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  • ultimaterealmofchaos
    06.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    i’m spending time developing gonta and

    i might end up redoing his but that’s okay ahaha

    #ooc: it's! karla! #drs spoilers #i need to actually remember to tag these alksdjf
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    06.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    to the anon who mentioned sending in scarian fic and seemed a little nervous about it, no worries! here's me joining you in solidarity. holding hands or smth idk it's almost midnight for me rn

    scarian (duh lol)
    summary: a series of moments from 3L!Scar's pov, as he falls a little to hard for the guy indebted to him. (or is he just in love with the way he looks while they plan to win their little death game? who knows, certainly not Scar)
    cw: mostly fluff despite the heavy theme of murder / feelings realization / minor description of injuries / pining

    There was a certain kind of something that Scar saw in Grian.

    Sure - he was skilled at building (no, Scar did not sneak glances at his arms when he tied his sweater around his waist while working, why would you ask - ) and was no slouch when it came to combat (alright fine, he took one arrow while distracted by his backside as they ran for cover, that was one time - ), but those were all just bonuses. A free trial of sorts, it came with the territory of having a devoted lackey.

    At least, Scar assumed it came with the territory. Were all people who'd gotten themselves stuck in life debts always this pretty?

    But that's not what he was getting at.

    What is it? he wondered, his constant background musing, while rambling about whatever came to mind out loud. Grian spared him half a raised eyebrow, patient-impatience clear in the slight tilt of his head. Something's gotta be the reason, it can't just be me, can it?

    "Do you actually have a plan, Scar?"

    "Of course I do!" That eyebrow inched higher. "Okay, fine, I didn't really have a plan. I'm working on it! Y'know, the best plans are the ones that are workshopped on the go."

    "As long as we're not going in totally blind. Why're we going to the Crastle again?"

    "To kill Bdubs!" Scar said, by far the most cheerful he'd been all day. "I've got this whole idea to sell some....something, I'm not sure yet, but it's gonna be good, I promise. And I was thinking that - "

    "I go around the back and set up a trap?"

    "Oh, now that's a good idea, I like that. You'll go around back, and - "

    "Use the bubble-vator!" Grian giggled, spinning on a heel to grin at Scar. "You'll keep them distracted, while I set up the lava at the top. Obsidian and all, they'll fall for it I'm sure."

    Scar couldn't do anything but nod. He was too busy blinking the gleam in Grian's eye out of his vision, the memory of his sharp smile an imprint on his mind. It left him speechless - a dangerous thing for someone like Scar.

    Somehow....Scar didn't mind.

    His partner in crime kept talking, developing their plan at top-speed. It took until that dangerous glint in Grian's eyes faded for Scar to find his voice again.

    - - - -

    The shouting was an unwelcome distraction. Scar had never pretended to be good with a bow, far from it, but his target was about to clear the hill, and -


    "Relax your shoulders, Scar," Grian said, his hand a heavy weight and brand on Scar's skin. He stood on tiptoe, chin barely brushing the top of his shoulder. "You're never gonna get a good shot if you don't focus. Breathe in as you pull back...."

    He inhaled, slow, steady.

    Grian moved his arm with practiced confidence. His fingertips tingled against him, very nearly distracting. "Focus down the length of the arrow. You'll want to aim a little bit higher to account for drag and the wind, all that stuff."

    Etho was a small target, a moving one, but Scar had practice chasing down small things in their desert.

    "Exhale before you fire, keep your form, and you should be good." Grian's hand on his shoulder slid down to the small of Scar's back, his instructions a quiet murmur in Scar's ear.

    Scar exhaled, arrow flying true.

    "Yes, Scar!"

    Both past and present Grian cheered; Scar turned to cheer with him - and promptly lost all ability to speak. Grian stumbled towards him, expression just a bit wild, all edges and fierce and beautiful, with that spark of something burning brighter than the sun overhead.

    Oh, Scar thought, dizzy with a revelation he could no longer pretend was adrenaline.

    Oh dear.

    - - - -

    He'd lost his sword.

    That wasn't the most important thing right this second - right now, it was Ren, staggering away with - oh, there it was! Scar's sword was stuck in Ren's shield, that was all.

    The Red King snarled at him, and Scar met that challenge with bared teeth. Somewhere behind them, he could hear Martyn jeering at Grian.

    The rest of the battle passed in a blur. Sweat-slick palms, sliding in loose soil, angry cries as blows were dealt, desperation from the enemy, one final arrow to claim their victory.

    Scar dropped to his knees on the alter, head swimming. He needed to catalogue his injuries, needed to breathe, but first -


    He raised his head to Grian scrambling onto the alter, tripping over rubble and falling in front of him, hands already reaching out.

    "We did it, Scar," he breathed, half-laughing, "we won! Scar, you got them, we - "

    Scar wasn't listening, lost in the way Grian's hands were firm but gentle on his arms, how that something was back again; suddenly it didn't matter that they'd only just won.

    Scar was rendered speechless once more, but he figured there was a better way to express whatever the something was that had burned it's way into every fiber of his being.

    " - Scar? Scar, are you alright? Are you hurt - "

    Grian froze when Scar tipped forward, hands coming up to cradle Grian's soot-streaked face as he kissed him.

    The seconds passed like hours. Scar rubbed away the grime on Grian's cheeks as tenderly as he could. He pulled away to apologize, and that seemed to jerk Grian back into his body.

    His grip on Scar's arms tightened, yanking him forward and deepening the kiss when Scar gasped.

    They could've died right then and there, and Scar would've thanked the universe itself for giving him this moment, at least.

    Grian reluctantly pulled away when Scar dropped his hands to his shoulders, gently pushing him back. Scar leaned his forehead against Grian's, catching his breath.

    "We won."

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    06.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    My boy.

    #i already canceled my subscription ; the only time i can play is peak time b/c i need to grind during the day #and if i can't play then i'm not gonna pay but #when things CALM DOWN AND I CAN AGAIN #[touches his face] #.ooc
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  • gaydandelions
    06.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    "why do i feel like we'll rarely see you if you move to that city" hmm who said that isn't the goal

    #i honestly fear it isn't far enough #it likely is and that's just the paranoia talking but 👀 aaaa #i am so tired of being Perceived™ and having everyone know all my shit all the time #among other factors i just. need to be able to live a life where every decision i make isn't being scrutinized and thrown back in my face #for now i'll just daydream about taking the train east and disappearing for six months
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  • fauzhee10069
    06.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Playing FF7R as salaryman, and once you enter Shinra building, will hit differently than when you were young kid/teen years before.

    Those NPCs used to be just artificial things in your mind before, but seeing them now makes me more sympathetic to them.

    Those workers need money to support their life and they are disposable at any time by those global elites.

    And no matter how grand the building is, the lighting is so gloomy.

    So many lighting and still gloomy, it's like that Shinra Inc. saves and wastes energy at the same time.

    Even the skyscrapers in my country aren't that dark at night (and they use fewer lights).

    #shinra electric power company #ff7 remake #final fantasy vii #corporate slave #just like me #i hate being one of them #i'm on the brink of getting fired #hopefully not #not because i'm incompetent or make a mistake #it's just that i'm considered being direspectful towards the bosses #the hierarchy in my office sucks #i'm just shy #i'm an introvert #i wish i'm not a corporate slave but i need money rn #Hopefully one day I can be free from this situation and build my own business #i want to be my own boss in the future #my rants #i wish i could be like scarlet but i'm not that bright #at least i'm not that bad
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    06.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #we need some more flavour #loud—and—clear !!
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  • marshmallowyghost
    06.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    these thoughts plague my mind

    [ do not rb ]

    #ghost does a draw #Thirteen#body horror#eyes#blood#vent#:(#personal art #we are not needed but why exist
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  • qiankunge
    06.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    i know i am always defending the use of the lower range in kpop but! bc they never use it when they do they don’t know how… 😔

    #they hate me #it’s not even about giving the opportunity to idols with lower voices to sing #but expanding the range of all idols into their lower side #have you noticed how when SOME idols sing lower notes it feel like the voice gets trapped in their throat and doesn’t come out well???? #who would have guessed low notes are hard and need training too! :0000 #jun.txt
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  • fareehaswife
    06.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    im responsible for this mess and it feels like theres nothing i can do

    #sorry doesnt cut it #and my stupid mind wont understand that things need to change #and that i need to have faith that someone else knows more than me
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  • eneabastianini
    06.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    I hope this is the last thing I'll post about the race because I'm getting very tired of it but this is for everyone to see.

    "Whilst accepting that the driver of Car 44 could have overtaken car 33 when that car first slowed, we understand why he (and the driver of car 33) did not wish to be the first to cross the DRS."

    Max was told to slow and let Lewis past. Lewis was not told Max was going to let him pass until after the fact. Should he have slowed right there in the middle of the track? No. It was seen as "erratic" and he was given a penalty. Max was trying to break test Lewis. Lewis wasn't trying to take out Max. It was miscommunication between the teams, stewards, and drivers.

    #f1#lewis hamilton#max verstappen #there was room on either side of max #and we need to stop acting like high speed overtakes on a straight don't happen #we all know that Lewis is a talented driver capable of reacting and moving to overtake #he was probably confused and that's why he didn't move
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  • kentuckywrites
    06.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    T3CHN0 File 6: PURPOSE

    PURPOSE (verb). To have as one's intention or objective.
    Featuring the Crosses of @shadowoa , @apolleh , @skell-pilot-sora , @elysia-cross , @phoenixfireartists , and @stargazer-ele .

    “Damn shit -”

    A blast against the newly formed wall separating Ophelia from the others. Her multigun raised, a trail of steam rising from the barrel. She couldn’t even see if her shot had impacted the wall at all, because the moment she got too close, it pulsed, a threat not to touch it or face consequences. She’d dealt with enough energy barriers in her time to know those hurt like hell. Yet she’d have to find a way to break it if she wanted to escape this cage, maybe she could look around for a potential source? But T3CHN0 was vast, vast enough that this barrier likely existed without the need for an external -


    Ophelia stopped dead in her tracks. There was no way. No way in hell. She turned around, and there he was, Ruadha, her beloved child, wide eyes and bright smile illuminating this darkened corner of T3CHN0’s existence. And, to her further shock, Spyridon stood just behind him, a hand clasped over his shoulder. He grinned at Ophelia, soft, warm.

    “What’re you two doin’ ‘ere? Didn’t I tell ya t’ stay in NLA, Ruru?!” Ophelia questioned, growing panicked at the realization. If Ruadha and Spyridon were both here - shit, SHIT. When the hell had the landscape changed from the technological “paradise” to Ophelia’s lab back on Earth?! Something wasn’t right; Opehlia knew she was still in T3CHN0, none of this was real, none of this couldn’t possibly -

    “Mamaj, I don’t...don’t feel so good…”

    Ruadha went pale, eyes fluttering as if they were on the brink of collapse. Fuck, she thought, I can’t take any chances. If this is real, I gotta help him. Cursing under her breath, she rushed forward just in time to catch Ruadha falling to his knees, her hands on his shoulders as he began to choke on something, heaving, spinning quickly away from her view to release what he was throwing up. Her husband was on the ground moments later, sharing the same concern. Ophelia’s resolve wavered when she saw what exactly her son was puking up, what exactly he had to rid his body of. They glitched as they touched the floor, some hairy, some sleek, some large and some small. All spiders. Every fucking one of them was a spider. 

    Ruadha kept heaving, regurgitating more and more spiders, and some eventually decided to crawl towards Ophelia. Her hand lifted from Ruadha’s shoulder and she took one step back, still kneeling, eyes wide. But a new sensation made her freeze, ice climbing up her body and sending chills up her spine, shooting the hairs on the back of her neck straight up. That wasn’t a hand on her back. That was not a hand. Her gaze traveled towards Spyridon, now clutching his stomach, his back on full display as long, spindly legs ripped through the fabric of his clothes. One leg had reached out to her in a desperate plea, and he made a sound like he was in pain, but that sound wasn’t human, it wasn’t, it belonged to a monster - no, no, she couldn’t call her own husband that, what the fuck was she supposed to do?!

    As Ophelia continued to back up, she raised a shaky hand towards Spyridon, the hand which held her multigun. He finally managed to look up at her with pleading eyes, drained of their life and color and oh god they were turning black and beady and why the fuck was he smiling now -

    “How do I stop this?!” Ophelia begged, unsure if she was asking Spyridon or the world around her, forsaken and so familiar it hurt, a past they couldn’t reclaim, time that had been erased against their will. 

    Spyridon gasped, sobbed, tears forming in his eyes. That was what broke her, wholly and truly, seeing her beautiful husband’s stoic strength failing him. Her multigun quivered, and she knew that even if she wanted to shoot, she wouldn’t be able to, she couldn’t.

    Spyridon responded.

    “You can’t fix this.”

    And then he lunged.


    The darkness surrounded Polaris faster than she could anticipate. She couldn’t see her own hands in front of her, couldn’t see where those damned walls had sealed her in, how big the room was around her. Just as she was about to shout, see if she could get the attention of whoever was nearby, the whispers began to flood her ears, the only discernible noise aside from her own shaking breaths and the crashing ocean waves - how was there an ocean here in this digital hellscape? She didn’t know the answer to that, but she knew the voice. She heard it too many times before. 

    “Hey, starfish.”

    “Hi, dad,” Polaris tried to respond in confidence, but it was weak, she knew it was.

    “Do you remember me, starfish?”

    “Of course I do.”

    “Then you’ll remember how you left me.”

    “I didn’t -”

    “Come with me. Come with me. Come with me.”

    The command repeated again and again, and Polaris covered her ears, a desperate attempt to block out her father’s voice. Suddenly, something in his voice glitched, turning sharper, then lighter, still familiar. It was no longer her father issuing this order, but Aurora, her dear angel. The darkness folded back, and Polaris spotted the source of the crashing waves. A shoreline started a few years away from where she stood, a crescent moon hanging halfway in the dark night sky. The moon’s reflection was her only source of light, and even then, she couldn’t even tell if what she was standing on was sand, if she was truly at a beach. At the water’s edge, however, a figure stood, dripping water from her fingertips, her hair, her clothes. Her silhouette glitched, and there were chunks ripped out of her flesh, gaps in her shoulders and face and legs and arms. Polaris felt a pit drop into her stomach, fought the urge to vomit. 

    “I’ve had enough,” Aurora confessed, staring through Polaris with tired eyes, dead eyes, “I’m tired of this constant charade.”

    No. No. Polaris wasn’t about to let this play out like it had in the past. She would change things this time. Aurora wouldn’t leave her like this, scared and alone and by herself and isolated and -

    “Let’s play a new game, then,” She found herself begging, “C’mon, angel. You n’ me. We can figure somethin’ out, make it work.”

    “No more games. I’m too tired of losing all the time.” Aurora said, the wounds fading in and out of existence while the same dead expression crept into Polaris’s soul, “We can never win, Polaris. Soon you’ll realize that, and you’ll join me. Until then...this is goodbye.”

    “No it’s not, it can’t be -”

    Aurora turned her back to Polaris, stepping towards the waves, her feet sinking below the water. Polaris growled; she wouldn’t let this happen, not again. She started to give chase, reaching out towards Aurora, but no matter how far she bounded, no matter how fast she tried to go, she remained stationary, unmoving. Aurora kept walking forward, forward, her torso submerged in the ocean. Then, her shoulders, then her head -

    Polaris screamed. Finally, she made ground, and she reached the waves and dived in without a second thought.


    The digital world gave way to a darker selection of reds and golds, a new floor appearing underneath Abel’s feet. On edge, he pulled out his knife, turning around to face the rest of the room. A red carpet trailed up a section of stairs, up to a magnificent throne. Abel grit his teeth when he saw the throne’s occupant: Solon Winfred, in all his infamy, leaning back as he crossed his legs. A large black snake hung over his shoulders, and a lazy hand pet its head, red eyes trained on Abel. To the left and right of the throne stood two hooded figures, expressions and features completely obscured. 

    “You truly thought you’d won,” Solon said, amused, “I’m sorry to dash your hopes, my son, but gods are immortal in both body, mind, and memory.”

    “You’re unworthy of all three,” Abel growled, “I’ll kill you where you sit. Your ashes can take the throne for all I care.”

    “You think you can kill me?” He laughed, the snake flicking its tongue and baring its fangs as if it were joining in the game, “Well then. Let’s prove your worth. Prove that you’re not second rate. Fight with everything you have, and if I see you holding back...well, my friend is quite persuasive. I’m sure it’ll lend you a hand.”

    He nodded towards the snake, and Abel’s skin crawled, goosebumps forming up his arms. He took one step forward, confident that he’d win, confident that he’d slaughter that bastard without a second thought. But the two hooded figures charged first, igniting similar photon sabers, slashing at Abel. He darted back before the blades found purchase, and he brandished his knife to block another incoming swipe. Sparks flew from the saber’s edge, and even in such close proximity, Abel couldn’t see the wielder’s face. They jumped back after they realized they couldn’t breach Abel’s defense, and with a spot of quick thinking, Abel summoned a ball of fire ether and launched it at them. It hit them straight in the torso, and the impact sent them a couple feet back, though they retained their balance. However, their hood flew back from the force, and Abel felt his blood freeze.

    “How...how could you…” Cain hissed, and from the impact, his body disintegrated into ash, flying amongst an invisible and unfelt breeze. The only thing he left behind was his photon saber, still ignited, still pulsing with energy. Solon cackled from his throne, and Abel stood perfectly still, fighting back tears. No, he didn’t mean to do that, he didn’t mean to -


    The snake had slithered off of Solon at some point in time, made its way towards Abel, struck him in the leg with its massive fangs and clamped down hard. He shook the snake off and immediately grabbed the wound, feeling something course through his body, a venom, a toxin. In seconds he felt woozy, stumbling over his own feet, his knife dropping from his hand. He couldn’t find it again in the swirling haze, but the light of Cain’s photon saber was prevalent, and he tried to reach out to it, falling to his knees in the process. Just as he thought he was about to grab the hilt, the second figure attacked, kicking him in the stomach and making Abel shrivel in on himself. He wasn’t kicked far, thankfully, but suddenly his head pounded, everything coming into sharp focus, too sharp for his normal vision. The pain resided and he found himself standing up against his own will, against what his mind was telling his body to do. No, no.

    He was being controlled.

    Abel spun as the figure slashed at him again, and somehow he found his way back to Cain’s photon saber, picking it up just as the figure charged again. They didn’t register the saber in time, ran straight into the blade and choked as it entered their chest. But unlike Cain, they didn’t disintegrate, no, they stood there and processed this blade in their body. Abel watched in horror as he dug the photon saber deeper in, and the figure used their spare hand to grab it, snarling, wordlessly telling Abel to go deeper. From underneath the hood, Abel saw blood trickling down their mouth, and - no. Shit, SHIT.

    Pupiless indigo eyes, once full of life and innocence and wonder, ignited by rage and fire and a deep, dark hatred.

    “Traitor,” Pongo spat. 


    In the beginning, darkness. Then, a spotlight bore down on Nyx, so bright that it was like they were on a stage, like they were about to give a performance. Another one flashed before them, igniting a second figure. They immediately recognized Athena, their sister, though her head was bowed. Strings were tied around her wrists, her elbows, her knees, her ankles. Nyx’s heart sank as she looked up, golden eyes and blank expression telling them all they needed to know.

    “Ath,” Nyx raised their hands, on the defensive, “C’mon, Ath. You’ve broken out of this before. You can do it again.”


    A katana spawned in Athena’s hand, glitching for a moment before it took on a tangible, physical form. The strings pulled her forward, her body following along in an unnatural rhythm, and she swung at Nyx several times before they realized they still had their Dynamo Drones floating behind them. They didn’t want it to come to this, they didn’t, but if they didn’t try to stop this, then…

    They aimed the Dynamo Drones at the strings. Every shot missed, hitting Athena’s hands, wrists, arms. From the blast wounds, a dark substance began to pool, black and oily. They quickly realized that it wasn’t blood, no, blood was liquid. This was a solid mass - multiple solid masses, crawling around and exiting the wound. They were bugs, roaches at best, unidentifiable six-leg beetles at worst. Every single one of Athena’s wound bled these bugs, and one even crawled out of her parted lips, a threat that any further action against them would yield the same results. 

    Nyx deactivated their Dynamo Drones, refusing to play this sick and twisted game. But more wounds started to appear on Athena’s body as she stepped closer, closer, on shaking puppet limbs. Nyx looked down, and at their feet, their own dark ether was seeping out of their body, crawling towards Athena , inky black tendrils reminiscent of a kraken. Their breaths started to quicken - get ahold of yourself, Nyx, you can control this - but no matter what they tried to do, no matter how hard they tried to control it, the ether continued to escape their being. And the more the ether clawed into Athena’s skin, the more those sick bugs found an exit and started consuming Athena’s body from the outside. Some even flew directly at Nyx, and they cried out, a surge of dark ether propelling towards Athena. It was an endless cycle, the bugs flying towards Nyx, their ether pulsing and hurting Athena more, wounds opening up and allowing more bugs to make their entrance. 

    They couldn’t stop this. They couldn’t control this. Nyx sobbed into their hands, crawling into a ball on the floor, begging incomprehensibly for an end to this madness.

    Athena smiled, and bugs left her mouth, out of her eye sockets. She was unfazed, unflinching.

    “You’re nothing. You’ll never be anything.”


    Ciel knew that voice. It had been such a long time, with various adventures and misadventures placed between this and their last meeting. But that was Eleven. That was the star that had…

    No. No, it couldn’t be them, right? 

    “Who are you?” Ciel asked, and seconds later, out of the shadows, slick black tendrils shot out and pushed her back into a wall, restraining her hands, her legs, one wrapping around her mouth to bind it and muffle her cries. In her surprise, she dropped her bolide, and another tendril picked it up, twirling it in its grasp before the hilt snapped in half. Ciel tried to scream, but the tendril around her mouth was strong, and hardly any noise managed to escape.

    “AR E YOU N O T FE E L IN G WE L L, L IT TL E S T A R?” Eleven asked, voice distorted, crackling and fading in and out as if they were somewhere near and far at the same time. Ciel couldn’t see their face in the darkness, nothing aside from the tendrils that started to sparkle like stars in a pitch black sky. A mockery, really, an utter spit in her face and the faces of the rest of the stars that Ciel once considered - still considered - her family. “FR I E ND S MAK E T H ING S B E TT E R, N O? LE T M E GIV E YO U S OM E FR I E NDS.”

    Ciel twisted her head, twisted her body in a vain attempt to break her binds. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying so hard to keep herself from crying, though the tears certainly threatened to spill out. She had to keep them closed, she couldn’t bear to see what Eleven was going to do next -

    “Hey, you big dingus!”

    Ciel’s eyes opened. Staring at her was Elysia, her little sister, at Ciel’s height. That already set up alarm bells in her mind, but what truly made Ciel’s heart shatter was seeing the reason why. Elysia’s head was being held up by a tendril - and below her head, there was no body. Her neck sparked, recently detached, and her expression sagged, though Ciel could see the remnants of terror within her eyes. Even her headwings had been torn from their sockets, her minty curls stained blue. 

    Ciel screamed, writhed in her restraints, the tears finally dripping down her face. Eleven giggled, echoing all around her. “I H A VE MO R E FRI E N DS F OR YO U.”

    Elysia’s face was jerked backwards, but remained before the plummet into darkness, teasing her from the very edge by staying in her view. Another tendril whipped out, carrying another head. She knew this one too - cracked orange goggles, auburn hair fading into silver, and a little black kitten’s limb body perched atop their head. Rui and Nyxi. Nyxi’s eyes were closed, and at first glance, it’d be hard to identify if she was sleeping or not. But Rui’s single eye poking out from the broken goggles stared straight into Ciel, empty, void. 

    Two more tendrils with heads appeared, and if Ciel’s heart hadn’t shattered before, it had now. She was presented with the faces of Polaris and Ele, the former of which looked more bloodied and bruised than the latter. Polaris had gone down fighting, lips turned upwards in a permanent snarl. But Ele, in her true star form, had her one eye closed. She looked peaceful, beautiful even. And just as soon as they appeared, they retracted, remaining on the edge of the darkness. 

    One last tendril snaked its way up to Ciel, carrying another head. Ciel braced herself, shaking uncontrollably but unable to look away. When she saw who it was, the orange starlight along her face, long red hair tangled and bloodstained behind her, Ciel knew that her heart was permanently broken. Eclipse.

    “SH AM E AB O U T TW O, B UT SHE’S H E RE N OW, ISN’T SH E?” Eleven purred, “DOE S N’T TH A T MA KE Y O U HA PPY?”

    Through the tendril silencing her, Ciel let out her loudest scream.


    A cold wind seeped below Touya’s armor the moment that he became sealed off from the others. His fists clenched at his sides, his fingertips digging into the newly formed leather of his ether gauntlets. Red technological landscapes paved way to a familiar snowy landscape, large rings and mountains in the distance. This was Cocytios, a continent he’d only been to a small handful of times. He’d heard it was one of the more dangerous continents, and it showed in its unpredictable weather and threatening indigens. He had to be on his guard here, even if it wasn’t real.

    Touya decided the first thing he should do was survey his surroundings, keep an eye out for any potential threats that spawned around him. He turned, only halfway at first, but a figure caught his eye. Directly behind him was Cocytios’s large pit, a lone swaying bridge being the only means of walking across it on foot. The figure was kneeling at the edge, facing away from him, unmoving. A trail of blue blood followed them through the snow, ending where they knelt, a pool forming around their legs. Touya took a couple steps forward, pulling his rifle out and opening his mouth to call out to them, but something became readily apparent about this figure. He knew them. He knew her.

    As he grew close enough to see her face, she looked over her shoulder, not enough to face him fully. She was still bleeding from various wounds all over her body, but the most prominent was one in the center of her forehead, trickling blood down her nose, cheeks, jaw. No one should’ve been able to live from a wound like that. Hell, considering the depth of all of her wounds, how much blood she’d already lost, how pale her skin was...how was she alive?

    “You were too late, Touya,” Nessa whispered, “You didn’t save me.”

    And with that, she toppled forwards, falling off of the cliff and into the void. Touya nearly grabbed her hand, trying so desperately to catch her, but he was mere inches away. He pulled back, hyperventilating, and a gust of wind nearly sent him to the same fate. But he was able to stay standing, stay on his feet despite how badly his knees were shaking. The wind kept trying to push him, and soon the gusts evolved into whispers, invading his heart and mind and soul. 

    It’s your fault she’s dead.

    You should’ve done more.

    How dare you let her die.

    She trusted you.

    Worthless. Worthless.

    Touya almost succumbed to those whispers, right then and there. But there it was, a glimpse of something in the pit. It was like a gemstone in a forgotten mine, shining an excellent indigo color. It was so similar to Nessa’s eyes...Touya had to wonder if this was a sign. A sign that she could still be saved if he took a leap of faith and trusted in himself.

    I will save you.

    Touya swore this to himself just as he made a running jump, deep into Cocytios’s pit, deep into the darkness that swallowed him whole.


    It was almost like swimming, in a way. After freefalling for some time, Touya found that he was able to navigate through the darkness, pushing through it like waves in the ocean. There was no sound except for his own breathing, the crinkling of his gloves, his sniper rifle on his back, the occasional thought ringing in his mind. The indigo sparkle was there, dead ahead of him, and he flailed his arms and kicked his legs to try and get closer. But the closer he became, the more that the sparkle’s color shifted. It wasn’t indigo, no, it was a combination of red and blue, rapidly interconnecting and mixing with each other that it created the illusion of purple without ever committing to the color. 

    “Hello?” Touya called out, hoping for some form of answer. His confusion, his anxiety, were starting to grow louder than the silence, and he did everything in his power to push it down for now. If that was Nessa out there, he had to reach her, he had to get to her at any cost.

    But when he got close enough to touch the sparkle’s source, Touya discovered that it wasn’t from a person. No, this was some form of cube, glitching in and out of reality. A faint whisper emanated from inside it, but it too glitched out, incomprehensible to Touya. He swallowed hard before reaching out, touching it with his fingertip. A pulse of electricity shot up his hand, a static shock that made Touya yelp in surprise, but not pain. Looking back at the cube, it seemed as though it was more corporeal now, and the voice steadily grew in strength.

    “...35ting, t35ting, 5hit, 0k4y, wh3r3…”

    It still didn’t sound quite right, and it wasn’t familiar to Touya at all. But at least now he could understand what they were saying.

    “Hello?” He tried again, and the cube shifted, like it had turned to face him despite lacking any facial features.

    “Wh0 th3 fuck 4r3 y0u?” The cube asked. Touya went to introduce himself, but it interjected, “N0, h4ng 0n, y0ur n4m3 i5 T0uy4. T0uy4 Tak3d4. 4 R3c141m3r.”

    “How do you know who I am?” He asked, “And who are you?”

    “W311, y0u t0uch3d m3 ju5t n0w,” The cube explained as if it made perfect sense, “Y0u’r3 th3 fir5t 0ut5id3 c0nt4ct I’v3 h4d in 4 h0t 53c0nd. H01y 5hit, c4n y0u hit m3 4g4in, thi5 g1itch i5 g3tting ridicu10us.”

    Touya obliged, though he certainly hesitated. He gently tapped the cube again, and it made a whirring noise, parts of the red and blue network shifting within it. It sighed, and it sounded much clearer than before.

    “Testing, testing. Thank the fucking gods, I was getting tired of that,” The cube said, “Anyways, you’re Touya...which means, why the fuck are you here?”

    “What do you mean?” He said, scowling, “I came with my friends to rescue Fudge. He got controlled by someone named Dsandro and -”

    “Tooouuuuuyyaaaaaa. Oh my gooooood.” The cube whined, “Do we really need to - alright, fine, you might get a pass since we’ve never formally met before. But hi, the name’s Fudge. I know it must be tempting when I’m like this, but if you make a height joke, I’ll kill you.”

    Touya blinked slowly. “You’d...square up against me.”


    “Because you’re a -”

    “Nevermind. I crave death now.”

    “That aside, I, um…” Touya trailed off, gesturing towards Fudge’s new form, “You’re not quite what I was expecting. We saw your body with Dsandro, but...how exactly did this happen?”

    “Don’t tell Dsandro, but this wasn’t really supposed to happen,” Fudge explained, the cube flying around, unable to sit still for too long, “I was a fucking idiot and downloaded his stupid virus. Long story short, he’s able to command my body to do whatever he wants, but he didn’t really take into account how flexible my core programming actually is. I - the conscience - was able to escape into T3CHN0’s coding infrastructure before I got permanently erased from existence. Think of it this way: he came into my house ready to shoot me, but I escaped out the back window, and now he’s living in my house. Weird-ass metaphor, but you get the picture.”

    “Can you reconnect back to your body at all?” He asked, trying to follow Fudge’s movements, losing track of him when the cube flew behind and around him.

    “Man, great question, Touya, excellent question, even. I’d totally try if I could even get close enough,” Fudge growled, annoyed, “But the one time I tried, Dsandro swat me away like a fucking fly. Luckily he didn’t think I was much besides a glitch, but when I’m like this, I don’t have much control over...well, anything. Not my form, not my body waltzing around with Dsandro. I’m just a fucking Minecraft block, it feels like.”

    “I -”

    “Nope, not even gonna let you tell me you don’t know what Minecraft is. I’ve had enough of that. Anyways, you said you came with some of my friends? Which ones? How many of you are there?”

    “There’s me, Abel, Nyx, Ciel, Polaris, and Ophelia, so six total,” Touya listed off the names, “And Pongo was originally with us as well, but he stayed behind to defend against...their names were Axel and Frost, I think.”

    Fudge was quiet for a moment. Then, much softer, much more vulnerable, he said, “That’s...God, that’s more than I was expecting. Hell, Touya, you don’t even know me. Why’d you come? You knew this was going to be a fucking shitshow, didn’t you?”

    “It’s simple. I saw that you needed help, and I came to help,” He responded, “You’re also a friend of multiple friends, all of whom have spoken about you in high regard. And I understood there would be a certain level of risk involved, but I came prepared.”

    “Hm. Right, you’ve got field training as a medic.”

    “How do you -”

    “You touched the cube, remember? I just kinda know stuff about you now. Nothing too big, just database stuff that BLADE’s got logged on you - wait a fucking minute.” The cube fluttered, and for some reason, Touya could imagine Fudge deep in thought, a concentration washing over him, “Oh my fucking God, I’m an idiot. Touya, where’s everyone right now?”

    “We got separated,” Touya said, “Dsandro separated everyone to face some form of test determining our worth.”

    “Shit, fuck, okay, that’s not gonna be easy,” Fudge groaned, “I’m gonna see if I can pinpoint their locations - they shouldn’t be far, based on what you said. After we get the Scooby Doo Gang back together, I’ve got a plan. We’re gonna storm Dsandro with everything we’ve got.”

    Touya stared at Fudge. The cube tilted, realizing what he said. “Correction: all of you are gonna storm Dsandro with everything you’ve got. And while he’s distracted, I want you - or somebody, anybody - to get me close to my body. If I can regain control over my body, then...holy shit, this is going to be huge.”

    “What are you going to do?” Touya asked, and the cube let out a distorted noise, something akin to a laugh.

    “Simple.” Fudge said, “Dsandro thought he could hack me. I’m just gonna return the favor.”


    “Status on our guests.”


    “...There were six of them. What happened to the last one?”


    “Shit. Where did he go. Where did he...no. No, we can’t stray too far. Not when the climax is this close. Keep logging their progress, and let me know if anyone reaches maximum corruption.”


    #xenoblade x #T3CHN0 File 6: PURPOSE #touya#ophelia#polaris#ciel#abel#nyx #your crosses need therapy after this bullshit #anyways guess what I cubed Fudge #he's the fucking box #now do me a favor and go check Fudge's crosster entry.
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  • ryuunaminamoto
    06.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Sometimes I just forgot how much I love Akechi Goro till some random dude in a fb group said that ‘Akechi is an unredeemable asshole that people like because he’s cute’ and I felt hurt by that statement.

    Sorry dude, it was obvious you are the unredeemable asshole here

    I like him not because he have a cute face (it’s just a bonus). I genuinely love him because despite everything, he still have the justice he hold dear as a child deep inside his heart.

    HHHH there’s a lot of other reasons that I can’t clearly articulate, but anyway I love him and wish he got an actual redemption story he deserve. 

    #I just need to rant a bit about this #akechi goro#goro akechi#c'mon atlus #don't disappoint me #we all know you guys want money
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  • the-evolving-whitegirl
    06.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Wow , I think I’m in love ....Imagine her in Blacked videos 💖💖💖

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  • stupidbutboring
    06.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    why are some things so hard to rhrow up??? like i jjust tried purging chocolate and i dont know if any came out

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  • demonhussy
    06.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #promise I'll be gentle #talkin about rope now I wanna buy more rope #like who even needs that much rope! (me I needs)
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  • tealleo
    06.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Does anyone know what the process is of getting T in Montreal? Or can point me to any resources to getting it?

    I've been trying to Google how to get some but I'm not getting anything that helps me understand how to go about it.

    #transgender#trans#montreal#transmasc#transmasculine #im really not good at googling i dont know how to find stuff i need #i cant go through a GP cause i do not have one #also all gps i have met always misgendered me so i dont think theyd care
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  • falconcas
    06.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    ah well. was gonna go to lecture but seems like my phone alarm said no :’)

    #wtf. i need u #:V
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  • thelongestaugust
    06.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    sometimes i’m like nah there’s no way i’m disabled! and then i remember i’ve had to take medication everyday since i was fourteen to keep me from having pain so bad i throw up, pass out, can’t eat, etc.

    #hi plz don’t like or rb it’s just me talking #idk i feel like because endo is a kind of popular thing for people to have that it’s just like? maybe not a disability? #and then i miss a single day of medication and i think i’m going to die #chronic pain is a disability? yeah? #also think i need to go get an ultrasound again for ovarian cysts :/ like sometimes internally my abdomen just aches #and i think it’s my ovaries/maybe uterus #just realized i’ve been on these meds for seven years happy birthday meds
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  • certified-sal-fisher-simp
    06.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Y’all if I have 1,838,499,999,986,519 dollars and each item I want to purchase cost 20,000,000,000 each

    How much can I get

    #i CANT do math sorry that’s why I fail in liiiife- #but srsly I need to know
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  • cmacavoy
    06.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago


    #sorry need a quick vent #i have a friend who i know just means well #but she always talks to me very condescendingly as if i know nothing and i’m like dude i’m not stupid #like she just sent me a whole big thing like do you know about the new covid requirements for getting back into the us #and then continued to explain it all and i was like #dude i know like i do keep up with this stuff seeing how i’m coming home in 2 weeks #i’ve been aware of the new rules since they were announced #once again i know it’s irrational for me to be mad at #i’m just frustrated by a lot of things and it’s one of those tipping points #emily speaks
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