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    17.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞 | 𝐚𝐬𝐤 | 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐨 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭
    #disney rp #disney villain rp #indie rp #self promo tbt #OKAY IM GONNA GO CROCHET A BUNNY NOW BUT #none of this is me its all lovett lmao #enjoy the new chaos aesthetic x
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  • lullcbies
    17.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    open: all plot: in the source

     thankful for a calming moment, he takes the moment for granted surely. head tilted back on the headrest and almost closed his eyes. until he heard their grating tones in the base of his ear drums. “what do you want?”

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  • thefearedsouls
    17.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #indie horror rp #horror rp #indie scream rp #indie fear street rp #indie ahs rp #indie chucky rp #chucky rp#ahs rp#scream rp #fear street rp #tbh idk how i feel about this but it'll work for now #{ self promo } #{ promotions }
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  • decoresca
    17.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    ⸺  𝑖'𝑣𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑒𝑛 𝑠𝑎𝑣𝑖𝑛' 𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑚𝑦 𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑦𝑜𝑢   ♡   𝑚𝑢𝑙𝑡𝑖 - 𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑠𝑒 & 𝑚𝑢𝑙𝑡𝑖 - 𝑠𝘩𝑖𝑝
    #anime rp#manga rp #video game rp #final fantasy rp #indie disney rp #𝓈𝑒𝓁𝒻 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓂𝑜    .     oh did i win ?  〕 .   ♡
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  • illfatcd
    17.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    “I think you look great with purple hair, I don’t know why you’re upset about it.” Never mind that Ezra was the one who did it. The shadow fae enjoys playing tricks. “Come on, can you be a better sport about it? I’ll change it back if it upsets you.”

    Open to moots and non-moots. Ezra is 19 and a trickster shadow-fae. Thankfully the extent of his tricks is changing hair colors or making your plants grow eyes and nothing terribly malicious.
    #indie rp#open rp #indie oc rp #indie spn rp #indie lit rp
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  • supxrnaturalheathens
    17.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Open to: F 

    Plot: An Alpha is looking for a beta or omega to complete their pack so they can finally produce pups, and they want your muse. 

    Emersyn looked over at the other woman, then looking back at her drink and downing it. The two had been hunting for the third member of their pack for six months, and it was starting to get back to them. Wolves by nature were breeders; but they needed the third member. An Alpha needed both an omega and beta to reproduce.

    She had one of the two.

    The alpha exhaled before glancing over at the dance floor of the club they had been lurking at for the week then back at her partner. “How about that one?” she asked, pointing at what was clearly the missing link of their pack. “She looks nice...” 

    #indie smut rp #indie kink rp #open
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  • magorias
    17.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago
    WOMEN SHOULD BE PARANOID. It's a survival skill.  // indie canon divergent amanda rollins of law & order: special victims unit, found on magorias. 18+, everything-friendly.
    #svu rp #law & order rp #indie crime rp #criminal minds rp #crime rp #╳┆ PROMOS.
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  • natetheasshole
    17.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Reblog this post if you're comfortable writing with original characters, no matter what. All genders and sexualities are welcomed here.

    #oc rp #original character rp #indie rp#rp #ok to reblog #nate
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  • ofmusesandmenrp
    17.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    The ginger was feeling extra frisky tonight and wanted to have some fun. She and Fiona had been hooking-up earlier in the day but they’d made their way to the bar to find a third. She looked at the person next to them. “Do you want to have some fun tonight?” 

    Fiona smirked at the person that Stephanie had spoken to. “Why don’t you come home with us?” She asked. The blonde really did want to find someone to fuck them both. “We could even make a movie if that is something you’re into.”

    #Fiona and Stephanie: open #starter #indie kink rp #indie smut rp
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  • aniimalspirits
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    reverse starter call, like this and i will reply to some of ur opens xx
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  • bitemescftly
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    OPEN STARTER  ;;  your muse and anna had been in a relationship ( fwb, engaged, bf & gf, whatever ) but then something happened that made them split up & now they meet again but wait, why does the kid holding anna’s hand have your muse’s eyes? possible connections : anything & anyone.

              “Oh, shit.” Anna cursed softly as her green eyes recognised the man standing before her. She was quite stunned for a few moments, not able to believe she was seeing things right. What was he doing in town again? What brought him here? Why now? Why right there and then when she wasn’t prepared in the slightest? The brunette quickly looked down to the three-years-old child at her side who was clutching onto her jeans with all of his/her might as he/she also looked towards the man, huge eyes almost an identical copy of his that were now starring right back at him. “This isn’t the right time.” Anna quickly spoke, hoping that her voice didn’t break as she spoke, hoping the man couldn’t see the turmoil in her head. Her heart breaking in two as memories began to flood back - memories of their breakup, memories of a positive pregnancy test, memories of the first time she held her, their, baby. “I- We have to go.”

    #;( any relationship possible ) #;( her dad's best friend she had an affair with ? ) #;( her boss who had some connections in the maf*a? ) #;( a biker / outlaw who had just gotten out of ja*l? ) #;( her ex who got together with her best friend? ) #open#open starter #open indie rp #indie rp #open independent rp #independent rp
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  • intheirabsence
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    like this for a thread

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  • lilacwiine
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    open to anyone, flossie has big ol’ commitment issues but has had feelings for your muse for a while (whether they’ve been friends, fwb, a casual fling) but now they’re in a relationship with someone else and flossie isn’t reacting the best. 

    “oh, it’s official?” flossie can’t help but sound a little less than enthused, flat more than anything else. “good. great. i just kept you around in case i felt lonely, anyway.” 
    #indie rp #indie bi rp #indie oc rp #open starter. #flossie|interaction.
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  • illfatcd
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “Romeo and Juliet weren’t romantic. What in the world gives you that idea? He was into a girl who was way too young for him and they both died. How stupid could you be?” The male sighs, rolls his eyes. “That sort of romance is problematic, that’s why there’s misinterpretations in literature.”

    Open to moots and non-moots. Hongseok is a literature major who has a lot of opinions.
    #indie rp#open rp #indie oc rp #indie spn rp #indie lit rp #me living with a literature major: i just find it funny how
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  • lilacwiine
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    open to anyone, based off of “accidental co-parents of the found family group to lovers” is an underrated trope that i really want to see more of.

    “you ever think it would be evan who got engaged first?” as much as there was a hint of teasing to her words, it brought a genuine smile to willow’s lips to watch their friend so happily twirl around the room with his new fiancée. most of their little group had dispersed from the table they’d claimed at the engagement party, either at the bar or on the dancefloor. it was just the two of them that remained, as it always seemed to be. “he sure seems happy though, so i mean — go him, y’know?”
    #indie rp #indie bi rp #indie lesbian rp #indie oc rp #open starter. #willow|interaction.
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  • aconites
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    hello!  since work has finally slowed down and i have more free time on my hands, i’m looking for new partners and friends who are interested in writing with me!  if you want to do threads with someone who will literally message you at 3am with random headcanons, musings and create graphics ( manips, videos, gifs, etc )  for our characters — look no further. i also have no triggers, am sm.ut-friendly and love to do multiple plots with the same partner. bellow the cut you’ll find a list of wanted faceclaims, opposites, ships and plots that i would love to do and if anything catches your interest please give this post a like and i’ll message you. this is for mutuals & non mutuals, so feel free to like this even if we have threads/plots happening already.

    faceclaims i’d love to play!

    dakota johnson*

    florence pugh*

    jessica alexander*

    jenny boyd

    greta onieogou

    ana de armas

    casimere jollette

    hande ercel

    melisa pamuk

    josefine frida pettersen

    madelyn cline*

    madison bailey

    lily collins*

    sydney sweeney*

    alexa demie

    gabriella wilde*

    sofia carson

    kristine froseth

    haley lu richardson

    anya taylor joy

    laura harrier

    imogen poots*

    minka kelly

    madelaine petsch

    lili reinhart

    zoey deutch

    camila queiroz*


    josephine langford

    kaylee bryant

    danielle rose russell

    halston sage*

    emily ratajkowski*

    benedetta porcaroli

    scarlett leithold

    margot robbie*

    camila mendes

    josefine frida pattersen*

    danielle campbell

    camila morrone

    maia mitchell

    alycia debnam-carey

    phoebe tonkin

    abigail cowen

    elle fanning

    barbie ferreira*

    dove cameron

    emma mackey*

    kathryn newton*

    faceclaims i’d love to play against!

    any of the ladies above

    henry cavill*

    ben barnes*

    clayton cardenas

    jd pardo

    rudy pankow*

    felix mallard*

    chase stokes

    dacre montgomery *

    joe keery *

    david harbour

    sebastian stan*

    lorenzo zurzolo

    alex fitzalan*

    noah centineo

    dylan o’brien*

    nick robinson*

    hero fiennes tiffin

    manny montana

    chris evans*

    jordan connor*

    casey deidrick *

    milo ventimiglia*

    tommy martinez *

    dj cotrona *

    charlie hunnam *

    jeffrey dean morgan *

    tom hardy

    jason momoa

    wolfgang novogratz*

    cody christian

    harry styles

    jacob elordi*

    giuseppe maggio

    ships i’d love to do!

    any of the above fcs combined tbh. ( m/f or f/f )

    emma mackey & nico mirallegro

    jd pardo & florence pugh

    jd pardo & phoebe tonkin*

    ben barnes & lily collins

    ben barnes & ana de armas

    danielle campbell & casey deidrick

    casey deidrick & margot robbie

    clayton cardenas & sydney sweeney*

    clayton cardenas & lily james

    clayton cardenas &  phoebe tonkin*

    hande ercel & can yaman*

    dylan o’brien & kristine froseth*

    dylan o’brien & danielle rose russell

    jacob elordi & josephine langford*

    ben barnes & crystal reed*

    ben barnes & phoebe tonkin*

    dacre montgomery & madelaine petsch

    henry cavill & dakota johnson*

    henry cavill & sydney sweeney*

    ana de armas & dj cotrona

    rudy pankow & kristine froseth*

    rudy pankow & sydney sweeney*

    felix mallard & kristine froseth

    felix mallard & sydney sweeney*

    bill skarsgard & madelaine petsch

    camila mendes & dj cotrona

    hero fiennes tiffin & alexa demie

    hero fiennes tiffin & kristine froseth

    lily james & charlie hunnam

    dakota johnson & sebastian stan

    chris evans & margot robbie

    cindy kimberly & harry styles

    chase stokes & madelyn cline*

    rudy pankow & madelyn cline

    madison bailey & madelyn cline

    dove cameron & sofia carson

    benedetta porcaroli & alice pagani*

    cindy kimberly & madison beer

    kathryn newton & alex fitzalan

    manny montana & camila mendes

    danielle campbell & skeet ulrich

    hero fiennes tiffin & alexa demie

    madison davenport & dj cotrona*

    sydney sweeney & charlie hunnam

    noah centenio & camila mendes

    ana de armas & margot robbie

    & anyone.

    canon ships i’d love to do!

    my marissa cooper ( madelyn cline ) & ryan atwood ( choose his fc )

    my serena van der woodsen ( benedetta porcaroli/tba. )  & nate archibald ( choose his fc!)

    my blair waldorf ( sofia carson )  & chuck bass ( choose his fc!)

    my peyton sawyer ( kathryn newton )  & lucas scott ( choose his fc! )

    my hayley james ( zoey deutch)  & nathan scott ( choose his fc! )

    my brooke davis ( danielle campbell )  & lucas scott ( choose his fc! )

    plots id love to do!

    famous/non famous plots or even famous/famous tbh

    g.ang/c.rime plots*

    zombie apocalypse plots*

    mc/b.iker plots!!!!!!*

    nanny/single dad*

    grumpy ceo/soft lil assistant*

    best friends to lovers plots ( gimme angsty )

    bad boy/good girl plots

    best friend’s brother/brother’s best friend heh

    age ga.p stuff?  ( both fcs over the age of 21 tho ) *

    sugar baby / sugar d.addy plots

    bodyguard/client pls!!!!!!

    muse a is in college and decides to become a stri,pper at an elite club to pay for her tuition. the club is run by this m.afia boss, muse b, who’s enchanted with her from the get-go and the feeling was mutual. so for the next year, on every friday night, muse b books a private dance from her for two hours, and muse a who has only been comfortable giving them to him and no one else, starts to look forward to it every time. she knows he’s dangerous but he doesn’t scare her like he probably should and every week the tension becomes thicker and thicker… i think it would b very cool to develop this and see what could happen when they eventually hook up. muse b doesn’t want to bring her into his world, not wanting for her to get hurt but the heart wants what it wants. 😈*

    can i please have a precious lil broke girl who’s working herself to the bone as a waitress or something to put herself through college, meeting a wealthy older man who becomes totally smitten with her and wants to take care of her but she’s not used to not doing everything herself and he does stuff like renting out her entire restaurant on days she’s supposed to work bc he wants to see her, and taking her shopping so she has stuff to wear to his super fancy business galas, and constantly buying her fancy sparkly gifts, and there’s angst bc all the rich ladies are like ‘oh shes just his s.ugar baby/midlife crisis’ and she’s all ‘i don’t belong in your world’ and just please give me this xoxo

    a f.ucked up modern day marriage plot where a rival m.ob boss marries his daughter, muse a, off to muse b to calm the tension between the families. at first they hate each other, but once forced to live together, they start warming up to each other, too stubborn to let it show. then one night he comes back from an important deal gone wrong, his face is f.ucked up and he’s feverish and she takes care of him all night and etc etc etc…i need it?

    okay so i read a fanfic with this plot and i can’t stop thinking about it and i really would love to do it with someone if anyone is interested!  basically, muse a and muse b have been best friends their entire life, they were always that duo everyone thought would end up together but things never went in a romantic route ( other than a few drunk kisses they never talked about throughout their late teens ) and now muse a has been dating his girlfriend for the last two years but was still just as close with muse b despite his girlfriend’s hidden jealousy. they’re now in their mid-twenties and muse a really wants to have a child and to start a family but his girlfriend is unable to carry them due to medical reasons. the topic of surrogates is brought up when he and muse b are hanging out one night and since she would do anything to make her best friend happy, she offers to carry his baby. after a sperm donation and a visit to the clinic, muse b finds out two weeks later that she’s pregnant and muse a couldn’t be happier and believes his girlfriend is just as over the moon as he is. unfortunately, she isn’t. it’s not until muse b is over four months pregnant that his girlfriend drops a bombshell – she doesn’t want to be a mother and she thought that she’d change her mind as things went further along but she can’t. the break up comes next and overwhelmed by the turn of events, muse b starts to panic and wonder what the hell she’s going to do. even though half of the baby’s dna is her own, she hadn’t been prepared to actually raise it but luckily muse a doesn’t bring up his expectations on the matter. he still wants to be a dad but doesn’t want to make muse b feel any pressure to be by his side when the baby is born. they don’t talk about it for the next few weeks and as time goes on, they get closer. muse a is super supportive and involved with the pregnancy, making sure to go to the doctor appointments with her and prenatal classes. he brushes off her mood swings and when she’s craving chocolate cupcakes at two in the morning, he doesn’t think twice about getting up and going to the store to get them for her. feelings start to develop and muse b comes to the conclusion that she’s inlove with him and thinks she always has been, despite wanting to push those feelings away when they were growing up. muse b also realizes that she wants to raise the baby with him and after an emotional conversation and mutual confessions come to light, they end up sleeping together and all seems like it’s falling into place. it’s not until the morning after that muse a gets a phone call from his ex, who suddenly has a change of heart and wants to get back together. to be a mother like they had originally planned… drama ensues.

    when the m.ob princess meets the m.ob prince: forbi.dden love is always angsty so why not do that and add rival g.angs to the mix?  muse a is the daughter of the head boss of the local g.ang and is sick and tired of having her life controlled by her overprotective father. so, to rebel against his wishes after an argument, muse a decides to go to a nightclub that her father had always f.orbidden her to attend. unknown to her, the club is run by the rival ga.ng’s boss’ son, muse b, and not knowing who she is, can’t stop looking at her on the dance floor. they eventually bump into each other and after having a few drinks, end up at muse a’s apartment and they ho.ok up. i was thinking they both never brought up their families and their true professions and maybe start to hang out/go on dates and then bam, the truth comes out and drama begins. especially when they can’t stay away from each other.

    i want a plot where muse a is in a popular band that goes on tour and muse b is a new makeup artist or a hair stylist hired for the upcoming tour that just so happens to be muse a’s ex (though the breakup was something both really didn’t want tbh) and the tour is just filled with tension like pls imagine the silence during makeup when muse b is leaning over really close to muse a’s face or the jealousy when muse b is touchy with the other band members god pls*

    god i just got an imagine of a trophy wife who is way younger than her husband. as in she’s in her second year of college and he’s in his thirties. she is absolutely spoiled by him and she’s all too eager to please him in & out of bed. for all intends and purposes he seems like he’s in charge. he’s older. he has the money. yet he is so weak for her and wanting to give her the world. yet when they’re in the bedroom he f.ucks her like he doesn’t love her and she’s too into it. someone let me play this out.

    someone give me an angsty plot of “i’m pregnant and your m.istress. what do you mean you won’t leave your wife?? you said you love me.” imagine the angst when she cuts all ties with him for months and then he runs into her and she’s got this big belly. he just stands there like f.uck i do love her. i gotta win her back.

    during a bank rob.bery you’re surprised when the criminals seem to recognize you and retreat in fear. only later do you learn that your high school sweet-heart now runs a global crim.e syndicate and has you placed on a “no harm” list. you decide to pay them a visit after all these years.*

    ‘we met at one of your concerts and you’re super famous and we f.ucked at the meet and greet once everyone was gone but now you’re asking to see me again and fly me out to these incredible locations but i’ve actually got a boyfriend and he doesn’t know about any of this. are you sure that the paps won’t see us?’

    aight but how about a plot that’s like “i met a boy that’s super rich so i’m gonna start dating him just so he can buy me nice things. im gonna play with his heart and flirt with his rich friends behind his back. whoops he’s actually nice and he really likes me. i might like him back.  what do you mean you found out i was just using you for your money?? come back i think i fell in love with you”

    ‘we’ve been f.ucking with no strings attached but i just saw you go upstairs with another guy and im dru.nk and following you both upstairs to punch the s.hit out of him’

    hi somebody pls give me a summer camp plot where they’re both camp counselors !!  it’d be hella cute tbh, like imagine giving each other these lil yarn bracelets they made during arts + crafts ?  also lil dates at the lake after everyone’s asleep + they’re just there getting h.igh + skin.ny dipping ??*

    a plot about a college student on the verge of losing her scholarship. with a full schedule and no free time, she has no shot at finding a job. so in a last ditch attempt she puts herself on suga.rbabies.com and searches through suga.rdaddy.com. a week passed by. many blind meetings with ceos, doctors, lawyers, even a few actors. yet nothing pans out. one day, late at night. a message pops up. inside waiting is a message from her favorite professor. *

    a single dad x kindergarten teacher plot where his kid is in love with the teacher, always talking about them when they get home, making them pictures and always raising their hand in class being the best student they can be. the father finds this adorable because the kid is so whipped by this teacher he’s never met due to work and the fact his mother is always picking them up. so, parent teacher night finally comes and it’s time for them to meet. and the dad realizes the reasons why his kid is so whipped in the first place.

    plot: rich business man tries out a c.all girl (inexperienced and much younger) but they end up having a+++ s.ex (can be v rough bc he’s so stressed) so he ends up calling her up quite often and they grow attached to each other xcept there can be drama bc a) he’s married or engaged or something or b) he wants to keep them a secret or maybe even she tells him that she doesn’t date clients and ahhh yeah pls gimme

    no but gimme a plot where the girl’s a m.ob boss’s daughter, and the boy is a cop fresh outta the academy and he doesn’t realize that the girl he’s been flirting with is the daughter of the guy he’s trying to get behind bars.

    okay so um i need a plot where this like young precious innocent lil cinnamon roll of a girl somehow stumbles upon some kinda se.xy chatroom thing (that may or may not be p.rison/inm.ate related) and starts chatting with this older guy who’s in prison (bc he was in a ga.ng or dr.ug ring or something, nothing too crazy ok) and they spend like months chatting pretty soon he convinces her to send him pictures and he gives her like d.irty little ‘missions’ (like wear vib,rating panti.es to school and take nud.es in public places and stuff like that) and then he eventually gets out of pri.son and they meet but she’s still a vi.rgin and he’s spent months not getting any and like can i please just have this  debauchery

    i want to have a plot where ballerina/bad boy and she has very strict parents and they force to dedicate her life to dancing which she agrees to until she meets a boy who s.mokes a lot, gets into a lot of fights, and always has a cocky smile on his face. but she doesn’t mind because he makes her feel like she isn’t someone’s doll anymore, like a normal person.

    um, give me a plot where she used to be this s.exy, wild girl and had a bad boy boyfriend to match but when he turned eighteen he was caught for some cr.ime and sent to pris.on for a couple years. he came out fully expecting for her to be waiting for him but when he finds her she’s this prim and proper girl who is dating some pretentious ivy league di.ck. she pretends to be happy with her vanilla, boring relationship, but soon he wraps her up in his world again.

    a plot where he’s a little too old for her but she doesn’t care. he thinks she’s immature and too reckless with her behavior. but she’s hellbent on proving him otherwise. so she applies for the position of his new personal assistant and he can’t help but appreciate her determination. of course he hires her but he does nothing short of giving her a hard time because this is her first job and she has no idea what she’s doing. but crap he finds her crying in the bathroom and his first instinct is to hold her and comfort her. he can’t believe he’s the cause of this and wises up fast. also maybe it has to do with his now urge to protect her.

    i just want a plot where muse a has been in this friends with benefits thing with muse b bc they both just wanted to lose their v.irginity already (they’ve been neighbours and fwb since they were sixteen) and now he became a m.anwhore. they are completely different at school (i thought of a bad boy/”good” girl kinda thing) but when muse a says she wants it to stop bc she wants to try to have a real relationship with someone else, muse b realises he doesn’t want it to end bc he rlly likes her ??? and hes still such a d.ick but he starts to give her more attention at school bc she’s the realest thing he’s ever had and he just doesn’t know how to stop the whole bad boy persona !!give it to me pls

    also, presidents party girl daughter who has been assigned a new secret service bodyguard. he has no idea what he’s in for or the trouble she attracts. she has a problem with the word ‘no’ and he likes to say it a lot.

    i need a famous ship where they’re both insanely busy with album recordings & red carpets & tours & they’re trying to make this whole long distance relationship work but with the time differences & going months without seeing each other it’s difficult, not to mention all the rumors & s.hit. but then there’s all the cute things like showing up on tour to surprise each other & going to award shows together & just finally seeing each other again after going so long with only facetime dates, missed calls, & late night texts to get them by.

    anyone wanna do a modern romeo/juliet plot?? where their parents are the heads of rival companies or are huge celebrities who have been in a known feud for years and they meet and try to sneak around in secret but there’s paparazzi and tabloids and all that someone please do this with me

    why am i not some musician’s cute girlfriend who takes pictures backstage at gigs and hangs around with the rest of his band and looks really fashionable and makes all his little fangirls jealous i hate everything

    i just really want a cute college plot where she’s a cute tiny thing and is super smart and he’s the campus heartthrob on a baseball scholarship hoping to make it to the pros and they’re just so into each other and she helps him with studying and goes to all of his games and he’s super overprotective but sweet and ugh i need something like this please

    but like imagine you and best friend luke are just on his bed tickling each other and play fighting and then suddenly he flips you over onto your back and pins your arms above your head and he’s all smirking because he knows you wont be able to get away and your tshirt is after riding up and he gives you this wicked grin and starts blowing raspberries on your tummy and you’re giggling and squealing telling him to stop because it tickles but he just continues, but soon his raspberries turn into kisses that trail down your stomach towards the hem of your sweatpants and he looks up at you through his eyelashes as if looking for approval and you just nod your head and he starts tugging your sweats down and let’s just say you’re not exactly just friends after

    i just want a plot where muse a has been in this friends with benefits thing with muse b bc they both just wanted to lose their v.irginity already (they’ve been neighbours and fwb since they were sixteen) and now he became a manw.hore. they are completely different at school (i thought of a bad boy/”good” girl kinda thing) but when muse a says she wants it to stop bc she wants to try to have a real relationship with someone else, muse b realises he doesn’t want it to end bc he rlly likes her ??? and hes still such a d.ick but he starts to give her more attention at school to try to manipulate her to stay bc she’s the realest thing he’s ever had and he just doesn’t know how to stop the whole bad boy persona !!give it to me pls

    someone give me a thread where this rich dude falls for the normal down to earth girl nd introduces her to his world full of private jets nd yachts nd all that stuff and yes please *

    idk why but it’s hella cute to me to think about a plot of a pop star and her backup guitarist/tour manager/opening act/some sort of somebody that would be on tour. cute flirtation during rehearsals. tour bus antics. late night kisses on the balcony of a hotel room under the moonlight. paparazzi catching the loving gazes. rumors starting to swirl. just yes.

    since i’m on a s.ugar baby phase imagine a plot where a college student is absolutely pampered by annoymous guy. all he asks in return is to be remained mysterious, occasion n.udes, & all the attention he craves. she’s all too willing to give it for the pretty penny he’s offering. but her birthday comes around & he surprises her with a trip to see her favorite singer / actor with vip access / meet & oh hold a second, how does he know my name ?? oh my god you’re my sugar daddy !!  *

    ok but a “you’re my best friend’s girl and i know i should stay away but i liked you first and god dammit i want you (oh and i’m a much better fu.ck let me prove it too you)”

    uhhhhh so i was just watching an interview noah centineo did where he read his most romantic tweets and basically one of them was @ this girl he saw walking down the streets of new york while he was heading to some meeting or whatever and he was totally entranced by her but couldn’t do anything about it bc he was in the car then as he was getting out she walked right past him and he didn’t approach her even tho he normally would have and he’s definitely regretting it. in the tweet he wrote “to the girl in the high waisted denim shorts, dark spaghetti strap t-shirt and red clip in her hair who i haven’t stopped thinking about since earlier today when i didn’t even attempt to talk to you as you walked past me… i’m still thinking about you. and it’s heartbreaking 😑” let’s fast forward to this mystery girl finding out about the interview and being intrigued by him so she slides into his dms and we can go from there ? she could either recall seeing him that day too or not and just going thru the ins and outs of talking to someone who’s in the spotlight. idk we can discuss the details just give me this please

    big bad m,ob guy put in charge of protecting a snarky younger girl ( maybe also involved w organized c.rime in some way??? ) who is thoroughly not amused by the fact that she now has someone following her around all the time trying to keep her in check

    can i have a plot where best friends drifted as they got older because lets be real they were in love and never wanted to admit it because it scared the hell out of them so they went their own way and now 10 years later, they bump into each other and it’s like things havent changed except oh wait, he’s engaged to be married and they spend the last few weeks leading up to the wedding together and the final night they end up sleeping together (for the first time) and things get angsty because they realize that they are in love and theyre the ones supposed to be married, but she cant bring herself to ruin something he’s built without her ?????? and he pushes the wedding date because he wants her and just pls

    “i said that i love you but you didn’t say it back and just left me crying but now two months later and i’m trying to move on, you tell me that you’re in love with me?” plot

    & anything and everything.

    #indie rp #indie crime rp #indie oc rp #indie bi rp #indie smut rp #1x1 rp#1x1 plot#open rp #if you liked my old plotting call from a while ago pls like this again so i know youre still interested !
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  • lilacwiine
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    open to anyone, based on “your ex hired me to break your heart but now i’m falling in love with you.”

    t-minus one week until it’s supposed to go down and now oliver is having second thoughts. he’s choosing to pretend there’s nothing wrong though he’s seemingly caught in being distracted by his internal dread when he realises he hasn’t been listening for the last five minutes. “babe? i uh — didn’t catch any of that.” a lie, but perhaps it would cover for his paling skin. “sorry i’m a little out of it, i’m not feeling so great.”
    #indie rp #indie bi rp #indie oc rp #open starter. #oliver|interaction.
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  • hawkinstrangebyers
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Pressure: pushing down on me, Pressing down on you, no man ask for. Under pressure that burns a building down, Splits a family in two, Puts people on streets. That's OK.

    Template Credit x

    #rp promo #joyce byers rp #stranger things rp #indie rp #indie promo rp
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  • aniimalspirits
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    OPEN TO: m / f / nb 

    based on THIS

    "you think i'm gorgeous" she giggles, twirling some hair in between her fingers, chloe liked to tease them, she was having fun. “you wanna date me, don’t you” she carries on, she was going to push this, she didn’t care. 
    #indie rp#independent rp#indie roleplay #☆゚*・゚ c does a thing — ↳ open starter
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