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    Bung Karno’s grave at Blitar city, East Java

    He was the first President of Indonesia.

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  • “Us”

    From strangers, to friends, to bestfriends, to sisters/brothers, to semi-lovers, to indecisive-strangers, to semi-friends, to just-hoping, to just-strangers again.

    Just because you don’t know what to do with me, you don’t have the courage to be with me.

    All my love that’s waiting for you.

    It’s all gone.

    Therefore I say farewell.

    To you whom make me feel lonely even when you’re right there in front of me.


    - pluviophilita

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  • Pernah berkaca dan terucap “pantas memang?”

    Pernah termenung dan terbesit “benar dia yang terbaik?”

    Pernah kecewa dan berprinsip “semua tidak akan sama seperti semula”

    Pernah memaafkan

    Namun tak akan pernah melupakan

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  • The God of the Lake

    Temple in Bali, Indonesia

    Photographer: jabo sanz

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    Syaikh ‘Abdul Qodir Al-Jaelani Abdul Qadir Jaelani atau Abd al-Qadir al-Gilani adalah seorang ulama fiqih yang sangat dihormati oleh Sunni dan dianggap wali dalam dunia tarekat dan sufisme. Ia adalah orang Kurdi atau orang Persia.

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  • Flores Island, Indonesia

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  • Intercontinental resort at Jimbaran Bay in Bali, Indonesia

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  • Turquoise Water, Indonesia

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    Western Gold Megaways dari iSoftBet memiliki tampilan wild west khas Anda. Simbolnya termasuk taji, topi koboi, dan pistol, karena permainan berlangsung di kota tua dengan jenis soundtrack yang Anda harapkan untuk didengar dalam film seperti The Good, The Bad, dan The Ugly yang diputar di latar belakang. Ini mengingatkan kita pada slot seperti Money Train dan Dead or Alive - yang selalu membuat gameplay yang menarik

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  • Indonesia

    Saya ingin sharing film-film indonesia yang menggambarkan Indonesia banget wkwk,

    1. Tilik

    Film yang membahas tentang perseteruan, pembahasan dan kebiasaan ibu-ibu jawa. Indonesia banget karena naik truk untuk orang kampung ke kota itu banyak terjadi, tapi kalau sekarang apa masih ada?? Yang unik adalah Indonesia itu dipenuhi dengan pribadi yang suka saling berbagi, berbagi cerita misalnya. Cerita yang bisa jadi fakta, bisa jadi gosip, bisa jadi fitnah. Kalau di tilik ini hehe, jangan di skip endingnya ya, plot twist.

    2. Java Man

    Indonesia banget. Warisan leluhur seperti kepercayaan animisme masih melekat bahkan hingga sekarang. Museum yang berisikan tentang teori-teori darwin di dalam nya ternyata terdapat musholah, tanda Indonesia kekentalan ber-agama Islamnya memang berpengaruh, toleransi tingkat tinggi. Kontras kepercayaan Indonesia di-satupadukan antara teori barat, kepercayaan nenek moyang, dan agama. Kalian penganut kepercayaan apanih?

    3. KTP

    Indonesia itu gotong royong. Pokoknya kalau ada tetangga yang punya masalah pasti diselesaikan dengan gotong royong. Apapun masalahnya bisa teratasi jika kita bertetangga, Powerful Indonesia. Jujur, sebagai generasi 90an saya sudah termasuk golongan Indonesia individualis, kalian gimana?

    4. 15.7KM

    Kalau kalian penggemar film Laskar Pelangi, film ini menceritakan kisah yang hampir sama. Perjuangan seorang anak untuk menuntut ilmu. Indonesia dengan daerah 3T (terluar, terpencil, tertinggal). Kupikir cuma di jaman bapakku, pelajar harus menempuh perjalanan yang jauh, melalui sungai, mendaki gunung lewati lembah untuk sampai di sekolahnya. Ternyata sampai sekarang, masih ada anak-anak yang berjuang seperti bapakku untuk menuntut ilmu. Siapkan tissue untuk nonton film pendek ini ya, no dialogue tapi bikin air mata mengalir :( rasanya selama ini saya tidak bersyukur dengan apa yang saya dapatkan. Throwback KKN

    5. Kinetik

    Buat motivasi setelah nonton 15.7 KM. Kalian tahu lagunya rhoma irama ‘darah muda’? Hehe darah muda tidak semuanya berapi-api dalam konotasi negatif. Darah muda juga punya semangat berapi-berapi untuk bermanfaat bagi bangsa, menyebarluaskan kesejahteraan atau minimal berbagi apa yang mereka miliki. Setelah merantau, keluar dari zona nyaman, dan melihat sekeliling ternyata ada banyak kesempatan untuk menjadi volunteer. Sisa pilih, mau join komunitas yang mana. Sisa lihat, adakah jiwa sosial di dirimu??

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  • A trip to the moon

    It was this one repetitive question that started to give a strange itch to my brain. This one, very itchy, question I had no idea how to answer any longer. It had grown out of the realms of my capacities after all these years. The “But…you are an attractive, intelligent woman. How come are you single?” I felt my eyes roll and a heavy sigh flourished out of me. Was there ever going to be a short answer to this profound question? After essentially a lifetime of singlehood? I don’t think there was.

    My mind always wandered back to 2017 somehow. Not sure even why?! Back to 2017 and Malaysia. I was taking a short trip with Sabrina from Singapore to one of the Malaysian islands, Langkawi, when we met a man in his 50ties at our bungalow complex. His story wasn’t much different from many of the stories I had heard so far. Same old, same old. A long, long time ago, when he was a young impressionable man, he decided to get married, have a couple of kids, and so on until one beautiful day the inevitable divorce came along, and now here he was - wandering alone around South East Asia for months on end in hopes of finally finding who he really was. After years of marriage, he had completely lost himself just like most did. Now he was reminiscing how life could’ve been different if he wouldn’t have taken that step in the first place (?). Or at the very least, gotten divorced way earlier in his life.

    I mean, of course, people were all different, with their unique needs what became to their life-journey so I tried to be gentle and not project judgment upon various opinions about marriage but…I don’t know. Deep inside, this subject specifically had never rubbed me the right way. Never in my entire life. I listened carefully to these endless stories, that seemed to be almost identical to each other, and it was like adding gasoline to the fire. A big ass nuclear explosion if you may! I just looked at myself, my own existential being, and hemmed thoughtfully. Perhaps some of us really were their own soul-mates? Why the heck not?! Was it really that crazy of an idea to be a genuinely complete person without someone cutting into your persona? Was it a damn crime to be happy without a commitment to a man?! Was it…really that strange and unbelievable? And then there was the one and only…almighty freedom. To do the fuck you wanted, where you wanted, with who you wanted, at all times. No compromises, no baggage, nobody breathing into your neck, no nagging, no guilt-tripping, and no further interrogative questions asked. Yes, certainly. There was no price tag to be put on freedom. Singlehood was simply awesome and I had loved it for these 31 consecutive years - that’s all I had to say about that! Perhaps it was the only answer I was supposed to give from now on to end this discussion that always led exactly nowhere!

    Now that this guy had reclaimed his own personal freedom, doing the fuck he wanted (and more power to him), he had a couple of good stories to tell as a result of his soul-searching travels. It was already 3 years ago but I remembered it as if it was yesterday. I and Sabrina were walking with a group of people in pitch darkness towards some open-air night market in Langkawi when this guy mentioned that it was extremely important to pay attention to the ingredients list whilst ordering an omelet in Thailand! At first, I didn’t understand what he meant by that but slowly, slowly, I started to chuckle when he said: “I had a mushroom omelet for breakfast once and sure enough…I did think of why it was more expensive than others. Then again, you know how it is in Asia. Everything is dirt cheap. A dollar here, a dollar there makes little to no difference to us.”
    Sure thing. Accidentally, he had digested a whole bunch of magic mushrooms without knowing anything about it. Of course, until he started to trip balls. You can’t make that shit up.
    “At some point, I saw a Statue of Liberty poking out from the sea and I had this urge to climb it….so…I did. I climbed the Statue of Liberty in Thailand! To this day, I have no clue what exactly I was climbing or even if I was climbing. Thankfully, one of my friends found me so I just sobered up at the beach,” he had ended the story. The whole conversation had become some type of anchor to me. Every time someone mentioned South East Asia and mushrooms, the only thing I saw in my imagination were strange visions of this middle-aged man climbing a Statue of Liberty at the tropical turquoise sea. Priceless! Now I was in Bali, faced with the opportunity to gather experience of my own, and how on earth could’ve I possibly refused such privilege when it was served like this on a silver platter?  

    It wasn’t only Captain Cobra waiting on me on that deserted beach where my feet had spontaneously lead me already 3 times. There were about 6 people, 6 local “over-tanned” men doing the one thing there was left to do these days - chill, drink vodka, and hope for better days ahead. Not even once did certain things cross my mind. Such as the option of getting raped, murdered, robbed, sliced, and then dropped into the Java Sea by a bunch of strangers. And who would’ve known to look for me either? At the end of the day, I was just a fragile little girl in some forgotten location. These realizations always came into my mind when someone else pointed them out. At the very moment, though. Dying a violent death seemed like a minor risk. Vibes never lied. Or at least so I hoped…  

    Cobra’s friend, who had joined us during this fishing excursion, owned a little bar at the beach. Nothing fancy, just a third-world hut he was forced to close because of obvious reasons. Now it was opened only for friends and family. In other words - opened for personal consumption.
    “Come, you want to see it,” Cobra invited me to the hut so I went to check out the stash. Not even a single clue what kind of shrooms, how much in grams. Certainly locally grown and organic from someone’s backyard. At least something to count on. The only woman in the group, bar owner’s wifey, blended the whole thing into a pineapple smoothie, prepared an omelet for Cobra, and off we went. Off to the moon.

    I was sipping my mushroom smoothie whilst sitting on a sunbed under the palm trees letting my eyes fly across this strange group of people I was surrounded with. 3 dudes opposite of me - chubby Cobra munching on his omelet, next to him was a bald guy with a big ass face, yet eyes too tiny for that big moon he had. This one had definitely digested something at least an hour ago. He was already flying like a kite. With every sip of my smoothie, his face was somehow turning funnier and funnier to me. Some peeps had just…a funny face, right?! The third guy was somewhere in his late 20-ties and spoke with a perfect American accent which left me a bit confused. As it came out later on, he had spent some years working on one of these cruise ships that went around the Caribbean. That explained a lot. Now he was doing what most were doing in Lovina - taking peeps out on the sea with his boat and wait for it…
    “My boat is called ‘Little Bambi’,” he said and I just stared at him for a moment. You’ve got to be shitting me! A million thoughts were going through my head. Little Bambi? Sure, thank you for the reminder that I certainly didn’t need right at that moment! Why wouldn’t anyone’s boat across the globe have the same name as one of my most awkward tales of recent times featuring the hunting predator…that was patiently waiting for me at my own home again? I shook my head trying to wrap my head around it all but I couldn’t. The odds. Just the odds. Always the odds. Never-ending odds.

    Then there was an old toothless guy that looked a bit like homeless, trying to desperately hide one of his deformed hands behind his back. Eh, well…what could’ve I said or thought? Nobody was perfect. Nobody. Let’s leave it at that. Next to me was sitting the mushroom dealer himself. He was somewhere in his late 50-ties I assumed. Kind, oldish, grandpa figure. Perhaps It was the “worry” he projected….which…by the way…went beyond any extent of “Buon gusto” that made me think of him as grandpa.

    “You okay?” he asked repetitively throughout the recreational drug abuse experience as if something must’ve been wrong with his stash.
    “Yes…,” I shrugged. Wasn’t I supposed to be? I was having the time of my life! DUUUDEEEE. I was super fine!
    “All okay?” he asked 5 minutes later once again and so on it went.
    “You like? Everything good?” he asked pointing his thumbs up in the air.
    “I’m fine,” I burst a giggle. This thing was definitely getting to my head now. After about half an hour I turned into a retarded person. Cobra’s bar owner friend had brought a menu for me to have a look at and not only was I lightyears away from having any desire to put anything in my pie-hole but I couldn’t read even if my life depended on it! I was laughing uncontrollably trying to understand letters - they made no sense. Then I just handed him back the menu with an honest confession: “I don’t understand what I’m looking at! I can’t read this shit! But…you…,” my point of attention changed and I pointed on Cobra.
    “Your face is GREEEEEEN!”
    For some brief moments, Cobra had turned into Grinch. Man, oh man. And the sea. Holy cow! It looked photoshopped making me think it was made of liquid silver. Was the sunset always so breathtakingly beautiful? Like…every day? Why didn’t I see it before? This magical moment at the end of every day. Mesmerizing! Mind-blown! It was as if I had deformed back into a child again finding magic in even the simplest things.

    “You’re okay. Everything’s fine?” the grandpa asked once again adding to the mix “my sister” to make everything extra confusing for my already retarded brain. Eh?
    “Everything’s just fine,” I reassured for the millionth of time.
    “My sister…” he said. I just burst out laughing this heavily contagious laugh. It was stronger than me.
    “What’s up with your sister?” I asked through giggles.
    “No, you…my sister.”
    I frowned and continued laughing being confused as shit at the same time: “What happened with your sister? Where is she?”
    Loud laughter was now filling the whole deserted beach. They were probably hearing echoes of this shit even somewhere in Australia. Everybody else in the group was just looking at me and laughing their asses off. I couldn’t understand why, though.
    “NO, you…my sister,” he tried to explain that at that moment he wanted to be sure I was taken care of as if I was his sister but my mushroom poisoned head stopped making any rational sense. I just looked at him for a split-second, then I burst again. Alrighty, Eva! Now tell me…under which palm tree did you leave your brain?! Which one was it?
    “Where is that sister?! Who…is…she?” I asked.
    “You…are….my sister.”
    “But I’m not,” I refused to believe him.
    “I already have a sister…”  
    After 7 minute debate about everybody’s sisters, I finally got the point: “AAAAH. I AM YOUR SISTER?! Got it…I got you now!”
    Wow, that took some while to figure out! Chrissake! How much is 2+2? …8!? Definitely 8! Maybe 12. It could also be 3. Full-blown mushroom logic.

    And then, of course, the paranoia sank in lightly around 2-hour mark. Nothing major but I did get caught in a loop as the sun was setting slowly. I saw two of the characters carrying wood about 10 meters away from us nearby the sea. They lit the bonfire and positioned candles around the whole space.
    “Is this all because of me or worse….for me?” I kept on thinking. Were they doing it all for me? Was I supposed to give money to somebody…or everybody? To who? And how much? Did I have enough cash with me? I didn’t want to be treated any more or less than a local! Was I perceived as a potential cash-cow? Possibly, probably, most likely. These were literally the only types of paranoias that I tried to wash away unsuccessfully. In any case, we moved around the fire and the moment I laid down on the sand, bar owner’s Buddha Bar playlist next to my ear, I just wanted to melt into one with the sand. Just melt into the ground.
    “Nice, huh?” he asked while others on the background were discussing a topic that I really couldn’t care less shit about anymore - good old corona! Not the beer, the doomed virus. Corona here, and corona there, corona in the front, and corona behind everybody’s backs. I just looked at him for a brief moment and nodded slowly turning my mellow look up to the sky filled with thousands of glowing dots. The cigarette between my fingers seemed to be burning for hours. I tuned out from literally everything around me being somewhat lost in the sky….somewhere far, far away from this collapsing planet. The sky, the stars, the sound of the calming ocean, all these candles around me. Worries really were as meaningless as I had deemed them to be. They were just fruits of our own imagination. Passing thoughts. Thoughts? Yes, they were just thoughts. Nothing to really stress about. Life was simple. It had always been that way.

    Damn, how lucky was I to have missed all the flights in the world to be able to add this very day to my memory archives? Another one bites the dust. How damn lucky was I? Then I melted away, into the earth, never to be seen again. Well…

    Not at least until the sun was going to rise from behind the horizon to give birth to another heated day.

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  • Készült velem egy interjú az “Indonéz lelemények” című kiállításom kapcsán.
    Aki lemaradt vagy kicsit újra belekukkantana a kiállításba. 

    Zene (részben) : Gambangan Gunungsari, előadja Sean Hayward @haywardsound
    @fisedesign #m2petőfitv
    Dear non-Hungarian speaking friends, this interview was made by a show at a Hungarian tv channel, I talk about my recent exhibition’s works like batiks, drawing, shadows puppetry, papercut.. Indonesia ❤️ and so on.. Well, sorry, enjoy visually at least!
    Music (partly) : Gambangan Gunungsari, played by Sean Hayward @haywardsound

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    Setiap kali motret senja, ada aja rasa kagum muncul

    Kamu tahu kenapa warna keduanya berbeda tapi tetap sama indahnya?

    📍Samalona Island

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