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  • The next times exclus try to tell me that aces/MOGAI/neopronouns, etc are cringe, I’m gonna show them this 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  • Talking About - Government U-Turn on GRA Reform

    The past couple of weeks have seen a shift in UK Government attitudes against Trans and Non-binary people, despite the TUC and British Medical Association making clear their support and an employment tribunal confirming that Non Binary people are protected by the Equality Act2010.   

     Liz Truss, the government minister for Women and Equalities has announced a u-turn on the Gender Recognition Act Reform and the publication of the Gender Recognition Act Review shows the full extent of the anti trans campaign. In the house of Lords the government refused to provide any evidence to support the oft quoted view that self ID would result in men using the act to enter safe spaces for women in order to attack them. 

     Added to this, the guidelines for schools for delivering sex education are suggesting that supporting trans pupils would be promoting dangerous stereotypes. So today, a little later than usual I am looking at uncomfortable shift in government attitudes towards trans people that is reversing all planned improvements. 

     Don’t forget that you can find details of my online Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion Workshop by clicking on the link below - Pay what you can afford to attend this engaging event. on October 20th


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  • Exactly how is one to go about being an effective ally in the pursuit of social justice? I’m not trying to be dismissive with this question. I mean it. What sort of response is appropriate for calling people on their bigotry? On one hand, I don’t want to hit too hard right off the bat in case they’re open to changing their minds, or were speaking out of ignorance. However, as a rather privileged individual myself, I feel kind of cheap when I’m too sympathetic to people with bigoted views. Like, I don’t want to coddle people I’m trying to call out. I also don’t want to fall back on problematic reasoning when trying to explain to others why their views are harmful, which I’ve done plenty of times.

    I also have a lot of issues with overthinking, cowardice in the face of possible rebuke from others, and a tendency to want to swoop in and save the day when I aught to let others take the lead in things. All of these traits make it rather difficult to effectively participate in fighting inequality. So, if anyone sees this and wants to chime in, be my guest. What do you look for in an ally? What helps you to feel safe around a person who might not share your background? What would you like to see more of from people who various degrees of privilege? Any and all input is welcome. I really want to be better at this.

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  • image

    We (@thosequeenboys - Stef and @warriorteam1924​​ - Kate) are excited to end 2020 positively by sponsoring a Queen-Borhap Gift Exchange, which we’ve named “Get Down, Give Joy.”  We think Freddie would like the title-and the spirit it represents.  

    This event is for EVERYONE:  those who have never created and those who create regularly; blogs with 5 followers and blogs with thousands; fans who post often and those who seldom or never post; folks who’ve been fans for decades and those who just joined the fandom.  The event focuses on creativity, inclusivity, community-building, friendship and fun!  Thanks for reblogging this message-even if you don’t plan to join!

    To participate, please complete THIS SURVEY by Sunday, October 11th to provide information about gifts you’d like to give and receive. 

    Please read the information below the cut if you plan to participate.

    We aim to send your match to you by the end of October/early November. Creators will post gifts December 20th - 23rd.  Contact us any time with questions/concerns.

    We hope the creative and gift gifting processes provide well-deserved happiness to all fandom members who participate-and all who enjoy their creations.  Thanks for your efforts to help the event be successful!

    Love & Hugs, Stef and Kate

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  • Hi all, I’ve revived the ‘Blind Alley’ newsletter. Separate from my other creative projects or work at Be My Eyes, Blind Alley is going to feature regular updates from the world of blindness and everything that surrounds it. I hope you enjoy.

    Side note: There are more than 2 billion people in the world living with sight loss and vision impairment. Please send this to them. And if they can’t afford a paid subscription, send me an email and we weill figure it out.
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  • During the first week of October 1965, The BBC announced plans to introduce a new service for Asian immigrants.  Making Yourself at Home, or Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye, was the programme title, and episodes would be broadcast on television, on BBC One, as well as on radio through the Home Service (later Radio Four). Contributors would speak in a combination of Hindu, Urdu and English.

    The planned lifestyle and variety programmes, with an anticipated audience reach of 250 000, included informal lessons in English, as well as practical life skills for young families, such as coming to grips with Britain’s public transport, set to a musical soundtrack from Indian and Pakistani films.  BBC producer David Gretton said the series aimed to provide reassurance and encouragement to immigrant families as they found their way in a new country.

    Labour MP Maurice Foley, a junior minister in the Harold Wilson government with special responsibility for immigrant issues, appeared in the first episode and said of the programmes; “I hope you will find them entertaining and useful…so that you can settle happily amongst us…In the world of today we all need to know a great deal more about each other. This is one small contribution towards showing you something of ourselves and the society in which you live…”

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  • Actually understanding the joke?

    That leaves me feeling included

    Feeling a million pounds.

    Being chosen to ask for help?

    Someone else thinks I’m smart

    Feeling like I can achieve anything.

    Someone else messaging first?

    Out of the blue, just something small?

    Now that is simply terrific.

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  • New Rule: Oscars, No White | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

    “People don’t want to be hired because they fill a quota, they want to be hired because they’re good.”

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  • Dile NO a la discriminación ! Si, a la inclusión y al respeto por las diferencias, por que ser diferente es algo común.

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  • A, E, I, O, U em Português minúsculo, Libras, Braille e Sign Writing!!!
    De um jeito divertido !!! #libras #braille #inclusão #inclusion #deficientes #boardgamegeek #boardgame

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  • Talking About - Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace

    “What did you do over the weekend?” asked colleague, as I sat down at my desk. My heart raced. “Oh I just went to a pub with a few friends; nothing special really,” I lied.  I would so loved to have told the truth, and shared just how amazing that weekend had been, but… that would have required me to out myself as a trans woman, and I was terrified of the consequences of doing that.  

    That was a true event in my life before coming out - and that is exclusion. Just as much as being told we are not welcome, being unable to bring our entire selves to work is exclusion. Having to watch everything we say in case we give away some information about ourselves or family that may cause shame, humiliation, harassment or discrimination etc.  

    So today following my discussion about the Public Sector Equality Duty - today I am going to talk about inclusion and belonging which are a direct consequence of following the PSED guidelines.

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