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  • #made this for when i got 360 followers on instagram #and i just got 360 here! #so have a lil gomens earth drawing #good omens#fanart#aziraphale#crowley#ineffable husbands#ineffable partners
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  • Please consider: Crowley seeing Aziraphale w his lil reading spectacles for the first time and getting feral horny for domesticity

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  • BT Tower Telephone Game - Group G Entry

    Inspired by redacted version of this fic

    (not continuing this but feel free to make it a prompt)

    See redacted work here.

    #good omens #good omens fanart #ineffable husbands#ineffable spouses #good omens comic #crowley#aziraphale#catofapocalypse#ineffable partners #bt tower telephone #Aziraphale misses his snek ): #poor bebe #I didn't get the story 100% but it is good attempt lol #most of the BG in page 1 was traced #so i refuse to take compliments on it lmao #I am just lazy and like to cheat xD
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  • image

    For reasons to do with the fact that I may have written an entire rare pair fanfic in my head and now want to make fanart for it, does anyone know who this actor is? Yes, of course I checked IMDB. The actor is not on the 150 person cast list.

    Yes, that’s shoulder-length white hair and a beard. Yes, I’m turned on also. Let’s find this person so we have more material.

    #of course I’m shipping him with Eric the Disposable Demon #yes this my newest OTP #look they belong together and I will fight you #good omens #good omens fandom #ineffable #good omens fanart #ineffable partners#rarepair #good omens rarepair
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  • One of my contributions to the BT Tower Telephone event! This was for Group A.

    The telephone event had artists and writers look at each other’s redacted works and create something from it, making a chain of works each inspired by the previous one!

    They can all be found in the BT Tower Telephone AO3 Collection.

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  • One of my contributions to the BT Tower Telephone event! This was for Group F.

    The telephone event had artists and writers look at each other’s redacted works and create something from it, making a chain of works each inspired by the previous one!

    They can all be found in the BT Tower Telephone AO3 Collection.

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    • Aziraphale: It'll all be fine in the end, I'm sure.
    • Crowley: Yeah, or it could all go sideways.
    • Aziraphale: Crowley!
    • Crowley: What?!
    • Aziraphale: Must you play devil's advocate?
    • Crowley: I'm a demon Angel, I'm literally the devil's advocate
    #don't tell me this didn't happen at least once #text post#good omens #incorrect good omens #Aziraphale#Crowley#Neil Gaiman #sir terry pratchett #humor#funny#my post#alienslikedmyfantasy#ineffable#ineffable husbands #good omens ineffable husbands crowley aziraphale #otp: ineffable#ineffable partners#ac #Aziraphale x Crowley #crowley x aziraphale #amazon prime good omens #good omens amazon prime #book omens #I thought of this at 12am
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    They 💘

    [ID: Digital drawing of Aziraphale and Crowley. Aziraphale is holding out his hand, Crowleys hand is hovering over his. He’s about to give it to Aziraphale. Aziraphale had tears in his eyes and looks hopeful, crowley is full on crying, tears streaming down his face. He has a loving look on his face, his eyes are fully orange. Crowley has a wobbly smile in his face. Both have a soft blush on their cheeks. End ID]

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  • you know how I know Crowley and Aziraphale are in love? (well a lot of reasons but) they’re a couple who is never embarrassed of each other. 

    sure, Crowley might tease Aziraphale for being old-fashioned, or Aziraphale might be exasperated with Crowley for getting up to some demonic mischief, but it’s always with a fond smile hidden underneath. when they’re free to be together without looking over their shoulders for heaven or hell, they’re not ashamed in the slightest. you can see it when they’re on the bench after the body swap, that they’re the happiest they’ve ever been when they make each other laugh. if either of them wanted to dance badly, the other would be right there next to them, dancing a completely unrelated style just as badly. 

    as humans, it’s hard to find a partner like this, or be that partner, because we all have the bitter seed of shame embedded in us so deeply. so seeing it in fictional relationships, whether you want a relationship like that in real life or not, is uplifting. Crowley and Aziraphale give each other the space to be completely themselves, and have fun together, and love each other without wanting to change anything about each other. that’s true love.

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  • image

    Stop being so salty”

    Based off this text post:

    #good omens#ineffable husbands#good omemes#aziraphale#crowley #anthony j crowley #aziraphale x crowley #ineffable partners#night draws #good omens prime #this is so silly #but i had so much fun drawing it #also i cant draw hands and i forgot a detail in the second panel but consider! #i did this in a couple hours and i am not good at smooth lineart #ineffable idiots
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  • The Great Coconut Debate

    inspired by a real conversation I once had with my family. thanks to the ace omens server for encouraging me to write about these two bickering about coconuts!


    “alright, alright,” crowley said, their voice just a bit tinny over the zoom call. it was late at night, close to 2 am, and an angel and a demon were fairly drunk and had been bickering for hours now. “…what was i saying? mnnhh, doesn’t matter. anyway, i’ve decided, coconuts are mammals because they have fur and produce milk.”

    aziraphale made an appalled noise. “crowley, don’t be ridiculous! a coconut is a fruit on a plant, it can’t be a mammal!”

    “said nothing about fruits or plants, angel. besides. how do we know a coconut is actually a fruit and not just a very cleverly disguised mammal?”

    aziraphale briefly looked like he wanted to manifest in crowley’s flat and strangle them. but it was the principle of the thing. so instead, he drew himself up and said, “well, coconuts don’t have live births. and they aren’t warm-blooded.”

    “nnnnh, well, aren’t seeds technically alive?” crowley asked. “also, haven’t you ever had fresh coconut milk straight off the tree?”

    aziraphale had to concede the point about the seeds, but he was not about to let the warm-blooded thing slide. “that doesn’t prove they’re warm-blooded, crowley.”

    “sure it does. it’s warm when you drink it fresh. coconuts are warm until dead, which means they’re warm-blooded.”

    “but-” aziraphale spluttered, “but that’s not blood, that’s milk! they’re not the same!”

    “well,” crowley said slowly, “it’s the liquid that comes out when you stab it.” they shrugged. “’s blood.”

    “you - you can’t just say that a coconut produces milk but the milk is also their blood!” aziraphale cried, absolutely lost but not about to back down. “that’s not how mammals work!”

    “why not?” crowley stretched out their arms. “no rules! god certainly didn’t give a damn about mammalian rules when she created the platypus!”

    “well, then, according to your logic, if i stabbed you and you started gushing blood, could i say then that you were producing milk?” aziraphale shot back, one plump finger thrust angrily towards the camera and the cheeky demon.

    “perhaps to a vampire,” crowley shrugged.

    “if i started milking a cow and blood came out, that would be a problem!”

    “are you saying that milk only comes from a teat, angel? because i’m sure the platypus and the echidna would beg to differ.”

    “i - i never said that!” aziraphale blustered, now entirely lost.

    “well, then, if the source doesn’t define the fluid, why can’t, in special circumstances, the fluids be one and the same?” crowley asked.

    aziraphale stared at them. how was he supposed to respond to that? this was complete nonsense.

    “besides,” crowley continued, “if meat is just processed vegetables, then for vampire bats, wouldn’t milk just be processed blood for their young?”

    aziraphale opened his mouth. then he closed it again. he took a long sip of his wine and carefully considered every possible angle to this argument. at last, he latched onto something, and he smiled.

    “alright, crowley,” he said, “consider this: coconuts do not produce their own body heat, all the warmth is absorbed from the sun. therefore, coconuts are not warm-blooded, they are cold-blooded, making them hairy reptiles.”

    crowley gaped at him.

    “checkmate,” aziraphale said smugly.

    “h - w - ngh - well,” crowley stuttered, “still doesn’t explain the milk. reptiles don’t make milk.”

    “technically,” aziraphale said, “what is inside a fresh coconut is coconut water, and coconut milk is a processed product made by crushing the pulp and mixing it with the water inside. one could argue that the coconut water is blood, and coconut milk is just a concoction of flesh and blood.”

    crowley blinked. they blinked again. “oh,” they said.

    “yes,” said aziraphale, who looked very pleased with himself as he took another sip of wine.

    “so… a coconut is a hairy reptile?” crowley said.

    “yes, i believe that is the conclusion i have reached,” aziraphale replied.

    there was a long pause. “huh,” crowley said. “yeah, alright. i mean, i’m a hairy reptile, so that makes sense to me.”

    “fantastic,” aziraphale beamed. “now, what should we talk about next?”

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  • I think my favorite dichotomy - among candidates for the “real” dichotomies in Good Omens, considering “good” and “evil” are absolutely established as Just Names For Sides - is selfish vs. selfless.

    Selfishness - prioritizing your own interests over the interests of others. Selflessness - prioritizing others’ interests over your own.

    It’s a really good dichotomy for Good Omens because it involves two concepts that are supposed to exist in opposition, but can’t exist without each other. Both are essential to human nature; you won’t get very far if you can never prioritize yourself, but if you always ONLY prioritize yourself, you’re probably going to get screwed eventually because people will hate your guts (you’ll sow the seeds of your own destruction). And both are often assigned moral values (selfish=bad, selfless=good) when in reality, both are capable of fueling things that can help or harm humanity at large.

    I think Crowley represents selfishness and Aziraphale selflessness. Now before you completely roast me for saying that, remember I’m using these terms with the intention of demonstrating that their usual moral connotations can be turned on their heads. Yes, selfishness is disproportionate consideration for one’s own interests over those of others, but consider that Terry Pratchett quote:

    “Then turn selfishness into a weapon! Make all things yours! Make other lives and dreams and hopes yours! Protect them! Save them! Bring them into the sheepfold! Walk the gale for them! Keep away the wolf! My dreams! My brother! My family! My land! My world! How dare you try to take these things, because they are mine!”

    Meanwhile, selflessness is disproportionate consideration for other people’s interests over one’s own, but consider how that can limit people’s ability to make their own judgments and leads to things like groupthink.

    These bring us to another interesting point, which is that carried to their logical extremes, these two concepts sometimes start to look and act identical to each other, much like a certain angel and demon who’ve made a long-standing arrangement to help do each other’s jobs. If Crowley is saving the world because he personally loves it rather than because he feels a moral obligation to serve others, does that really matter? Conversely, if Aziraphale refused to choose his own individual feelings for Earth over Heaven’s massive collective will to start Armageddon, would that be a good thing?

    At the bandstand, I think we see selfishness and selflessness try to reject each other, with disastrous results. Aziraphale essentially wants Crowley to assimilate with the Heavenly collective, giving up everything that has made Crowley the individual he is now. Meanwhile, Crowley suggests giving up on the collective entirely and choosing to get away alive with the one thing that matters most to him. I’ve argued and will continue to argue that Aziraphale’s rejection of Crowley in this scene is also a rejection of himself; he wants to tell Crowley what’s going on for real, but that would be dangerous. Maybe a part of him even wants to go with Crowley, but that would be dangerous and also it would profoundly offend his guardian sensibilities.

    Note that while I’d say Crowley and Aziraphale represent selfishness and selflessness, that’s just them as symbols. As characters, they embody not only static ideas but a place in a living, breathing story, which makes them profoundly complex. In many ways, their stories as individuals are about them embracing the inherent circuitousness of the things they symbolize (Crowley discovering that his existence as an individual is interconnected with the world and Aziraphale; Aziraphale discovering the importance of asserting one’s own judgments and preferences even when it’s unpopular with the powers that be). And, of course, their story as a duo is about learning to not only accept but embrace and enjoy each other’s symbols and their interdependence.

    Aziraphale’s admiration for Crowley’s “deep down, just a little bit a good person” is not him saying he’s glad Crowley secretly conforms to Heavenly standards (Crowley doesn’t). He’s expressing happiness that Crowley has reached out and helped the world, that even if he isn’t answering to some Heavenly higher-up, he cares. And Crowley’s “just enough of a bastard to be worth knowing” is him admiring Aziraphale for asserting his own interests and judgments, for daring to be selfish enough to develop his own identity and choose his world over Heaven. (Spoiler: the core motivation for both, for the little good and the just enough bastard, was love.)

    I dunno. Maybe it’s impossible to get past the extreme negative connotations people assign to the word “selfish” and the extreme positive connotations people assign to the word “selfless.” But it works so well, as a dichotomy that is essential to human nature and often, but not always necessarily, moralized.

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  • Good Omens is About Love! Stop hounding Neil Gaiman.

    Neil Gaiman says: Good Omens is a love story.

    Michael Sheen and David Tennant: They are in love and codependent relationship.

    Amazon Prime: The Love Story of Aziraphale and Crowley.

    Douglas: They are a couple.

    Butthurt viewers: Neil is queer baiting!

    Get off our turf you all! Ace and Asexual and Non-binary/Gender Queer people have love story too. Yes we all wanted that kiss! But you know what ’To The World’ is equally romantic.

    Go hound your TERF author who kept queer baiting you and is actively making money out of your childhood miseducation.

    Neil wrote Non-binary/Gender Queer/ Trans Person as his characters before it was cool or was part of woke culture. He just did and never played his drums!

    Stop hounding Neil on Twitter!

    I will hit you all with strawberry shortcake.

    #good omens fandom #good omens fanfic #good omens is good #good omens #good omens fanfiction #ineffableboyfriends#ineffable spouses#otp: ineffable#it's ineffable#ineffable partners #good ineffable omens #ineffable boyfriends#ineffable godfathers#ineffable husbands#aziracrow#aziraphel #anthony j crowley #aziraphale and crowley #crowley#azirafell#aziraphale
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  • Aziraphale: Crowley, I’m getting light headed I need some air.

    Crowley: Angel, you’re not light headed, you want a crepe. You’ve been saying “crepe” under your breath for ten minutes.

    Aziraphale: What!? (crepe) There’s crepes here!? (crepe)

    Crowley: You’re doing it!

    Aziraphale: I am not! Don’t be ridiculous! (crepe)

    Crowley: You just did it!

    Aziraphale: (crepe)

    Crowley: For Someone’s sake!

    Aziraphale: What!? I didn’t do anything! (crepe)

    Crowley: Just go.

    Aziraphale: (crepe)

    Crowley: Just go!

    Aziraphale, running off to get a crepe: (crepe, crepe, crepe) Crepe! CREPE!!

    #incorrect good omens #source: Bob's burgers #askjghaslkg Idk what the context would be for them but it's still funny #ineffble husbands#ineffable partners#ineffable wives#azicrow
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