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  • Estoy muy cansada.

    Emocionalmente, físicamente, mentalmente.

    Ni siquiera me emocionan los halagos, ni proyectos, ni los viajes, ni los regalos, tampoco me entristece el exterior, nada me sorprende, si esto es una pesadilla ya despiertenme.

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  • I wish I wasn’t like this, i don’t like whining and complaining all the time. I just want to be at peace. I don’t like my brain. I don’t like my emotions. I just don’t like me very much.

    How do I actively practice changing?

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  • Watch our music video for our new track “TV” from the upcoming album “Indifferent”

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  • “Ma chi se ne frega della mia voglia di morire, ucriachiamoci fino a che non ci sembrerà una vita migliore.”

    - Paola Zanei

    #paola z. #paola zanei #Frasi Paola zanei #Frasi mie #chi se ne frega #indifferenza#indifferent #it isnt love it isnt hate its just indifference #Voglia di morire #Voglio morire#voglio scappare#voglio sparire#voglio piangere#ubriachi#ubriachezza#ubriacarsi#ubriacatevi#Vita migliore #La vita fa schifo #depressione#depression#Alone#empty inside #i hate everything #i'm so tired #Sono stanca #sono un disastro #sono al limite #sono grassa
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  • I don’t get it. They say they miss me, but won’t even talk deep and long conversations with me. I’m sorry but if you miss me, them talk to me. Don’t just greet me, hug me, and say a few things. I’m not a demanding person. I just find it ridiculous. It makes me think and feel that they actually don’t really miss me. Now whenever they chat me or say to me that they miss me, and tell me that we should hangout and go on dates, I just roll my eyes. I just feel indifferent.

    Seriously okay? If you miss me, let’s talk. Because that’s what I expect. I’m ready to talk to you, but you just leave and I couldn’t deposit all these topics I wanted to share with you all. I feel betrayed by the feeling of looking forward to seeing you because you leave me.

    Don’t say you miss me and want to hangout with me if you won’t even take a seat or set aside a time to catch up.

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  • You were drunk,
    I was sober.

    You were excited,
    I was indifferent.

    Your tone shifted,
    Mine didn’t.

    You began crying,
    I felt nothing.

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  • “I don’t like everyone here.”


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  • To love someone unconditionally 

    doesn’t mean they are yours to break down;  doesn’t mean their mind is yours to bend;  doesn’t mean you can burn them time and time again; doesn’t mean their life is to be lived by your approval.

    We crashed over a decade ago and what a trainwreck that was, but I want you to know that while we aren’t friends, but I will never turn you away for all I want is your happiness 

    We aren’t enemies, but I will never seek you out because your cruel to me even in my aid of you.

    We are just two strangers with some memories.

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  • I’m at a stage in my life where I’m indifferent to everything around me , except for one being. And she is completely oblivious to my existence , I’m screaming for her attention but it’s nothing but sweet whispers.
    Help me find contentment.

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  • English: indifferent

    1. involving no preference, concern, or attention

    2. neither particularly good, not very bad

    3. having no influence or preponderating weight


    - Chinese: 淡漠

    - French: indifférent

    - Italian: indifferente

    - Portuguese: indiferente

    - Spanish: indiferente


    Thank you so much for being a member of our community!

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  • I see posts and hear the heated radio broadcast and see the news headlines of people saying again and again and again that we don’t need gun control or universal healthcare or tax reform or increased wages and I wonder, ‘God, what bubble do these people live in?’

    I lived on my own in my own apartment and my rent climbed year after year but my wage stayed the same and I bought fewer groceries every week and kept the heat and air off longer and longer and tried to do laundry less often to keep the electric down. I stopped going out with friends because if I used less gas I had to fill up less and that was money towards rent.

    My car battery goes out and I panic because oh god how am I getting to work I can’t afford this.

    I get sick. I don’t have insurance because I can’t afford it and I can’t stop coughing and my chest hurts and I can’t sleep because I’m awake all night coughing and I can’t afford to go to a doctor and the cough gets worse and I have to choose between food and cold medicine.

    I’m dying in between deep hacking coughs and missed meals.

    I suffer from migraines and I have since I was a child but I can’t see a doctor about them because I don’t have insurance and even if I did I wouldn’t be able to afford the testing and medication so why wish and hope for something that’s impossible anyways?

    I had the cough going into three months and I had a migraine and I couldn’t see through the pain and I couldn’t breathe around the coughing and I have to go to work because I can’t afford to take the time off and customers express concerns to management about my health.

    (The cough stays for three more months. I bite the bullet and sign up for insurance through work. It takes money out of my paycheck I can’t afford. I skip more meals).

    My rent goes up but my wages don’t. I’m so tired.

    I move in with my grandmother and I work at a new place and four of our stores experience active shooter events in one month. One is the El Paso shooting. A day after that I wake up to the news of a mass shooting in my community at a bar my brothers go to and I choke on the fear that they were there. Its hours before I get a hold of them and find out they left just hours before the shooting but a friend wasn’t so lucky and she was shot but she’ll live. She’ll live is all anyone focuses on. Nobody mentions we only have to worry because she was shot and her only crime was being out with friends.

    I’m afraid to go to work. I’m choking on anxiety every time my brothers go to the Oregon District. My niece has nightmares of someone coming to her school with a gun and shooting her and her classmates.

    My friends can’t afford to see doctors either and I watch their mental health get worse and I see them spiral and spiral and spiral and I fear I’m going to lose them.

    ‘God,’ I wonder, ‘What bubble do they live in?’

    #long post #there is so much that I didn't say in here #but there is nothing I can say to stop people from being indifferent to the suffering of others
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