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  • surrender-souls
    25.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    id love to make a blade replica one day… ill treat that puppet right

    #i dont know woodcarving… yet. #i would also need to learn how to safely mess around with metal… #and sewing and i already know how to put stuff together. not a lot but i have experience #and that stuff is just very interesting to me #yea so basically id love to go all out and make a blade replica make it look all pretty and accurate and gotta do math shit #i speak
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  • teamdays
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    should i make a marine bio blog...

    #i would love to have a more organized space for ocean stuff without my media interests in the way... #also i need an excuse to set up a blog theme i miss that
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  • introvertedmumfriend
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Is anyone interested in some fossils for acnh? Because I have, well,, a lot.

    #acnh trade#acnh#acnh fossils #animal crosing new horizons #animal crossing #are people even interested in this kinda stuff? #have I hoarded for nothing lol #interest check
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  • albatris
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I'm in the mood to read about Weird Bullshit

    #i just have a craving 2 read a book that just goes #''hey check out this weird fucking thing that happened one time that has no plausible explanation'' #''did you see that shit? was that fucked up or what'' #i dont care if they dont explain it. better if they dont explain it #i just wanna go ''yo what the fuck'' #the longer ive worked on atdao the more im like....... im so fascinated by weird fucking garbage #the kinds of fucked up things that happen in the world. the kind of energies ive loosely based ports on #~unexplained phenomena ~ #i know theres good stuff out there #i know there is #''inexplicable weird bullshit'' is indeed an extremely broad category and i am open to Literally Anything that falls into it #if anyone wants 2 just come yell at me about weird bullshit or rec me weird bullshit to read about i would love that actually #i feel like theres gotta b some really niche books or resources in this topic #i want 2 be a person who knows about this stuff and can rattle off facts abt it lol #like! i can TELL if i get into it at the right angle this is going to explode into such a thrilling interest #but i havent found the right starting point. rip
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  • mimicmew
    25.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Never tried colouring a base before, but here’s my ‘melanistic’ Icewing oc, Pine! 

    Original Base by @jackalthesandwing

    #wings of fire #wof#oc (Pine)#wof oc#icewing #Ok so pine is actually a pretty cool character #he's a scavenger turned dragon and he and his scavenger friend Rat fuck aroun d and steal stuff from scavenger towns #until another of my ocs (epoch) who's an actual dragon calls them out on their bs #Pine is just a poor anxious guy ;-; #mew drew #not rlly but... #I do want to change his colours still but I like this first draft #hes not actually menlanistic its just a result of an animus fucking around and finding out. #Turning scavengers into dragons leads to some interesting results
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  • the-ghost-of-ned
    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Dude people really go nuts for this grand final stuff…

    #is it treason that I’m not an AFL fan? #I’m sorryyyyyyyyt #the pre-game stuff is okay tho #Aussie anthems come onnnnnn!! #Idk if it’s public holiday worthy tho #also the fact that it’s not in the mcg #tis interesting#anyhow #we don’t need Melbourne lockdown news loitering in the tags
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  • vengefulcooking
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Yeah, sure France. We'll just call it 'soup' now.

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  • unfavorableinstigation
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    when are we going to eat Disney and get normal copyright laws back so I can get the Postcolonial Narnia Literature i so desperately crave

    #it just seems like a thoughtful person could say so much interesting stuff abt the orig
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  • terfsarehomophobic
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    hnnnng whenever I see a feminist-identified transphobe on tiktok, it’s…something.

    they all have the same look in their eyes of pure malice. it’s quite unsettling.

    #also they’re not usually gnc #interesting that#my stuff#anti terf
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  • ahsterism
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago


    Although the interactions between Tatsuhiko Shibusawa and Atsushi prior to the flashback shown aren’t expanded upon in canon, there are added details to their relationship that are important to my portrayal. While this is the background I will DEFAULT to as far as their dynamics are concerned, Shibusawa writers are not required to adhere to this, and I’m always willing to change things for specific interactions! 

    When Shibusawa first arrived at the orphanage to seek him out, Atsushi did NOT trust him— after all, trust wasn’t exactly something that was easy to come by in his situation, especially given constant hostility from the headmaster, other staff, and the orphans. Survival tactics practically ingrained into his every move, Atsushi would have just kept his distance, kept his head down hoping he wouldn’t make the wrong decision in the presence of a guest and get himself locked up for another three nights. Except, that wasn’t exactly possible when the guest was there for him. He sure tried, at least, initial conversations full of short responses, skittish movements, and deep-seated fear of aggression.

    After all, when he had never been given any sort of positive attention or care, of course Atsushi expected the worst. And yet, that never happened. For the first time, he learned what it was like for someone to talk to him without ( to his knowledge ) any harmful motives. To be asked questions about himself and what he likes, to simply be spoken to as a human instead of worthless scum. Even when he was found with blood stuck to his clothes and bruises littered across his skin, Atsushi found himself bewildered by the first time ever having his wounds taken care of. Of course, it was all a means of growing closer to Atsushi to extract his ability, but to a little kid shown benevolence in a relentlessly cruel environment, he found himself latching onto what he thought was genuine kindness after the walls broke down. 

    It got to a point where Shibusawa was given his full trust, becoming the one person Atsushi felt truly safe around. As a result, Atsushi was eager to see him, willing to fulfill requests even if they seemed strange ( what he would later learn to be attempts at summoning his ability ). And when asked to accompany Shibusawa elsewhere, to be a key factor in helping his research, Atsushi practically jumped at the offer. Maybe, just maybe, if he did well enough, he would escape from this hell for good…

    Flash forward to Atsushi strapped to a chair, the sinking realization— oh, this is what it all was for— hitting too late as excruciating volts of electricity course through his body and anguished screams rub his throat raw. Survival instincts kick in once the torture gets to be too much, and Atsushi comes to huddled over Shibusawa’s body in a pool of blood. All of it ends up repressed, of course, but upon reliving the memory, Atsushi remembers just how much that betrayal of his trust and hope stung too.

    #abuse tw#torture tw#manipulation tw #(so uh ... THIS has been in my thoughts ever since i watched dead apple 😀) #(I JUST THINK THAT.. THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE WHAT WE SEE #and the idea of atsushi being a scared little kid who for the first time EVER handed his trust to someone only for This to happen.. i just #added a little bit of spice it's fine-) #(atsushi ending up strapped to a chair after thinking he might get adopted: /WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ORIGINAL PLOT OF THE MOVIE/) #(BUT YEAH this is just? what /i/ think would be interesting i am NOT making anyone else adhere to this and i'm always down to #alter stuff/embrace others' hcs.. idk if that will even come up but if it does uwu) #atsushi nakajima. headcanons / i’ve got one hundred hours to rearrange the stars #dyn. atsushi & shibusawa
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  • starbuck
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I feel so good tonight. Just SO good.

    #window open… cool night air gently wafting over me in bed… #my room actually how I’ve always wanted it FINALLY!!!!!! #I ended up making oatmeal raisin cookies for my Mom-mom #because my mom was telling me how stressed she was that we’d run out of breakfast pastries for her and none of the local stores carry the #only kind she’ll eat anymore #but she likes the oatmeal raisin cookies for breakfast even better #and I had thought about making some for her earlier today but I didn’t know how desperate the situation with her pastries was and I was #REALLY busy with cleaning so I didn’t have time #but my mom was just SO stressed about the whole thing and i wanted to take that off of her #in addition to wanting my Mom-mom to have something she’ll like for breakfast #so I just said fuck it and made cookies at 9pm while my mom and I chatted about the reality tv shows she’s watching #which was fun… it’s always fun talking about her about things she’s truly interested and engaged in #as opposed to the stressful real life stuff we usually wind up talking about #simply because we’re the only two people in the world who Get It regarding our specific situation haha #but YEAH anyway I just feel really good about all of that #and yeah there’s still some more cleaning to do before my Grammy gets here… maybe more than I’d like #but I can do it! #I believe in myself #goodnight everybody!!! I love you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  • spaceandfiction
    25.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Dean in suburbia kind of does his hair like Dean smith

    #… interesting but I don’t know what it means #just kind of yuppier and a bit more fashionable I guess? #he is on a weird little date with mr suburbia friend #spn stuff#stackednatural
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  • or-ng-c-ss-dy
    25.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    don’t worry, guys, i’ll watch rhodes to the top and let y’all know if something interesting happens

    #yea i am actually mildly interested in it #seems like there will be some behind the scenes stuff #and if it's on right after dynamite i'll just leave the tv on #rampage lb/
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  • nativehueofresolution
    25.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    one character bit i find interesting that rarely comes up in discussions or adaptations is how gwen and may didn't get along that well. i don't mean that they disliked each other - they both said nice things about the other and were usually polite - but gwen didn't like may's coddling attitude towards peter, and even chided peter for trying to act may's behavior wasn't a big deal. quite memorably gwen, in a stressful moment, yelled at may over how she treated peter, and it shook may so much she cut off all contact with peter for some time. gwen felt incredibly guilty about it afterward, and they moved past it, but i always felt their core conflict was never actually really resolved.

    i feel like skipping over things like this just plays into the idea that peter and gwen had the perfect relationship before she died, and it was her death was tore apart a flawless romance.... it just makes gwen less human, and her actually passionate and tumultuous relationship with peter seem one note. i admit, i would feel very nervous to see how it was handled because anytime two women butt heads a writer tends to villainize one or both characters. but even so, i feel like it's a pretty humanizing detail that complicates gwen's posthumous sainthood.

    #like early days may was a lot... but gwen also kind inserted herself into a family dynamic #when it wasn't really her place #and while i am in no way trying to invoke triangle drama #the fact that may was so vocal about wanting peter and mj to make it work #after gwen seemingly was revived #and peter and mj had only JUST started dating #does i think. indicate something about may's opinion of peter and gwen's relationship #and i think that's interesting! #may has always supported mj #a girl who on the surface it seems would not vibe w a traditional old lady #and she's gotten along less with with the smart beautiful well off gwen #who on paper seems like the kind of girl she'd push peter towards #it's interesting character stuff #gwen stacy#may parker#spiderman#marvel#kaitlin speaks
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  • versatile-human
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    love sitting alone and watching literally anything. i'll pause and comment out loud and monologue for a few minutes sometimes like i'm doing a reaction video. Love that shit

    #unfortunately i also comment on stuff i watch with other people but they said they dont mind bc im funny and my takes are interesting <3 #mangoposting
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  • lovey-dovey-hovey
    24.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Long post !!!

    Topic: Special interests (possibly inappropriate ones), Me, honestly a ramble

    Reason for writing: Bored, thinking out loud

    TW (all mentions): Diseases, sharks, war, dark history, true crime, racism and xenophobia

    I get a lot of enjoyment out of fiction, but I keep it personal instead of participating in fandom (mostly because I’m shy and don't have anything meaningful to contribute). So I have fun / typical special interests (at least typical to this site), but more than anything I get enjoyment from science, literature, and history.

    Early on, I had an immense interest in science and history (especially more morbid topics in history). My first special interest was probably the ocean (~4 to 5 years old), then later sharks (~5 to 6). Though it’s ironic because I have Thalassophobia and I am terrified of sharks and even whales. Around 4th grade I became interested in World War II and also diseases. I remember the teacher being really impressed that while the other kids were reading typical kids books (like Diary of a Wimpy Kid) I was reading a pretty thick book about Yellow Fever.

    My fascination with World War II and diseases sort of turned into a fascination with dark history in general, and looking up information about WWII eventually led to learning about the Cold War. By far my “favorite” time period. I “love” to learn about the Cold War, even now. It fascinates me beyond belief. But you know, for neither WWII or the Cold War do I like to learn about weapons or battles. I am actually more interested in the political and social side of history. I like learning about trends and patterns between time periods. I like how history is taught so differently from science and math. In a way, teachers can just give you a couple of keywords for a time period, decade, or event and you’ll sort of know everything you need to.

    In the U.S. (at least for me - gen z and in a generally liberal area of the country), when we cover the Cold War it’s all focused on negative things about the U.S. (the House of Un-American Activities, McCarthyism, politicians and the public being hysterical - the Red Scare II, the government covering up a bunch of stuff, unethical experiments on the public, anti-Semitism, the conformist behavior of society in general etc). I really like covering and reviewing that stuff because it's just so interesting. Messed up, but interesting. At some point when you know enough, it feels like reading a fictional book. You can even learn about something new and guess what happens before you read on. Plus it's really tense. The Cuban Missile Crisis is seen as the peak of the Cold War, with real war so close to breaking out (and it would have been terrible because it would have been with nuclear weapons).

    Nothing is ever really taught about the USSR beyond Sputnik, Khrushchev (bonus points from teacher if you knew his first name), and communism (does everyone else recall students endlessly adding the word ‘comrade’ to the end of every sentence for this unit - specifically ‘Thanks, Comrade” or “Good job, Comrade”). I didn’t really learn anything about the Soviet Union until 10th grade, and it was because we had a final project and mine was about the Cold War. I focused specifically on the Space Race and was quite content on learning more. A couple of years later at a flight museum, I even got a pin of Laika the Space Dog and Sputnik 2 because I love Laika a lot (probably because she’s part terrier). And for my birthday, my sibling got me a poster of Laika (it is framed and in my room).

    Anyway ...

    Of course, you come across a lot of horrible and sad stuff from this general time period (really any time period). And I guess it started to make me really sad and sometimes scared. Previously, I never actually got sad by reading about dark history or morbid topics - maybe I never fully realized how real it was. It was about this time that I could no longer read or hear about morbid topics without getting very disturbed / sad or just immensely pre-occupied (I have to stop myself from clicking anything because I'll go down a rabbit hole and kind of get triggered). What awful things might be going on today? What if something awful happened to me and people only bothered to look it up just for chills? I felt like maybe having an interest in stuff like diseases or wars might be kind of disrespectful (even if I meant no harm and had genuine passion for learning). People died and suffered, and I’m here today looking it up for pretty much fun. Like I love to learn and be informed, but the thing that draws you to learn about this stuff was sort of morbid curiosity. I still read on occasion, but it stays strictly scientific based or from a political / social standpoint (like on the government or how society reacted, if it in anyway explains how society is today). When it comes to specific “dark” events, I try to learn in respect of the victims. Many dark points in history were covered up, so actually learning about them gives awareness to the injustice the victims faced. A good example is Emmet Till - horrible tragedy with a disturbing image to accompany (don’t look it up), but his family wanted people to know and learn. They even had an open casket, so people would see what white supremacists did to a black boy (for no reason other than hate).

    I sort of disapprove (?) of those in the true crime or dark history communities, not in a rude or pretentious way more so in a “Should I say something and give them a gentle reminder to be careful how they approach and communicate their interest.” Because I really don’t like to see people say “I love [serial killer name]!” or “I love Chernobyl !” I know they don’t actually “love” it, but it just comes off as insulting. Real events or people that caused others’ pain and suffering are treated as entertainment and are exploited in a way. I also don’t like the attachment of supernatural / paranormal to unfortunate events (like murders, kidnapping, natural disasters, etc.), because it feels disrespectful.

    I think there’s a difference between seeking out information on a topic for learning purposes (this includes respectful interest / fascination) and for entertainment (disrespectful interest that’s more based around getting a quick ‘cool scary stuff’ reaction). I think the reaction towards Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle really exemplifies this. It makes me really mad to hear people say “it’s about the meatpacking industry.” it’s not. Congratulations, you just admitted you didn’t read it or don’t care about the actual message (/sarcasm for the congratulations). The parts describing the meatpacking industry probably only constitute about 5% of the book. The book is actually about the mistreatment of immigrants (and the working class in general) in the United States, and also heavily promoting socialism. It’s really great that the Meat Inspection Act, the Pure Food and Drug Act, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came out of it, but it’s sad that those things really only benefited consumers and not actual workers. Upton Sinclair was even dismayed with the public reaction and said “I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.” It's really evident that people don’t bother reading The Jungle to actually learn anything, just to read the small excerpts about the gross conditions of the meatpacking industry for horror entertainment. It genuinely bothers me that the suffering of immigrants is just other people’s entertainment.

    That is all ...

    #probably all kinds of grammatical errors but I can't be bothered to check #it's hard for me #anyway sorry #it's really a me problem #special interests #might delete later because it comes off as pretentious #but here's something really pretentious ... #I got a 5 on AP world history and Ap us history #how lucky am I #anyway aside from Cold War stuff I like Russia a lot #2nd favorite country after Mexico of course #though i don't know much history #especially know being out of high school and in science related major #also my nose bleed during the ap us exam #had to make sure no blood spilled on the scantron till a proctor came back with a tissue #they probably thought it was stress but actually it always bleeds
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  • meringuejellyfish
    24.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    i just think the mlp franchise has a lot of untapped potential COME ON get crazier with the designs please please please. please its all i want. i know they have to sell toys or whatever but i would kill to see just each main character having very distinct stylized designs in a cool facking art style PLEASE !!!

    #getting teardrop to talk #i really like having an interest in media thats designed to sell toys #because i always complain about the character designs being held back #this goes for stuff like mh as well -> #mh HAD GOOD DESIGNS but you could still tell they were held back a bit by the limitations of being designed to sell dolls
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  • brightest-ideas
    24.09.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #asks #mike.txt #ooc: please adress that second part :( #i am trying to pull more of farmhands stuff into the blog since theyre supposed to be love interests #and i am failing at that
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  • chroniclesinlacuna
    24.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    So. I think. I think Tumblr might be eating asks I try to send on my phone.

    #which would frikken suck #'cause like I get it if stuff just isn't answered #life energy interest its all in flux and like #I enjoy the interaction I get and just don't worry about the nonstarters you know? #but that is a lot different than it just looking like I'm not reaching out at all in the first place #and it's not like I can really ask 'cause there's no way that doesn't come off as 'why didn't you answer' #rather than the 'hey is Tumblr dumb' like I'd mean #uuuuuuugh I'm trying y'all I promise lol
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  • fireandiceland
    24.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    attention everyone I'm talking about austrian stuff again. today:


    Frucade is supposed to be some kind of orange-lemon-fruit-lemonade-soda pop drink I guess? It's something typically austrian that you can order almost everywhere. It's sold in 1 and 1.5 l plastic bottles, but people of culture of course prefer the 0.5 l glass bottle (for the aesthetic and the environment). Drinking Frucade makes me feel nostalgic because when I was little it was the #1 drink for children, besides Almdudler (which is also typically austrian).

    Speaking of it,


    is some kind of herbal lemonade(??) that we call the austrian version of ginger ale. Today I like it even more than Frucade (funfact one of my favourite alcoholic drinks is Alm weiß or Alm rot (1 part white or red wine, 1 part water, 1 part Almdudler))

    ANYWAYS the best thing about both are the very memeable ads.

    Frucade: "So viel Frucht is nicht zu fassen!" (So much fruit can't be grasped!) - despite probably consisting of probably 80% water and sugar - and "Wuchtig fruchtig!" (Weighty fruity!) - I loved the tv ad as a kid

    Almduder: "Waun de koan Oimdudler haum, gemma wieda ham!" (Wenn die keinen Almdudler haben, gehen wir wieder nach Hause! - If they don't have Almdudler, we will go back home!) - always a fun thing to say, never gets old as a joke

    youtube links to the ads below

    #riva posts #i am from austria #austrian food#austrian drinks#almdudler#frucade #correct me if im wrong #but i want to #almdudler4life #the almdudler ads are old af omg I love that someone recorded them and put them on youtube #not hetalia #but who even cares anymor #at this point I just love talking about the funny stuff we have here and see people use it as references for aph austria and 2p austria. #maybe even germany and prussia #it makes me happy to see people interested in these things #:)#Youtube
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