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  • The stages of improving your art style by studying a part of someone else’s art style:

    1. Discover an artist and think that you want to draw like him too

    2. Select a part of the style you want to learn and practice

    3. Be frustrated that I doesn’t look exactly like the refrence

    4. Practice more

    5. Discover that you’ve learnt a part of the other artist’s style and that it has mixed with your style

    Now you have a new skill (and your progress is visible in your artworks)

    (who can find drawings where I did that and can someone even name the artists I’ve studied?)

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  • last year i redrew my old weeb drawing from 8th grade

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  • image

    This is the evolution of how I drew myself when I first started digital art, to now.

    #art evolution#art#drawing evolution#digital art#progress #at least I think so #improvement#artwork #my hair has literally not changed all these years and that is very funny to me
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  • image

    Idk why i like to do redraws now but here’s another redraw of something i made in 2016.

    I used to only exclusively draw chibis lol.

    I also always put so many details in it, geez what happened? TT

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  • 5 april 2020 vs 2 june 2019 – i just wanted to see them next to each other

    #Improvement#trafalgar law#one piece#op#op fanart#my art#mine #was it really less than a year #so much has changed in my art and my life
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  • I’m trying to improve…

    It seems I can’t TwT

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  • Noodling away at a drawing from last fall. Definitely seeing an improvement on the face!

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  • image

    A redraw i did of a drawing back in 2017 about the genocide route :p

    I changed Frisk’s expression because i like a softie sweetheart Frisky

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  • Don’t aim for perfection, work on improving yourself!

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  • image

    The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

    Been awhile since I’ve posted art on here. So I guess I should start doing it more. I’ve done this and am really proud of it. I don’t know why but I find Hanahaki Disease art a little interesting. Though it’s sad and may show some blood/gore, I find it beautiful. Dunno why I’m just werid.

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  • The workspace is evolving. I made a necessary trip to an office furniture warehouse this morning, for this used chair and mat…only $115.00 for both.

    Now they’re disinfected, installed, and ready for Monday. 😷

    #work from home #improvement#this life #wish i was dead
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  • This is… my very first oc. She was a creepypasta oc, and she never actually killed anyone but who cares tbh. I had her for about two years before I made her a human, another half a year before she became an undertale skeleton oc, and then I ditched her for Aozith and his buds lmao

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  • I keep thinking I’m crashing, but in therapy last night, I realized that, big picture, I’m doing better than i though i was. I’m genuinely happy and hopeful, for the first time in years.

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  • did a redraw of a redraw!! 2 year gaps between em all,,, i think i improved a lot !!

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  • How to have discipline while being isolated

    Let’s start with a few suggestions/steps:

    • write down a list with tasks for the day/week; another method i’ve seen it’s to make a list for 3 days and as you complete the tasks for a day, you write the tasks for the next day and it’s like an never ending list; anyway, i don’t suggest being too strict or detailed with your tasks as in “12:00 do laundry”, “16:45 read book X” unless that’s what works for you. In most cases it will make you want to procrastinate and you feel like you got no free time
    • do it now; this is what my grandma does, when she gets a task, she either finishes it instantly or she starts taking care of it as soon as she’s done with the task at hand
    • ask yourself what’s the most important task; the sooner you’re done with those, the sooner you’ll feel relieved since important tasks tend to make you nervous and procrastinate to no end in order to avoid them
    • get the right ambiance; in case you keep postponing your tasks because you are not in the mood, you can always start playing some kind of ASMR or ambiance video on youtube and you got many choices, from libraries to witches’ cottages
    • have what you need with you before you start; the reason why people are more successful in a library, cafe etc it’s because their stuff are next to them. You don’t want to start working and then get up every 10 min because you forgot something in another room
    • rationalize with your own person; for example if i want to stay in bed all day and i know it’s out of laziness, not because i’m exhausted, then i’ll ask myself or throw reasons at me like “you’ll waste this day if you don’t do something small”, it’s a task that requires minimum of effort, you can stay in bed after” etc.
    • adapt to your circumstances; want to stay in bed? get a shoe box as a desk then; want to bake cookies? bake cookies and while they’re in the oven read that book you got (set a timer though)
    • short periods of study time; some people can study for longer than others but if you lack discipline completely, start with studying for 20-35 min and then take a break of 5min; try not to go over 1h30m though since you’ll be exhausted after; BTW there’s a small % of people who prefer to stay in “the mood” so they study until they get tired completely (which can take 5-6 hours on average) and then take a break of 1-2 hours so this is also a great method
    • get an app that tracks you; you can 1. see your average time (for example, i have the habit of losing my focus either after 45-50min or after 1h30m) and 2. it gives you the sense that you’re actually down to business; 3. if your chosen app can do that, it blocks the other apps unless they’re on the white list aka. you can use them for studying
    • routines or triggers; i read once how a routine can trigger and put you in the mood for studying but the example was “when you are done with your coffee, you know you’ll get to work” and since i don’t drink coffee i started to write in my agenda in the morning and then work but after a while i started to wear these plain rings on my thumbs and i wouldn’t get them off until i was done with my tasks or i took a break, basically, make something associated with the process of “studying/working”

    Now, since many of you are at home now and so it’s your family, you might or might not have a place of your own to study or/and your family might be noisy so let’s cover all these possibilities.

    How to get away with murder 

    (joking, it’s just a post about how to study in an area with noises)

    Now, maybe these posts will help too since they are related more or less with discipline

    How to deal with procrastination

    5 ways to start doing things

    How to do more or better stuff

    How to maintain your discipline/motivation

    10 tips for productivity

    How to have discipline

    How to study with a mental illness

    How to be motivated

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  • I was on my laptop, on tumblr, when I saw the “about me” part on my own page. 

    This was what I wrote 4 years ago, when I created my tumblr. It’s adorable.

    “My name is Dilara, I’m 15 years old and live in germany. I made this blog to get to be a more positive person, who only sees the best in most situations. Because atm I’m not really sure who I really am and what I want to do with my life. I only know that I want a change. I want to be more motivated and happy, I want to enjoy every day and have a reason to smile. And I hope this will somehow help me. I feel like I’m on a good way, because some things already changed…at least a bit and that makes me really really happy.I started doing the things I love more often and I’m glad I did. So basically this is a blog for myself, but also for other people. Because I enjoy being in company of optimistic people and that’s why people should totally start to be happy.“ (That’s actually the original text. I wrote it in English and it amazes me right now.)

    Since then I have been through so much. So many people came into my life and left again. Some left me, and others were left behind by me. I have become so much stronger, happier and much more versatile. I have indeed grown and I fought many times. I got to know the darkest sides of myself, but also the most amazing ones. I made people laugh at least a thousand times, I made people cry. I went on adventures, I celebrated birthdays, I changed my style, my way of living, I finished school with an awesome grade average (which I will be forever proud of), I moved into a different city. I felt real love for the first time in my life and learned what family and friends really mean to me and who I want to be, once more. I started studying my dream subject and I am so so excited for everything that’s coming.

    I am thankful for everything I have and I couldn’t be happier about how my life turned out. And maybe… tumblr actually helped me to become the optimistic person that I am now. 

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  • updated improvement meme! ^-^

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