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  • questionedturkey
    09.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    What like. Happened with Talbots eyes? Because in his lore he gouged his own eyes out but when he was Blighted he had eyes. So... was he just going mad? Did he not actually gouge his eyes out? If so, how much of his void lore actually happened???

    #dbd #dead by daylight #the blight#Talbot grimes #tw eye gore #tw eye injury #tw eye horror
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  • reidyoulikeabook
    09.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #tw gun #tw gun violence #tw shooting #tw spencer angst #aditi ❓ #someone asked amelia #9x24 #amelia rewatches cm #demons#tw injury
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  • softpine
    09.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago
    then as it was, then again it will be and though the course may change sometimes rivers always reach the sea


    #.... :( #if you want to know her technical cause of death keep reading otherwise stop here! #she hit the ground legs first and her leg basically shattered on impact #you can also see that she's an older woman so her bones are much weaker and prone to breaking #anyway the broken bone shards severed her femoral artery #causing her to bleed out #even if stevie had had the quickest reaction time ever.. she still would've died before the ambulance got there #when i was researching this i saw that most people only survive an injury like this if you literally reach in and pinch the actual artery #like.. inside the skin. god... #but you would have to know how to find it and obviously the girls are just teenagers :( #camellia#frozen pines#jada carey#stevie donovan#elaine nguyen#suicide tw#death tw#blood tw#gore tw#horror tw
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  • reidyoulikeabook
    09.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    reid: being shot

    rossi and hotch: i pretend i do not see it 👁👄👁

    #tw gun#tw injury #tw spencer angst #<- if anyone needs me to tag any more tws let me know! #im watching 9x24 and just the way hotch has not even acknowledged it #he said ok anyway #9x24#demons
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  • mothmans-favorite-lamp
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hey does anyone know a lot about birds? Little guy just hit the window and I can’t tell if he’s breathing. We put him in a box with a towel and a tiny bit of water. He apparently was moving a little bit when he hit the ground but now he’s not. Also his neck seemed really bent but I think bird necks are supposed to be like that?? There wasn’t any blood. Anyways if you know what to do please let me know

    #birdblr#birdlovers#pet advice#animal advice #also we think he’s a virginia house finch #tw animal death #tw animal injury
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  • cherryochako
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Leg seized up so now pain :(

    #clem.txt #tw injury
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  • hyper-cryptic
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    A fucking gem, who takes me back in like a friend

    Oh what is he good for? If he's just spectator of war?

    Is this about my trauma? or is this about Hancock's? Is it both? Who knows! 🤪🤪🤪

    Funny bonus below :)! tw // hanging , death

    #hasta muchos luegos vic <3 #honestly i have no idea if this is a vent #i was just like oh! trauma song is playing! can it be applied to any of my fav caharcters? yes it can! #yeah yall can reblog it if you like #i dont mind #hancock fallout 4 #fallout 4#my art#sketch#john hancock #:)! #tw injury#tw gore #i guess thats all! :D #maybe ill delete it if i regret posting it but yeah
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  • ophiuchus-interactive
    09.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I Must Be Cruel Only to Be Kind

    Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.

    A drabble in which Valerian hurts himself using other people's ribs, and Norma Jean is having none of it.

    (mentions of blood, poor parenting, drinking)

    "Are you outta yer fuckin' mind?"

    Valerian didn't say anything, instead taking the chance to spit more blood into the bucket he cradled in his lap, ignoring the shake of his hands.

    Norma Jean clicked her tongue, turning to the wash basin to wring out the bloodied rag, ignoring the smell of turpentine and alcohol wafting in air. Their presence in this town was already on thin ice, was Valerian trying to give them a reason to be driven out of town by an angry mob?

    She said nothing. It's hard to come up with words to scold the young boy when you're so ready to slap the nonsense out of him- so Norma Jean didn't. She fumed, quietly. Maybe if she bit back her words long enough, they'll die within her.

    "They called Ma a drunk."

    Valerian said this matter-of-factly, though wobbly, as there were at least two of his teeth at the bottom of the bucket he held.

    Norma Jean came to a pause, her fingers clenching the dirty rag, but seemingly no longer capable of wringing it. She turned slowly toward the boy, sympathy and fury mixing and melding on her face.


    Valerian nodded, his blackened eyes making it difficult for Norma Jean to truly see past the swelling, but she could tell enough that he wasn't looking at her. It was hard to,

    " 'Said Pa deserved what he got, and Ma was just some...dumb whore,"


    "It's what they said!" He protested, "And I had to hear it from 'em first! They got what they damn well deserve-"

    With a raise of a hand, Norma Jean silences Valerian, her reddened palm more than enough of a sign that perhaps, for Valerian, it was time to stop talking. Immediately.

    "How many times have I told you to not listen what those foolish boys have to say? They're doing this on purpose, you dolt! I'd box your ears in if it wasn't for the fact they looked like they did it for me!"

    Despite Valerian's previous bravado, he shrunk under his grandmother's words. Each admonishment feeling like a weight to carry, heavy stones piling against his skin. It shouldn't matter what they were trying to goat him into, he still beat the shit out of them anyway, so what does it matter?

    Why don't the bruises and broken teeth feel good?

    Norma Jean watched Valerian carefully, her heart lodging itself in her throat, more than aware that what ultimately sat in front of her was not only her grandson- not only her flesh and blood- but a kid. A child with no parents, no matter how hard she tries to be one, herself. Ain't no amount of reassurances is gonna change that fact.

    But we were all young once. Young and dumb and stupid enough to think fighting enough people who said enough stupid shit would make the hurt go away. But it won't. It doesn't.

    And, hell. She doesn't know how to make it all better.


    He looks up when she says her name, gently wiping away angry tears that had fallen from his swollen face,

    "Ain't fair, Gram," Valerian protests, "ain't right,"

    "You're right," She agrees solemnly, "it's not. And people like the boys you fought today are always gonna be around. They're gonna judge you, they're gonna say some mighty awful things- but you cannot, Val, you cannot go looking for a fight like that, you hear me?"

    Norma Jean lowers herself to Valerian's level, her weathered hands taking Valerian's, a gentle gesture despite the serious and otherwise imposing tone she held,

    "You carry yourself the way your father would want you to. Your mother..." Norma Jean's voice catches, and briefly there was the slightest crack to it, "...your mother would want the same. You can't let 'em get to you."


    "No," Norma Jean says, cutting Valerian off with a shake of the head, "no more fighting, Valerian. Gossip ain't worth dying over."

    Valerian looked at his grandmother, clearly conflicted as to what he wanted to say. There was a part of him that was confused- are we not supposed to defend who we love? is it so wrong to do so?

    The other part, the bruised and beaten up part, told Valerian to shut it, and do what his grandmother said.

    And he did.

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  • satanspersonal666
    09.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Super ironic that I cut bc I was upset that a social worker labeled me as unstable 🙃😬 why tf am I like this

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  • arienheart
    09.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    lol that moment when i’m tired but idk if i should go to sleep bc i’m not sure if i’m okay after hitting my head on the corner of the plexiglass barrier thing that’s supposed to keep me separated from customers. (that i constantly have to move around bc i can’t do my job with it in the way fck u orange box store.)
    #▌✤ ❝ ooc ▸ i got big aries energy (and little impulse control) #injury tw // #head trauma tw // #i guess? #like i'm not bleeding and i finished my shift/drove home but like... #huh... #maybe i should text my medical doctor relatives and find out... it should be daytime in italy soon...
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  • crowfonder
    09.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I am hunted here.

    I am haunted in this life.

    To be what I'm not.

    #digital art#art #not me writing a haiku in this post for TNC slender lmaoooo #vent art#vent tw #vent art tw #tw light blood #tw injury#tw nudity#my art
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  • jesterofinaba
    09.05.2021 - 11 hours ago
    SOTFD Connected Drabble with @bear-tastic

    Adachi swore to whatever was out there that if, after this, he had to participate in Persona-centered world-ending bullshit one more time, he was going to flip his lid.

    And, of course, this one just had to feature some kind of giant Shadow monster that probably would try to flatten everything in its sight, just looking at the thing. Still, he hated the fact that he’d apparently have to “team up” with all these other persona users in order to stop it. Why did he have to join a team? What was that going to solve for anyone, huh? He did just fine poking around on his own last time, during that P-1 Climax Tournament shit, or whatever it was called. 

    Besides, the shadows didn’t tend to bother him because of the fragments of that stupid eyeball in his soul or whatever. If he separated from the group and did some solo investigating, he’d get a lot more done than if he stayed and argued with the brats that seemed to think that just believing in the power of friendship was going to save the world. Nah, in Adachi’s experience, sheer spite and determination to see his case solved was all he needed to stop this bullshit from destroying everything and everyone.

    And his investigation would’ve gone just dandy if Teddie hadn’t decided to tag along.

    The stupid bear seemed to have made up his empty little mind that Adachi needed surveillance 24/7, and that it was his job to do it, just because they had matching friendship bracelets and were from the same timeline. He could tell the bear was following him, and Adachi kept upping his pace to keep Teddie from catching up to him and meeting his stride, but to no avail.

    “Listen, Winnie, if you wanna go back with the rest of the group so bad, just go. Let the ‘meanie bear’ get eaten up by shadows for dinner. At least then I’d have some goddamn peace and quiet.”

    Just hearing the bear’s reply being so close made Adachi walk even faster. “I can’t do that! That’d go against why we even brought you back in the first place!”

    “Don’t remind me.” Adachi retorted, his tone short. He’d rather not think about how pathetic he’d acted when he’d told the kids to just leave him be after he’d been defeated, and this Teddie being from his timeline just rubbed salt in the wound.

    Adachi had been hoping to get closer to that tower despite Teddie’s protests that they had “other beary important things to worry about”, just to see if there maybe there was someone or something in charge of it all, and to see what that gigantic shadow was all about. He soon figured out that this plan was going to be much harder than he’d anticipated. These shadows didn’t really seem to give much of a damn if he had the little crumbs of Ameno-Sagiri in his persona or not, and decided to attack him and the bear anyway.

    At first, though, this was a challenge that he accepted with open arms. It had been a while since he’d gotten to raise a little hell, and he wanted an excuse to try these Evoker things the Shadow Operatives and the Kirijo Group were so ecstatic over. 

    “I should have known you little shits wouldn’t let me walk all over you that easily, huh, little guys? Well, time to give you a show, I guess.”

    Not even looking back to see if Teddie was still with him, Adachi grabbed the Evoker and set the barrel against his temple. Despite his eagerness to see if this actually works, the fear of what will happen if this turns out to be a sick joke makes him squint his eyes shut and wince right before he pulls the trigger to the Evoker. He’s elated when it ends up summoning Magatsu-Izanagi all the same, molding itself together out of the crimson fog above him as usual, and this, combined with the lack of the usual migraine he suffered as a result of summoning his persona, makes him grin. He even laughs a little, the rush of power so familiar and invigorating, and his improved mood even makes him turn back to Teddie with a cocky smile.

    “Alright, Pooh Bear! If you’re dead set on being my watch bear, you might as well help fend these guys off, right? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

    In hindsight, they weren’t a bad team, though Adachi feels like he should slap himself for thinking it. Adachi dealt most of the offense, beginning to show off some with some flashy moves accompanying his more draining Megidola and Vorpal Blade attacks, and Teddie was a pretty good support with buffs and debuffs. He began to take gross advantage of the brat’s healing abilities before long. With Adachi running headfirst into battles with Shadows, who kept pouring in so that it looked like the two of them weren’t making a dent in their ranks, Teddie of course probably felt obligated to keep healing him. What would he tell his precious sensei if the murder guy croaked in the middle of battle?

    After getting knocked back from a hit from a particularly powerful shadow, Adachi spits blood out of his mouth and staggers to his feet again, Magatsu-Izanagi having similar problems swinging its huge blade. He’d suffered many blows in succession lately, and he could tell his strength was running low, with no signs of the shadows suffering any less. Adachi struggles to pay attention while he reloads his gun, turning back to Teddie with a growl of aggravation.

    “So are you gonna heal me, or what? You want us both to die here?”

    Getting a better look at him, the bear looked as roughed up and exhausted as Adachi felt. “Grrr…! I can’t anymore, I’m bear-ly running on empty now!”

    “Well, why didn’t you say someth-” Adachi’s cut off by the Shadow attacking again, and the shadow misses his head and gets his arm instead, and the yell Adachi lets out is both from pain and fury. 

    Before the shadow can attack them again, Adachi roughly grabs Teddie and hoists him over his shoulder, and before the bear can protest, Adachi starts booking it back in the direction of the vans as fast as his exhausted body will take him. As soon as he does, his persona dissipates because of the sheer amount of mental energy it took to keep it around. Adachi grits his teeth, all his focus kept on running, his vision even fuzzier than normal. Dammit, he knew he should start wearing his glasses again…

    “Gh… Don’t think I’m doing this for you, Pooh Bear. I couldn’t care less if those things ate you like a stuffed turkey. I’m only saving you from this mess…. that you started, by the way… since your sensei would have my head on a pike if you got hurt.”

    As soon as they’re out of sight of the Shadows, Adachi throws Teddie back onto the hard ground just before his knees give way and he collapses out of exhaustion.

    #bear-tastic#beartastic #SOTFD [Group Verse] #Notes in the Case Files [Drabbles] #tw blood#tw injury #[ask to tag] #[ahhh these little bitches got fucking destroyed in battle] #[and it's all adachi's fault don't listen to him] #[my heart is so full for these two idiots!!] #[this was so fun to do alfjsldj]
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  • rukia-kuchiki-divided
    09.05.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #deivorous#rukiakuchikidivided #❊Muse Musings - The Thoughts Behind Those Violet Eyes❊ #❊Rukia - The Moon in the Midnight Sky❊ #ask #❊Ask - Inquiry Accepted❊ #❊Rukia Headcanons - The Heart and Mind❊ #hc#headcanons #~okay I should probably write more on this but honestly it took me days to compile this for now #~I'll add to it later lol #~sorry for the delay Plou! #~i'll get to the second one soon #tw hypothermia mention #tw death mention #tw injury
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  • dragetunge
    09.05.2021 - 11 hours ago
    @wolfkcst​ Continued from here: (X)


    He wasn’t much of a fighter to begin with. He could never really hold his own in battle. He tried his best when it came to fighting. But he wasn’t ever any really good at it without Toothless by his side. So when it came time to it he could never uphold in close quarters combat. Yes he was very well trained in the arts but he was always the one behind the plan of attack. Never the one making the actual attack. 

    He hadn’t been expecting an attack....

    It was just going hunting. He was good at hunting. But a surprise attack happened and he had become severely injured. Jumping to protect a newfound friend from those who surprised them while they hunted. They re-opened a wound on a scar he had that caused this much blood. He places a hand over Eivor’s on his arm. 

    “I-I’m so sorry....I’m so tired...” He tells her gently. “I’m sorry...” he repeats. “I-I...d-didn’t want y-you to g-get hurt...”

    #dragetunge#wolfkcst#ic #v; unknown enemy #🔥▓◤AH YES. JUST ANOTHER DAY ON BERK: Interactions◥ #tw; blood mention #tw; blood#tw; injury #//im loving their interactions already
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  • smolfoxbab
    09.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Tired idea probably but imagine the scenario where the poison in the bottle did have some effect (not fatal or anything but enough for concern that phoenix gets sent to the hospital) and as they’re leading feenie out, who’s currently coughing his throat up from the literal poison glass he just ate, they pass by bratworth who just stops dead in his tracks, staring in a mixture of confusion and shock as he catches this glimpse of a friend he hasn’t seen in years being hurried out of the courthouse, pale and in pain with a red speckled trail following him out

    proceed to bratworth trying to keep his cool as he goes and questions what the hell is happening, getting a very emotionally charged answer from Mia

    and maybe, just maybe, he catches another glimpse of a woman as she passes by, her pink dress and red hair just ever so familiar, but her dainty appearance not all matching the absolutely menacing, twisted smile that crosses her face as she leaves

    and maybe, given the evidence presented to him, he starts to connect some dots

    and he is not at all happy with what he finds

    #ace attorney#phoenix wright#feenie#miles edgeworth#bratworth #injury mention tw #what does he do about it idk but he'll fuck something up
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  • cobalt-ferrero
    09.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    What song would you break your neck too?

    @djc4t64 @communicore @lacking-hydration @superstarlimo @theroboticscientist I’d break my neck to a classic FNAF song, have broken my toe too 👍

    #tw: injury mention #inside jokes #the muses core
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  • genderfluid-and-confuzled
    09.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    *goes on a crzay weaving binge once every few months where in a blind haze I do thirty hours of weaving in two days and make enough scarves, hats, and blankets for gifts for everyone i know*

    #i finished the hat a while agi #my fingers hurt #no skin#injury tw
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  • cnunesart
    09.05.2021 - 13 hours ago
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