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    Heads down now, pray for me.

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    spicy elves with stories to tellll [x]


    it kills me to leave something unfinished nonetheless get bored partway through, but i know some people like solass so here’s a sketch of a 🍑 and his buff mage lass

    #not lavellan#not inquisitor #i beg of u dont tag solavellan #solas#dragon age #dragon age inquisition #fen'harel #solas x oc #solas/oc#solas/maordrid#otp: ouroboros #conveniently placed hair #spicy#spicy elves#🌶#mogwaei arts
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    i have like 8 lavellans but these are the plot relevant ones 😭

    #art #dragon age inquisition #dai#inquisitor lavellan#apis lavellan#nesiranni lavellan #and now introducing #heronn lavellan#ocs #in my brain they all exist at the same time it's just different universes in which a different one got sent to the conclave #two dorian romances and a solas romance :/
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    The shemlen worship me. Why would I not use that power to reshape the world?

    Revas Lavellan, reluctant Herald and eager Inquisitor

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    belnehn lavellan, the daughter of solas.

    she has faded mythal vallaslin in game because in her canon she was originally a slave to mythal and mythal scarred her face when removing her vallaslin as a warning to solas

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    Chapter 117

    The group finds the location of the Carta’s horde of red lyrium, all wrapped up and ready to go to Corypheus.

    Feel free to click the link in the text to listen to the music I jammed to while writing each section.


    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Deep Roads Ambience (20 mins)

    As they walked, Bianca pulled on Varric’s sleeve, bringing him back beside her.  “You had me worried, you know.”

    “What’d I do now?”  He laughed.

    “That letter you sent me about the red lyrium was the first I’d heard from you since the Chantry explosion.”

    “Huh.”  He marveled, “Had it been that long?”

    Bianca lightly smacked his shoulder, “Seriously, if you’d died in that mess, I’d have to come back to Kirkwall and dig you up just to kick your ass!”

    He chuckled, “What would you do if I’d been cremated?”

    “Kick your ashes of course.”

    From the front of the group, Enasal barked out a laugh, “That was terrible.”

    “Like your jokes are any better.”  Varric laughed.

    With the final gear in place, Enasal and Bianca wound them in tandem - but this time the gears stuck at their final places and the door opened. 

    Facing them with yet more darkspawn.

    They assaulted the group before they could even step through the threshold, but luck was on their side and they were able to pick off the enraged and starved creatures with ease.

    “No wonder.”  Bianca said, “They must have sealed it to keep them in.”

    “I feel a little sorry for them.”  Enasal said, looking down at one of the fallen darkspawn, bones clearly visible through thinly-stretched skin.

    “Don’t.”  Bianca said, “They’re literally the scum of the earth.”

    “Have you ever starved?”  Enasal asked, “Because it’s one of the worst things in the world.”  She stepped over the fresh corpse and looked around the room; piles of coins, sculptures and works of art, large tomes with golden locks and chests.

    “Varric.”  Enasal said, “This could help the Inquisition.  When we send people to destroy the red lyrium we need to let them know about this.”  She nodded to Bianca, “You’ll be getting a healthy cut, of course.”

    But Bianca seemed more interested in continuing on, so they followed her out and back across the stone bridge.

    With a rattling scream, another darkspawn clawed its way out of the wall, falling to the floor and immediately stabbed by Enasal.

    “They’re like rats.”  Bianca commented.

    Varric leaned in to look at the wall, tentatively poking at the loose earth with a bolt - it fell away, revealing a hole, “Looks like they’re coming through here. He nodded to a nearby pillar, crumbled into sizable chunks.  “Alright, Seastorm, do your weird hand thing.”

    Enasal looked at the hole, then to her left hand.  She shifts her weight, wringing her hands, “I don’t know if I can.”  She said, “Solas usually talks me through it and-”

    “Just who says you can’t do something because Chuckles isn’t here?”  Varric said, a hand on her shoulder, “Go on, you can do it.”

    Enasal sighed, closing her eyes and breathing in deep.  She raised her hand, letting the breath out slowly and forming a barrier, working it underneath the rubble and negotiating it up and into the whole.  She took another breath, letting it out sharply  as she shoved the rocks further into the hole.”

    “That’s my girl.”  Varric said with a nod, “Should keep them out for now.”  He started ahead, glancing at Bianca before facing ahead, “So… how is Whatshisname?”

    “Bogdan?”  She asked “He’s in Nevarra right now, selling my machine to wealthy landowners.”

    “I was telling Seastorm that I heard some of the guild were trying to get you named a Paragon for that contraption.”

    Enasal jogged to catch up, “What’s a con...tra…”  She snapped her fingers, “Whatever you said?”



    He grinned at Bianca, “Her Common can be a little shaky.”  He looked back and Enasal, “It’s another word for a machine, generally a complicated one.”

    Bianca nodded and sighed, “But me, a Paragon?  That’s not going to happen, even if I am ten times the smith Branka ever was.”  Her usual smile fell and she shook her head, “A surfacer Paragon?  Never.”

    At the front, Enasal slowed to a stop, toes dangling over the newest bridge.  “Ugh.”  

    She frowned at the bridge - it was a simple rope bridge - slabs of wood and twisted fiber the only thing between a sheer drop and her own feet.  Without knowing how deep the chasm went, she didn’t trust that she could make enough barriers to slow her fall enough to save her life.  There was nothing around that she could leap or grab onto if she did fall.

    Behind her, Varric chuckled, “All the shit you pull every day of your life, and you balk at a robe bridge?”

    Enasal muttered something about no way to save herself if it were to break, but forced herself along the swaying walkway to prevent any more teasing.

    “Finally.”  Bianca said, pushing past her to look at the door ahead, “I built these doors.  They probably shut this one from the other side when they heard all the ruckus and screaming.”  

    Enasal squinted her eyes at Bianca, “You’ve been here often enough to build… contraption-y doors?”

    “Really, Seastorm? ‘Contraption-y’?”

    “I already told you I’ve used this entrance in the past.” Biana shrugged, “I don’t know if Varric told you, but the Merchant’s Guild is cutthroat.  Literally. I built the doors to keep rivals from following me down here and arranging ‘accidents’.”  She kneeled, pressing small indentations in the door and turning hidden dials this way and that.  It suddenly slid open and she stood with a smile on her face. “Tada!”

    The cloying scent of blood and rot hit Enasal like a noxious wave.  She covered her mouth and her stomach heaved.  

    Varric recognized the expression and groaned, “Well, I guess we know where they’re storing the red lyrium.”

    Enasal took a steadying breath, grabbing a potion off her belt and downing it.  “One of Stitches.”  She said, “Not as strong as the last one he gave me, so I shouldn't get loopy - helps with the nausea.”

    Bianca raised her eyebrows.

    “She smells and hears magic shit, including lyrium.”   Varric explained. He shook his head, “Not like, hearing red lyrium like it… makes people hear it - it’s more like-”

    “I hear sobbing.”  Enasal muttered, storing the now-empty flask back onto her belt. “And it smells like old blood and rot.”  She crept into the room beyond, moving slowly to avoid detection. 

    “Lots of Carta.”  She whispered, “And these massive… cart things with…”  She shook her head, “Creators, it’s red lyrium - they’re huge Varric - like, as big as me.”  She squinted and started, “And… Varric, there’s a Warden.”

    “Please tell me they’re bound and gagged.”.

    Enasal shook her head, “No… he’s just… talking to the others.  He’s got a staff, so he’s a mage.”

    Varric cursed.

    “It can’t be helped.”  Enasal whispered to herself, before looking at Varric, “Take down the mage first.  I want to be the only one throwing fire down here.”

    “You got any more of that stuff?”  Bianca asked.

    Enasal reached down to her belt, her fingertips feeling nothing but disappointment, “Just a smoke bomb.”  She said, “But those aren’t any good for actual battles, we’ll be as blind as they are.  Best save it for a quick exit.”  She looked behind her, “Varric, you got the mage?”

    “Just say the word.” 


    If you’re willing and able, feel free to my ko-fi here to help me keep the lights on!

    Read the full fic at my A03 here!

    #enasal lavellan#dragon age #dragon age inquisition #dragon age inquisitor #dragon age fanfic #dragon age fic #dai#dai fanfic#dai fic#Varric#Varric Tethras#Bianca#bianca davri
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    [DJ Khaled voice] another one 🤭

    another drawing of Lyric. sometimes you can tell if I’m “going through it” (don’t worry, I am starting to feel much better) by how frequently I draw my Inquisitor! but I can’t lie, I love her so much and she is my MUSE. ✨🍀🪶 this whole piece was inspired by one of my oneshots, “Blue” in the CullenxLyric character study series Hues of You. here’s a snippet to explain the feather behind her ear!

    #dragon age inquisition #dragon age fan art #dragon age #cullen x lavellan #dai#mage lavellan#inquisitor lavellan#lyric lavellan
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    if there's one thing lavellan mains love more than solas it's using the mythal vallaslin

    #ahaha cool and all but could i go one day without seeing it #am i wrong #i beg of you #inquisitor lavellan#solas
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    cullen: *punches his library and is extremely angry with himself* I SHOULD BE TAKING IT

    inquisitor: no

    cullen: .. alright :-)

    #they way his voices goes from extremely angry to extremely soft #and his face is like :-) okay sugar whatever you want #cullen rutherford #cullen x inquisitor #cullen x trevelyan #cullen x lavellan #dragon age #dragon age inquisition #da: i
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    commissionof their lavellan for the lovely @poseidonewithyou

    Thank you so much for commissioning me! 💚🌸

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    putting this under a cut bc it made ME depressed. it’s just oc talk abt kiernan but tw for discussion of suicide/suicidal ideation

    kiernan isn’t the only one of my ocs with depression but i was feeling really maudlin last night and came to the realization that he would be the most likely of any of them to commit suicide.

    he’s struggled with suicidal feelings since he was a kid—and by that i mean since he was like, 9 or 10. and tbqh it never really went away, feeling suicidal or wishing for tranquility when things got really bad. i don’t think he ever actually attempted, in large part due to rhian’s support, but he remained passively suicidal throughout his teen years and definitely did a lot of unnecessarily dangerous shit because of it. even in inquisition he becomes a knight enchanter partially because it’s a good outlet for his anger, but partially because the resulting close-quarters combat puts him in danger.

    and without rhian’s support, the main thing that keeps him going when things get really bleak is just knowing that if he does anything to hurt himself, corypheus will win. he can’t kill himself because of it, but there’s also the undercurrent of knowing that he isn’t necessary for that, it’s just the anchor.

    even then, even knowing how selfish it would be to let the world suffer because he couldn’t bear the weight of his trauma and dysphoria and depression, there are still a couple of nights over the course of those few years where he thinks seriously about it. like…. pre-gay solavellan, getting to the point of writing a letter to rhian and leaving it on his desk for someone to find. going to solas one evening and starting to make, yknow, vague and ominous comments about how much solas’ friendship has meant to him, how lucky he was to find a friend like him in the inquisition. and solas knows what kiernan is doing, realizes it almost immediately because they’ve talked about kiernan’s suicidal ideation before but he didn’t know how bad it had gotten.

    and it’s just. so hard sometimes for solas to find a balancing act with kiernan, because he sometimes lashes out at both comfort and criticism, or when solas guesses too accurately how he’s feeling, or pries just a little too much at something personal,,, outright confronting kiernan would be just as likely to push him away as to stop him, so instead he pretends he doesn’t know, and calmly asks kiernan if he has the time to help with part of the fresco.

    it keeps him close, so solas knows at least as long as he’s there he’s safe, and it gives him time to try to think of a more permanent solution, and he ends up not needing one. because after a few hours kiernan, with paint on his face and his sleeves rolled up just a little past his wrists, confesses quietly that he’d been thinking of doing something incredibly stupid, and he doesn’t think he will now, but would solas be willing to stay with him tonight, just to help keep that impulse at bay?

    and he’s not fine the next day or the day after that, but eventually it comes back down to a manageable level, and the next time he starts to get that low he tells solas outright, asking for nothing but a little extra company to remind him that things aren’t as bleak as they feel.

    this post was headed in a very different much worse direction when i started writing it but i am instead choosing to think about the hurt/comfort aspect of this instead of how kiernan may or may not manage those feelings post-trespasser when he no longer has solas and no one needs him for the anchor anymore 😔

    #kiernan lavellan #gay solavellan isn't real it can't hurt me #unsure if i need to tag this given the content warnings at the top #marc.txt #long post #also im not trying to say here that i think suicide in general is selfish bc i know that’s #a shitty attitude to have towards people who are suicidal #just. you know. in the specific case of the inquisitor During Inquisition it would. not be great. #kiernan x solas
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    Solas x Lavellan Sketches

    S: Have you not had enough scars? Please be more careful on the field!..

    A: It's ok. I got you, Solas.

    Aveldan Lavellan,

    and the Fade Tongue

    She likes to play with Solas's magic with her Anchor hand

    #dragon age #dragon age fanart #solas#solasmancer#solas dai #solas x lavellan #solavellan#solamancer #solas x inquisitor #vallaslin solas#da solas #dragon age inquisition #inquisitor#dai inquisitor#inquisition#art#fanart #dragon age 2 #dragon age origin #dragon age origins #dragon age inquisiton #dai
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    I’ve never really posted my own art of my dragon age kids so here are the two I think about the most.

    Junara Lavella: 33, 5′4″/162 cm, She/her. Uptight proud dalish mage with a hatred of humans and a belief she’s always right. 

    Zadair Adaar: 32, 7′2″/218 cm, He/Him. Non-religious Tal-Vashoth merc who is unafraid to tell her when she’s wrong. 

    Goes without saying they didn’t get along at first. 

    #Dragon age#dai #dragon age inquisition #inquisitor lavellen#adaar#junara lavellan#zadair adaar #i have a lot of feelings for them and would talk for hours but will shut up #also not me just realizing I forgot her valleslin on the second part of the comic
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    Who are you? Who am I to you? I am the antichrist to you Fallen from the sky with grace Into your arms race Lucid lovers me and you A deal of matchless value I was always quick to admit defeat Empty statements of bones and meat And my heart it shook with fear I'm a coward behind a shield and spear Take this sword and throw it far Let it shine under the morning star

    Who are you? Who am I to you? I am the antichrist to you Fallen from the sky with grace Into your arms race One for my heart and two for show Three tears for all the souls below One day we made them into figurines Burned them all with all my favorite things Who are you? Who am I to you? I am the antichrist to you Fallen from the sky with grace Into your arms race Who are you? Who am I to you? I am the antichrist to you Fallen from the sky with grace Into your arms...

    #solavellan songs#solavellan hell#solavellan#solas #solas x lavellan #solas x inquisitor #solas x oc #dragon age inquisition #da4#dai#da:i#solasan #solas fen harel #fen harel#lavellan#solasmancer#solasmance #songs for solavellan #solavellan angst#Spotify
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    latest portrait of my favourite lady 🥰♥️ Lyric “Lucky” Lavellan 🍀

    #dragon age inquisition #dragon age fan art #dragon age #cullen x lavellan #mage lavellan#dai#inquisitor lavellan
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    #dragon age #dragon age origins #dragon age 2 #dragon age inquisition #dragon age fanart #iron bull#da cole#cullen rutherford#inquisitor lavellan #vivienne de fer #da sera#inquisitor cadash#merrill
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