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  • ocean-blue-whump
    01.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago


    For @amonthofwhump Twelve Days of Whumpmas! Day One-Tied to a Tree

    Sunny and Star with Hunter Bianchi. Starts in pain, ends in a little bit of comfort. :)

    Tagging @ashintheairlikesnow

    CW: referenced caning, pet whump, BBU, masochism-ish (not sexual), starvation, derogatory language, referenced consensual sex, referenced noncon, bonded whumpees, Romantic whumpees, forced kissing, implied future noncon, shaming whumpee for “being ugly”, marked as nsfwhump just in case, ends in comfort

    The grounds of Mr. Bianchi’s estate sprawl on for seemingly miles, endless acres of grass and trees and wildflowers. Star feels trapped and isolated in the vast expanse, overwhelmed. 

    She rolls her shoulders as much as she can, despite the ropes binding her. Her back is burning from the ruthless caning she took yesterday, the good kind of burn, the kind that makes heat pool in her stomach, makes her want to rub her welts and cuts up against the bark of the tree she’s tied to, just to feel the pain, the pleasure. They’re the same thing to her now. But she’s stuck, bound to a tree in Mr. Bianchi’s personal forest. Her arms are tied behind her on the other side of the tree trunk, her feet are spread apart and tied in place. She’s been out here all night, shivering in her thin, skintight black leggings and baggy light blue sweater. Now, in the dull energy of midmorning light, the cold has settled into her joints, making her whole body stiff and her nose red. She’ll be punished if she’s not pretty and flexible when Mr. Bianchi wants her. 

    Her shoulders burn with tension, and Star twists around, searching for relief that doesn’t come. It never comes, she never gets relief, she’s always tied up and punished and hurt because she looks so fucking good like this. Because she’s meant to be someone’s angry, customized slut, and what else do you do with a stupid whore?

    She’s so fucking stupid to be thinking about silly things like that. If she could just relax, mutt, stop trying to use your brain, it would all be better.

    The sound of crunching leaves slams Star back into the present, and her breathing quickens as she searches for the source of the noise.

    Mr. Bianchi steps out in front of her, Sunny in tow. At first, Star’s heart swells when she sees Sunny, dressed in the same black leggings and a light yellow sweater, but when she’s sees the specific way he’s limping, like his hurt is coming from the inside, she wants to scream. She left him alone last night, he had to take Mr. Bianchi all alone. 

    Mr. Bianchi takes a sip of of coffee from his white ceramic mug. “Have a nice night, Starshine? I sure did.”

    Fuck you, she wants to yell. But she can’t, her training won’t let her. “Mr. Bianchi—” She licks her lips, her mouth suddenly dry. “I am sorry, sir, please forgive your stupid mutt.”

    Sunny, hunched over, nods slowly in agreement. 

    Mr. Bianchi smirks. “What are you sorry for, pet?”

    “I’m sorry for stealing food. I’m a greedy, selfish mutt and I won’t do it again. I deserve much worse of a punishment than this, Sir.”

    “Glad spending the night outside finally made you think rationally. As much as you can, all those brains got fucked out of you. I paid for a stupid slut, didn’t I?”

    Star stares at the ground, her bottom lip trembling. Stupid, stupid pet. She stole the food for Sunny because Mr. Bianchi starves both the pets so they’re skinny and weak, and Sunny is already too thin. 

    “Untie her,” Mr. Bianchi says to Sunny. 

    Even though it’s forced comfort, Sunny’s hands on Star is instantaneous relief. When all the ropes are pulled away and left coiled on the forest floor, and Star falls forward, completely boneless, he catches her in his arms. She nuzzles into his shoulder, whining as feeling struggles to return to her body. Sunny knows just what to do.  He presses his thumb into the sore muscles where her shoulders meet her neck and she keens in bliss. 

    She only ever wanted to help. But they both end up hurting for it, bound, gagged, under a whip, on bedsheets. They’re meant to hurt. 

    She has to show her gratitude. She wants to show it, wants it more than she wants her heart to keep beating. Tilted back in Sunny’s arms, she presses her lips to Sunny’s. He reciprocates, pushing against her and holding onto the back of her neck. 

    She thinks she’d love him regardless, if they were Mr. Bianchi’s property or not, if they weren’t just pets but real people. She loves him now, and it feels real, feels steady.

    And she has to show it, she has to be good. It’s always been like this, always will be like this, her and Sunny and the sex and the pain. It’s like this now, she moans into his lips as he digs his fingers into a welt on her shoulder blade. She loves him. She needs him to live. 

    It is there in this facsimile of love that Mr. Bianchi smiles, perfect white teeth and full of malice. Star’s heart drops.

    She’s stupid, stupid mutt, stupid slut. Because after all, she and Sunny are pets, nothing more. Pets can’t love, pets aren’t people She and Sunny are objects, pricey fucktoys with heartbeats. Pretty things, always spreading their legs for the handlers or Mr. Bianchi or each other. 

    Star thinks of the times she and Sunny fucked each other without instruction, because they could, because they needed to. They got caught sometimes, and punished for it. That never stopped them, though. They need to be with each other. 

    “Both of you, inside now. Make me some fucking breakfast.”

    Sunny stands both of them up and tilts his head like a confused kitten. “What would you like me to make for you, Sir?”

    “You can make me some bacon and egg. I’ll want Star underneath the table with me.”

    Star takes a shaky breath and nods. “Yes, Mr. Bianchi.” She doesn’t want this. She doesn’t want this. She wants Sunny. She wants to be alone with him. But she doesn’t have a fucking choice, she’s a pet. And she knows what happens if she tries to say no. 

    Mr. Bianchi gives Star a disdainful look. “Go put on some makeup. I don’t like ugly pets.”

    Star feels like she’s being crushed, being killed. She’s a failure, she’s a bad pet, she’s a mistake. Mr. Bianchi spent money on a broken toy, if he wasn’t so benevolent, she would have been put down. 

    Sunny’s hand on her lower back is the only thing that pulls her out, that stops her from hyperventilating. “I’ll get her ready for you, Sir,” he says softly. 

    “Good. Make it snappy.” Mr. Bianchi walks over to both pets. There’s something soft in his gaze, something like kindness, like he’s about to praise them for something. The pets look eagerly up at him with wide eyes. Mr. Bianchi shakes his head and clips a silk leash on Sunny’s collar, then Star’s, and starts walking away, tugging at the leash so his pets will follow. 

    Mr. Bianchi’s not looking back, and it’s there in the forest that Sunny grabs onto Star’s hand and squeezes. They’re both scared. They’re both tired and hungry and confused. His emotions hum through her and hers through him. 

    It’s there in the forest, with the sound of cracking leaves and squirrels scurrying in the treetops, that Sunny whispers in her ear, quiet enough so only she can hear, “I think you look pretty just the way you are.”

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  • hayattan-sonra
    01.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    So i was just reading stormbiringer and I noticed that chuuya was literally so calm??calmer than I expected him to, i headcanon that he only gets angry/shouts around dazai but actually a level headed person and ofc i had little to no evidence to sport this but in the novel or when dazai’s not around he’s actually calm?? Like his ex-best friend turned traitor literally pulls out a gun saying he should fuck off also there’s this weird ai robot police behind him saying he should come with him cuz his big bro is trying to kill him or smth and chuuya here just calmly tries to explain shirase that he is going to die if he doesn’t come with him. (and shirase throws a vase at his head lmao) Then there is this scene where he comes alone to ADA and fights yasano and kenji all chill like he was taking lunch money from kids in kindergarten , like I know he’s confident in his abilities but this guy literally smirks when someone points a gun at him, he fought a literal dragon fully knowing he could die not panicking in the slightest and he’s always calm save for a few occasions...but just mentioning dazai’s name makes him so furious it’s not even funny, like chuuya’s trigger is probably not some scary lab but dazai lol

    #bsd#stormbringer#nakahara chuuya#osamu dazai#rambling#headcanon #but actually it’s canon #like dazai is his trigger word #he’s so expressive ofc but never to the degree when he’s around dazai #that’s supposed to imply something I guess but i just don’t know what
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  • jee-en-eff
    01.12.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    I may have physically survived November but I can never be sane or normal again

    #this implies ì was sane and or normal to begin with which is a lie #but even more so now
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  • anhimidaes
    01.12.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    omg m ydudes i thot made in abyss was like an iyashikei or some chill isekai but i just saw some clip and like? bro? how have so many ppl recommended this to me and casually neglected to talk abt????????????????? things????????????????? 

    #mia #.txt #i think it was from the movie #i ?? #apparently the show itself has a reputation? #mutuals how have u kept this from me #unless its rlly just that One Clip and the rest is normal stuff #the u tube comments dont imply that to #*tho#i#wha#ok bye #if ur curious it was a clip abt #prushka
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  • citrustozier
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I think Oscar should get to go a little wilde. As a treat.

    #not me posting this as 5am #listen i woke up in the middle of the night and thought of this pun #i think he'd be proud #here's hoping he goes off in the finale #rqg#rqg spoilers #(because this implies he's still alive for the finale so just in case)
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  • crack-barrel
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So do we know lore-wise if vessels age or

    #hollow knight #some thoughts that probably wouldn't make sense if I was paying attention more during my first playthrough #like at first it would seem obvious that they age naturally right #we see THK as a child in a cutscene and obviously they grow between then and when the game takes place #but the most popular theory I’ve seen is that vessels don’t age #because they’re made of void and that the pale king just trained THK to full maturity somehow #through combat or magic or whatever #which also makes a lot of sense because.....why would they age if they’re like 90% void #it also makes sense because THK was most likely one of the last vessels meaning that the knight is technically older #and should be bigger #but that's not the case #(but then also time seems kind of fucky in hallownest??? I don't know) #anyway if that's true and they don't age then what's the deal with Broken Vessel #if they do age then they probably just escaped from the abyss and didn’t make it very far #if they don’t age and they grow by other means it implies that Broken Vessel was raised and trained until either #they were found to not be perfectly hollow at which point they were thrown back into the abyss #and somehow managed to crawl up from there into ancient basin #or they escaped the white palace somehow (or were thrown out) #both of which. just. :((( #but I mean. the same logic that would lead me to believe vessels don't age says vessels wouldn't need/be able to sleep either #and yet in-game when you sit too long at a bench the knight falls asleep #which is adorable but it's 1am and I am tying my brain in knots over this
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  • d-d-disgusting
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ACTUALLY! Since I don’t beliieve I made a follow up post about it, I did make a decision about the blood borne fungal parasite Vincent carries and how it interacts with nonhumanoid tissue!

    I want to say that it can only incubate safely in roughly humanoid/at least vaguely related host species, but once all immune system functions in a piece of flesh have failed, it becomes a suitable food source to trigger the fungi to fruit.

    Because of this, normally inedible or very unpleasant meat (Food that’s already turning, or the cartilage or scraps of tissue clinging to bones especially) sees another life for Vincent as a substrate for edible fungi. The only thing is that he needs to bleed on it first, but the potential food source is worth it.

    #parasite// #self harm implied?/ #information #I don't know if I would call that a commensal parasite or a mutualistic relationship.... #since he DOES get use out of it
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  • letmeliedown
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    sorry for not answering all the asks i specifically requested people send me, i’m too weird for public 1:1 communication right now 

    #right now it says #implying
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  • aveil
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    my sister in law is so petty :| when we moved into our new house she went inside and looked around for like a minute then said “it’s quaint”

    but now all of a sudden she’s wanting to upgrade all their furniture and they just bought a $3000 4K tv. even though she was just saying all those things were a waste of money before we got our house.

    but it’s because she saw all the nice like-new furniture we got with the house

    when we lived in our old house she called it ugly (it was a fixer upper) and made petty remarks about us having old used furniture……

    she literally cannot handle not being the centre of attention lmao

    #her and my husband’s brother are well off #which is fine #but she constantly implies shit about us being poor lmao #txt
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  • museenkuss
    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    If you plan on asking me whether Oscar Wilde was a pedophile….refrain from doing that if you can. I don’t know.

    #whenever an OW post of mine gains traction that happens #and I don’t know. #and usually people are really hostile in those asks and it’s like. we obviously don’t know each other so you come here and rant at me? #feel free to not do that. #if you’re really that concerned — do research. or if you know for certain — share your information. #but this ‘lets ask (rethrocial..?) questions in a rude manner’ business isn’t necessary. #your question would imply I have an answer. which would imply a) I actively support that b) I don’t care — #— in either option your input wouldn’t be necessary. #I don’t know. so don’t ask me. especially not in that accusatory tone. Merci.
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  • prydon
    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #asks#anonymous #i'm pretty sure i reference juno getting up earlier than nureyev in that fic and i'm sorry but that is so fake #juno mentions hating getting out of bed before noon in s2 #and it's implied that nureyev takes a long time to get ready and doesn't sleep a lot #plus i completely disregard juno's canonical reticence about saying 'i love you' #hilariously and completely coincidentally #both these things come up in the first scene of the last martian #(juno hating waking up early and being weird about saying 'i love you') #my redemption arc.........
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  • judecopeart
    01.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    wait i never posted this with my slasher ocs did I

    [Image ID: A digital drawing featuring three characters. In the foreground are two women; one has long green and pink hair, a blue sweater and bow, and rainbow horns, and the other has a blonde pixie cut and is wearing a sexy nurse halloween costume. They stand with their arms crossed, looking over their shoulders at a man coming into the room. The man wears a stained white tanktop, an orange prison jumpsuit that he's taken off from the waist up, and a yellow mask with a smiley face on it. His hair is black and in a bun, and he strides forward. The room is a nondescript room with light gray walls and dark gray floors, with a large red stain on the floor. The man has a huge speech bubble above him that reads, "What are you two fucking talking about?!" /End ID]

    #digital art #artists on tumblr #my ocs#judecopeart#kalimba#blythe#nathan patel#blood tw#implied blood#eye strain #i think ?? because the whole things kinda desaturated but the speech bubbles bright white n red
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  • auran404
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Honestly if the dsmp characters are poorly done or poorly written/acted, so what

    Like, I've done some RP stuff, I met most of my gay idiots on discord through a sanders sides rp server. And believe me, making perfectly balanced characters and storylines and then acting out those characters can be hard as hell. Things won't make sense, things are rushed through and never mentioned again. Nobody knows what arc is going where!

    One of the things that happened on the RP server was in the teacher AU regarding the OCs and literally like, 7 of them went in, one got the shit kicked out of him, kidnapped, went on a whole arc regarding that and burning down the orphanage he was found in or something, and in the span of like,,, an hour. Not even a lockdown at the school where a body was most certainly created.

    And while I get the majority are adults so you might feel like theres an expectation for quality in there somewhere. Not with little to no communication. Communication can and probably should be improved in that group of people. Seriously though, some are still going through school, and most have lives outside of block game and planning lore for the people who want it.

    Anyways, just because they're adults doesn't mean that like, 35 people can all agree one one script and story with a rough outline of the direction it should go in. With that many people there are potentially a LOT of problems that people have about their character not getting enough attention or focusing on other characters too much or something.

    It's got the quality of a good fanfiction, and should be treated as such IMO

    Anyways, it could be as bad as the Wheel Of Time series Amazon is trying to bullshit. Luckily, its not.

    Also feel free to reblog. I'm asking you to. Please. (Actually though, don't have to if you don't want to.)

    #tw swearing#tw caps #idk I felt like some people were getting pissy over potentially illogical story lines that don't entirely make sense #and I was salty #so #have a rant #also that arc with the whole kidnapping thing DID happen #tw kidnapping#tw death #tw death implied #tw fire#tw arson #???? #idk tags too well man
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  • theghostofashton
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    #one of the parts that stood out to me tho was how strong and secure in himself kurt looked this entire ep #there's a line in as if we never said goodbye that's like 'has there ever been a moment with so much to live for' #which knowing his history knowing what he's been through is so powerful #but then i think about what's coming up for him and it makes me sad bc like.......i truly don't understand how the writers didn't think #that enough was enough #knowing what season 3 has in store for him #i hate the phrasing 'kurt deserves better' and i don't like what that has turned into but there is something to be said #about how much bad shit they heaped on him #and the fact that they never deal with how it affects him #they put him through so much and then just kind of forget about it? #and it makes it so easy for people to shit on kurt bc there is nothing concrete in canon to be like he was dealing w x y and z #even though it's incredibly implied that he is #there is something to be said about how he deserved more wins #and i know not everyone feels that way but personally im just not interested in watching a character go through so much #and justifying it by calling him resilient like i really hate that word lol #his strength is a coping mechanism he was forced to develop it should not be celebrated #okay wow this turned in a completely different direction lmfao point is i am not prepared for everything they're about to put my boy through
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  • shadethechangingman
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    god i really hope primer & whistle get more screen time in other comics (i really waent a new teen titanz writer&artists lmao this guys sucks shit) and like i know he has a sequel coming out soon but cmon tai pham main universe when i think hes the only other GN-only lead hero... 

    #m9rrison cruelly implied tai was going to be canon but i didnt get my hopes up #justixw league comix
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  • voiddemon
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i highkey got nothing but this (basically) drawn but my brain is thinking gay little thoughts

    #why'd he write that? idk he saw his dads makin out when he as like two and a half and went 'ew >:( gross germ gross ick' #note: he was fine w/ this #skirfluff #heavily implied. like heavily #doodles
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  • catalytically-rampant
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Yo, PLEASE don’t think this is like anything bad or looking too into things or anything like that..... but did anyone else feel like Neil was wronged SO BAD in Sally Face? like the sudden happening of it, the display, the intention of it being traumatizing and long-lasting (staying in full-view after reveal even in a fight)? like obviously the series revolves around brutality and murders, but DAMN- that one felt like something else completely and Idk if the fandom like just died down or something, but it feels like it’s hardly discussed Maple died in the same way, yes, but there was lead-up for a while; she was already possessed and escaped to go to the cult (as a sacrifice); Neil was fine and never possessed, but had the same fate- like it felt so sudden and just-????

    #please don't see this as a claim or anything- it just shook me to my core and nobody talks about it #like he was a support that stayed out of danger and then suddenly gets killed off like that-.... damn..... #also I could be wrong but was it implied Todd (possessed) killed him? bc that's all the more fucked up- like.... damn....
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  • streaming-yn
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • mangora
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    They’re fuckeng insane morty! Absolutely mental!

    (Redraw of something I did in like January ik it’s edgy complain to slightly younger me about it :/)

    #cw eyestrain #cw mentioned/implied abuse #lyrics are from father by the frontbottoms and I hate my mom by grlwood #btw don’t support grlwood financially front woman is an abuser #td mal#total drama #sketch > color but wtv
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  • apatheticimpairment
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Don't read the pale text if you are a CSA as it might be triggering, I know I'm lucky and I'm sorry.

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