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    #incubus serpenttemptation opprobrium thrashmetal
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    #incubus opprobrium serpenttempation newrelease thrashmetal
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    incubus bf 🥵

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    04.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    idk when ill ever do anything with this but its tearing me APART. the inherent romanticism and homoeroticism of flexing how easily you could kill each other.

    #crow.txt #kaeluc#snippets#aus#sfw #im fucking. god. this is KILLING ME. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH IT. #vampire/monster hunter is the best dynamic possible actually i have decided. #kaeya knowing he should kill diluc for everyone's safety and not doing it #vs diluc knowing he should kill kaeya for his own safety (and maybe that of mondstadt) and not doing it #debating having kaeya also secretly be a monster in this au but i already have incubus + vampire au so. shrugs
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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Craving revenge for the betrayals he suffered, Jace and his companions set out to conquer some dungeon floors to gain what they need to seek their revenge. Traveling to Saltwater's Weep is a dangerous journey. A powerful coterie of adventurers led by the Warlord rules the city. Their dark fingers extend throughout and nothing is as it seems. Taking his time to plan his attack, Jace seeks to gain control of new allies and servants before he sets out on his Quest. Join him as he takes new lovers, fulfills new temptations and gains in immortal power. Watch villains creep from the sidelines with agendas of their own. Can a fledgling Incubus survive in a dangerous world when might makes right? Contains Explicit Content that is meant for 18+ readers, may not be suitable for everyone.

    Available for Pre-Order as an audiobook on Audible

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  • dammitadolfnomorecake
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    *** Incubus Keith prt5

    Premise: Lance accidentally summons Keith

    Scene: Working in a second hand bookstore Lance accidentally summons Keith who agrees to help him save his store in exchange for carrying his child. All the cliches. Lance is 30.


    Keith had no idea what to do in an actual store with lighting that worked and actual customers. He’d tried putting meat under his arm to carry it in a way that looked a hell of a lot like shoplifting. Then Lance had to explain what different fruits were and that milk came in bottles. Being the bigger adult was only leading to a bigger headache. His tiny savings going on buying the ingredients for beef stew thinking that maybe it’d be something Keith might find somewhat normal. Paying by card led to a whole other conversation about how money could be on there, thankfully though, that conversation came after they’d left the checkout. The cashier eyeing off Keith the whole time didn’t help his mood in the slightest. He got it. Keith was unfairly attractive… if you went for that sort of thing… which he did.

    Returning to an empty house was such a rarity that Lance couldn’t remember the last time it’d happened. He’d been forced to use his sad wage after his card had declined when he’d tried it. With his anxiety and working part time he received a small fortnightly payment from the government. Most of it went to wiping out his credit debt he’d accumulated trying to keep up with fashion and technology, and of course his books. Leading Keith through to the kitchen, Lance dumped the shopping on the kitchen table before letting out a sigh. A happyish sigh given he wouldn’t have to explain who Keith was to everyone immediately. The only way he could explain Keith was as friend from work…

    “Can we watch a movie now?”

    Oh the luxury. As much as he would love to, he had to start on dinner then check the washing machine was empty and deal with the washing if it wasn’t

    “Not right now”

    “Why not? You said you had them at home”

    “Because I need to put dinner on to cook and do some chores. Here, you can help”

    “Why do I need to help? I don’t know how to cook your weird food”

    “Because this is my house and… and… it’d be nice if you could please help me”

    He couldn’t tell Keith that he needed him to help cook because he wanted the company, nor due to the fact he was trying to do a friendly thing to make Keith feel better about being stuck here and felt kind of like a touch of familiarity might be good for him

    “Fine. I suppose I can. Do you need me to go get anything?”

    “No. We don’t need to go hunting. We’ve already been this town’s version of hunting at the supermarket. Can you rinse the vegetables?”

    “Where’s the bucket?”

    Taking a long breath, Lance then pulled out the vegetables

    “No bucket needed, my sweet summer child. Here we use the sink and a tap”

    “You have running water?”

    “Yep. You don’t?”

    “Not really. Shiro says…”

    Keith cut himself off, Lance wasn’t about to let a chance to pry into Keith’s personal life slip by. Not when he had to share his

    “Who’s Shiro?”

    Keith huffed, if he had heckles they’d be up

    “None of your business. Show me how to use this sink of yours”

    Flicking the handle up and down, Keith drew back a little. His brow scrunched as he scowled to cover his curiosity

    “So that’s how it works. You don’t need to cut them up yet, but they do need a rinse”

    “All of them?”

    There was no space for being a picky eater in his family. He’d brought more than enough to feed at least 10 yet doubted there’d be anything left by the end of the night

    “Yep. I’m going to start browning off the meat”

    Turning back to sorting out the ingredients, Keith immediately started playing with the tap the second he thought Lance’s back was turned. At least now he knew how to keep the demon preoccupied. He was as bad as his little cousins, trying to put the tap up and down fast enough to prevent anything coming out. It was kind of cute… not that Keith could be cute or anything. He was kind of a total arsehole… who only wanted him for his body. Maybe he could introduce him to the upstairs taps and keep everything Keith had in his pants safely away from his virtue? No. That was too optimistic. He needed to hurry up and make a baby with him so he could keep his damn job.

    “Hey, Lance. Are you sure we need all these vegetables?”

    “You’re really hung up on that, aren’t you? Don’t you have vegetables where you come from?”

    “We do… but meat is better”

    Lance was sure there was some joke in there about Keith’s incubus tendencies, but that would mean bringing up sex and now they were home with the house to themselves… no. Noooo. Nope…

    “Vegetables are good for humans. I take it with all the hunting you do, you only eat meat?”

    “And sexual energy. We should have sex again”

    He’d dug his own hole on that one

    “Not now. I’m busy. Plus vegetables makes the meal go further”

    “But there’s meat in it, right?”

    “Yes, Keith. There’s meat in it. That was why I bought so much of it. Do you do any cooking back in your world?”

    “Not like this. Where’s the fire? Should I start a fire? I’m pretty good at it”

    Keith would more than likely burn the whole house down proving he could do it

    “No! No. I’ll show you when I put the meat on”

    Seeing it’d been a while since he’d made stew, Lance pulled his poor nearly dead phone out and opened up the first link that came up when he searched it up. Not thinking about the fact it was a video, Keith growled when the channel host’s voice came through. Dear lord, Keith growled, please send help him

    “Easy, tiger. It’s a video”

    “What’s that?”

    “It’s like a short movie”

    It amazed Lance that Keith didn’t ask about what his phone was. Not that Lance knew how to describe it as anything other than magical device that was highly addictive

    “You get to watch movies while I do this?”

    “I’m watching to make sure I don’t mess up”

    “I thought you could cook”

    “I can. And I’m going to cook you if you don’t finish up with those vegetables”

    “I doubt you could manage it”

    “I’m not afraid to give it my best shot. I want to get this on before Mami comes home. She always adds mushrooms despite how much I hate them”

    “Then why does she do it?”

    “Because I’m the only one who doesn’t like them. When you’ve got a big family and you’re the youngest you don’t have much of a say. You should know what that’s like”

    Keith didn’t take the bait, instead he kind of almost sounded like he cared about Lance’s feelings

    “If it’s your food why share it? Shouldn’t that be your choice?”

    “Maybe if this was my house. That reminds me. Mami is gonna wanna know how I know you. I’m going to tell her I know you through work, seeing it’s kind of true”

    “I have to meet your family?”

    “You’ll have to meet them eventually. It’s easier now than later”

    “I’m not interested in them. I’m barely interested in you”

    “I know. You only want your baby and to go back, but humans are tricky creatures. You have to play nice”

    “You can’t snap their necks?”

    “No, Keith. No neck snapping”

    Keith sighed heavily, Lance now fearing all over again he was definitely going to end up dead because of him

    “You have a lot of rules”

    “Yep. So stop distracting me. I want to get this cooking then take a shower before I do my chores”


    Keith turned out to be pretty handy with a knife. The pair of them working together quite well if Lance did say so himself. However, he now had another issue. His precious private shower had some how turned into an excuse for Keith to be handsy. All he could say was thank god no one was home when the demon got too impatient and Lance found himself thrown over Keith’s shoulder and carried back to his room.

    With Keith’s head buried between his legs, Lance wasn’t sure how this benefited him. The way Keith was sucking on him meant the demon was about to be fed any moment now, while all Lance could do was fist his sheets at the building pleasure. Not trusting Keith not to get himself into trouble he’d had the incubus follow him to the bathroom where he was supposed to sit and stay on the toilet. Keith had given up, Lance jumping as the incubus’s hands hand slid down his hips and his lips had pressed against his neck

    “K-Keith… I’m going to come if you don’t stop”

    That was not the sign for Keith to take things further. Pulling off his dick, Lance was hiked up by the hips as Keith’s mouth went places he’d never thought a mouth would go. Letting out a strangled moan, he came across his stomach and chest, cum pooling on his collar bone as Keith started fucking him with his tongue. His virtue was gone forever. Packed up and thrown out to sea by this damn incubus and his damn tongue. He needed Keith to hurry up down there thanks to the intoxicating kisses they’d shared before he’d gotten all dominant and hefted him off to his room

    “Either fuck me or stop… you’re killing me like this”

    As Keith raised his head, Lance gulped. The look in Keith’s eyes was a base hunger Lance knew he’d just fanned into a conflagration. Growling, his voice went right down Lance’s spine

    “Remember you asked for this”

    With a surprised squeak Lance found himself on all fours, Keith burying his face back against his arse. He was being manhandled far too easily, Keith’s strength was terrifying when he stopped to think about things. They were going to have to set some ground rules once Keith had hurried up and given him what he needed. Wait… shit… he needed it? There was a throbbing low in his belly, like if he didn’t get Keith right away he’d literally die. It had to be the demons mark calling out for energy otherwise that would mean admitting he’d kind of loved being dicked down the night before.

    The difference between Keith’s dick in his human form and his incubus form should have been massive, but no. The sting and the stretch felt like he was taking that same monster dick as Keith buried himself balls deep. The only difference was the fact that Keith wasn’t ribbed. Keith wasn’t ribbed but damn if he didn’t feel good. The lack of lube Lance could only put up to the man being an incubus

    “Shit… go easy on me”

    Keith’s fingers dug into his hips, Lance feeling the way the incubus’s nails lengthened pricking and scratching as Keith drew back and thrust hard

    “I said go e-e-easy…”

    Railed by Keith until his arms gave out and Keith’s hands were the only thing keeping him up. Lance lost count of how many times he’d come. He knew that his second orgasm definitely happened… which seemed to excite Keith and some kind of sweetish scent had then filled his senses. His dick now hanging limp, pleasure turned to a sated numbness where he had no control of himself. Whining as he tried to lift his head and failed, Lance was pulled up and into Keith’s lap. The demons legs holding his open as he lay back against Keith’s smooth chest. Sliding his hand from Lance’s right hip to his stomach, Keith let out three hard grunts in time with his thrusts before his hips stuttered. Warm flared in Lance’s chest, Lance too tired to understand. Now he wanted cuddles…



    Peering over his shoulder, Lance tried to follow Keith’s gaze. Something was on his chest, over where he his heart sat. Something red… and black? Was he dying? Feeling Keith shake, the incubus laughed

    “You’re not dying. You’re so dumb”

    Rude… and since when could Keith read his thoughts?

    “You’re mumbling, fool. My mark has settled on your chest. For a crybaby who complains far too much and lacks any discernible charms, your sexual energy makes for a good meal. I never would have chosen a meal like you for myself. Now if you were more open like this you’d be much less annoying to tolerate”

    He’d been complimented? That was like the nicest thing Keith had ever said to him…

    “Be quite. Sleep if you must but stop talking”

    Lance must have fallen asleep. When he woke Keith was playing on his phone. Groaning, his arse was throbbing like a bass dumb

    “Finally. You humans sleep too much. Your mother is home”

    What?! He hadn’t accomplished any of his chores and now he had a literal pain in the arse to deal with

    “Why didn’t you wake me?”

    “You wouldn’t let me see this weird thing of yours when you were awake”

    “That’s because phones are a private thing here! Give me that back”

    “That’s exactly what I meant”

    “Keith, how would you feel if someone took your book and drew all over it? That’s how we humans feel about our phones…”

    “You’re the one who said we’d watch a movie and fell asleep”

    “Because you’re the one who wanted to have sex”

    “I have to feed the mark or it’ll drain too much of your energy”

    Dragging his sore and sorry arse up to sit, Lance looked down at his chest. The mark still red and black like he very dimly remembered

    “Is it always going to look like this?! Because I’ve got to tell you Mami is anti-tattoos”

    “It’ll fade. When your energy levels are low or when it’s still feeding on my energy it’ll show. You should know that”

    “How am I supposed to know if you don’t tell me?”

    Keith huffed at him, but Lance had bigger problems to deal with

    “I’m going to go see Mami. You can either stay here or you can come meet her and get that out of the way”

    “Do you want me to come down?”

    “I think it’ll be easier to explain who you are now in case she sees you again and thinks you’re trying to rob us”

    “Fine. Whatever. Your thing is dumb”

    Tossing the phone on the bed, Lance snatched it up before Keith could change his mind

    “It’s not dumb. I’ll show you how to use it properly later”

    Keith sulked as he climbed off Lance’s bed, drawing his hair back into a ponytail

    “Forget it. I doubt I’ll actually need to learn about your weird things. Your realm is so complicated and loud”

    “Don’t get huffy at me. You shouldn’t have lost your book if you didn’t want to be summoned here by a dumb human like me. Now when we see Mami you can’t tell her about us or talk about sex. It’s a human thing… and don’t say anything about this whole pregnancy either”

    Finding his cleanest shirt in arms reach, Lance nearly face planted over the pain in his hips. Keith and his monster dick had a lot explaining to do

    “As if I would tell everyone. I do have my pride”

    “Really? Because you seemed to love fucking with me”

    “You’re passable”

    Keith didn’t get it. Of course he didn’t get it, Lance hissing in his direction

    “Just behave yourself and let me do most of the talking”

    If only he could go back in time and not read Keith’s name… now he wouldn’t be trapped in this semi-hell with an unfairly hot and ill tempered incubus and a Christian Mami would faint on the spot if she knew he was being railed by a demon. Lord give him strength.

    #ashratherose#vld#incubus keith#mpreg #don’t come at me you can’t cut text on a phone
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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The sound of cackling laughter and static grows closer...

    Oh, god who let this idiot get a DT

    I didn't really go that wild colour wise since his design is already busy with the gold veins. Mostly just extended scales, added more spikes, his lightning crystal has grown throughout his body (rip the front view of that). Demons seem to get darker skin in their DTs, but his pale skin is to balance his whole palette so just gave him a gradient.

    I imagine his boss fight is a team-up one with Nyx. They're one of those bosses where if you kill one half, the other goes NUTS and destroys you. It's basically a toss up of do you want annoying lightning and having to dodge a rush of attacks; or do you want fire and the entire stage getting destroyed. Hint: Don't fight Nyx. You will die

    I imagine their boss theme is the Lust Battle from DR3 since they're both concubi

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    can’t wait to weird out people with my mechagnome warlock having an incubus by his side

    #i know if i show it off with him i'll probably get a couple comments maybe #playing a gnome on moon guard just gets you comments in general lmao #ramblings #the incubus model has some cake though... I'm jealous
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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    when he succ u in the bus he a succubus

    #artnell #incubus halli doodle has been long in the works
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    so... that incubus model am i right?

    #World of Warcraft #World of warcraft art #world of warcraft fanart #warcraft #word of warcraft #warcraft fanart#wowart#incubus
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    But there's a cold wind coming from

    The top of the highest high-rise today

    It's not a breeze cause it blows hard

    Yes and it wants me to discard the humanity I know

    Watch the warmth blow away

    So don't let the world bring you down

    Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold

    Remember why you came and while you're alive

    Experience the warmth before you grow old

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    Chapter 8 of The trick to seducing is out!

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