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  • due to ezra acting like a fucking trash can, from this point on gavin’s faceclaim will be dylan everett. thank you and ignore any past gifs on his page of ezra because i am far too lazy to fix every old post.

    - eve.

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  • Cats can get covid-19. They have the same receptor the virus binds to on humans. If they get sick they get the dry cough and fever and shortness of breath like humans do.

    Cats can catch it from humans and pass it to other humans. A tiger was found to have it in a New York zoo. The tiger was infected by an asymptomatic zookeeper. Then the tiger gave it to a few other tigers and a lion, but the animals will be okay. It’s unknown if cats have the deadly bad reactions that humans do. Let’s assume yes, that a cat with FIV or asthma will get very ill.

    Keep your cats indoors, and if you don’t know if they were exposed keep them away from other cats! If you have a sick cat and a well cat, keep them apart. They don’t understand “don’t touch your face” and “don’t get in my face” so you have to protect them.

    #big cats#cats#tigers#lions#coronavirus#covid-19 #coronavirus in animals #psa#signal boost#important#news#coronavirus pandemic#warning#tw illness #coronavirus in cats #SIGNAL BOOST THE CRAP OUT OF THIS RIGHT NOW!!!
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  • all the time it’s no one’s fault LMAO i’m just . don’t want to do Anything except for divination bc everything else requires effort, even tarot is on thin ice rn


    at least i know who my shift is ASGH but yeah! expect a wait, i’m just uh,,, trying to stop my body from doing its weird shutdown thing when i get stressed out by stuff. SO i’m gonna grab a soda and see y’all on the flip side


    - mod mike (richie shift)

    #mod mike talks #not a request #not kin relate #important
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  • update,, again

    i’ll be uploading all of the art i posted on here to my art blog, @myko-exe-art , ill also be un-archiving all my art on instagram

    #its gonna take a while to upload them all #theres like 50 pictures #after thinking for a while i realized i dont wanna delete all my posts #character development#my post#important#update
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  • ok so I’m practically on Spring’s hit list I can’t even go sit outside because allergic reaction hive hell and I’m still getting hives regardless so benadryl/showers are my friends.

    But I got an neato idea, since there’s a good majority of people who don’t have time to read and now have time to read. We can all make a big list of some really good books (including comics/graphic novels) with this format:

    • book title || small summary if you wanna do that, its optional || directed audience (say its like more of an adult book or whatever) || where you can read it for free online unless you have no idea where || the mood of the book. Say perhaps: this a serious but tough read or are you gonna laugh so much you cry or is it only crying, is it a cozy mystery?? Who knows???

    Yeah so, just reblog this with your lil’ list of weeping wonders in that format I showed you so its easier for other people to choose something to binge read at least.

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  • Let me clarify.

    You can be bi but still have a preference.

    You can be pan but still have a preference.

    You can be straight but still have a preference.


    That’s not how preferences work!!

    #I had to get this off my chest #pansexual#bisexual#sexuality#important #personal shit no one cares about
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  • Uhhhh all my rbs n stuff thts not art/asks/important things will be going over to @remedygnash to keep this blog clean and less clustered n hard to tell what my followers follow me for so xoxo

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  • Yo idgaf, when ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ comes on and you are: drunk, high, gay, or preferably all three, you belt that shit with tears in your eyes like you wrote the damn thing. I don’t make the rules man.

    #important #I don't make the rules bro #i think I'm funny #but I'm mad serious #😂😂😂
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  • Now that I got a drawing tablet (and under quarantine because of the youknowwhat), I’m opening requests! I prefer Cuphead as the lead partner, but I don’ t mind Mugman being in charge some times. Trans Cup and Mug are allowed! So is genderswapping, Mpreg and TransMpreg, AUs, and fan kids! I currently have six on my mind, my baby girl Latte, four (Mocha, Jasmine, Machi, and Affogato) belonged to a fellow CupMug shipper, so I’ll be keeping them safe and warm until she comes back! (If she does come back) And another (Scarlet Tea) came from another frond who has since fallen out of the fandom, and I’ll protect her with the same reason. And if you want me to draw your fan baby, let me know! Also, If you want to give me something too, hit me up with an art trade.

    I’ve got a shit ton of requests from the last time I asked for requests, I’m going to save and delete them all so I can have a clean slate. They’re all anons, so I have no users to mention. Either they’re all going to be in one post, or going to be they’re own individual posts. And I’ve shut off anonymous to prevent repeats. If you repeat ANYTHING, I will delete your request.

    One call, that’s all!

    And with that said, happy requesting!

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  • hi everyone~ I’ll be posting the ch2 results now…. just for the fun of it.


    I’ll also finally state why i made these polls, you all decided who is dying first. now now, don’t go getting all upset loves. there’s still going to be plot twists for these!

    #ooc #ooc icons by kai-kins #update#important
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  • image

    Devotional for April 5

    Never let loyalty and kindness leave you!
           Tie them around your neck as a reminder.
           Write them deep within your heart.

    - Proverbs 3:3


    Love and kindness are important character qualities. Both involve actions as well as attitudes. A loving person not only feels love; he or she also acts loyally and responsibly. A kind person works for justice for others.


    Thoughts and words are not enough—our lives reveal whether we are truly loving and kind. Do your actions measure up to your attitudes?

    © 2010 by Tyndale House Publishers

    #Tyndale Life Application Daily Devotion #Proverbs 3:3#love#kindness#loyalty#important#April 5#2020 #Tyndale House Publishers
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  • #(COVID-19) Apr-2020 (Khuda Naraz Ker Baitthey)… # STAY HOME STAY SAFE # (ASTAGHFAAR PARRHAIN)…

    السّلام و علیکم ناظرین…!!!

    اللّہ تبارُک تعالٰی سے رحم مانگیں…, استغفار کریں…, اور اُنہیں منا لیں…, اللّہ تبارُک تعالٰی جلدی مان جاتے ہیں…,

    اللّہ تبارُک تعالٰی ہم سب پر رحم فرمائیں… آمین یا ربُ العالمین …؛



    میرے مولا…!!! آپ ہماری ساری خطاؤں کو معاف کر دیجیئے…,بُھول بیٹھے تھے آپ کی ساری وفاؤں کو معاف کر دیجیئے…,گناہ گار ہیں ہم, خطا کار ہیں ہم, لیکن اب شرمسار ہیں ہم…, جو کر گئے ہیں خُود پر اُن ساری جفاؤں کو معاف کر دیجیئے…,نہ سوچا کبھی, نہ کِیا عمل, خُود کو ہی خُود خُدا سَمجھ بیٹھے…, جو نازِل کی ہیں آپ نے اِن ساری وبَاؤں کو معاف کر دیجیئے…,بہت مصرُوف تھے, بہت مسرُور تھے گُل^ دُنیا کی رنگینیوں میں…, کِس مُنہ سے پُکاریں کہ ہماری ساری سزاؤں کو معاف کر دیجیئے…,رحِیم ہیں آپ, کرِیم ہیں آپ, ربّ کائنات عظِیم ہیں آپ…, کرَم فرمائیے ہم پر آنے والی ساری بَلاؤں کو معاف کر دیجیئے…,


    “”“واللّہ غالبٓ علی امرہ ولٰکن اکثر الناس لا یعلمون”“”“ اللّہ جو چاھتا ھے وہ کر کے ھی رھتا ھے, مگر لوگوں کی اکثریت یہ بات نہیں جانتی…!!!!

    ”“"اللّہ پاک سے ھمیشہ خیر مانگیں اور اچھے کی امید رکھیں…”“”“

    اللّہ تبارُک تعالٰی ہم سب پر اپنا کرم اور رحم فرمائیں…  آمین یا ربُ العالمین…


    Please Pray 🤲🤲🤲,Like 👍👍👍, Comment ✍✍✍, Share 📢📢📢, Subscribe 🤝🤝🤝& Press The Bell 🔔🔔🔔 Icon For More Upcoming Updates…Share To Those Whom You Take Care…لائک اور کمینٹ ضرور کیجئے گا…

    آپکی خیر خواہ •••،غزل عنبرین گُل جٹ جسڑویفنانشل ایڈوائیزر اینڈ بینکر

    #GhazalAmbreenGull #Gull #Poetry #Sweet #Stylish #Jutt #Jasaarrvi #Yeapiii #Convid19 #Pakistan #StayHomeStaySafe #Important #Desires #Precautions

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  • Hey I think I need to tell you something that’s really important.

    You’re beautiful.

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  • Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I know I haven’t been very active on here but I’ve been doing okay myself, but I do have some news for this blog. I’m going to be putting this on semi hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time.

    I know I just started a new farmer event and I’m so sorry if I let you down. I wasn’t planning on going on hiatus when I started the event, I promise. I had so many ideas and new characters I was excited to share with you but then the deadline came and it was just suddenly super hard to work on the event anymore. I bit off more than I could chew, and when the weeks went by and I didn’t post anything new it just made it harder to get back into it. Theres a lot going on right now and worrying about this blog just added more stress to the situation

    Thats not to say we’re done here! What I’m thinking of doing is maybe making this more of an rp/writing blog so I can still be active without worrying about my art. I love this community and still want to be part of it, and writing seems like an easier way for me to still be here with everyone. 

    I’m planning on making a post about the new characters I was going to introduce (maybe not with art) so you guys can see where things were/are headed, and if you want to send any asks about them or rp requests I’ll try my best to get to them! If you want I can also post the scripts for the comics I was planning introducing them (since I at least wrote those)

    Im so sorry if it seems like I’ve been leading you on with promise of new content only to never produce anything. I swear I tried but it ended up being too much for me with everything going on right now. I love you guys a lot and I’m so happy to have made friends here, and even though I’m not going to be as active I hope I can keep those friendships

    Thank you so much for supporting Sonder Farm, and I hope you’ll stick around to see what the future brings.

    #sdv oc#sdv#sdv farmer#stardew valley#update#important #im really sorry !! i love you guys
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