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  • fatedriven
    08.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    ok so. mini revamp time and revising my muse list ( again i know ) bc i realise once again just how much more muse i have for my ocs vs canons here and how i want to get more plots going for them since they’re my primary focus on here overall. 

    #idk if its bc the dash has been. slow overall in general lately but im getting that kinda general. discouragement which sucks #like a lot of my mutuals who i Did have plots with regarding my ocs have since gone inactive and idk who else is Interested anymore #or if ppl only follow for my canons
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  • neotrances
    08.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #i’ve heard hits and pieces about it but i am not interested in that. #✉️
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  • talesfromthecrypts
    08.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #aparnasworld #also an interesting pattern is emerging #where every two years the mass majority of the western world watches one East Asian piece of media #then goes ‘that’s enough East Asian media for the bi-yearly period’
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  • lifeschanges
    08.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I posted 13,324 times in 2021

    1043 posts created (8%)

    12281 posts reblogged (92%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 11.8 posts.

    I added 817 tags in 2021

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    Longest Tag: 120 characters

    #i wish it was possible to actually speak to orangutans. i know some can be spoken to via sign language they were taught.

    My Top Posts in 2021


    great to see these impressions

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    Aston Martin 'definitely tempted' to sign Hamilton for 2022

    Hamilton and Vettel dream team

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    They showed Aaron Taylor johnson in wanda vision well his AoU death. Could he come back pls say yes

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    I try to love myself today But I'll hate myself tomorrow I'm so predictable

    Medicate - Hollywood Undead

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  • cheesecakesteve
    08.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    My Lovely Liar Chapter 3

    I Was Falling Hard


    About half-way through the movie Roman finished off his tea and took the last few sips of his wine. Janus was already on his 3rd glass and a tiny bit more than tipsy. Roman poured himself another glass and looked over to Janus and healed up the bottle, asking in a nonauditory way if he wanted any more. Janus healed his half drunk glass up and allowed Roman to fill it to the top. Janus allowed himself to laugh a bit, no longer caring about what Roman thought about it. "You trinna get me drunk prince boy?"

    Roman gave a hearty laugh at the slightly slurred words emitting from Janus. "You seem to be doing a fine job by yourself snake face."

    Janus scoffed. "That's the best nickname you can come up with?" Roman laughed at that. "Listen, I'm pretty tipsy." Janus eyed him for a second. "After one glass?"  Roman shrugged and gave out a small laugh. "I'm a lightweight."  Janus responded with a "Pffft." "You know who can really handle his wine?"  Roman looked over to him and at the same time they both responded "Logan!"

    This caused them both to laugh pretty hard. Janus took a hefty swig of his wine and managed to get more than half of it down. Suddenly the wine hit him all at once and he sat down his glass. "Okay, maybe that's-enough for now." Janus could've had more but he tends to have a bad habit of doing stuff he regrets when he's drunk.

    "Guess you just cant take your wine can you?" Roman laughed jokingly. "Bet..." Janus looked over to Roman and raised an eyebrow.

    "I was kidd-" Roman was cut off by Janus gulping down the rest of his wine, very quickly getting a rush of vertigo, regretting it almost immediately.

    Roman smiled at this and grabbed the fine bottle, filling his cup once more and placing the bottle on his side of the couch as to make sure Janus doesn't drink anymore and get sick.

    "I see you're an impulsive drunk."

    Janus slumped down into the couch the smile on his face not fading. He loves the euphoria that comes with drinking, it makes him feel alive again.

    Roman was eventually able to finish off his glass and at this point he was just as inebriated as Janus.

    When the movie ended Roman nearly began crying, he was tired, love-sick, and drunk, all that mixed together caused him to feel so lonely. He didn't like drinking very much, it always made him hyper-focus on how alone he felt.

    Janus was studying Romans behavior, noticing a small tear slip from his eyes. Janus suddenly felt a rush of compassion for the man that just a few hours ago, Janus was sure he despised.

    Janus ignored the small voice in the back of his head telling him not to do anything stupid and touched Romans arm. Roman shivered at the touch and looked up in surprise at Janus. "Do you wanna do-" Janus paused to hick up. "Do- something fun?"

    Roman giggled, almost as if he was never upset.

    "Like what?

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  • princessjouissance
    08.12.2021 - 14 minutes ago


    #i dont actively wish to die but wouldn't it be interesting #there is no one who isnt fascinated by death. expiration..
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  • esiznews
    08.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Break from Omicron rally, UK shutdown fears, interest rate hikes - What's going on in the markets?

    Break from Omicron rally, UK shutdown fears, interest rate hikes – What’s going on in the markets?

    Editor – Geoffrey Smith investing. com – The rally created by Omicron has slowed as reports of new shutdowns come in from Europe. Preliminary data from South Africa confirm that existing vaccines are at least partially effective against the new variant. Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) gained a price with the termination of a valuable obligation. The decisions of the central banks of Brazil, Poland and,…

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  • skinn1-wannabe
    08.12.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    We have to fill out stuff about our future and majors we're gonna pick in school and it made me realize that I don't have a live or any interests in the slightest and I'm actually low key suicidal because that's the best option for me in most cases.

    #this is what I'm interested in/like to do #the questions were so dumb like #like what??? people have lives???
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  • moscigarclubus
    08.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago
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  • britkunoichi92
    08.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Is it just me, or whenever I explain to other people my hobby is being a martial artist, people think I’M weird?? Like, with the whole look of “wow, you’re weird.”

    Also the whole nerdy white girl bookworm video game chick thing.

    Just me?

    #britkunoichi92#my thoughts#martial arts #i love my martial arts #just thinking #some people seem to think I'm weird #not just me right #ugh society#health kicks#my interests #even to this day some people scorn my interests #it sucks#be strong#warrior women#Kickboxer#kickboxing
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  • wishing4nuclearwinter
    08.12.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    … i should make a dragon age oc

    #i want to so bad but all of my creative brain juice is being stolen by fallout #also like. i understand the fallout universe and it’s easy to just. drop a lil dude in there #but dragon age has so much lore and i can never remember anything that is going on so it’s like. #i can’t think of any oc ideas that are interesting to me. i could make a protag oc but frankly i don’t want to #i just don’t understand how to put a person in that world #too many complicated politics and dynamics happening for my brain to parse #tho i could possibly throw agustin into the dragon age verse if i wanted
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  • skullvins
    08.12.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    aight coroika tag


    #i think the weirdest one to rank here is specs #he's actually a very interesting take on a skirmisher #but most brush players in soloqueue r stupid #that being said #specs himself is a good example of a skirmish leader who knows how to play brush well for his team #we stan#coroika #illusion.txt #im not tagging everyone
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  • babyminssii
    08.12.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #those are my thoughts anon lol it’s been an interesting 2 days #i just hope jikook post more on instagram compared to weverse and twitter #but i really don’t expect much from my bias line on IG #yes that includes yoongi #now that they have ig people are going to pick apart every little thing they do or post #i feel bad for them tbh #hopefully they enjoy the platform enough to ignore the noise #ask kass#tkker discourse #?? maybe lol
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  • heartriki
    08.12.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    feeling so utterly lonely again

    #my mom telling me that people arent interested in me bc i dont talk like yeah i KNOW that but i didnt need u to say that #like im not pretty enough to grab attention and i dont talk and when i DO im mostly boring like the only reason i get noticed is BECAUSE #im quiet. like. i KNOWWWWWWW #and i dont know WHY its so hard for me to keep friends around and interact with them #ive just always been like this. i dont know WHY #but i also dont wanna start being friendly with strangers #its so weird. i dont want to change much about myself bc i think im fine the way i am (mostly) but also #i hate feeling lonely #internet friends are one thing. yknow ? like i wish i could meet some of u irl just to feel like. idk to solidify it. make it feel more #real. yknow ????? #but irl i have basically no friends #my best friend dropped me in like. idk 6th or 7th grade bc im so fucking boring. like. #it didnt even bother me! i didnt even really care! #i dont know whats wrong with me ! but i didnt care until now. #my current friends. i barely talk to them. and when i do there isnt much to talk about. #im not scared of being alone but god i hate feeling this lonely #i hate feeling unwanted i hate feeling unloveable i hate being uninteresting i hate being mentally ill
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  • fcsane
    08.12.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    #dortmund are interested too tho. schlotterbeck & niklas stark #anon
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  • thatscrazyrandom
    08.12.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    I posted 2,436 times in 2021

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    #and all the cute stuff nick thinks about seth but somehow doesnt realise its because hes in love with him

    My Top Posts in 2021


    Found out earlier today that Quackity originally wanted to be part of LManburg and Wilbur wouldn't let him in because he wasn't from the UK.

    And now thinking about how Quackity wouldn't let Wilbur into Las Nevadas.

    But I'm too tired to articulate this line of thought rn so like: something about the night changing

    48 notes • Posted 2021-09-23 13:22:12 GMT


    I did a thing! Bench Trio my beloved <3

    Sadly, I've had the base saved for ages and I don't know where I found it, so if you know who made it, please let me know so I can add credit!

    48 notes • Posted 2021-08-09 02:45:01 GMT


    That scene in Crazy Rich Asians when Nick sees Rachel sitting with the Princess right at the front, and she's laughing and enjoying herself, deep in conversation with the woman who didn't want to be bothered, and the opening bars of the really pretty version of Can't Help Falling In Love starts playing as he realises she's not going to back down so easily because of his family and it feels like he's falling in love with her all over again, and even as the wedding starts and the bride starts coming down the aisle, he can't take his eyes off her...

    I want that.

    89 notes • Posted 2021-06-08 13:45:50 GMT


    One of those 'you hear whatever song your soulmate is singing' AUs except one of them is a famous singer.

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    Can I just say that Arthur absolutely ranted to Zoe about how amazing he thought Linus was?

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  • justpics365
    08.12.2021 - 36 minutes ago
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  • justpics365
    08.12.2021 - 36 minutes ago
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  • local-maenad
    08.12.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Me when I was 12: Zeus is a terrible King and even worse father >:(

    Me at 17 after reading THIS:

    [Image ID: a portion from the book “The Iliad” that’s underlined in red that says, “which lame Hephaestus with his consummate skill had fashioned for them. So Zeus, the Olympian lord of thunder, hied him to bed in which he always slept End ID]

    Zeus, though not perfect, is a good dad

    #greek mythology#greek myths#zeus#hephestus #this house will NOT tolerate Zeus slander 😤😤😤 #the thing is for most of my life I saw so many depictions of him as power hungry #and abusive #so to see an original source portray him as kind #and helping of his son is so… odd and interesting #in a good way ofc #!!! #anyway hot take #Zeus is actually kinda cool lol
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