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  • primswan
    01.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Does it was so difficult to just cast a normal child as they did to play Renegade, but just let it like that? Does it was necessary to use CGI?

    I mean this child was playing an immortal child and it really looks like that. I can believe he is an immortal child without using CGI.

    But no!,Someone said "oh no, but Bella's baby is different, is the most beautiful baby ever, is the perfect daughter, is the beautiful creature ever"

    (this is from "How it should have ended", I recommended it, is really funny)

    But how difficult it was to just find a cute baby and maybe just put some make up or just change her eye colors to red or yellow.

    But no! "Renegade has to have Bella's eyes"

    Just saying, but if instead of using a cgi baby and a Chucky baby. They could just use a normal kid and just change her eye colors.

    This is scary!

    And it could help to the plot of breaking dawn:

    When Irina saw Renegade, she saw her red eyes and she truly believed it was an immortal child.
    All the scene of Charlie meeting Renegade for the first time, where they just created the story that Renegade is Edward's nephew, just to justify that bella's pregnancy was so quickly. I remember he noticed it was Bella's daughter once he saw the baby's eyes.
    But if the eyes were different he could have believed that the baby had a illness that make her grown-up so fast and he wouldn't be asking so many questions.
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  • r-rowancore
    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Small post about the Bendy au of mine:

    -Murray was the creator of the Ink Machine, Wally helped with the blueprints and GENT build it

    -Ink doesn't even kills people, just.. makes them starve to a critical point or melts them

    -Small example, um. The giant searcher is just a mass of people screaming for help? Yeah probably.

    -Basicaly the Ink does provide inmortality.

    -Some people who didn't meant to die just died because they knew too much.

    Joey is the rotten apple, as how everybody should know.

    -Junior, Allison, Sammy, Susie and probably others are rotten thanks to Joey. The thing that worries is that they are a lot of people who are at Joey's side.

    -The portrait people?? They're nobody, nobody cares about them, the only important thing is that they helped Joey, that probably makes 'em bad.

    -Murray was just a Joey's friend too, Joey asked Phil to come to his studio to "bless" the place. Stanley was another of Joey's mechanic friend.

    -Yep, Jacob is the Gallery Lost One.

    -People like Emma, Phil, Murray, Allison, Thomad and a loooooooooooooong etcétera, weren't meaned to be monsters later, but Joey gained more time and fun thanks to that.

    -Why the Organ moans? What happened yo Johnny? Easy. If you open the Organ you'll see a putrid corpse. There's Johnny. My sweet summer child.

    -The Violinist and Audrey were lab Rats.

    -Allison just wanted to be with Thomas so he didn't leaved the studio, plus Joey and his full-of-truth promises.

    -Surprise! Joey wasn't a liar, he just bited his tounge on the most important parts.

    -Nathan is good, he just wanted to.. please? His son's 'dreams'; Junior wamted the studio to.. sell?? It to Joey??? Who would know? No one!

    -Audrey is Joey's daughter, Joey sacrifised his own daughter, Oh wow what a surprise.

    -Sammy killed Jack,, The Violinist, Dave, Norman, Dot, Emma and Rodríguez.

    -Susie killed Buddy, Lacie, Mila and Shawn, but he Burned her with a lighter.

    -Susie didn't exacly 'killed'; she just worked in some corpses. Same with Allison, but she killed Thomas.

    -Joey killed the others.

    -Wally was implied on the murders too, he helped Susie and killed Murray, bit nobody told him where put the godamn corpse so he put it on the Ink Machine.

    -They'were all supposed to have their own cartoon and no just- monsters. But Joey's creativity went to hell and more.

    -Nathan was going to help Joey monetary, but he didn't recived any letter. And he was too happy with his bestie, Tessa, to care 'bout Joey.

    -Mila is one of the 'They knew too much' club.

    -The little girl's voice at the end? It was Joey. He probably was daydreaming or some shit like that, or praising Satán? Who knows.

    -Nathan was the one who suggested Buddy to work on Joey's studio.

    Now, who'll be in the au?

    ;Joey Drew/Joseph Dempsey

    ;Audrey Dempsey

    ;Henry Stein

    ;Sammy Lawrence

    ;Wally Franks

    ;Norman Polk

    ;Jack Fain


    ;Clover/The Violinist

    ;Susie Campbell

    ;Thomas J. Connor

    ;Allison Pendle

    ;Grant Cohen

    ;Bertrum Piedmont

    ;Lacie Benton

    ;Shawn Flynn

    ;Murray Hill



    ;Nathan Arch/Archangel

    ;Nath Jr. Arch/Archangel

    ;Abbigail Lambert

    ;Daniel 'Buddy' Lewek

    ;Dorothy 'Dot'




    ;Emma Lamont

    ;Ms. Rodríguez

    ;Mr. Morrison





    ;Mila Legna

    And that's all for now! I'll reblog it with new things.

    #batim #batim au stuff #tw death#tw burns #any othes trigger warning?
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  • siren07tucker
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dearest most loveliest pan core and maraca ( @petrichormeraki )

    Today I have woken up and chosen violence :)

    So here is the  continuation 

     here is the link to the original fanfic thing which is the first part  https://siren07tucker.tumblr.com/post/642324763743748096/my-brain-has-gotten-very-attached-to-the-idea-of

     part two  mother of a monster

      “oh my beloved Icarus” dream woke up in a field of Golden wheat, but he refused to get up he had this nightmare for years it was the worst one of all.  every time he was close to death this would happen! He didn’t deserve it. “leave... I am sleeping” his voice sounded normal, that’s not how this usually goes. Everything hurts his chest burned like he was drowning, his limbs felt like they were on fire and being chopped into pieces, his veins felt like they were withering away and his head felt like someone was driving a sword through it.  “oh. my child, why must you harm yourself in such away” she was so sad and that was new? 

    dream finally looked at her~ his mother, all dream could do was stare everything about her was perfect. Dream head always  known his mother is strong, she was once a warrior  and he remembered how people rumored she was forged from iron, that the gods blessed her with the muscle power of A dragon and they weren’t too far off.

    Dream had memorize the story when he learned it, his mother settle down after the wars and somehow as she was covered in mud collecting wheat she caught the eye of a deity...

    they offered her Inmortality, The chance to become a goddess and to be worshiped or fear by humans, but she did not want that people already worshiped her Innoway bard sing ballads of her adventures and strength her enemies already feared her name, and the one thing she was known for was doing things that the fallen could not and one day she wanted to see her blood The people that she fought beside so she could tell them stories of what she accomplished for them, The Deity upon hearing this only loved her more but sadly they could not stay for long so they gave her several gifts One golden wheat seed, A pair of golden wings and small fragments of there being  so a piece of them could always be with her.

     Dream’s back burned as he stared at his mother she was beautiful like nature, her Face her body was a tapestry of scars, freckles and wrinkles all of it was a Show of how she was so independent and strong, it showed that she live that she was human~ The golden wings pales in comparison the fields of Golden wheat that she herself grown from one seed all those years ago pales in comparison... 


     “my Icarus it’s been so Long since you have rested?” Dream did not say a word to his mother Who radiated some thing that dream feared... or at least something the demon made him fear.  A drop of what felt like lava hit dreams skin sending agony through his body, he looked up to see his mother crying now she was beside him, dream watched as her tears would slide down her scarred cheeks, and he thought he already hit rock bottom but he felt so weak.

    dream now could remember, people called his mother Echidna but her real name which almost no one knew was Lilith and The thing the demon made him fear was home and almost everything to do with it.

    “my Icarus I beg of you! Let it go. Please I cannot lose you!  not like-like River~ please let it go my stubborn little blob” her voice wavered she sounded sad, stern, fond and not mad like dream was expecting? So this couldn’t be real... but as his mother picked him up and held him close The pain was real this was real she was real! Her forgiveness, her love, her sorrow was real.

    “My Sun, my vision, my blob, my dream, my Icarus! It’s Time to let it go. You made mistakes because you are a child Icarus! You were so young when you were taken from me! And you know deep down this is it you”

    Dream could feel it now The reason why he hurt so much this place was  trying to take away his pain, all of his suffering but without knowing it he was refusing to let it go but if he kept it up his mother would cry more and he was always too weak for the people he loved so he let it go. 

    “You were so brave did you know that?” Dream felt small as his adult body practically disintegrated leaving Dream as A young (malnourished) teen with hair the color of wheat, his eyes were slowly gaining their enchanting Emerald Color back.   “oh there’s my little warrior” dream buried his face in the crack of Lilith’s neck

    “I missed you to... and it really wasn’t your fault Icarus, I can’t say I know you completely that would be impossible but I know you enough. I know you didn’t want to and me and  Stheno do not blame you”  Lilith stood up her beloved Icarus clutched in her arms, she started walking back to her home as she whispers loving words to her Sun, her vision, her blob, her dream,

    Her Icarus~

    #dream smp #hermit tommy au #angst
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  • haystarlight
    12.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    sometimes; a family can be a purple jaguar, two cute astronomy nerds, a violent feral child litterally raised by wolves, a cute mutant, an inmortal being who has witnessed the end of the world and the extinction of every other member of his species, a gay magician, a duo of chaotic twins, and the coolest person alive.

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  • lostsoulaltair
    17.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    OnS Theories (17S). Tenth Theory - The Final Adventure of Ferid Bathory

    Hello everyone, I hope you’ve been doing well. I’ve had some issues to update and well, this is one of the last theories before I take a small break and start updating again the most important theories left.

    P.S: Theories exclude ships and remain within a neutral view

    It is well known that Ferid Bathory is quite the mysterious character siding with humanity in order to have fun and experience something most vampires have forgotten, what could it be?

    Correct. A reason to live.

    Ever since he was a child, it was displayed that he was different, there was a touch of madness within him:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 91

    Ferid was the second heir to an important family but within this, he stated his raising was strict and needless to say, the fact that there was a second heir in the crown was in case the main one died. It is unknown how exactly or what exactly Ferid had to endure as a young child which would eventually lead to that touch of madness within him which is heavily displayed within chapter 91; in said chapter it was visible he murdered his family and eventually, Rigr saw potential and thus he ended up turning him into a vampire, but why?

    Correct. Because he saw that famous trait within him, the Michaela trait. But then, he was discarted, Rigr no longer saw potential within him and he was alone again, but then, why does the theory state about a Final adventure?

    It is well known with the latest chapters, Ferid has had one sole wish, what could it be?

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 76

    Correct. He wishes to die:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 91

    Despite Ferid’s demanor, he is tired and exhausted of aimlessly wandering around as a vampire; despite living many changes in the world, Ferid is actually one of the characters who wonders why his existance was bounded to follow the shadows; he still wonders about his reason to live 

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 91

    And yet, despite feeling he’d finally found one, what he considers as the correct moment vanishes due to his high IQ.

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 92
    After Ferid managed to trick the progenitors, all what he found exciting vanished in few secconds

    Vampires are often seen as creatures that bind with logic, hence why whenever they lose a limb, specially if it’s the head, they stop moving, but within Ferid, he has displayed that vampires possess no limits.

    Therefore, why does the theory title imply Ferid won’t keep living or rather he’ll have a Final Adventure?

    While it is known that Ferid has been the secret intel and ally of Guren Ichinose, it can be said that Ferid Bathory is tired of inmortality, all those years of being alive, he hasn’t found a reason to live, and the fact that he met Guren, the fact he found the whereabouts of Rigr Stafford and the fact they’re facing “God”; it’s something that does entretain Ferid. But why?

    This is due to the fact that he’s actually facing someone with powers close to almighty, and it is known that Ferid loves to make others see he is smarter than them which is heavily reflected in other chapters such as:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 92

    Ferid outsmarted 3 Progenitors with higher rank than him along the fact he used the corpse of one of the Hyakuya Sect members in order to trigger Jigenso to open up a portal and take the sinful key with Crowley on it; therefore, it could be said that Ferid’s final adventure will be within the end of the story, he’ll sabotage the First Progenitor without his notice. he’ll do whatever he is planning in order to surprise him to the point it’ll drive him into despair.

    And within this, he’s likely to find his reason to live, but why?

    Ferid wants an unique experience, he wants to feel something no one else can alone, he wants to show that he was capable of anything, but within this, he also wants to find what he’s living for, and experience what many vampires long for, a final moment of rest.

    What do you think guys?

    Let me know!

    #owari no seraph #seraph of the end #sote#ons#ons theories #ons theories 17th season #ferid bathory #ons chapter 92 #ons chapter 91 #Rigr Stafford#urd geales#ky luc#lest karr#crowley eusford#vampire council#guren ichinose #guren ichinose world resurrection at 19
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  • dolceminerva97
    28.01.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #aph argentina#hetalia argentina#aph oc#hetalia oc#historical hetalia #for the record just to avoid any possible confusion #Chikitina is just a pun that means lil Tina hahah #not a real name I just call her like that #Tina Lore
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  • galaxyfxcs
    13.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Sick (Nanatsu no Taizai)- Sick!Ban x Reader

    This is my first fanfic/imagine so please tell me what you want to see next!

    Warnings: Fluff, and overload Ban cuteness


    Third Person PoV:

    You woke up in your bed like every other day, when you looked to your right, you saw your boyfriends face sleeping peacefully, his hair all messed up in the morning ‘He looks so cute' You thought to yourself as you continued to stare at him. Then you realized it was kinda weird that you had woken up before Ban did, but you didn’t think much of it as he was drinking late with meliodas yesterday.

    Once you were done staring at Ban, you decided to go down stairs to prepare breakfast “Hello Y/N!” said Hawk almost screaming and full of energy “Good morning Hawk…” you greeted him as you yawned. You started to make breakfast, because you were a good cook as Ban had taught you. Everyone started coming down for breakfast as a scent of pancakes and muffins filled the air, you greeted everyone and then, your best friend King came in the kitchen and you started to talk with him while the muffins were in the oven. Time flew by talking to King about nothing and everything at the same time, as you took out the Delicious muffins of several flavors, as Elizabeth and King helped you plate everything, you noticed Ban hadn’t came downstairs for breakfast, so you decided to go wake him up. 

    You opened to door slowly and opened the courtains slightly shortly after as some rays of the morning sun came beeming into the bedroom. As the sun came in, you saw Ban shift a bit so the sun didn’t glow on his sleepy eyes “Ban sweetheart wake up, it’s morning” you said, placing a small kiss on his forehead “hmmm…” Ban said as a sound of discomfort “Are you feeling ok?” you said, and you placed your hand on his forehead where you had placed the Kiss before “Ban I think you have a fever…wait… aren’t you inmortal?!” you said in surprise as he sat up huging you close to him “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get sick like anyone else, it just means I won’t die of it…” He explained slowly, placing his head on your shoulder to shield his eyes form the light “Oh right…” you thought outloud, then you closed the courtains, but not so much so it wasn’t completely dark, after that, you tucked Ban in caressing his cheek slowly “You will feel better soon, don’t worry” “Thanks babe…” he whispered followed by a cough “I’ll bring you breakfast, just as like you do when I’m sick” you smiled to him. You exited the room and went downstairs to prepare his breakfast “Hey Y/N is something wrong with Ban? Why isn’t he here?” Meliodas asked both curious and concerned at the same time “Don’t worry, he just has a cold, he will feel better soon” “How can be sick?!” “Look Mel, I’m not an Immortal expert, I don’t know” you said sarcastically as meliodas walked away chuckling. You quickly then grabbed a tray, placed some orange juice, a muffin, two pancakes with Ban’s favorite, strawberry sirup, (A/N: I don’t know, I feel like he does like strawberry sirup, trust me lol) 'He might like some flowers, he always gives me flowers when I’m sick' you left the tray on the tavern’s counter and went outside to pick up some flowers

    Ban’s PoV:

    I saw Y/N Run outside “What is she doing…?” I said to myself curious about her actions, I then saw her bend down and start to pick up flowers 'Aw… she’s so cute…’ I thought while coughing “Shit…” then I went to lay down on the bed again as I waited for her to come.

    Third Person PoV:

    You tied the little daisys and lillies you picked up with a string and took the tray to give it to Ban, you knocked on the door and then opened it to find a really tired looking Ban on the bed waiting for you “Aw babe you shouldn’t have…” “Don’t worry, I got you. I brought you some breakfast, tissues an extra blanket and some medicine for-” “WOAH WOAH THERE BABE” Ban cut you mid sentence “Is something wrong?” you said concerned thinking he didn’t like something “Look princess, everything is great and I love you a lot for taking care of me… but I’m not taking the medicine” he said nervously “Oh come on Ban don’t act like a kid and drink the medicine” “No, not happening” he said pouting like a kid “Ban” you said in a stern voice “Yes?” “You’re ugly” you said “You’re really-” as he had his mouth open you cut his sentence and quickly placed the spoon containing the medicine in his mouth, he then swallowed the medicine and gaged “I hate you sometimes you know? Traitor” he said continuing to pout like a child “You love me” “No” “Yes” “Ok maybe a little” “I knew it”. After a while he ate his breakfast while you two chatted “That was good, did you bake everything?” he said amused “yep I did” “Thanks” you proceeded to kiss his cheek and he smiled cheerfully “Y/N do you mind if we cuddle for the rest of the day and watch a movie while I recover?” “No problem baby” “Thanks” He said kissing your cheek

    The End~ 

    A/N- Thanks for Reading my first one shot EVER, please request anything you like with any character you like and if I know them and have ideas i’ll make a oneshot about them! Please also request oneshot ideas, Thanks!

    #ban x reader #bannnt#Bannanatsunotaizai #nanatsu no taizai #fanfic#fluff #ban the fox sin #ban the undead #meliodas#meliodasnnt#elizabeth#elizabethliones#hawk #fairy king harlequin #king the bear sin #sick day#x reader #the seven deadly sins #the seven deadly sins ban #ban the seven deadly sin #ban nnt fanfic
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  • lostsoulaltair
    10.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    OnS Theories (16S). Seventh Theory - Ashera’s plan

    Hello everyone, I hope you’ve been well, I hope you guys had a great day or starting a good day; as usual, I’ll be sharing another theory, therefore, let’s begin!


    With the latest chapter, we saw how the black demons gathered in one spot in common to pay a visit to the newborn demon Mikaela:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 98

    Of course, they weren’t received with open arms, instead, they were seen as intruders trying to disturb the peace within a bubble dream. Furthermore, it is seen that the demons recovered their memories along the fact they had to follow up a plan made by the First Progenitor whcih can be reflected in here:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 98

    Furthermore, it was visible that the demons were actually cooperating with the first making a huge confusion whenever Ashera will be the friend or the traitor for Yu and his family, thus being said for the next picture:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 98

    Does this mean Ashera will work for the First Progenitor?

    As crazy as it is, there are two scenarios with one having more probability to happen; what do I mean?

    For that, let’s talk about such scenarios:

    1.Ashera’s betrayal

    One of the things that would hurt the most towards the characters within the story, specifically Yu and Krul would be the fact that Ashera ends up working with the First Progenitor and obeying him to catch Mikaela’s soul for him. But why would this happen if Ashera has a good bond with Yu?

    The First Progenitor stablished a plan long ago for only few vampires that would become demons; and one point of said plan was to catch a future King or the First’s child.

    But how exactly would this betrayal go?

    Despite having the bond with Yu and the memories of his sister, it is possible that Ashera still believes in the words of the First since long ago he was decided to go with the First Progenitor out of trust:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 49

    In previous chapters, Ashera was willing to follow up the First Progenitor with no hesitation nor a drop of doubt which only broke Krul badly since Ashera was her reason to keep going despite accepting inmortality as a trade for her freedom of her painful life as a possible slave.

    It could be said that within this scenario, Ashera would still believe he’d be doing the best for the future of his sister and everyone else in the World, even if her sister didn’t understand him; which of course, it’d only play on the First Progenitor’s palm.

    But then, why despite being a high scenario, it’s not likely to happen?

    This is due to the fact on how the story is going; there haven’t been announcements on whenever the story will end or will reach its future end in determinated volume; hence why, despite being the most possible outcome, the chances it has to happen are low but not impossible.

    2. Ashera betrays the First Progenitor 

    The most waited result within the manga story but, why?

    This is due to the fact that Ashera and Yu have stablished a strong bond with the pass of each chapter; Ashera acknowledges Yu’s emotions and despite being a demon that feeds on desires, he does care about Yu:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 90

    Despite Ashera being a demon that could have taken Yu’s heart despite his suffering, he decided to give a lesson to Yu which was to ackowledge Mika’s sacrifice, to remember all the things he’s done to keep him safe.

    But then, what makes it possible for this scenario to happen? Is there even a proof to see Ashera betraying the First Progenitor?

    As crazy it might sound, there is a proof:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 98

    The proof is the fact that Gekkouin and Kiseki-O asked for power to their wielders in order to face the demon Mikaela; but, in Ashera’s case, he didn’t. Gekkouin even asked him if he didn’t have a bond with his wielder to which Ashera retorted with the statement of “Good question”.

    Ashera didn’t even ask for power to Yu not because he’s a powerful demon, but rather because despite they’re following a plan; the seed of hesitation was born. But how can I state this?

    Easy; Ashera remembers not only the past, but he remembers the present as well; he remembers the days on which he was  a demon without memories but Yu kept on supporting him not even minding if he let his seraph go wild with the only purpose to allow Ashera remember.

    Furthermore, the fact that Krul is there, the fact that he recalled his sister who’s trying to save him as well; it is something that despite seem as something that might not affect him, he does really care about her; the fact that he could endanger her it is something that wouldn’t cross his mind despite following someone else’s plan.

    And this is visible in a previous chapter:

    Image taken from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign - Chapter 94

    While this panel might seem as a base for doubt towards Ashera’s actions, there’s another side to it, what do I mean?

    On the first side; it could be that Ashera was leading them to their doom; to follow up the First Progenitor and his plan on bringing his child back to him. BUT

    On the other side of the coin, it is also a possibility that Ashera was aware that, if Krul and Yu were all alone somewhere else; there would eventually be no time to restrain the First along the fact of tracking down the demon Mikaela even if it seems like a benefit for the First; in fact, it is a benefit for both parties, but why?

    For Guren’s side, this allows him to track down the demon Mikaela easily because he’ll be able to create a barrier and a ritual to seal Mikaela before he ends up falling in the First’s hands; but if Krul and Yu were all alone, then it’d have meant there wouldn’t be support and things would hae gone in a worst possible way.

    The fact that the bond between Yu and Ashera grew within chapters, it is something to acknowledge as something valuable; it is not a bond that is based on a lie but rather on trust.

    This scenario is more likely to happen but, why is that?

    That is because it’d give a proper struggle to the First Progenitor along the fact that it’d give a chance or time for the main cast to grow stronger but also to give more depth into matters that haven’t been resolved yet.

    What do you think guys? Do you think Ashera will betray Yu and Krul to follow up the First Progenitor or will there be hesitation and lastly will give Yu the opportunity to prove himself and grow?

    Let me know!

    gif belongs to honeymchope

    #owari no seraph #seraph of the end #sote#ons #ons theories 16th season #seventh theory#ashera tepes#asuramaru#yuichiro hyakuya#yuichiro amane#mikaela shindo#mikaela hyakuya #demon mikaela hyakuya #black cursed demons #gekkouin#kiseki-o#krul tepes#shikama doji#sika madu#ons theories #ons chapter 49 #ons chapter 90 #ons chapter 94 #ons chapter 98
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    30.11.2020 - 4 monts ago
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  • imaginarycomic
    18.10.2020 - 6 monts ago


    -An imaginary's duty is to fulfill a child's last wish before the host's death, once the deed is completed, they will be reassigned to another.

    -Imaginaries can't be seen by anyone other than their host child, unless the host tells someone about them and the receptor full heartedly believes their claim.

    -Imaginaries are not inmortal, but rather they collect the child's lived through years as payment for their work, if an imaginary does not complete their duty, there's no payment.

    -They can change form at will, from human to creature and vice-versa. They are also able to transform their surroundings, but this can only be seen by their host.

    -It's strictly forbidden to interfere with fate, since it's set in stone. No one knows what happens if there's an attempt to change its path, though no one really wants to know.

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  • luchibelle-throughthecosmere
    06.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    RoW: chapter 14


    What would it be like to live so many lives? Such wisdom, and such capacity! 

    My sweet summer child, inmortality brings madness and incapacity. Look at the Heralds, look at the Fused. Dear Venli, please don't try to become one of them, temple your passion.

    Never mind, she is aware of the risks.

    Kelek's breath, the Nine live inside the stones! Poor things.

    It lent the Nine an air of permanence to accent their ageless nature. The pillars seemed to say, “These are older than the stones. They have lived here long enough for the rock to grow over them, like crem reclaiming the ruins of a fallen city.”

    Are they still sane?

    They are insane indeed but for a completely different reason. It's disgusting how they kill and kill listeners to use their bodies. Disgusting.

    Kholinar is to the Singers what Urithiru is to the Radiants.

    Both of them have formed an Assambly of Rulers.

    Avendla was their name for Alethkar; Venli’s powers instantly knew the meaning of the word.

    She doesn't need to touch a native to understand it unlike Dalinar. Cool.

    “You think I could be defeated by a common human?” the Pursuer demanded. “This Windrunner must be of the Fourth Ideal—something I was led to believe had not yet happened. Perhaps our reconnaissance teams have lost their edge, during the long time spent between Returns.”

    Yes you were. You were defeated by a common human, a master with the spear though. Kaladin doesn't need to be Invested to defeat his enemies.

    Also, is he implying that the suppressor doesn't work if you have sworn the Fourth Ideal?

    Lezian ignores everything else until he has claimed the life of the one who killed him. Six thousand years, and he’s never failed. 

    I would be scared if it weren't Kaladin Stormblessed we're talking about. If he dies, something I refuse to accept, it won't be by Lezian's hand.

    We don't give Taln enough credit for his time alone in Braize.

    “They and their spren would make excellent servants, should we be able to subdue them.”

    Wait, wait, wait- Leshwi wants the Windrunners to change side?

    “The man who killed the Pursuer has killed me. I claim prior privilege to the life of Stormblessed. The Pursuer must, in this case, wait upon my pleasure.”

    I knew Leshwi would do something to protect Kaladin but I expected it to happen later, in a battle.

    The Nine were once the Ten? Or someone replaced her when she left? This is confusing.

    The Sibling is mentioned again. Do we have a count down? And they want to attack Urithiru, hopefully Navani will stop it.

    “During the last Return, she developed a disease intended to kill all humans on the planet. Near the end, it was discovered that the disease would likely kill many singers as well. She released it anyway…only to find, to all of our fortunes, that it did not work as expected. Fewer than one in ten humans were killed, and one in a hundred singers.”

    Lirin's chapter mentions a plague, is it related?

    One in ten, a 10% of death rate. Anyone else thought of Mistborn? One in sixteen would survive and become a mistborn. Is the one in ten who survives a potential Radiant?

    “We will use the king who has given himself to us,” Raboniel said. 

    TARAVANGIAN. You little cremling.

    "Help us defeat the humans, and then we Fused will fade into time and leave this world to you. That is how to achieve your independence, Venli."

    Can Leshwi really be this naive? She might leave this land when the war is over but the other Singers won't. They don't have her sense of honor.

    Venli had felt Odium’s hand directly. He would not leave this people alone, and she suspected the other Fused—tired though they might be—would not abandon ruling the world. Too many of them enjoyed the luxury of their positions. Victory for them was no path to independence for Venli and her people.

    At least Venli can see the truth.

    Teaching Venli to be a Radiant? Rlain could help her with that.

    Nice chapter, there is a lot of lore in this one that we should revisit before the book is released.

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  • lostsoulaltair
    06.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    OnS Theories (14S). Fourth Theory (Special Theory) - Sika Madu’s deceased son and the Michaela trait (Long Theory)

    Hello everyone, this theory wasn’t planned for these days, but since there are some doubts out there, I’d like to give my point of view within this issue. Let’s begin!

    In the latest chapter, it was revealed that Sika Madu held a deep grudge against God and the world he created for the death of his son, hence why he stated he’d create a dark sun.

    Many have stated that the son of Sika Madu is Mikaela Hyakuya and the main reason is because it’s been stated in the manga itself but before we proceed to talk about it, let’s talk about another issue which is the Michaela trait.

    I’ve read some fans in the spanish fandom talking about it, asking about how the trait ended up dwelling in the kids and perhaps that was the reason why Mika had the Michaela trait for being Sika Madu’s child. But, there’s one issue in this, what do I mean?

    First of all, the first hint of the trait appearing in the world was when Ashera was able to transform into a vampire thanks to Yu’s blood instead of dying by it. Such event happened in chapter 79 after Ashera was called to meet up with the First Progenitor.

    After such events, Sika Madu became interested on the results Ashera gave since he’s been having guinea pigs for 600 years. But then, what does this imply?

    It means that it’s highly possible that the Michaela trait started to appear thanks to something humanity made or perhaps God himself made as a punishment against Sika Madu for tainting what it was holy and forbidden. Which would actually explain why Shikama kept on performing for 600 years, a lot of experiments with guinea pigs; what does that mean?

    He was aware that, within humanity, there was a low percentage he’d be able to get such trait, but for what reason? What did he tried to achieve?

    He was aiming to bring his lost son back, for that, there will be a better explanation of his taboo in another theory...

    Returning to the main point of the theory, Shikama was aware that the Michaela trait would end up appearing with its own respective time; he was aware that the trait itself wasn’t related on seeing unique humans but rather, with a peculiar DNA, hence why he became intrigued with Ashera being able to survive after drinking Yu’s blood; but now, there’s something rather curious within this, what do I mean?

    If many might recall back in old chapters, it was seen Ashera going with him to the Land of the Rising Sun, what does this have to do with such trait?

    It’s quite possible that the current demons from the black demon series were compatible with such trait but, despite the results, it ended up with how Noya stated long ago, they failed to become Michaela. But why?

    It is well known that once a soul is gone forever, it cannot be returned as it’s original form, even if Shikama kept performing his experiments, all were doomed the very moment his spawn or his beloved child died; thus he started to create his own world slumbering within the dark sun.

    But then, what was the point on creating demons? What was the point on bringind down all the events?

    It could be said his wrath along the demons he created from vampires reflect all the negative emotions he once felt in the past, which is why he aimed to create an army he could control for his own, a world that would oppose directly its real Creator.

    Another topic I’d love to talk about is: Mikaela, is he the son of Shikama or cloned son?

    Now, many have stated that Mikaela Hyakuya is heavily the son of Sika Madu but, there’s an issue to this, what do I mean?

    Sika Madu is displayed as an arrogant, prideful and powerful being that sees time as a trivial matter due to his inmortality, Shikama has always been able to dictaminate which religions and empires would fall and rise, he was aware that Rigr was pulling some strings to weaken the Hiragi family along creating the Hyakuya Sect.

    Hence, it can be said that he was aware that Rigr was tracking down the kids with the Seraph trait and Michaela trait to use them agains him, which actually would explain why the Hyakuya orphanage kids including Mika and Yu had difficult lives, they never were  happy with their respective families.

    But now, there’s one sole issue as to why I believe Mika Hyakuya is not Sika Madu’s child, what do I mean?

    When Shikama has something peculiar to keep, he defends it, how can I state that if Shikama doesn’t care about humanity in general?

    If Mika was Shikama’s reincarnated child, he’d have moved all the things he wished in order to keep him safe; he’d have made the Hiragi Family track him down before Rigr did in order to awaken his past self or the son he once lost. Then, where exactly is the key he’s desperately searching?

    Something curious within the story is that Shikama has been focused on one sole thing, what do I refer or likely who?

    Correct, I refer to Shinoa Hiragi, but why? It is well known that Shikama has always been trying to possess her which is something he succeded to do in previous chapters but, there’s an issue to the whole possession thing, what could it be?

    That Shikama in fact, was testing his vessel, not possessing or keeping the body for himself, he was testing the stress Shinoa’s body could handle with his power, as if he was making preparations for something else.

    Furthermore, there’s one thing in common with Shikama’s deceased son and Shinoa, what do I mean?

    Both were kept in secret, both were kept in order no one could track them down, even  Rigr wasn’t aware that Mahiru was protecting her little half sister from both parties, the JIDA and the Hyakuya Sect.

    Furthermore, in recent chapters, it was clear that despite Shikama possessing the Hiragi family for years, he always aimed to possess Shinoa as a definite goal in mind; but, within this, there’s something else to add, what could it be?

    Despite that Shikama has tried his best to possess his current vessel, there was one curious thing he always stated before he changed his strategy:

    “If you lower your walls, you’ll get to see few of my memories”

    By this, I’m not saying Shinoa is the child he’s sought but rather, her heart might hold certain key he’s been aiming to find ever since the experiments began. How can I state this?

    It is well stated that Shinoa and Mahiru were created by experiments, but only Mahiru’s mother was able to live for few years until Tenri killed her; in Shinoa’s case, it’s even unknown who her mother was, it is only stated that her mother was a demon possessed woman but, is that the truth?

    There’s a small part that might be a lie within this, and this is mainly because Shikama and Shinoa share some physical characteristics, despite Tenri having a small role on how she was created, Shikama played a huge role for Shinoa’s creation as well. Along this, Shikama’s main goal was that Shinoa lowered the walls of her heart but not with the common purpose of a demon, but rather, to find something that lies within such heart.

    As a small hint for this, in the LNs, more specifically in Catastrophe at 16′s last volume, Shikama stated that if it weren’t for Shinoa, no one else would have been able to have demons.

    To conclude, it can be said that Mika Hyakuya is not Shikama’s cloned son nor reincarnated son due to the fate Mika’s been targetted with; within this, the Michaela trait itself might actually be something Shikama was punished with as a reminder of the sin or taboo he performed and  lastly, Shinoa plays a huge role on whatever resides within her heart since Shikama’s goal was not exactly to possess her but rather unlock something hidden within it.

    What do you think guys?

    Let me know!

    gif belongs to hpeymchope

    #owari no seraph #seraph of the end #sote#ons#ons theories #ons theories 14th season #shikama doji#sika madu#mikaela hyakuya#mikaela shindo #demon mikaela hyakuya #michaela#angel michaela #owari no seraph catastrophe at 16 #guren ichinose catastrophe at 16 #hiiragi shinoa#Tenri Hiragi#Shinoa Hīragi#ashera tepes#asuramaru #ons chapter 94 #ons chapter 72 #ons chapter 85 #catastrophe at 16 chapter 28
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    #american horror story apocalypse #michael langdon #michael langdon imagine #michael langdon fanfiction #michael langdon x reader
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    “It’s a celebration, Edallan! You must have some mead with us, my friend. If not how we will thank the Mu’nir for allowing us to come home safe and sound?” Dargn said with that boisterous voice of his, patting the inmortal on the back while putting a big cup in front of him.

    “We don’t drink.” Is the soft reminder of the immortal.

    “Mead is good for the soul!” Bensraa adds, taking a seat in front of them. “You should relax a little my friend! One won’t hurt you!”

    “You don’t have to, Edallan.” Intervened Kulian with a warm smile; the one that made Kings and druids fall in love with him. “I’m sure the Mu’nir will not take offence, and neither will our party.”

    The last was said with a look to his brother and best friend, who smiled sheepishly at being chastised for bullying the inmortal.

    Edallan blinked slowly, golden eyes signing at the light of the candles, before looking back to the cup and taking it to his lips. He drowned it in one go, probably mimicking Dargn. He put down the cup and faced the three curious beings, he stretched a small smile that all of them returned before closing his eyes and hitting the table with a thump.

    The Great Conqueror of the Dungeon screamed like a scared child, panic dancing on his black eyes as he stood up, pushing the table in his haste.

    Dargn paled and looked with fear at his own cup, he threw it away with a curse and stood up, “What the ai’ern was on that mead?!” His hand was on his battle ax and he looked ready to go and cut some heads.

    The spirit of the forest had also gotten up, but unlike his companions he moved so he could look at their fallen comrade while ignoring the pair of Ikranien.

    (“Did we just kill an immortal?”, “Of course not! If anyone killed the immortal is the bartender who served us!”, “That doesn’t reassure me!”. “Well, I’ll be taking his head. Does that reassure you?”, “No, not really!”)

    “He’s drunk.” He whispered with astonishment, who knew it was possible to black out with only one drink?

    Wait, nevermind that! He grew branches from the wood floor to keep Darng from killing the poor bartender (that looked like he was regretting every decision that lead to this moment), capturing both Ikranien with ease.

    “Edallan is fine.” He explained, trying to not laugh. “He just blacked out. He’s drunk.”

    Dargn’s axe fell to the ground as he started laughing. Bensraa was sure that if he wasn’t keeping the Ikran up, the fire-kissed male would be rolling on the ground. Kulian on the other hand was breathing heavily, his eyes closed as he allowed the fear drain from his system.

    Bensraa smiled, so he was right about the relationship between those two being more than friendship. Huh, now he only had to see who would do the first move to know if he had won the pool or not.

    “Drunk! From one drink,” Kulian laughed as his friend made the branches let him go, his eyes were fond and full of mirth. “Not a surprise his kind doesn't drink, then.”

    Bensraa chuckled, “Indeed.”

    #fantasy wip #book ill never write #writblr#writblur#writbelr#writbr #new writers corner #new writer boost #new writers on tumblr #new wip #Dandellion:Destroyer of Wordls #fantasy races#fantasy#fantasy religion#fantasy writing#fantasy readers#wip excerpt#wip#my writing #my wip intro #dnd ocs#my ocs#oriental
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    {Hey i don't wanna seem needy or anything but if possible can some of you guys be so kind and follow my other blogs @the-entity-child and @the-inmortal-dumbass for me. There much smaller blogs then this one and I hope that they get some attention too. Thank you and thanks again for following me.}

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    Woah I just had a dream about Unus and Annus’s origins. They raise the child who will bring the apocalypse. They are inmortal and have their own little team of other immortals to help them, one of whom is a woman, and although it wasn’t in my dream, she might as well be Amy because she had to teach the boys about raising the child.

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    So far im absolutely living for percy's lack of respect for the gods... Annabeth and Grover are like noo you cant talk back to Ares... And he's just like well hes a bitch and I hate him so i think I will talk back to the god of war

    Nothing but respect for this tiny Child angry at inmortal beings

    #Percy jackson#Pjo#liveblog #So thats why they call him sassy #I Get it #He is right tho the gods are so fucking annoying
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