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  • Your missing the point. It wasn’t over a drink mate. I’m just sick of you being selfish and putting yourself in front of what we were really at the shops for first. It’s always your needs before mine or ours.

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  • I hurt my back yesterday, feeling better today (better living through chemistry), and I go to work feeling pretty good. But then on the bus, it’s a bit crowded, so I’m standing. The guy next to me wants to hold onto a rail above his head for stability, no big deal…except he grabbed the railing *with the hand that was also holding his briefcase*, so this shit-ass ends up slamming the corner of the briefcase into my glasses/nose. Barely apologizes but does switch hands. He “acknowledged” me about as much as he would if his briefcase hit a window or pole. WHAT THE FUCK.

    So I come to work, and my lights are always off due to my chronic migraines. For some reason, the cleaning person is running late and comes into my room, makes eye contact while she turns on the lights as I try to reach out like “NO DON’T” because I had just taken off my sunglasses. I grab my eyes and say to her that I have a migraine. She laughs and doesn’t turn off the light, so I go to turn it off. She’s been in here during my classes and other daily duties so she knows I keep the light off. She didn’t ask, either…she just turns it on. She absolutely can see with the lights off because there’s a single “emergency light” that’s always on and it’s perfectly adequate for taking notes, cleaning, etc. so now I’m going to put tape on the light switches.

    My day barely started and I’m already running low on mana…

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  • i have put myself in a horrible living situation and i can’t do anything to fix it

    #you know #its not like youre staying at my place #not being on the lease #and putting me at risk for being evicted #its not like #IM paying for rent #and your jealous gf #who is now also living here #not on the lease #who is so fucking ridiclous #that you cant even offer me a glass of wine #that I partically paid for mind you #bc she'll get jealous #like#fuck you#fuck off #youre both horrible people #inconsiderate#and irresponsible #im cleaning up your messes #im taking care of the dog #while you two sit on your asses #fuck both of you #i wish i could kick them out #but my consious wont let me #fucking dammit #i hope they both fucking choke on the wine tonight so i dont have to deal with them #fucking sick of this shit #rant #to be deleted
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  • past me a dumbass??? more likely than u think

    #d.tox #there are no writing prompts kn my tag #pain #ik past me didnt write but like #what abt me of now #inconsiderate
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  • Not related to anything fun or sexy, just general disappointment with some humans. Had a terrible day today. Missed something important, was drenched in a pop-up storm before going inside of a place that was cold, my sandals were soaked through and my feet are still cold even with socks… you get the point, bad day, multiple shit things happening.

    So a friend reached out, a not so healthy friend, manipulative of my feelings, lied about being married, fake Daddy last year kind of friend. I say friend because he was forgiven. Well today he messages me, asks how things are, I explain. No hey sorry your day sucked, it was “Hey <wife’s name here> just ran to the store and I want to call and make you cum for me.” I replied with how I was still pretty emotionally drained and how I was sorry but that wasn’t happening or starting up again.

    I apologized for something that was not my fault. I apologize too much, but I have never apologized for being hurt while physically and emotionally hurting and to someone who knew better than to ask that in the first place. There was no response. I’m not surprised.

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  • i hate everything ab this site .

    #the only good thing about this site is the people i call my friends #the amount of anons i have gotten telling me that i am #inconsiderate#overdramatic#incredibly mean #i am done talking ab this issue or any issue #this blog is solely for writing and jennifer check discussions . #sick and tired #goodnight . #TBD. #negative /
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  • Dear Diary (tw),

    I truly fucking hate myself. I could be having a decent time then someone says a triggering word like its a joke. Rape. Why do they think its funny? It kills me every time that word pops up. Every time. My mind automatically replays like a broken record and makes me question every aspect of my life. My chest feels like it’s going to cave in as if his weight crushes me. My emotions shut down to cold and distant. Hurt others or myself? I can’t stop staring at my wrist. I don’t want to hurt others and I’m trying to refrain from a relapse. Frustrated I turn confrontational because I can’t numb anything. I just want to disappear.

    #dear diary#triggered#rape#ptsd#inconsiderate#words hurt #i want to disappear #my mind spirals #im sorry if im cold #i fucking hate myself #cyclothymia#depression#anxiety #i cant breathe #its happening all over again #self harm #make it stop #im sorry#overwhelmed#memories flooding
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  • Edisto Beach Sunrise 01/29/2015 04 — Edisto Island State Park, South Carolina, January 29, 2015

    The old Alchemists thought they could change the world
    to suit themselves
    if they could but find
    The Philosopher’s Stone,
    which was their equivalent
    to the Elder Wand,
    and would serve them
    as the threshold to wonders unimagined,
    but (with the Stone in hand)
    suddenly possible.

    Nobody in all the world,
    in all the worlds there have been,
    has ever wished for
    or tried to concoct
    a method of changing themselves
    to fit joyfully into their surroundings.

    People always want to change the world.
    They never want to change themselves.

    These days, they want to go to the beach
    and party
    without wearing a mask
    or social distancing.

    The only way to be safe
    is to stay away from everybody else.
    But they aren’t having it.
    They aren’t going to live in a world
    that isn’t how they want it to be.
    And they don’t care how many people
    they kill
    on their way out the door.

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  • i love how my mom yells at me for being inconsiderate for making her wait to pick me up when i was waiting with my friend so she wouldnt be alone and nervous before her interview while every time my mom goes into a store and i stay in the car, im always in the sun getting a sunburn

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  • Shout out to my neighbour who thinks playing rock music at 1am is cool and/or helpful. Not to sound like an old lady or anything.

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  • EFFING Stupid People in the covid-19 situation

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  • Y'all are right, having to wear a mask is unamerican. Why would Americans be considerate about other peoples health and safety?

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  • from ‘Leaving Patrick’

    “That she had been so blind to his misery and unaware of his leaving seemed to her a crime for which the only consolation was the rightness of the punishment. She deserved to lose what she had failed to treasure.”

    [Prue Leith]

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  • I can’t even bring myself to talk to her. I can’t even say anything to her I’m just speechless. She did the worst thing she’s done in her entire life. The most cruel, unimaginable and near-death causing decision that went even against her own emotions. She’s SO sure that I will hurt her? How? What gave it away? Was it how I spent every moment trying to talk to her? Was it how I stayed up every night for her? Was it how happy I was because of her? Was it my efforts? What made her think that I would hurt her again? So now she wants to replace what she felt with me, she wants to get over literal love, the kind that moves mountains. The kind that crashes cars in distraction. The kind that keeps you up at night and doesn’t let you sleep. Now she thinks that some random stranger will replace all of that. I won’t stop her. Let her fake it. Let her fake her own happiness. I heard her cry with me, I heard her glee when she heard my feelings for her. What is worse now this time is not that she will be hurt again by this person, but she will never even care enough to be hurt. Pathetic and sad, that is. I sound so confident, but I catch myself breaking down and not moving for hours. I have nothing else but hope. But right now, I can’t even look at her without an ocean of anger surging up. She would do this to me, she would do this to herself, based on something she ASSUMED I would do again? Based on that assumption she’s willing to pretend her whole life that she’s someone else. When she has me right here waiting for her with my life’s efforts all unscrewed to pour affection over her. At this point, if she wants me back, even I would need some time to just talk to her and not get serious all of a sudden. She left me without a moment’s hesitation. She left me based on an assumption which she thought of after remembering year-old incidents. If she takes me back suddenly like she did before, she’ll assume it again? That I’ll hurt her? I’ve spent every single second of this whole time aching for her, crying, writing, dreaming. But if she wants me back, will she still think so less of me? After I spilled blood to prove my devotion, I spilled blood to prove that I’m not selfish, I spilled blood to show I can make sacrifices, would she still think that I don’t love her? What more do I give? How would she believe me, ever? Maybe there’s no way out of this. She will never forgive me for those years long gone, and I will spend my life pining for her.

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  • that got7 song bracket tag has me picking between page and focus on me, ycmn and if you do, plus 1° and moon u. this is the work of a demon so i refuse to finish the bracket for ethical reasons

    #bye #how dare u make me choose my favorite got7 song when so many of them are my favs #inconsiderate#LOL#got7
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  • i fell in love with THE most indecisive and volatile girl in the universe and now she has to pretend to be in love with someone to help herself move on from me after i tried for MONTHS and i clearly heard her cry for me but still she wont get back with me although she CRIES and aches for me wow for her wow wonderful for me just wonderful great

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  • people who are still leaving used tissues and gloves inside shopping carts… I don’t want to catch covid 19 ! so, to all you people doing this are fucking disgusting…stop being nasty and inconsiderate!!


    Originally posted by pinkdredz

    #nasty #you all are disgusting #covidー19#inconsiderate #throw your trash away #shopping problems#you nasty
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  • 2/11/20: Today was grey skies and raining all day. The evening was clear with a very slight drizzle. An Asian woman on the train headed to Scarsdale, NY (wealthy town) spoke to me rudely. I put down my winter coat and bag and they were close to year and not touching her. She said to me “I need to be able to stand somewhere” in reference to my bag and coat. She had plenty of room to stand in the train and it wasn’t packed like a subway. I found out she lived in Scarsdale, NY. I don’t know why New Yorkers are so mean.


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