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  • Bitches wanna talk to me can’t contact 😷

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  • Considering the welfare of our community
    in an emergency meeting we have decided to close
    until further notice

                                                                                             Yea piss off
                                                                 I’m not a kid, and you know it 

    We are bound to follow government orders
    Please co-operate and follow the instructions

                   I just morphed into this evil, patriarchial [sic], desi creature
                                                  from your severely biased vantage point
                                                                      because your ego was hurt 

    All those staying onsite must vacate by Saturday

                                                     I don’t give a fuck about your monologues
                                                                                  about who or what I am

    All facilities will remain closed

                                            Never mind wishing good luck to any one I’d date 

    Emergency services will continue functioning
    albeit with minimal staff

                                      I already have someone, and I’d do anything for her

    Interns will be requested to leave ASAP

                                      and I can easily make time for her – I already have

    Asking all onsite to vacate in the present situation 
    may not be justifiable
    given the current advisory against travelling

                                                   We are both very lucky to have each other
                                                     and she understands me, and vice versa

    The safer option would be for those present to remain
    rather than being forced to evacuate

                                                         We know how to give each other space
                                                                                                   unlike others

    Many of us are concerned that those forced
    to undertake travel will be exposed 

                                                                However, I feel sorry for the blokes
                                                            who are going to have anxiety attacks
                                                               apres moi, a la moi, because of you 

    Many may not find tickets; transport may be overcrowded

                                                   I am partly to blame, but you make me sound
                                                                  like a manipulative mass murderer 
                                                                            which I’m most certainly not 

    Steps taken may increase risk rather than mitigate

                                                  I hope you find someone more suited to you 

    Please consider asking those still present
    if they’d feel safer to remain

                                                   Whether you believe it or not, I mean that 

    Once the decision is made it is not a ping pong game

                                                                                      I wish you the best

    Please let us end this debate

                                             I’m blocking you now, I’m done with this crap

    This is an unprecedented situation that can only be managed
    through strict adherence to Health Ministry guidelines

                                                                I will not be receiving any replies
                                                                     or engaging with you anymore

    Please make the necessary arrangements to vacate
    by evening of the stipulated date

                                                              for the near future at the very least

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    While the privileged are sitting at homes, doing pointless shit like posting challenges on Instagram, There are literally millions of daily wage workers, homeless and deprived people. More than 1 lakh people are stranded at the UP Delhi border. Who will look after them if they contract the disease? Who  will care about them?

    These people are at many times the only breadwinners of the family. Can we be so ignorant, that we readily allow entire families of poor to get destroyed? Some owners of factories, contractors have simply haven’t paid these workers and simply turned a blind eye towards these people.

    People like you and me have plenty of surplus money and resources. There are people who literally completely depend on their next month’s salary to run their houses. How do you think would they manage?

    Government just abruptly closed down the entire nation. What arrangement did it make so that the poor reach their homes along with their familes safely? It is not as simple as booking a cab or renting a car for them. People are literally walking miles and miles to reach home. Why aren’t these people being given masks, being scanned or being disinfected? People are being brutally tortured by the police. Don’t they deserve spending this dark and difficult time with their familes, in their homes? Try to imagine the immense fear and desperation and the helplessness of these people.

    Everybody is praising the Indian government on how efficiently they brought an early lockdown. They don’t realize what the poor are going through, simply because the society doesn’t care about them.

    Please think again, if you think my thoughts have political origin.

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