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    Reuters reveló notas de una reunión entre Amazon y dos ejecutivos de laboratorios dedicados a la fabricación de test para COVID-19.
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  • hi! i’m anna, i’m 18 (well, 19 in three months) and i’m from poland. because of this whole coronavirus situation i’m bored out of my mind, so if you’d like to talk, please message me. i like listening to music, reading and watching tv shows, and I’m always looking for some recommendations. i’m also interested in science (especially physics). I’m currently preparing for my exams, so I might not be able to respond right away, but i’ll try to.

    ps. please no creepy messages, also I’d be most comfortable if you were 18-20

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  • The internet is filled with a lot of stuff right now. So much stuff, especially anger, discouragement and a lack of kindness. Most of the time, it’s easy to remind yourself “it’s just the Internet doing what the Internet does,” but last night I had had enough, so, I turned it all off and went on a walk with Scout and the DH.

    As we walked down a street a few blocks from us, we heard music on the wind.

    We looked over and saw a guy, all alone, sitting in his front yard, back against the house, playing a guitar.

    I stopped in the middle of the street and yelled, “I love your music!”
    He smiled and yelled back, “Thanks! It’s a nice night, isn’t it?”
    The DH yelled, “It sure is. Take it easy, buddy!”

    As we walked away, he started to sing.

    A guy, sitting in his front yard, by himself, singing to no one. Just filling the air with music.

    And I started to cry.

    My friends, the Internet will do its best to make you forget the beauty of life and the goodness of people.

    Step away now and then
    And remember…

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  • In other news, I took a screenshot of that comment I made on here and put it on the /tumblr reddit, and got 1.2k upvotes. o.o

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  • كيفية حماية خصوصيتك على الإنترنت أثناء العمل من المنزل https://ift.tt/39Dgshn

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  • Прямо сейчас!


    Почему стоит купить: После кризиса который сейчас переживает весь мир, цены на технику заметно возрастут. Лучше приобрести заветный девайс сейчас. Для того, кто хочет максимально сэкономить, мы подобрали самый дешёвый ноутбук из тех, что будут работать, а не раздражать.


    Каких-то невероятных свершений от лэптопа ждать не стоит. Подобная модель подойдёт для просмотра фильмов, офисной работы и учёбы.

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    Zoom anunció nuevas medidas de seguridad y privacidad para combatir la ola de ataques de “zoombombing” y otras filtraciones en la web.
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  • Excelente #Criatividade nesta #Comunicao da #ChupaChups para passar a #Mensagem que o produto não contém açúcar. #MarketingCriativo >> Siga @estrategia.digital #marketingdeconteúdo #empreendedorismodigital #empreender #negociosdigitais #dicasdemarketing #inspiração #sucesso #redessociais #midiasdigitais #marketingdigital https://instagr.am/p/B-j9IE0HK6J/

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    TikTok’un sosyal mecralar arasındaki hızlı yükselişi sektördeki diğer isimlerin de dikkatini çekiyor. Yayınlanan son ekran görüntülerine göre YouTube, platforma entegre edeceği “Shorts” isimli özellik ile resmen TikTok’a rakip olmaya hazırlanıyor.

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    😷-🎨 •

    Tandis qu'à l'heure du confinement beaucoup s'attellent à ranger, mettre en ordre, classer, je ne fais exception à la règle.
    De 2012-2014, quelques vieilleries datées.

    En attendant la levée d'un confinement, sans nul doute militant, pourquoi pas s'exercer à la sublimation des divers événements, tailler la nue au tablier des anges, tisser la pierre angulaire de notre humanité, être un artiste & rester frais…

    At this confinement periode many people go to tidy up, I’m no exception to the rule ¡
    From 2012-2014, some dated stuff.

    While waiting the end of a militant confinement, why not practice the sublimation of these few events, weave the cornerstone of our humanity, be an artist & stay fresh…

    ! Big Up ¡

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  • #koto #eastasia #microtonal #generativeart #swan #glitch #glitchartistscollective #newmedia #newmediaartists #generativedesign #newmediaart #musicambient #audiovisual #creativecoding #newaesthetic #glitchart #internet #artwork #visualart #audiovisual #music #share #likeforfollow #abstractart #visualization #videoart #digitalart #serenity #calm #peace #love

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    Rastreador de Voluntarios es un sitio que busca enlazar a voluntarios, con personas que necesiten algún tipo de apoyo durante la cuarentena.
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  • Overly specific social media phenomenon: encountering or following someone whose viewpoints you disagree with on some level or don’t understand, and whose ideas seem a bit strange, but who does post some reasonable or interesting things. Maybe they verge farther in one direction on some important things than you. You don’t really agree with a lot of it but whatever

    And then like half of the stuff you see from them is them earnestly engaging with absolute whackjobs who are totally 100% out of their gourd on everything. Like these people are having meta-meta-discourse on the ethics of moon mushrooms, they’re cross-referencing other extensive debates on things you have never heard of before, they’re discussing conspiracy theories you’ve never dreamt of. And the person you follow or are looking at is refuting the conspiracy theories, and they’re showing proper offense at ridiculously bigoted things, and they’re providing well reasoned sources for why X ethnic minority group definitely isn’t [conspiracy theory you’ve never heard of before], but…

    You feel, all of a sudden, that you and this person occupy a single tiny sliver formed by the intersection of two vast circles, and one circle is the world and reality that you know, and the other circle is whatever world and reality that that person knows.

    And you realize that this is the internet to them, these are the prominent topics of debate, these are the ideas that are reasonable but arguable.

    And in that moment, you realize just how good you are at curating your online experience.

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    La plataforma LinkedIn cambiará sus listados de trabajo para favorecer a los sectores de la salud y la alimentación, así como también a las ONG.
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  • Corona Chronicle 3: How not to become Disoriented with the Flood of Covid-19 News

    By Arjuwan Lakkdawala

    Ink in the Internet

    Can’t say the World Health Organization wasn’t expecting a deadly virus to repeat the death toll or suffering of the Spanish Flue or the Bubonic Plague, yet Covid-19 was at first underestimated, and later the whole world basically showed how unprepared it is for a pandemic which is nowhere as deadly as history’s two most deadly outbreaks. I’m not going to get into what were they thinking or obviously not thinking. It’s pointless to concentrate on the blame game at this time.

    No doubt this is a clear wake up call. Nations who heed it will be the better for it. Those who go back to their old ways might have their whole population become extinct by the next outbreak if it has a high mortality rate and spread.

    However, that is for the governments to take care in the future.

    But at this time. What are we the public to do? Despite the global lockdown and efforts at social-distancing the virus is spreading rapidly.

    I had suspected by the speed of its spread that it might be airborne. WHO has recently said in a tweet that it is NOT. But a study in the news suggests the virus does spread through the air.

    Pets don’t have it. But could get it from humans, so if you have symptoms please stay away from your pets for their health.

    The internet has been at the center of spreading awareness and news about the pandemic, and how people are coping with the lockdown and everything else happening due to this unprecedented health crisis.

    But there has been a lot of noise as well. It’s very easy to get disoriented with so much news about every angle, aspect, and outcome of the pandemic. Whether it’s collapsing economies, the pressure of social-distancing, or feeling like animals in cages with the lockdown – which is absolutely vital in fighting the virus and at least flattening the curve (slowing down the rate of people getting infected, so the healthcare system is not overwhelmed)

    So what I want to focus on in this post is how to see a clearer and meaningful, informed picture of what’s happening.

    Staying calm is key. Not just to ward off panic, but calmness helps us adapt to our new environment – which is these days the confines of our homes, and other safe enclosures.

    Covid-19 I think perfectly demonstrates why the pen is mightier than the sword.

    At this point the masses cannot be controlled with force. But only guided with persuasive words.

    Force could easily erupt in civil wars. If underprivileged people feel oppressed or that the privileged are given higher chances of survival, civil war would be just around the corner.

    War is ugly and horrible for everybody. For even the privileged cannot enjoy the world if they are suddenly surrounded by angry mobs fighting for their survival.

    A sensible pen and governments treating its citizens with equality will stop any civil war in its tracks.

    This is my third post about the Covid-19 pandemic. Sadly things are still looking bleak. I was optimistic that I would soon write about how governments triumphed over the virus. But I’m sorry to write the death tolls have increased, and there is still no confirmed treatment or vaccine.

    Speaking of vaccines. The anti-vaxxers have been silenced, as it has once again emerged how important vaccines can be in disease prevention.

    There is a global race to find the best treatment and come up with a vaccine. It is of course not something that can be rushed. It’s going to take time. And it is up to us to maintain calm and follow government directions regarding safety measures.

    If you can watch the movie Contagion (2011). It has accurate science, and helps us understand the importance of social-distancing to slow the spread, and the consequences of not doing so.

    As a Muslim I look for guidance in my religion for everything that happens.

    I could not help but remember the verse which says: “Who taught by the pen” (96:4). The Holy Qur’an.

    A pen is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and information. Allah has bestowed upon us immense intellectual abilities. It was the pen and ink which was first used to preserve and understand the knowledge gifted to us. So please writers who are holding important pens at this time. Use it to bring about kindness in the world, and spread knowledge that will not harm but benefit humanity.

    As of 2-April-2020 when I finished writing this post below are the main Covid-19 CoronaVirus statistics according to the Worldometer site:

    Cases: 930,506

    Deaths: 46,774

    Recovered: 193,750

    Copyright ©Arjuwan Lakkdawala 2020

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    A pesar de que desaconsejaron su uso, las autoridades reconocen que las mascarillas sí pueden evitar el contagio de coronavirus.
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