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  • “The intellect, or reasoning power, is of four kinds: 

    the intelligence which deals with worldly affairs of this life; 

    the intelligence which considers and thinks of the hereafter; 

    the intelligence of the soul, spiritual wisdom; 

    and finally the total Casual Mind.”

    -Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani QaddassAllahu Sirrahu

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  • Okay y’all, I’ve been rewatching One Piece, I haven’t seen it since middle school and while there are a couple things that have caught my attention this time around. I need to rant about CP9 for a second because it’s driving me crazy. 

    They are supposed to be the best spys in all the world government right? They are supposed to be so secret that the everyday folks don’t know they exist. But every single time a Marine sees Rob Lucci they go “So that’s Rob Lucci I’ve heard of him.” So he is extremely well known, already one strike against him as a spy. Then he went undercover for 5 years USING HIS OWN NAME! All of them used THEIR OWN NAMES! What sort of spy goes undercover using their own names? It’s not like it’s some remote island where they can get away with that shit either. They did this next to their home base! A place that is frequented by Marines that need to get their ship repaired! How did these asshats not get caught? 

    Then there’s the team we see at Eneis Loby, the team that killed 30 extra people on their mission! First off how is that in any way acceptable to the world government? It was a big enough story to be in the news paper and if it was that big of a deal then the public would demand a scapegoat right? They don’t get to get away with that shit. 

    On the train of thought of them being terrible spies, the guys at Eneis loby don’t exactly blend in with the rest of the world, AND ONE OF THEM WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT THEIR PLANS? How have they ever succeded a mission is what I want to know are you kidding me?

    Also, what was the point of them going undercover for 5 years? They were sent to find the blueprints right? Okay I can see them going undercover for that, but they didn’t make any moves until Robin showed up. What were they doing until then? Earning his trust for what? Their assassination attempt would have worked almost just as well if they were strangers. The only benefit they got from going undercover was that one time Franky used the wrong name. 

    AND ANOTHER THING! They couldn’t figure out that a guy who looked like an older version of Cutty Flam because he went by a nickname that he had been going by since he was a kid? They knew the ‘dead’ apprentices name was Cutty Flam and what was it 2 years in someone came to see Iceberg using the name Cutty Flam and they didn’t connect the dots for another 3 years?!?!?! They work for a intelligence organization! Franky is incredibly well known in Water 7! He goes around saying my name is Franky and making a big show about it! I repeat they couldn’t find a man that went by his NICKNAME?!

    OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, who the hell let Spandum or whatever his name is be in charge of anything? He’s a weak idiot and everyone who meets him can see it. I know his dad said he wanted to let his son take over but I don’t think that’s how government jobs work. You don’t get to decide that. Especially when he didn’t seem any better. So WHO EXACTLY thought them being in charge of CP9 was a good idea? How did they make it that far when he’s weaker then a normal marine? They even say that. I guess he has that sword that ate a devil fruit (which makes no sense but that elephant is pretty cute so I’m gonna have to let it slide I don’t make the rules.) But like, still. I don’t get it. 

    The only, and I really do mean only, smart thing they did was Rob Lucci using Hattori to ‘speak’ for him so no one knew his voice. Also Hattori existing at all is amazing. If they ever explain him I can’t remember it, but all I could think during the sea train is ‘THE BIRD HAS A MATCHING COAT I REPEAT THE BIRD HAS A MATCHING COAT’. 

    I understand they are strong and all, good for them, I’m sure they make great soldiers and everything but they are truly the worst spies I have ever seen and I don’t understand how logically speaking they were never caught. 

    If you made it all the way through, congrats. Thank you for putting up with this ramble/rant/whatever you want to call it. Sorry about it. 

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  • i swear psych isn’t the only subject i do,,, also i realized i had 0 tags on the last post LOL so no wonder i got no notes wajlksdg 

    i very much enjoyed learning about intelligence even though i have none um chile anyways so feel free to ask me stuff!!! 

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  • I always envisioned that many Slytherins are just as intelligent as Ravenclaws. The difference being that Slytherins push their intellect for a specific purpose (like Tom Riddle) while Ravenclaws push their intellect due to curiosity (such as Luna Lovegood). Which follows along with Ravenclaw’s creativity and Slytherin’s ambition.

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  • [Prometheus] felt a strange kinship with these creatures, as though he had made them himself. He felt that they had the potential to resemble himself and his brother—to reach the same heights of brilliance and depths of criminal negligence.

    — R. & K. Waterfield, from THE GREEK MYTHS: Stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes Vividly Retold.

    #R. & K. Waterfield #THE GREEK MYTHS: Stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes Vividly Retold #Greek mythology#The Tower #Ace of Swords #Prometheus#Humanity#Intelligence#Negligence#Double-edged Sword#fragments#quotes#lit #quotes after my own heart #English author
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  • My three favorite qualities about myself are my intelligence (or: teachability, openness to learning), my altruism, and my authenticity.

    I’ve struggled with self-confidence a lot of my life, especially about my intelligence—despite my grades mostly being A’s and classmates, teachers, and professors telling me how smart I am. I’m learning to embrace the ways I’ve been told that I’m smart, and to overcome the ways that I have been taught to think myself not so smart, too. I’ve been working to internalize the “growth mindset,” which is the idea that just because you haven’t mastered something yet doesn’t mean you can’t. Maybe you just need a more patient teacher, or better materials, or more time. That’s where I’m at with math, and I’m working myself up to really diving into arithmetic (where I’m pretty sure I got lost in school) and working my way up into algebra and/or statistics. I’m extremely proud of the progress I’ve made in believing in my intelligence and my ability to learn things I used to believe my brain wasn’t designed to learn.

    My altruism/drive to help others is another thing I appreciate about myself. I do this mostly through Facebook group discussions, but occasionally in chat rooms and one-on-one interactions as well, where I take the years of work I’ve put into accepting myself, and establishing and reinforcing my boundaries and my rights to them, and the lifetime of self-doubt and self-reproach that other people are sharing, and try to help people not have to go through all the pain I’ve gone through to get here. I know it can’t all be circumvented, but I like to think my advice and experience helps people avoid some of it, if not at least be aware that those things happen or don’t need to happen. Like the meme says, I am being the Iroh I wish I’d had in my life when I was younger. If I can make anyone feel even a tiny bit better, I feel better too.

    Finally, and I think the thing that ties the other two together, is my authenticity. It’s been a rough journey to get to this point, where I am unapologetically just myself. “I’m the me-est I’ve ever been,” I posted somewhere earlier today, and it is true. I’ve accepted aspects of me that I struggled with for more than a decade; I’ve accepted new things I’ve learned about myself in the last decade; I’ve given myself permission to have my boundaries, and to hold people accountable for crossing them, and to cut people off without feeling I need to explain myself if they refuse to respect said boundaries. I don’t care how they feel about them if they don’t care how I feel about things that I ask them not to do or say. I’m proud to be a language, machine learning, IoT, and radio nerd; a gelatin weirdo; a horror story fanatic; a low-key stamp and sticker collector; a well-oiled machine of routine with a 1500+ day streak on Duolingo. I’m someone who’s been through some shit and come out the other side pretty damn well, though who’s still got some breakthroughs left to make. I may sometimes be uncomfortable, but I am never ashamed.

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