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    28.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    it’s all going, going, going to rust

    #:( #pleasepleaseplease see the symbolism with mason’s bg being darker and him looking away and not smiling #crime express#oc stuff#oc backstory#my art#artwork#mason margarine#dahlia margarine#lewis margarine #<- THEY GET TAGS!! #implied death#death tw #<- also jic becuase. lore is that the sibs die obv
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    28.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #with bloody outstretched hands #au #ice and fire #crossover #implied past abuse #fear of death
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    27.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

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    Cason: [across parking lot, shouting] Ayo Bobbie!

    Bobbie: [muttering, eye roll] Oh, christ.

    C: Hey… I thought that was your car. Wasn’t sure though.

    B: Right… Is that your car?

    C: Nah, Zane’s. How you doing? Heard about your sister.

    B: Oh yeah? And you know my sister well, do you?

    C: [scoff] Look, I get what you’re saying. I aint got shit to do with all that.

    B: [glare] Mm. [sarcastic] Of course you don’t.

    C: Nah, for real. Her and Finn were getting into their own mess, man. It ain’t my job to tell her business to you.

    B: [scoff] Well, why are you talking to me now?

    C: I didn’t want all that shit to happen. Finn and I were close and I don’t think Finn would’ve wanted that either.

    B: Right… Bye, Cason.

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  • chasingthesunwcrp
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago


    The murderer, the murdered. The scourge upon RiverClan; upon our name. Thou hast been cast below for thine crimes in the lies you've painted your history with by killing two innocent, young cats as well as that of your best friend and going on to die with a false hero's name; may your body contort and bend in the same fashion as your leaders' during their plummet below into the gorge's depths, may you forever see the sins you've committed with eyes that refuse to close. Your crime unforgiven, we will not forget.

    art by @posypaw

    #Thank you for 50 followers :) #They cannot see this. #fennelstar#riverclan#wc oc#wcrp #warrior cat rp #warrior cats#warriors #tw: disturbing imagery #tw: implied death #tw: body horror #(please let us know if you need anything else tagged! we'll be sure to respond accordingly; your comfort is important!) #tw: eye contact
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  • justanartisticduck
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    The amount of hatred I have towards my interpretation of Roy is immeasurable-

    seriously look at this dude- this man is the worst-

    Pure hatred each time I look at him-

    #I remember when I first got into Dhmis Roy was just some guy who was an absolute nuisance to duck and red… what happened- #basically you can love all my interpretations except Roy #like when I say he sucks in my au I mean he is the absolute worst- #Dhmis #(Also ps if you like Roy/have an interp of him that isn’t a horrible guy that’s awesome! It’s just my version of Roy… he sucks <:/ ) #tw implied death #I have no idea how to tag this post so let me know if you need me to tag something!! #ask to tag #my art
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    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #Witcher#Hurt Geralt#Disabled Geralt#Hurt/Comfort#Emotional Hurt/Comfort #Major Character Injury #Injury Recovery #Angst With a Happy Ending #Post Mountain Breakup #Implied/Referenced Character Death
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  • highlandtea
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I dreamed of my brother last night.

    We sat on the edge of a building, on its highest floor

    And we talked about things that had happened

    It was like he never left, and he pulled me closer by one arm and sighed as he listened about the terror id been through.

    I told him about Alex, and how I thought that id be taken care of by him. How he was the first person id really gotten attached to in years, and when I finally let myself care about someone else again, he took my knees and half of my sight from me.

    I told him how I finally escaped that cult town in little New York, how I escaped the sermons and brainwashing it had provided, and how I was sitting comfortably now surrounded by people who actually care about me. How I'd been rescued by my now father figure, and now giggled about new eyepatches and stuck googly eyes to them sometimes.

    I told him how my new father was now away from home, being treated for some mystery illness that modern medicine couldn't fix. I told him about chaos, and about Jackel. I told him about Kaden, and Bees, and Jasper, and Isaac- I told him about my new life.

    He glanced at me and nodded the whole time, looking away while smoking his cigarette so the smoke wouldn't get in my face. And I watched his expression turn from quiet understanding to sadness.

    He gripped my shoulder, and dropped his still burning cigarette off the building, and looked me in the eyes. And he went to say something but he just looked away again, unable to muster up the courage to say what he wanted.

    Until he sighed, and said he was proud of me for getting this far. How he hoped I'd live the life that he wanted for me.

    But then he shook his head , and hopped off onto the roof, and left me there sitting alone. And I looked at him in utter confusion, on why he'd left that spot.

    "You can't stay here forever" he said.

    I tried so hard to stay asleep as the dream started to melt and I tried to grip onto him and stay with him. I watched the smoke and fog rush in like a fire had just started and cinders rained from the sky.

    I haven't cried so much in months.

    #/a#diary#dreams #tw sibling death implied #vent#Samson Antaya
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    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #violence tw#blood tw#implied death #self aware village #gordon.txt #forzen.txt #part 1#anon
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  • mccoyquialisms
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    actual footage of me reacting to the incredible mandalorian lore dump in that episode:

    #for some positivity #anyway MANDO'A. MANDO'AAAAAAAAAAAA #SOLUS TAD EIHN CUIR #I FEEL ALIVE #CONCORDIA. FUCKING CONCORDIA!!!! #I can't believe the covert were fucking DEATH WATCH FUNDAMENTALISTS HOLY SHIT #The Armorer is SO SUS she's such an unreliable narrator of their history I love it SO MUCH #but i am also DESPERATE for din to meet any other mandalorian and ask them about all this and they're just like #'bro where the fuck did you learn that???' #like din takes her word as gospel but what if it's NOT #what if he's confronted with a different Way that is still Mandalorian and he has to choose #look I know they're implying everyone else on mandalore is dead but bo katan is proof that that's not true!! #they're out there!! #and they need a mand'alor! #star wars#the mandalorian#tbobf spoilers #the book of boba fett
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  • pinkpeaach
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    an unknowing accomplice

    #the tommy one looks vague but its the redstone pressure plate from hitting on 16 #dsmp#dream smp#ranboo#tommyinnit#tubbo #hitting on 16 #art#peaach aart #tw implied death
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    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #asks#dsmp spoilers #implied character death #character death tw
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  • pheedraws
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ........guess I really am side-eyeing Nova's WIPs again like a clown, huh 🤡

    #*weary sigh* it's been eighty four years... #the book of boba fett spoilers #/// #guess who finally watched chapter five and is full of t h o u g h t s #space husband I love youuuuuu #also nice to finally have confirmation that the children of the watch are death watch instead of it being like.... heavily implied #and thus glossed over #can they bring cobb back now please #even for just two seconds #lemme see that funky cowboy
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  • because-i-love-chess
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I decided to take the suggestion of Virgil as Thorfinn in this AU. Getting struck by lightning fits, actually. So here’s Virgil as a Viking ghost. He can control electricity.

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  • ryesei
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #does that imply death in the near future #call.log #contact.mer
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  • lokiande
    26.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Possibility Series Outline [THIS IS LONG]

    Okay here we go! So, the series was called the Possibility Series. It had two main stories and two side stories.

    DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS was the first book in the series. It actually started out as a Yugioh fanfiction with some not-fully-fleshed-out OCs thrown into the mix to make the world seem bigger.

    So, Tea Garder!Detective and Yami Bakura!Detective go to solve a murder mystery, ala Bones/Law and Order style. Bakura!Detective has a COWBOY HAT because I thought it looked Super Original. Tea!Detective has... uhh. A Gun. It is implied they used to date. They get there, find a couple dead, but LE GASP they had a child! So where is this magical mystery girl? In the closet! At least I think she was, also that should have been a bit of a flag for little me but little me had Big Dreams of being a Famous Author, so uhhh LET'S ADVANCE THE PLOT.

    They find the mystery child who is like... Seven? Ten? Point is she hasn't hit puberty and to my anime watching self that meant CUTE and NOT AN ASSHOLE. For some reason she spoke broken Japanese because... weeb writer. She had no personality and was there to look cute and vulnerable. And then her big brother shows up. He is a Yami Yugi stand-in that I called Adam, I think.

    Anyway Yami Yugi!Adam, the detectives and uhhh... Sad Girl Kid Zoe have to find out who killed their parents and why. Also Adam lost his memories in a car wreck in his senior year of high school, his twin brother (Yugi expy) was overcome with grief and ran off, his friends who became the Detective Duo stuck around and its AWKWARD FOR EVERYONE. Mostly because their dead parents are implied to have willingly cut contact with their amnesiac son and replaced him. No the runaway middle brother has no idea, he's doing something Cool/Sad offscreen and far away.

    So they go Looking For Clues only to find that Zoe the Sad Girl Kid is secretly possessed by A SPIRIT. ITS A WOLF THAT TALKS. And why is it talking NOW and not EARLIER when THE STORY STARTED?????

    no idea

    So they find out through Eclipse The Talking Ghost Wolf that she knows Who Done Did It. Surprise ITS A DEMON. Why??? Because MAGIC IS EVIL and CORRUPTING EVERYTHING. Makes people commit heinous crimes and also changes colors to NEON especially in animals for some reason. Eclipse has husky-blue eyes THAT GLOW. Also she can talk, AND is a ghost so clearly she got a terribad curse deal.

    Long story short after Adventure and Bonding they find the Demon who gets about via Bakura!Detectives younger brothers corpse (surprise his name is "Ryan". Why is he dead??? NO CLUE. MAYBE HE WAS IN THE CAR THAT BUSTED ADAM's MEMORY AND DIED ON IMPACT) and theres a big Magic Duel without the cards and the Good Guys win and Adam gets his memories back somehow and Younger Brothers Corpse goes SPLAT.

    There's a tearful goodbye from everyone to Eclipse The Talking Ghost Wolf except she really couldn't care less because shes a talking ghost wolf. She has Unfinished Business!

    The body is left to rot offscreen in a corner.

    End book 1

    OFFICE HATCHLING was more or less a Direct Sequel, though it didn't start out that way. It was a cutesy painting of a baby dragon in a waste paper basket. Then my brilliant mind decided LET'S MAKE THIS A STORY!1!!

    Part The First

    In the bustling city of not-actually-New-York, there is a Very Busy office worker named uhhh... Heather? Let's go with Heather. I confess I never really gave her a name AT ALL. Anyway Heather lives a Joyless Busy Work Life, at least until the New Quirky Typist is hired. This Quirky Typist has PINK HAIR and SMILES A LOT. She gradually convinces Heather to Have Fun and Let Loose! Her name? Let's call her Pixie. Because she never had an actual name either, she was literally a Manic Pixie Dream Girl there to get Heather some cheap character growth.

    Pixie convinces Heather to get a pet because there's nothing an overworked, underpaid person in a one-room, crappy apartment needs than an animal that depends upon them for Literally Everything. It's not like veterinary visits, enrichment, proper food and hydration exist, after all. Bills and the concept of inadequate animal care from a new, stressed owner NEVER CAME TO MIND.

    Anyway Heather gets an unhatched egg from a shady pet store and- You can easily guess where this is going.

    A few days later and out hatches a lizard the size of a chick. Nobody is happy about this. Heather is understandably upset because she can't take care of an exotic animal on her salary, Pixie is upset that Heather is upset, and their boss is considering firing the two because ever since Pixie was hired their productivity has dropped like a FUCKING ROCK.

    Since the "lizard" likes to play in the wastebin a lot, Heather names it Trash Baby. After a few days of feeding Trash Baby hamburger meat and limp lettuce and it not dying of an upset stomach, Heather's situational awareness FINALLY kicks in. This lizard is not a lizard, it's grown rapidly in a matter of days and is now the size of a small terrier, that talks. ALSO IT HAS WINGS.

    Heather realizes it's a dragon and almost immediately after gets a call telling her she's fired. She calls up Pixie because she got them into this mess, she can keep the damn Trash Baby. Except Pixie was also fired, so she can't keep the dragon either. Afterward Pixie is never heard from again.

    So Heather does the rational thing and drives with Trash Baby ALL THE WAY TO YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL FUCKING PARK. Because her brilliant idea is to dump an APEX PREDATOR in a wildlife refuge where it will most likely EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT and DECIMATE THE ECOSYSTEM.

    She manages to bring Trash Baby through customs because Of Course She Can. And while hiking with Trash Baby IN PLAIN FUCKING SIGHT it calls her "mama" because Of Course It Does.

    Then THE ANIMALS ATTACK. Birds descend from the trees and start dive-bombing the pair while something HUGE and ANGRY can be heard rapidly approaching. As it crashes through the tree line OH SHIT ITS A BEAR and Heather takes Trash Baby and RUNS. While she runs something LOUD can be heard ABOVE THE TREES and as the Very Unlucky pair burst into a clearing A FUCKING DRAGON CRASH-LANDS BETWEEN THEM AND THE ANIMAL HORDE.

    IT ALSO TALKS and yells at her to Run and Don't Look Back! She does, and while the sound of animals being eviscerated fades into the distance there is a low growling coming from around the bend. And who do our.. uhh Heroes see but a silvery wolf that talks and demands Heather hand Trash Baby over so she can rip it's throat out.

    dah-dah-dah-DAAAAHHH it's ECLIPSE the Talking Ghost Wolf from the last book!1!!

    Anywho Eclipse leaps at Heather when she gets smacked down by Another Dragon! Different from the huge brown one from last time, this one is green. Picks up Heather and Trash Baby and glides them to a mountain slope, telling them to climb to the peak. Terrified but very glad to not be eaten, Heather and Trash Baby do so, while the green dragon follows in case they fall.

    Eclipse stays behind, because she can't fly.

    Part The Second

    So Heather and Trash Baby climb up the mountain, with the dragons in front and behind. Everyone is grumpy and the brown one is covered in blood. Eventually they reach a Huge Fucking Cave and Greenie crashes by the entrance while Brownie leads the two further in and starts explaining What The Fuck is Going On.

    Eclipse the Talking Ghost Wolf is trying to kill them and eradicate all magic in the world to "purify" it, and the Dragons are trying to hold her off long enough to make a portal to another, more magically-potent planet called Soth Leona. Because magic existed in Earth's past, in great quantity and allowed for many strange things. This included allowing Dragons to exist, beings made near-completely of magic, able to breathe fire and fly and speak. Without enough magic they only grow so large, barely able to speak, fly, or breathe fire . So the two have been storing ambient magic in crystals and working on a cheap Stargate knockoff to get themselves out.

    Why is the magic gone? No-one is sure, all they know is that sometime in the Dark Ages the last dragon died, and Magic with it- But that is clearly false, as there are dragons and magic now. Hanging on by a thread, but clearly not As Gone as Eclipse would like.

    So, Heather agrees to help build the portal. Trash Baby learns to glide, and Eclipse is frequently seen stalking around the base of the mountain. At some point she learns the names of the other dragons. The brown one is called Morath and the green one is called Lokiande. Morath is a local dragon, born in the mid 1800s to a magically barren land. He had grown up knowing something was missing and sought to correct it, making a territory in the Caldera of Yellowstone. Then Lokiande crash landed from another world full of magic in the 1940s. You can imagine she did not take the "Earth is a magical wasteland" very well.

    I honestly did not think on how they would build the portal, what materials were needed, how much effort it would take or even how Heather would survive. At this point I could guess residual magic was gathered over a period of days in crystals, which in turn had to be made manually by dragonfire on rocks. You can imagine how long this would take, if the world is a near-deadzone of magic.

    At least three years. Maybe longer, who knows?

    Anyway, the portal is built. Heather is miraculously alive, either by living with the dragons in the massive cave system OR she has enough money to somehow pay for a pass through the park, and the gas required to get her from her home STATES AWAY. Meanwhile, Eclipse has agreed to a shaky truce: IF the portal works as described the dragons are free to leave, Eclipse gives up her crusade and Heather can go back to her Boring Life. If it FAILS, Eclipse will control as many creatures as she can to kill the dragons AND Heather AND destroy the portal.

    Also there's a side plot about Morath and Lokiande pairing up, having an egg and Lokiande taking it with her through the portal but that's not important lol!

    Long story short the portal works, the dragons leave, Eclipse dies for good bc there's no more magic and Heather goes back to her Boring Office Life, THE END.



    YELLOW FOR FRIENDSHIP was the backstory to the Possibility Series as a whole. This story was about the End of Magic, and the people [and dragon] that made it happen.

    In Brython, Queen Ingfast is succumbing to paranoia and madness after having killed her husband. But lo and behold, the neighboring kingdom of the Geats is seeking to renew THE ALLIANCE. So, she sends not an envoy, not merchants laden with gifts of silver and gold, no bannermen or slaves. Instead, as the Geats requested, she sends over a single knight with a bouquet of yellow roses that signify friendship. YAAAY TITLE DROP!

    Anyway this knight is one Bran Wolfsbane, having been given the surname after decimating the local wolf population by a thousand, and thus throwing the ecosystem into a slow downward spiral. So he goes on his merry way to meet with the neighbors and arrives in... Geatland??? [Pronounced yay-at-land]. He is surprised by how clean the local peasants are, finding it odd they aren't covered in filth and screaming to mark their status as lesser. YES he's kind of a classist and a dick. And yes, this passing remark does have some nasty implications about how Brython is handling it's people back home.

    His arrival at the palace nearly gives him a heart attack. Instead of the typical Christian or Catholic imagrey on the walls there are banners and stained glass windows of dragons, fae and animals. Then he gets to the throne room. More of the same, and you can guess his reaction. Inside he is screaming PAGAN PAGAN PAGAN OH GOD as he bows to... the Princess. There is no King or Queen of Geatland, only a Prince or Princess, and this Princess does not look like she belongs on the throne. She is frail and wispy and WHO DECIDED THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA??? One strong breeze and the ruler is DONE FOR!

    Anyway words are said, surprisingly Bran does NOT call the Princess a heretical pagan and doom their lands to war eternal. So, to the opening notes of "Smile" from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, he montages his way to the dragon cave in the nearby mountains. DID I FOGET TO MENTION THAT??? Yes! Aside from being asked to be an ambassador, he's a temporary Dragonslayer For Hire!! Anyway, he finds no horde of gems or burnt bodies, but FEATHERS and BOOKS. He's confused, but WAIT THERE'S MORE!1!! Suddenly a purple dragon appears! But it's not scaley and sharp, it's FLUFFY and- he faints from shock.

    You heard right, folks! The man who slaughtered animals and probably other people for fun and profit faints at the sight of something that is barely bigger than his horse and as fluffy as a songbird. He wakes up and after a bit of back-and-forth banter, Purple Smart asks him to become her apprentice. Because why not? He agrees almost instantly because, again, I didn't think it through.

    So this staunch Generic Christian Knight [I didn't think to look up what other faiths were present when I wrote this] whose job it is to destroy evil and spread The Holy Word [is he a Crusader?? I HAVE NO IDEA] agrees to work as a Magic Apprentice under the local Dragon. This can only end well!

    And it goes more or less how one would expect a vague plot to go. Bran willingly and with no ulterior motive learns magic under the Dragon Ruth. He also learns some history because HISTORY IS IMPORTANT. Turns out the Brythons had been spearheading the violent removal of magic and magic accesories for years, and that meant Dragons Were Dying. Either from dragonslayers or just... local magic loss? So the remaining dragons made a plan; Their race was doomed anyway, they had recently discovered the foul origins of magic, and they did not want any possible future generations to suffer a slow and painful existence to end with a slow and painful death. So whoever was left after nearly all magic was gone would perform ritual suicide, act as a sort of living conduit and destroy the remains and even memory of magic.

    Purple Smart has other plans. Grandiose plans of slowly bringing back Magic to the world so that future generations could shape it into something BETTER!! And all that had to happen was the person killing her had to love her- make it less of a ritual suicide and more a ritual sacrifice.

    Somehow this actually works! Bran quickly grows to adore his dragon teacher, the fact that he's BEHOLDEN TO ANOTHER NATION ENTIRELY is just handwaved away for at least a year IF NOT MORE. Eventually he is told he has to kill her, which will also kill the Princess of Geatland because YEAH SURE WHY NOT. Ruth the Dragon has The Princess as a sort of semi-aware Astral Projection Thing going on, yes it's complicated, yes it's stupid. YES the Dragons have been doing this for CENTURIES-

    He kills Ruth because he's a moron, goes to see her Astral Projection Doll Child to comfort them before they poof because THEY'RE NOT REALLY AWARE OF WHAT'S HAPPENING, isn't that HORRIFYING!!

    and then kinda just- walks off into the sunset all sad as Magic fades from the world with a scattering of gold amnesia dust.

    LOKIANDE was the story of the birth and life of the secondary dragon from Office Hatchling. How she rose into prominence as a Royal Dragon of the Feudal Territories of Soth Leona, followed the kingdom into disgrace and eventually ended up travelling to Earth. It's needlessly dramatic and sad and basically my years long roleplay turned semi-readable novella.

    [the rest of this isn't as Funny bc I just couldn't keep up the writing style. So congrats you get LONG WINDED EXPOSITION!]

    For some Context, Soth Leona was my attempt to turn the video game of SecondLife into a plausible world. Basically you have the mainland continents, surrounded by ocean that may or may not be alive and EAT LAND, and then you have Islands which are basically gifts you get from the Pantheon if you're good enough, and have to give up offerings to at the local shrine or risk everything being sunk under the sea. YAY WORLDBUILDING.

    There's the Cities, which are places of modern luxury- where I imagined all the clubs, art venues, shopping centers and building areas would be. Surrounded by suburbs and towns for daily living, etc etc. Then you have the Feudal Territories- not one single place but pockets of land where people have voluntarily or not essentially gone fgucking cottagecore on everything. Peasantry and nobility and knights and all that fun stuff, just without the dying of dysentery, racism and misogyny.

    There's also furries and aliens and all sorts of weird shit going on in the background but we're not focusing on them :D

    With all that out of the way~! Loki's backstory was one of “mysteriously orphaned”, egg left at a cliffside cave at the edge of a Feudal Territory. She is raised by a pair of gay gryphons who want a child of their own, and eventually leaves the nest to find her own place at 9 years old.

    She arrives at an Island called Zolio, currently going through it's own Magic purge like Geatland was, for different reasons. Basically the person who the Island was gifted to couldn't keep up with paying tithe, so to avoid the island and the locals being EATEN BY THE FUCKING OCEAN, it's sold off to a wealthy City couple who want to play King and Queen, and rule over a fiefdom of their own.

    There's just one problem- they don't want their new home to have magic. So they are allowing five years for the place to be cleared out of all nonhumans and colonized for others to live their 'authentic Feudal Lifestyle". Yes it's EXACTLY as horrible as it sounds!

    [SIDENOTE: none of this "selling to the highest bidder" actually happened, I just needed a plausible reason why the Zolio sim eventually did go from medi-fantasy to generic medieval, while keeping some of the builds from their previous incarnation around.]

    Loki arrives a few months before this gets put into action because the demigod landowner is stalling for time. Why not just cut their losses and evacuate the island? WHO FUCKING KNOWS, NOT ME. She has no idea this is happening and in fact has a lovely few months getting to know the locals, meets with the other dragons and even learns to shapeshift into a young human! Then it all goes to shit.

    Transformed as a human, she is unknowingly roped into performing a ritual to ward dragons away from the towns and gets forced back to her regular body from the magical backlash. So begins the first dragon hunt. Loki is almost captured, but escapes! She might be traumatized but she's still alive!

    [This did happen, the roleplay was great and dramatic and i wish I'd saved the logs from it.]

    After a brief stint where she's framed for a tower catching fire [I honestly dont remember if this happened or I just wrote it out cause it sounded cool back when i tried to turn this into a story the first time], Loki gets smuggled out of Zolio by a wizard and a half-drow empath, and spends a few weeks on the road traveling from place to place [didn't happen, we just Teleported to another sim]. She eventually became half of an Eragon-style dragon/rider pairbond to a Prince in an archipelago.

    Years go by, Loki makes some friends, grows up, and when the Prince takes over for his brother the King, he reveals that LE GASP he had been a Drow the whole time! How did nobody find out? I DUNNO. Why did he feel the need to infiltrate a human society? I DUNNO. This actually happened, it was stupid as hell and even tho it led to a roleplay where we all trekked South to the Drow Empire of Luth, and got to fight in AN ACTUAL WAR WITH MAGIC AND SWORDS- I felt cheated. This guy was all "oh we are a true pairbond but we won't ever practice combat or roleplay with other sims because I'm too nice and don't wanna hurt anyone!"

    ..yeah it was a mess.

    Eventually I/Loki left Luth for other roleplay and [insert handwaving stuff away] that is how we ended up with my dragon OC being a side character in an original story.

    [The following, if LOKIANDE had been made into an actual book wouldn't have made it in at all. It's just one big sad fest after this point, so proceed with caution!]






    Also, are you wondering what happened with Loki's mother? TURNS OUT IT WAS HERSELF. I WROTE MYSELF INTO A GODDAMN CORNER. Basically the portal in Office Hatchling? It led to Lokiande's original nesting site. YES THIS IS FUCKED UP, YES IT'S AWFUL. YEAH THIS IS WHY LOKI NEVER SPEAKS TO OR MEETS MORATH AGAIN.

    And while Little Loki is busy having misadventures, Older Loki is having an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS! Basically she wander around for a few years being Sad bc of timey wimey bullshit, then conveniently remembers she has another friend, one who ISN'T a derailing ass! Her name is Ctarsa, she's another dragon who lives in this other Feudal Territory called Uhre, and she is Very Sick! So sick that the local mages put her in a coma IN CRYSTAL to try and halt it but WUH-OH, THAT FAILED! So now she's dead and also the disease got passed to her kid! Kid's alive, Lokiande the Elder takes care of it, raises them to adulthood but the whole time she's so wrapped up in her own problems that the baby called Forbidden Void has to do their own raising half the time.

    Long story short Lokiande the Elder dies of depression, Forbidden is angsty and sad but eventually goes and does her own thing. What is that you might wonder? SECRETLY RAISING A BROOD ARMY OF SKULL CREATURES. Also she has her own kids at some point called Forfith and Lokiande who have NO IDEA this is happening!

    Don't worry the army never actually does anything it's just a lot of posturing. At this point it was just me and my friend roleplaying multiple generations in a single family. Kinda fun, again wish i'd kept the RP logs.

    Uhhh what else... at one point Lokianth is possessed by the ghost of Lokiande to talk to her mother! That is a thing that happens! Also Forbidden dies for like a minute but she gets better. Then she dies for real a year later, ends up possessing Forfith, who kills her sister and the ghost of their grandmother.

    The End.

    #Possibility Series#original writing #Death tw. #Body horror tw. #Colonialism tw. #Suicide tw. #TBH a lot of this is just glossed over or implied rather than stater outright but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
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    #ic. / ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴍᴇᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ! #inbox. / 𝒂𝒏𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒍𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒔. #anon. / 𝘮𝘺𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘸𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘳. #implied death tw #child abuse tw #ask to tag
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  • aristhought
    26.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    just as we inhale & exhale, life & death forever dance harmoniously in everything || IG

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  • ratcandy
    26.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #ask#caps warning #ALL THE ONES WHERE BITCHBOY JUST UP AND DIES #or implied death as he's either starving in his self-isolation amongst a bunch of dead nosk corpses (returning to the nosk den. to rot) #or his venom getting slashed in the fight w/ ghost #or the . lake of unn ending. which i do not talk about #as for NS i've already thought up a FEW tragic endings but none of them were considered for a final cut #however. the current ending. if I. like. include ONE specific line. #would be. HINTED devastation
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  • chaggle
    26.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    (Click for hq!)

    100 lives lost

    100 lives taken

    #mcyt #mythrodak cinematic universe #seensven#chase #cyd drew a thing #blood. #implied character death #sad panda hours #:( #man i am so burnt akxbsixhs
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  • flowerpotsandpennykettles
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Spent an hour on hold with walgreens only to finally speak to the pharmacist and have them tell me that they COULDN'T replace the prescription that they filled wrong. Anyways catch yall on the flip side because its over for me :)

    #minty things #its only the most important medication I take #and a three month supply 🥲 #death implied#suicide implied#medicine cw#medication cw#medical cw #also just fyi if it gets too bad we'll pay the $300 to get it filled correctly wo insurance #so it'll be okay except it wont be actually
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