a lot more I want to see but this is what I thought up off the top of my head #andromache the scythian #sebastien le livre #nicky di genova #yusuf al kaysani #quyhn#immortal husbands#immortal wives
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  • thirst-teenth
    13.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Hmmm thinking about 'maybe happiness is just having enough time with the people you love' and the possibility of Andy and Quỳnh, after finally being reunited and being mostly on the good days of the ensuing emotional journey, after getting to experience history's firsts together again, of them looking for ways for their immortality to end in the far future... Try and going the good and conscious way about using it to help others, and finally deciding it's their time. I love them and they love each other so much, and they still have so many people to help and good to do, but they're so, so old and the thought of being alive that long boggles me tbh. It's very likely it isn't the first time they've thought about it, especially when they were alone, hell we've seen it with Quỳnh and it's implied with Andy, but this time it'd be on their terms, in their own time, and I think if it ever comes to that, if they ever decide it's been enough, they deserve to have the choice and the means

    #im always thinking about my mass effect xover and like. they ask Miranda to help them #it actually started bc of that. thinking about her and aq interactions #and itd be so fullfilling for her too. shed get to actually help humanity and do it the RIGHT way #use her own abilities for good. it'd be /her/ achievement. also bc its a Journey before aq get to the point #of trusting her enough to ask her #Andromaquynh #Andromache the Scythian #Andromache of scythia #Quỳnh #The Old Guard #tog #oc its got those good place feels bc comfort show ✌️ #man i sure want to read the fic ive yet to write #andy x quynh #immortal wives#m#les thoughts #and i mean not everyoned like being immortal. having the choice would be so important #besides them finally being able to help other ppl with directly with their immortality #not replicate it but use its regeneration properties
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