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  • Changing the blog theme!

    This is going to be only Flight Rising related from now on!

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    Okay, so this is my main blog. For several reasons, I don’t want it to be my main anymore. So what do I do? I will move this to a sideblog and this one will become… something else. You will see!

    The url of the new version of this blog will stay the same. I will now start to manually (-.-) delete all otherkin/therian related posts here and simply… start over again with the new sideblog. After this is done, I will delete this post.

    If you want to unfollow me here, I can totally understand that! :)

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  • If y’all havn’t noticed by now, This blog has turned to be… 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐝… i’m an Angsty artist ^^;

    I’m doing my best to tag things properly (if i miss any on any posts PLEASE TELL ME WHICH ONES so I can fix the tags)

    BUT If any of it still makes you really uncomfortable or triggered or anything like that, you are free to unfollow/block me
    (it’s okay, I wanna make sure y’all are feeling comfortable on tumblr and if my blog makes you feel the opposite… ;-; im sorry)

    and if anyone has questions or anything please DM me okay?

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    #mcr #my chemical romance #return#concerts#concert dates#my chem#important #i am dying
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  • image


    #ALMOST 4 YEARS OHHH MY GOD I DID IT #gigaposting#liveblogging#usum#pokemon#important #god....what a good game
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  • I am a giant dumb slut and should be treated like a cumdumpster. I need to always be fukked with cum, that’s all I’ll ever be good for

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  • Because when I’m going to a new place, it’s important to know that they have … . .

    #hilarious #clean and friendly people #important
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  • hey mutuals,

    if you reblog anything with gore, bacteria growing, or any trypophobia triggering posts please tag them. I have new trauma associated with these from a surgery I went through this week and I ran across a post that triggered my fight or flight response a few minutes ago and it wasn’t good. if you do post these things could you please comment what you tag it is as so I can put it on my blacklisr? thanks

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  • Yanderes get the fuck off this blog please!!!

    If you participate in ~yancore~ or whatever please block this blog and never touch any of my shit thank you

    #important#please #i cant handle it
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    tw anxiety talk💧

    Hellu everyone, I have a question for all my anxiety ridden people out there, how do you handle your anxiety? and what do you do to put yourself more at ease?

    I’ve been struggling all my life with anxiety and I never really found a way to make myself feel better with it other than play games or draw to make myself feel better and try to at least get rid of the feeling of being anxious but even after i do that i still have it and its a real pain for me..( ˃̶̤́ д ˂̶̤̀)💧… i was wondering if what other people do it could help me out as well to better myself even at least a little bit. i not only want to help myself but also other people that struggle with anxiety and don’t know what to do to help themselves so please reply or reblog this post with some advice that helps you with your anxiety, it would be greatly appreciated 💓

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    Tag Dump

    #Feeling Good As Hell; #Lola He Can Get a Little Jealous but His Soul is Pure; #Same shit different day. Do they get a kick outta pushin' me; #saved#important
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  • It’s been a while… I’ve been bored just sitting around…. How about we shake things up again?


    Hello!! The Ask Box is Back in Session!

    It’s been a long, long while but it’s Mod Deerly here! After a long break because life has been busy with me being in my senior year of high school, I decided to take a break and also because I was overwhelmed by a lot of things :’D I’ve decided to revive this blog just because I,, , I just really miss drawing Kakyoin.

    :) That’s all.

    That being said, I do have a couple things I want to change with how I’m going to run this blog. I know I’m probably not going to have a huge audience right when I come back so I’m not too worried about this getting out of hand! I’ll update the info page as well with these key points:

    - I won’t be continuing to do long role-play threads anymore! Unless it’s an event thread, I will not develop long threads just because they’re very overwhelming for me and I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a role-play blog!

    - I’ll most likely have an irregular posting/answering schedule! This isn’t really a rule, so much as a heads up! Since this blog is just for fun in my eyes, I won’t be spending too much time on it like I did before. l also have other blogs and stuff I’d like to work on so this ask blog isn’t my main priority.

    - While I do appreciate other characters, I also kind of want to just focus on drawing fun and shit-post-y things just for Kak! That doesn’t mean that other blogs aren’t allowed to interact! It’s mainly for when you send in an ask, please let it focus on him :’) Also please don’t send in doughnut jokes, milf jokes, and any other inappropriate questions or comments! I’m tired of those. :)

    That’s mainly the key points I wanted to point out since I never really had problems before! I hope with this revival we can have some good laughs and good fun for a while :D !! Thank you so much for reading and ask away!

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  • #Death tw#tw#important #death mention tw
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  • Someone sent me an anonymous confession confirming that they are not legal, and I’m assuming that means they’re not over 18 or over the legal age in the country they are in. Instantly blocked them. Please, if you’re anywhere below 18, unfollow this blog, get lost. This blog says it’s for 18+ only, and that’s for a reason.

    I know that it’s difficult to avoid certain media online because everything is just laid out for you. But there are options to keep yourself from seeing this kind of content, such as blacklisting tags and blocking not sfw blogs to keep them from appearing in your dashboard. I know you’re all curious, but please, there are better ways of educating yourself and Tumblr is far from the suitable medium to do so.

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  • teachers be kind to your students. especially if you teach small children. you have no idea how much of an impact you have on a child’s life.

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  • Design contest!

    (50 follower special!)

    Hello everyone!

    So I’ve decided to open up a design contest for my baby Ink!

    I will open up submissions, you will send in your art of his design, then I will pick randomly!



    • His design can be based off of normal Ink’s design, but it must be orginal.
    • No NSFW or anything like that.
    • In this au, Ink’s cannon height is 2 ft 1 so don’t make him like a giraffe or something-
    • To enter, you must, like this post, and reblog it, the password is ‘Inky loves your art’. The reason the password is there, is to make sure you read the rules.
    • When you reblog, please tell everyone to read all of this post.
    • Have fun!

    There will be 3 places!

    And there will be prizes!


    1st place:

    Shout out, there design is Baby Ink’s cannon, I will use their art as my pfp or bg, And I will follow them! 💞

    2st place:

    Shout out, Their outfit will be a special outfit ink will wear sometimes, I will follow them! 💞

    3rd place:

    Shout out, I will follow them! 💞

    Have fun!

    (P.s, there is no to-date yet bc I haven’t reached 50 followers-)

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  • you are loved even if people don’t always show it <3

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